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ah, no matter where it takes a police fan, here guys are my eyes and power in passion. we tell your story, we are your voice, your new your neck out here. ah . peruse official code, the death toll more than doubled as the country admits it has been under counting fatalities. ah, hello, there i missed the attain, this is out of their life. and also coming up testing the vaccine, the experiment we're just seeing one brazilian city cut to death by 95 percent. china allows couples have 3 children as the country thinks, the tackle,
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the problems of an aging population. and opponents of israel's prime minister hold talk to replace and admit they are facing obstacle. ah, well now the government in peru has more than doubled its official corona virus death toll to more than 180000 health officials, they admit the number of fatalities have been under reported prompting them to change the criteria for carbon 1900 related death, probable cases and also being counted not just those who tested positive or new brazil and mexico have reported a high a toll across latin america. now, while most countries in the region are lagging behind on vaccinations, and new report says, the global economic recovery depends on people getting and not related. the cd ones . the lack of corona virus jobs will hold back poor nations. but one,
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the neighborhood is bucking the trend. the south eastern city of holla has recorded a 95 percent drop in coven, 1900 deaths. once the all adults there were not related. scientists carrying out a study that to test the effectiveness of trying to sign a vac vaccine. while we'll get more on the situation and prove very shortly. but 1st monica yanna care reports from beer diginero on that brazilian success story. they decided they would vaccinate 90 percent of the adult population up. they were thinking of 80 percent they'd be able to, they were able to vaccinate more than expected. there were community leaders that were going out and convincing people to get vaccinated. and this is a small town of $45000.00 people that had a high rate of infection because they would commute to neighboring, keep it pretty up to which is the larger city to work. and so they started this, they vaccinated, everybody would, they saw drop in infections in depth after people had gotten the 1st dose. but the
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real real effect that they noticed was 2 weeks after 90, more than 95 percent of the population had received the 2nd dose. so in this city now, for example, children are back and school people are feeling safe. they're even small businesses that are moving into the city because they see it as a safer place to invest money in whereas he, they don't put it which is very close to her. and which did not do that is right now under locked down. because the number of deaths has really risen over the past 4 months. so this was to prove really that vaccine work. the doctors say it will not eradicate the virus, but it will certainly help the health officials control it. well, let's get more now on the situation in peru with dr. julio ponce, he's and at the jimmy ologist, who specializes in mortality data,
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and he joins us now from sao paolo, doctor, this is really quite the jump, i believe. bruno has a welds west death rate per capita. i know we're expensive and warning about under counting for months now. so i'm guessing you're not very surprised. that is correct . good evening. we have been observing the situation and bro for quite some time now. they have been reporting deaths with cold like symptoms for a while now that are much higher than the official desktop. and as i did just, we usually look at the number of excess deaths, which is the number of deaths that have increased over the average of the past 5 years. and 0 has always ranked on top of of those numbers. it was actually the country with the highest number of per capita access death. and now the official total that have been revealed today is much closer to the numbers that factors have been calculating for
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a while closer to the number of deaths. so we believe it as closer to what is really going on in the country right now. so well by my understanding and accounting for it was also driven really by lack of testing capacity. and i know so many other countries are having to contend with the same issues. now, given that is then the best way of trying to count kind of a death excess mortality. should people be doing that across the world? it is one of the ways when testing is not available. we of course have very different situations across the world. denmark, for example, has tested enough for a population 9 times over while through has only tested about one 3rd of proportionately of its population. so when you do not have access to testing, you shouldn't just be counting people who have tested positive and who eventually died of code it because of course a great number of people. busy won't be being counted in those figures. so access that are a way to do that to account for the lack of testing. well, of course,
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counting deaths and cases is a way for governments to work out how to fight this virus, right? where their priorities should be. so what kind of impact as under counting like this, have me actual health responses on the ground and peru. well preparedness for the coven 19 pandemic, have to rely on the trends of the disease. so if you can't accurately count the number of cases and death, you can actually accurately predict where the pandemic has going. next, we have have that situation and other countries as well. but one country that has done the opposite, for example, was belgium, where they have counted suspected cobra, 1900 cases from the beginning. and they have been able to project trends in the disease and sometimes even act before things got worse in the country. really does have huge implications. dr. julio ponce, they're speaking to us from south palo and epidemiologist. thanks so much for sharing your expertise here on out there. so thank you. now,
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if everything goes according to the government plan, england's uptown will effectively be over in 3 weeks. but that has some health officials worried as the variant that was 1st detected in india is now spreading in several parts of the u. k. and that's leading to cause to slow down the easing of restrictions. and he's back or ports now from london. you case, basking in a long overdue heat wave. daring people to believe the pandemic. nearly over on june. the 21st. the government plans to scrap all cove and restrictions in england . ready for a summer to remember with the frustration going down and quite soon i think it should be not normally coming quite quite quickly. definitely that mood has changed in the last few weeks. and i think everybody is desperate for a bit of a break. but scientists are increasingly nervous, according to the latest data of the countries in the early stages of
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a 3rd wave of infections with right growing fastness amongst 10 to 14 year olds. this may hear that they're in the public health crisis now and right now, cases, i'm hospitalizations that increasing with rapid spread with more transmissible data . and while only about 38 percent of our population is fully vaccinated and we need to really cope that early on. so that we don't end up in the same situation. we work several times so far we've acted late, which is led to sort of locked down that have been very longed on sunday that you can record it 3000. you can write, if i was cases for the 5th day in a row, the highest figure is the start of april, the so called indian very forward to be much more virulent than other variance is now dominance in several parts of the country. if the last 12 months of tort as anything is the waves can start small and quickly grow. even with the country successful vaccination program cases a doubling every week, providing opportunities for even more potentially harmful mutations. the
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governments now racing to get as many people as possible vaccinated with 15000 jobs administered that they spoke we stadium on monday alone. the government says that could be no room for complacency, but as yet there were no plans to delay next month on locking heat wave or 3rd wave, a return to normality feels tantalizingly close to close for any last minute mistakes. the bulk al jazeera london to some other news now, and israel's opposition leader says many obstacles remain before a coalition. government can be formed. hey la, p is in talks with ultra national nestali bennett to replace benjamin netanyahu. millipede mandate. the former government expires on wednesday. next me all, he says an alliance between these ideologically different rivals will be what he called the fraud of the century. israel has faced a 2 year political stalemate,
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now after 4 inconclusive elections. high forces has more from western them. there have to be various deals sorted out between the constituent parts of this coalition . and there has been already a pretty public argument between 2 of the parties involved over which one is going to get the agriculture ministry. so as with these sorts of negotiations in any situation, they are pretty fraught each side. one thing to get what it can ahead of the signing and sealing of the entire deal. he talked about it as the money time, as in this is when people are negotiating. he said that there was still the prospect of getting this done that he wanted to do so as soon as possible before. certainly the wednesday midnight deadline. and he talked again about the prospects of a government that would be quiet that would come to work and do what was necessary for the people of israel, contrasting that with what he called ness and ja,
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whose behavior saying that he was increasingly unhinged. and with the breaks off, as he tries to prevent this from taking place. we've also heard from get ansari's another right winger who has a smaller party but which was also very much devoted to the object of getting rid of benjamin netanyahu. he also talked about there being no certainty that this government would come about, but that he was all he and his other colleagues were working as hard as they could to ensure that it did. while meanwhile, israeli forces are continuing what they call operation law and order even as a ceasefire holds the launch. can arrests have been taking place all over israel as one of those need reports, not from jaffa, most of those detained palestinian israeli. he was on his way to buy some bread, but ended up at the police station. 16 year old. it's subtle, a palestinian, israeli still doesn't know why in and i'm with the moment he was a,
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was caught on video now and the one of them yelled that he ordered me to stop and i didn't finish and they dragged me and started taking me each time to ask the questions, they wouldn't let me answer. they would just hit me. the med list for the few hours later. his is just one story of many young palestinians living in israel being detained, often randomly in what is called operation law and order. but for the palestinians, it's more an operation of intimidation. just a few days ago. police pro rated here jeff, i giving traffic tickets to palestinians. mostly the point city under suburbs of tel aviv has been on edge ever since protest in support of palestinians in jefferson iraq and occupied east jerusalem took place. and in many ways, palestinians here share the same plight. with many families also facing force expulsion. a madman was sitting at home when
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a group of people walked in with restructuring plans and cameras. her home was sold by the state to a nearby religious school. while she still lived there. know the fact they tell me to get out. they want to kick us out, so my 2 sons were detained because they are defending a home, the crime. her sons are now under house arrest. during the 11th day, guys, that was dentures were very high between the 2 communities. and they were riots in several mix cities across the country. that actually took me by surprise here. since the government has rounded up more than a $1500.00 people, the vast majority being ballasting in some were released within a few hours days. but very few jewish is really were detained for their role in the writing. yada aloof was among palestinian protesters when police crackdown. she admits that as a jewish citizen, there is a slim chance. she will be a pretended. i've never seen something like that here in the past weeks. i've been
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conference streets. i didn't see any jewish person being the thing in the same saunders and then you see people on a bike without helmets. and the 3rd jewish, they just go by and if they're 15, you know, they're the same for the doubles your header. that is a concerted effort aimed at palestinians wherever they are. it's a system that is working in, and it's not a political, it's not nathan, you know, it's nathan, you know, and it's guns and it's wrong. and it's the court system. it's a synchronized system that it's working against. as israel continues, it's wave of arrests in the name of public order. these between the 2 communities in places like jaffa will remain precarious. put up there, i mean al jazeera jeff. while an injection delegation led by the country's intelligence chief has been in gaza, talks with the armed group, hamas which controls the strip. they discussed reconstruction after the 11 day
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conflict. israel plumbing campaign killed more than 200 palestinians and destroyed many buildings. amass 5 thousands of rockets into israel kenning at least that teen people than human outside has worn out from gaza. so according to her master officials, they have stated that the meeting with the bus cabin and why the head of hammocks movement and golf has discussed for main issues. the 1st of which is the obligation of these rarely occupation to the top aggression towards jerusalem. and because the strip and to abide to the resolutions and international resolution towards the, the policy of course has been subjected to and the rights of refugees to return to their homeland. and this, if this is done, then this is going to be the major step for a very long call and to build a team between israel and godsa. the 2nd was the reconstruction process
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and the need to expedited and to start with with, with this process as soon as possible because of the amount of devastation that the people of the god, the strip living through in these times after the destruction that has affected their homes and mos promise to contribute and support the process as much as possible. also the discuss that the lateral relations between egypt and gaza and firmed up the the why of the prisoners exchange will not be part of the reconstruction file. and it will not be mixed together because this, this is a file of prisoners who, where hostages of wars and not civilians. and it will not be mixed with the reconstruction process of the gods distress stella had here on
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the long journey to justice. 60 years on the young, white and black american civil rights activists who pushed for change despite the their own line, the, the big shock at the french open find out why the wild number 2 has pulled out. ah ah, let's talk about our storm risk across for us on tuesday. so if we look the energy while we can really spotted on the map, right with the yellow missouri arkansas rate through to louisiana around the golf and we are tapping into some of that golf voice for so that could trigger the storms just like that on tuesday. that's a storm threat. let's talk temperature story on the 1st day of june and still that
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excessive heat warning toward a northern california reading. we've got you in for a high of 42. welcome to june. okay, off to central america. we've seen some pretty potent storms roll across the cuba. it's dumped as $76.00 millimeters of rain, just east of the capital will experience much of the same on tuesday as well, and really organized band of rain over the bahamas, otherwise, instability for hispanic jolla and across parts of central america. so the top end of south america, you know, we've been warning about rain, induce flooding for areas of ecuador just outside of the capital key. so we've seen close to $100.00 millimeters of rain within the past 24 hours. that continuous rain or once again be this story on tuesday ticket to patagonia where we're seen rain trying to push into santiago, but i think it's just going to be over a cas conditions for you with a high of 17 degrees. the
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in the next episode of science and the golden age, i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval period in the field of astronomy. copernicus owes this day to these medieval astronomers from the golden age. actually in many ways with the computers of the day, you can use it to find the time you could navigate science in a golden age with jimmy kelly on a jazz either. oh the hello. again, i'm sorry. that's remind you of our top story here. this allen government in peru
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has more than doubled its official current of our dest told to more than 180000 health officials. they're admit, the number of faith is have been under reported prompting them to change the criteria in 1900 related and you are full of the economies of some countries are going to kind of foster from the panoramic than others. but a lack of vaccines will hold back for a nation and israel's opposition the this as many obstacles remain before a coalition. government can be formed, giant repeated and talks with ultra national stuff, tony bennett, to replace benjamin netanyahu. deadline to secure a deal is wednesday. now china's government is relaxing, family planning restrictions to allow 3 children now per couple. it's a major policy shift from the existing limit of true recent days, or shows a dramatic decline in beth and the world's most populous country. katrina, you reports now from beijing as thousands of children participate and passivity
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across china to celebrate the country's children's day. its leaders announced a policy shift encouraging families to have more of them. chinese couples can now have up to 3 children. it comes just weeks after national center results pointed to the slowest population growth in decades. the workforce is also rapidly shrinking with roughly 20 percent of people. now over the age of 60 and analysts say this could hom, china's economic growth, be what it india. this will lead to the chinese economy losing is vitality. there is an aging problem with threat has not only china's economy, but his defense and foreign policy. previously, the chinese government predict the economy. would it be double in 20? 35 compared with 2020. but that will be mission impossible, now. staging, and it's decades long. one child policy in 2016, raising the child limit to the dis, failed to significantly boost the number of children being born. china's birth rate
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has fallen for the 4th year in a row. 12000000 babies are born in 2020 short of government expectations. chinese social media pages are full of comments about the new 3 child limit, many critical or ridiculed governments. dramatic policy turnaround from the 1900 eighty's until 2016 millions of women were subject to fines and even forced abortion and sterilization. after having one child in 2014 liberty film directed john, the more was find more than $1000000.00 for having 3 children. though these penalties no longer apply, china's rising cost of living remains a barrier to families. many are unable to afford having more than one child. increasingly educated women are also putting off or foregoing having children over together, largely because of workplace discrimination. if the state really wants the birth rate, the crude rate to increase, it has to produce more welfare. the government will delay the retirement age and
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offer support to families who have more children, but to avert a living demographic crisis. some say it may be too little, too late. katrina, you all to 0 paging. now parents and teachers and central nigeria have been speaking about their ordeal. after witnessing about 200 students being abducted by an armed group, it happened in his stomach school and to gina and the state of niger, one person killed, another critically injured parents have been reunited with some of the younger children who have been released, security and intelligence officers in the meanwhile are searching for the others. actually what i was going to faint across that in front of my eyes. my children were where i just turn it out. we had experience so many of them out there to all of them. we have female. the last one is just about
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5 years old. when we come back, some of them glam, the get hung, get into the school, then depend on the food and we close the wing or fees shoot, show, show, doing the grounds. the t g d student has 60 years ago, hundreds of young activists boarded buses bound for the southern united states to challenge a segregation. they became known as the freedom riders. many of them were bishan and arrested on arrival and a campaign that still resonates today. kristin, 3 me reports from new york. their arrests were seen as political statements at the time. now their mug shots have become iconic symbols of the civil rights movement of the 1900 sixty's, the freedom riders as they became known, travelled on buses throughout the summer of $9900.00. 61 to parts of the southern united states were segregation was still being enforced. the writers were often met
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with outright hostility in the form of violence attacks by mobs and the ku klux klan. they also faced the rest and many spent weeks in county jails. one of whom was 19 year old new yorker louis dockman. i was shackled, taken from one from the county jail, walking along with other prisoners. and the judge who had sends me so i me and spit, ami the judge. so you began to realize how frightening it was. a muscle preceded by a half dozen highway patrol. watching the 1st group of freedom rides was lavonne brown from jackson, mississippi. at just 16, he was inspired to join the movement, which would later bring some frightening moments. declan came after us one night with the help of the local police. and you know, as we saw of escape by jumping off the roof of a building next to us declared came up the stairs, the front door. we must go kill, burned with the freedom riders. treatment by local authority sparked
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a national outcry, eventually forcing the federal government to act and inspiring the wider civil rights fight for the rest of the decade of one. and i have been together what all this stuff forever. zach men and brown became friends, lou, and i know each other farewell that we could go out. they could tell my story. i feel both zach men and brown regularly appear together to talk about their experiences to a new generation. one still grappling with issues of systemic racism. everybody wants to know the bay explosion, and i mean, they can be as simple as putting arm around somebody that can be a revolutionary ed, depending on where you are. even at 79, zach min is still helping minorities through his organization scar harbor, which supports disadvantage children in new york. one of the special things about the freedom right is to put together young people, white, african american, male, female throughout america. it was a unique moment where we came together as
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a country division and i a moment that still resonates 60 years later. kristen salumi al jazeera new york. while us president joe biden has edged americans to reflect on what he called the countries deep roots of racial tera on the 100008 vast array of the tulsa race masika the ceremonies to remember the victims are being held in the city in the state of oklahoma, in 1921, white rises destroyed the tulsa district of greenwood, which and the time was the country's most prosperous. black community. hundreds were killed. thousands left homeless. will call us hell as a department, have african and african american studies at the university of oklahoma. he says the victims and their descendants are still now fighting for justice. the reason why this is so significant is the 1921 tulsa raise. massacre is the deadly attack
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on not just a black community, but an american civilian community in american history and a 100 years later, the victims, the survivors and descendants of this horrific arthritic tragedy have received no justice. and so a 100 years later, you know, myself, individuals on the center commission as well as community groups, are re to make sure that 100 years later becomes a virus in descending, did justice, the tulsa police department several years ago. i would say about 5 to 7 years ago. apologize for their involvement in the res massacre. we didn't see a lot of change in police policies, police tactics, community engagement, but the police chief at the time did apologize. we haven't seen that level of
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contrition from the city or from the state of oklahoma, apologizing for what occurred and committing themselves to a reparations program for victims of ours and their sentence. and so it's my hope that in this year that the state of oklahoma city of tulsa will do the right thing. there is no statute of limitations on doing the right thing, doing the honorable thing. that just thing. now women's tennis was number tonight, meo, soccer, has withdrawn from the french open, citing mental health concerns. japanese star was fined and threatened with expulsion after she refused to talk to media following her 1st round match on sunday. on monday she said she was pulling out of the event as it was quote, best for the tournament. the other players and her wellbeing eye socket says she's been suffering from long bouts of depression and tends to take some time away from
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the course. we. we share the best and the quickest possible recovery. and we look forward to having now me, you know, tournaments next year. we remain very committed to all athletes well being. and to continually improving every aspect of players experience, you know, tournaments including with the media. ah, hello, this is out of era and these are the headlines. the government and peru has more than doubled its official corona virus death toll to more than 180000 health officials. they're admit the number. if they tell us he's been under reported prompting them to change the criteria for coven 1900 related deaths. meanwhile, the city in southeastern brazil has recorded and 95 percent drop in current of our .


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