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which is not heard because it's not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and report on the big events going on. but we also tell a story that people generally don't have a voice. i'm in one of the charm. my dad never be afraid to hand up knock a question and i think that's what they were when he does. we all the questions for people who should be accountable and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. ah, israel's opposition parties reach a deal to form the next coalition government signaling the end of benjamin netanyahu term as prime minister. ah. hello, i'm don. jordan, this is out of the are a lie from joe also coming up for lanka, braces for an ecological disaster as a fire stricken cargo ship carrying chemicals. thing stuff, it's coast. the unions and student groups and
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columbia. go on, strike again after talks fail to end to government protests that began in april and thousands displaced and living in see the red cross appealed to $16000000.00 to help the people of garza. ah, israeli opposition leader, iowa. p does announce t has the support needed to unseat the government. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is coalition brings together parties from across the political spectrum and has won the support of the palestinian israeli part of the united arab list. but how many reports now from western should be a be, it was a phone call that your la pete formerly informed israel's president through when revealing that he made it barely an hour before the deadline to form a government expired. the bigger seizures were long and tough, but in the end let the manage to couple together the government for change. 8
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parties ranging from the left to the far right with little in common except the desire to as caretaker, prime minister benjamin netanyahu and n 2 years of political instability. for now, the new government will 1st the far right, you mean a party leader enough that he bennett, as prime minister, he is an advocate of illegal settlements expansion. and their next station, w e. p is the one that told the president he had the mandate to form. the coalition is not going to be the avenue still for the next. at least the next 2 years. it's natalie bennett, leads a much smaller party but became some sort of the king's making, going to be the time. and so for the next, the next, the next 2 years. so in many ways, this is the kind of the axis in the middle, the heart of the government, and the relation between unit b and bennett. so in the past, the ups and downs are going to
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a large extent. it determines the stability of the government. but didn't you clearly sure couldn't have come together without the support from the most unlikely of political allies. went to the best and slamming united arab list. got the lead hubbard, i can just say in agreement with the p sick and former government, we've agreed on many issues that was served interest of our society and provide solutions to the urgent problems or society faces in various field is a phrase for palestinian israeli. even though our best will not be part of the government, accepting support from our best is a thorny issue for now. study bennett, with far right politicians, already declaring a government that relies under support of a palestinian israeli block. next step is a vote of confidence by the method that should take at least a week. in the meantime, benjamin netanyahu a formidable political survivor, who is also facing corruption charges will do is best for the coalition to break up
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. if not, he will become a relentless opposition leader or that that made algebra in west jerusalem. salvage experts are running out of time to avert a maritime disaster. offshore lancaster coast. a large container ship has been burning for 12 days. nic colombo, its cargo has already polluted surrounding waters and beaches. but if it thinks marine biologist say the oil leak would be devastating. charlotte bellis reports. after 2 weeks of burning, of sure lank is coast, the in the express poll is sinking. the vessel still hold 350 tons of oil in its fuel tanks. if the navy and salvage experts can't keep it afloat, it will devastate the surrounding waters and marine life. the ref, it's on wednesday, ended with the ship stern sinking to the ocean floor. may never, you know, not in there. it tells you if the ship thinks the oil on the ship will lead to the
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ocean in the beach and our fishermen will lose their jobs. we cannot allow that to . the in the express po was sailing from india to singapore carrying a load of chemicals in plastic when it caught fire last month, the ship was carrying nearly $1500.00 containers. many were destroyed in the fire. others fell into the sea, polluting the water and large stretches of sure lank as beaches. soldiers were deployed to clean up tons of plastic pallets that washed up on the coastline. the pallets themselves have already created. one of the biggest environmental crises here indicates these are really tiny and picking color and they look like fish it to fish, mary, birds and animals, and they inject them. and these can really, you know, gather toxeme and pollutants in the water and become really toxic. and these chemicals can leak out into the body. murray 90 most that consume it. and if marine
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life is under threat, so wish relink as fishing industry authorities have already imposed a fishing band along 80 kilometers of coastline affecting more than 5000 fishing boats. the ship is dealt the death blow to our lives. we can't go to the sea, which means we can't make a living. chill anchors. government has promised legal action to seek compensation from the owners of the singapore flagship. i will never get into invalid. similar incidents have taken place in other countries. when that incident took place, those governments have taken states to get compensation. we hope to get compensation in accordance with marco and international law, we will never give up on the effort. the immediate concern is how to avoid a massive oil spill. that would turn this environmental crisis into a disaster, with the stern now stuck on the seabed. ha salvages plane to do that, is unclear charlotte bellis, osha 0. so let's talk to him an elf, and she's live in columbia for us madell. so this cargo ship has already started
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a thing. just bring us up to date with what's been happening. that's right overnight. what we're hearing from the navy is that the situation where the vessel has been submerged. the only thing that's above the water is the bridge, the sort of superstructure. but everything else has been submerged by water. the keel is actually resting on the sea bed. now that's at a sort of a depth of about 21 meters according to the voted days. so right now it's a case of wait and watch, because obviously the navy told us that divers had been deployed to try and get a gauge on what the situation is regarding the structure that looked around the how on the water so far it seems to be holding because as we know, that sort of cargo whatever's left is a key concern. so that's the situation we're hearing so far. i mean all attempts to
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try and move the vessel into deeper waters to avert a further environmental price that have essentially been put away. now it's dealing with the ship, where it's now the big worry is the oil in the fuel tanks of the ship. is there any sign yet so that it's starting to leak from the vessel? that's obviously been a key concern so far. i mean, it's just past 730 here in the morning. that hasn't been from what we're hearing any indications of the page of an oil leak or an oil spill. now that is something that the authorities will have to monitor very, very closely and right around the top. because the moment we see that happening, it just opens up a whole new ball game. obviously, it's just 800 kilometers off the course of sure. long for the course of colombo you
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already had pollutants in the water. 25 tons of nitric acid. and there's a whole plethora of the chemicals that was on the cargo that was on board that has either fallen into the sea, the containers carrying them and fallen into the sea. and we still don't know what else is intact in terms of the containers on bo dot. and so that is something that is being watched very carefully because the oil leak, as i said, we'll just take it to a whole new level of this environmental catastrophe. michelle fernandez, live 1st there in columbus and l. thank you. now, unions in columbia taking part in another strike. the country seen massive anti government demonstration since april president. even do k has deployed military forces to the city of cali. after at least 3 people were killed in increasingly violence, stand up, a protest were initially spot by anger,
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over tax reforms. alessandro pity's in the capital bulletin, he says rallies. there are the smallest things since protest began. these are the 1st sign of fatigue that we've seen. i'm part of the protestors that have been coming out practically daily. they usually responded massively to the call of the protests, the leaders of for the faith of strike. this hasn't been the case again. i live here in the capital bogo. they're either gathering called for later in the day. but it's clear that the more than a month came to these protests, people are beginning to feel some fatigue or feeling tired of being out every day have confronting the police of having dealt with so much violence. so part of the police response a time also from some of the protesters and all of this is happening at
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a time when the negotiations between the leaders of the process and the government are not moving forward despite reaching a pre agreement that they with they have called now more than a week ago on the security guarantees. the protesters are demanding to star formal negotiations with the government. the government agreed to that, but never signed that document yet because they are requesting that all the roadblocks that that remain in place in the country, especially in the south and south west of columbia that have had the big consequences in terms of shortage. it need to be lifted for those stocks to, to begin. now, the american health organization says governments across latin america are failing in their response to storing corona, virus infection rates. it says misinformation, non mixed messages are being allowed to proliferate, and even being encouraged,
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the organization says it's particularly concerned with a situation in brazil in haiti, saying cases will rise further without urgent action. so what break here and when we come back, nicaragua, police re the home, the prominent opposition leader, one of the main challenges in the members presidential election off the decades abroad to start an artifact return to time. and we find out one more good for the states. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello there. it continues to be a very wet picture for china. you can see from the satellite image that cloud and those thunderstorms, dominating across the southern and eastern areas of china with the north east, is also being effected. have a look at this to nato rip through,
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hey long jung province, bringing destruction there. and that weather system working its way towards the southeast. we're going to see some wet and windy weather across the korean peninsula. and by the time we get into friday, japan, seeing that wet and windy weather and that's linking up with our may you front, we could see some floods where that rain continues to persist and be rather intense over areas of japan. we for the may you front down to southern areas of china now, macau, already seen record rainfall on tuesday. we could see more wet weather and flooding from those heavy rains, hong kong seeing the where the to it's up. so the east in shanghai, that's looking fine and dry with $27.00 degrees. there's weather on the menu as well for india, those one soon rains, kicking in around the southern coast, kara could see some localized flooding where those rains are particularly intense and bangladesh. continuing to see those heavy rains
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cooper sponsored pay cut on airways, bitcoin block chain, and crypto guarantees, disruptive technology all the way to a fair, a financial system. if you have mining women in your house and they will confiscated if they find it award winning filmmaker. thorsten of ment looks at all sides of the complex crypt allowed to film in a utopian dream of bypassing the international banking was just as easily manipulated as today's financial system crypto on al jazeera. oh, a welcome back. a quick recap of our top stories here. this is randy oppositional,
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that yeah, he has inform the president he has the support to form a new government ending benjamin netanyahu. 12 years in power. right. wing leader natalie bennett, will be prime minister 1st followed by the p 2 years later. israeli coalition brings together 8 parties and has won the support of the palestinian israeli party, the united arab list. the deal still needs a parliamentary vote for a government is one in chicago. should the sending off the coast of shore lanka threatening and ecological disaster caught fire 2 weeks ago and it's filled with several 100 tons of oil. let's get on our top story now. the political developments in israel and defense minister benny guns has congratulated lupita and bennet calling the coalition a block of change and praising it as a night of great hope. he made the comments just ahead of his departure to the united states where he intends to ask washington for more military aid, specifically, guns, once a $1000000000.00 to restock israel, their defense systems. the conflict with hamas in gaza saw thousands of rockets
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launched and intercepted of a palestinian and israeli sky. let's begin my can't live for us in washington dc. mike, so many guns. this trip to washington comes. i'm a growing criticism of american arm sales to israel. what more do about his visit, what it was hastily arranged visits in a way, it was pretty shadowed before the coalition agreement in israel. he is top of his agenda. he says, is to get the money to replenish israel's missile defense system. there may be some resistance in congress to sales in general to israel at present, given what happened in gaza. but on the issue of that defense system, there's going to be little disagreement. it will have full support of congress. but this is not the only thing that the bite and administration is going to want to talk about. ben again has meeting scheduled with the national security advisor. and the issue of settlement building is likely to come back israel's ongoing occupation
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of palestinian territory, but also top of the bite. and the agenda is iran. and what israel can do to help bite and achieve is aim of resuscitating the iran nuclear agreement. now the netanyahu government was completely opposed to that. who knows what happens with the new coalition government, and it is an opportunity that scans visit for the by that and ministration to find out from a man who's going to be a member of that coalition government. exactly which way israel is going to go on the issue of iran, what the position of the new government is going to be if the u. s. continues to press for resuming negotiations with iran. so this is a key issue for the bite and administration council. also be meeting with the us secretary of defense and other senior officials. so the myriad of matters that are going to be discussed. but above all, it is an opportunity for the bite and administration to find out what ways the
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incoming israeli government is likely to go. and most importantly, to what extent this coalition government will aid what the u. s. c's as the national interest. all right, my life us there in washington dc. mike, thank you. well, let's bring in, made our account. she's a jump professor at the american university of washington and he's washington bureau chief of the al codes daily newspaper joins us from washington. d. c. science. so this is the 1st time in recent history. i guess that an arab israeli party has supported a coalition government. how significant do you think this is what it means? the arab israeli is and of course the palestinians. well, it is very significant. i mean, in the fifty's and there are the 50, there were actually coalitions by the agricultural party then thought under my pie . but it was never really as prominent or had determining as this time around this time around their lives party. really bad, bad around and,
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but was able to basically make this effort for bennett and the speed basically flow and really go, you know, all the way all almost along the way. you know, so it's very good. and that sense now we don't know what kind of deal they have made. there was no joy, there are blessed with the bad. we know that the want security service, they want a lot of things of israel was it? how can it can be citizens? but we don't know what kind of a deal they what they call the. yeah. and we know that natalie bennett support settlements annexation to some degree in the west bank side. this already exposes the huge differences in the coalition. is there enough political glue? do you think to even hold this coalition together? a good question. not really. i mean, you know, you look at all these a parties and they have all different agendas. it is almost
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a recipe for total dysfunction. so when you look at this and make up, it's a model collection, we would know that the bennet is, it does appear, settlement activity was a leader and a little bit movement here with always to the right, the benjamin that anyhow. so now with that is not going to sit well with, with other members of the coalition. so i believe or from 1st look, you can see that this coalition is probably different to fail. we probably see another political crisis and another election probably before. then it's turned into each up. i'm not for the interesting point. you make the site because because it raises the question, what happens now to benjamin netanyahu? we know he thought to discredit natalie bennett from the allies of the paid, saying, endangering israel security, but not from yahoo. as we know, it's a clever, he's a wiley political operator. this isn't the end of him though. is it?
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no, it isn't. i think he's been doing the thing. yeah. they're very kind of a politician. he's been around for a very long time. he knows how to work that calls or do do employ all pretty good to the service as an agenda now, but i think this time is probably a bit of well his robe, we have a lot of legal issues and legal problems. it will be very difficult to imagine that he can have gone to the premier ship, although, you know, nothing is beyond the beyond happening in israel, especially with the formation of such government. so we shall see the next 24. i will be quite determining and israel history. we'll see what happens next side. okay, really good to get your thoughts. thank you very much. and visa, thank you. so united nations and red cross officials are in garza 2 weeks after
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a si, fi end of the conflict between israel and how mass they are assessing the extent of the humanitarian crisis across the gaza strip, including damage to homes, schools, hospitals, and critical infrastructure. you may say it has this report in this part of god's done known as in 142 people were killed. half of them belong to one family. the collect last 22 people across 3 generations in their home. no one medical at the beginning we heard a strong sounds and our home violently shook. after that we get it in the center away from the windows and furniture. the 2nd strike was stronger and was began cracking. soon after the 3rd strike, we found our home 40 men. we lived on the 3rd floor, and suddenly we were on the ground. a site from anger and death trapped in the rubble are all that's left in this neighborhood. the head of the red cross is here to see the destruction for himself, many civilian women, man, and children,
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paid the ultimate cause. the magnitude of this destruction here is the, is of course, shocking and heartbreaking. and it's an indicator of the number of years that will be needed to build again, those private home here and in many other places in the guise of 254 people died in the offensive. the cease fire between him mos in israel has held for 2 weeks. but the reality for gods is very much the same as before. the cause like there is a lack of water, electricity, and basic infrastructure. the only commercial border with israel used to supply good aid and fuel is now closed. well, there's many turning situation in gas. i was already challenging before this recent cycle of escalation. of course, the 11th day of intense fighting is adding another layer of challenges. in many
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fields that are of interest to the tv, the supply of drinking water, the evacuation of to it's about also all the support hospitals, health centers, the, the palestine red crescent society for the alcoholic family. they will try to reveal, like they have many times before before. why it's why it's a mac on israel attack without any notice or responsibility. they don't care about human rights or safety, gillian, or even prior. no, no, they didn't call us like they did for other building. we were asleep and suddenly our home fell over. i think the price of a new home is out of budget for now, but it's nothing like the price they've already paid unit. the lc 0 garza russia deputy foreign minister says israel was surprised by her master's military capabilities during the recent conflict and gaza mccaleb bob donovan,
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who is also the criminal special envoy to the middle east. i've spoken to jamalia sheil on talk to algebra. why did netanyahu, and for that matter, the united states refuse a ceasefire in the beginning as a sort of look, alyssa, right, this isn't my opinion. well, this is what the israelis themselves said. they said they wanted to extend the bombing of gaza to prevent hamas from being able to fire rockets on israel. and the future in reality is where i was trying to achieve goes beyond the slightest crisis across us that went on longer than it should have. because in reality, israel ended in the same position. it started of course there were unbearable losses, even in israeli society. the loss of life among civilians even impacted on the mood of israeli society, which has its own domestic issues, particularly those related to palestinian israelis. in your view, do you believe that israel succeeded in weakening hamas militarily that it succeed in the aims that it's set out in terms of reducing how massive military
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capabilities there are not talk on the cameras. i believe that her masters ability to find that many rockets was unexpected. the military ability was much greater than what even that israelis expected to use. her must used up some of soft snow but it wasn't depleted. so from this point of view, i believe that is roused bombing of gaza, which they claim themselves were intended at defeating a massive fight. for your opinion, envoy coordinating talks on reviving the iran nuclear deal believes in agreement will be reached next week. indirect talks between iran and the united states about fully returning to the 2015 nuclear deal. between tara and major world powers are expected to resume next thursday. because the ations have been taking place since april. now a large files broken out at a refinery in southern terrace. the blaze sent a huge plume of smoke at the parts of iran's capital. so far there are no reports of casualties. and in a separate incident, a navy ship caught fire and sank. and the gulf of a man, one of nicaragua,
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most popular opposition leaders is now under house arrest. police rated christina tomorrow's home office. she was accused of money laundering. the attorney general is seeking to discuss if i have from public office while the investigation continues. now a number of artifacts from thailand to finally returned home after they were stolen decades ago. their return was welcomed by culture and find out specialist in the capital. and they want this recovery to be one of many more to come go. jaila has a story from bangkok ah, missing for more than 6 decades homecoming for ancient hand carved artifact from north eastern thailand. unveiled at bank cox national museum, the 2 sandstone lentils were once part of religious sanctuaries built nearly a 1000 years ago. they were stolen and smuggled out of thailand in the 1900 sixty's during the war in neighboring vietnam. architectural pieces, from the days of the commander empire,
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were displayed at the asian arts museum in san francisco. they were secured as part of an effort by thailand, fine arts department, it took 4 years low men, but here we are getting the artifacts that were exported illegally, especially if they're a part of ancient architecture. and there is an ongoing process to recall. 32 artifacts for museums across the united states. from more than 500 years ago, it was one of the world's largest cosmopolitan areas, a hub for trade, culture, and diplomacy. it was captured and burned to the ground by invaders from what is now me and mar it, then sat mostly vacant for a 100 years. are you the was the capital of the same kingdom from the 14th to the 18th centuries archeologist here are hopeful that the attention garnered from the returned. artifacts will help them in their requests to find missing statues and historical pieces. most of the valuable relics in the city have been looted over the years and most likely in private collections,
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including the heads removed from scores of statues of buddha. one of the, i think by publicly telling the story and raising awareness about the missing pieces of our history, who knows, we make it an important lead from someone who may spot a missing artifacts when they are travelling abroad. so the hunt will continue through research in awareness to bring back what museum officials here call the pride of the nation. not only for their beauty, but as a representation of pass prosperity and the roots of ty, history and culture, got either al jazeera, our youth. the silence master has announced to new missions both to venus sneer, a spanish re neighbor, be the 1st us lead missions to venus, his atmosphere in more than 30 years european space agency, but a spacecraft around it in 2006. now for hopes to map its rocky surface and uncover if the solar systems hottest part had ever had an ocean to robotic missions are expected a launch between 20282030. we hope these missions will further our
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understanding of how the earth evolved and why it's currently habitable, when others in our solar system are not planetary science is critical in answering key questions that we have as humans like, are we alone? what implications beyond our solar system? could these 2 missions have ah, type of krycek headlines here on algebra, israeli opposition leader has informed the president. he has the support to form a new government ending benjamin netanyahu 12 years in power. right. bring lead enough tale. bennett would be prime minister 1st followed by le peed 2 years later . while israeli coalition brings together 8 parties and has won the support of the palestinian israeli party, the united arab list, the deal fil needs
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a parliamentary further before a government is born in. for me it has moved from western if you.


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