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the man was rapidly shouting down with micro, yet before the ledge, the sold to people have been arrested. look ah! all right, let's just have a quick check in the headlines here. now. dessert and a vigil has been held in canada for a muslim family, killed in what the prime minister says was a terrorist attack motivated by the for died when a driver in a pick up, run them over in london in ontario and police say there's evidence that we targeted because of their face as canadians, we make a pact with one another that we will look out for each other. take care of each other, respect each other. well for the muslim canadian community, that packed has been broken too many times. it was broken last fall in
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a tober, coke and in quebec city. in far too many places across the country, islam a phobia, is real. racism is real. the f b, i says it's developed a secret encrypted device target a criminal organizations worldwide. 800 people have been arrested in a global crime operation. dr. trojan shield us, vice president, common harris has met with mexican president dancers manuel lip is oper, do agree to tackle poverty, to reduce the number of people from central america. migrating to the u. s. u encoded up held the conviction of rudco my lavish for genocide and crimes against humanity. boasting military commander lead forces responsible for the massacre. both need muslims. protest is improve, taking to the streets, waiting to learn who the new president will be. the latest results from sundays run off show left his pedigree castillo secured. 50 percent of the vote is conservative
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. rival, keep if you maury, 49 percent current of ours restrictions are being ease in columbia capital above guitar. the move is being made even as the number of infections and deaths remain high and nighttime care if you will be removed and bows will be allowed to stay until 1 in the morning on the 23rd president, manuel macro has been slept in the face while visiting a small town of the country self, the man has reportedly shown sheltering done with my crony. before the ledge, the sold to people have been arrested. you're up to date headlines, more news here, not 0 right after the fans who make football see later, life. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. no english can guide a simple informa young convent manatee,
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of life. witness through the lens of the human eye. if morton bias the witness documentaries on our era, the oh, the early 19 forties and 9 named page eco sat alone at a table in a cafe in casablanca, morocco he was troubled. ah, was war 2 was raging. and this city was
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a refuge for many trying to escape the nazi 1000 fled here from europe hoping for safe passage to britain or the united states. ah . but as a football coach had concerns of his own, he had found the club to give the poor of casablanca voice. but it had been usurped by the middle classes. ah, now he planned to take over a small forgotten team and build something the truly belonged to the less fortune. ah, if he could see it today, he'd be amazed that is achieved and ah, as you go, spring child grew into one of africa's great sporting institutions. roger was a blank,
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the needles instead of 2000 and we would just reboot rule. i truly believe that the sort of risky cl canaria fossil to sick, while i, sam, will rule my more popular with the cameras. the clue because for hall says the group who have been because about 15 kids one cuz she really could only manage. she wasn't our fault, could i just schedule sand for things off. same call the actual as soon as cause the roger was phone here in a poor district of casa blanca. so me, russia supporters. i like a great plan. all linked by love of their team. cafe verde as a gathering places for the elders of that family. here they take coffee and talk
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football. now the way that we could hold up the know the cruise. tonight, roger faced the gyptian giant in the semifinal of the african champions league. the men can talk of nothing else amongst them is app delilah ibrahim, he's an urban historian of russia, but not the objective warming up. why do you only missouri summer? you know, mean for them. if you remember why i'm not in a few little of for women live, you know why i love sticky talker is
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a system of one and to touch passes and sustain possession. the fans love the exciting football it creates with rapid shift from defense to attack. as you can compute, can make your fall, i can keep you go to court underpass ego. roger quickly rose to challenge because of blank because other big club with that, that rivalry as deliberate, scintillating spectacle. then in one of us, i mean don't, is it? when i for some of the lab for me, that's when i can, when i 1st time, i believe it, school know probably have to let you for some law the dental have generally one on one of people's or massive visual displays made by organized san groups mostly they told their rivals rogers room one a one refers to the torture chamber of george all was 1984. it would be torture for
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. with that fans to see their team thrashed by roger. one of with ads t falls, responded with a pirates emblem threatening to sink all before them him a come from the country. who did you folks who did? will i be maybe roger, we did let you fully loaded with that laura. so let me see because i'm, i have money via the rival ultras compete through peoples with that in red and russia in green team colors writ large company and not nearly new mortgage devotee for him was m ellia was leaking coolant about the logic. she, you know what an assembly had lee mosley. as we know the muslim corner had him, you know, the and what was noah? why do we can stick next? we can then you for the
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i because yeah we, we had to call chicago or block management by any standards. roger, because a blank has enjoyed extraordinary success in world football. jimmy, i've given his tours in one of the new 1000000 product chest. and while i was on the florida, we don't want any conflict of maturity. we'll forget about our product. we scream, whenever the mockup chanelle job, what they've atlanta was that it was only one. that is ego would surely be delighted that the club he built for the poor folk of cause. a blanket has made
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such strides through the songs and t foes. those people have a voice that can't be ignored. i, in armor, left and known as salvador, is a sports photographer and a roger fan. this kick lab now thin co market on and the field was the analyzing nickel and the see their mall. i'm a confusion that old house can 7th could come and she can come come nancy anika work because i wasn't a midnight fall. give us one. she had photograph, perfect kids. there was to follow along with a clue. it was really the, in the course and salvador left 20 kilometers from the ham, but the 5th stadium rogers home ground,
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it takes an hour or so to get there. but on match day, who knows, she's getting a lot of organ. the children won't get it took me not all the time. he's driving, he's planning how we might come up with a less conventional image imagination and preparedness. our key to his cross live upon a duplicate book. it's now draws keep us going to florida. accept a little she, the regular fans feel a rush when the referee blows that 1st whistle for salvador, that rush is magnified like the players. he has to do his best work in the next 90 minutes. keep will keep them, wants to give it, give least cushman good with good. well, kinda long beyond what i was a kid always love about it. look like it's now. they're all they don't want to buy
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a fix, which we isn't had of back let even want that. but i don't know if a vehicle has not up for happy keep with mean that he had a couple. hockey been nice, has a habit of these of and today. yeah. keep it even though a lot of the, the, because when i, when i had a salvador knows it's a privilege to be pitch side. but on the corona virus restrictions, it's just not the same mission. lexington nor the massiveness did not move. it could she came to was more rapidly fix can surely about keeping with the well it in the lives of a school lead. blessed more key can also have come see me and covered
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19 costs. a long shadow over the city, use unemployment already severe, has become an epidemic in itself. use if a your money had to leave university after the 1st year. he says, this is common in morocco school, can i see all the stuff didn't bottle? fidel met via an any can fill up a company called told me why didn't not offensive a lot of this. i'm a, give me a 2nd, i'll look at them and speak with him, which gives you the flow of people must give after a succession of temporary jobs use if tried to set himself up as a street vendor. it says something goes wrong. so this will have problems, he didn't sit open. walcott on going to have the last monday sort of the logo
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on it already. and then we'll get some kind of explaining to the company every day he sets out looking for work and send them as soon as he gets the mall. what what would you like? he says the one good thing about life and because of blanca is football and i was caught up on which coffee. and it's don't all love instead of teaching. and because she says it's a trip which is always done with us. i mean, i'm, and i didn't, we didn't do that is no, i think we can support that. put on some sort of thing is that all i do is when i know a quarter when the virus is past use,
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if is determined to get back to the terraces. but he's not sure how you pay for the ticket. the the man a b as a keen raj, a fan entrepreneur and an influencer. she shares her enthusiasm on social media. she's all of what was your twitter? she was a chicken. the feature was really where you could even move on the dash 2 below the gwinnett county defects and get off facilities. and then your next person could you foot to say look him to patrick castle show key called buffet mull that remodeled won't go through. so put them all jump is good. if you use the software most suggest you
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don't want, you know, shut up wall. the me, one, me, you want you to get to want teacher mall. pick like 2 from your cast had to shift to specific location 100. so many different from a woman restorable, gentleman wash your clock. well, she did you key. was she truly goal or you could do fool. yeah, lou stud. yeah. have met yet since you said his name was so charlie man's name was so good to him on the ruffin that confronted before the funnel to go to him when you leased the contract. quite up to the football fan and get constantly swept to emotional highs and lows. it's
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a roller coaster. right. young people scream the loudest, the usual league. i don't want them up. you don't want for the renewal of this. well, no gone, said the sure i can do this or not. he may come, you can come on until quite recently, roger supporters expressed themselves in clashes with rival sounds. many were injured and some killed. now believes that all the past, the g. yes,
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you can, you can, can i can you can because i know why i met him to lush bosco mouth when i, when you saw only do what again he's going to do from school summer school remarked really been shows, company movie shows me the model, count on balsam i was my god, their phone is pretty sure i'm sure she so she can sure she will surely yada could eventually going on. told you the wrong. sure. sure . can you call very much your, than just such a good example? the best i can my while i'm on the much from much a lot about looking around the stadium. the fans seem almost exclusively male. math is in the vanguard of change law. this can cause i know we just couldn't,
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will not be for the moment plus, so competition on the t o follow along with miller family markedly. sorry. what are some of them i was told you about the printer from the, from the show that we will gather about the result for the family only the plasma walk of last saturday for the club come fully conscious of national care lunchbox can on the supreme on partition on the, which is that which you will far from the city company. she might shift a my security nikita flipper or the yeah. perhaps one day roger will have female trusts, but probably not anytime soon. the authorities are very watchful of these leaders, fearing they might move into political activists. the the man who founded the raja eagles, ultra's c mohammed,
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germany has retired to the countryside. he insists they are a political line. the mainly the want a cock needed to add a lot of, snuck out should have everything in it that i didn't know mom. one of the she'll just see a see from, from the later little talk country about there is no mistaking the political nature of the songs and peoples. but they're never party political ship. murray b, which had no more walk. if we're going to walk. if a little more warm and csc for money less than the share that will help him slack working with you in the song from flat on hobby. so it's that it will always achieve little lots and lots of all of the the know most of those,
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most of the cup. and if you could develop the o this just come out of the can no us for what he did. she mention of her not but not actually she can definitely get those out ahead that she key can you can you let her father see mohammad will be a roger found to his dying day, but he passed his role as an ultra onto the next generation as a founder of the altar as the battles with the authorities remain strong in his memory, saving money with the school. and she can, she can have it in the office and he will get you from nathan, you know that i'm not up. i'm not going to make us some african american count on that. the police now require own people to be submitted to them before they
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can be displayed. recently, a prominent ultra was arrested when released the proper routes, the rushed to photograph him. whatever took place during his detention, he renounced his status as an ultra and has never explained why. nestled in the birthplace of roger because blanca sight, mazili, runs a cafe and store catering to the fans. well, john had maybe in the shop once he found the premises said, put out a request for teen photos to decorate the place. the response from the community was so good that he soon had the best collection in the city. the
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only shamia level on most, when some of the water lead me to sort of growing up and so on. roger players were said's boyhood heroes are you know the nice chevy min bed, but she tell, i am not able to follow the saddle that some of the sportsman ship has gone from the game. said is critical of modern fine culture. he's nostalgic for the old days, when the ball was heavier players were tougher and the fans were respectful. some, i think you said in general, just what shed was movie. what can i give you the
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liberal in russia? you must, you know, what came up for the day what you put on what you can tell me. what did you say that she helped me get me as well? is it, he's in trouble. no film, no names. and then, you know, if we're still on the show for the hope was shot and she's your product really want to me can be
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she layla's easy is also a roger supporter. she believes the songs and t force improve much days and give a voice to a broad section of the public. yeah, this was all over the course of the body shop. oh, much funnel. the little gym shows before you called 20 back off called 25 back off ill as long me saw standing together. friends can say things that cannot be freely expressed elsewhere in morocco. and he did show i'm not on any of oh group,
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ill call you and you get to refer it but the problem is yeah, the additional tool shall be, bobby, please to not funny since a good you much all you remember a cripple god. today i'm very luck. don't the i the broken authorities sometimes cracked down on anything resembling opposition, but the voice of thousands is difficult to contain. well that's, you know, by the law office, that's what you said. if this buffy,
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and if you're me just say alan, for going to boston at august through a t v coverage of russia games is hugely enhanced by the peoples as they roll out around the stadium cameras turn from the game to capture the spectacle. for when she walks pretty fill of what you for wedlock be loves. why do they walk? you become your home if you don't move 50 years after his death passage, ego is honored by with dad and roger supporters alike. he and the king of morocco share a special place in the heart of the nation. to night is an occasion for tea and cake. the book leafy family are settling in to watch the 2nd leg of the champions league semi final against egyptian giants,
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some alec they lost the 1st legged home. so winning through to the final is a tall order. but with roger supporters, hope springs eternal margins for foods and the right back in the competition the me but semantic going to school 3 times to secure their place in the final i'm not even on the planet through the one. me silly roasted battle to try but don't. is it true? this is. show me a new one. the lie on the phone, a pushing it all of it come. puzzle that your little bit if logic, logic to say buses just to follow trump hills lake separate. so call line you go.
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yeah, you love love to law. you have to put look socials through a sort of july house. you know, since you process only by this block as you need this you genius for a doctor? sure. yeah, i i it's one of the biggest clubs in south america, but it's greatest rival is just a few blocks away. a mutual dislike between funds formed from a class divide, sustained over generations. most vocal junior support is born into these club
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colors. in an epic feud of rich versus poor friends who make football when i was just the let me know to hatred and to islam of phobia, no to terror and to racism. remembering victims of hate, a vigilance held in canada to honor a muslim family kills when they were run over by a truck. ah, i'm not madison, this is all just a lie from doha also coming up, appeal denied us court upholds the conviction of former boss, military chief, that cold blood each for genocide and crimes against humanity, crime crackdown more than 800 people are over.


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