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tv   Al Jazeera World South Africa The Imam Who Fought Apartheid  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2021 9:00am-9:56am +03

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you want to show the world that the good guys can sometimes when they fall behind jimmy and poly for nobody defends you, make football one just deal. ah, the jubilant things in garza and across the occupied palestinian territories. as a sci fi takes effect after 11 days of violence, i hello, i'm down, jordan this down to the are ally from dough with extensive coverage of the ceasefire in israel. and how much happened? the global concerns grew louder, including impassioned, cleans up to you in general assembly. if that is the health or nurse,
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it is the lives of children in gaza. today. the $65.00 children are among $233.00 palestinians killed in the bombardment of gaza compounding and already dia humanitarian crisis. also had gearing up to the game. but with 2 months ago, there's growing concerned that took care of not in great shape, really big. ah, walk into the program a new day with fresh hope. it's a peaceful one across israel and occupied palestinian territory. were now 7 hours into a ceasefire between israel and hammers. it aims to end 11 days of violent conflict during which garza was pounded by israeli strikes and thousands of palestinian rockets were fired towards israel. but palestinian, celebrated into the night cheers went up and garza where i'm asked. officials gave
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speeches, praising what they called a victory against israel. the celebration 2 in the west bank traffic was brought to a standstill in bethlehem. and this is how it looked earlier in ramallah central square people fill the streets, chanting wood souls and blood. we redeem you, god and fireworks are set off in the occupied east jerusalem neighborhood of shit that our efforts to force mixed with palestinians from their homes. there were a significant factor intention that set off the fighting 11 days ago. and these are pictures from the alex mos compound where they were celebrations after morning. prayers clashes in the compound where a major factor in the lead up to the conflict with families in garza who had been sheltering at you and run, the schools have begun returning to their homes. after the fire was announced, many fled to the schools on the outskirts of garza city. the un says nearly 60000
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people have been displaced. 0 human saying has more from god the people as soon as the starting of the seas fire to a hot charted tree ring and chanting, god is great and they played their fireworks and and for them today actually considered the 1st day of eve since the gresham started since the last day of ramadan, or before even the last day of ramadan. so they didn't really get to celebrate ede occasion. now i'm here at one of the homes for one of the families who their homes has been totally destructed. yet they returned from the school right at 2 30 am, despite all the destruction that is in their home because of the very bad humanitarian condition that they were living in, in the schools where there is no water, there's no electricity and they went out taking nothing with them, but these people here and now in these circumstances are compounded by the crisis
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of the very high poverty lions in the gaza strip and the very high end employment traits between the people as also there, it's dripping on the reconstruction materials that are allowed to enter the gall this trip and at the same time they have no alternative but to wait for the refund or the funding for the reconstruction of their homes. again, for the skepticism among some israelis in tel aviv flyer one class and at 8 hours they will start shooting gus rockets again and they will just try to kill our people if these fires good for humanitarian reasons. to civilians the relax a little bit on both sides. i'm skeptical though that it will really be kept for a while. i don't think israel has achieved much in there. know and you know,
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agreements about the future. nothing. it's like a big or it's like it's good that. 6 the conflict will end, but unfortunately, i don't feel like we have much time for, for the next escalation you came here, denied because we want to call for in the media at this bar. we want to stop the tech and the tech and straight away because it's costing too many lives on both sides of civilian. well hurry force at joins of live now from west through some hurry. so just talk through what the sci fi means on the ground. the what more have is really officials been saying we actually saw those celebrates 3 images from gaza on the israeli side. these are the army spokesman has been speaking. excuse me, to these really ami radio, saying that restrictions on normal life around the garza area inside israel assumed
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to be lifted during the excuse me. i seem to be lifted or at least reduced in the coming hours. the he also says that there will be a retained israeli military presence throughout the weekend on the current levels to ensure that there is no breach of the cease fire. and that these very minute remains poised to strike if there is such a breach. hamas, of course is saying the same thing. it's also saying how much the it exacted from israel concessions as part of the ceasefire in terms of israeli actions inside the very much focal neighborhood of shake gerard and occupied east jerusalem. and on the alex, the compounds deduce the temple mount as well. saying that israel had agreed to not continue its aggression in masses language. that is something that israelis are entirely denying. they say that it's a lie. they're also talking about the significant military achievement that they
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say they have conducted through the course of this campaign. the spokesman for the arabic spokesman for the prime minister, just now tweeting that they suffered extremely heavy losses. their missiles and tunnels have been destroyed and the best terrorists eliminated. so each side is trying to say that it has got something out of the last 11 days. but for now it seems that the ceasefire is just about ceasing fire in maintaining that status without any kind of further confirmation of any, any concessions yet. harry, this is why i only bring that into the current fighting as you say, the one stop conflict breaking out again. what happens next? well, that's right. it's something that we see pretty regularly at the end of these very large escalations or conflicts between israel and the fighting factions in gaza.
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again, we're hearing from the defense minister benny guns. he was saying that he has, or the israel has set hamas back by years, restoring is really deterrence. and that they will think twice about trying to learn such an attack. again, this is pretty familiar language to, to anyone who's been watching that the last 10 years, plus as for hamas, as i say, it has made these comments about exacting concessions on issues in jerusalem. it's also seen a big upsurge in celebration in protest across the occupied west bank and by the streets of and in israel itself, among palestinian israelis. and has been similar scenes of victory celebrations in many of those places too. so for us, it may well of the cancellation of the palestinian elections seemed to play as
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a sort of vindication of its status as the resistance leader in competition. of course with kata which dominates the palestinian authority, the faction of the president would boss. so it may feel that its political capital has been increased by what we've seen in the last couple of weeks set against both of these claims of victory are the extremely heavy price paid. most notably in civilian life, most notably inside garza, but also inside israel. and of course, all the destruction economic damage done as well. so that's the, the background to these claims on both sides. alright, to hurry force, life was there in western wisdom. harry, thank you. well, there are more israeli strikes in the hours before the cease fire and there was rocket fire towards israel as well. the truth broken by egypt includes other palestinian factions in garza, such as islamic jihad. the conflict claimed at least $233.00 palestinian lives in
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garza, including $65.00 children. 12 people have been killed in israel. the world has grown increasingly vocal in demanding an end to the bloodshed. un chief antonia good, ted as told the general assembly that if there is helena, is the lives of children in gaza. while speaking up to the si, fi was announced, potatoes urged both sides to stick to it. i welcome the ceasefire between gaza and the israel. after 11 days of deadly securities, i extend my deepest condolences to the victims of violence and their loved ones. i command egypt and katara for the efforts carried out in close coordination with un to help restock come to gods and israel. i stressed that israeli and palestinian leaders ever responsibility on the restoration of call to start to see this dialogue with the rest the root causes of the conference. but here at the president joe biden, welcome the sci fi saying his administration worked tirelessly behind the scenes.
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gabriel is on the has more now from washington d. c. president joe biden had come under increase pressure over the last week to do more to try to stop the violence. particularly with progresses within the democratic party, who were calling on biden to pressure prime minister benjamin netanyahu to pursue more aggressively a ceasefire. so ultimately, when biden did announce a cease fire, he wanted to show that the u. s. was very much involved in it and wanted to take some credit. we've held intensive high level discussions our by our literally egypt, palestinian authority and other middle eastern countries with the name of avoiding the sort of prolong conflict we've seen in previous years when hostile is broken out. i believe the palestinians and israelis equally deserved to live safely and securely and enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity and democracy. my administration will continue our quiet,
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relentless diplomacy toward that end. i believe we have a genuine opportunity to make progress and i've committed to working for the question now becomes as well the biden administration use this opportunity to pursue peace with israel and palestine in the region. we are getting late word now that secretary of state antony blinking will be heading to the region in the coming days to meet with both israelis and palestinians, and regional players to pursue some sort of peace agreement where these meetings will take place and with exactly whom is still unknown, but it does give an indication that at least in some degree, by and does want to seize this opportunity to pursue a more lasting piece in the region to come on the sci fi, just ahead, plus between saying the morocco illegal immigration gets ugly, up on the race to protect the arctic talk saying the fleming down the damage
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inflicted by climate change. more in that statement i just knew right here to report on the people often ignored but who must be hurt. how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas? of course we cover major and global offend, but our passion lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how find libya and her region and so many other. we go to them, you make the, we care, we stay, ah, me, i'm harry davies and kimberly, in western australia or indigenous communities, attaining with scientists to create a new approach to marine conservation. the 1st thing you learn, but we even that the, the one about what i'm offering. when do you reporting from review?
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if you're going to try is protecting by diversity defending themselves against the legal invaders, earth bride. oh no. just for ruling guns and unforgiving circumstances. children learn to pay dangerous gain. the thing is to have worn down by frustration and broken promises, young men living under the constant threat of imprisonment. they took me to the chief and blindfolded me the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys return prison. 9. inside and out on al jazeera, the world of high frequency share trading, exposed. i had this engine that was basically trading. i couldn't last $30000000.00 was a terrifying experience. how artificial intelligence as rates for stakes and risks on the money markets, there's markets go faster,
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faster. we're opening up the possibility for an instability, for no money bought on our job here. i the me. welcome back. a quick reminder, the top stories here, this se, size and effect between israel and us to end 11 days of conflict that killed at least 233 palestinian 65 of them children. 12 people died in israel. egyptian broken truce includes other palestinian factions in garza, such as islamic to the 7 celebrations across the occupied territory. this was
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a scene in garza how much official gave speeches, pricing, what they called a victory against israel value on thursday, the un general assembly held a special meeting to discuss the crisis un santoyo, but teddy said, if there is if the lives of children in garza later, both sides to stick to the cease fire. for garza's already weak infrastructure has been shattered by the 11 days of bombardment by israel. about 450 buildings have been either destroyed on damage. that's according to a you an estimate. and that includes $16800.00 housing units, nearly 2000 to bowes. i've been flattened with 18 hospitals, and clinics were hit among them was garza's only cobra, 1900 labs. now unable to process tests, $66.00 schools have been damaged and that includes 2 kindergartens and a un vacation training facility. damage to electricity lines and networks means the average power supply has been reduced to just 3 or 4 hours. and 3 water treatment
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plans have also been effected. suspending serviced about 400000 people. well, about whom as a humanitarian worker and human rights advocate in gaza. she says, palestinians obtained from the use to the cycle of conflict and truth. it took us 11 days for us to reach this point and with all was new that we're going to come to it always come to see via it's always the question on when and what will be lost on something. and we have seen 1111 days. what we haven't seen in the last years, what's more of it, so it's really disappointment the best. and so the only after 11 days and the community build up some efforts for the fire to take place. i haven't seen in my life any really strong efforts and strong infrastructure for a peace process. i don't know how this would be built on these other send messages . we keep hearing every plan after rounds of escalation and aggression. and we haven't really touched a really strong political will, and actions don't want to put us through this process. i keep thinking that we
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shouldn't be going back to the surface cole before the 11 days with tuition. and i run back by member the memory, try to remember a year where we had a good life and i can find this school to go back to. so peace became a dream or even a period yet we try to achieve. and many nations have lost the be the beauty of the years because of this field that has not been achievable. so i don't know how we're going to because i don't see a good infrastructure for it. for holiday, siobhan is a humanitarian worker and palestinian citizen. he says the situation will remain vulnerable to future escalations unless root cause is addressed. the priority is for this to end once and for all actually, it's not about the reconstruction. i mean, of course there are like very basic needs that need to be considered right away. but, but for us, but a student at this point in good. so we want this to end once and for all. and because, i mean,
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that's the problem with the not conditional sci fi or is that no conditions means that the situation is still very volatile and fragile and is, is very much vulnerable to other escalations in the future. and unless the international community pressure everyone, especially israel, to a boy by the international law, which gives us but distinctions which give us our rights to the land occupied by israel and all the other distinctions and international are known. reknown justine, android, this will not endeavour and no one will have have actual piece. so it is pretty simple and although everyone wants it to sound very complicated, it is very simple. it's just that we need or p and our, and our learn learn to be given back to us, palestinians in lebanon, and many of them, descendants of those who fled the 1948 war,
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watched the violence from afar. protesting was all they could do, but as they know how to reports from beirut, they sense a new reality is been created where he the us were, has never set foot in his homeland, but he holds on to his palestinian identity. he was born in lebanon over the decades. the 51 year old has watched his fellow palestinians fight israeli occupation at 1st with stones and now with long range rockets. but he says, the conflict now is a turning point in their struggle. there can excuse him, him, i won't take israel's because this is our land. so i say palestinians living in villages occupied since 948 played a critical role. that's the fact that they have now revolted will huffy israelis. generations of palestinians have grown up in exile, descendants of many of those who left or were expelled during the 1948, palestinian israeli war. many have felt helpless and powerless as they watched the deadliest violence in years in the occupied palestinian territories. but at the
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same time, they feel the narrative is changing. recent events have highlighted the underlying reasons behind the repeated cycles of unrest and violence. the fact that there is a people oppressed suddenly real, a lot of judge, the world is reacting. there is support for the palestinian people who sing the injustices day and you will know that there is an occupation for they know we have a cause a cause that has not gone away. the latest violence was not confined to gaza and palestinians in the west bank occupied jerusalem and across israel mobilized a few months ago when we visited this camp, the feeling among palestinians was different. they had lost hope when some arab countries find the normalization deals and establish size with his ro, the trump administration called it the dawn of a middle east. they now tell us the palestinians who are resisting are showing the
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world those accords won't bring peace to israel. little hi, hausteen's not relying on rulers, but the people who are filling the squares from the united states to arab countries, to europe carrying the palestinian flag. lamb and remains did 1st, people live except to be perceived or humility, to seize out of the attack on the uk, some mosque and attempts to drive more palestinians from their homes in jerusalem triggered the latest round of violence. but the policy of explosions dates back to 1948 of mohammed who is older than the state of israel is living proof that their l 0. they root. let's look at another world news now and officials from the international olympic committee due to wrap up 3 days of talk with organizers of the tokyo game. there's increasing speculation about the fate of the event with just 2 months to go to the opening ceremony. japan's vaccination drive has been slow less than 4 percent of a 125000000 people have received at least one shot robert bry reports. mike is
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a national olympic teams have been going through the usual build up events, while all of them recognize these games will be right now. other that's assuming they go ahead. we're all well aware of what's going on. you're copying as an athlete to know that. and we don't want to threaten to take the security off the japanese as well. that's really important for us. brazil, one of the country's hardest hit by the pandemic, is vaccinating its athletes and accompanying officials with other national olympic committees doing the same. such precautions on depend, the international olympic committees continuing confidence that the games will go ahead. the i c has offered to the organizing committee to have additional medical personnel has parts offer the c delegations to support the medical operations. but
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a request from japan's olympic organizers for medical staff to volunteer to help out has been criticized in japan, where a widespread state of emergency is still in place. you know, just over finishing rulers in japan, if there's a risk of a very st region. anything here, you know, in addition of people who will also bring variance. so at this point, i believe it's impossible to hold olympic 15. that's a view consistently supported by opinion polls in japan. but any decision to cancel the games would be an extremely costly one. the budget has already ballooned to $16000000000.00 with only part of that covered by insurance, and japan knows its loss from a cancelled games will be measured in far more than just dollars. i do think that losing face and reputation has something to do with it. certainly, the money is a big factor, but it is true that japan has been working over the last decade or so. to have
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this be its moment in the sun just 2 months to go. and there's still no guarantee the newly available team uniforms will finally get to be paraded at an opening ceremony. rob mcbride al jazeera, but then the death toll from corona virus in india has again gone up more than 4200 people lost their lives in the past 24 hours. but the number new cases has fallen on thursday. one of india's cobra, 1900 vaccine manufacturers, but up biotech announced plans to increase production. india is facing a severe shortage of jobs. just 3 percent of it's 1300000 people have been inoculated. the face shows has reimpose corona virus restrictions off to a spike in cases more than 60 percent of the population are fully vaccinated. and the government's been trying to reopen its tourism industry. but since visitors started returning in march with no vaccination required cases started to rise.
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schools and shops have enclosed while bars and casinos were now shut. early. spain is accusing morocco of blackmail over its apparent loosening of border controls. after thousands of refugees and migraines crossed into the spanish enclave of this week, spanish police detained as many as a 1000 people who swam into the field from morocco or climbed fences. bennett smith has moved from the spanish military standing guard again here at the beach at theatre. just on the other side of the fence is morocco. and it's bare around jesse that thousands of migrants cross earlier this week and the ability with which they so easily cross seems to have been influenced by how the moroccans on the other side decided to enforce or not enforce. border security. morocco is displeased by decision of the spanish authorities to allow entry to spain the hospital treatment to per him golly,
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he's the leader of the policy mario front. it seeks independence from a rock and run western sahara, but this event is not gone without tragedy. earlier today, a body washed up on the beach here. so if all the only known vitality from that crossing and an indication of the desperate circumstances that there are in morocco and elsewhere in northern africa. and yet another indication of how people a desperately trying to leave those countries in search of a better life. in your authority, in greece, of all the evacuation of more villages threatened by a wildfire west of athens, more than 200 firefighters are trying to stop the plays. a large area of forest has been scorched and several homes destroyed. now the 8 nations of the arctic council have agreed on a new 10 year strategic plan, but the conference in iceland has highlighted tensions within russia and it's 7
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polar neighbors. full brennan, ripple. the frozen north of our planet has long been the cause of contested rival race less than a century since explorers 1st set foot at the north pole. climate change is causing the sea ice to recede, dramatically, opening up the world's smallest ocean to the globes. biggest super pass and to intense geopolitical competition. the arctic council brings the 8 polar nations together, along with indigenous representatives. and together for the 1st time, they've agreed a 10 year strategy for cooperation on climate environment or science and maritime safety. the arctic council needs to ensure a stronger attention to indigenous peoples rights, and protection of our cultures to ensure the development is truly sustainable and that no one is left behind. we are committed to advancing a peaceful arctic region or cooperation prevails on climate. the environment,
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science and safety, and we're sustainable economic development benefits the people of the region. by 2040 it may be possible to sail to the north pole across open water. but as the region becomes increasingly accessible, economic development, extraction of natural resources and strategic interests are being hotly contested. russia is expanding and modernizing its military faces along the arctic rim, rebuffing criticism by pointing out that nordic members of the nato alliance, so also bolstering thin military presence in the final. there's 2 or 3 was a thruster, but of course we're mostly concerned about what is happening next to our borders. know why is our closest neighbor with which we have very good relations. however, problems linked to the escalation of military political tension remain because of foreign troops in norway and in the baltic region. if the baltic, you only last month, no way agreed with the united states to all, to see a lot of territorial control in the form of military bases. 4 of them which do not
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a state have an interest in and obviously the objective is quite quite clear that would like to use this, this presence in norway in order to challenge russia and are at the end of the council. the ceremonial gabble was passed on to russia, which intends to use its chairman ship to prioritize sustainable development in the foreigner. but of course, any development strings, environmental impact friction between the natural human worlds and increasingly the possibility of political and even military conflict. pull brennan al jazeera ah type of critical headlines here on just a ceasefire. and i think between israel and mass aiming to end 11 days of conflict, but killed at least $233.00 palestinians. 65 of them children. 12 people died in israel. egyptian broker truce includes other palestinian factions in garza,
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such as the islamic jihad, the live and celebrations across the occupied territory. this was a scene in garza and an official gave speeches, praising what they called a victory against israel. the penetration to the occupied west bank traffic was brought to a standstill in bethlehem. and these are pictures from the alex. i'm most compound where they were celebrations after morning. prayers clashes in the compound were a significant factor in the lead up to the conflict. but you as president joe biden, also welcome to cease by saying his administration works hard behind the scenes. we've held intention, high level discussions, our by our literally egypt, palestinian authority and other middle eastern countries with the name of avoiding the sort of prolong conflict. we've seen in previous years when,
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how still it is broken out. i believe the palestinians and israelis equally deserved to live safely and securely, and enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity and democracy. my administration will continue our quiet, relentless diplomacy toward that end. i believe we have a genuine opportunity to make progress and i've committed to working for an un chief antonio cottage has urged both sides to stick to the cease fire. early on thursday, he spoke at a meeting of the general assembly on the crisis. he said if there is helen earth, if the lives of children and garza, in other news, the daily death toll from current of virus and india has again gone not more than 4200 people lost their lives in the past 24 hours. but the number of new cases has fallen. those are the headlines that is continues here, now jazeera off, the people empower stage, and thanks for watching back. i am sorry,
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should be about raising prices, and this is hardly down to the time down there. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world. we live in prime minister who has the task of fixing a war torn economy. counting the cost on al jazeera, the back in 2014 people empower investigators at these really arms industry had become a world leader in military drone technology, developing surveillance and weapon systems. it's used against palestinians in gaza, having demonstrated the operational effectiveness of the systems. israel then wrecked up billions of dollars in export to other countries in the 7 years since we 1st showed that film, israeli drone technology has become ever more sophisticated than deadly. and now the systems are once more been used to target and kill palestinians. what haven't
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changed? are the ethical questions around how these weapons are deployed, which is why we're sharing this episode again. it contains some distressing imagery ah, in the last 5 years, israel has become the world's biggest export of unmanned aerial vehicles, with growing sales around the world. israeli drones are being used by 6 need to arm it's scanning. the u. k alone had spent more than $1250000000.00 on to hear me. you made ben israel, the company, albert systems, france has spent over half
9:35 am
a $1000000000.00 a bang to here on june from i was the 1st country to start seriously. actually read it was dodge and whereas in liberty and i did 82, we already had several national much. yeah, america was still the early stages. so we got the hatch don't. oh, israeli are now to the industry. the 1st company in the world to introduce jones back into 19 seventy's. it has no benefit from an explosion in global demand. ah, the only thing i'm going to son shayton, michelle, i'm going to fill out another darling. i get money. they should have got killed because of both nickel neil bob and ben got my sense of him shows up
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a shot. since it was a sense ocean, they must, they must be the modem or the mission of motor, both the federal government as more and she'll buy adults and one of them will build on a for over and your for your machine on your, on your, for the want the food or limit that's any manager may want to get a might come across and i know that a couple more can really vino much man, most of us watch on the push on our team because they they go 3 major israel, the companies and several smaller ones are now selling drones to other countries. their foreign customers train a disraeli, military base well training a lot of route from europe, from canada, from australia. and of course,
9:37 am
our customers from the most of our customers are not sharing with us any personal information. and we don't want to know what they're doing with it. currently, we are engaged in the eyes of operation and of kind of stone and the are on the job . and of course i currently operating in the northern part of i've got this done. this is a really capable system and it's a proven system right now it gives us the basic capabilities to the needs me, the biggest customers of israel's tools are you p and countries fighting in afghanistan, accounting for more than half the sales. brazil in india also bought israel. the us these for $3500000000.00. effectively. what attract of them is the fact that it is battle hardened technology with proven track record. it's been used
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by israeli forces over palestinian territories. i got the same domain, they hope of also somebody changed the stuff, the norfolk of all them, a mega level book usually should be flail garbage of the biochemical better lama future. and then i'll take a none for them. call the vocal government and i told me leave me a name was mine and i shook my head around the me talk with one of the mysteries there because because of the a missional say on the a more ha to above and below the mister miserable and sending him half of the arms huddling? ah,
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yeah, this morning. there's no subtle how may i am i williams and i was trying to warn you any mail you told me to go and see what's going on. somebody called mother sickness, a modem. i mean, yes. the baton with a demo of israel users to really to call after the 2nd in decide they wrapped it in 2000. they played a key role in israel's military associations program and no say share them with in the in she will not left now my god, look, now my crops up now do now she will not flush one room. so mind being for the
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shooting. you want to be noble, he knows, as well as enough love to muscle and she wish konica. could all mallard team cover that covers okey? she's a ascii suite to tale the floor. i'm a get so i'm out of the mit emily for me. faith, my telephone was mathematically mother motivated, that religion went on to say my own religion metallic up to him. i don't really sham court. if you confront the terrorist while he's executing its mission, this is too late. in the idea is to prevent the toe is to opperation from even from, from starting in. these things cannot be covered by jeff aeroplanes, even other by helicopters. this is white pushed us to find a way to detect such a target in such or condensed area. in the other thing is the small targets and the
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moving targets we had to follow and to catch not only more bio, very flexible and movie target all the time. one. but it was a last thought she was lou camacho kalina jamie me there. but confess, you need a michelle, a lot of them to get out the war plate. she'll of amounts as he bought more money in shit. and even darky le matos may be called belong. don't come upon me. that shall come by him. he saw and sula giddy, who sharma, who shall my wife mccomb may for who sharma mallette shanty, shall i mean him? family. a dog is mostly among the any number of the poor, shallow sh finding. my family sheep shady, bitter kayla. mottos me,
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london. may there be troy, even though here my post cashier lie almost guilty, jimmy mike as well while on each month. what? who sharma him is joyce joyce, i got my bill. it was a monday or he got a helper because i had some immediately i am i am many daysia been only am your will? yes. the my money i don't she'll be be delta a dish. let me actually meet them. are they have actually, i need a mushroom of grandma, which any, many of cima latino, my dreams, norma, banana. they have a will, each of the she's a more last i am. she is on my app for the last decade. the hermes for 50 you a yes. log more than 150000 operational flight hours in more than 20000 successful combat missions around the globe. israel's assassination and other military
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operations have been used weights, arms, industry to showcase products and attract future customers. so home, i wish my nothing for me to say them will not be fully with will be with enough of us. see most mostly with the schedule to reflect that new visual mark him come in florida will be to the list. so it's a graphical. 1 him for them to do some to do one up in fixture reveals that in the, on the look what for the month of our mission said before that took them from the 2 of the machine, which i'm receiving, load them onto the hook them from foot was me over the last decade to spin increasing evidence to show that israel doesn't only jersey for surveillance,
9:44 am
but also deploys in as platforms for offensive weapons using drones to launch spike anti tank missiles at human targets. yet, israeli officials continue to deny this. they won't even confirm that the countries armed forces have any attack tools at all. i mean, neither one of them much, much again, mark is a full. this year i'm going to kind of some of the names. i think if you just, i'm not entirely sure what are the things you love to learn before week level my kind of little calendar that that the book to any and yeah, you could say, but don't you get any ca teacher, me and me a talk to him me a thought to do any share height if you on a like
9:45 am
a high him at the surely dirty him a may really holiday to say look, that all my name is james damaged, regardless of what he said. estimate had been denied with 32 bit becky fathoms with matt, and some of them come out of him. several bit mushing stuff to talk to much in his time without the old i'm any, any talk in 2009 cable exposed in weekly in israeli army official was recorded admitting these really use of attack drones in operation cast lit. he told the us ambassador in television that the us he had shot at to come us fighters. the israeli drains program is still classified. it is completely classified it, israeli government refuses to this day even to acknowledge the program. as far as i know, there's not a single image of an armed israeli drive in the public domain. i think that's
9:46 am
remarkable that they've been able to keep that answered the public eye for many years. but what we do know about it is that there are 2 unmanned aircraft. the israel uses with weapons. one is the heron. the other is the hermes, my understanding that both essays have been weaponized and both of those have been used in drain, strikes, dating back to 2004. probably how many joint strikes have taken place since then? dozens, hundreds. there isn't any consistent data that we have many media monitoring organizations watching the cia every leave in pakistan, eminence amount, if nobody's doing the same job for israel and gaza and elsewhere. oh, israel hasn't only exploited it's joined technology. it's also shown the world how to use it to deadly effect in 2004, to see
9:47 am
a began its own association program in pakistan. using predatory drugs. there are peroration mirrored doses. ezra and gaza. what was developed by the american was copied almost 100 percent from these where they did it in basically using the same technology. but the but the specification was, were a little different. israel had begun its own target killing program in november 2000 just a couple of months after the beginning of the 2nd intifada. a sustained talk to killing program and the united and britain and other allies of israel routinely condemned israel for those targeted killings. after $911.00, the united states change its position and began its target killing program. so once it had gone to that policy changed, the obvious people to talk to would have been is writing me
9:48 am
from 2004 to the present. a united states has launched more than 380 turn strikes in pakistan, in which wasn't 2400 people were killed at least 400 of them civilians. and ever since the us and its allies began using toes and dissuade official criticism from america, europe, about israel, the assessing nations program has been muted but around the world, public protest against throw strikes of growth as has the anger about the procurement. a few. if the technology known to cost civilian casualties in the u. k, which has spent more than a $1000000.00 bank to hermes, israel's main attack drawn and gaza. these voices have been growing louder. i think britain has on many occasions quite rightly condemned the settlement. the policy and quite rightly condemned the bombardment in garza and at the same time
9:49 am
done a lot of business with israel over purchasing of weaponry from israel. even though britain theoretically is opposed to a lot of his writing policies on garza. nevertheless, there is a great deal of technical cooperation between the us and israel in britain and israel on this. there is a huge market for drones and drone technology and some parts of drones. and indeed some was complete drones, a made in britain and garza is being used as an advertising opportunity for those that make a lot of money out of drones. there is no inconsistency between the british government, rightly expressing concerns about some aspects of israeli internal and all foreign policy. and yes, at the same time decided to procure military equipment for the case own a strategic and national security purpose. i do sense and uneasiness about the fact
9:50 am
that it's the same. don't that perhaps some of the actions done was this. those are criticized by the u. k. i don't sense any uneasiness were procuring these, they are advance pieces of kit. the technology is good, it does the job, it keeps around, forces safe on the ground. it gives us a technological military advantage. the fact that they are billed by israel or israel male may not deploy them in a different way as a say is a matter of israel. through strong evidence to suggested over the past 5 years, israeli use of attack drones has continued to escalate particular dig to 2009 gaza war nolan, israel as operation cast, lead, and the 2012 operations pillar of defense,
9:51 am
dan geo. human rights watch. if you had 6, jo strikes carried out doing cas cleared and found that they led to the death of $29.00 civilian 8 of them. children in a similar investigation after operation failure of defense 6 joins try to have killed 12 civilians with israel, u officials refusing to discuss the use of these in disorder of attacks. evidence has had to be found on the ground. chris club smith, a former british artillery officer and weapons expert, examine dozens of doing impact sites and gaza. i went into garza with, with an n j i both during car sled and during pell, as a defense on both occasions were in before. before the end of his hostilities, so we were conducting our 1st investigations. what we thought were the most important reported incidents. i can usually going to go into an area and analyze a sane and determine reasonably accurately what has happened. that is what,
9:52 am
what weapon system has been employed? what munition from that weapon system has been utilized on that target? what are the signatures of the strikes the 1st signature is normally quite a small crater. but it's very, very de says, the significant kinetic force behind this missile. the area affected by the explosion is relatively small. and very often a fragmentation effect, but not always. when the missile does have a fragmentation slate. this is in the form of one hundreds, possibly thousands of steel cubes. the cubes are employed to, to purely enhance the destructive effect of the missile does produce catastrophic effect on the human body. the it's an incredibly accurate missile and can be used to reduce any form of
9:53 am
collateral damage. but my issue is, why is this miss are being used so frequently against noncombatants? mm. israeli authorities refused to allow chris cub smith to enter gaza for this filled between managed to get access to decide. the unit struck by john smith style doing operation. pillar of defense in 2012. the weapon exploded in an olive growth given its own 79 year old people. he and his 14 year old granddaughter, i mean i will let him to this day. it is not clear exactly why decide to his targeted yes or no, i don't. yes i am, but i see what the fellow read it and again you will. he's in that double
9:54 am
that level with the double sky. whoa, whoa. will season hard to get to the end. is that really good? yeah. oh no. hello was dollars get said, do we do? what's that look in the theme that what head is you know with the sun? well, last well, i'll also i do the lesson and i couldn't fogel can to head to wind. we kinda thought a general idea of and that said you had to make a militia to send that come to his last letter and then and i would miss your son in law.
9:55 am
got the history of up to speed. got this issue that we haven't had when she got there and she said that's the one as well with that as well. last rule. yeah, we'll do it. so that is solely those are definitely caused by the still caves from the fragmentation slave of one of these missiles that is very distinctive. sooner on schools of occasions. i would guess that is blood and body parts from the individuals who are the victim of the strike. there are far too many incidents of use for this miss out on.


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