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new war with morocco. now, spain says is being punished for allowing him valley to travel there for treatment that's off to morocco. border guards allowed $10000.00 people to cross into the spanish enclave of future last month. spain's prime minister petro sanchez, accused american government of blackmail and the tip magic phone out of the continues lower. but among the al jazeera, ah, this is all just there are these top stories. us president joe biden has led a ceremony in the state of oklahoma tomorrow. this intent, sorry, the tulsa race, masika 300 black residence killed by white mom's in 1900. 21 by the promise. supports of black businesses, but made no mention of reparations. we do are so low favors by pretending none of this ever happened. or doesn't impact us today because it does still impact us
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today. we can't just choose to learn what we want to know. and not only should the good, the bad, everything. that's a great nations do. they come to terms with their dark sides. and we're a great nation. the only way to build a common ground isn't truly repair and to rebuild. i come here to help fill the silence. because his silence wounds deepened. more than 90 percent of people in ethiopia, northern te gray region, are in need of emergency food aid that is warning from the world feed program. thousands have been killed since fighting began in november. the african union has suspended molly's membership in response to the military q there. it will say
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threatened sanctions if a civilian led government isn't reinstated. on monday, west african leaders suspended molly from the regional block, a co. molly's into the president, prime minister, was pained by the military. we believe of westerns, horace, paula, sorry. from his leaving spain. often the spanish high court turned down a request for him to be taken into custody. for him. golly is accused of war crimes including genocide, your talk disease agencies urging lead us to think about supplying vaccines to poor nations before inoculating young people in their own countries. as, as many nations struggle to get enough supplies. those he headlines for listening post is next day with us is a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there. white supremacy. in fact, all of our, if you're putting more money into the hands, with some workers taking money out of the hands of other workers, everyone goes to their campus and it becomes a us versus down. this is
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a deal about constraining a nuclear program. the bottom line off the big question. oh, now to 0. this is the part which she went very hard to make is really well. you can't really young journal which tells you to press 5, we believe is right. that makes us complicit in an ongoing crime against humanity. alarm richard gives birth in europe the listening post where we dig into the news and examined the coverage. here are the media stories we're looking at this week. the inflection point is there a breakthrough in the us in the coverage of palestine and israel hard jack. bella, russian aerospace is now a no go zone for many airlines. after authorities there plucked a dissident out of the sky. another european leader shows his authoritarian slovenia. prime minister says he's at war with the media and making excuses for
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racers. sometimes things don't go to a generator that's built for the job. the ceasefire in gaza has been in place for more than a week now. and the after effects of the bombings there are reverberating a long way from the holy. nowhere is that more evident than in the united states where every year, billions of dollars in military aid flows from washington to telephone for decades that close the bilateral relationship has skewed the news coverage in the us of the palestine. israel conflict in favor of america, ally, that is clearly starting to shift the question as to what extent and will at last, this is a story about an illegal occupation, an apartheid system of government. and forces of change that are now tapping into american social justice movements like black lives matter in order to get their messages out. the us media outlets are starting to reflect that in the way they
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cover the story, the people they interview and the terminology they employ our starting point this week, the american mainstream media and where the coverage of the palestine. israel story goes from here. we're really telling thing, mean, my americans are what americans are seen in the coverage of the palestine. israel story finally is a dominant news narrative under assault. we don't share the same, right? they turn on us news channels and here terminology they seldom heard attached to this country. the idea that it's even remotely controversial to call what israel has imposed on palestinians a form of apartheid is laughable. they seem more palestinian faces than the networks usually serve on something approaching a bowers. this is a movement against their colonialism which seeks to remove palestinians and placed
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jewish settlers in their place when they check out the new york times. they see often and images. the paper had rarely found fit to print until now the discourse is substantially different this time around. it remains deeply problematic, but nonetheless, the massive improvements over what it was like in previous massive israeli assaults on got everything changed on the israeli attack. social media playing a large role in shaping the american discourse. and as one scientist organization that this israel could do nothing right on social media. israel has gaza with it truly does feel different and it feels like it has the potential to significantly change how the world news this ongoing israeli palestinian crisis. why now israel has sent settlers in default to expel palestinians from their homes,
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as it's preparing to do and shake, shut out east jerusalem. it's waged war on god 5 times since 2005 each time inflicting far more civilian casualties than it suffered, resulting and accusations of war. dr. israel has targeted news as much as a just did when it destroyed the offices of the associated press and al jazeera in gaza. none of that is new. what has changed is the mobilizing fact that all the video coming out on this story has had on people thousands of miles from the holy land. and there are new communities on social media carrying that content. informal networks built by americans to demand social justice at home. that have proven to be adaptable. just as the progressive media had shape the american response to the george lloyd murder and led the way toward our real reckoning in the
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american public opinion about our treatment of people of color in the united states . the same effect happened on the mainstream media and public opinion, i believe with respect to palestinians. this social media has played a great role in educating people around the word world, about palestinian when it comes to the united states with the media could not deny the video that were coming out of god. the children crying over their parents or parents burying their children, even the more sentimental videos of kids looking for their toys or finding a little gold fish that was still alive. it really spoke to the hearts of people around the world on the coverage of this long term conflict terminology is yet another battle ground. one word that american journalists have long had an aversion to when describing israel. systemic treatment of palestinian is a term that originated in south africa and its history of racial oppression. a part
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of 15 years ago when former president jimmy carter dared to use apartheid in a book title, he was deemed to have gone too far. the only american president to ever win a nobel peace prize for their work in the middle east. carter was effectively blackbelt. excellent. by both the u. s. political and media establishes. it's only one work, but the fact that american journalists and commentators are now able to authorize your call, israel and apartheid state and news outlets are allowing mass is significant. there are a number of liberals who use the word apartheid to describe israel's treatment of the palestinians accusing israel of a pop side is a word that has been used by human rights watch by amnesty international. it's even been used by been tell them which is the largest israeli lead human rights organizations in israel apartheid is when you separate people based on ethnic video
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refund, nationality where one group has more rights than the other, just based on who they are. and that is fundamentally exactly what is happening in palestine, israel at this moment. and so the usage of the word apartheid is not just something that is controversial. it's necessary. the fact that we're having a conversation, journalists, and newsrooms, or writing articles about the question of the, call it a part of the call mcclendon. i think this enormously positive shift in people, not merely being willing to rethink their functions, but being capable of re thinking that people have to recognize what gods with repairs and sort of the men of the us. mainstream media are slowly moving in the right direction on this. sometimes though with a case of 2 steps forward, one step back. take the example of 22 year old emily wild, recently hired by the associated press to work in arizona. 4 days after the
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israelis blew up the eighty's offices in gaza, wilder was fired pro israel elements online, had publicized some of wilder's pro palestinian social media posts from her college days. the best defense for those who want to defend israel for bombing a p. i is in effect, accused of being in bed with her and then you just start searching for dirt and he decided to throw a young journalist who by the way, jewish, just to throw her under the bus. it's pretty breathtaking. the suggestion is that if you are an activist and the part of all right, i mean you can't be a journalist, reports objectively. the truth at the end of the day is that everybody has biases. and all you can do is be honest about these biases. so that we understand where the reporting is coming from, what shape that this idea that you must exclude anybody who has
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a history of advocating for policy and human rights. while people who have much more nefarious histories of being participants in an illegal occupation and a system of apartheid, that's a double standard that's just simply absurd. 2 o journalists like canadian born mattie friedman, now based interest the a p employed him in israel until 2014, after he had done a student in the israeli army. last week, friedman filed a story for another us news at the atlantic, whose editor in chief, american, jeffrey told, moved to israel in his 20 volunteer for the army and was a guard and a prison tanius for its treatment of the current new york times political columnists david brooks and former jerusalem bureau chief, ethan bronner, both of them american have had sons in the israeli army. and on the broadcast side, there's news anchor splits. his bio on cnn site is sick with details on the
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stories. he's covered, the interviews. he's conducted the honorary degrees. he's received not one mention though, of his former journal. you're at the biggest, the most influential pro israel lobby, group of them all. 8. there's a strong israel today, a vibrant israel that is not going to disappear. for a pack of destroy the 2 state solution. back in the eighty's and story, i always wanted to know this guy is forgiven his resume. i think that lists are understand that his job is not just for his job is to get a range of opinion and that he feels a responsibility to stop. then wait a minute is the same for he's now in gaza. you're there. you are. and i witnessed to get to emily wilder, the very young person who had done good work in college. i'm sure it was going to
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be strenuously trying to do her job as a double standard isn't not, we're not doing the media outlet to be pro palestine. i don't need emily can be pro proud fine. i don't need journalist to be pro problem. i need you to be objective, to tell us what the facts are on the ground and the facts are very committed. there is an occupation that is illegal and funded by the us government. the apartheid is to your to see john, god is clear. and unfortunately, the double standard is because if the american people truly knew what was happening in palestine and knowing that it is funded by their tax payer dollars, i think they would be a resurgence of a resistance that the government of the united states america would not be able to, ah, a passenger plan was forced to land in minsk bella roost last weekend in what
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initially appeared to be a bomb scare, but turned out to be a ploy by the lucas shackle government to arrest a journalist, romano, 4 percentage monopoly robbie's been following the story mino, why did the bell or russian authorities go to such great lengths to get this guy for the say, which is a 26 year old who co founded an edited a channel called next on the messaging platform, telecom that channel played a big role in documenting and organizing some of the protests that broke out last year against the election of president alexander cushion called now put the savage, who no longer works with next was able to do his journalism in relative safety from lithuania, where he's been in exile since last year late last year in november, he was charged enough censure with organizing rights and inciting social hatred. last sunday, put the service was on a reiner flight, heading back to lithia from a conference in greece. the plane was over bel ocean airspace when the crew received orders to land in minutes because of the possibility of explosives on board. as soon as the flight landed put,
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the savage and his girlfriend was arrested by the authorities. unsurprisingly, no ones were found on the flight, and the state owned bella, she news agency has reported that lucca shinkel himself issued the order for the flight to land in minsk. so protest savage is behind bars. where has the story gone since there? well, the bell edition government has released a video for the salvage, but it bad all the hallmark of a false confession suggests your troubles are getting lots and lots of fish says he's being treated lawfully, but the bruises on his face tell a different story. meanwhile, western governments are professing outraged some have imposed sanctions. they say more coming, but there is an element of hypocrisy in the reaction to this story is there not? how quickly they forget be supported. in the case of edward snowden, the former us intelligence employee who leaked classified documents to journalists back in 2013, at that time a plane carrying the former bolivian president,
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even morales was forced to land in austria because the obama administration mistakenly thought edward snowden was on board, the united states received a lot of criticism for that, but nothing like what bella luce is facing right now. ok, thanks. hungary, poland, and serbia. what do they have in common? they're all ex soviet bloc. countries that since shedding their communist ideologies have turned into a liberal democracies with some authoritarian habits such as controlling their news media. you can now add another country to that list, slovenia. the ex yugoslav state of just 2000000 people has in the past year suffered a drastic decline in press freedom. that coincided with the reelection of prime minister yanis yankee, a one time anti communist campaigner, turned right winger, whose now into with 3rd stint as prime minister. his 1st week, back in office,
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in march of 2020, was the same week that slovenia confirmed its 1st case of colbert 19. and the pandemic has turned out to be a handy little pretext for the prime minister to clamp down on the press. list me posts. flo phillips, now on the antis young shock and his self proclaimed war with the meeting. oh sure. me girls. i have a lot of experience with serious threats, and i've been placed on the police protection many times. but the threats i received last march when nothing like anything i've experienced before you should call it a 30 march 2020 to virginia. like the rest of europe is going into locked down. and like journalists across the continent, like gaga, scrutinizing his government's response to the pandemic, he publishes an investigation into something called crisis
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h q. a secretive seemingly unconstitutional government body set up by the levine, the prime minister to coordinate the countries of iris strategies for some fanatic . on the very same evening that i published my investigation by minister janish gunshot, accuse me of doing a liar on twitter simulation. that's the after the pro young media outlets, like nova $24.00 tv started publishing news about me on a daily basis. the last guy got there and began receiving a lot of threats, saying that i should be beaten up, shot kill motorcycle. i mean, have someone even broke into my house? like any journalist i can handle criticism, but it's different when it's the prime minister yankee himself is the chief agitator in this war with the more your and his, me, ah, saying that the prime minister of devine is that quote,
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war with the media might sound like high public, but those are the words that the prime minister, just weeks after assuming off it, faced with the cova crisis. young township published an open letter, not on how to deal with the pandemic, but rather how to deal with the press. his suggestion use twitter as an antidote to the country media monopoly. i would say that i was not surprised in a way by this letter. of course one can always hope that someone will come to the census and focus on the health crisis. but unfortunately, as soon as he became prime minister, piece to defeat showed that there is no such thing as com and down or taking time off with that came with. and in the way the letter about the war with the media for the continuation of that approach. it basically said yourself as
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a frogs being slowly cooked and even use that metaphor. and, you know, if there was one things to fear in that letter, it was that because we are kind of the frogs waiting for the water to boil. this war has been going on for at least 15 years. right now we're in version 3 and it looks like there's no holds barred. ah, version 3. that refers to the fact that this is anxious 3rd time as prime minister and versions one and 2 all the way they ended help explain his contempt for the civilian press. his cause government was voted out in 2008, after reported, uncovered his role in a shady armed in his 2nd time came to an end in 2013 during a media fire storm over the under reporting of his taxable asset. and she had closed at his convenience democratic parties, politics. yes. in opposition to the mainstream media,
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he's been among his most frequent target. devine as national press agency, the sta, and it's national broadcast on tv. it's a for me in a tried and tested in all the ex soviet bloc countries, still finding their way in the european union. young young is to, sabrina, was, victor will be honest, hungry, or get a chance give to poland while 3 from the political right. for the 1st elected national leaders in the 1990s, or mid to 1000, then without it out of office learning lessons along the way. all 3 then returned to power with a plan, bring the domestic media to heal. what's that, young sher apart from kuchinski and all bon however, it's a he knows this kind of story from both sides. he's a former journalist, marina levine, as a young journalist, yansa exposed secrets of the yugoslav army, for which he was sentenced to prison. the part at the time he was held up as
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a symbol of sylvia's transition to democracy. but practically overnight, he became the defense minister and started going after journalists investigating the weapons trade trevino's origins, mccardie shaw, when he returns as prime minister in 2004, he managed to take control of the public and he appointed the car salesmen, a c o of our tv and put a government p r consulting su o, p s t. and he got his way. this is what he wants to do. again, she needs to be donna except this time instead of just controlling the s t a, he wants to shut it down. in february young, she suspended all state funding. and the s t i need to ship is now concerned that by july, the national press agency will be bankrupt. donna, samantha, all is the tax media organization down journalist long
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the pillar in area code on the on to, to attend to hearing in march this year. we didn't go well, a sophie, the new field, sophie in developed monitors, media, freedom of the european parliament, put together a live zoom hearing that he agreed to attend. however, during the hearing, he demanded to play a 16 minute long propaganda video about how he sees the media and so vimeo. i would now like to ask this video to be played in putting football to millionaires, but when they write denied his request, cried censorship. it seems that you don't want to play this video because of its content in the stone. all you simply disconnected and left the meeting. i've been told that the prime minister has disconnected so i take it that the session was not liking, could new enough, sammy late that, but generally know if the chairwoman of the european parliamentary committee doesn't really great. i don't think that's reason enough to area toys of those that
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i looked at me provide me with verbal and physical attacks on journalists took place in slovenia by and large during the left leaning governments. the media outlets were talking about the video. none of them actually we are doing and we got high rating coslyn men. we spoke about that doris thomas, h tv, host and chief editor at nova 24 t b, one of a number of new right wing to be me and meteor out that that part funded by young chas. sds party and played a key role in amplifying its political agenda and youngsters online targeting of the media. no one from the government was made available to discuss the answer. the tax on the press. patasha was willing to speak on behalf of not just his network, but his prime minister, to be honest, hopefully isn't the honest young shot allowed to express his view, the living in media landscape? doesn't the film shop have the right to state that the media is waging war on him
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and not the other way around his defending himself. there's the media monopoly in slovenia, which is gradually being the mortgage model. it started being torn down when number 24 and now it's been turned down by the government as well. i have to say that along the media content and statements that we have been taking in the past 2 years now. the 24 tv is one of the main source of information, this information into the obvious public campaign against journalists and against media. relentless. we can only hope that the aggressive behavior, or rather the aggressive rhetoric of disco and will not be reflected in actual physical violence. we know that in a number of european countries, they were killings and assassination of journalists in countries such as slovak. yeah, malta and greece recently. i know that there is
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a number of journalists and editors who are actually afraid that something could happen. the. the prime minister, however, seems unapologetic unashamed. and that to me cause for his impeachment in parliament and on the street a sabina, prepared to celebrate 30 years of its independence. young young sher, it's fighting battles at home and abroad. his rule, however, is with the media. and finally, life was so much easier for racists before mobile phones came along and the videos they captured started to go viral. we've seen people get cancelled lose their jobs, their places in school, despite protestations that those tell tale moments aren't they really are. so here's an idea of it's long overdue, an online excuse generator that tell us everyone out there that you're not really
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a call today. 800, i'm not a racist 456, because i know insurance on job is to assist the racist. the warring drug cartels on vigilante groups in a population call in the middle was your reason for being mature. why do you want this territory? i'm reporting from an episode of mixed violence to investigate. can an upcoming election change? anything the people living here? so we're getting join me john home and the full report on how to play an important role. protecting human client. ah, ah
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ah, i'm on the inside indo our here top stories on our to sarah us president joe biden has led a ceremony in the state of oklahoma to mark the 100 the anniversary of the tools the race massacre. as many as 300 people were killed when white mobs attacked black homes and businesses in 1921. bought and says, remembering the masika is important to the nations a heel that some people are angry. he made no mention of reparations. she advertise c has a report from tulsa. jo button is the.


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