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really brings the brilliance of the past to light. last point credible almost doesn't look real all we've done is block out the mud from the room and then allow it to come through the small old preserved one of science in a golden age on al-jazeera. palestinian stage a historic strike across the occupied west bank and israel but the day of rage tons of violence with 4 killed in the protests. all in support of those on the israeli bombardment in gaza. a lot i'm adrian forgetting this is al jazeera live from doha. what is the
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business. if it does not come rushing to help us the palestinian u.n. envoy says security council inaction is costing lives it's again failed to find consensus. also ahead of iraq on board a god is seen waving people through as thousands of refugees and migrants make their way into a spanish on place. the 1st palestinian national strike in decades across talk occupied territory and israel has ended with further violence and bloodshed life i was exchanged during protests in the occupied west bank 4 people were killed aboard that 160 injured. the event was called to support those on the bombardment in gaza is skyline we can see right now it's relatively quiet for the moment after another day of israeli
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airstrikes and in the past few hours israel's air defense system known as the iron dome is intercepted more rocket fire from gaza more on that shortly. but we'll begin with the protests and violence across the occupied west bank al jazeera abraham was speaking to a demonstrator live on air when gunfire broke out. what makes you think that this was saddam. crowds are leaving we're not sure what's going on both are safe and need our continued reporting from ramallah throughout the day another of our correspondents who are a force that was in bethlehem he tells us how the day unfolded there. this is a well known road at one end palestinian protesters driven by years of occupation
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what 2 recent human rights reports have defined as a party and good and sustained by events in jerusalem in gaza at the other implacable militarized position of the israeli forces blocking the way and more. this is how this day would play out huge shows of force pushing back the crowd then young men in small groups gradually approaching within tens of meters of the israeli fortifications peppering them with rocks and glass marbles the. israeli tactics varying from attempting to russian detain them to overwhelming them with tear gas and foul smelling water to considerably worse so israeli forces are strengthening their position after those stone throwers got pretty close to the checkpoint here and as you can see on the road just in front of us a sniper team has taken a position later as we reported live there was no rushing no show of force simply
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sniper fire from a protected position on unarmed protesters one man fell injured in front of us and was taken out by ambulance one among many here among dozens across the occupied west bank. near the legal settlement of a del close to ramallah the gunfire was at one point going both ways this is a rare shooting attack on an israeli military position during a confrontation a sign of the seriousness of this current upsurge in violence 2 palestinians were killed here 2 israeli soldiers injured i think. it needs just on the spot because we are leaving this place. this discrimination in. place of. that's that's the. this equation this has been declared a national strike and a day of rage observed to an occupied east jerusalem confrontations breaking out at damascus gate. and in shift where
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a long simmering protest against forced expulsions of palestinians has in part fueled this wider violence in the southern occupied west bank city of hebron a palestinian was shot dead by israeli forces who said he was carrying a knife a homemade gun and an explosive device. a brutal day to add to the tally of the last week or it will sit bethlehem in the occupied west bank where at least 218 palestinians have been killed in gaza sense israel's military offensive against palestinian groups began a week ago that includes $63.00 children the humanitarian crisis is getting worse a convoy of international aid trucks started rolling in at one point but israel suddenly close the border crossing again citing security reasons the u.n. is calling for it as another crossing to be reopened. it is critical that the air is crossing is also point for the entry and exit of critical humanitarian staff humanitarian access into and out of gaza for staff and goods must be sustained and
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appropriate measures taken to ensure safe movement within gaza overnight we received extremely worrying reports of additional of additional infrastructure civilian infrastructure being hit in gaza including in the central kovan $1000.00 testing lab and other health and humanitarian facilities in addition we continue to receive reports of significant displacement of palestinians within the gaza strip in southern israel palestinian rocket attacks killed another 2 people and injured 14 of us the un security council met for a 4th time but again failed to reach any consensus al-jazeera is kristen salumi os the palestinian u.n. envoy about ongoing efforts to push for a cease fire can you say clearly you're going ahead with this meeting of the general assembly on thursday due to your frustrations at the security council but in the last 24 hours president biden has finally called for
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a cease fire elevated his rhetoric did that give you any hope that today coming out of the security council the united states might have softened its position a bit on a statement are you seeing any difference and their level of engagement in the last 24 hours or do you think that's window dressing at this point we welcome any effort by anyone in order to expose the process of putting an end to this aggression. certainly president biden he is a powerful leader capable of influence influencing the israeli leadership to accept a cease fire you know called and we sincerely hope that he can succeed in his efforts with the efforts of everyone else who is involved in this endeavor to reach an agreement on a cease fire as we speak any time soon our objective is to put an
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end to the tragedy and the suffering of all of the speaking in front of an israeli fighter jet prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowed to continue hitting hamas and its allies and. our enemies see what price we are charging for the aggression against us i'm sure they will learn the lesson we will continue the operation in gaza no matter how long it takes and we took on hamas years back and the enemies around us are learning their lessons of what we can do to them if they dare to attack us amass a spokesman said the bay too will fight on. come on and let me make it clear our operation jerusalem sword is ongoing relentlessly the israeli enemies betting on the factor of time and how many losses they think they can inflict upon us but it's a losing bet because the resistance in gaza is ready for a long battle and on all fronts with the grace of god when the israeli enemy keeps targeting the women and children it is clear that they have failed and they cannot achieve much when it comes to their so called bank of targets also let me make it
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clear there is no free truce and that any talk about truce must be with each jews and condition us is ready and in the occupation will not enjoy security unless the palestinian people enjoy the same the same goes for our beloved. lifestyle to go on to serious software. for a sophomore what's the situation in gaza right now. well after the last hour intensive israeli air strike on the south of gaza. we can say that more israeli raids but less than that one that was carried over the those who were cut it out in the south we could hear some explosions in south guards are north and the central area but these these are more selective meaning we don't see more than shell compounds. like in the previous night. the
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minister of health said that one palestinian killed 8 others injured in the latest wave. of fire in the south of the gaza strip on the other hand palestinian armed group also deferred more rocket towards israel we could see from here. trying to intercept the rockets that were fired from gaza. how are people dealing with this continuous bombardment you say that tonight so far. have been fewer attacks on residential areas that must be coming some relief to people but obviously there's a there's a long way to go before the night heads. people here are a stick and watching and listening to the news around the clock so far most of the indications are negative regarding the reaching the cease fire people out of all of
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all of the population the 2000000 people of gaza are staying at home and waiting for the most of them they have been telling us hume a few minutes ago one of the houses in gaza just a few 100 meters in the background one of the houses had been warned by the israelis to evacuate the house we had the 10s of their neighbors they have also diva kuwait because once the israelis bombard the house the targeted house some other houses will be either damaged or destroyed so this is the case in many places all over the gaza strip also when 'd the last attack and the south of the gaza strip behind you and as. we speak about 60 strikes carried out by the fighting jets we could we could hear or we could full up through the social media and through the
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phone calls that we made went to check with people living there and with journalist based in the south of the gaza strip we had these air strikes have shake the whole area and that has lots of panic and fear among civilians it was a late hour when these attacks cut it out last night dr. concentrating in the north of the gaza strip the night before in gaza city and so on. so it's means it's seems that the airstrike or the strength of the fire is moving from south north central area and so on. al jazeera has suffered all khaled reporting live from gaza software for the moment many thanks indeed in the news ahead scientists lay out how technology can better help us meet global emissions targets. a critical covert situation in colombia where intensive care unit beds the fast running out.
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how it's very much a game of change across north america at the moment we got lots of warm sunshine across eastern parts of the continent surface of the west we are seeing some wetter weather just spilling in of the rockies and it's going to make its way over towards the plains at present the winds coming in from the south so or as a warm direction here and that warm sunshine stretching up into a good part of canada where he picked getting up to 30 degrees celsius 18 there in calgary so not too bad here we got that plume of walts then across many central and eastern parts for the time being but you can see that cool air case over the high ground over the rockies it will make its way further a switch in the form of fun to read downpours across much of the plains anywhere from texas louisiana arkansas all right up into the midwest and central parts of
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canada where he picked back to around 23 celsius as we go on through where the state to the east of that is fine until i'm warm sunshine they say getting up to around 31 celsius so i just something a little colder there just around the mountain states and we'll see if this snow coming in here as you go on through the eve pushing up into alberta some heavier showers sense essential parts of canada would pick at this station a woman that around 16 degrees but the heavy rain continues across the deep south and the warrants to the east. but. cultivating food is the foundation of human civilization but food today is a global commodity if the industry did not make money how many people would be at work and how it's cultivated the contentious debate public interest in the public safety is definitely not taking precedent and in-depth examination into agribusiness and the conflicting interests at play industry doesn't want any
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regulation it just want to put the products on the not get the price of progress on al-jazeera. to to. again this is 0 the main news this hour the 1st palestinian general strike in decades has been held in the occupied territory at israel but it ended with further violence and bloodshed 4 people were killed and 160 injured in the west bank 2 israeli soldiers were wounded. israel's continued its bombardment of gaza at least 218 palestinians have been killed since the military offensive against hamas and other palestinian armed groups began a week ago. and the u.n.
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is calling for another crossing to be reopened to provide badly needed humanitarian aid to gaza a convoy of international aid trucks started rolling in at one point but israel suddenly closed the border crossing again citing security issues. francis filed a resolution at the u.n. security council calling for a cease fire the country's president has used a major summit the push for peace emanuel mccraw hosted talks with egypt's president abdul fattah el-sisi in paris with jordan's king abdullah joining by video conference the 3 nations agreed to launch a humanitarian initiative for palestinian civilians in gaza where strikes by israel have crippled infrastructure in gaza nearly 450 buildings have been either destroyed or badly damaged that's the latest u.n. estimates that includes $285.00 housing units which are now uninhabitable leaving 2 and a half 1000 people homeless 6 hospitals and 9 primary health care centers have also
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been either damaged or destroyed among them are those operated by the palestinian red crescent and gaza's early coded test lab $41.00 educational facilities including schools kindergartens and higher education centers including one operated by the un of been hit even as more than 42000 people seek protection in 50 schools operated by the un and the supply of electricity is now down to between 6 and 8 hours a day basic services including water and sanitation have been disrupted. but we just refuse g council has released footage of the optimal for his radio strikes which it says killed dozens of children in the homes. the council says that 11 of the children killed by israeli bombs in the past week were getting help for trauma they'd already suffered it says the children aged
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between 5 and 15 were at home when they were killed earlier we spoke to musician and activist roger waters in new york he spoke about the part for the people like him how. i could stand on this rooftop and shout at the top of my lungs and i'm not saying until somebody hears me because people do him me i actually do have that but. i can encourage the choir to sing with a louder and louder and louder voice every day not just in palestine but all over the world to saying we shall overcome together because we will because this situation is completely untenable everybody with an i.q. above room temperature knows that israel is a failed son is experiment it it's over but this will not go on and we're still looking at pictures of this man here in his blue shirt with these eat the dying owed deeply deeply damage child in itself and yet somehow the
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united states of america refuses to lift a finger to stop it and they could joe biden could stop this in a heartbeat. why don't they don't know but that's all i can do all i can do is to and he knew to express my absolute outrage and to try and stop people my heart is with you my heart goes out to i lead you let's put an end to this cease fire now. as the rest of the day's news european union is urging morocco to stop the irregular entry of migrants into spanish into spain the spanish enclave of say a little far for can coast 6000 people have crossed from morocco into say it's a after swimming or walking around the coast dozens also reached melia spain's other own place the spanish government is or has already sent back many of the
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recent arrivals as the theme baba reports. tuesday in see you later and still they kept coming around 6000 migrants including roughly 1500 children made it from morocco to the spanish enclave in a little over a day some had swum around the border fences sticking out into the mediterranean sea or used rubber dinghies others simply walked across at low tide one young man is known to have drowned dozens of being treated for hypothermia the adults were transferred to suit his main football stadium but those thought to be miners were sent to warehouses run by the red cross and other groups the spanish government is now sending $400.00 extra troops and police to boost souter's border force while appealing for calm you know the more the last thing a migrate area and humanitarian crisis of this nature needs is for political leaders to show hatred or fear we therefore call on everyone that responsibility prudence and a sense of order prime minister pedro sanchez has canceled
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a trip to paris for a summit on international aid to africa instead he's traveling to see you to which is separated from morocco by a 10 meter high fence meanwhile madrid's dismissed suggestions the sudden rise in migrants arrivals is linked to a diplomatic route. last month morocco reacted angrily when it emerged that brahimi the head of the policy front had been allowed into spain for covered 90 treatment the algeria backed group has fought for decades for western sahara as independence from morocco analysts had warned the rao over carli could push the moroccan government to limit cooperation over illegal migration and other issues brussels is now urging it to stop any more people trying to reach spanish territory the most important thing now is that morocco continues to commit to prevent the regular departures and that those that do not have the right to stay are orderly and effectively returned spain says it is expelling all those who vented suitor
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illegally but it's not clear if that applies to unaccompanied migrants under 18 who are usually allowed to remain. al-jazeera. scientists say that new technologies must be used over the next 30 years to help bring greenhouse emissions down the report by the u.k.'s royal society has laid out a road map and it includes developing projects to protect forests grasslands and other ecosystems in a way that makes profits for local communities they also say the better weather modeling systems would help to reduce carbon emissions by nearly one 3rd and the batteries could be better utilized for storage on electricity grids and to decouple dies transport of manufacturing another they want to develop as carbon capture where missions stored and kept out of the atmosphere michael dorsey is co-founder of the sunrise movement established to stop the climate crisis he joins us now live
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from detroit could tell you this michael what do you make of these proposals. adrian you know it's interesting incurious that the roses side he would soak us on new technologies the fact is is that we've already got the technologies that we need to get to net 0 emissions we've got great technologies like so soul of photovoltaics wind hydrogen all those renewable technologies exist now and they're going to be the things that we need to scale they're going to be the things are going to also scale in time those are the things that exists today that are set for purpose and set to scale and we don't really need to rely on what's going to come in 10 a 15 years and it's also surprising as it is disappointing that the royal society would focus on bonafide broken speculative ideas in technologies like carbon capture and storage the best estimates put that coming online perhaps by 2040 maybe 2050 and still not being at the scale that we need to get out ahead of the unfolding climate crisis so we can applaud the role society but unfortunately
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applause are not enough all right so it's an interesting intervention but but if it falls way short as far as you're concerned. well not as far as i'm concerned as far as the peer review literature is concerned as far as a great number of scientists you know colleagues like mark chicken senate stanford many many others michael mann university and savannah have made the case done the math done the science that we can actually achieve net 0 emissions with existing technology the limiting variables are actually not the technologies they're actually the politics and the economics it's also curious and sad that the royal society didn't focus on the need to massively increase the monies that we have behind existing technologies and to massively breakthrough some of the the political barriers right now we spent almost 5 trillion dollars on funding fossil fuel technologies that's a conservative number by places like the international monetary fund so the failure to check the existing problems and to put our hopes on technologies to come it's unfortunate that the role society would land there how much more has to be done and
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what about fair share is it is it rights that the rich and wealthy nations should should be able to claim. targets that apply similarly to poorer nations who don't pollute so much well you're spot on and think about share shows you know it's one thing to talk about national emissions and national net 0 goals but really we've got to focus on share share that for the fact is that rich countries have much more responsibility for the problem of unfolding climate change and they have to pay more there's a lot of science on that as well it's sad that the royal society didn't recognize that really gets talked to michael many thanks dave for being with us michael dorsey there of the sunrise movement from detroit. more than $1000.00 people are missing at least $27.00 are dead after a barge sank during a powerful cyclon off the western coast of india search and rescue operations are underway with other vessels also grounded or adrift cyclon tar tape is now
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weakening after making landfall in the state of gujarat on monday evening i was here a shallop ballasts reports. a rescue effort in the middle of a cycloid off india's wisconsin the navy an air force rarely does 3 barges with 700 people on board when to drift name mumbai one used for accommodating workers on offshore oil rigs sank tuesday morning with dozens of people missing these men were the 1st to be rescues. the barges were pulled from their holdings a cyclon top say pushed up past carola towards gutierrez laden image rift in the arabian sea. this was the most powerful storm to hit the region in more than 20 years the indian meteorological department categorized the storm as extremely severe it brought gusts of up to 210 kilometers per hour one level below india's highest supa cycling category r.e.b.
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term looters or since that was damaged goods are walking out with you that brad has resulted in this well go are your storms out 5 last long over there are a b. and c. . and this was the result on land the storm surge battered properties for hundreds of kilometers down india's western coast the swell reached 3 meters in some areas mumbai's famous gateway of india was flooded further inland heavy sustained rain swollen streets winds of up to 165 kilometers an hour damaged hundreds of homes mumbai authorities closed the airport and urged people to staying indoors. the cyclon added pressure to india's health system. really at breaking point after now $25000000.00 cases of covert 90 in these districts are areas this is another disaster situation above because the
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situation that's under way and in fact all the 4 states along the west coast which have been affected by this cycle but to varying degrees. are high incidence. this state's. 580 covert patients were moved from field hospitals to safer locations in mumbai well in northern good drought states who coated patients in hospitals within 5 kilometers of the coast will relocate it a low turn at how supplies are arranged for nearly 400 days ignited covert hospitals with the storm weakening as it moves further inland people are cleaning up the whole thing off shore search and rescue operations are successful charlotte dallas. india's daily coronavirus death toll has reached a record high of more than $4300.00 fatalities were reported on tuesday but arbor of new infections though continues to fall and i believe that's because less
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testing is being done meanwhile there are reports that india isn't likely to resume major vaccine exports until october at the earliest more on that now from elizabeth products in new delhi. it was about 2 months ago that the indian government decided to considerably slow down exports because they realize that they don't have enough at home and about a month ago they halted india was the biggest contributors to the un's kovacs program which provides back things to no income countries and because it's had to stop fast so low income countries such as india's neighbors. many in africa are scrambling to find alternatives but despite stopping the export something like 66000000 they either donated all sold before realizing realizing that they didn't have enough even though they've stopped the exports they still don't have enough vaccinations have fallen by 50 percent over the past month and states have been
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left now to try and make deals with foreign vaccine manufacturers none have been able to so far because the government even though it made everyone over the age of 18 eligible for vaccine from the start of may it hasn't grabbed up production to meet that increase in demand when india has the capacity to produce the 60 percent of all the vaccines in the world. it is good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha the headlines 0 the 1st promise to be a general strike in decades has been held in occupied territory and israel but it ended with all the violence and bloodshed 4 people were killed 160 injured in the occupied west bank 2 israeli soldiers were wounded israel's continued its bombardment of gaza at least 218 palestinians have been killed since the military
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offensive against hamas and other palestinian groups began more than a week ago the u.n. is calling for another crossing to be reopened in.


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