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my feel better to me next time to rest his body as he was towards his main goal, which is one of them has not been to 3 and a half our battles in practice. either i pushed as much as i could, as we thought, reasonable. i didn't expect to be able to win 3 matches here and, and you know, sort of back up a good performs on such image as well and completed different circumstances. i think we have a lot to go through with the team. ah, this is all. these are the top stories, 2 trains of collided in southern pakistan since province killing more than 30 people. according to local police, it appears and intercity passenger train derailed, and the set by an oncoming express service come hider has more. what we know, it show far that this particular accident took place over 500 kilometers from the
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city of garage and go to a district one drain, which was not bound. the other cowed, bound collided after one of their trains, added a man and some of the bowl game relying on the adjacent drag, wendy cowed bound train his dad with him back. according to their boards, 30 people confirm dead that it did. according to the senior brent attendant of police in the area. what kind of things underway and peruse presidential runoff results? so the race is too close to call. people have to choose between 2 candidates from political extremes, left when school teacher pedal, kasteel, and keiko for the modem was the right wing, daughter of a jailed farmer present. mexico's electoral institute says the president's party is expected to have a majority in the lower house of congress, although
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a slightly reduced one. the midterm pulled is seen as a test for president under manuel law is open the door. the military wing of hamas has released an audio recording of what it claims is captured israeli soldier, the named parson, said to be one of 4 israelis has been held in garza for several years. the deputy leader of the cassandra gates mon one is told us either hamas wants to finalize a prisoner swap with israel, prominent palestinian activists when our code has been released after israeli forces arrested her at home and occupied east jerusalem. and sunday. she's been at the forefront to protest against forced evictions in her neighborhood chicks come on, horace is on her 1st trip abroad as us vice president. she's in guatemala as part of a regional effort to address the root causes of migration. and those are the headlines coming up next. and alger 0, it's for listening post goodbye. i
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was wrong to teach countered away from their parents and hurt them into a school against their will. there was no money or no father fingers. they put us in a big playroom and we certainly look after ourselves. i don't remember the children's names. never forget. canada's dark secret on al jazeera part of the vine is calling on the intelligence community to step up with that were to figure out the orange in the lab. and then some of the virus would gain further attention this week because a number of china has denied the possibility of state media calls it a conspiracy theory. hello ometer gisburne, you are at the listening post where we don't cover the news. we cover the way the news is covered. here are the media stories we're examining this week, natural emergence or laboratory leak. there are competing theories on the origins
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of kobuck 19. and one of them is attracting more and more coverage. don't cross the red lines when pakistani journalists do that, they end up in trouble. they will not be erased. the museum in hong kong that's contesting. the official chinese narrative on piano and square and showing symptoms of the post pandemic blues. you received many who's really ready to leave their face masks behind a year and a half into the pandemic. and one of the 1st questions asked about colbert 19 is making a comeback in the news coverage. where exactly did the virus originate? how did it come to be? the theory that it was born in a bat possibly transmitted through another animal, and made its way to humans in hong china remains the scientific consensus. recently, another theory initially dismissed that the pandemic started at a laboratory and
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a woo hot after the virus accidentally leaked as we emerged to the extent that the white house now wants that idea reinvestigate and soon bay ging rejects the hypothesis out right. but gives that life raises suspicions by denying investigators the kind of access they want no longer seen as a fringe conspiracy. the so called lab leak theory is gaining momentum amongst some scientists and journalists, some of whom contend this story. as the makings of a cover up, but how much evidence is there that humans gave the virus it start? the answer is not much. our starting point this week is the institute of virus ology in hon. china. so how do we get here? how does the theory come back from the lab leak theory, which was previously hoc bike therapy theory might actually be credible. how did a scientific talk that was always changed 19 was born in
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a chinese laboratory, make its way back into the main print. everybody's starting to change their tune on the likelihood of the lab leak cove. it origin how did in from the fringes of journalism outlets like the washington times and bright bargaining to the pages of the new york and the wall street journal. president biden has told intelligence agencies they need to redouble their efforts. and why would president barton, who dismissed the theory when it was being touted by his predecessor, the border and his intelligence officials to investigate the idea all over again. we really know this is a weird situation where it feels like the media is almost creating the media. so an article come out in the media and other people write about what came out of the media. so it's not so much if there's new evidence, but there's a lot more articles coming out, suggesting other punitive ways it could've been from the lab, whether it's created or was leaked accidentally. so i don't think to be conspiracies ever went away. but from a find typical perspective,
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these arguments seem to be re litigating the exact same pieces of information that we've been discussing for the last month. that's why when i see these headlines, it seems to me more about this ongoing desire to have a soul. they don't serve rather than necessarily anything new that we liked. we've also seen a lot of research coming from people who have existing peace with mainstream scientific consensus to write about this person's climate. deny ridley in the u. k . for the spectator nicholas way, who wrote a book that was widely condemned for its racism about genetics. but incidentally, makes startling claims about asian culture and science. so without going to home and such, we can say that the credentials or some of the people who are being leaned on here, i'm not right i. it's been that way since it's born in
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a lab there. it was not helped by some of its proponents. have you seen anything at this point that gives you a high degree of confidence that the will have instituted. virology was the origin of this when reporters heard donald trump talking about it, they filed that away. along with things like trump prescribing americans drink, which as a covey to and then i see the disinfectant with not in a minute or his secretary remarks upon paper laying the blame the now remember trying to have a history of infecting the world. there was a kind of guilt by association that some have since inverted. yes, i think a lot of people are back on their face to some things may be true or even donald trump. nevertheless, the ex president did some long term damage to the lab leak theory, which is advocate, controversial fair. like nicholas way, i'd have to contend the general hypothesis of the lab leak is that the bars
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escape from that barger in the middle of the institute. where we know that they were studying career of ours. we know they were work in rather low level safety conditions. and so it wouldn't be no surprise such a large scale as to why it has been ignored for so the public narrative was see right from the beginning. but i to small groups about issues who publish letters in leading scientific journals, the alarm system, nature, medicine, pu, pulling the idea of lab escape saying was an absurd conspiracy theory. now, these 2 letters should have been challenged by the mainstream press. conspiracy theory is, is a device afford, you know, it's condescending, it will only inflame choose, but i think it's really important that journalists, when they hear that, scientists are now saying there should be investigation to not take
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a leap and say that now means there is a lab leak, scientists will always say more studies are needed. that's every story i cover. there's always more studies needed. they don't have all the data they want. that doesn't mean that, and something's true because there's doubt doesn't mean that something's true. wall street journal investigation recently is a great example. it said that 3 people in china from the university had attended a hospital in november 2019. but that's not really new evidence saying that there is a lab leak. that's just a vaguely, circumstantial piece of information that doesn't really prove much either way. the deeper one digs into the lab leak theory that clearly there is no smoking gun. but news like nature abhors a vacuum and aging has helped create one by making it harder to investigate.
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president, speech in pings, government kept the un world health organization informed of the outbreak in the early stage in late 2019, but has been far left off into allowing w h o investigators to see the lab for themselves. that w h. o did make it into move on in january. and although there was never a likely that it, scientists would be able to prove that covert emerged natural from animals to human . when they did, the advocates of the lab league theory jumped on that and convinced many news outlet to follow the w h o commission to beijing was very important because it set the stage for the sudden change in what we can say was that the chinese of ours had not a shred of evidence to offer the commission in favor of natural emotions. if you look at this and see a much more detail and deliberate attempts to suppress all information
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about the vars move on to what you've been told. she interest syndrome, you know, do you when you build up? so here's the thing from the start. we've needed to investigate this, but it's a remote possibility. but it's a possibility. the problem is, but try to will not allow that. this will be the case no matter how the virus originated, even if the chinese approach is how to put it on tape of some random market worker being bitten by a box and immediately sneezing. it is the very nature of the pieces to drive in secrecy. any discussion of a lab leak seems to come back to china's fault. people want to lay the blame on a specific group of individuals and that poison the well and that sensationalism has kind of infected the discussion because we're now releasing the exact same
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points that we were discussing in february, march 2020. except now it's saying all the discussion is re ignited, even though it kind of hasn't me for journalists a lot. depends on getting this story right in the organizations they work for like the governments, they report on need, their publics to trust. the geo politics makes some of the reporting prone to sensations. the modern day economics of the news industry that could be required. do not help. ultimately, though it comes down to the science, what does it say? nothing, absolutely conclusive. but the absence of any real evidence that covert 19 leak from a lap is evidence of a kind that there's nothing to see. and a scientists and journalists working on past viral outbreaks have learned. it will take away years probably before we get the certainty we crave on how this pandemic
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got to start. and remember, this is effectively 2 sides traveling over a 1000 miles from united to where it was 1st detected. and it took us 14 years to piss together the complete pattern of how the transfer occurred. we see in a big push, recently declaim, the more evidence along the lines of stuff that frankly has to be turned out to be me who humans. we like binary choices, it's either elaborate or it's not. and the back of the matter is that we simply don't know and we may never know. it may be like a bowler 40 for years in the future. we still aren't sure precisely where this far is came from. those and the challenge is how do we communicate this to the public to say that even if we don't find a smoking gun or a natural origin,
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it doesn't necessarily make the alternative any more likely or true at all. it means that we still don't know and communicating uncertainty is one of the hottest things as scientists that we can do. and i think it, it will remain a challenge moving forward. some journalists in pakistan have been speaking out, some are paying the price for that one was assaulted at his home last week. correct, and office been following the story talk. busy what can you tell us about the case of a sad alley tour tool is a john this to used his youtube channel to scrutinize the pakistani government and military. he said 3 men who identified themselves as intelligence officers hand of his house, tied him up and beat him up. he said he was told the i a fi, the into services intelligence agency, and the ministry quote. not happy with his jonathan and asked him why he named the
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sy in his reporting. the pakistani authorities of denied any involvement and claim that tor thanks be attack so that he can claim a file abroad. and now a journalist who has spoken out against what happened is facing the consequence. yes. during a protest in support of toured when a pack of phone's best known tv preventive 100 smith implied pack of bonds, powerful military establishment, was responsible though. if it was somebody that made up what i mean, i'm a little boy, not only you but speech went viral and manners not being taken off the news, so no longer host to show capital talk, but he says he won't be fine. and this is a man who's already survived in the fascination that sent for his reporting, his shot twice back in 2014. we covered that story back then. that this what happened? the mere, it's part of a larger trend in pakistan. that's why richard and even before prime minister iran
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con, came to power in 2018. john, this was speaking out about the fence ship about increased fear and intimidation, but things i've only got was since then. in july 2020 tv journalist marcela john was abducted, gagged and beaten, and just a few months ago, another john, as of the alarm, was shot and wounded close to his home. no rest were made in either case. okay, thanks tar. it's been 32 years. this week, since one of the biggest pro democracy demonstrations, mainland china has ever seen, came to a violent end. and it remains a story that most chinese citizens know very little about. the piano and square protests began in april 1989. they were led by students for nearly 2 months. hundreds of thousands of people would take part before the military was called. to this day, we still do not know the exact death toll, and that is by design. the country's communist leaders have tried to erase the
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piano and square massacre from china. history. survivors have been scared into silence, merely referring to the date, june, 4th, 1989. can land you in jail. dissidents outside the mainland though, are doing what they can take the june 4th museum in hong kong. it's res on that is to educate visitors, including those from the mainland on what really happened in 1989. let me post joanna, who's now with a story about memory history and official attempts in beijing to bury the 989 days china's communist party has tried to raise from the country's collective memory overnight. thousands of pro democracy protesters were gone down in beijing on the borders of their own government. it became known as the chinaman square
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massacre. stories from that day, memories had been preserved in the museum in hong kong. i thought to the idea of this museum during the 20th and the 3 cabins for moscow, because at that time we can see a whole generation of young people, not knowing what happened in the people. china completely brock on the thing will happen. we want chinese people coming to hong kong out of it so that they can go back to the 1989 me as somebody who grew up in china. i went through the education system. the 1st time i got to know the event was in high school, and there's one in my history book which said, are well, in the summer and spring of 989, there was a student protest and they created
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a disturbance. a lot of the mainland chinese, they go to hong kong and they would have visited the museum because that is the place that you can see all this images that depict what had happened and the museum prince. by this way, for you to understand, they had to own a more personal level determined claim not to come brought a lease or end 2 weeks of mass demonstration. they started in april when university students met to commemorate the death of the communist parties, former chairman, the reformers, who had been asked by hardliners together and quickly grew into a protest about freedom of speech. corruption in economic and political reform. april 26, the communist party published your front page and tauriel in the people's daily pulling the movement to premeditated conspiracy. with an empty party and the
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socialist agenda, that editorial backfired. it galvanized thousands to join the student. the government did not back down. that's when we decided to hold hunger strike. and then media in china did turn on our side. those journalists must have felt that we, the young kids were dying for, you know, the freedom that day as an older generation and journalist to fight for themselves . so when that new spread over the country, the movement spread from waging to about 200 c p. we were summoned to the great hold of people by the premier. i was the head delegator. it had well, i don't know where she was going to show
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it to me and then gave a long monologue criticizing the student. and then so i decided to interrupt and i wanna be on the phone with a lot that i'm no communist leaders have coverage. so they could be dressed on by 21 year old. like in front of the full that was the time the government is to correct on using military the and i'll put a number of people who died. this ruling. com is the party would take whatever action is needed to hold onto our 1st of all, it wants to eliminate the phone, people in memory. secondly, from the parties perspective, this is in an anti government anti states action. so whatever step that it was
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taken is totally justified me from most to the last 32 years. the story of the massacre has gone untold in china. and this the way a she won't fit today, students will find no reference to it in their school books. the media is firmly under party control. and the dissonance that remain in china have been silenced. even dimension of the date can result in a prison sentence. there are lots of people that tried to commemorate june inside china and therefore the only 2 bottles of the rhythm is to do it outside of china. so that people in china, they come on call to this. we have you at the video in the
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morning. the law and they can break and we have to do that to break that censorship inside china, china, there is no can go. if you tried to search the word can, i meant to find it. it's just trying to make the whole country forget if they cannot make the people who participated, who witnesses 989 to the movement to forget. at least they're hoping the younger generations can't forget about an activist in hong kong are making sure they won't forget for 32 years every june. 4th, they've held vigils to commemorate the victim. but under the leadership of siege and ping, china has been played to its grip on the city. last year it imposed a new security load, which criminal license version, secession,
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and sedition against the mainland. it triggered instant protest. ah, the museums found a leech, young is just one casualty of asians cracked down. on may 28th. he was found guilty of organizing and combined with a previous conviction. it means he will spend 20 months in june. the authorities are also coming to the museum. this week, police launched in investigation into licenses or interview took place weeks before li sentencing. when he was already feeling his freedom slipping away, the congress body was in the nation to load up using it in the very arbitrary way. the red line can always ship and they can always strangle. and therefore, 1st we have the july for the bay that we have so that even if the physical museum
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was being suppressed, we can still continue with on i one. hong kong has always been very important for me for ideas, freedom to trans people. it's a, it was a free speech. so a millions of chinese people go to home, come, they have a chest to have some access to the outside world information. and the chinese redeem knows that little excess can become very dangerous when it spread back to china. so they tried their very, very hardest to keep hong kong control. in 1989 when hong kong was still a british colony, a 1000000 people march. there and still a territory with a chinaman square protesters in 2019 and the new generation took to those things. 3, no fighting their own battle with things. shame telling china to keep tens of their
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freedom even at the risk of history, repeating itself at their expense. 32 years ago it was, you know, people in the mail and now it's the people call. so or the party wants to take away people wide to the freedom of speech, the freedom of protest to rise to vote for their own government. all fundamentally are the same. when you look at this, behind the comparisons wanted, you know, people fuel the similarity, the passion, democracy, both generation in a way what happened in 89, you know, for the advocate, they won't rate and democracy. and so this is very much relevant today ah,
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in and finally with vaccination rates on the rise and many countries loosening their restrictions. what becomes of our closest companions in these times of social distances? our face masks. they've seen us through the ups and downs. they've kept us safe more to the point. they've made us feel safe. so do we just dispense with them in this next tick, tock, video, american, after and comedian, vic christian, i talks about the awkward breakup. conversation capturing the put it on again, take it off again. relationship that many of us have had with our masks. but 1st, a warning, some viewers may find the following video, strangely moving was the next time here, listening post. hey, can we talk? oh, yeah, sure. remember when we went to walgreens a couple weeks ago, to get gummy bears here. while i was asked you to get the 2nd dose of the back seen
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to do what any you mean pfizer? me, i'm so great. you said how many, i mean, yeah, you are disposable, but you are unable to so many people who are not vaccinated. tell me that backs and hey, i need you for traveling. you know, plain grades were breaking up or not me to you know, what are still where you in the next episode of science in a golden age, i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval hispanic period in the field of mathematics. the term algebra can be traced back to the
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arabic word algebra. we're going to the limit to the technology 40 percent. often with beta found, they gave us the final building block fund that is covered at medieval times in science and a golden age. with gym alkalinity on al jazeera ah, more than 30 people are killed as 2 trains collide in pakistan. a rescue operation is under way. ah, i'm not about this and this is all your life. and also coming up counting has begun and peruse election without result. suggesting is too close to call policy and activists opposing an israeli campaign to evacuate. people from their homes are released from detention and.


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