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tv   Prison Lives Inside And Out When The Boys Return  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2021 4:00am-5:01am +03

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ah ah ah! watching all just bear with me, so robin doha, reminder of our top news stories, the united nation says 800000 people in garza no longer have regular access to clean water. after half of the pipes were damaged in israeli and strikes, humanitarian aid is beginning to trickle in to thousands left homeless by the 11 day bombardment. arrive, demonstration is also taking place in tell of even support of the palestinians. hundreds took part in the valley, organized by left wing and palestinian israeli political parties. hold up till he
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was there. and this is one of the rare instances that you will see is raining out against occupation. some of the slogan shown here that is now another one is the children of which is a town and started israel, that has actually been the rocket fire light intensity, and the children of god that both the to be living in peace. another noble for example, is that israeli, them to live in security and that the only way to get security is actually to end the occupation. now this rally is organized by left and one of the israeli parties. their voice is not very popular at the moment. i haven't been very,
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very when doing lecture actually they would get maybe between or out of a 151. it's a boy that has been shrinking over the past decade. is believe among the people here that the only way out of the only way to fill up my live that's iraq. between the cheese guide is actually an occupation. at least 5 people are being killed in a car accident as 1000 sled volcanic eruption and democratic republic of congo. vulcan ologist say law is having to go miss apple. jessica is a professor vulcan g at company a university. he said, scientists have recently detected activity, but this option wasn't expected. a few months ago we were to paper in which was, we were understanding that the volcano was changing its regime,
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but is also true that we are not to expect things. interruptions so heavily is, is not the fault of any one if there's not been per cause, it's probably the candidate to really come predictor, you know, often you discover that the worst promoting premonitory sign. this is the problem. we just don't forget, the volcano was regular rafting because he had a lovely can cite it means the law was the radius. but you know, the last 2 option left the very least, the 977, the 1st one, he started rupture. we know only 32 minutes and 2000 to last the a tower, 10 hours and then the lava flow for today. i'm expecting something very similar to this, but still we are not sure what we know for sure that these are option is more or
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less doing exactly what did in 2002 same kind of part one going through one then then stop before and then not one going through government. i don't know at the moment if you reach a rate to see it looks like it teach, at least the outskirts of the city. but it's very similar to 2002 very similar hospital. the neural pause video reporting arise in a rare and deadly infection. amongst some current of iris patients. notice lack fungus. don't just say it's difficult to treat g to a severe shortage of medicines. and 1000000 people have now died from current virus across latin america. argentina has gone back into a lockdown for the 1st time since last year. schools and all non essential businesses are closed until the end of the month in full of stories on our website to talk to dot com subjected through the day will use novena next. it's prison lives on out of their stay with us. on
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it will be a 3 to make 100 because with his mother, calais is no dog can not up in korea. well, me didn't sugar minute ship decker and a lot of but i mean a, a one mother and i was glee, oh, but you know me. j mclean. and look, i'm a nurse right. james, who in this method on the commission looked at kayla mine and says, and i said in the old lam estimate of a keen mackie, the roots of the kids and i had a 1000000 sir, was question, sasha, show you to me. image took a little data from the season to the new world.
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on my little gym had done my body. well, i thought that was event. hey you oh you like me unkindly because china is in terms of millions of wiggle, has less than company scrambling. one wine supply chains off the huge job losses. when will the tourism industry recover? flop out robot. good price for the trade counting because i'll just be at on this as simple despite being in germany,
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2nd tier of football and without a single major trophy to its name, it has become one of the world's most iconic teams. and it's all down to their fans . but for them some poly transcends sports. for then football is about politics, protest and music. these fancy themselves and the vanguard of a global struggle against and a phobia inequality, and racism with over $500.00 supporters clubs outside germany. they are able to spread their message far beyond their handbook home. but some police history is far from innocent. the club is sending out a warning about the rise in popularity of fall right parties like the a, f, d. nazis and fascists have no place in san poly today. a
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life and death struggle for racial equality in a deeply unequal society. unfortunately, that was fine for the apartheid regime within that group. they've been very close friends like a family living together over 50 years after his torture and death in police custody of jesse a world tells the remarkable story of anti apartheid campaigner in them on the south africa. the man fought apartheid on a jazz. the roper hotel is the hotels that i've ever stated and the biggest box you have ever seen. how does explode order taken out the hotel? this was the journey. we loved it when it was built and read even when it was a major town it or the conflict in northern ireland in the late 20th century belfast europa. a new episode of war hotels on al jazeera.
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ah play an important role protecting human. ah, ah ah, ah well channels there with nice hell robinson doha reminder of our top news stories, the united nations as 8800000 people in garza no longer have regular access to clean water. after health of the pipes are damaged and israeli, as strikes, humanitarian aid is beginning to trickle in to thousands left homeless by the 11 day bombardment and intel of e. that was a red demonstration support on the palestinian people. hundreds took part in the rally, organized by left wing and palestinian israeli political parties. over in london. the calling on the government to impose sanctions on israel. organize is one more
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than a sci fi palestinians who say they've been prosecuted for more than 70 years. at least 5 people have been killed in a car accident, as people said, of ok, kind of a rupture that came in a democratic republic of congo. some of those who fled, fled into a wonder returning home. we don't know what to do and we don't even know how to there's no information, even on the national channel. people are panicking them. and we don't know if we should stay in the house or talk. we've come from the village fling the fire from the volcanoes last looked into the sky and we saw the red color from the volcano. we are looking for a place to shelter hospitals in rural parts of india, reporting a rise in rare and deadly infections. among some current virus, patients of black fungus talk to say it's difficult to treat you to a severe shortage of medicines. they had a state in the pacific island nation of samoa has suspended parliament days before
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the country's 1st female prime minister was to be sworn in on monday. for me, no matter far was set to take over from the current prime minister who's been in papa twins 2 years. the suspension has to call for an unfolding constitutional crisis. and italy has won the 65th, the eurovision song contest for the 1st time in more than 30 years. the glam rock. then the men in claims the title thinking a phone call shut up and behave. view from 39 countries. and hope switzerland came in 2nd and 3rd world longest running tv music competition didn't lose any of its normal sparkles, despite the small crowd to, to cope with 19 restrictions. those were the headlines. more news in health now with me here on out there to stay with us because our website updated throughout the day. ah.
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me on the costs and rushes, toughest prison,
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stripped off their liberty an unexpected creative opportunity singing contest like no other offer the chance of brit and hope for the talent was risen lies inside and a tailor fingers and murders on their news . news, news, news, news. hello, we have seen a deluge of rain for the gulf states in particular, texas and louisiana. so look at this damn was breach. this is about
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a 2 hour drive northwest of new orleans. hundreds of homes threatened here. people have been forced from their homes. now if we look where the rain is on sunday, still looking like it's going to be impacting texas. let's go in for a closer look. okay, we'll keep going. we'll keep going. we'll hold it right here because we see that speed of moisture off the gulf of mexico rate in to texas, but we should get some breaks from the rain as we head toward louisiana on sunday. i want to take you to the caribbean right now, and you know, we've had our cluster of storms over the last little while that of instability through his found your lot eastern section of cuba and the you could 10 peninsula, some of those strong storms are starting to ease but toward guatemala, as we head toward costa rican panama, that's where our heavy bouts of rain will be. okay for south america, the amazon basin rivers running through there are at near record levels. just because of how much rain has fallen lately. and we've had a nasty weather maker impact areas of argentina into uruguay,
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montevideo. this is really whipped up your winds. now conditions will eventually improve for months of a dale, as we had toward tuesday. the who's a father should be a protector. who forgot tara, he was her tormentor, ah, betrayed for years she carries the evidence inside her. but will this be enough to find justice in afghanistan? patriarchal society, a 1000 girl, blank me a witness documentary announces era. the people have come to expect a lot for analysis era over the years, if they're reporting the commitment to under reported type of the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power. if
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a politician comes on this channel, they will be challenged and that's what people expect, what they want. the question answered. that is what we've always done. that is what we will continue to use. oh, our international aid start strictly into garza has the you and was almost a 1000000 people contact says clean water following israeli as strikes ah, hello civil rahman, what you know there are like, well, headquarters here and also coming up massive accusations after a volcano wraps in the democratic republic of congo with the oftener reaching the airport in the city of gala adoption scenery and.


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