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the contentious debate public interest in the public safety is definitely not taking precedent an in-depth examination into a great distance and the conflicting interests that play industry doesn't want any regulation interest would put their products on the not get the price of progress on al jazeera 'd. israel warns its air campaign on gaza could last for several days as palestinian factions fire more rockets into israel and israel's government considers a ground operation and deploys more troops to the border with gaza. i. know i'm barbara sarah you're watching al jazeera live from london also coming up violence erupts in israel's ethnically mixed towns and cities in
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communal violence not seen in decades and outsourcing its vaccine means india's government goes straight to the manufacturers promising 2000000000 doses by august . hello thank you for joining us israel is continuing its aerial bombardment of gaza ignoring international calls for calm and are rapidly climbing death toll families have taken shelter in un run schools in northern gaza fleeing israeli artillery fire 90 palestinians including 18 children and at least 7 people in israel have been killed since monday palestinian factions also continue to fire rockets into israel targeting tel aviv and laughed where all international flights have now been diverted. well israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has visited one of the
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defensive missile systems known as the iron dome he reiterated israel's resolve to continue its bombardments. the defense activity you've done better resists giving us an offensive space news really defense forces have already attacked hundreds of targets who will soon pass 1000 targets we continue striking hamas will definity citizens we will take more time with gratefulness and offerings as well as difference we will achieve our goal of bringing back come to the state of israel. ok benjamin netanyahu speaking there we have correspondents both in southern israel and in the gaza strip we are hoping to speak to. with of them of course it is now dark. in that part of the world you can see there we can see pictures of the skyline we have heard and also see a rocket fire across those skies now we are trying to get
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a hold of our correspondents let's speak to south what kalu t. joins us now from gaza. suffered oversleep nightfall in gaza now tell us what's been going on there. so let's start with the thought of being fired now from gaza and for southern israel from. let's say from the north of the gaza strip towards the southern as well. in the last 5 minutes let's say and you. have been fired into israel the israeli artillery is also raining to the north of gaza and the border line of gaza. with the tank shell is some of the shells have the landed in some of the civilian houses one of the families the entire family killed and the village which is very
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attached and close to the borders with gaza the indonesian hospital and all of gaza . the head of the hospital said that they have hospital received about is of of people killed and from this hour to tell if i are some of them out or a women and children and also dozens of people are arriving to the and indonesia and hospital in the north of gaza strip the bank of blood in gaza city also launched an appeal for public fora seeking a blood donation because the huge number of waves of injured people arriving to gaza hospitals from south to the north the ambulance services we confirm toss that there have been receiving appeals from citizens in the south of gaza strip mainly. that they believe that there are. some people under the rubble of their destroyed
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homes. also dramatic developments hundreds of families now they have they were forced to evacuate their homes and borderline between gaza and israel. known and also the north of gaza and the village and some other residential areas they were forced to leave their homes because of the heavy artillery shells that are landing ground only and the open areas that some of these opportunities hit some of the houses there are hundreds we got a confirmation from the hundreds of families opened the doors of some schools and the actual turning now in these homes until. they find a solution for the sudden onset uprising accidents action in the north. and so what
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we can literally see of rockets being fired right behind you there in the shot to suffolk. with the latest from gaza suffered as always thank you we'll be checking in with you. soon. well now let's go to southern israel and speak to harry foresaid who is there for a still relatively close to gaza harry tell us what you are seeing there we've seen you go in and out all of the shelters in the past few hours and also anything that you can say about a movement that you can see of the israeli army with a possible ground invasion potentially in the future. i can tell you right now just as you were coming to us there was another barrage of rockets coming out of gaza and again intercepted very close to our position which
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is why we're out of vision back in the shelter which we've been talking you know of . consistently over the last couple of those as well as the. reports that you're getting from what about the impact of the artillery that's been fired from israel into northern gaza we've been seeing artillery fire. at a very high rate that pretty much says. there was another heavy barrage intensive and frequent there are going to come back out of the show tonight was just richard when. there was another extensive just before the top of the hour when you came to us so this is continuing escalation and very dangerous set of circumstances as to what you're asking me about the ground operation what i can tell you 2 things one is that there is a public. announcement from the israeli military that they were coming up with an operational plan to present to the political leadership by. it was something that
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was due to happen during the course of the day and in one of those earlier rounds of very heavy shelling we went down the road from our position to see what was happening and there was a pretty large contingent of tracked armored vehicles moving in the direction of gaza as that shelling was going in now neither of those things mean that there is a ground invasion certainly going to happen it is an extremely major escalatory step if it does it carries with it all sorts of potential for destructive power inside gaza but also for the israeli government the potential for many more things potentially to go wrong in terms of loss of life capture on the israeli side then they are subject to from the suprema see that they have the destructive power of their aircraft and drones to to do pretty much whatever they want to do inside gaza at will so it would be a very difficult very big calculation for the israeli government to make if it did
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so however i can tell you that we have seen pretty significant movement and this very large barrage of shelling as well. harry we're obviously focusing in there on you know you're in southern israel we've been speaking to southwest in gaza as well because that's where we're seeing the highest death toll and of course that's what we're seeing most of the impact of israel's military but we have also seen instability and violence across israel in many towns into a communal violence tell us a bit more about that and how i guess perhaps the surprise the worry the israeli public is about that development. that's right there are so many movement moving parts to this very multifaceted crisis one of the thing that before i get on that i should also talk to you about is what we've had in the last few minutes a confirmation of 3 rockets the israeli military says fired from lebanon now initial
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reports suggested they may fall in open territory inside israel that's not what the israeli military is saying it is saying that they overflew israeli territory and ended up in the mediterranean sea so of all the very many fronts going on that is the potential for another one to be opened up although again emphasizing the army is saying that it did not that rocket fire of 3 rockets go into israeli territory it overflew israeli territory caused sirens to go off but that there was no actual threat to israeli life or land as for that comical tension has been erupting throughout the country this is another huge crisis for the israeli government we have seen jews and arabs facing off fighting each other targeting each other a police and army soldier was attacked by a palestinian mob in the city of jaffa there were
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a group of armed settlers who came in to the city of lloyd where we've seen a lot of this violence earlier in the day it seemed bent on retaliate 3 attacks against palestinian israelis there are reports that 2 of them were shot by palestinian israelis another serious injury to a policeman in another city as well the head of the joint list which is the main palestinian israeli party has been saying that we warned you talking to the israeli government about the amount of weaponry in our communities the amount of criminality and gun violence that's been going on and that we wanted you to get those guns. out of these communities now it's on all of us all of us politicians where things have gone now also people talking about benjamin netanyahu zone courting of the extreme right the racist right to get more votes causing an alliance of 2 parties on the fringe right to ensure that right wing votes were
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counted and added up to parliamentary seats in the last election saying that that was a way of endorsing and legitimizing the far right fueling some of the racial tensions as well that we've seen and so this is an extremely serious situation the defense minister is talking about accelerated accelerated judicial processes to try and punish these people and deter further violence it really has been breathtaking how quickly the whole thing has escalated herefore said there in southern israel for us for the moment harry thank you. so suffer i think as and harry there in southern israel bringing up to us up to date with the latest but let's take a little look back and mohamed vall has more now on the strikes to both sides over the past day. gaza
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skyline on fears that a a new wave of israeli air strikes has targeted the hamas police academy among other facilities israel says being used to launch missile attacks on its cities. the israeli bombardment how so far killing dozens of palestinians was israel says hamas has fired up to 1500 rockets into its territory over the past 3 days killing several people. sirens were had in northern israel and elsewhere warning of more hamas missiles. israel's iron dome defense system was seen in action over the border with the gaza strip to intercept palestinian rockets. incoming international flights to been good in airports near tel aviv or diverted to the southern part of that came under attack although easily of says the rockets fell short was but in gaza and the west bank palestinian celebrated it
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did fit the festival marking the end of the holy month of ramadan despite the bombings and on set and on landover single it all is good but it's just such situation because some people can feel happy and others god help them. it's hard for people in gaza west bank and elsewhere in the world to watch what is going on and keep silent i hope it will be good for all sacked effort for they will celebrate the board money to buy new clothes for my son in order to challenge the situation and celebrate i want to make my son happy journey and i hope next state i will take him to pray in el aqsa mosque and chant god the greatest. hundreds gathered at the compound early morning for 8 previous. days it was a scene of unprecedented raids by israeli forces that frump to the worst violence in the. as promised to me and say those incidents meant israel had cost the sky
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positive money as the israeli airstrikes and the hamas rocket attacks continue there are no signs of either side you can talk to us. israel has called up thousands of reservists and is mohsin through ups and you the border with gaza in what's feel to be a preparation for an invasion. so another day of violence meanwhile u.s. president joe biden has called for a significant reduction in rocket attacks but says there has not been an over reaction in the israeli palestinian aggression one of the things that. i have seen thus far is that. there has not a significant overreaction the question is how how we get to a point where they get to where there is a significant reduction in. the attacks particularly the rocket
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attacks that are indiscriminately fired into population centers. well let's talk to a white house correspondent kimberly halkett it can really at the heart of this crisis is always the balance of power of military power between the israeli army and have mass and we hear president biden there saying that there hasn't been an over reaction he's very measured i could say in his response to the crisis and not just they've i mean it seems that the whole of ministration is on message on this and they're not going to sway from it. there's no question there is a coordinated response coming from the white house and top democrats on capitol hill the white house press secretary jens psaki doing a little bit of cleanup on that comment by the president about him viewing this violence as not a significant overreaction saying that the white house believes that any loss of life is a tragedy but what is notable in the statements that have been coming from the by
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an administration is that they constantly affirm the right to israel to protect itself that has a legitimate right to self-defense they condemn the hamas rocket attacks so i asked the white house press secretary in the press briefing today whether or not the by the administration believes that palestinians also have the same right to self-defense given the a vixens they have been facing in occupied east jerusalem here's what she had to say. in the state. policies also have a right to some or the attacks not coming from hamas to consider hamas the palestinian leadership let me rephrase the question you've repeatedly in the statement damn right it. does the white house does the buy the ministration sit down to give the. palestinians. in unison can 2 that in our reading.
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it's significant. and let's go straight live now to us said to secretary of state anthony blinking in there with his australian counterpart speaking at the white house being asked about the crisis in israel and gaza let's listen in. in vienna because of that finally according to diplomats the u.s. stopped the security council meeting due to morrow on the middle east why does the united states not see this as useful if indeed this is the case and for mr paine do you think a security council statement calling for the sation of hostilities in the middle east and urging respect for international law from both sides could be useful and if not why not thank you. thank you that is a masterful demonstration of the art of. packing in a few questions to one. and i'm happy to start up
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a few things as. as i noted earlier we have been deeply and actively engaged across the board with israeli counterparts palestinian counterparts partners throughout the region. in an effort to to advance deescalation and an end to the violence i was on the phone yesterday with prime minister netanyahu and president abbas as you noted. president biden spoke to up on the street and you know who we've sent our senior official for. israel and palestinian matters are to the region he's on route there right now and we are in very deep and regular contact look we've been very clear about the the basic principles involved here starting with the proposition that israel has a right to defend itself from these rocket attacks and the fundamental difference. between a terrorist organization and i'm os that is indiscriminately targeting civilians
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and israel which is defending itself and going after those that that are attacking it. but we are deeply concerned with the loss of life. among civilians especially among among children. palestinians have a right to live in security and to live in peace just as israelis do and so. we are working hard to encourage all sides to stand down to deescalate to return. to calm. as to the united nations we are open to and supportive of a discussion and open discussion. at the united nations i think we're looking at at early next week this i hope will give some time for the diplomacy to have some
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effect and to see if indeed we get a real deescalation and can then pursue this at the united nations in in that context. i don't have anything to to offer on whether there is a iranian involvement or not in what's taking place but i would only say that. when it comes to any of the malign activities that iran may or may not be engaged in whether it is support for terrorism whether its efforts to destabilize of other countries whether it is other actions that we find objectionable that only underscores the importance of doing everything we can to make sure that iran never acquires a nuclear weapon on iran with a nuclear weapon or with the capacity to have on very short order is an iran is
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likely to act with even greater impunity when it comes to. these other other actions so. the. talks go on in indiana and in an effort to see if we can return to usual compliance with the j.c. v.o.a. and and those will continue. thank you very much tony and i would agree we would certainly would welcome discussion of these these issues at the u.n. where there is security council statement that flows from that discussions ultimately a matter for the security council and and its members but to reiterate my my remarks at the beginning of our statements today starting government has issued a clear statement about our deep concern at the escalating violence in israel guards or in the west bank we have unequivocally called on all the leaders to take immediate steps to halt marland's to maintain restraint and to restore calm.
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strong view he said violence is no solution no solution without rocket attacks or indiscriminate acts that fuel the cycle of violence and bloodshed there are also never justified we have urged all parties to refrain from violent or provocative acts calling for a halt to any actions that increase tensions and if there is a discussion to be held at the united nations in australia will be an active participant turn to greg jennett of a.b.c. news. thank you i may not master the multi-pronged question but i will settle for a jewel pronged if that's ok directed mainly to secretly blinken but no doubt mr paine may choose to respond as well and both concerned relations with china firstly on economic coercion you made the point being encourage mr secretary as you have
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today talking about not leaving a stray year alone on the pitch mr paine has spoken of a clear expression of support conveyed by you today the question is. can you explain how that finds practical expression across the greats of this it ministration not just we've been listening to secretary of state anthony blinken there in his astray counterpart minister payne taking questions one question also about the situation in israel and the gaza secretary's lincoln saying that the u.s. is open to and supports an open discussion of events in israel at the u.n. and looking at early next week for anything to come out of that let's go back to the region let's go to al-jazeera as a correspondent in beirut zain our holder as you know we're coming to you because
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in the past what half an hour or so we've had reports of rockets being fired from lebanon to wardes israel tell us what you know. well lebanese security sources saying that 4 rockets were fired at israel from southern lebanon and these sources to challenge them and territories and it's not clear where the other 2 fell but the israeli army is now saying that these rockets landed industry and that there been no casualties and damage the united nations interim force is in southern lebanon there is a peacekeeping force along that volatile border they are urging restraint and they say that they're in touch with both sides who are true that there's no flare up lebanese security sources believe that palestinian factions were involved in a little blockade launching palestinian refugees who have been going on the way to camp some of those camps have closed the border and some of the palestinian
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factions in the camps are likely armed they do have arms so security forces don't believe this is the work of law that's north east coast broadly of many in fact group which is also armed in which have gone to war with israel in the past has denied any possible the peace so was an apparent show of support and solidarity with the kind of syrian people who are confronting the israeli attacks in gaza over a message. another front can easily open while israel continues to pack a gaza left to remember hezbollah is heavily armed has been that considers itself was part of the so-called this is their track along with how miles along with with the avon that there is no doubt opening a new fun case for hezbollah they need to take into account domestic reaction it will be very it will be a very very difficult decisions that it has to do that because a full blown escalation at the pacific time while lebanon is undergoing or going
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through a deep political and economic crisis but then again like i mentioned is this if a show of support. if you saw that there are 2 with the product and people in the past one dog had come under attack from rockets have been launched across the border or is it a political message to another foreigner can easily open the heart of with the latest on that that thank you very much zain speaking to us from beirut well i'm joined now by gershon baskin a former advisor to israel and palestine on the middle east peace process he's also founder of the i p c r i these really palestinian public policy institute and the columnist for both the jerusalem post and newspaper he joins us now by skype from jerusalem sir it's a pleasure to have you on the program as so many moving parts we're just hearing there about potential rockets from lebanon the one thing that we haven't mentioned in detail yet because there's just been so much else going on is the continuing
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increase in into communal violence in israeli towns i mean how are you reading the situation right now who the war between israel and hamas is very serious but the internal war between the jewish and arab citizens of israel's existential communities here 21 percent of the citizens of israel are palestinian arabs living in communities throughout the country many of those communities being joint jewish communities and if jews and arabs begin killing each other on the streets of israel we're in very big trouble this is something which really will determine the future of this country whether or not we can have any kind of civil life your and the signs in the last 3 nights are very very bad and very frightening do you think there is a risk that the israeli government may lose control and of course a pairing in mind that after several elections you know that the israeli government is a work in process. i don't think the israeli government looms in loose control but
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i'm afraid that we may experience a lot more people being killed not only by each other but by a police force which is instructed to go in and use brute force to break up the violence in and of course we would expect that more of the arab citizens would be choked in the jewish citizens he wrote a very powerful piece i think in the jerusalem post a few days ago titled the israeli palestinian conflict a cycle of absurdity yet correct me if i'm wrong the way i interpret it is that you basically point the finger at a lack of political political action political will of actually trying to get to the root of the issue which is how 2 peoples can share a land that's right look with israel's been facing market firing from gaza part 2 years the israeli policy for at least the last decade has been to keep in power or weaken thomas and to d. to legitimize the palestinian authority in the west bank so that nothing you know
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and his government could easily say to the israeli people and to the world we have no partner for peace mahmoud abbas doesn't control gaza and in gaza is being ruled by a terrorist organization that wants to destroy israel and this policy has diligent in my eyes the peacemakers those who want to live in peace in this country together with mr trump mr netanyahu was able to convince the public and perhaps much of the world that there was no longer any palestinian issue is what touched off 'd the latest round of fighting and reminds everyone that this issue will not go away is of course the nerve center of this conflict which is the holy spot of the locks a mosque in the temple mount this is the wrong nerve that when it's touched and plucked and pinched by one side you know a lot really it sets off a wave of violence and that's essentially what we are witnessing today i'm sorry to have to ask you an almost impossible question to answer but considering where we are now then what what steps.


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