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tv   Witness A Thousand Girls Like Me  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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mexico violence to investigate the can an upcoming election change anything the people living here? so we're getting join me john, home and the full report on our i don't know about this and until the top stories on odyssey e leaders are calling for sanctions and bella luce, after what they say was the hijacking of a commercial airliner. the accused bella russo faking a bomb threat in order to force the plane to land, entertain and opposition journalist for brandon has more on the international reaction. the situation is really developing into a full blown international diplomatic incident. now, the timing, of course, on the eve over european council summit in brussels, when the heads of state and government are gathering together with russia currently
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at the near the top of the agenda. now this incident will be very much at the forefront of the minds of those european leaders as well as a meeting of nato, which is going to take place on tuesday. so the incident, which is taking place at house of outrage. i mean, 1st of all, i would dumbfounded european leaders. they almost couldn't believe it. reactions initially were, were very mild until they realized exactly what was going on. lithuanian president, calling it a state sponsored terror acts, poland prosecutor. and because strangely enough, even though it's ryan, an irish airline, the plane itself is registered in poland. so they're saying that they have jurisdiction the publish state prosecutor, they've ordered an investigation. islands. foreign minister says it is effectively a, the ation piracy state sponsored. sweden says it was dangerous, reckless, and mastery. the e. u is going to act. tom took him down to the chair of the british parliamentary
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committee on foreign affairs. he's described. well, if it wasn't an act of war, certainly a warlike act on the case. foreign 2nd, don't rob will brief parliament at 1430 gmc this afternoon. i sent me molly the suit, she has appeared in court for the 1st time since the military coup in february. she said our national league for democracy party would continue to exist as long as people exist. so she's been in detention since her government was overthrown. aaron has told us nuclear watchdog. busy extend a monitoring deal with the agency for a month. the theme of deal agreed in february was at the end this month and i told the regulator it would no longer have access to data from some of its nuclear facilities. once the agreement expired, the equipment and the verification and monitoring activities that we agreed will continue ass. now us, they are now for one month,
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expiring. then on a june 24, 2021. foreign ministers from jordan and egypt have been discussing the israel palestinian ceasefire. egypt played a major role and brokering the truth. they said it's important both sides respect that agreement. we learn about the priority now is to coordinate and guarantee the truth is always respected and that there is no repetition of the israeli violations that exploded to the situation. and i am once again warning against the israeli siege of shakes shara. it is very unwonted because this will escalate matters again . the issue over the illegitimate displacement of people must be dealt with and the international community must never elaborate the violations that alex a mosque must also stop at his roof when mister egypt and george. and we'll continue working together to keep an uphold the legitimate rights of the palestinian people. we will ensure the creation of
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a palestinian state with east jerusalem as its capital. the palestinian cause is central to the conflict and the people there have sacrificed. a lot of our international regional partnerships are important to create the proper atmosphere to resolve the issue. a suspect accused of war crimes and sedans, da, for conflict as appeared before. the international criminal court for the 1st time i've done hockman is charged with $31.00 kinds of crimes against humanity, including rape and killing of civilians. the head of the united nations has declared the world. busy is at war against coven? 1920. the tennis was addressing health ministers, taking part in a virtual world health assembly. the leader of some all is all position fos part is being sworn in during an adult ceremony that might not even be legal family. now, i mean mac often took the often a make shift tent on parliamentary grounds to be locked out of the building of the parliamentary speaker. and those are the headlines. it's witness next goodbye. ah
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a sudden this no more movement. lawmakers said dick alone on the move of the mobile. mimic at that because they didn't move no more fun than they could. megan thought a good a the city of milan, they'll let natalie know, but that is a little bit later on. and then john,
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ms. all at the head of about it and make them what could be along the way to the county. most the most just go over to the body the way that they want to tell me about mr. mendoza. he called the honda much so couldn't log over the homeless show, show me the number by the way. but then if you get the most, i meant to scream, don't let him have a nice how does it anymore? okay, to make you hard to mitigate. it's been
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room to to me for me get to through the need that i want to fun at lunch with another. i got to do to have the trouble. hailey math do this. i thought i had to buy that and put it on me and i cannot get my book after the barbara lee going to come a slow matter. my name is jan on all mobile land, but either way he did a bit on him for bit cronyn can not control was we got bored jap. it's not good if that that hate is better. my come i,
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i want to meet what it was going to be paying as t v. this is misty. total. total loaner, the total bombs dietetic notes are terrible with global operable producers. but i found i was on a mobile ed. they worked for with couldn't walk at the moment. the lawyer let me jump in while mobile not come up. could it be more in the morning? i was more jack and the motor went by the going where when came all the that all my mobile one moment. i don't go as long as that light is who was in the me. my for the man came here to walk,
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but i don't going to say she got to get the sort of pull hokum is and then getting me feel quarter come just come on. shit. welcoming me again on the present. so does the la normally say that the mother put get into the medicine that amount to the mom there tomorrow,
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but that would be very small. and then if i lets you make sure it goes to this because i got a melissa, $85.00 for the dusty. one says a letter for la nella them father laid on the list of whether yours is with
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care with mom. dad was hoping that some could call me or need to find out a comment, but the color and the how me shows to me was drawn and dismissed that they x. but i am dismiss danger and ms never called me. but in have at the mess that he called me last month or so long, should that have them a phone with him getting caught up by that? i'm not gonna affect my money to them. it was because i made a tour with, with good char thought. actually let me get
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a shock. me guess she left our neighbor, but i'm going to come and tell me but i'm putting my stuff to the left the economy or thought it on a because the the guy just asked you math 30 day and i mean good for them to determine who. ready the
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ah, in the oh oh, the portal your gateway to the very best to volunteer or an online content that you may have met a new program that the for our platforms makes the connections and presents a digestible, seeing each the award winning online content on their
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audience portal with me sound or gotten coming soon on now to 0 bitcoin block chain and crypto currency. disruptive technology join with me and introducing a bill to outlaw crypto currency. all the way to a fair, a financial system with big open for software, we can create money without being a government award winning filmmaker toast and huffman looks at all sides of the complex crypto crypto bit going look changed, and the internet on out sera started cheerfully in front of the next museum in amsterdam, under the protesters scattered to demand, the government is locked down restrictions and lift the curfew. the 1st in the country since world war 2, the threat is that we lose our freedoms. the protest following social listening rules are repeatedly ordered to disperse by police police. it's trying very hard
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friends. the scenario that happened last week when thousands were rioting and sitting across the ladder, after some protests and started throwing stones. and that's why your work police on horseback moved in to clear the area. oh madison and how the top stories on algae 0 e leaders are calling for sanctions and bella luce, after what they say was the hijacking of a commercial airliner. the accused bella russo freaking a bomb threat in order to force the plane to land in men's. so they get detained and opposition journalist for brandon has the international reaction. house of outrage. i mean, 1st of all, they were dumbfounded european leaders. they almost couldn't believe it. reactions initially were, were very mild until they realized exactly what was going on. i've looked at the
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timeline of the social media posts. and 1st of all, let me just glad to build the aircraft a been allowed to take off again with no bomb discovered. and then they realized exactly what had happened that a journalist have been taken off the plane that apparently for russian speaking people had also got off in minsk which raises the very grave suspicion that this was a targeted surveillance operation leading to an interception in mid air this all starts to become a really fully blown international crisis. guys me, molly. the also said she has appeared in court for the 1st time since the military crew in february. she's at a national leave for democracy. party would continue to exist as long as people exist, so she's been in detention since her government was overthrown. iran has told us near fair watch down have going to extend a monitoring deal with the agency for a month. the 3 months deal agreed in february was set to end this month around had
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told the regulator it would no longer have access to data from some of its nuclear facilities. once the agreement expired. a suspect accused of war crimes and sedans, da for conflict, has appeared before the international criminal court for the 1st time i have the last one is charged with $31.00 kinds of crimes against humanity, including rape and killing civilians. it was a leader of genre read militia when the war began in 2003 not of united nations has declared the world is at war against coven. 19 until the tennis was addressed, dressing, health ministers, taking part and a virtual world health assembly. the leader of some wars opposition fost party has been sworn in during a ceremony that may not even believable jeremy, naomi in the matter, often took the oath in a makeshift tent on parliamentary grounds. after being locked out of the building by the parliamentary speaker. those are the headlines these he's going to continue
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in all just about half an hour after witness by vaccines promising passed out to the panoramic. but the implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world. already a clear gap has emerged between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geo politics to the pure economics. the misinformation, the latest developments, what's going on here is very different. first off, the vaccine comes in the form of a nasal spray, especially coverage of the colona virus pandemic. on a jazz eda. oh, the i
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mohammad malik monica, the killer zones. i let them go and then just show oh, i found so far behind me. why on the line? i know,
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but i couldn't, you know, i just wanted to think of that as it was and i know there is a lot i know going on medical over there for the national mobile mobile. that was and that, and i say i said anything over the
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ah not a problem get back to the problem by john jones, the jews, even with some of the, of the fed up with that. but for the me in
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i can help you with that. this is not going to have to have more time because we didn't hear that. i put them in and i'm going with them. but i didn't get that idea that i could just get them as at the fun to this question because he got a question calona matter. some of them on the phone show. but at the end of the muslim hit i was
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the the pan monday by the time you called me, but i thought you had been with them. i saw them was suddenly up on a, on a mac. i mean, looked at m m yes. like you know, by eat up, i shut my joseph michael mysa. now mind going to my left hand. i don't know much about that in the today is going to be done on, on as in how the symbol, how about with them? i got to get it from of a police i'm it will be set up with a manager. this is only the most of us, but that's
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wondering if i could just me one moment meeting. okay. my coming to my coming to my place and i could, i could, i couldn't leave him back what i want, but then it took me a 2nd more that i'm on the team and i gave up. cuz then my, most me, you don't mean to me they gave you know that i gotta go to the machine. mm. mm mm ah, and i never can the men home and i went on without coming
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home. i thought i'm done with this in the cook, alonzo and show and when you get me get back
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to me and kinda go 1st to follow what was going on but. 6 i don't know, so they never read it again,
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but i never do that over. we go me to the other room is in so we can i assume that's going to work on the info at the
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the meeting i'm actually going to me who the the
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to the with the the reason for the stuff even yet. got this. yes. my mondays, my phone, my name is donna, i'm number for them to make sure that they got to watch the news. mm. yeah. i
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i thought there was none of them who can go from what i mean starting again. but building a new life in a new country is no easy to drive. the witness follows one of the last refugee families from syrian to be granted an american visa from their personal sacrifices to the families, triumph. meet the syrian on house,
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just 0. ah, ah, ah, it's time for the journey to with the sponsored by capital airways. hello, we're going to begin in patagonia where we do have a disturbance crashing into southern chile. it's going to give us some snow for southern andes and look at this. we've got it south wind into your way so much of the day. oh, your temperature is running a bit below average with a high of 15 on tuesday, toward the top and of south america, we've got our heavy pockets of rain toward ecuador and columbia, where there is the risk of flash flooding here. and this rain is just moving
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further north, pushing, shoving into central america really running from panama, costa rica, nicaragua honduras freight through into guatemala. what we will see some heavy pulses of rain for the caribbean, running a risk of a pop up thunder storm across his spend your la into cuba and jamaica. kingston has a high of 30 degrees, often north america right now. and you know, wet weather has really parked itself over southern areas of texas and that continues on tuesday, spilling into arkansas and we do have instability across the great lakes on tuesday, toronto a high of 30. but look at this, we don't really got much going on toward the se. let's, because a heat dome has set up. we could see records broken in 70 spots, including atlanta, 35 degrees on wednesday. the record is $36.00. sponsor cut on airways. talk to al jazeera, we can, the army were attacking ringo, and now they're attacking everyone in me on my do you regret?
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well, it's like we listen. absolutely. nigeria with a woman press it would be great. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on algae sera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wow. don't know how you take it, will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. the this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm about to send and this is the news are live from joe, coming up for the next 60 minutes slurries of diplomatic activity days into the israel. palestine sees far egyptian and jordanian foreign ministers hold talks on the us secretary of state,


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