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as a government boost this vaccination campaign ahead of next month, total them takes official say they can inoculate up to $5000.00 people a day. china's wandering elephants have stopped for a break after tracking hundreds of kilometer is the vertical siesta during their march norris before a fire brigade has been following the elephant journey and says it's the 1st time they've been seen sleeping in a group. wildlife authorities can't understand why the elephants left their natural habitats last year. the news headlines on al jazeera, a u. n. court has rejected the appeal of former bosnian serb commander right from a lodge was sentenced to life in 2017 for genocide and work crimes. including these 3 briny massacre dub, the butcher of bosnia milan, was found guilty of killing more than
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a 1000 muslim men and boys during the bosnian war. and the 1900 ninety's step, fastened has more from the hague. the life sentence against home allowed each has been upheld. the judges found that all the appeals from the defense that were filed off to defer it again. 2017 have been rejected. it's still unclear. i have the verdict here right now it's just handed over to me. what happened to the other china side cloth that actually also the prosecutor wanted to be him, be convicted for, but for sure. now the life sentence has been piled up means that the boss in serbian commander melodic will have to spend the rest of his life in prison. the f b, i says it's developed a secret encrypted device to target it criminal organizations worldwide. 800 people have been arrested in a global crime operation. doug trojan shield criminal organizations were tricked into using the messaging app that was secretly run by the f. b. i. the worldwide
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implications of this investigation are staggering. in total, the criminal sold more than 12000 and an encrypted devices and services to more than 300 criminal syndicates operating in over a 100 different countries. this was an unprecedented operation in terms of its massive scale, innovative strategy. international coordination and investigative achievement operation trojan shield has shattered any confidence criminals may have through the use of harden encrypted devices. i wrote the letter n benjamin netanyahu, griff on power and israel will take place on sunday. parliament will decide whether to approve a government led by centrist, yea, or life in bringing together. 8 parties will have more news on al jazeera at the top of the hour up next. it's the fans who make football. ah,
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ah ah, ah. oh the early 19 forties and 9 named page eco sat alone at a table in a cafe and casablanca, morocco he was troubled, awe was war. 2 was raging,
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and this city was a refuge for many trying to escape the nazi war. machine. thousands fled here from europe, hoping for safe passage to britain or the united states. ah, but as jacob football coach had concerns of his own, he had found the club to give the poor of casablanca voice. but it had been usurped by the middle classes. ah, now he planned to take over a small forgotten team and build something the truly belonged to the less fortune. ah, if he could see today, be amazed that his achievements, ah, as you go sprang child grew into one of africa's great sporting institutions. roger because of blanca,
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the blue needles instead of 2000 and we were just sure we both rule i should use that the sort of risky or canaria policy to secure while i, sam, will rule my more popular with the cameras from the clue because for how the says, the group who have been because about 15 kids, one can see me because really manly she will get out of force. could i just discover for a coffee shop? it's uni, call me. roger was phone here in a poor district because blanca started me. russia supporters, i like a great plan all linked by love of 13 cafe verde as a gathering places for the elders of that somebody here they take coffee and talk
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football whenever we could hold up the note. because tonight, roger faced egyptian giants in the semifinal of the african champions league. the men can talk of nothing else amongst them is apt delilah abroad. he's an urban historian of russia. another woman on your vehicle. only missouri the summer. i mean, for them, if i could offer to you, which is why i'm not in a few little of for women live, you know, a lot dickie tucker is
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a system of one and 2 touch passes and sustain possession. the fans love the exciting football that creates with rapid shift from defense to attack. your computer can fall, i can keep, you keep will record underpass ego. roger quickly rose to challenge cause a blank because other big club with that that rivalry has delivered scintillating spectacle. them in one of us, i mean don't, is it when i for some of the lab for me that when i, when i 1st time a bill, is it all school know you have to let you for some law the dental have generally one on one of people's or massive visual displays made by organized san groups. mostly they told their rivals rogers room one a one refers to the torture chamber of george all was 1984. it will be torture for
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with that fans to see their team thrush by roger. one of with ads t foes responded with a pirates emblem threatening to sink all before them in the company. can sure who did you folks who did will i be? maybe roger, we did let you fully loaded with that laura. so let me see, because i'm, i am, i may be the rival ultras compete through peoples with that in red and russia in green team colors writ large company and not nearly new mortgage. debbie for him was i'm ellia was going on about the logic she had lee mosley. as we know the muslim corner had him, you know the and what was noah? why do we can stick now? we can then we for the
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i because whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, by any standards? roger because of blanca has enjoyed extraordinary success in world football. jimmy, i've, you know, he's so far towards one of the new 1000000 products check atlanta and via our products of the florida. we'll find out we don't want any conflict. we're not much attorney. we'll forget about, i will scream whenever the mockup shoes, you know what they've got, what i was only what that is ego would surely be delighted that the club he built for the poor folk of cause. a blanket has made such strides through the songs and
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peoples. those people have a voice that can't be ignored. i in armor, left and known as salvador, is a sports photographer and a roger fan escalade now thin cow market on and the field was the was leaking coolant. nice easy of them. all. i'm a confusion that old house can 7th could come and she can come nancy and work because i wasn't a midnight fall. give us one. she had photograph. what about the pet fee you can there was to follow along with a clue. it was really the, in the course and salvador left 20 kilometers from the ham, but the 5th stadium rogers home ground,
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it takes an hour or so to get there. but on match day, who knows? she's getting a lot of organ. is it your foot long? it took me not all the time. he's driving, he's planning how we might come up with a less conventional image imagination and preparedness. our key to his cross live upon a duplicate book. it's now draws. keep us going to florida. accept a little. she, the regular fans feel a rush when the referee blows that 1st whistle for salvador, that rush is magnified like the players. he has to do his best work in the next 90 minutes. keep will keep them, wants to give it, give least course you can get with with the well, kinda long beyond what has a kid always love about it, like on book its mouth. broad. they don't want the price fix,
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which be as heavy as the will of back let even want that. but i, most of the idea has not up for happy keyboard mean that he, it cut observing. can you believe she has a better idea of today? yeah. can even get a lot of data because when i, when i had in a salvador knows it's a privilege to be pitch side. but on the corona virus restrictions, it's just not the same mission, lexington but the normal massiveness more it could, she came to was more rapidly fixed. can surely have argued with the well it can rise of a school level. bless more key. you can also have come see me and covered
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19 costs. a long shadow over the city. use unemployment already severe has become an epidemic in itself. use if a your morning had to leave university after his 1st year. he says, this is common in morocco. school, can i see all the stuff didn't thought of met and any can fill up a couple. people told me about the function model. i can be able to look at them and speak with them, which gives you fluid. people must give after a succession of temporary jobs use if tried to set himself up as a street vendor. it says something goes wrong. so this will have pros, they didn't sit open the city, walk on until the cats have been less than the logo on it. already and then we get
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so we can deal with the company every day. he sets out looking for work and send them in them. so it's hard to mall. what, what would you like he says the one good thing about life and because of blanca is football, was so caught up on his medical id and it's don't all love any incentive. and because she said she was just such a trip, which is always good to me and i didn't, we didn't do that is no, anyone can support that sort of thing. is that all i don't know when i know
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a quarter when the virus is past use if is determined to get back to the terraces. but he's not sure how you pay for the ticket, the the man a b as a keen raj, a fan entrepreneur. and an influence or she shares her enthusiasm on social media. she'd love what was your twitter know that she was the children. the future was you or your tv. you move on the dash 2 below the gwinnett county defects and get off facilities and then your next person could you foot to say, look in japan, small casino soon. she says she'll keep called buffet mall. that won't go through. so problem i will jump as good as you see,
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here's the software most suggest you don't want, you know, each book is shut up from the one menu i want you to you want to true, but i will pick like 2 from your cast had to feel shifted to lose because it's location 100 so many different from a woman restorable jam won't wash your clock while she did you key. will she truly girl you could do fool. yeah. the sudden yeah. have miss it since you said his him was so shall him and we were so good. could do him on the rough and what they wanted before the funnel to go to when you least the content area quite a bit. because to the football fan,
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get constantly sweat to emotional highs and lows. it's a roller coaster. right. young people scream the loudest, the usual league i don't want them up. you don't want fathers and usually mala nist tubs of well, no gone, said the short, i can't do that. he may come. you can come on until quite recently, roger supporters expressed themselves in clashes with rival sons. many were injured and some killed. now have a lease that's all the past. the
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g. yes, you drive it and again, you can call me back when you can, cuz i know you mentioned you left moscow, malcolm, when you do get his mobility due from school summer school remarked early, but shows company movie shows me the model count on balsam. i was my dad there off the phone is pretty sure i'm sure she's so she can sure she will surely yada. can the bench was going on told you the wrong? sure. sure. can you call me much your, than just such a good example? the best i can my while i'm on the much from much of the looking around the stadium. the fans seem almost exclusively male. math is in the vanguard of change law. i can cuz i know
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we just couldn't when i read for the moment, plus shuffle competition on the t o fall, where long re miller family markedly sound. what bunker from last year over the proof for the, from the show that the present through the family only the plasma wrong. because last seconds, when he club come, fully conscious of the national nuclear lunchbox can all kinds of crease from petition under which that which you will fall from the city confirming how she might shift a my security nikita flipper or the yeah. perhaps one day roger will have female trusts, but probably not anytime soon. the authorities are very watchful of these leaders, fearing they might move into political activists. the the man who founded the raja eagles ultras,
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see mohammed germany has retired to the countryside. he insists they are a political and am needing, i want a cock needed to add a lot of nicole ship it that you know home. i'm one of the gcs, etc, etc. from, from the later little talk country about there is no mistaking the political nature of the songs and peoples. but they're never party political ship. murray b, which had no more walk if we're going to provoke, if a little more warmer csc, for money less than the share that will help him slack working in so long for me flat. i'm hobby, so it's that it will always at least a little too eager to miss and finish of all of the the law. no i don't worry about most of the cup and if you
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could develop the o this look you just come out of the cam know hospital where you can see me again should not come up but not actually she can definitely get those out ahead that she key, the key let, let me get her father. see mohammed will be a roger found to his dying day. but he passed his role as an ultra onto the next generation. as a founder of the alters the battles with the authorities, remain strong in his memory. saving money with the script and she can, she can have it in the office. you will get you from nathan, you know that i'm not up. i'm not going to make us can some african american out here that the police now require own people to be submitted to them
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before they can be displayed. recently, a prominent ultra was arrested. when released the proper routes, he rushed to photograph him. whatever took place during his detention, he renounced his status as an ultra and has never explained why. nestled in the birthplace of roger because blanca sight, mazili, runs a cafe and store catering to the fans at the shop. once he found the premises said, put out a request for teen photos to decorate the place. the response from the community was so good that he soon had the best collection in the city. the
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me a level on most were in the water the develop meeting, letting sort of, you know, from growing up and so on. roger players were saved, boyhood heroes. this the supposed to be mendez tele maria, the nuts. i'm not able to you for the sadden that some of the sportsmanship has gone from the gain said is critical of modern fine culture. he's nostalgic for the old days. when the ball was heavier players were tougher and the fans were respectful. some, i think he said in general, just what shed, what shall marie be? what i can see joe, how far are you looking
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in any of your roger limits? you know, what came a commercial sort of in the day for what you put on what i need and what i can tell a lot completely. um what did you say that she helped me g as in trouble? no problem. no, the names and then feel know if i do the initial free. oh the only other hope is she she's your product really want me to be
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she layla's easy is also a roger supporter. she believes the songs and people's improve much days and give a voice to a broad section of the public. yeah, this was only the current, i think it'll show. oh, much funnel. the little gemini showed before i called 20 back off called 25 back off. ill, a long me saw standing together friends can say things that cannot be freely expressed elsewhere in morocco. and he didn't show up on any of g o l coin. you'll get to refer it back to probably mid.
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yeah. the additional cool shopping bobby point is to not funny since a good you much all remember a cripple god. today i'm very lucky the the broken authorities sometimes cracked down on anything resembling opposition, but the voice of thousands is difficult to contain. but you know, if i do wanna do after that, because i've just said,
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if this fucking and if just me just gone through one tv, coverage of roger games is hugely enhanced by the people as they roll out around the stadium cameras turn from the game to capture the spectacle when she works for you for what? lapping labs. why do they swap you become you know if you don't move 50 years after his death passage, ego is honored by with dead and raja supporters alike. he and the king of morocco share a special place in the heart of the nation. to night is an occasion for tea and cake. the book leafy family are settling in to watch the 2nd leg of the champions league, semi final against egyptian giants,
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some alec they lost the 1st leg of home. so winning through to the final is a tall order. but with roger supporters, hope springs eternal. raj forces and right back in the competition the. 6 me but semantic going to school 3 times to secure their place in the final i'm not even more friendly through the one. me. silly a row so no battle to fight don't. is it true? this is. show me a new one. the lie on the phone, a pushing topic. i'm puzzle that your little bit if logic to say buses to
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file a champions league separate. so call line. you go up here. you la la la. you don't put books. social's thought thought of july rose. you don't fit your process only by this block as you need this. your genius for a doctor trip i i news news, news, news. news.
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i care about the us engages with the rest of the world. we're really interested in taking you into a play. you might not visit otherwise and feel that you were there. ah jim. but finding that guilty genocide and see you in court upholds a life sentence for 78 year old rock from a luggage known as the butcher of balls. ah, you're watching the real life from headquarters in delphi, i'm jerry and obligated also ahead. 800 people are arrested in a global crime, staying that trick criminal organizations into using an app secretly run by the f.
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b. i a family walk ends in tragedy for muslims in a canadian city are killed and.


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