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with big open for software, we can trade or money without banks or government award winning filmmaker tossed and huffman looks at all sides of the complex crypto crypto bit going no change in the internet on outro sarah ah, how the swans if a beggar war, if israel violates the oxer most things your risk limb and the holy sites are a red line. meanwhile tension rise again in part east jerusalem, where palestinian families are fighting against efforts to forcibly victim ah, why money inside of this is out there, alive from joe said, coming up,
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the dutch court orders show to make deeper come to it's carbon emissions in ruling the environmentalists say puts all the energy companies on notice. tens of thousands of people buys you. do need to die? on a former top adviser to boris johnson brown's, his old book unfit to b, u. k. prime minister. what he calls disastrous coven failures, ah! how masses, political leader in gaza is warning of a religious war. israel persists with its policies around alex, a mosque occupied east jerusalem, and elsewhere in the palestinian territory. yes. and was also lashed out at the u. s. secretary of state who's just wrapped up the middle east mission to shore up the
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seas far between israel and hamas. finn was a keys on the blinking of trying to stoke palestinian divisions by declaring that no u. s. a for rebuilding garza should end up in hamas, his hands hurry forth. it has the latest from gaza. here on the street, you get an idea of the long term nature of the fall. out of this war 44 people died in this massive building collapse. and now 2 other buildings on the street. one of them right here behind us had been declared structurally unsound. 7 habitants had been told to leave. now this was the 1st day that we've heard from houses top leader inside garza ya soon was in a news conference that was on the record, but frustratingly for the most part off camera. he was interesting on the issue of reconstruction saying suggestion by the secretary of state or the united states as many blinking that any reconstruction efforts coming through the u. s. or its allies should evade hum us and be done through the palestinian authority and the
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occupied west bank soon was head that was a trick to try to divide the palestinian people further. however, he also said that any reconstruction would be welcome, that hamas would not take a single penny of it on the issue of the seas far, he confirmed that it was on condition. nobody wanted more to be done by the international community to rein in the activities of israel in jerusalem on the alex the most compound. i didn't check your in occupied history of them. in particular, here with some of his recorded remarks that he began the news conference with your whole bill. i'm not only want it the whole world doesn't move to stop and put a limit to the practices of the occupation and alex, a mask, shake gera, and the holy city. in general, it will be a reason to ignite a big religious war in the region. and bring in a state of worry and widespread chaos in the middle east and the whole world. what israel says, the large number of civilian deaths here on the street was an accident that it was targeting military tunnels on the ground here. since says that there are new
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military tunnels of that nature in this location and so denies that he also challenges the israeli narrative about what took place on the 4th night of the war . up in northwestern garza there was a fake ground invasion attempted by israel. he said that was an obvious fake. he knew it was coming, that they did not allow any fighters to go on the ground and that they got the other ones who were in the tunnels out saying that there was 0 deaths from that attack. now israel says dozens were killed. he also said that we were here the media to verify exactly what was taking place. so i asked him if we also could go to those tunnels, see the military damage for ourselves in his words, to verify what had happened. he said he'd get back to us. meanwhile, us your state and the blanket has been in egypt and jordan after intensive talks with israeli and palestinian leaders, the top gave a boost to the israel, hama sci fi and blanket says he now hopes to build on that in amman,
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my conversation with his majesty touched on again a range of topics including the urgent work we need to do together to meet you mandatory and reconstruction needs and gaza while ensuring that the palestinian people not mos benefit from this assistance. we discuss jordan's central role as a custodian of muslim holy places and the importance of preserving the historic status, quote attributes on all the sites. jordan also plays a vital role in the west bank. the u. s. re engages with the policy people and reopens are constantly. jerusalem will have a lot of work to do together as well on the market. and it's a james bay's in west jerusalem explains how jordan and others in the region have viewed blinking visit. jordan has a role the hash might monarchy as the custodian over the religious sites in jerusalem. so that's a particular concern for jordan, for jordan. i mean, they have, i think over the years of the trumpet administration,
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those 4 years become privately very concerned about the situation. they didn't light the cushion plan. jared cushion of donald trump's son in law's plan for the region. they run nerved by the fact that he was moving away from the traditional status quo. i think they will be encouraged by the fact that century blinking it operates a more traditional type of diplomacy, as does the biden administration as a whole bots. secretary blinking for now is only focusing on the see spot and keeping the calm. he's not going further. and i'm sure jordan would like him to go further to restart negotiations towards a 2 state solution. kata has pledged half a $1000000000.00 towards garza's post war reconstruction. the energy rich gulf nation regularly contributes millions of dollars and hint humanitarian aid to the besieged strip. catherine was part of the mediation efforts to secure the si,
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fi broken by egypt. this time round will be prospect of more palestinian families being forced out of their homes, continues to cast a shadow in occupied east jerusalem and is ready cause agenda decision on evictions in the neighborhood of phil one less than 3 weeks ago. a similar case in shape, all sparks violence that eventually saw how much and israel fight each other for 11 days. in wrong con has this report, the more use of force by israeli police on the streets of occupied he's truthful and outside the district. court protested, we shot the move behind the security barrier. inside the court heard the case of 6 families living in 2 houses on the threat of forced expulsion from their homes in the nearby. so one neighborhood, israeli settlers, a jews own the property, pre the creation of the state of israel. and since the states came into being previous property rights are null and void. the judge postpone the hearing,
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saying he would seek further legal advice. the lawyer for the family says despite the fact that palestinians have little faith in the legal system, representation in israeli court is crucial. we don't have the luxury to engage in as lawyers. we have families. the families are at risk of eviction. we wish we had international people, not that we could go to and that international people, not dodge to get the case. but since the cases are being filed to court, we cannot leave this field without any response from our site. outside the court, the protest is made clear, they see the fullest explosions as the legal. so as you can see, emotions are very high. the police move to protest behind that barrier. i just take a look at the humanity. take credit over all limits the message really
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need to be gotten rid of a policy. didn't need this one. and the neighborhood does that. the center of the court case chi, it is a member of one of the family's fighting to keep the home. they were forced out by the state of israel from their home in the old city in 1965. and we'll re housed here. he can't fall a court case to get his old home back, and now he might lose this one. and i don't believe in the israeli a legal system because in 1967, our house was confiscated in the old city. if there's any justice in the course, they should return at home to us. when the settlers come, our life becomes miserable. they arrest our kids, they harass our women, and our elders and life is just hard. all of the houses on this narrow street are in the threat. the court this moment has brought them some breathing space and they can remain for now. but for how long? those who live here don't know him on con, audi 0 salon occupied east jerusalem shell has been ordered to more than double
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its carbon emission cards and ruling that will have implications for energy companies. worldwide. a course in the netherlands said shell must slash emissions by 45 percent by the 2030, and far deeper than shelves. target to reduce the carbon intensity of its products by 20 percent in that timeframe. steph austin reports now from the hague of joy after the lamp mapping, living in the hague, would in $17000.00 dutch citizens in half an environmental groups at the cape, arguing the shell, and they just people's lives and future generations. when it's carbon emission, it's enormous. it's phenomena, historical for the 1st time we really have a major tone, to reduce climate change and ensure a safe and happy future. for my 3 kids and all kids in the world. for the 1st time,
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the court ruled that not only government, but also companies have a responsibility to reduce climate change. but if the court orders royal dutch shell through it's company policy to reduce c o 2 emissions and also those from providers and consumers, by the end of 2030 to net 45 cent compared to 20. 19 to a huge blow to shell that had pledged to reduce its emissions by 20 percent in a decade. but now in order to wrap things up, the company says it's disappointed by the verdict and will appeal to not only get the boost to the more than 17000 dutch citizens and south. and i'm probably a mental run this case. this would have an impact worldwide. now a judge has ruled a company like child as an obligation to pop emissions the same, put a fly companies around the globe. absolutely. this will definitely have a ripple effect that brought out of your addiction. and it's definitely something that a company strict taken into account,
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not only the boards but the shareholders as well, their investors, their accountants, et cetera. so i really think that this will have a huge impact on the energy transmission. an estimated $1800.00 law suit related to climate change are currently being fought in courtrooms around the world. climate law experts believe that this ruling will enforce corporate responsibility irrespective of the political reality. interestingly, one of the things that's a judge death today is that's shell cannot follow what's happening in society. joe has its own game to do it, share against climate change. so even if now in society, people care less about climate change, which i wouldn't expect. but even then, shell still has to commit the if and how shall will commit remains to be seen. these climate activists will continue to watch the company closely. cutting nearly half of emissions in a decade from now can, according to experts, only be done if the company majorly alters its operations. steadfast and al jazeera
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bake. coming up after the weather, a defined president. look, shank says he was protecting his people when he diverted a passenger playing about every to arrest the gentleman. why african countries are appealed to cave in 1900 vaccines and now destroying, sending them elsewhere. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by cattle airways. hello there. the seasonal range continued course flooding across central parts of china. lots of plant pumping. right out of shanghai, pushing out into the east china sea. moving over to was japan latest pulse of heavy right now pulling away another one coming through as we go on through thursday.
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brightest guys come back in behind 18 celsius. the in tokyo, that system will continue to just get pulled out of the way as we go on through friday. sunshine coming in 10 degree rise in temperatures nice day 20 a sales. this will be a little on the human side. so turning a little sticky as we go on towards the weekend wet weather will moving across the korean peninsula into the c panel. something to watch out for wet weather continues across central and southern parts of china. although hong kong should stay la, you drive, it will be some showers there around the indo china. more of those heavy down port, scattering showers across much of south east asia. we'll see that wet weather coming back up towards thailand. ad across the animal si size of the monsoon res. continuing here then, and towards the far south east of the region. and of course, at the cool side time, yes, that continues to make his way in land more heavy down pulls coming through here. by the end of thursday, it is likely to be downgraded, but some parts could see 2 millimeters of frame sponsor
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cut on airways. i'll just there a word it goes to algeria and tune is here to meet some of the world's most passion, football fan. my soul, my love to go to the stadium. loyal supporters, all football, hooligan, wearing stream fandom can have life changing consequences. don't remember how we only felt the flame burning deadly game. algerian and she dizzy and on al jazeera ah, ah ah, you're watching out as a reminder, on top stories this hour,
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how much political leader in gaza is warning if a religious war. israel persists with its policies around a lot more occupied to wisdom and elsewhere. the palestinian territory was accused us of state of trying to palestinian divisions and in israeli court his agenda decision on move force evictions and occupied eastern slim demonstrations outside the court. 6 out of city and families in still one are at risk of losing their home, shall have been ordered to more than double its carbon emission costs. by the end of the decade, environmentalist say the dodge ruling will have implications for energy companies worldwide. ruskie was in northern nigeria, searching for more than 100 people missing, often over crowded boat capsized about 200 people, one board when it sank near warren in heavy state. a local government spokesman
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says the passengers, mostly women and children, were coming from niger state more than 20 people have been rescued. the un security council has used an emergency meeting to call for the immediate release of molly's transitional leaders. vice president cannot see me going to one of the military officers who lead last year, who has ousted and arrested the prime minister and president this monday being held in a military base in the town of county. one of going to representatives say, as they will be given a gradual release and have resigned from their positions. the un security council has also been discussing bella bruce, the us and european allies, have called for investigation into the diversion of a plane that was flying over by the race. the arrest of a dissident on board. its president, though insist that he said lawfully and russia says there's no reason to doubt his
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version. if events, nadine baba reports venetia in the better russian president finally commenting on events last weekend. it's alex on the lucas shanker claims. he didn't know an opposition of logo was on board a plane that was diverted to the capital court and he depicted international reaction as part of what he calls a hybrid war. nothing. it is your lunch, it is near oh, ill which is outside and inside the country have changed the methods of attacking the state them across numerous red lines and also the limits of reason and morale was just accost. maxine lucas, shank, his orders, belarus and fighter jet, was sent to school to ryan, a flight minutes before it was due to land in vilnius in neighbouring the way all the passengers were taken off supposedly because of a bomb threat. the plain latest cough without ram and practice. savage, a 26 year old opposition journalist and he's russia girlfriend. sophia, they're both in detention supplement. bella versus state media has had this video,
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sophia up here. she says she edits a telegram channel that publishes the personal information of bell or russian, policemen resuming their local proceedings. should i go with this? on monday bell original authorities released a video of romance, protest savage, admitting to organizing street demonstrations with the chicago, his parents in exile in poland. say he had clear signs of being beaten and had been forced to make the statement for mortgage yet. well, please stand up and help them. i urge you very much because they will kill him. they will kill him. see this? the leaders of promised fresh economic sanctions against the lucas shanker government, the flight plan on the national carrier bolivia. but on wednesday, bella rose his exiled opposition leader told european parliament she wants more than that. there is forms must address the situation in bill was in its entirety or we will all free session situations in the future as location is turn and my
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country into north korea of europe non transparent, unpredictable and dangerous. she's also condemned volitional authorities for allowing opposition activists vittles. sure. as to die in prison. the 50 year old was buried on wednesday. his family were told he had a heart attack. president lucas shanker and power since $994.00 officially won a landslide victory and last august election. the opposition that the vote was raked and stage months of st. protest, but faith to the state police crackdown. many activists have since fled bearers will been jailed. nadine baba al jazeera 9 people are dead after mass shooting in the usa of california, a transport employee open fire in a row way maintenance yard in the city of san jose. he killed 8 people and then shot himself. a bomb squad also searched the yard after finding an explosive device
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. no german scientist believes that worked at white people in very rare cases develop potentially deadly blood clots of, to receiving the astrazeneca johnson and johnson vaccines. research a told london financial times newspaper that the problem has to do with the way that these vaccines deliver proteins which protect cells from kind of 19. and it's thought with some tweaks, the jobs will no longer trigger reaction that can lead to clothing fancy. dan's health ministry is returning 72000 doses because the vaccines are due to expire. all the african countries face the same problem. several governments have decided either to return or destroy tens of thousands of days is mainly because they've been too slow to roll them out. that's m a classic republic of congo hasn't used most of the astrazeneca supply received under the un led kofax program. that's
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expire next month, so they're being sent to all the countries like gonna and madagascar. meanwhile, malawi destroyed nearly 20000 doses this week because not enough people wanted them . for ologist berry shoot chair, south africa ministerial advisory committee on coven 19 vaccines. he says much more work is needed to calm people's fears and distrust city than patient. yes, africa is that wove. some surveys are produced, 50 percent of the population are hesitant. that doesn't mean that they're not that very anti vectors, or that they refusing vaccination. they just need more information. nothing is really up to us, to kind of reassure them that the vaccines are both safe and effective. this is a global problem. it's not just confined to the african continent, and look, these vaccines are new, they've been very,
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pretty rapidly. so it's not difficult to see how the anti vaccine lobby can generate his c generate nervousness about the vaccines. and we, as a scientific and professional community need to kind of come with the, with the evidence with this on different evidence of why these vaccines are safe. there is a global problem. indeed. the british government's handling of the current of ours pandemic has been savaged as a disastrous failure by man. once at the center of u. k. decision making. dominant coming says it shows that his former ball sports johnson is unfit to be prime minister and made for an explosive day of parliamentary testimony has shown a hall reports now from london. once powerful as chief adviser to the prime minister. now exposing the government's pandemic failures, tens of thousands of people died who didn't need to die. dominant. cummings began
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with contrition. senior minister, senior officials, senior advisors like me, fell disasters short of the standard spell. the public has a right to expect of its government in a crisis like this. when the public needs is most the government failed. he described the government in chaos. a prime minister, he said unfit for the job, but the p. m just wouldn't do what we, what we advice wasn't necessarily, i couldn't persuade other people are lots of things. everybody was screaming on quarantine, have a policy, and such it clearly and sticks to it. we cannot keep changing your mind every time the telegraph flight so that it's all on the subject. nobody could find a way around the problem of the premise that just like a shopping trolley smashing from one side to the other. for cummings or his
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johnson's greatest failing, most costly in human lives, came with his refusal to implement a brief circuit breaker locked down last september, that might have diminished the lethal 2nd wave. the whole lesson of what happened before is that by delaying the lockdown had came later it had to be more severe. it had to last longer. the can over destruction is even worse anyway, and we'll have killed god knows how many 1000 people in the meantime for cove, it wouldn't of course, if we surely got lessons from the past and by mister decided no and said basically, just gonna hit no many hours of evidence in parliament spend the duration of the pandemic until cummings relationship with johnson broke down when he was fired. last november. some may question the veracity of his claims, saying he's a man bent on revenge. but forest johnson riding a wave of vaccine field. public optimism is likely to remain relatively unscathed.
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blame fell also on health secretary mat hancock for failures around the test and trace system, the preparedness of the health service and the deaths of care home residents in that 1000. i think that the secretary of state for health shouldn't be fired for at least $1520.00 things including lying to everybody. multiple occasions in meeting after meeting in the, in the conference room on publicly downing street says it'll respond to all cummings claims. indeed, course, joe al jazeera london, some syrians have voted in a presidential election seen as a foregone conclusion. that will keep president bashar last sat in power. he and his wife of my car spots in a damascus suburb that was re taken from rebels forces back in 2018, basically took place in government controlled areas and has no credible challenges
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. after a decade of war, georgia has read, buried its most famous military general. his remains were brought back from france . general georgie quin tubs a died in exile of the georgia was defeated by the soviet union's red army. robin forest walker reports from tbilisi, a full state funeral for a celebrated general a century owned from your committee. this separation from his homeland george's president is herself a descendant of georgians, forced to flee the bolshevik advance in 1900. 21. grannie. much in your belief and the belief of my father and all other george in emigrants has been justified. georgia is immortal, and the restoration of independence is inevitable. so they will be gone level brushing, exuberant and repatriated from france,
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the bones of the general and of his wife light together in one casket. the general's return comes 30 years since the restoration of independence, georgia after the collapse of the soviet union. and it's been a 100 years since that independence was taken from georgia after the invasion of the rate of an invasion that sent the general and his family into exile as commander in chief of the army general committee to a secured georgia borders for its 3 brief years as an independent democratic republic say as crazy. but after the bolsheviks victory, he and his family found the sanctuary in france. tommy and no, none of my mother. my grandfather was getting older and he had about food. and he
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was so sad to not be able to go back to georgia and die in georgia. he was so sad that georgia was still part of the soviet union. and that he, his dream was to come back to democratic independent, georgia. and it's very moving for us that it's happening now today. but the community says funeral on george and independence day does a display of military endurance in the face of ongoing threats. russia still occupies 20 percent of these countries. territory. don't go somebody which is democratic story, as old as the general is missing from today's narrative. here war many battle. and he fought even 1921 battle. well. but all the other hand car, georgia ignores democratic legacy. we still don't have even
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a legal monument dedicated to the founding fathers of the 1st republic. the general has a new resting place into billy seas. santian, his nation's identity renewed his military legend restored robin's 1st year walker al jazeera tbilisi every call who authored one of the world's best selling books has died age 91. he published the children's book, the very hungry caterpillar back in 1969 and sold more than 40000000 copies and was translated into 16 languages. he also wrote an illustrated 75 other titles. ah.


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