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that's what i observe really does he ask the questions that people should be accountable and also it would get people to give their view of what's going on. be the hero the world needs. washing. a general strike across the occupied palestinian territories and israel more than $160.00 protesters are injured. and israel pledges to step up its airstrikes on gaza made growing concerns over the humanitarian cost. it was it would alone barbara sara you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up the most powerful cycloid in more than 2 decades hits india's west coast dozens of
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people are missing and the border crisis that is testing spain's relationship with morocco ate it sounds and people cross into the enclave of zwick in a single day. it was it was. the thank you for joining us it was described as a day of rage but the 1st general strike in palestinian territories for decades has ended with further violence and bloodshed 4 people were killed and more than 160 injured in the occupied west bank when protests that began with stones thrown and tear gas deployed the send it into reported use of live ammunition by both sides 2 israeli soldiers were also wounded that there's also been no end to these really bombardment of gaza with more airstrikes and rockets returning in the other
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direction after only a brief overnight palls in all 217 people have now been killed in gaza 61 of them children with thousands more injured and homeless people have been killed in israel including 2 children now while the toll from the violence mounts there was hope of a breakthrough to the humanitarian crisis with israel agreeing to open a border crossing for aid to deliveries but it was quickly closed while palestinians protested near an illegal israeli settlement close to her my land the occupied west bank al-jazeera as they do even he was interviewing a protester live on air when the afternoon gunfire broke out. what makes you think that this. is a case of. hearing the crowds are leaving we're not sure what's going on. a confrontation
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a little earlier on today at least 3 people were killed in calls from patients there when israeli forces opened fire on the demonstration both the protester being interviewed and out zero's need to abraham more safe and they need to has continued reporting from ramallah this is her nate history port 4 palestinians were killed on tuesday 3 of them in the confrontations with the both seen in different cities in the occupied west bank the 4th has been killed by israeli forces fire in the morning and how braun and the israeli army says that he attempted to carry out an attack against israeli forces that are near the ibrahimi mosque be are but the rest were killed in these confrontations that we've seen erupt in different cities in the west bank and the most intense of those was at the northern entrance of from all of this is near the legal supplement of bits where we've also witnessed an
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exchange of fire between what we believe are palestinian fighters and the israeli soldiers but in general the use of life ammunition has been intensifying by these 3 d. forces even before we witness that exchange of fire and we've seen dozens of palestinians being injured some were carried by ambulances to the hospital some by private cars or there were also violent confrontations between israeli security forces and palestinian protesters in bethlehem in the occupied west bank harry force that has more. there's been a group of palestinian youth here very close to an israeli military post they've been throwing stones and right now israeli army have moved in and they've managed to get one of the men involved so throughout the day this is what been we've been seeing the sort of skirmishes we're starting throws will get quite close within
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a few dozen metres of this military position built in to the separation wall between the occupied west bank and israel and they have had now come in to arrest or least detain one of those stone throws earlier they rushed them and they took up a sniper position on the road in front of us this follows a long afternoon hours worth of protests and confrontations here in bethlehem bethlehem often see these sorts of scenes at times like this it has been through 18 months of covert restrictions which of really devastated the tourist heavy economy it's been through more than 50 years of occupation of course and so these frictions these confrontations between israelis and palestinians often take place here and of course. now as well but what do you see in jerusalem
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and gaza in recent days. while israel's prime minister has warned the military operation against her. will continue. and. our enemy see what price we are charging for the aggression against us i am sure they will learn the lesson we will continue the operation in gaza no matter how long it takes we took on hamas years back and the enemies around us are learning their lessons of what we can do to them if they dare to attack us. well imran khan is in southern israel we're going to have an update from him a little later 1st though let's go to suffer through in gaza. we are hearing that the israeli military has warned of its plans to target other locations new locations in gaza what else can you tell us. well from what we see here from garz our after 9 days of reporting we could see the most of the targets specifically those in the last couple of days most of
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them are governmental buildings security buildings training count belonged to a palestinian fighting groups but in the 1st days of escalation we could see. most of the targets where is it the presidential buildings including the building which is full floor and i'll just get up building one. some more others and the neighborhood of 46 palestinians has been killed from here we could see we could report about the targets. that were targeted by the israelis on the other hand we could say that in the last couple of days. the strength of the fire although it's still the same but the targets have been the targets are different from the previous days of skull ation the previous days of the 1st days they were
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targeting residential buildings. residential compounds but now with the fire is more intensified on. offices security bases police and so on but still also even the palestinian fighting groups also that it used to live in a fire today for example they use more mortar shells towards israeli soldiers stationing across across across the border line with gaza which is something unusual in comparison with the previous days also go back to the humanitarian condition which is deteriorating because of the 9 days of israel it's collation on gaza the minister of health. so far more than 1500 palestinians have been injured and that the hospitals of gaza are not able to deal. with such huge
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number that is beyond the capacity of the ministry of health itself number of them have been sent to egypt for so deceive the medical treatment they also said that yesterday. one of the labs covered 90 labs all you one actually covered one to love had been. seriously damaged and they had to stop all that covered 19th floor up also they said that the department of covered 1000 in the hospitals. and told. injured people reception. i mean by injured people those who were injured in the 9 days of us collation they have been appealing the 'd international community and the humanitarian organizations to to send to provide the medical sector with the medical supplies that are running out from the from the gaza hospitals also
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thousands of palestinians they have to leave their homes or they were forced to leave their homes because of the have a bomb being near the borders between gaza and israel are now taking church you are in school for shelter and so in general there are other humanitarian crises also including electricity water supply water desalination sewage etc. many aspects to the suffering of the people of gaza right now south to the latest from gaza suffered thank you. well earlier israel opened the border crossing in the southernmost corner of gaza which is near the border with egypt now it means that aid can now flow into gaza that was welcomed by the un but so far only fuel supplies have made it in with the opening of cream scholem crossing today it has allowed dozens of fuel trucks from under the law to enter gaza
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regrettably other essential humanitarian cargo was an able to cross it is critical that the air is crossing is also open for the entry and exit of critical humanitarian staff humanitarian access into and out of gaza for staff and goods must be sustained and appropriate measures taken to ensure safe movement within gaza overnight we received extremely worrying reports of additional additional infrastructure civilian infrastructure being hit in gaza including in the central coast in $1000.00 testing lab and other health and humanitarian facilities in addition we continue to receive reports of significant displacement of palestinians within the gaza strip that's good others there is a monk who is in southern israel well let's follow up on the from the temporary opening of that border crossing because 8 of course is urgently needed in gaza right now but so far it's just not been able to get through. well what
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happened has been a very confusing situation all around it began in the early hours of the morning where some aid was able to get through good before that happened he's really released a statement saying the border sorry the barrier into gaza was shut nothing was going to get through that was very quickly followed by statement saying well actually we're in discussions to get aid through now there were a number of trucks the united nations sent into the karim. crossing some of those trucks all still there we understand they weren't able to cross once the barrier was shot so now we don't know what happened but at some point in the often ng 3 jordanian army mobile military mobile medical hospitals came straight past us but they didn't even make it as far as the crossing they got about half a mile down the road was just that way and they stopped and they were turned around
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and they went back and we tried to speak to the driver to understand what had happened the israeli police simply moved on saying we want allowed to speak to the dr i spoke to a senior u.n. source who told me there's no more aid getting into gaza we simply haven't been able to get it through what happened today is there was sustained wind bodman from the israelis by air land and sea that was followed by rocket attacks from gaza coming in now what was happening there was really interesting because we saw rockets coming they were intercepted by iron dome the so-called rocket defense system but still 10 people injured 2 of those actually died of their injuries they were farm workers we also heard that 2 soldiers in separate incidents had been injured one of those was actually at that border crossing into gaza whether that played into the israelis decision not to let the aid in we're not sure but remember
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this aid isn't a magic. it is not going to immediately solve all of gaza's needs it's simply a trickle and everybody in the community that we've spoken to as used that exact words a trickle now as all of that has been going on we've been hearing from the israeli military spokesman who said tuesday into wednesday there's going to be an unprecedented strike force on cause a and they'll be targeting areas that they haven't talked to before. worrying development there imran khan with the latest there from southern israel iran thank you that the most senior palestinian diplomat to the u.n. has urged the international community to recognize people's right to resist israeli occupation often you hear some say is an ideal has the right to defend itself what rights do we have do we have the right to resist occupation do we have the right to go to
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a lock some most and to the church of the holy supplicant and exercise our freedom of religion without oppression so those who lecture to us about human rights then look at what is happening to the vulnerable palestinian people who say enough is enough or protests against israel's actions are gathering momentum around the world libyans have joined the global solidarity rallies for palestine hundreds of students as well as people living in the capital have demonstrated in front of tripoli's university they're demanding an immediate end to israeli violence and the forced expulsion. of. palestinians from their ancestral homes from israelis from their ancestral homes and pro palestinian events have also been held in the u.s. under its of people marched outside the ford car plant in michigan president joe biden was on a visit there at the time. and some to come here on al-jazeera why it could soon be
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time for car mechanics to hang up their primaries and joe biden is apparently all for it. however the weather remains rather cold and shabby across much of europe but there is some wealth around got some decent spells of warm sunshine a full spine of post go through the mediterranean and all the way up into that eastern side overarching see the messy picture that we have across the central processor we have showery right now shows well not a little further east which as we go on through wednesday so moscow pick back to about 26 hours here very beginning up into the thirty's over the last couple of days so still some walked around but it's all getting a little more mobile look what's coming into that western side if europe as we go
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on into the 2nd half of the week so we'll say some cloud of the right spilling in from the atlantic fading in across all and the british isles seeing some very a wet sand windy weather on seasonal west windy yet again showers there into central passed through the low countries into germany eastern areas if you cooling off in moscow to around 22 celsius put down towards the south we're still getting into the high twenty's grace will see temperatures 28 celsius there for athens and a similar value to form a trade so warm sunshine continuing across spain and portugal and across a good part of northern africa because the show was of course showing the hand now around west africa will see some very heavy rain there started to fade up across a good part of the gulf of guinea. most people will never know what's beyond this storm. been inside 100 pounds and. how we believe this type. danger every day.
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most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath is precious or if it is not an option. but we're knocked most. the only the room. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera the 1st general strike in palestinian territories for decades labeled a day of rage has ended with further violence and bloodshed life fire was exchanged during protests in the occupied west bank 3 people were killed and more than 160
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injured the israeli bombardment of gaza meanwhile continues 217 people have now been killed there 63 of them children 12 people including 2 children have died in israel. and there was hope of a breakthrough in the humanitarian crisis with israel agreeing to open a border crossing for aid to deliveries but it was quickly closed again israel blaming mortar rounds. gives take a look at some of the day's other news now and let's start with india the country has hit another record of high daily total of deaths from cope at 19 with $4300.00 reported on tuesday that's the spike the number of new infections continuing to fall across the country about 260000 cases were reported on tuesday down 30000 from the day before reports suggest that india is not likely to resume major exports of vaccines and that at least october elizabeth poor on them is in the
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capital new delhi with more now on why the export of vaccines is being delayed. it was about 2 months ago that the indian government decided to considerably slow down exports because they realize that they don't have enough at home and about a month ago they halted them india was the biggest contributor to the un's kovacs program which provides vaccines to no income countries and because it's had to stop that low income countries such as india's neighbors may have a strong younger many in africa are scrambling to find alternate sources but despite stopping the export something like 66000000 they either donated all solved before realising that they didn't have enough even though they've stopped the exports they still don't have enough vaccinations have fallen by 50 percent over the past month and states have been left now to try and make deals with foreign vaccine manufacturers none have been able to so far because the government even
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though it made everyone over the age of 18 eligible for vaccine from the start of may it hasn't brand up production to meet that increase in demand when india has the capacity to produce the 60 percent of all the vaccines in the world. at least 27 people have been killed by a powerful psych lone that hit the west coast of india cyclon cocktail made landfall in gujarat state on monday evening rescuers are searching for 93 people missing after a barge carrying oil workers was caught in the storm off the coast of mumbai charlotte bellis reports. a risk you were a fish in the middle of a cyclon off india's wisconsin the navy and air force rarely does 3 barges was 700 people on board when to drift by one used for accommodation workers on offshore oil rigs sent tuesday morning with dozens of people missing these men were the 1st to
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be rescues. the barges were pulled from their holdings as cycling tops a pushed up past carola. it's good you're right lead an image rift in the arabian sea. this was the most powerful storm to hit the region in more than 20 years the indian meteorological department categorized the storm as extremely severe it brought gusts of up to 218 kilometers per hour one level below india's highest supa cycling category there are even to reduce abortions are those damages are robbing robert you at brad has resulted in well go are you know storms and 5 frost long over there are a b. and c. . and this was the result on land the storm surge battered properties for hundreds of kilometers down india's western coast the swell reached 3 meters in some areas mumbai's famous gateway of india was flooded
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further inland heavy sustained rain swollen streets winds of up to 165 kilometers an hour damaged hundreds of homes mumbai authorities close the if orton urged people to staying indoors. the cyclon added pressure to india's health system already at breaking point after now $25000000.00 cases of covered 19 in these districts are areas and this is another disaster situation above because of a situation that's under way and in fact all the 4 states along the west coast which have been affected by this cycle but the varying degrees. are high incidence . states. 6 580 covert patients were moved from field hospitals to safe locations in mumbai well in northern states who covered patients in hospitals within 5 kilometers of the coast will relocate hit
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a low tone at how supplies were arranged for nearly $400.00 days ignited covert hospitals. with the storm weakening as it moves further inland people are cleaning up and hoping offshore search and rescue operations are successful challenge ballasts. spain is facing a diplomatic and humanitarian crisis after more than 8000 people crossed from morocco into the enclave of ceuta half of them have been sent back but it's a sign that the peninsula just across the strait of gibraltar from europe is an increasingly tempting route out of africa now the reports tuesday in see you and still they kept coming so much swarm around the border fences sticking out into the mediterranean sea used rubber dinghies others simply walked across at low tide one young man is known to have drowned dozens have been treated for hypothermia. the adults were transferred to suit his main football stadium but those thought to be
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miners were sent to warehouses run by the red cross and other groups the spanish government is now sending $400.00 extra troops and police to boost seaters border force while appealing for calm. in the last thing a migration free and humanitarian crisis of this nature needs is for political leaders to show hatred and fear we therefore call on everyone that responsibility at the presidents and a sense of order prime minister pedro sanchez has counseled a trip to paris for a summit on international aid to africa instead he's travelling to see you to which is separated from morocco by a 10 metre high fence meanwhile madrid's dismissed suggestions the sudden rise in migrants arrivals is linked to a diplomatic route. last month morocco reacted angrily when it emerged that brahimi the head of the policy front had been allowed into spain for covered 90 treatment the algeria backed group has fought for decades for western sahara as independence from morocco analysts had warned the ra if
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a colleague could push the moroccan government to limit cooperation over illegal migration and other issues brussels is now urging it to stop any more people trying to reach spanish territory the most important thing now is that morocco continues to commit to prevent the regular depart just and that those that do not have the right to stay are orderly and effectively returned spain says it is expelling all those who vented c.u. to illegally but it's not clear if that applies to unaccompanied migrants on the 18 who are usually allowed to remain with the 000 meanwhile the us president has called for more government investment in electric vehicles and a visit to a ford auto plant in michigan joe biden says he doesn't want this country to fall behind china with sales of electric cars predicted to overtake traditional petrol and diesel models in the next 18 years from reynolds reports from los angeles and
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what could be a big changes ahead for some traditional industries bester mechanic john choi has done servicing and repairing cars for 30 years he emigrated to los angeles from korea and own his own repair shop i like the hands on. walking you know taking put it in no mechanical work you know has no more but there are big changes on the horizon for mechanics everywhere as governments and automakers transition to electric vehicles in order to slow global warming california and china plan to ban sales of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035 the u.k. canada and many european countries say they will follow suit by 2040 general motors folks for toyota and other companies are switching to cleaner vehicles the bided ministration wants to spend $174000000000.00 to encourage u.s.
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drivers to switch to electric vehicles that may be good news for the planet but for auto mechanics not so much according to u.s. government statistics more than 700000 people in the u.s. have jobs doing auto repair or maintenance but as electric vehicles gradually replace internal combustion models those jobs may disappear why because the new generation of cars doesn't need much maintenance or repair a piston engine vehicle has has an engine it's got a transmission for it it's got a drive train that accommodates set. at electric car has none of that you don't need oil changes you don't need june ups you don't need you know a new spark plugs or anything like that you don't have to flush the radiator or put in antifreeze none of that stuff at all goes away with an electric car for over a century auto repair business is gave immigrants and people who don't have college
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degrees a good living well there's no question that electric vehicles are going to eliminate tens of thousands if not more of traditional jobs in servicing automobiles choice sees the change coming so they'll be eventually disappear so is going to be all clean jobs you know like on electrical with computer works things. it's going to be all change governments and economists say over time new jobs will be created in a clean energy economy and mechanics will still plenty of gas engine vehicles to work on till those cars wind up in the junkyard years from now but with electric cars set to dominate the future the auto repair industry is headed down the same rude is the horse and buggy robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. meanwhile the italian super car manufacturer lamborghini famous for its high performance petrol engines says it will produce only hybrid cars by 2020 for the lamborghini c.n.
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became its 1st petrol electric hybrid when it was launched last year and now they are investing $1300000000.00 in converting the rest of the range to hybrid power and producing the company's 1st all electric car by the end of the cade. you can find out much more on that and everything else we've been covering on our website al-jazeera dot com. and our reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the 1st general strike in palestinian territories for decades labeled a day of rage has ended with further violence and bloodshed 3 people were killed and more than 160 injured in the occupied west bank when protests that began with stones thrown and tear gas the cloyd the send it into very poor.


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