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to do it is the winter because the river is lower than during the summer months. these tiny little yellow flings you can see might not look much. it was around $50.00 in the gram. ah hello, i'm down jordan into the pick them. i have a tough stories here now, which is era. france has suspended joint operations with molly and forces to pressure the military genta into restoring a civilian government. a senior goto was declared president on friday after ordering the arrest of civilian leaders. nicholas hark has moore from molly's capital banker in effect, what this temporary suspension of french cooperation with a 1000000 army means is that the by the french forces or the french air force, will not clear the way before. there are operations launched by the 1000000 forces
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. if there are millions, soldiers are wounded, then they won't repack, treat them back to the hospitals using their french helicopters, nor will they share intelligence with them all the and forces. so this will have a detrimental effect on the security situation in molly's israel's care. take a prime minister benjamin netanyahu was called on right wing allies to abandon the coalition that could remove him from power. 8 parties have made a deal to form a government, but it still needs be passed in parliament. netanyahu accused his rival, natalie bennett, of selling out a palestinian israeli party, which is backed, the proposal us president joe biden is expanding a list of chinese firms which are off limits to american investors because of their alleged ties to the military. i'm surveillance sectors for my president. donald trump had prohibited americans from investing in 31 companies. will biden's amendment increases that list to 59? the e u has criticized denmark after it's parliament approved a plan to set up
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a refugee reception center in a 3rd country outside europe. it would be used a screen potential asylum seekers. opponent say it's aimed at getting rid of refugees, but advocate say it'll deter people from making the perilous mediterranean crossing security forces in sedan and closed off all major roads leading to government and military headquarters in a capital cartoon. it follows protest mocking the 2nd anniversary of the massacre, a pro democracy, demonstrators, activists and opposition. politicians accusing the transitional government of delaying and obstructing an investigation into the killing. and the you case remove ports of those miss green list of travel destinations and what's being described as a death blow to the industry. it was the only mainstream tourist destination people could go to without needing to quarantine from their return. so those are the headline news continue 0 now to 0, after witness. thank you and thanks for watching by
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mr. chicken. cancel the ship. the caution was children born in joyce,
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did he have trash discovered the beauty of music in the ugliest places? ah, when a chance to play for the world 10, ariana t into a dream? ah, ah, landfill, harmonic witness documentary on ah, ah ah, ah, hello, he really is on so much of north america, very high temperatures for many we got some wet weather over towards the eastern
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seaboard, but we took up the winds from a southerly direction here. so i'll tell you about the time just getting up into the high twenty's for the time being, but the real surge of heat right up the heart of the us into central parts of canada. winnepeg cook it up to $35.00 celsius on friday. we'll hang onto that he as we go on into saturday because he's 36 by this day, some showers been spot by the heat cooler and making its way out of alberta, racing into central parts of canada, where to where the clearing away from the eastern seaboard it stays wet in the deep south will heavy rain coming into texas, heading over towards louisiana. many of the southern states will see some base and pieces of heavy and sundry re because there was some running over towards the west coast. cut and dry summed it up, the dry weather, stretching down across a good part of mexico. what a russia shower was across the greater antilles as we go on through the next dial. so lightly storms here, rumbling away the cuba for jamaica full hispaniola. also some was
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a weather just coming into the wind woods to go through friday and on into saturday could become a little more widespread. lee was also seeing some right splash showers there with central america the the latest news as it breaks the risk of a bio as relation in many parts of the country is becoming increasingly real. with detail coverage conditions aren't really clean until the local administrator said that they've detected several cases of cholera from around the world. a couple of 100 migrant children have been found places on the mainland to alleviate the pressure in the air. to me, it's all too familiar. innocent lives ended in an instant then grief, anger, and the debate around firearms. but for survivors and families of the fallen
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reality often changes forever. phone lines investigates the long lasting trauma inflicted on communities the aftermath. my shootings in america on al jazeera, ah frank suspends joint military operations with molly's army, putting pressure on the ruling gent to restore a civilian government. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is alexandra from also coming up. benjamin netanyahu vows to coalition of unlikely allies that's expected asked him after 12 years, an office president biden says tens of millions of unused corona virus.


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