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ah, and when you leave with a smile, we know our day's work is done. katara always welcome to our home frank assessments . i love of quizzes, but the government was one exactly how to and what made her taking you tuition might not be repeated again and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story. on our jazeera, the western countries begin vaccinating teenagers, europe center for disease, control, odors, them to rethink their priorities. ah, and this is just a lie from dell ha. also coming up full lockdown in malaysia, the prime minister was of a potential catastrophe as several southeast asian nations base, a spike in corporate, 1900 cases, sounding the law. and the un says,
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almost everyone in ethiopia is was on t gray region is in need of emergency food aid. we don't conditions construction, delivering the calls for international support to ensure the rebuilding of garza after israel's bombardment of the palestinian territory. ah, europe's top disease control body has urged e u. countries to think about supplying vaccines to poor nations before inoculating their own. young people follow similar calls from the world health organization, both once welfare nations to reconsider vaccinating lower risk. young adults, when many countries are still struggling to get supplies, the head of the w h o is also pushing for additional funding to buy more vaccines for puerto nations. to morrow, callbacks call led by god. we said p and jo,
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alongside key implementation partner units f ames to raise critical new funds at its m. c summit to further diversify its portfolio and buy additional vaccines for low and lower middle income countries. fully financing callbacks and act is key to ending the increasingly to track funding me. and i time for the government of japan for hosting the mc summit. among those seeking more vaccines are sophie's asian countries, which are bringing back restrictions amid a reco surge in malaysia, a 2 week nationwide. total lockdown has come into effect and vietnam has suspended all international flights. and it's a similar story in latin america, which is expecting infections to continue to rise. that says leaders assess the damage which is already been done. peru has revised it's corona virus. death told, doubling the number believe to have died from covered 19. the boxes in london was
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more on the use requests regarding the global shortage of vaccines around hoff of all adults. in the e, you have had at least one dose of vaccine around 20 percent of fully vaccinated off to a slow start. some headway is definitely being made across europe at the same cannot be said for the world health organization kovacs team but very much relies upon the nations from wealthy countries. many of them here are the european union that have reserved surplus doses. so the message from the, the powers that be in europe is the more needs to be done, echoing very much well health organizations, key message one, all safe until everyone's had a vaccine. there is one snag though that could influence or undermine how willing these countries are to donate that dose is. and that's based upon data coming from here in the u. k. not any, you know,
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i hasten to add that has been some suggestion that the indian variant is doubling very, very quickly. among 10 to 14 year old. we've known for some time, young says don't get seriously ill as a result of carrying advice, but they can very well transmitted to wider population. we know also the vaccines have an impact on reducing the transmission of ours as well about may well influence countries to hold onto that doses and potentially vaccinate younger children. we're seeing here the u. k. when it comes to the indian, various cases doubling on a weekly basis. and that's a cause for huge concern. that's all going well. of western countries have surplus doses, but no bad news for poor countries. dependence on the carfax game. well, as we mentioned earlier, many southeast asian nations that was seen as corona, via success stories and being forced to impose new restrictions as infections surge to record levels. larry has more from import no international flights are being
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allowed to land for a week in vietnam's capital 100. the announcement on tuesday follows a similar band by host him in city a few days ago. infections in vietnam remained low for most of last year, but have risen since late april tie one once lauded for success in containing the virus. so clusters emerge once it relaxed its pandemic restriction. with the fits, when you are very successful, you are not forced to improve only when you fear, then are you forced to improve? we were to successful in the past year. in malaysia, a 2 week lockdown beginning on tuesday means only essential services and businesses are allowed to operate. health officials say the surgeon cases is caused by more infectious, varying and people breaching pandemic restrictions to celebrate the muslim festival of last month. malaysia has recorded nearly 2800 deaths from cove at
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1940 percent of those were in may alone. vaccination rates in asia remain low. on average, only 6 percent of the population has received at least one vaccine dose x that say containment of the virus must therefore be prioritized for now, we have to be vigilant. we have to be doing good surveillance. we have to us communities, we have to come together and accept maybe restriction border controls. the uses personal protective equipment marks, etc, practicing good. hi james. we will be stuck with this. and so, until we get high price average in that same way out, many countries are now ramping up the vaccination campaigns. japan is hoping to vaccinate one 3rd of its population before it hoses the summer. lympics in july and vietnam says it seeking to buy vaccine production technology, while also pushing to acquire more doses. florence louis al jazeera fall important
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. peru has revised its corona by his death toll taking the number to more than double what was reported earlier. it now has the world's highest covered 1900 mortality rates in relation to his population. laura burton manley explains how the numbers add up families taking le ones to the final resting place. it's a scene, it's become audio common in lima. the cemeteries have been filling up but until now, normal deaths due to cov 19, are included in the official figures that seem blames on a lack of testing done. now the government has revised these figures. the death toll has more than double to 180000. since the start of the pandemic. meaning peru has the highest cove in 1900 death rate per capita of anywhere in the world. because he gave no sort of it. we consider our duty to publish this updated
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information, not only as part of our commitment with accountability, but also to fulfill our responsibilities as a state. an already undefended health care system has become overwhelmed. many hospitals are running out of oxygen supplies. find the situation was far worse than officially reported. crew has only tested about one 3rd of proportionally of its population. so when you do not have access to testing, you shouldn't just be counting people who have tested positive and who eventually died of covert because of course, a great number of people won't be being counted in those figures. other experts say politics is taking a part in under reporting numbers to make short term gains if you're going to under . so these numbers in order taking some short term went from politics. you know, there's a long term mother. nature is not political. she has her own agenda. if you do this to write about the numbers mother nature of all right,
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we will see that unfortunate cemeteries and the fact that we see throughout the world not high that despite the resides mortality figures, the government says it's not planning to speed up its vaccination program. you're going to be out there shouldn't be a need to change for other policies, including vaccination, or any other in terms of decisions with peru, experiencing its deadliest period since of stars, the pandemic. even the cemeteries are becoming overwhelmed. many now running out of space to bury the dead. laura by the man, the outer 0 more than 90 percent of people in e. c o p as northern te grey region are in need of emergency food aid. that's the warning from the world food program, which is appealed for more than $200000000.00 to step up response efforts. it's also raise the alarm about how the conflict has increased already high levels of hunger, thousands of killed and 2000000 have been forced from their homes since fighting
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began in november between government troops and rebels in the northern region. well, how much has more from i decide about he's a situation that he's getting was by the day, according to wi fi, they can only reach 1200000 people out of the more than 5000000 president of the ticket region. all these because of the raging conflict about 7 months ago, prime minister had sent his forces into 2 great what he had promised to be a very short operation, which he said was aimed at this army ready to get administration of that secret regent. todd, by all intents and purposes, refused to deal with his administration. but the house titled, on 7 months on the fighting is going on, middle highways and boards are cut off and people cannot be reached with the much needed aid. the united nations office for the coordination of humanitarian
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activities. people have started having to adapt in some places and mentions particularly the district of all flaw, which is the south of the copy follow up to mckayla where 150 people are site 12 thought to death. the tuition is getting was in most parts of the ticket region. of course the fighting began at a time when people were supposed to hover their crops. most of them did not do so because of the ridge and conflict, and also an ongoing, severe infestation of locust is humping that the next topic was the leader of western hottest independence movement has denied allegations of war crimes including torture and genocide in the spanish court in april, madrid, della blocking holly, who heads the all julia back to the saudi front, into spain, to be treated for covered 19. this angered morocco what he's considered
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a terrorist, the diplomatic dispute over golly escalated, last month when morocco relaxed its border security, allowing thousands of migrants to cross into spanish territory. the european union envoy for the palestinian territory is calling for international support and rebuilding gaza after last month's 11 day bombardment by israel. more than 250 palestinians lost their lives and buildings in roads were destroyed as well as water and electrical supplies. we don't conditions actually need to reconstruct the end to make it recover from this terrible tragedy requires a number of important. what important step is that we bring back any clue as if government from the river to the see that we make sure that the split between god and the rest is overcome that the leadership unified and on the israeli side, they need to for the corporate was ending to see and allowing access in the
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critical period now of goods and equipment for people to be able to survive. and if your wadi is a policy follow, i'll show back up the palestinian policy network. she says, israel needs to be held to account by world powers. i think the focus has to be on putting political pressure on israel to end the siege and, and the occupation of gods and also the occupation of the rest of, of palestine. this is completely in man made dissolved, it was from bob meant by the israeli regime of a besieged people. this isn't an environmental tragedy. this has a there is a direct aggressive in this situation. and whilst i'm sure reconstruction efforts are deeply needed in gaza, we must always remind us of why that is the case. the cases because the israeli regime has deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure and have killed over
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$250.00 pounds estonians including $66.00 children in the lakes. the so and so i think the owner has to be on the responsibility of israel and also european state complicity in saving to hold accountable. and for granting israel impunity for many, many decades. instead of had an algebra, multi $1000000.00 investment and the promise of thousands of jobs, amazon has to keep time to set up as african headquarters bought as a catch us president joe biden heads for tulsa, oklahoma as america marks the 100 anniversary. one of the worst masters in the country's history. ah, ah,
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hello, we've got dusty conditions across the middle east then here's why we have our small wind, so that's in northwest wind coming down the gulf. so particularly hazy and dusty sunshine as we head toward doha. on wednesday, with a high of 44 kuwait, we've got you in that 48. i still think that you may hit 50 degrees this week. you'll get a kick the can on thursday with a high of 49. if you don't do it, then i think potentially this weekend, the northwest winds will really help the temperature to after turkey. and we do have some volatile weather as we had east of entre toward the northwest of the country right up to the black sea, where there is the risk that we could see some hail here in the days to come and look at these temperatures well below average assemble, you're at 1900 degrees risk of thunderstorms, and we'll have cloud cover really for the rest of the work week. take it to north africa right now. and there is a potential for some hail here as well. but for northern portions of algeria into tenicia cairo,
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we've got you in for 34 degrees temperature. it's pretty well where they should be for moga d. shoot 27 degrees, but temperature is above average as we had toward juba. take it to south africa and we've got a lot of what weather for the eastern cape that is pushing into durban is while a very what day on wednesday the most people will never know what's beyond these doors, the deafening silence of 100000 for how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is pressure with fear. it's not an option. but we're not. most people y o
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a know what you know to 0 reminder would help. so is this our europe top disease agency is urging leaders to think about supplying vaccines to produce nations before inoculating their young people as jobs for low risk, young adults are rolled out despite many countries struggling to get enough supplies. more than 90 percent of people in the northern region are in need of emergency food aid. that's the warning from the world food program. thousands have been killed and 2000000 others have been forced from their homelessness fighting began november. beautiful union envoy for the palestinian territory is calling for international support and rebuilding gaza after last month,
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11 de bombarded by israel. more than 250 pounds indians lost their lives, and buildings and infrastructure will destroy the amazon dot com is that the center of a controversial battle involving sacred historical and you can logically sensitive land in south africa. the u. s. e commerce giant is building it's africa based on a floodplain in cape town. the development recently got the green light, despite years of up to opposition from activists. indigenous groups and environmentalists. robin smith's reports from cape town, praying for protection. before going to war with a giant, these men are among thousands of people fighting to safe god, what they say is sacred and environmentally sensitive land. so one of the world's largest companies is about to cement itself on african soil. amazons africa
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headquarters will stand tall in south africa at the confluence of 2 capetown rivers . some environmental se building on a floodplain is a disaster waiting to happen and puts surrounding areas at further risk of flooding . now, critics also argue that the development goes against the cities, climate change policies. amazon's offices form part of a major, $14.00, hector, $280000000.00 redevelopment plan. that will create thousands of jobs. but it's been marred by controversy since being an almost 5 years ago. construction include infilling parts of their lives, the river. the land is home to endangered plant and animal species and was among the 1st areas in south africa to be colonized in the $1600.00. it's considered sacred terrain for indigenous people. if the guns aerospace, this is
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a place where we can locate the original sin for young fun rubric, the colonizer kissed his pole onto the sacred train. for the 1st time that stabbed at the ancestors of mankind itself. not all indigenous groups are against the development. in a written statement, the developers deny they will be a negative impact on the environment list. the leisure properties trust says if anything, the development will quote, see degraded, private land transformed into beautiful and publicly accessible space. but critics are not convinced this, but if it's to show the authorities that the development is not appropriate despite the fact that here it is with and said that the heritage elements of the plan are not adequate and don't meet the requirements of law. the authorities of going to hit and approve this development as construction vehicles role in. so to do names on a petition to stop the development activists on all hoping
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a court will rule against the 1st bricks being laid. robinson algebra kept on. collaborations mocking the $100.00 anniversary of the tulsa race massacre are being held in the united states. u. s. president joe biden is making his way to tulsa oklahoma, where he's going to meet surviving members of the black community. as many as 300 people were killed, 100 white mobs launched attacks and black homes and businesses in 1921. no one was ever charged with a crime for the violence are compensated for the loss of life and economic devastation. alan fisher has more from washington dc. he sees this is an important part of the platform that we'd like to do, and he's aware that black votes largely helped him get elected. it was black voice that essentially turnaround the primary campaign. so he became the predominant democrat in the race and eventually secured the nomination and many times throughout the election campaign he said to the black community, we've got your back. this gives him the opportunity to develop that platform when
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he gets down to tell. so he's obviously going to address what happened 100 years ago, which was the watched example of racial violence in the united states history. but he's also going to talk about how we can improve things for the future. he's going to talk about the racial wealth gap and what the federal government can do, how it can help small businesses that are owned by minorities, how we can funnel federal funds into the small businesses, make them part of the contracting circle. he believes that the federal government has in the past, essentially discriminated against black and ethnic minority communities and made things much worse. he wants to address that. he's also going to talk about housing . he wants to see his own housing department, introduce fair housing rules. and so he's also going to address the issue of how he makes some of these areas, not just in oklahoma, but around the us, better wealthier. and he believes that will help lift a lot of the stigma around black communities and make things much better for them.
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it is a big job. it is like turning run to noise tanker. but suddenly you're buying believes what he's doing now will go some way to help the situation significantly. doctors in india have held a protest against a yoga tycoon. baba on death is accused of misleading people. about coven 19 is blamed. modern medicine for corona virus. death son is promoting an alternative mention, but she falsely claimed was approved by the world health organization. elizabeth put on a report from new delhi. me. this is the man doctor's in india, holding a national day of protest against yoga. go to an businessmen, barbara davis promotion has heard before me to court coronel to find the corona virus while blaming modern medicine for india's high number of quoted 900 debts. and that's prompted doctors to launch. they protest in a fancy like india, where people tend to fit it through your roof and that do blindly or
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when people like that, the spread mistrust misinformation. it becomes very difficult for us as you know, science based people, as doctors do. why that misinformation doctors are taking part in what they're calling a black day by turning their social media profile pictures into a black background. this group of doctors has gathered here to call for government action against rom, dave. they say he's taking advantage of the pandemic and has large public following to persuade people to buy his unapproved and dubious product order. so how about the governor health minister hush about the attended the launches coronel, that rom they've claims, prevents treats and cures close at 19 about then as the chair of the executive board of the world health organization or w, a chill ran, dave has claimed coroner,
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was approved by the global body, but the w a chose denies that a senior journalist who had his car tires slashed while investigating rom, they've business interests. claims. he's protected by the government invested in the in business. because really what is behind the chance of being the yogi? have seen and it's being documented to some extent just completely gone during the delays of the government. he has a political sanction round a split smith and didn't respond to al jazeera request phone interviews. but the go to count millions of indians. his followers, including solid wall who sells his range of products, called patanjali. all talking about the liberal government based on the whole. i don't potentially products just for business. this is a matter of faith. glued on these shows us the way i had some ailment,
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but the moment i started hitting his sermons, the healing process had already begun. yes. are many people in india have a deep trust in goose and alternative medicine, but many doctors say rom, dave's claims can't be substantiated, and he must be held to account for his statements. especially during a pandemic, elizabeth moran and al jazeera new daddy are on board a cargo ship off the coast to show lanka has finally been put out after burning. for 13 days, the vessel was coming large amounts of toxic, nitric acid, and micro plastics. much of it is spilled overboard. the government's band fishing with an 80 kilometers of the site. it's got officials in nigeria. i have confirmed that 136 students are missing, often on group attacked on islam in school and again in the state of missouri on sunday, one person was killed and another was critically injured. parents have been reunited with some of the younger children who were released, security and intelligence forces are searching for the others. the number of
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presidential candidates hoping to run in nicaragua was election is quickly being whittled down. united nations as warning that a new electoral law undermines the prospects of a free and fair ballad. latin america, addison, the sea, and human explains was presidential elections just 5 months off opponents of niggers was president daniel, lord taylor and his wife, recited moody. you the vice president are dropping like flies. wow. recent weeks to opposition parties were dissolved and 2 candidates put under house arrest and renew electoral reform measure that the un high commissioner for human rights says will impede fair and pre election. now can you stay on the chair more or the most competitive opposition candidate is being accused of money laundering and other crimes that would make her ineligible to run to the doctor
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a former president lead such a moral who beat ortega in elections back in 1990. look at that. this is not about attacking me. it's about attacking the rise of the correct you and to a fair free and transparent the election. they want to eliminate all of us to frighten us all so we won't participate. leaving the general prosecutor's office to motor said her lawyers were also being threatened. newkirk was pro government prosecutor says that you let the moral foundation that she leads and which receives donations from abroad to support independent journalism is being investigated for money laundering. over the weekend, the vice president confirmed that the foundations accountant and its finance manager had been arrested and will remain imprisoned for up to 90 days while they're investigated. the government has not responded to al jazeera as request your comment, but vice president will you says opposition?
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leaders are guilty of organized crime. that's not all. at least a dozen journalists, including the a f p correspondent, had been detained, questioned or charged with possible complicity. it'll be by the i will leave, the gallow corresponded to the us based spanish language network. you division says her bank accounts have also been frozen. i want to know that i asked the prosecutor what crime was being investigated for. and he said he would be told that information. how am i supposed to defend myself in the office of the independent, huge organization, confidential has also been rated and shut down its director of catalyst for none. the moral is christiana tomorrow's brother. several more we journeyed practice journalism, not treason. they just stood everything to call our equipment and arrested our camera man that trying to crush any voice it challenges the dictatorship. in our case, journalists who hold power to account. president ortega,
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who controls all of nicaragua institutions and who has the support of cuba and venezuela is running for a 4th consecutive terms. and just like invalid whaler opposition will soon have to decide whether to compete at all. actions that they say have already been decided to see a human al jazeera. ah, this is 0, and these are the top stories, europe's top disease agencies urging leaders to think about supplying vaccines to put our nations before inoculating their young people. jobs for lower risk young adults being rolled out, despite many countries struggling to get enough supplies. the head of the world health organization is pushing for additional funding to buy more vaccines for put on nations to model callback.


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