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you can watch out english streaming live, and i do see channels plus thousands of our programs award winning documentary. and you get to choose subscribe to. you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah, i just got a chef support for the military. q leader who's now become monies interim president. ah, nicole, this is out there a life and also coming up at tens of thousands in democratic republic of congo seek shelter, farragut 2nd volcanic eruption. the u. s. draws up sanctions targeting the bela risk government has russia host president lucas shanker edition of support. and the
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columbia military is deployed to carly epi central month of antique government protest with kill doesn't. ah, so molly's constitutional court has named the colonel who led a military coup this week as a nation's interim leader in his 1st statements and seizing power and see me going to has promised to hold elections early next year. the crew was molly's 2nd within a year, triggering a diplomatic role. nicholas hack reports from the capital bank despite international condemnation show support of the nation's independence square for molly's military gentle leader. i see we go into the hold time thing down with friends, others with russian flags hoping for moscow's military support. and then there are widows of 1000000 soldiers killed him on the front line for you make with regard.
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it seems like his country is engaged in an endless war. as a result of a failed, french military intervention. frowns, does not like company come look at what is going on in the nor devora is not over and it has been going on for years. why? well, according to go days because of a lack of political, will he over through president katie in august and dismissed the president of transition and p. m. on wednesday, after detaining them for days president my clinical, this a qu within a qu, go to a special advisor. use of clean body explains that the pm and president were too slow to enact reforms and were insubordinate by removing members of the june from the government. the threat of possible sanctions has angered the gent use of clever you believe this will worse in the crisis. why should foreign countries interfere in our affairs? when there is a crisis, they should be helping us. i'm not trying to tell us what to do. the crowds are much smaller than back in august when president, if i go back, there was
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a film. the military are writing on the support of abortion, of the most population. we believe that the military can do what politicians manage to bring to state level the new build trust and the confirmed as the new president of molly, by constitutional court, as you may go to says he is not here to stay in this promising free and fair election by february 2022 and so they chat his name. he p to be the new strong man of molly, at least for now. nicholas hawk al jazeera pharmaca in democratic republic of congo . tens of thousands of people are seeking shelter from a possible 2nd volcanic eruption, and they're running low on food and water too. because both active volcano nearly gone go brought back into life a week ago, killing dozens and destroying homes. authorities avoided the evacuation of parts of
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the nearby city of goma. displacing nearly 400000 people. many say they've been abandoned by the government, and they're appealing for aid. i, let's cross straight away live to go my mouth and standing by for mike. what's the latest, what he's saying? well, what we can see right here is exactly what those thousands of people fled from in, in that direction, it's easy but not direction is mountain. you're going to just outside this city, city of millions of people. and just under a week ago, it from the split in a side and then lava came gushing out in a river which cut through into the city here. and that's what we're looking at these black rocks, some of them still smoldering and smoking. these were red glowing, liquid rock just just a few days ago. i'm standing on the top of the remains of a lucky building that just myth being destroyed. and on the other side,
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you can see the suburbs of the city of goma. everything in between, everything that's on the now this, this black volcanic rock has been completely destroyed people's homes and all of the possessions. now this is devastating for people in game or it's not an easy place to get by is certainly a lot of money moving around here. it's a nexus of the mineral trade for the region and not draw a lot of people to the city. but there are very few formal jobs and there were very few public service is very little support from the government. it's very much a hand to mouth existence. so if people is homes education certificates i d 's, possession, savings, whatever they may have had in their house. for the property destroyed onto this river of lava. it's very devastating indeed. but the moment we are in the red zone, which is the governor's ordered this area to to, for the resident to evacuate. although there are still some people moving around
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trading a bit. and so on, most of the houses are empty and it's the people from me, thousands of people. the fled along the lake shore along the lake, key to the next towns further to the east, and also to rwanda, to the west. what about supplies of water and food and so forth, and what kind of help of people getting who in those centers, whereas the displace people concentrated and saw the town a saki? hearing congo, said the town of minova that we understand so far that there's very little support and indeed people are sleeping and sleeping in school, some sleeping out in the open. others are staying with relatives, the military governor, for north kiva, because at the moment there's a so called a state to see here. basically the government declared martial law of the armies in control of everything. not because of all the rest by the conflict between the
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groups and the government further to the north of here. and so the military is in charge of military governance. spokespersons said that they are yesterday said that they are trying to bring more supplies to those people who have been displaced. thousands of people who would, who are seeking shell 7, urgent need food and water. others of thread fled over the border to romando me with that just yesterday in account whether there was about 3 or 4000 people, many of them sleeping in the open others or under some tends to be put up. we did see the red cross and the un now brought some supplies that they were preparing to distribute. it certainly not easy conditions at all. but as the military governor spoke purse and said that they just don't know yet. if this is going to be another option, we felt just last night when we were sleeping, i was woken up in the night by, by strong tremors. and as the magma compress, liquid rock beneath the volcano beneath the city, and beneath lake kiva on the shores of which the city sits,
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this maxima is causing, causing these these tremors at the moment, and of course, as long as the traumas keep coming very hard for people to know even for the vulcan ologist and to the experts to know if there is indeed going to be another option or not. so that uncertainty means that difficult people are impossible people to come back to their livelihoods and back to their homes. and if they haven't been destroyed under this river of molten rock and the terrible scenes there and troubling times in the coming days at malcolm, appreciate that mike, with the in go my me new variance of code 19 has reportedly been detected in vietnam. the health minister says it's a hybrid of the indian and u. k. mutations of ours and spreads quickly by air. vietnam had successfully contained infections for most of last year, but is now battling a new wave. a new law down a mass testing has begun in the southern chinese that is going so after
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a spike in code 1900 cases, the city of 15000000 people recorded 20 new infections in the past week. health officials say the only one district is a hotspot and has ordered some residents to stay at home, market schools and entertainment venues, and also being closed. the world how organization is criticize the increasingly bitter debates about the origins of cobra 90 president joe biden has given us intelligence agencies 3 months to report back saying they still haven't reached consensus. one theories of ours sneaked from a chinese laboratory scenario found to be unlikely by joint investigation by the w h. o and china. earlier this year. this whole process is being poisoned by politics . and if you expect scientists to do their work, if you expect scientist to collaborate and actually get the answers that you want, actually seek in a non blame environment to find this,
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the origin of the wires. so we may all learn how to prevent this happening in future. we would ask that this be done in a deep politicized environment where science and health is the objective of this and not blame and politics because quite frankly, over the last number of days we've seen more and more and more discourse in the media with it terribly little actual news or evidence or new material. and this is, this is quite disturbing, quite frankly. it's been one week and a day since the since far between israel and, and her mass ended 11 days of conflict. people and dogs are facing severe shortages of electricity and water and thousands of still homeless human outside has mona from garza, were still witnessing a great lack of power outages. sorry, great. like howard used to the old electric lines that has been damaged,
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israeli strike 3 out of the core tube or lines in turbine before the electric power has been completely destroyed. people here get exit 3 to 4 hours of electricity only. which means also that there is a great shortage in water because we need wire to generate, we need electricity to generate the washer, which means that most of the home during the gaza strip, i also suffering from lack of water. the humanitarian conditions are very, very difficult for the people, the housing units that have been completely destroyed or more than 800600 according to the ministry of housing and works. and 16008800 are the homes that are partly targeted or damaged due to the israeli areas to try. so basically, until now i find that the war has ended in 11 days. but because after fees
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off the war are still living with the people in the god. this trip with ready politicians appeared to reach the deal that could end amongst long political deadlock and potentially see the end. and benjamin netanyahu is launched into his prime minister. the agreement has reportedly been reached between 2 major opposition parties. it would see it right wing leader, natalie bennett, serve as prime minister until 2023. before his center left coalition partner would take over. israel has held full inconclusive elections in the past 2 years. harry force, it is more not from west jerusalem. this is news that it doesn't mean the end of end you've been, that is prime minister ship, but it could be a significant step in that direction. if these reports are true, now there is one report on channel 12 israel saying that a deal has been signed a significant deal between 2 major parties in this calculation and other employee saying that a deal is close. now the 2 main players involved here are the leader of the
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opposition, the iowa paid, who is the leader of the main centrist. yes, a party i do has the mandate from the president to try to form a government given that is failure to do so straight off the last election. the other person involved is natalie bennett, who leads a right wing party further to the right. indeed, of benjamin netanyahu, who has been slipped, hopping really between making a change government so called one which would embrace a very wide cross section of israeli politics in separate parties coming together into a coalition and forming a right wing government with benjamin netanyahu. now there was signs during the recent war with, with us in gaza, that bennett had given up on the idea of a change government. he said that was off the table for now. and that he was looking to try to form a government with yahoo, that was a pretty furious message from you on line on his twitter account earlier on friday in which he accused lupita reversing himself and running towards the left wing. and
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so this one report at least has him signing that agreement. still ahead here on out 0 sustaining. tell who just species south currency global recognition for the mud flaps unique to. it's kind of like a hello. once again. welcome to the look at the international forecasts. we've got plenty of seasonal showers, rumbling away across the good parts of south east asia and thailand, 106 millimeters, the frank coming down here. madison, larry or cloud over towards the philippines. that's certainly something to watch over the next few days we'll see little circulation developing. i don't think it'll develop into a tropical storm or a time frame, but it will still draw some very heavy. right. it's a central and southern parts of the philippines elsewhere. it's the usual rush of
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showers across much of se data, some more showers. they're coming into where malaysia feel a chance of one or 2 showers. they're into indonesia now, charts of one or 2 showers just around the east coast of australia, but the spelling of shower cloud show some really nasty weather, feeding in across new zealand wet and windy weather coming through here. there is the possibility, damaging wins, the likelihood of damaging, which we have got red warning still in force across a good part of the ceiling. and also some very heavy right could lead to some localized flooding possibly. could you see some snow over the high grounds and wet weather to into western parts of australia, cloud and rain coming through here. perth, at around 19 celsius, it'll have temperature similar values. we go on through monday. the rain starts and make us white for the race. for most it's dry. the hall county of the cost india, the $6.00 biggest economy of policies of the world behind the numbers trucks.
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because late plus the world war, the competition, china financing destruction of forests. india is looking for new oil supply, us counting the costs on al jazeera. we understand the differences in the cultures, the cost around what moves we've been using kind of that master to you. oh, the me. now you're watching out there. i remind of our top story, and molly's constitutional court, his name, the colonel who led military to this week as the president colonel see me going to
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has promised to hold elections as planned early next year. in democratic republic of congo, tens of thousands of people seeking shelter from a possible 2nd volcanic eruption and then running low on food and water last week and i am going to erupt it, killing dozens and destroying homes is ready. politicians appeared to reach a deal that could end amongst long deadlock and potentially g. the end of benjamin netanyahu. long stint as prime minister. the agreement has reportedly be reached between 2 major opposition. parties that be more protested opposition controlled areas of syria against president brush alliston election. victory crowds in the donkey district of a left countryside denounced suppose as illegal secured a 4th term with what official say was 90. 5 percent of the u. s. c. u and other western governments say the election was a shot. but aside dismisses those accusations, saying he's ready to leave the country. the post war era was, was appointment,
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and then he has the rule. i'm certain that with his fighting spirit will be able to defeat all of our enemies, no matter how many battles there are, how hard the road is. this spirit is what we need for the next stage, which is a phase of continuous work resistance and steadfast. in order to prove to our enemies once again, that fighting against our people and their basic needs only makes them hold onto their homeland and all that it's symbolizes. and the white house is working on the list of targeted sanctions against members of the belly receive government and move follows the force landing of an e u passenger plane, and minced and the arrest of a dissident journalist. but a russian president vladimir putin as been hosting the batteries leader, and it should support or challenge this report. look if there's a message that these leaders want to give here, it's that russia has got alexander lucas shank is back in the southern russian city of sochi. bloody may uprooted, gave his support to the batteries, the president's account of the plain incident that has so outraged the west does
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not fellowship, but you have always so my wishes you know about them. i will inform you in the light of our trust based relations. i've brought some documents, i will show you them to understand better the situation. some i looked there was a time when they landed the plane of the oblivion president go to the president of the plane and nothing just silence. whatever these men really think of each other, russia needs that a ruth is a loyal buffer to the west. and lucas shanker would like the already be consigned to the history books without criminal aid were in the hague. the women in 10 tone replacing him after last year's disputed presidential elections. he, you leaders consider fedloan at he cannot scar batter ruth, his leader in exile. she's trying to make the most of the current anger with lucas shanker, joy and environmental conference will do more powerful. and of course, the government, i'm sure they will put as much effort as necessary to start the investigation on the case about flight and recognizing the regime as to risk on
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sunday. ryan, their flight from greece and lithuania, over passing battle, reaching s face with forced to land in midst with a fake bomb threats about a roofing opposition. journalist and his girlfriend were taken off the plane and arrested. the incident has certainly changed the tone he, you politicians have called it a hijacking. we will make sure that the pressure is main thing and then we hit them hardest where we can hit them, which is, course in their stature and standing there well of everything. while europe's need is door up, sanctions rushes, ation or authorities, a warning that russia routed planes avoiding better routine space can expect delays are still but no, with this case specific cases or is that gender norm from the russians? a thought of this, you know, that they will make the b and blames so other flight,
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us western don't know. lucas shameka has long been adapted, quoting the west and russia to his best advantage. but after the ryan, a incident, any remaining patients with a man, the e. u. c's, as europe's last dictator has disappeared. he only has russia now re challenge to 0 . exile beller is position leaders flatland kind of sky. i hope that sanctions will be more severe. now against president nick shanker, she spoke to her to 0 correspondence. that button and upset on my 1st thought was that they are going to torture him to death because he is considered to be a tenant. and because of his worth of his journalism, what are you surprised when you heard that he did such a thing? look shank taking hijacking basically this plane. were you surprised?
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i was surprised and shocked because i couldn't imagine that this regime will make international scandal just as good. next one journalist we see how far he can go just just to looking for revenge. of course, it influences people with people and people are a little bit more sensitive. now, more care here to understand in this they can be put in the boots of a new car. are you scheduled right now? i can see that yes yes. but if it's your, this in the so what can you do? nothing. you can still find your way. you have to fight to sky. i met with dutch prime minister mark of it, and foreign minister cc'd got to push restrict the sanctions for you. leaders
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describe the force landing of a ryan plane to arrest a journalist on board as a hijacking. the incident let them to impose the flight ban on bella ruth and to consider economic sanctions. it's a p to admit that this time dissertation concerns not only sense, but citizen says here pam countries as well, but it's kind of cynical, right? that after so many months of suffering, and bella was that when a european played, it's been forced to, to land. the family europe wakes up. some people can think this is not because of the sufficient rules, but only before you are a citizen. functions are going to be fast and white and but how do you use it to admit the, the whole that it's still also the course of suffering some sense. what would be the most important function that your has to impose on bella was,
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what exactly are you asking for? sure. it will be targeted. there were smart functions on state owned organizations that focus on the local monies. we'll make him to release political prisoners the fast di. look mindy to you could influence the situation. but if look shanker doesn't have money, he tends to go to russia to present, put into ask for money, isn't that the risk? we understand that it became a problem for kremlin as well, and they would like to solve this problem, but they don't know how organizes of an annual. vigilant hong kong to commemorate chinese $989.00 crack dunham pro democracy protests have lost an appeal to hold
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this year's event. please, by the june, the 4th writing for a 2nd year, citing current vice restrictions the organizes plan to cancel it. vigil in victoria park tomorrow. the gentlemen square cracked on tens of thousands to fight last year has been hong kong security bureau issued a statement wanting people not to take part in a legal assembly or violate the national security law imposed on the church and by aging columbia as president, is sending thousands of soldiers to carly attention rises in the city author at least 4 people were killed during mass protest friday, march 1 month since nation might demonstrations began against tax reform plans, which have now been dropped. but protests have expanded to include other social problems. lesandra ram, pnc reports from baton another day of violence in columbus, anti government protest. one month after they began videos widely shared on the internet shows to billions, shooting live rounds and protesters in the city of kylie with the police. apparently doing nothing to stop them from an attorney general's investigator on
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his day off, allegedly shot and killed 2 protesters there, but was then attacked and lynched by demonstrators similar scenes in the city of pope, i am with fires and repeated explosions. president, the duke traveled to carly friday evening and announced at full military station of the city by most act we are acting in defense of all people's rights. and starting tonight, we begin the maximum deployment of military assistance to the national police. and in the city of colleague had demonstrators were marching a month of protest that is royal and the country causing shortages him further hurting an economy decimated by the corona virus. and they make a bio and police response that a skill doesn't as only help fuel to demonstrate yes, despite the violence rallies elsewhere were people like in the capital where concerts and cultural acts mark the day are not able to do that as
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a columbia has some deep and serious structural problems of the quality that are getting worse and that goes to bell violent passed as back again. we want change. the government is not listening to the people. and so we remain on the streets. negotiations between the government and protest leaders have made little progress and at least ideal ivy, less politics might be the reason why it's just almost all manual it excuse me, that 1st we are one year from the election and the government party has sunk into poles. do you think that if these intermittent protests continue, they will convenience, the middle and upper class columbia institute for them again? so the government doesn't want to negotiate a 2nd. there is a growing split between the union and the people on the street. we don't recognize them as leaders. and 3rd, there's the clear deterioration of the situation with police abuses and growing violent acts in the streets that make negotiations difficult where the risk of
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violence escalation in many parts of the country are becoming increasingly real. and neither the government nor the leaders of the protest seems to have an easy solution as hence we're all right. this 2nd further spiral out of control that i'm just the south career is pushing, for instance, so called mudflats to be recognized by unesco as a world heritage site. they've often been overlooked by many, but there's been increasing appreciation for the environmental value. south chris health with coastline is considered to have some of the best title mudflats in the world. says room at bright, went to the region and has this report now from she non countries. it's a distinctive coastal feature of this corner of the korean peninsula. river's rich and sediment flow into the shallow yellow sea producing over thousands of years, expansive stretches of mud. they sustain a remarkable bio diversity with thousands of species, which in turn provides
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a livelihood for coastal communities. you think it wouldn't, tony's a livelihood depend on preserving the system. if these modules like having our own farm to work and live each tide results in, i'll turn it environments full land and see species living side by side. the mud acts as a natural filter to cleanse the ocean. while the abundance of microscopic organisms is reckoned to produce as much oxygen as if the same area was planted with trees compared to other coastal environments like salt marshal mangrove mudflats have been somewhat overlooked. but there is a growing awareness of their life sustaining value. and that south korea has some of the best examples of this unique environment anywhere in the world. a fact that would be conferred with unesco recognition with the largest mud flats in south
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korea. she non county is pushing hardest for inclusion on the world heritage list. this area lies along the east asian flyway for my great re water bird species. some of them endangered. and it's teeming with new arrivals right now on their summer migration, north kept body one, antonio with these much flux, are not an infant 3 sorana. our focus should be to preserve them for future generations. so we can enjoy the benefits they provide to me in the natural benefits the tower enjoyed along the shores. and also far beyond them. robert bride al jazeera, she and i'm county south korea. ah . so this is out there, these are the top stories and monies. constitutional court has named the colonel.


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