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if you want to help save the world's. sleazy you're over. the edge the over the edge. war planes launch another series of heavy air strikes on gaza while palestinian factions fire more rockets at israel. i'm fully back to boyer one chain al-jazeera live from doha the latest on the israel palestine conflict coming up digging for survivors israeli airstrikes flattened buildings in gaza killing dozens meanwhile at the united nations the
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security council meets but fails to agree even on a basic joint statement about the conflict. and in other news devotes that will give women more say in rewriting chile's dictatorship erect constitution. israel's bombardment of the gaza strip has now gone on for a weekend shows no sign of ending it has launched a new wave of airstrikes on the palestinian enclave over the past hour the israeli military says they're in response to the latest barrage of rockets hamas fired towards ashkelon on sunday the u.n. security council met to discuss the crisis but was unable even to agree on a joint statement of concern the death toll now stands at 197 palestinians including 58 children 10 people in israel have also died let's bring in our. live for us from gaza it's looking like another tense night soph what after what's
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already been the deadliest day since the latest escalation tell us about what's happening. on the southern just. 55. shake gaza city we have been learned ducked the targets included several military bases and security bases in gaza. and east of gaza city also next behind the main compound of shifa hospital which is the biggest hospital in gaza city we received information about a 4 floor a 4 story house building bombed in the center of gaza city but the news we received that 2 people evacuated the house before the bombing. as i said 55. until now $55.00 israeli airstrike carried out by the fighting just which the
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strongest kind of explosions. i mean they caused a huge sort of the biggest explosions in comparing with the artillery. and the drone explosion so all the information that we have received that the fire is intensifying on. the military bases security base is. empty and evacuated training comes that belong to a policy not fighting groups still checking if there are victims in this next attacks so. before this up dark hours or 2 hours before this attack the fighting groups specifically. the military wing of hamas will not get some brigades. the new project focused towards. normally when.
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the rockets are fired towards special about means that the strength of the fire is deliberately fied for certain pet. bosses normally now there is an understanding that whenever. the talks of. furious or seizing the fire fails the fire is intensified so we are expecting now the military wing of hamas as they told in a statement that now they will fire a new kind of rockets called s h a t n i we don't under know yet what does it mean or what the stand for but no we are expecting the military wing of hamas to fire rockets as they said to it's a new record that they will fire towards israel. has just gone past 2 am now in gaza where you are and as you say another tense night we will be checking in with you suffered for the latest updates from where you are well sunday was the
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deadliest day of israeli air raids since the latest escalation laura birdman lee has more on a day mocked in gaza by digging through rubble. the survivors in a room flattened by rocket fire. and the sign of life a man calls back in july to. this residential building was struck by israeli rockets in gaza city. as a lawyer team talked to him and we'll get him out in a minute we hope that his sister is alive as well and we can get her out to others didn't survive. it's delicate work for rescue teams. pulling survivors out with their hands ensuring there are no people alive before they inch forward with an excavator. the number of people under the rubble is still unknown as we heard from the families and the neighbors it's a large number. from
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a number of people buried under the rubble it's clear they didn't have enough warning to flee before the residential buildings were destroyed. israeli rockets and artillery fire in the gaza strip have been the heaviest since it began a week ago. $21.00 members of the same family were killed in one explosion what happened be targeted for hours continuous mom boardman launched on one specific neighborhood as a happened and i witnessed 3 whole neighborhoods where bombs were continuous hours and they did not only bomb both residential buildings and people innocent civilians they targeted the roads through this neighborhood. a teacher and mother tell just sara that her children are too scared to close their eyes at night when the bombing is at its heaviest. they're not coping absolutely they are terrified all the time they're just listening carefully if it's going to be any warning. they just
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afraid to close their eyes that the night they don't want to sleep i struggle every single night to put them in their beds they don't want to go to sleep because they know once they close their eyes something bad was. during the bombing many families being forced to retrieve the bodies of their loved ones from the snake. handlers and now the father devastated by the loss of this child who never got a chance to crow up. noura personally al jazeera. meanwhile 6 israeli police officers have been injured in a car ramming incident in occupied east jerusalem the attack happened in the neighborhood where israeli settlers are trying to forcibly expel 4 palestinian families who live there a warning harry fawcett's reports begins with the moment a car crashed into the offices. in shakespeare after weeks of
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sight of tension and protest a new level of violence. 6 members of the israeli security forces injured the driver shocked his seat seconds later witnesses told us the man a palestinian from occupied east jerusalem shouted. as he approached on edge israeli forces driving our team and others from the immediate area. for palestinian families further down the street of facing imminent forced expulsion from their homes their fate driving many of the protests that preceded the descent into the air strikes rocket fire and comical violence of the last week. was the focus of so much of the simmering tension that we saw here throughout the month of ramadan tension that sparked violence that has spread far beyond here violence it is continuing a short drive from an israeli settler was filmed taking aim at palestinians to were later reported shot and injured these were the arrests that followed in a settler israel's prime minister calling the explosion of racial violence the 2nd
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front in this crisis the other front has so far not relented more heavy rocket barrages out of gaza in our school on a synagogue was struck israeli attacks on gaza are also unrelenting the toll in people killed in displaced in homes destroyed still mounting israel's security cabinet reportedly not discussing a rumored move toward cease fire negotiations the prime minister taking his argument on to u.s. television were trying to degrade hamas as terrorists and to degrade their will to do this again so i hope the want to klong but it's not immediate but there's also a report any gypped offered a truce hamas said yes you said now why well that's not what i know and frankly hamas thought that it could just fire in a rocket and then sit back and enjoy immunity that's forth by night the checkpoint had been reinforced with heavy blocks even if
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a ceasefire is coming between israel and hamas the violence here in the occupied west bank and in israel for now has a momentum of its own are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. the u.s. has told the u.n. security council it's ready to offer support if israel and hamas seek a cease fire that says china accuse abidin administration of blocking a joint resolution on the crisis christenson only has more from the united nations . it was the security council's 3rd emergency meeting in a week but the 1st in public and it started with an appeal by the un chief for the fighting so halt the senseless cycle of bloodshed terror of the struck them must stop immediately all parties must respect and threaten with that in law international human rights law reflecting the urgency of the moment some council members had their foreign ministers participate that was also the case for the palestinians israel is the thieves who have entered our
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house and it is the right thing in our family. if the stories are home. prices or people innovation after innovation. after picking and then. the security that it be nice us israel's u.n. ambassador accused hamas of carrying out indiscriminate attacks for political gain and putting its own civilians at risk israel sees everything villian death as a tragedy hamas sees every israeli civilian death as a victory israel uses its missiles to protect its children hamas uses its children to protect its missiles even as the violence escalates the u.s. has blocked the security council from speaking with one voice emphasizing instead
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it's only a shin efforts the united states has made clear that we are prepared to lend our support and then offices should the parties see a ceasefire norway china and tunisia have been leading work to negotiate a joint statement of the council frustrated by the lack of security council action on an issue that's been on the council's agenda for more than 70 years china's foreign minister called out the united states as the only dissenting voice and promise to keep pushing until the council can speak as one christian salumi al-jazeera the united nations on a sound speak to albert wolf he's associate fellow at the school of advanced international studies at johns hopkins university is via skype from philadelphia in the u.s. very good to have you with us mr wolf the u.n. security council heard police today to end the violence but no action so far do you get a sense 1st that there is real international pressure that israel can respond to.
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well there is there is international pressure that israel can respond to but right now 1st of all the u.n. is not the appropriate forum and the 2nd thing is that there isn't any sort of multilateral pressure that's being exerted right now say the u.s. is not the u.n. right is not the right forum then if not the u.n. u.n. will because right now the biden administration seems to be just going through the motions why why is it resisting calls. calling openly rather for a cease fire why why is the u.s. unwilling according to country other countries even china saying the u.s. is unwilling to apply the same standards of justice to israel as it's applied everywhere else in the world. quote a couple of things the 1st thing is that the by the ministration has been destroyed has been frankly distracted you know i think that for everybody they've been caught
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they've been caught in the words of some flatfooted or surprised by this you know just a week ago israel looking like it was going to this form its 1st government ever that would have an arab party in it and their political party and now you're on the verge of having not just the worst war with gaza since 2014 but some of the worst communal fighting since possibly 1048 now the biting administration came in facing the legacy of donald trump who you know basically who step who ended the p.l.o. presence in washington d.c. and do the u.s. consul to the palestinians and by the ministration is also enough to fill some of the most serious offices we still don't have it in bastard israel we don't have a console to oust any and we don't have a special envoy there was a memo or preach memo that the. deputy assistant secretary of the amir who is
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acting as the as of the fact is special envoy was trying to mediate put out that basically quote for a reset for the palestinians right although this has been a policy. but it's not just a matter of being caught off guard is it mr and mr wolf i mean for you is support for palestine has been and often in this conversation in washington i mean and the previous administrations have always supported israel and you know there's been no conversation about about palestine and and you know applying the same standards but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore and with even seeing divisions within the republican did democratic party rival between the leadership of the democratic party and the progressive wing of the party they seem to be some movement in washington now. i well on the on the on the democratic side i think the divisions
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are a little deeper than you suggest i think they're within i think they're within the party itself and. you know i think that you have some divisions within the membership it's up you also have divisions within the american jewish community. you know waxman who's a scholar of this wrote a book called trouble in the try that shows that there is there are very deep divisions over the issue of the israeli post any an issue so it's deeper than than your question implies do you think a diplomatic solution is still possible as the u.s. ambassador has said today. if by. if you mean a cease fire is possible yes but the cease fire is absolutely possible if you mean getting to a 2 state solution then volves a partition along you know the the june 4th line and something then volves.
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then volves a. palestinian capital in east jerusalem i don't think that's going to happen in the next couple of weeks of next month i don't believe that's going to happen i believe a cease fire is entirely possible right and a cease fire seems to be. right now when you see what's happening on the ground thank you so much mr alba tool for speaking to us thank you for having it's been a pleasure. and still ahead on al-jazeera and other world news we report from one of the british towns where cover 900 acclamations are being scaled down because of fears over the very end that originated from india. or. the plains affiliate was big shows once again a satellite picture where the tops appeared to be blowed east was not
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a mass of sunda storms they going to keep growing obese and severe ones they focusing on texas arkansas might be the southern states and up through to missouri as well that that situation is going to carry on it's fairly typical of made sort of repeat performance every day but the want to spread all we have through the plains states now to the middle of calendar i was it's hot and dry in southern california and the far as a still burning earlier and more so than this time last year winnipeg represents what actually is a fairly dry bit of canada much of cancer is thinking about drug conditions i know it's surprising the average though in winnipeg is 19 at this time in may so well above that with showers coming in on thursday but a change in the caribbean the legacy of this front the came out of the u.s. really it's going to do some big showers in cuba possibly in jamaica as well and the tail end is coming across the yucatan peninsula so if you are thinking if you
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are able to go to cancun for a bit of sunshine you can be disappointed it's a breezy time the next 3 days a breeze is quite strong and every day looks like being thundery. frank assessments there are a lot of poison but the government needs to watch what exactly happened and what measures are now taking for a situation like i'm not to get ever again informed opinions is the us with thinking the military positioning of the middle east or is it just a simple act of reorganizing ministry assets this is a message to the region the united states is rethinking its military posture in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story. in the old the old.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our main story this hour israel has launched a new wave of airstrikes on gaza in the last hour palestinian factions have also fired a barrage of rockets towards these really city of ashkelon at least 197 palestinians including 58 children have been killed since the conflict escalated a week ago 10 people in israel have also died israeli prime minister says the offensive will continue with full force the u.n. security council met to discuss the escalating conflicts between israel and palestine but was unable to even agree on a joint statement china accuses the biden administration of blocking it with the u.s. being israel's most powerful ally. let's turn to other world news now in polls have
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closed in chile following a vote to elect 155 delegates to rewrite the country's it taylor ship era constitution many say a new constitution will address social inequality issues that made too violent protests nearly 2 years ago it's seen as a test of support for the government ahead of presidential elections in november as ring in latin america at its embassy in newman who was at a polling station in chile's capital to untangle what was a turn up 1st was it as high as predicted given the importance of this vote. actually it was not and that could make all the difference i'm at a polling station right now where they are counting still the votes only about 1.5 percent have been tallied so far nationwide so we really don't have an indication of the results but it's looking like the more conservative candidates are going to have a much higher representation than one would have expected had there been a higher turnout especially of young people across the country we saw that there
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was a much lower turnout some people say it was because they've lost confidence in the institutions in general in electoral processes but that doesn't quite explain why then they came out in such large numbers last october to vote in favor of a new constitution so that's there's going to be a lot of soul searching about that and we've seen a lot of long faces as well here in this area where one of the more right wing at a rather a very new right wing political party is actually winning one of the by the largest majority in one of the seats and so when when will we have resolved the need for as you say the conservative candidates have seemed to have a higher representation what will that mean as far as what's in the constitution when it's. it will could make all the difference because 1st of all the results of the election will get will we should have some initial better and better idea in the next couple of hours but once the 155 delegates are
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chosen and have the ability to write the constitution if more than a 3rd of them are those who oppose structural reforms that many people had been demanding then that would mean that if the they had the new constitution or basically tweak the one that chile has right now the pinochet area era constitution rather than a complete overhaul as many people are had requested it means that a lot of the privileges of a small minority made still remain in the new constitution but all of that is still up for speculation because the process will begin for at least another month or so and we will have the new constitution for about another year to see it thank you very much for the moment you see in human life for us in santiago. britain's government says it's confident existing vaccines will protect against a more transmissible variant spreading across the country the strain 1st detected in india has now become the most dominant in parts of the u.k.
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in particular bolton and blackburn in the north west of england where cases have more than doubled in a week as jonah holy forces especially concerning as more restrictions are said to be eased on monday. ahead of the next stage of england's exit from lock down long queues at a pop up vaccine center in the northwest town of bolton a scaled up vaccination campaign has seen jabs dispensed to 600 people and hour over the weekend there are concerns that the resumption of indoor gatherings from monday will lead to a surgeon infections led by a new variant 1st discovered in india and if that would get back to the aids. is why it is you know you don't want me in the very end is that a worry for you it is a lower back on a lot than anything us i think it's good that you get as many people vaccinated possible if you have it if you get it you're right yes yes i'm going to say you have to be here with the so-called indian variant is already the dominant strain in
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bolton with clusters elsewhere in the northwest the midlands and also parts of london the challenge is to contain it i was hoping for this level of response i'll be honest i was quite emotional this morning when i saw the queues and all day long to see him in the queues or to stop to give and take and you know i think the variance from india is a concern for people and it probably has pushed more people to see to get the vaccine as well as speeding up the vaccine delivery there's door to door testing going on the army is on standby to help with logistics in affected areas the real concern of course is that if these measures fail to contain the new variant that's thought to be up to 50 percent more contagious if it's allowed to spread well that could seriously jeopardize hopes of a return to normal life. and. the government believes there isn't sufficient evidence of risk yet to require a delay of monday's reopening though the prime minister concedes there may be
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serious disruption to plans in the coming weeks a number of leading scientists offer a more cautious view the variant if unchecked very say threatens a 3rd wave of infections and hospitalizations this time targeting the unvaccinated and the young jonah how al-jazeera bolton. a 3 day ceasefire in afghanistan to mark the federal holiday has ended officials say they were clashes on sunday morning in the southern province of helmand which has seen increased fighting since the u.s. began to withdraw its troops from the country a truce was initiated by the taliban and agreed to by the government despite the cease fire 12 people were killed after a bomb exploded inside a mosque outside the capital kabul on friday eisel claimed responsibility for their stock foh francis has held a special mass for myanmar's catholics urging them not to give in to despair has
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been one of the most vocal critics of the country's giunta after seize power in a coup in february protests have been met by a violent military crackdown in a local monitoring group says almost 800 people have been killed and tensions have been rising in the north west when armed resistance is growing. dear brothers and sisters in these days when your beloved country of myanmar is experiencing violence conflict and repression let us ask ourselves what we are being called to keep in the 1st place to keep the faith we need to keep the faith list we yield to grief or plunge into the despair of those who no longer see a way out. which has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world one out of every $100.00 pregnant women is expected to die during labor or from related complications morgan reports from the capital one of the biggest challenges is to
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access medical care. this hospital in chad capital is where comes to receive prenatal care it's more than 2 hours away from her home but it's her 1st pregnancy and she's been experiencing complications and with her due date just weeks away she fears for her life and that of her baby. i've heard stories of women suffering during childbirth and i've been getting irregular pains in my stomach so i come to the hospital to get help because i don't want anything to happen to me. i was says her fear is made worse by the fact that teenage pregnancy increases the chances of maternal mortality she's only 14 and child has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world more than 60 percent of its nearly 60000000 population live below the poverty line and while access to maternal health care is one of the few services that's offered for free the rate of women losing their lives during childbirth has not reduced much over the past
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decade more than a 1000 pregnant women out of every 100000 are expected to die during childbirth or from related complications every year according to health several other factors attributed to the high number of deaths including lack of enough health workers most of the fatalities are recorded in rural areas outside the capital where access to healthcare is limited less than 25 percent of pregnant women have access to medical a qualified personnel and years of conflict in the country's north and east has limited the provision of health services in those regions the united nations also says that the country's literacy rate is contributing to the high death rate for out of 5 women between 15 and 24. threats and health workers say that's affecting women's awareness regarding their health so that. women usually come to us in late stages of pregnancy and by then they've developed multiple complications it's
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because they usually come suffering from malnutrition high blood pressure and that's the least it's sometimes worse we tell women to come to us as soon as they know they're pregnant so we can give them the right care but many are hesitant so when they give birth there are health risks not only for them but for the new babies that are born how was says she knows the risks she's facing and doesn't want to become another addition to the mortality statistics in chad she says she hopes to have a normal delivery but fears that at her age the odds may be against her and her child people more than al jazeera know. her again i'm fully back to go with a look at the headlines on al-jazeera israel has launched a new wave of airstrikes on gaza in the last hour palestinian factions have also fired a barrage of rockets towards israeli city of ashkelon. as the latest from gaza.


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