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in the us is always of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to work with on here, and it's very good. they're bringing the news to the world. from here, the news us extra site arrives in the middle east for talks aimed at protecting a fragile safe spot. ah, good morning everyone. i'm can all santa maria with the world news from al jazeera . the united nations is calling for the release of molly's president, prime minister and defense minister after all 3 were arrested by the military. also in the news, the you and also sanctions against beller is over the force landing of
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a passenger jet and the arrest of an opposition activists. hundreds of thousands of people, a force from their homes in india as a powerful flight quote, heads towards the east coast. ah, just contain a m in israel, where the u. s. secretary state is meeting prime minister benjamin netanyahu this hour. an effort to turn the sci fi between israel and hamas into a laughing truce. anthony blink and landed in tel aviv a short time ago. and he will go on to visit the occupied west bank as well. he'll be holding talks with the palestinian authority president, man, mood bath. there. these are our teens across the area today. harry force it in garza who we will be with shortly. but 1st our diplomatic yet is a james space. he's traveling on this trip by the secretary state. take us through the agenda for today, james. well, he's going to be meeting some of the key players. we're going to have
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a meeting later on with the policy near 30 president mahmoud abbas that significant because this is the 1st meeting of the biden administration as a senior level with the palestinian authority. and remember, they was shunned by the trump administration. so this is the 1st meeting for some time with the policy authorities and a us secretary of state. he's going to go on later in this visit to speak to the egyptians in karo meeting president cc. they of course played a key role in brokering the seas file, which ended 11 days of conflict and then on to jordan as well to meet king. but the 1st meeting, as you say, is with prime minister netanyahu that meeting, getting under way as we speak. you might think that the main subject to that meeting is going to be the conflict that just ended in that c swan clearly it will be top of the us agenda. but we're telling you that prime minister netanyahu is made some comments in the last 24 hours about how israel could take independent
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action with regard to iran. so it won't be the only thing that is a job on the agenda for this meeting as a se behind closed doors meeting. now we're expecting to see them about 90 minutes from now making some statements in front of the cameras. as much as you can predict anything in the middle east, james, or indeed us politics. is there a sign of a change in us approach to the middle east? now, at least with the change in administration, as a change in administration, and i think the u. s. approach from the beginning of the by mid ministration was not really to get terribly involved in this conflict. in the middle east though, sometimes you may not want to get involved in something, but it drags you in. and clearly it has dried the u. s. administration in president biden involved in the negotiations for the seas for the end and secretary blake, blinking now on this diplomatic tool. but i don't think the fundamental policy of
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the by the administration has changed. what they're trying to do is keep a lid on the situation here. they're not trying to actively st. restart diplomacy in terms of active negotiations between israelis and palestinians. they don't think those sort of talks are going to go anywhere. so for now, what they're going to try and do is improve the lot of palestinians by providing funding, providing funding for the reconstruction of garza secretary blinking is talked about giving the palestinians dignity and hope, but no move to a final settlement of this. of this, of this conflict in terms of any peace negotiations. and the key thing about all of this is he's meeting lots of the key players, but of course he's not going to gaza. he's not meeting, come us, of course. thank you. james phase in west jerusalem. we're going to garza though to talk to harry, forth. harry, james points out bands in the bank and not heading anywhere near the enclave. but
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for the people there, they will be looking for something, i guess something that will be a sign of a lives in proving indeed they will be. i mean, we've been seeing the destruction the job loss alongside of personal lives. last year we went to one factory on monday, just one factory of many hits, where there was $3000000.00 worth of damage. the owner was telling us, and 60 people made unemployed off the fragments from a nearby strike could make it a blaze. and so that is being replicated all around. there is a major, major hit to the economy. here are those 11 days of fighting. what we're hearing from the americans is that they want to try to fund reconstruction, but avoid any money going to come us and using the policy no authority in ramallah as convincing that is that money how, how not will react to that. will it be possible?
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that's a big question, need you and humanitarian coordinates. when i spoke to her, the other day said that it would be possible to do such things through you and agencies that they were experienced in doing so. but the scale of the need here is extreme. and also, i mean there's that the political level to all of this, how much on monday night, how much is ceremony honoring those who died? it is still very much being talked about and talk to the population here as a victory despite the, the cost which is being obviously very big. i put that point to the us minister, deputy minister of economy saying he was talking about the fragile nature of the economy. i said, well why risk it for war? that doesn't seem to have changed very much given the, the behavior of the israeli forces injurious and doesn't appear to have been changed at all. the best you could do was say, well that's political. i don't want to get into that. so they're not really addressing that issue and i spoke to another person who is
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a worker at that mattress factory that was burned down. i asked him about what had been achieved by this victory. so as far as i'm concerned, i've lost the factories down, my job is gone. who is going to look after my 5 children and feed them. so to think that things are going to change rapidly, they'll be a very different kind of reconstruction. that would, i think be a bit of a tribe of hope over experience here in gaza. the kind of hope that's like if you blink and talking about that, the kind of hope that's a pretty scarce commodity here at the best of times. yeah. the reality that entity blinking won't say on his trip, thank you for that and gather in continuing coverage of at trip to combat system current of ours news. india reporting its lowest number of new code 19 cases and more than 5 weeks. the health ministry says 196000 people have tested positive in the past day. around 3 and a half 1000 others have died. some analysts,
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they believe the actual figures may be well under reported se, and the police have also rated the off the twitter of the social media, john tagged tweet spy, the ruling b, j. p party, as manipulated media. several members posted a document, they said was the opposition's plan to fight the pandemic. the congress party said it was a fake. earlier this year, the government pressured twitter to block accounts, which are critical of official policy to elated, reversed its decision and reinstated those accounts more from elizabeth parents in new delhi. we had deli police rating the offices of twitter in the capital delhi. and also in the neighboring city of good god, legs on monday night. now this follows twitter flagging posts by politicians, by others belonging to the ruling body. john party o b j, p as manipulated media. now these tweets, including by the beat up, he spoke and they were accusing the main opposition congress party as conspiring to
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malign prime minister in their morty and the government or the handling of the corona virus. congress denies being behind any such efforts. and that would suggest from twitter flagging these as manipulative media that they haven't found any evidence to support that. now the indian government has a very difficult relationship with social media platforms. it was just a few days ago that they asked all social media platforms including twitter, to remove references to was being called the indian variant of the corona virus. the technical term is b 1617 at 1st emerged in india. and it is called the indian berry, and commonly as previous variance will call the u. k. the south africa, the brazilian very, and the indian government is against this saying that no one should call it that the world health organization isn't calling it that prominence. and that either more has faced a lot of criticism for his handling of the pandemic, including ignoring scientists from scientists, warnings earlier this year about this new variance. one other note from india,
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several 100000 people, are being evacuated from 2 states as a powerful franklin beds down on the east coast. the storm is likely to come a short and there are just and west bank all earlier on wednesday. like when you off the 2nd to hit the country in a week. of course compounding problems, the states already dealing with a spike and covered 19 infections. mountaineering is continuing on the world's highest peak despite reports of a large coated outbreak at base camp. napoleon, tourism department says it hasn't been notified of any infections on mount everest and dismiss the reports of the rumor that private operators have cancelled some expedition saying they can't guarantee the safety of the climbers. so far we have about 100 confirmed cases in every space can confirmed by doctors, by hospitalized by insurance companies, by expedition leaders, by helicopter pilots who were flying out to the patients and of course by the climb
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. but in type that have been confront bcr tested in cut me into the roof, is becoming increasingly isolated by the european union after the government for the division of a jet and arrested in opposition. journalist the blocks agreed to ramp up sanctions billions of dollars of european investments in bella. luce have been frozen. airlines across the world are reversing their flight. natasha about land. this report from paris. look at a little bit of a scene for the 1st time since being detained in minsk, but a russian opposition journalist remark protests of age on social media. he appears to confess, but his supporters say he was likely under duress. protests of h was the target of an extraordinary intervention by bell over on sunday that has become a full blown international crisis. he was travelling on ryan air 4978 from athens, when the flight was diverted to minced from its destination vilnius. bella says the flight was rerouted because of a bomb threat,
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but you lead as the brussels condemned it as they wanted piracy. they urged, protest pitches, immediate relief, and back sanctions against better worth. this is an attack on democracy. this is an attack on freedom of expression, and this is an attack on european sovereignty. and this outragious behavior needs a strong answer. therefore, the european council decided that there will be additional sanctions participate led by risk of the president alexander the christian co claimed victory in last august disputed presidential election. your position candidate, combat selection was also forced to flee the exile. she called for justice to be so we have to build a broad coalition of countries, especially those effected in order to conduct a verification of the incidents. its error important that one of the treat us
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abroad suggested including those alleged secret agents on the link. on de luca shank has been better with the president since 994, a leader described by some as your last dictator. and a man who has a record to ashley repressing defense, he strongly supported wise ally. russia was the plans that are still the we are in favor of assessing the situation, not in a rush, but on the basis of all the available information. after more than a day, a storm words and furious reactions you leaders will united and swift in their response whether the punitive measures agree to in brussels will deter similar actions in the future from better. ruth is unclear as his protest which his fate. natasha butler. i'll just sarah paris as a check on the worldwide with kara in a moment and then children among the dead after a mass killing in an area of peru known for cocaine production. i'm rob mcbride
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on the remote south korean island where the outlook is distinctly purple ah hello, their conditions are looking rather cool and unsettled for much of europe as we go into the next few days. there's quite a lot of weather on the way for central and northern parts. the u. k. has seen a pretty wet months and that rain is going to continue on tuesday, particularly in scotland and across the eastern areas of england. but things will dry up as we go into wet and stay and temperatures are gonna edge back up to where we expect them to be. scandinavia is also set as he's really wet weather. we got that band moving up through sweden and norway, bringing wet and windy weather,
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and that'll also affect parts of is stony as well. now, spain has clear that we have quite a bit of wet weather that moved across into italy and is now affecting parts of the balcony. as we go into wednesday, we could see some funder storms across romania as well. but for that sunny weather, we have to go to the south southern europe, sing a lot of clear fine weather, greasing a lot of sunshine. 30 degrees in athens, similar story for turkey, and of course, the iberian peninsula. the rain has cleared, the sun has come through 26 in madrid and by the time we get into thursday, temperatures will be picking up near the 30s with plenty of sunshine, the warring drug cartels on vigilance groups. the population corps in the middle was your reason for being a mature. why do you want this territory on reporting from an extra center of
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mexico violence to investigate the can an upcoming election change? anything the people living here where we were getting to join me, john, home and the full report on the the top, sorry for you this our on i'll just the are the us secretary stages meeting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu this our tradition, the sci fi between israel and math into a last in truth. antony blinking landed in telephone around an hour ago. several 100000 people are being evacuated from 2 states in india has
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a powerful strong bears down on the east coast. psychoanalysis likely to come ashore. nap edition and west bank all in the early, sorry, on wednesday and lines across the world of suspending the flight to better re softer a passenger plane carrying a dissident was diverted and forced to land in minsk. the e. u has agreed to impose further economic fashions. peru where the military says only 16 people including 2 children have been killed in an area known for cocaine production. the mass killings happened in a rural town and peruse amazon region. with a leftist armed group, the shining path operates military says it's on pamphlets in the town, calling for a boycott of the june 6th presidential election. marianna sanchez has more now from lena the police and the army have been deployed by presidents. francisco, said osby to this gary remote area in the jungle of peru,
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is the area where the attack took place is more than 8 hours from the last police check point in that region. there was a pamphlet left behind ob, saying that this was a, an act of social cleansing a new term. for through it. they said that they were after criminals. this attack took place in the bar in an area with there are brussels as the police have shed. but also there were reports that these attack happens to threaten those who would be willing to vote for right to candidate paper from marty who is facing the left wing candidate for me. you're in the run up election on june. the 6th. it's not the shining path. that we've known since the eighty's
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and ninety's, the rebel groups the fault, the government for 2 decades that left more than 60000 people did in peru. this is a very different shining path or remnants very little number of them that operate in this very remote jungle area. the united states has joined international calls for the immediate and unconditional release of molly's leaders, held by the country's military, the president, the prime minister, the defense minister, all being held in a military company, the capital bama code. after a government re shuffle in which 2 army officials who took part in a cru last year were replaced, the crisis deepens. molly's political chaos, 9 months after a military take over, toppled its previous leader more with nicholas hawk, who's in synagogue capital dot com. following this one, this is quite extraordinary as i just read it out there, president prime minister and defense minister will being held. that's right. i mean this morning mullins are wondering who's in charge of molly,
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but there's a clear signal here. if you, if you have the president, the prime minister and the minister of defense, the most senior members of government of model the leadership in a military camp, it seems that the military are showing that they continue to be in charge of molly, ever since he ever since this military didn't, jones took over power last august, toppling ibrahim book car, kate, there was a government of transition led by but and civilian. and malik won the 2 most senior civil civilian authority in the government. well, now they're in the hands of the military and it all started on sunday where a new government was announced on national television. and that new government was supposed to appease the situation. the rising tension that there were between the civilians in this government and the government of transition and the military. but
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what most are one did is he removed a members of former members of the military, june of his government and replace them by civilians are members of civil society of the m 5 movement to come out. you remember last year where the took to the streets of bama co asking for change a change in leadership. now those that have been removed from this governance is the minister of defense. and the minister of security to colonels that have a very, very strong ties with russia. and we know that russia is trying to step into molly help militarily, molly, but there's already 14000 un peacekeeping troops on the ground. more than 4000 french troops on the ground in despite the high number of soldiers will, the security situation is intensify in cotton. this tussle for power between the military and the civilians are the msn. people were being displaced. who are being contin, the victims, back there is also trade unions announcing nationwide strike,
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strike, so volatile such situation. and we're waiting for good luck, john. i think the chief in the mediator of the west african body to come this morning and bama co and to try to find and then to this deadlock, come we will talk to you more about that then later. thank you. nicholas talk, former banker and business and gear. my last name has been sworn in as equity was new president. he is the 1st conservative in 14 years to take post. his challenges include economic and health crises, and he doesn't have a majority in congress. a latin america editor, the senior has more the broker applause and smiles welcomed incoming president. he had more national, like the pump and pageantry, couldn't camouflage the titanic challenges. it would do. his new leader is inheriting along with the presidential sash. among them, ecuador, his highest ever unemployment rate. it's watched every economic crisis. it's highest foreign debt, shocking infant and child malnutrition rates,
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and arguably waste management of the co would 19 pandemic in all of latin america. national conservatives says his predecessors are to blame for this calamitous state of affairs. what could be more, really that inequality? what do we live in a country with rich lands or poor citizens? what do we have vast natural resources, but lived with shortages. having such fertile land, why does it not produce abundance for those who most needed? the answer is one that our leaders have filed us. arguing that there can be no economic growth until the pandemic is rained in the former banker promises to vaccinate 9000000 doors. in the 1st $100.00 days of his administration put implementing his free market agenda, which includes numerous free trade agreements and unpopular loan repayment to the i m f. could unleash a new wave of social unrest. the elimination of fuel subsidies,
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20 months ago nearly broke down his predecessors government. you want to leave it on the hill. we're also talking about concessions to for an oil companies, tax reforms, and privatization of the pacific bank, which i think should not be sold because there is a good test conflict of intro with the president and his son who heads the private bankers association. lasha knows his reforms won't be easy to pull off because he doesn't have a majority in congress. he nonetheless received thunderous applause. when he said that the era of unbridled corruption, authoritarianism and political prostitution in ecuador was over law in a mock the nobly. this means doing the unimaginable, let's make history. let's data change inspiring words as so often the case in, in, in your asian speech, ecuadorian se will be watching carefully to see if the new president means when he says and does what he promises to see in human al jazeera in
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south korea, many island community sites the economic challenges of an aging population problem for many remote areas, but this robert broad now reports one island off the south. west coast is trying to change that all things to the color purple. it's literally everywhere you look purple. all the buildings big or small, and the few vehicles that are allowed to travel on the roads that connect them. the full bridges that now link these tiny islands with the outside world. right down to the plates, you'd be tough. even the residents have embraced the purple life on the rocky again, fragile, or i think it's pretty. and the government here provides us with proper clothes and jackets to where will the islands charge a small fee for the increasing number of tourists,
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many of whom come appropriately dressed to encourage you to get in the spirit visitors who bring something purple to get in for free the inspiration for the may cova comes from the lavender, which grows here naturally. now thanks to the colors universal adoption, the islanders who previously got by on farming and fishing can ad tourism woke up with id. but it was difficult to get our parties off the island to sell, but now with people coming here, we can sell directly to them. so it's good and i'm happy. the purple islands fame has spread organically. thanks to tech savvy koreans and their hash tagging ways. leading to ever more visitors looking for that perfect selfie. this a purple transformation has taken place just at the right time to catch the growing selfie taking trend. but in the past year,
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it's also benefited from the south koreans looking for quirky tourism attractions at home because of the pandemic. if purple is your thing, this is the place for summer tourists wanting to travel overseas. it's may be not quite what they had in mind, but they come away with holiday memories. in a cheery shade of purple, robert bride al jazeera, the purple island, south korea. finally, to the us warehouse prices for leaving many low and middle income families, price felt, and its being made worse. a few homes are being built during the pandemic due to a shortage of building materials. and kalika has this report from miami, the final part of our series on the rising cost of housing. despite a deadly pandemic south florida is booming in miami businesses and the wealthy are relocating in droves, attracted by lower taxes and sunny weather. that means
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a surging housing market. the medium price for a single family home, now, well over $400000.00 groups working to find affordable housing, having an increasingly difficult time. first time buyers like all these dell, s, u, a priced out of the market, not being able to do it. now, it is like when i will be able to do it. this is the question, because i don't know if the prices are going down and we still, we are, we still are in the middle of the pin they make. we're not in an environment where we have a whole lot of public land that can be donated to create affordable housing. it's the story. charles dabney knows all too well. the land trust he works for focuses on building affordable homes in communities like miami's little haiti, with costs rising vital projects. a stoled when you don't have housing,
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where you don't have adequate job and income to support housing options. if you don't have the ability to sustain a community, the idea behind subsidized public housing like this is to give families a chance to save and buy their own home. something increasingly out of reach. owning your own home is a foundation of the american dream. but even before the pandemic came along, there was a shortage of affordable housing here. now things that was compounded by rising construction costs, stagnant wages, and the shortage of new bill homes, or factors that have big consequences for communities across the united states. the price of lumber hidden old time high this month, driven up by covered $900.00 supply issues. the impact on poorer communities is already being felt. so they've got 2 choices, you right? and then you start paying more ram is the landlord increase the surprises? and then that means you have less for everything else that you need to do in life.
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and eventually it hits a point where it's, it's an attainable and you've got to relocate. affordable housing is a backbone of the economy, creating safe communities, jobs, an opportunity with rising costs many and now facing stop choices with no solutions insight. galico al jazeera miami, florida. ah, hop on the our on al jazeera, these are the headlines, us secretary state antony, blinking. these meeting, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu this hour. they tried to turn the sci fi between israel on him, off into a lasting truce antony ben, can areas landing in television a few hours ago. a diplomatic editor james base has moved from western wisdom. you might think that the main subject that meeting is going to be the conflict that just ended in that c swan clearly it.


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