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tv   People Power Israels Drone Dealers  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm +03

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with house praises raising an unemployment fee goes also going up. those lower incomes may not have any churns. i've seen the dream home for quite some time. today, listen by. i'll just zira a butcher. while in the 3rd part of our special theories will look at housing in london despite an economic downturn, the market that is flourishing with prices rising, but economists are wanting, it could come crashing down. you can watch that right here on out there on monday. i hello, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the head of view, an agency for palestinians is warned. there will be no peace if the root causes of the conflict or not resolved for the plaza. reeney has been assessing the damage and gaza after the 11 day conflict between israel and gaza armed factions. and just a short time ago,
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israel closed both of the border crossings between israel and garza, along with access from the sea. so far, hulu has worn out from garza. this is garza normally what days are they don't go give a specific reason except for security reasons. nobody understand what are you to get a good reason because normally they don't get explanation. that's why most of the time gaza has been think of god has been closed for several years. this open over the discussion of the issue of god god, this is the biggest open president and the world controlled by 3 things to controlled by egypt, by israel. one for personal, one for good. on the 3rd one, put blood, but you did most of the of the 5 is claude, for security reasons because of the safety and stability in the sinai. when an exile, bella, russian opposition activist has been detained atman, sc, airport road, unprotected which his site was diverted from the to you. and you can bet a ruth,
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there's been a crackdown on descent since a disputed election last year. lava from a volcanic eruption has covered dozens of homes and eastern democratic republic of congo. the flow is said to be 3 stories high at some points and golfing large buildings on the outskirts of goma. but the city itself was largely sped by the option of mounting oregon. go with the airport fil, untouched. at least 12 people have died in northern italy after a cable car plums to the ground. it happened to me the summit of macaroni and the italian out. and it appears that the cause cable broke brazil's presidential, both nora has led a motion like possession through via generic. both scenario has been widely accused of mishandling the current of ours pandemic, and is currently being investigation by a senate commission. well, those are the headlines i'll have one use for you here on al jazeera, after people and power to stay with us. me.
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ah ah, ah. back in 2014 people empower investigators have these really alms industry had become a world leader in military drone technology. developing surveillance and weapon systems. it's used against palestinians in gaza. having demonstrated the operational effectiveness of these systems. israel then wrecked up billions of dollars in export to other countries in the 7 years since we 1st showed that film, israeli drone technology has become ever more sophisticated than deadly. and now the systems are once more in use to target and kill feller stations. what haven't
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changed, or the ethical questions around how these weapons are deployed, which is why we're sharing this episode again. it contains some distressing imagery . ah. in the last 5 years, israel has become the world's biggest export of unmanned aerial vehicles with growing sales around the world. israeli drones are being used by 6 nato armies. enough county the u. k alone had spent more than $1250000000.00 on to hear me to be made by israeli company. albert systems, france has spent over half
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a $1000000000.00 bank. the hero june from i was the 1st country to start here for the region towards. and whereas in liberal did i did 82. we already had some operational much, you know, very close. we're still in the early stages. so we got the hatch, dot o, israeli are now to the industry with the 1st company in the world to introduce jones back in the 19 seventy's. it has no benefit from an explosion in global demand. oh, my son shayton from charlotte doesn't understand how strongly i give money they should have got killed because both the nickel and the initial bob been
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got my sense of him shows that are being shot since it was a sense ocean you're malala must be the most mission, let me look at the vote down the open as well, and she'll buy adults that will build on the for your, for your machine when you're on your, for the what the limited load. if they want to get him, i know that a number without them animal can really be much. my name's my most of us to watch it on the on our in the content they go 3 major israeli companies and several smaller ones are now selling drones to other countries. their foreign customers train at israel, the military base. well, training a lot of group from europe and from canada,
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from australia. and of course our customer from the most of our customers, the person not sharing with us any operational information. and we don't want to know what they're doing with it. currently, we are engaged in the eyes of reparation and of kind of stone and the are on the job. and of course i currently operating in the northern part of a gun. it's done. this is a really capable system and it's a proven system right now. it gives us the basic capabilities, the needs me, the biggest customers of israel's to r u p. and countries fighting in afghanistan, accounting for more than half the sales brazilian india also bought israel. the us these for $3500000000.00 effectively. with a tract of them is the fact that it is battle hardened technology with proven track record. it's been used by israel,
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the forces over palestinian territories. i got the same domain, they hope of also somebody changed after the ban. norfolk of them, i mean even negative about mr. should be that big of a not the biochemical better lama the future on all of the not a none for them called the vocal guffman. and i told me, leave me your name was mine and i shook it, didn't get my head around the me talk with one of the mysteries there because because of the a missional say on the a more ha to abolish the minister. miserable and sending him half with huddling? ah,
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nothing more. forget the subtle how ma'am? so my feelings are clear. on both of you, tony. i need to warn you any mail you should be going to look up the support the whole ship body monitor, mrc a modem. i mean, yes it's been a demo of it is you're using tools really to call after the 2nd intifada erupt in 2000, they played a key role in israel's military assassination program. we had no se shalem was in the in she will not lift. now my god, look now my crops of nails done and she will not actual hon. whom so might be able
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to f for the she'll deem unit a noble. he knows as well as well as enough love to muscle and she much can get all my lab team as you had called that cove has okey, she's a sweeter tale we get. so i'm out of the mit emily for me, said my telephone, we say mathematically, mother motivated that we live with them to see my own religion. metallic optimism. i don't really show court if you confront the terrorist while he's executing its mission. this is too late in the idea is to prevent the toe is to operations from even from, from studying in these things cannot be covered by jeff aeroplanes, even other by helicopters. this is white pushed us to find a way to detect such a target in such or condensed area. in the other thing is the small targets and the
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moving targets we had to follow and to catch not only more bio, very flexible and movie target all the time. one there, but it was a last thought she was lou camacho kalina jamie me there. but confess you need michelle. a lot of them for the war plate. she'll of amounts as the pool. that's more money and you can even keep la matos maybe cool belonged on come up. i mean that i got that sure. come by him. he saw and it's like really who sharma who shall come out why michel may for who sharma millette shanty. sheila had meaning family adult is a theme among the any number of of the puerto challenged by you and i was bomb. ashley, sheet shady beder keeler mottos,
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milan them may there be troy even though here my boss cashier lie almost guilty, jimmy mike as well well on each month. what? who got a guy sharma him? it's joyce joyce, i got my bill. it was on the oh, he got it, but because you shall go nicely to some immediately i am i am many daysia only am your will. yes my money as but me don't. she'll be be done to the boys to alicia. nancy. medium them, all of them are they have actually much him of can be sure which many of she mom a lot the my, my dreams norma bananas every will ensure that she is a more last i don't is on my app for the last decade. the hermes for 50 you a yes, log more than $150000.00 operational flight hours. in more than $20000.00 successful combat missions around the globe. israel, this se,
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nation and other military operations have been used, weights our industry to showcase product and attract future customers. so home, i don't know nothing for me to say they will not be for we will be with enough people to mess with it before the sketch. of law, this automated explicitly visual mother will, can come in florida will be sent to the list. so it's a graph. 1 people in your book went up in a sense of fiction movie any on the look of what was said before. the took him to found the 2 of the machine which i'm receiving them. a lot of them hooked them from foot was me over the last decade, just been increasing evidence to show that israel doesn't only jersey for
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surveillance, but also the plays in the platforms for offensive weapons using to own to launch spike anti tank missiles at human targets. yet, israeli officials continue to deny this. they won't even confirm that the country's armed forces have any attack towards adult swimming a needle in michigan, michigan, the server market share. i'm going to kind of move from noon to features i'm looking for them. can show me what i think. sure. love to learn before my little calendar that, that the book to any and you could say, but don't you get any ca teacher, me and me a taught to him me a thought to do any share height on a like
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a high him at the him a may really holiday talk, she's i love the law. my name is mr. mitch, regardless of what he said estimate had been denied with 32 bit. becky fathers with madison been come out of him several bit much and stuff too much in his time with the old hunter. i'm any, any talk in a 2009 cables exposed in weekly league in israeli army official was recorded admitting these really use of attack drones in operation cast lit. he told the us ambassador intel of these that the us he had shot at to come fight to the israeli drains program is still classified. it is completely between fight israeli government refuses to this day even to acknowledge the program. as far as i know, there's a single image of an armed israeli drive in the public domain. i think that's
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remarkable that they've been able to keep that answered the public eye for so many years. but what we do know about it is that there are 2 unmanned aircraft that israel uses with weapons. one is the heroine. the other is the hermes, my understanding that both essays have been weaponized in both days have been used in drained, strikes, dating back to 2004. probably. how many dr. strikes have taken place since then? dozens, hundreds. there isn't any consistent data that we have many media monitoring organizations watching the cia every leave in pakistan and eminence amount. if nobody's doing the same job for israel and gaza and elsewhere. ah, in israel hasn't only exported it's joined technology. it also shows the world how to use it to deadly effect in 2004, to see
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a began its own association program in pakistan using predatory drugs. there are peroration mirrored doses, israel and gaza. what was developed by the american was copied almost 100 percent from these where they did it in. they're basically using the same technology but the but the specification was, were a little different. israel had begun to try and target killing program in november 2000 just a couple of months after the beginning of the 2nd intifada. a sustained talk to killing program and the united and britain and other allies of israel routinely condemned israel for those targeted killings. after 911, the united states changed his position and began its target killing program. so once it had gone to that policy change, the obvious people to talk to would have been is writing me
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from 2004 to the present day. do united states has launched more than 380 turn strikes and back is done in which wasn't 2400 people were killed at least 400 of them civilians. and ever since the us and its allies began using toes and dissuade official criticism from america, european about israel. e. s. s. a nation's program has been muted but around the world, public protest against throw strikes of growth as has the anger about the procurement. a few, if the technology known to cost civilian casualties in the u. k, which has spent more than a $1000000.00 bank to hermes, israel's main attack drawn in garza, these voices have been growing louder. i think britain has on many occasions, quite right, clean, condemned the settlement policy and quite rightly condemned the bombardment in
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garza. and at the same time done a lot of business with israel over purchasing of weaponry from israel. even though britain theoretically is opposed to a lot of his writing policies on garza, nevertheless, there is a great deal of technical cooperation between the us and israel in britain and israel on this. there is a huge market for drones and drone technology and some parts of drones. and indeed some was complete drones, a made in britain, and garza has been used as an advertising opportunity for those that make a lot of money out of drones. there is no inconsistency between the british government, rightly expressing concerns about some aspects of israeli internal and all foreign policy. and yes, at the same time decided to procure military equipment for the case own strategic
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and national security purpose. i do sense and uneasiness about the fact that it's the same. don't that perhaps some of the actions done was this, those are criticized by the okay. i don't sense any uneasiness. we're procuring these. they are advance pieces of kit. the technology is good, it does the job, it keeps around, forces safe on the ground. it gives a se technological military advantage. the fact that they are billed by israel or israel male may not deploy them in a different way, as a say is a matters. israel through strong evidence to suggested over the past 5 years. israeli use of attack drones has continued to escalate particular dig to 2009, gaza war nolan, israel as operation cast, lead, and the 2012 operations pillar of defense,
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dan geo. human rights watch. if you had 6 joy strikes, carried out doing cas cleared and found that they led to the death of $29.00 civilian 8 of them. children in a similar investigation after operation pillar of defense 6 joins try to have killed 12 civilians with israel, your officials refusing to discuss the use a few of these in disorder attacks. evidence has had to be found on the ground. chris club smith, a former british artillery officer and weapons expert, examine dozens of doing impact sites and gaza. i went into garza with, with an n j i both during car sled and during pell, as a defense on both occasions were in before. before the end of his hostilities, so we were conducting our 1st investigations. what we thought were the most important reported incidents. i can usually going to go into an area and analyze a sane and determine reasonably accurately what has happened. that is what,
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what weapon system has been employed? what munition from that weapon system has been utilized on that target? what are the signatures of the strikes? the 1st signature is normally quite a small crater, but it's very, very day says the significant kinetic force behind this missile. the area affected by the explosion is relatively small and very often a fragmentation effect, but not always. when the missile does have a fragmentation slate, this is in the form of one hundreds, possibly thousands of steel cubes. the cubes are employed to, to purely enhance the destructive effect of the missile does produce catastrophic effect on the human body. the it's an incredibly accurate missile and can be used to reduce any form of
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collateral damage. but my issue is, why is this miss are being used so frequently against noncombatants? mm. israeli authorities refused to allow chris cub smith to enter gaza for this filled between managed to get access to decide that struck by john smith style, doing operation pillar of defense in 2012. the weapon exploded in an olive growth, killing its own 79 year old mobile nasa. and his 14 year old granddaughter, i mean i will let him to this day. it is just clear exactly why decide to was targeted. yes or no. yes, i guess i left last season with the resident again. you know you was he's in the double suit that level
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with the double sky. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, no, i just guess as soon as the end is that will get me in the office and tell was, does it get said, do we do? was he had a 0 that's in the thing. that is, you know, got help with the funds. well, a lot. well, i'll also, i don't the lesson and i couldn't fogel who came to her window. kenneth jen. nadine would've never said you had eclipse to make a military to send this. he come to his subtle and then to learning little bit and i was miss,
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you know what i got they will have them up to speed. i got the bed and the how will she got there? she said, get the little one lead the as well with that last rule. yeah, we'll do it. so that is solely those are definitely caused by the still caves from the fragmentation slave of one of these missiles that is very distinctive. sooner on schools of occasions. i would guess that is blood and body parts from the individuals who are the victim of the strike. there are far too many incidents of use for this miss out on which are
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clearly on civilians and noncombatants. women and children groups are women walking down the road. a child playing football, a boy riding his bicycle down the road. he wasn't just struck, that muscle did not just strike nearby. it struck the bicycle itself. incredible accuracy. now this was not by any stretch. the imagination, this is not a legitimate target, it needs to be addressed why the swelling is being targeted? is it a mistake? is it a problem with intelligence gathering? is a problem with the optics was something more sinister behind? this is a great concern here of the moral use some of this technology like 2540 countries who are using drones in some capacity. today that number has risen to 75, and many of them will have attack capability in the near future. the words that have been waged from afar over gaza. galveston and pakistan are not being exploited
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to as a part of the world changing the nature of armed conflict in raising serious moral and legal questions. it is something that deeply troubles mockingbird. clifford. well, if israel's most outspoken military story and why, by definition is the situation in which the kid is mutual, where the killing is not neutral. you can't have war. you have massacre, you have oh switch. ok. that is the definition of ocean which, where people cannot resist, where only one side cues, whereas the other and that was each of was for itself or is forced to be killed. ok . so there are very serious mobile problems here. you say it's not enough to kill people and guys with drones. you have to kill yourself in order to qualify for a lawyer. well, i've yes, exactly. otherwise you're
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a butcher. that's exactly the difference between a soldier which are ok. a soldier which is all life is risk, which doesn't the, at least 230 palestinians, including 65 children, have been killed in kansas since the latest violence fled in early made the 221. the majority of them from israeli era. around 1500 palestinians have been wounded homes, businesses and critical infrastructure have been destroyed. 12 people in israel have died, including 2 children in rockford, tex launched from within casa and around 300 israelis have been wounded. finally, i mean growing international concern. the human cost with the company. a c spy has now been agreed. me
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news, news, news, news, black and brown immigrant women at the mercy of the private prison corporation. 4 lines investigate allegations of medical abuse of women held it a privately run immigration detention facility in rural georgia. you still don't know what happened here saying that you don't have a chance to read everything. an ordeal exposed by a nurse turned whistle the hour blow the whistle
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a 1000 times over. if i had no consent surgery scandal, in immigrant detention on al jazeera, you want to help save the world, sneeze into your elbow in ah, the blockade. and the cycle of violence all remain. these must be result the un will and they will be no long term peace in israel and palestine. if the root causes of the conflict continue, ah, hello there on this. and this is out of their life and also coming up you need is condense better route for forcing down.


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