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heroes is entering a well deserved retirement. his name is magog officially known as hero. rock has sniffed out 71 line lines, 38, unexploded bombs income bonia over the past 5 years ago with success and him, the international animal bravery gold medal. last september, which isn't on that so far, exclusively reserved for dogs bought. rats are light enough not to set off the mines. and he was trained by a belgian charity working in tons near who said that they are going to miss him dearly. ah, a quick look at the main stories now in an hour the reporter has been released from custody and occupied east jerusalem after being arrested by israel security forces
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to fire, but jerry was beaten and then arrest she's been doing live reports on algae. there is arabic channels throughout the day, checked your has been a flash point in recent months where there's been tension of the plans to forcibly evict palestinian families. and then a couple of hours ago, baterri was released from custody. she has been borrowed from reporting his gesture off the 15 days spoke to my colleague, honda how need just shortly after her release was off from 2000 and until now 21 years. this is the 1st time i see like this thing on the ground. every time they want to, to shut them like this. we remember what's happened and i won't be over the office on the go all the, many us with the, from everywhere. so they want to the 1st such as, you know,
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so everybody will afraid. it was me of that the out of faith from media became a fossil government says armed men have killed at least a 100 civilians in the northeast of the country, governments, as homes and a mock it was done to the ground in the village just so hon. close to the border with michelle. no one is kind of responsibility. the violence nigeria attorney general has ordered the immediate prosecution of any one who breaches the countries new ban on twitter. government shut down, access the site on friday. the suspension comes just days after twitter removed a tweet from the president. how many were hurry for violating its abusive behavior policy? and an outbreak of algae and the see of mama in turkey is alarming scientists. the algae is mutated into a slimy substance that's threatening wildlife, the environment, and local businesses. the funds you make football is the program coming up next day with out there i talked to al jazeera,
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we only were attacking ringo. and now they're attacking everyone in the do you regret? well, it's like we listen. absolutely. nigeria with a woman present, it would be great. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on 0, the oh, the early 19 forties and 9 named page eco sat alone at a table in a cafe in casablanca, morocco he was troubled. ah, was war 2 was raging. and this city was
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a refuge for many trying to escape the nazi war. thousands fled here from europe hoping for safe passage to britain or the united states. ah. but as eagle coach had concerns of his own, he had found the club to give the poor of cousin blanca voice. but it had been usurped by the middle classes. ah, now he planned to take over a small forgotten team and build something the truly belonged to the less fortune. ah, if he could see today the amazed that his achievements. ah, as he goes, spring child grew into one of africa's great sporting institutions. roger because blanca,
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the blue needles instead of 2000 and we were sure we both rule i should use that the sort of risky cl canaria policy to sick your while i, sam will rule my more popular with the camera with a clue because for hall serves the group who had been good about the sky, kitch monica, she make it really manly. she wasn't our fault. could i just discover off they call the extra unit called me roger was phone here in a poor district of casa blanca. so me, russia supporters. i like a great plan all linked by love of their team. cafe verde is a gathering places for the elders of that family. they take coffee and talk
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football. whenever we hold up the concert tonight, roger faced egyptian giants in the semi final of the african champions league. the men can talk of nothing else amongst them is delilah ibrahim, he's an urban historian of russia. another object warming up. why do you only missouri some are not enough for me. but for some reason why i'm not in a little observable for women living. that's why i love dickie tucker is
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a system of $1.00 and $2.00 touch passes and sustain possession. the found love, the exciting football it creates with rapid shift from defense to attack. as you can compete, can make your move back. and as you go to court underpass ego, roger quickly rose to challenge because a blank has other big club with that that rivalry has delivered scintillating spectacle. then then one of her family don't is if she went to for some of the lab for me, that's when i can, when i 1st time, i believe it school, no, probably too much for some law. the dental have generally with people as a massive visual displays made by organized san groups. mostly they told their rivals rogers room one a one refers to the torture chamber of george. all was 1984. it would be torture
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for with that fans to see their team thrush by roger. one of with ads t falls, responded with a pirates emblem threatening to sink all before them in the company and control fully to focus your walking dead will be maybe what we did let you fully loaded with that law. so let me see, because i'm, i am, i may be the rival ultras compete through peoples with that in red and russia in green team colors writ large company and not nearly new mortgage for him. what was going on about this logic? she'll do you know what an assembly had lee mosley as we know the muslim corner. and i'm, you know, the and what was your, why do you want to stick now? will you condemn you for the
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i because whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, blah management shoes by any standards? roger, because blanca has enjoyed extraordinary success in world football. jamie, i've, you know, there was torture for one of those interviews, 1000000 checks and via was funny because i was on the florida. i was wanted to confirm tomorrow, which attorney will forget about our product? we scream whenever we mock up. she's you know, that's what i what i was only what she go would surely be delighted that the club he built for the poor folk of cousin blanca has made such
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strides through the songs and t foes. those people have a voice that can't be ignored. i in armor, left and known as salvador, is a sports photographer and a roger fan. this kid grab now, then go mark if one and the if he was the allows him to keep going. this is if them all at all, i'm lucky finishing the old house can 7th could come and she can come. nature on a co workers was out as a midnight fall will give us when she was wrinkled. at photograph of a pest you can wish to fall in love with a clue. it was really the salvador lift 20 kilometers from the hammer. the 5th stadium, roger's home ground,
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it takes an hour or so to get there. but on match day, who knows? she's getting by yes, law or gun in the children won't get it took a minute for all the time he's driving. he's planning how we might come up with a less conventional image imagination and preparedness. our key to his cross live upon a playground book. it's now draws keep us going to florida. accept a little she via regular fans feel a rush when the referee blows that 1st whistle. for salvador, that rush is magnified. like the players, he has to do his best work in the next 90 minutes. keep will keep them, wants to give, give least cushman and get with, well, kinda long beyond what i was a kid always love about it. like on book. it's not, they don't want to buy
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a fix for which we isn't had the will of back let even want to live. sniff of the i did his not a for happy. keep with me that he got a village. can you believe she has a lot of these them today? yeah. keep it even get a lot of the the, because when i have the, when i have a sofa door nose, it's a privilege to be pitch side. but on the corona virus restrictions, it's just not the same mission. lexington nor the massiveness. it could, she came to was more rapidly fix can surely about keeping with the well it can the lives of a school lead. blossom or key can also have come see me. and in coven
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19 costs. a long shadow over the city. youth unemployment, already severe, has become an epidemic in itself. use if, as your morning had to leave university after his 1st year. he says this is common in morocco school and i still didn't thought of met dia and he can see a company called told me i didn't function a lot of this. and what i was given me to kind of look at can speak with him was getting through school and was give always after a succession of temporary jobs use of tried to set himself up as a street vendor. it says something to this girl. so that's why i probably didn't sit open the civic walk out until the cats have been less than the logo on it.
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already look at susan came to the company every day he sets out looking for work and send them if them so how does the mall what what would you have left a little he says the one good thing about life and because of blanca is football. was caught up on his coffee and it's done or love any incentive and it gets us citizenship which is always good to me and i want to didn't we didn't get into that is no anyone can support that sort of thing is that all i do is when i know a quarter when the virus is past use,
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if is determined to get back to the terraces. but he's not sure how you pay for the ticket. the the man a b as a keen raj, a fan entrepreneur and an influencer. she shares her enthusiasm on social media. she's all of what you know that she was, it's larger than suffolk. you're with you or your book with tv, you move on the dash 2 below the corner on the golf facilities and then your next person could you look him to see if you see that showcase called buffet more. that remodeled won't go through. so put them all jump is good. if you use the software just you don't want, you know,
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if you shut up for small chicken the in one me you want you to you want to true mall pick like to yeah. from your cast had filled with just would love to discuss it with la police wanted some engines when they went to restore the gentleman's wash your clock while she did you key. will she truly go on your back? thank you. could do fool. yeah. the sudden yeah. i have my myth is cynthia, that is him. we shall try. limousine was so good to him on the rough and confronted before the funnel to go to least the country quite as good to the football
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fan and get constantly swept to emotional highs and lows. it's a roller coaster, right? young people scream the loudest, the usual league. i don't want them. i hope you don't know why she doesn't have any more remiss hub. well, no gone, said sean kiddle, do they run the system? he may come. you can come on until quite recently, roger supporters expressed themselves in clashes with rival signs. many were injured and some killed. now have a lease. that's all the past. the
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g. yes, you can. you can call me back when you can. because i know when i met him to lecture malcolm, when you saw, oh, only do you get his mobile need you from keeping sound? the sound remark really been shows come, the movie shows me the motel off on balsam. i was my job there, off the phone is pretty sure i'm sure she so she can sure she was showing the java clearly, but she was going on told you that she could just call very much your than just such a good example. the best i can, my was from on much, from much of the looking around the stadium. the fans seem almost exclusively male is in the vanguard of change law. this can cause i know we just couldn't move the
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buffalo the moment plus so competition on the t o fall where long re miller family walk had really sound. what bunker from last year were the pre lot from the, from the show, the other the result through the family only the plasma walk walk through come fully conscious as the national care lunchbox can all kinds of freeze from partition under which that which you will fall under cynical i'm signing off, she might shift a my screen, nikita flipper or the yeah. perhaps one day roger will have female trusts, but probably not any time. soon. the authorities are very watchful of these leaders, fearing they might move into political activists. the the man who founded the raja eagles ultras,
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see mohammed germany has retired to the countryside. he insists they are a political law not want o'clock. you know, add a lot of snuck out sugar because i'm putting it in the home. i'm one of the gcs, etc. etc, from, from net later little talk question about there is no mistaking the political nature of the songs and peoples, but they're never party political ship. libby had no more walk. if we're going to walk, if a little more want to csc for money, leslie and the shadow will help him slack morgan in so long for me, flat on hobby. so it's that it will always cheat for little or too eager miss, and finish up all of the the most of those, most of the cup. and if you could develop,
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how the o this look you just come on, jackie, you can know what to catch him again, should not come up, but not actually looking at her desk and get those out ahead that she key. the key let, let my father see mohammed will be a roger to his dying day. but he passed his role as an ultra onto the next generation as a founder of the altar. as the battles with the authorities remain strong in his memories, payment, how much of the script and she for because you have it in the office. as you can see from the ship, la nathan, you know that i'm not up. i'm not going to make us some nice medical down here that the police now require own people to be submitted to them before they can be
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displayed. recently a prominent ultra was arrested when released, the proper rossi rushed to photograph in whatever place during his detention. he renounced his status as an ultra and has never explained why. nestled in the birthplace of roger because blanca sight, mazili, runs a cafe and store catering to the fans with my son on what you had maybe at the shop. once he found the premises said, put out a request for team photos to decorate the place. the response from the community was so good that he soon had the best collection in the city the
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region level and most willing to live on the water lead me to sort of from growing up and so on. roger players were said, boyhood heroes. this is the 1st time memory of the nuts i'm not able to for the sad and that some of the sportsmanship has gone from the gain said is critical of modern fine culture. he's nostalgic for the old days. when the ball was heavier players were tougher and the fans were respectful. somebody said in general, just what shed what shall marie be? what kind of a show? how did you
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live opinion any of your raja limits? you know what came with commercial again? yeah. ah. this is what you're looking for. what you what are that can tell me? what did you say that she helped me get g as in trouble? no from no names. and then you know, if i do the the initial probably. oh, the only other hope is she,
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she's your product really want me to be. she layla's easy is also a roger supporter. she believes the songs and people's improve much days and give a voice to a broad section of the public. yeah, this was only the, i think it will show oh, much funnel. the little germany shows before you can turn it back off called 25 back off. ill, a long make with the sewer standing together. funds can say things that cannot be freely expressed elsewhere in morocco . and he didn't show up on any of g o l coin. you'll need to refer to probably mid
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yeah. also for the additional full shopping bobby bodies to not funny. since a just could you much remember if they are cripple god, today i've been lucky. don't get the the broken authorities sometimes cracked down on anything resembling opposition, but the voice of thousands is difficult to contain. well, if that's, you know, if i do wanna do after that, because i've just said, if this buffy,
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and if just me just going to walk you through one tv coverage of roger games is hugely enhanced by the people as they roll out around the stadium. cameras . turned from the game to capture the spectacle console when she for the works for you for what? lapping labs. why do they walk? you become you go see the move 50 years after his death passage. ego is honored by with dead and raja supporters alike. he and the king of morocco share a special place in the heart of the nation. to night is an occasion for tea and cake. the book leafy family are settling in to watch the 2nd leg of the champions league semi final against egyptian giants,
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some alec they lost the 1st legged home. so winning through to the final is a tall order. but with roger supporters, hope springs eternal margins for foods and the right back in the competition. the me. but the magic go to school 3 times to secure their place in the final i'm not even only 21. me silly a row suitable for you, but don't is it should it should show me a new one. the lie on the phone, a pushing it, all of it come parcels your little bit. if this a bus is just
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a pilot champion, leak separate phone call. let you go, have you la? la la, you had to put book social's proof of your house. you don't fix your process only by this block other as you need this process. junior store a that's for sure. yeah, i i in the next episode of science in a golden age, i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval period in the field of mathematics. the term algebra can be traced back to the arabic word algebra. we're going to the limit to the technology 40 percent. often with beta
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found they gave us the final building block, find the discovery medieval times. it is science and a golden age. with jim alkalinity on al jazeera. ah, me yeah. the beaten men arrested al jazeera reporter, giovanni, but there is their lease from israeli company, but banned from shift jo, neighborhood to 15 days. a hello, i'm darn jordan. this is not just a lie from del.


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