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on a job, teaching english training live channels, plus thousands of our programs award winning documentaries. and to get you to put a scribe to youtube, forward slash al jazeera english. the who's the root causes of the conflict, remain the occupation default if displacement agency for palestinian says the cycle of violence will return unless the underlying issues of israel, palestine conflict a result and tension slow rapidly alex the compound and occupy these. teresa le master jewish israelis are allowed to enter
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ah, the harmony, what is their life headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 30 minutes, the us joins the leaders in condemning bellow roots diverging a passenger jet to minutes of arresting an opposition activist plus and dumped the dam of death. why some people in georgia are protesting against the government's energy plan. ah. focused on the front jaw peace between israel and palestinian groups will locked last unless the underlying issues are addressed. that's the stock assessment from the head of the human agency for palestinians who says a cycle of violence will continue if your capacious displacement of people is not addressed. friends as cold for a revival of the peace process describing israel's occupation of palestinian
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territory as apartheid. diplomatic added to james bay's report now for west jerusalem. at a news conference at one of its buildings in garza, which was itself damaged during the bombardment, the un brief to reporters. the intensity of the strikes were without. too many homes were lost and loved ones are gone. many people told me they feel helpless and even hopeless. they have no control over their lives. parents say they cannot reassure their children that this won't happen again. the head of the un agency that looks off the palestinians said that while humanitarian aid and reconstruction funding, when now essential, they were in themselves, not enough. it is not the replacement for piece of the human rights of all the root causes of the conflict, remain the occupation, the force displacement,
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of which we had a strong reminder in ships lately. the blockade on the cycle of violence or remain. these must be result. next week, all eyes will be on the us secretary of state anthony blinking, who visit the region on wednesday is vitally important that the palestinians feel hope and have opportunity and can live in security just as it is for israelis. and there should be equal measures in a, in a democratic society. that is, i think, an obligation of the, of any government. so a somewhat different tone from washington. but what's most important is what secretary blinking didn't say he gave no indication that he's going to try to restart active diplomacy, leading to negotiations between the israelis and palestinians. james bayes out just sarah west jerusalem. we want both the border crossings between israel and garza
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had been temporarily closed. the checkpoint was briefly opened on friday along for journalists to enter the strip. israel has also closed access to garza from the c. so for the hollow tis in garza with more on the closures. this is god. normally what those are, they don't give a specific reason except for security reasons. nobody understand what are the security reasons, because normally they don't give explanation. that's why most of the time has been the crossing of god has been closed for several years. this open over the, the discussion of the issue of god. god, consider the biggest open prison and the wall. it's controlled by 3 cra, think to control by egypt, by one for personal, one for good. on the 3rd one, put blood, but you just most of the, of the type of blood for security reasons because of the safety and stability in the sinai. so judge has been under emergency basis,
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most of the let's say the food or the aid or even for the industrial, comes through guys are under a specific very restricted measure control by that is still there is no indication for longer or tedious opening for the for the, the few guys i still love 3000 and fishermen are not allowed to go to the sea on a few on the fish and also still the road guys are still closed. the municipality is trying to fix as much as the code to, to solve the problem of the traffic jump. now there's the tension again that the like so most compound it occupied east jerusalem after it reopened for jewish visitors. israel security holes in his score to them, but during the visit, 5 employees of the mosque board were arrested, held up to let me spend today in the area so you can see glimpse of daily life, the palestinians living there. it was early morning when they entered the most
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compound. more than a 100 jewish settlers is quoted by really forces. it was the 1st time they were allowed in since may. 4th, palestinians, under the age of 45, were barred from entering the complex well before they arrived. and those who are already inside were cleared out. the israeli police denied that there was any restriction. those who opposed the orders were detained, including for from the slamming walk that over the site they will lead to release with condition tensions and occupied east jerusalem had been running high to the beginning of the month of ramadan. in mid april, it led to the 11 days war with gather was filming a young man being beaten up by police on april 28. so bad that he had to be taken to hospitals, broken ribs in the may, him. she didn't realize it was her son. after that,
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i only found out it was him after the ambulance took him away. imagine i was filming, and didn't realize it was my own son, his not a troublemaker. when he sees a soldier, he walks off. he was sitting here on the steps he didn't do anything. border guards stationed in 3 locations overlooking the massacres gate. the main entrance to the old city. here tempers flare up at the short notice. 2 teenagers were, as we were standing by, there was no apparent reason. we saw them as they were milling around. the gods refused to give us an explanation. that mohammed has said they were accused of throwing stones and everything is still here did in throw anything the soldier told me to didn't have an id, they will take them to the police station and the parents can pick them up from there. so it's is like this happened several times a day on a daily basis. sometimes it's difficult to know why for palestinians,
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this is part of a concerted effort to slowly push them out of their part of the city. finished the news continue occupied east jerusalem as the capital of the future state. despite president trump declaring it the capital of israel in 2017. since then, illegal settlements have expanded in the year and occupied east jerusalem. the settlers, more and more visible in nearby shifter for several palestinian families continued to be threatened with force expulsion. israeli police have blocked access to the area to all known residence, which means that could be, could only see her friends briefly. under the watchful eye of the police, it's friday and that's why my friends came to visit, but they're not allowed past this checkpoint, but jews are allowed to move freely. if we go out, we rest not being allowed to come back home. so i speak to my friends from behind
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the checkpoint, called the cease fire with gaza is holding, but it will remain a fragile one as longest tensions continued to run high in east jerusalem without the how many al jazeera in occupied is true, selim. well, during the violence, israel's prime minister that everything possible was done to avoid harming innocent civilians, the military worn sudden golf residence of upcoming strikes by phone or by what they called roof knock, striving small charges wanting people to evacuate. but he won't believe that people didn't get any warning of what was to come. he forced explains from northern garza, on the 4th night of the war, we watched his israeli artillery launched a huge attack on guard. israel latest said it was a deception to make us think an invasion was coming. effect here in beta here was death and displacement. there were no telephone warnings here. nasa, ferris tells me about the 4 children he lost that evening. they died just
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a few short steps away where they gathered with the family on the 1st day of eat. now there are just reminders here of lives ended in their teens and twenties. i saw them, i was overwhelmed. i fell down. i woke up 15 minutes later, i asked what had happened. they said nothing. i went back in and saw the bodies again. it's not bodies just pieces all over this area. but i do like it incredibly, there were also 2 survivors, a 13 year old girl and an 8 months old cousin at the rough man's father was 1st told he was dead then that he being transferred to the main hospital in gaza city. and i found him, he was colored in blood, he was sitting in, i see you 5 hours and there was one fragment in his head. it was serious injury. and there was lots of shrapnel all over his body. but others were killed in separate glass. this is 2 doors down from the rock man's house. at 45 year old
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woman killed on her stairway. we've been seeing morning tends like this one being set up pretty much everywhere we go around gaza usually. they are outside a specific home, a specific family. this one is for an entire neighborhood. the fake invasion was designed to send hammers, and other fighters into tunnels and defensive positions, only to be hit by artillery and air strikes of massive, concentrated power. and military spokesman told me dozens were believed to be killed. from a distance the landscape around butler he had does contain what could be new damage . we could only though, see from a distance, hamas does not allow the open filming of military installations still less damaged ones. invade le here nasa, ferris insist, there was no military target anywhere near his devastated street. across the street, i asked the rockman father what he now hopes for for his son's life, peace and safety. he says. as for all children, hyphen it al jazeera northern garza, valerie has been accused of faking
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a bomb threat to force a passenger jet to ground in order to seize an opposition journalist the u. s. as join lead us from across europe in condemning. well, it's been described as a state hijacking. the theme barbara this is romana, protest, savage, co founder of next. her an opposition media channel in belarus. he's now in detention in his home country where he's on a list of individuals accused of terrorist activities, flight truck, his site, showed his ryan air flight from athens to vilnius, where he was living changed course, just 2 minutes from lithonian border. the official bella, russia news agency reported that president alexander lucas shanker, had personally ordered a fighter jet to escort the plane to minsk the cross later continued its journey without romance protest. savage shanker is sort of testing the, the tolerance of the you showing that he can get along with, even at the, at the background of the strange relations with the west and being under sanctions
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and condemnation. and his legitimacy is not recognized by you literature. he can still make this powerful move, prosecuted his opponents, even those who managed to escape route lithuanian president has called it an abortion section up and called on nato. and the european union to respond were still in the preparation of the 4th sanction package, which is being proposed to the $27.00. i think it has to be adopted immediately. and obviously we, we need to consider either adding companies like the lobby or to a 4th package. if that would be not possible, then we should consider the package that would also take into account the events of today. bella, rosie's exiled opposition leader spedlari taken off. squire is cooling on the
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international civil aviation organization to start an investigation and for sanctions to be placed on the look of shank governments wouldn't question for you. each note was today. lucas shanker personally call it an international gamble, used military aircraft and civilians of bella, bruce and european countries, to reprise a single person where no one else is safe. and any one can be in roman practice savages play with this. you live on the lion, the european commission president has called bearers his action utterly unacceptable. while poland prime minister has called on the head of the european council to discuss sanctions on bela roofs. at a shadow meeting on monday, president lucas shank and claimed to victory in an election last summer, which opponents say was clearly raked. unprecedented protests by supporters of the opposition violently disrupted. human rights groups say since last august, around 35000 people have been detained with dozens receiving jail terms. the dean
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barbara al jazeera fulfill had hail and their report from minneapolis where george boy's family and friends are gathered a year after his death box global outrage. volcanic treatments continue in the democratic republic of congo, sparking fears of fresh lava flows to stay with us. i choose oh hello, nice to see, you know, the weather maker that we had, it was plaguing areas of argentina, uruguay. it's now pushed out to the south that by and take so conditions will improve. but look what it did. it dumped $48.00 millimeters of rain into a bunch of a day over the past 24 hours. typically for the month you should have $89.00. so guess more than half a month's worth of rain in that short span, there's that weather system out toward the south atlantic. so an improvement in
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conditions on monday, toward the top end of south america, the rain is falling where it should but heavier pockets for french guy and as sir non, and also ecuador into areas of columbia. now for where we can find the heaviest rain across areas of central america will really be as we head toward guatemala, honduras, nicaragua, costa rica rate through into panama. we also have instability across his van jolla as well. you know, we have seen some storms release parked over texas, lots of rain and energy off the rockies for colorado and also new mexico. but look at this toward florida high pressure in place of very dry conditions. wildfires we're starting to see they are growing. we just have voluntary evacuations at this point, once again, the heaviest rain will be over a texas on monday with a life and death struggle for racial equality in
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a deeply unequal society. fortunately, that was fine for the apartheid regime within that group. they've been very close friends like a family living together over 50 years after this torture and death in police custody. al jazeera world tells the remarkable story of anti apartheid campaigner in them up the ladder or south africa, the man who fought apartheid on a just oh, the book about you're watching, i'll just bear with me. so rom, the reminder of all top stories, the head of the even aid agency for palestinians has called for international
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support to find a long term solution to the israel palestinian conflict. felipe, last or in the sense that it's essential to address israeli occupation and displacement of people to end the cycle of violence. the palestinian foreign ministry has warmed that israeli settler tools through the most compound vist, undermining a c spot by policies were detained as israeli forces. a school to jewish settlers around the site the 1st time in 3 weeks. and bell rates has been accused of faith and a bomb threat to form a passenger jet to land in order to see them opposition journalist leaders from across europe and the us and demanding and needed explanations with the possibility of sanctions. right? it's almost a year now since george floyd's death spot protest around the world about police brutality and racism, his family and those of other black victims of police shootings have gathered in the us city of minneapolis to commemorate his death on tuesday,
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anniversary all floats. death president joe, by leach with his family at the white house. the police officer found guilty of his murder a month ago is awaiting sentencing. he has been a long year. it has been a pay full year. it has been very frustrating for me and my family for your high to change within a blink. and i i still don't know why . well of course, but my kind of choice, you know, from minneapolis and march, and of course really it's all about a community coming together to mark this poignant memorial days. mike, this isn't even coming together with one message that's repeated throughout the
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operating enough is enough. we've heard from speak up because well, that just not enough has been done to police the police to take some kind of action to report a police for o t to address the incipient racism that many argue has been a part of the section not told me in the years, george roy, i didn't pull that up. i'm joined by nico units, and george roy was good. it hasn't been done to try and make things better and nothing's been done in a moment. but obviously that's ongoing, right. ongoing process. i think the foundation finally has been made the wonder in front of my head. right. we, we finally, he was want to go up about my we finally got to the base of the mountain. we've been journey into the base. now we're at the base amount, but is it still
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a mountain rad ramos in the process? now the tragic jesup, georgia voice basel as a nationwide good faith, which is this country. now seeing this issue more that have to be done in the past . can we thank you for that? i think, yeah, i think i think, you know, his daughter said you change the world. i think that the blade right will be heard in the trial. the latent deliberate, unconscious, or lack of concern for his life was seen by the world, right. and so i think that that, that makes the conversation happen when you see something happen like that, you cannot help but are talking about it and people not, i think can hide it from anywhere. but you would, would be internet, right? you would be able to see that we have tainted across the globe. i think it so i think we're going to continue to happen with it from the reference. our shops today saying that this is not about and why it is not about prob black.
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it is about doing what is right against what is wrong. what do you think of that? i mean that's, that's the message that you've been made. the claim has been made by the virus, by every civil rights movement leader. since we had started making the statement right that, that it's clear right and wrong. it's not, you know, it's, it's, it should be very logical to everybody that i have been and it's not to put anybody down. could really just go at the, at your issue and figure it out because i thank you very much indeed. well, in congress legislation, the thing that attempting to reform the police, but it's not locked in the senate despite the please the president biden. welcome deploy family to the white house on tuesday. the family will be there that there be
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no legislation footprints that invite him to sign. thanks so much, mike, of course will continue to monitor event city from minneapolis through the day thanks. not lava from a volcanic eruption has covered dozens of homes and eastern democratic republic of congo, multiple tremors without in game on sunday, bringing concerns of further lava flows. at least 15 people were killed. most of those and accidents of thousands fled their homes. malcolm webber falls lava, started gushing out the mountain. you're gone guys. on saturday night, the volcanoes on the edge of goma city of about 2000000 people. the river of molten rock stopped on the outskirts of the city, nor before destroyed dozens of homes. some of them with people trapped inside me, but i have lost 4 people, including my sister in law burnt here in the house. oh me. what happened here is almost normal as this is the 1st time to see this in my life. the last option 20
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years ago, even more damage. so this time, some people lost everything they own with us. i. i little to know what the whole neighborhood to go up in smoke. the fire came right down to here. you know, even now we can still see lava, we climbed the volcano 4 years ago, wildlife ranges take tourists on trip to the summit. in the crater at the top. you can see the lava lake glowing and seal its heat, its way simmering at every so often. it erupt. of an active volcano is not a very safe place for a city. the people living here don't have anywhere else to go. the government promise to help the people here don't expect much from the authorities. they fail to give any warning, in spite of vulcan ologist, detecting seismic movements earlier this month. you as a gun, it work if you happen to be the volcanic erupt when the population is in the city,
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they should have given us advance notice to vacate by the by can you believe the house of the burning when the population is still here? we've lost all our documents, all her education tickets and all because we did not do thousands of people left the city mostly on foot when the erupt began. many a still scared to go home. since the eruption being repeated tremors and people warri that'll disturb the volcano and the lava will start flowing again. malcolm web al jazeera, at least 14 people having killed after a cable call plunged to the ground in northern italy. 2 children were seriously injured and taken by a helicopter to a hospital and tearing. it happened on the route to the summit of the maroni mountain, where the cables are high off the ground. in a new study in the u. k. has sound covered 19 vaccines to be highly effective against
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a very obsess detected in india. public health england says both the pfizer and astrazeneca jobs offer at least 60 percent protection to those who are fully vaccinated. but they were just 33 percent effective after one day. simon clark is an associate professor of cellular micro biology at the university of reading. he says, could a virus, we'll continue to mutate in response to more vaccines being made. these actions taken mumps to produce a single dose, contain the take 3 months for either 5 or astrazeneca. so it's not just like they can flip the switch and just work harder to produce more. it just takes longer to produce the stuff. so we don't be able to just lean on the, the, the manufacturers and tell them to work harder. we're gonna have to wait and see what they can produce. and that really was a decision made well back to the beginning of the year. we don't know what's around the corner, what's going to come out and the more pressure we put on it. we've all pie don't
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move. actually, the more likely that needs to happen. but i'm afraid that is inevitable. there's nothing we can do about that, that have been indications with things like some classic, very in all blunting of the effect of the vaccines. i should say that the vaccines and anybody really suspect that vaccines would become completely useless. but what we're talking about here is a reduction in that the potency their ability to prevent disease. that's what we're, we're measuring americans who have been for the vaccinated against david 19 can now avoid testing. health officials say that's even if they have come into close contact with someone who's infected that comes after guidance said they don't have to wear masks in or outdoors. thousands of people have rallied in the georgia capital against the government, hydro electric power projects, dozens of dams, a plan to boost georgia power supply that people living in some communities worry. they could pose a danger if there was ever an earthquake. robin forestry walker report is not for
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me to please see if he's got it may not. that's what began in a rural valley is now in george's capital, city and environmental movements against a major new hydropower project. number kalani led by this 28 year old activist. although we can, we are not going to stop that because i'm a chronic, he's not a problem. i'm just one valley. you know, this is the face of the senate problem. now mcbernie will boost george's electricity generation by 15 percent, but it's dams will flood the part of the re only valley destroying settlements, forests and threatening critically endangered species of fish. second will be pair because although that she's not migrating to nom up or sheets operating. thanks until february impacting
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hydro, logical or some like the clergy from george's powerful orthodox church have a nationalist agenda. they oppose the turkey. she company operates the many unacceptable aspects among them. if requested land will be handed over to the tech, this contractor government as capitulated and disagreement over them. usually political parties organized rally in georgia, but this is a grassroots movement and it's attracting a very broad range of support. it's an environmental awakening, and it's something new. georgia government in number money is vital to make georgia energy independent. at this moment we have, we are dependent up to 75 percent on important tricity fee. also, counties, gas, natural gas, which is important from other countries to generate electricity here in georgia. so
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if you do nothing from that, that means that by 2030 we will, we will be dependent more than 50 percent on the inputs. this is unbelievable. this is something we need to change these protest. i don't believe that big hydro power plants the answer and they've given the government an ultimatum. cancel dilemma, money project, or faith of civil disobedience. i'll be running 1st year walker out to 0. that's right. on the watching, i'll just bear with me. so robin, the reminder of our top stories, the head of the human agency, full palestinians as coal, for international support to find a long term solution to the israel, palestinian conflict. felipe lazarus, he says that it's essential to address israeli occupation and displacement of people to end the cycle of violence. the palestinian foreign ministry has warned
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that israeli settler tools through the acts of most compound risk undermining a ceasefire.


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