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plus thousands of our programs award winning documentary and deaf mutes reports. subscribe to you chief forward slash al-jazeera english. very aware. areas. or. a bomb attack near a girls' school in kabul kills dozens early reports say it happened as students were leaving school for the day. you're watching al-jazeera lie from headquarters in doha time to navigate also ahead. condemnation and a call for protests after israeli forces stormed the mosque occupied east jerusalem
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injuring dozens of palestinian worshippers a record day of deaths from coronavirus in india the several states go into lockdown. e.u. leaders hold their 1st face to face meeting of the year with a pandemic and vaccines at the top of their agenda. hello breaking news out of afghanistan where there have been multiple blasts in the capital kabul at least 40 people have been killed according to an interior ministry official the explosions happened near a school in the area of dashti bardsley in western travel children were reported to have been leaving the compound at the time let's get more value accounted for is she's joining us from kabul not the 1st attack to happen this week in afghanistan tell us about this one. well exactly and before i tell you about the
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attack let me just say the taliban earlier condemned the attack and blamed i still though in directly they said that a couple of the administration which is the way they call the afghan government that is supporting i so now also we have a statement from afghan president asked rather than me who said who actually blames the taliban and i quote he said the taliban have once again shown their unwillingness to resolve the crisis peacefully and fundamentally by as scully. illegitimate war and violence this is from afghan president. and this is what's been happening here for a very long time it's the blame game between the government and the taliban and even other terrorist groups that are operating here in afghanistan there's over 20 terrorist groups currently operating here and at the end of the day diary it's innocent people like this school girls who were attacked earlier today here in. an area in western kabul that's predominantly has that upper dominantly and many
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places there have been attacked and i saw has in fact claimed responsibility for most of these attacks now this happened around 530 in the afternoon here couple time that is the time when the students when is that finish their classes there are no school buses year the streets become packed with students and as this 3 explosions went off imagine how many people how many girls where in the streets at that time there were scenes of panic with girls screaming and calling for their mothers people trying to take them to hospitals there have been transferred to dozens of them to different hospitals even at the emergency hospital here where at least 20 of them are and the doctors there say most of them are just young girls the pictures from the scene are devastating there's bodies that were charred and there's no school books scattered all over the place diary and officials
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presumably expecting death toll to rise and the number of casualties as well. well actually just recently the ministry of interior the latest number that they gave us is at least 30 dead and more than 52 injured now there are some other numbers that are going around at least 25 dead and $52.00 injured but any way you look at it during we're talking about dozens of innocent civilians innocent afghans and this comes at a very tense time for of. foreign troops and u.s. troops are leaving the country as there is talk about a civil war but anybody who knows anything about the civil war in afghanistan back in the ninety's it was a completely different story that was when kabul was divided in parts from different groups and they were just firing at each other with we're talking about here and this is how someone described it to me he told me what's happening it's
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just pure madness because there are already no front lines everyone and everything is a target anything can happen any time and i have been speaking with afghan parents were even thinking about taking their kids all of school just because they are afraid that even there they are not safe to remain thank you so much for your country for and for reporting from kabul. there has been widespread condemnation after israeli forces stormed the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem more than 200 palestinian worshippers were injured holliston in groups are calling for protests later on saturday. has more on the storming off and. chaos on confrontation inside the compound as israeli police try a stun grenades to disperse muslim worship and. i don't know
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how many people all of us are doing and you would support the police. more check out of order to find them out if you wanted to book and i think you know what you're part of i think you do because you know what you are you know not one. of them. apparently you. are the one least also use stun grenades inside a clinic treating in japan the skinny and. the. tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters police say they responded up to stones bottles and fireworks with thrown at them. how could stay this jury some of day goes on the last friday of the fasting month of ramadan the annual event is a protest against israel's rules of jerusalem the how are they so there is an
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attempt not only to apply time division at al aqsa mosque but also to divide a looks most physically should not be done we must work to prevent it and the vigilantes are defending the mosque on behalf of the arab nation and the islamic nation. euro friday thousands of listening worshipers it answered the call from the islamic whack the trust they don't break the. compound under the authority of jordan to pray in and around. the compound is a constant point of contention in the palestinian israeli conflict but tensions in occupied east jerusalem have increased in recent weeks as palestinians have protested against israeli restrictions on access to parts of the city during ramadan and there's been a rest over an israeli court order to evict palestinian families in the shaikh ciaran neighborhood demonstrators tried to enter the neighborhood on friday as
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soldiers you sound bombs against the crowd and closed all entrances to the area the united nations has warned the post evictions could amount to war crimes this is a particularly sensitive moment and it was it was predictable and especially when israeli forces are using such violent tactics. that you know that are disproportionate firey. russian grenade rubber bullets. on our progress fear of. the u.s. says it's deeply concerned about the heightened tensions and called on all sides to work to deescalate them we general countries such as turkey and qatar have condemned friday's actions by israeli security forces as an attack on human rights victoria gate and the al-jazeera. mighty apt at heart is the founder and the chairman of the palestinian academic society for the study of international affairs
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he says israel's military presence inside the mosque compound is inciting violence were asked for the 1st time in jerusalem do you. respond to new year's independent individual reaction to this very discoloration they are losing with the army once these young people. generally the military establishment their mission to bribe their eyes are here and they want to generalize their mother nor an aspect and they don't give the disaster where is the clashes do you believe is it taking clear see this iraq is it doing this it was you know is it do you misunderstand them and the clashes are taking you know are already signed in the mosque were people who are praying are gathering together after and then going 1st thing. you know our own house is in our city with israeli visitors and if we don't tie our military presence and our units in our houses now we're going to this is not clashes there's
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no confrontation but the group who gratian on daily business comes from the reason establishment and i want people all the time from the stomach of towns learned from this it was a sign of the organization. i'm going to faction in the largest city of journalism and we don't want to go in front of those rate is not going to be how it's run by our houses they are already and you're buying because you go have cameras all over the different establishment. everywhere in the whole city the most important thing when people are praying through what happened even yesterday before they went to the doctor to clear sleep is that he did military presence. several states in india are going into lockdown as officials try to bring the current a virus outbreak under control it's the 3rd country after the u.s. and brazil to record more than $4000.00 deaths in a single day and us reports from new delhi many are desperate to get their hands on
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life saving medical supplies. rajkumar patiently waits for his next ride his passenger has a family members of a covert patient admitted to a new delhi hospital and they're waiting to be taken home. is one of many drivers in india capital who are using the auto rickshaws as ambulances and ferrying patients and their families for free that the library obviously one is scared but if everyone's children will stay inside their homes then who will go out and fight at the borders so all of us will have to come out of our homes and the common people by any possible means be that money we all will have to help each other. in the state of mind to put this job a con sold his wife's jewelry to buy medical equipment and personal protective equipment of people for people in need. i saw such as what.
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people look out in their loved ones to hospitals on their shoulders or on 100 guards and some i saw unfortunate. i thought that by not i come forward in the name of humanity and do something. and here in chennai patients waiting for a hospital bed are given head from this bus it's fitted with oxygen sit in does and concentrate by people who want to have the schools are all closed so we from the schools have taken by. 6 cylinders in each bus and. make. 6 buses 6. persons can sit over there and. me and call an hour later when it's of laying out a hospital it's. a small step but with india accounting for nearly half the
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world's reported coronavirus infections nasty and a quarter of the deaths anything anyone can do to help is now significant as people struggle in the face of the 2nd wave the hope ministry is now saying patients no longer need a positive test result before being admitted to a covert care facility pardon him at the al-jazeera new delhi. where the e.u. says the lifting of patents on current $1000.00 vaccines is not a magic bullet to boosting supply the global vaccine shortage was one of the main items on the agenda during the blocks 1st in person summit of the year you council president charles michel says the white house proposal to suspend patents on vaccines would not be a magic bullet and is following the summit from london and has the update show me show has been giving his opinion but it's one of a range of views on whether the european union should officially follow the united states and its move in the last few days to say it would support moves that the
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world trade organization to waive patents on vaccines so infects 2 to intervene in intellectual property rights show me sell said that it says not a magic bullet in the short term but he did stress ahead of saturday's talks in porto that the use ready to engage or not match a resume is a concrete proposal is put forward without might happen fairly soon but that proposed that prospect worries some countries in the the french president and many will mark or sit somewhere perhaps in the middle in the last couple of hours he said that the pay to an issue is not the priority right now there is other work which needs to be done soon though. util don't tell they ask a successful and get a big deal we should work towards the vaccine becoming a global public product what does that mean firstly producing more that's why i'm calling directly on the united states to end the export ban on the vaccines but
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also on the components of these vaccines which is preventing production so clearly back home saying that more needs to be done in terms of allowing exports he was rather on the defensive in the press conference asked about the e.u. reaction and the vaccine rollout for example where he said if the block was slow last year to start its a vaccine rollout or to get a procurement valve was because it was so generous he says that heart of the 400000000 doses of vaccines produced in the e.u. have been exported outside the block and he's saying that it's time for the u.s. and the united kingdom to take similar steps still ahead on al jazeera the votes are being counted in scotland's parliamentary election in the future of the u.k. might hang in the balance the green gold rush why the legalization of marijuana will do little to help rural communities in mexico looking to cash in.
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the last few days a scene that if flooding flash flooding actually in a good part of a round of ticks in the northeast there are more showers to come which i think it will head to afghanistan now they fled behind increasingly warm weather in iraq and back towards levant the temp is touching 40 degrees around the dead sea where you'll notice the wind is changing and the sand with a possible have certainly got more dust in the air will cool things down a little bit is not runs in through north and south in towards iraq south and things of cotton than there are no more potential floods inland in yemen just a few months in shot that's also true briefly i think in ma and there's the drop in temperatures not severe but we're down to about 30 in jerusalem not $38.00 dramatic weather western cape of south africa this wrapped around cloud which is slow moving
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for a day gave record breaking rain or showed this yesterday is again today 7 times the average now record and stressed by which is not quite but almost the southernmost tip of africa or the rains just about stopped now it is creeping along the south coast towards the eastern cape i think much of the heaviest stuff will go offshore now as you've got a miserable day rather wet and dangerous day but that rain does creep up the coast and eventually hits the south of mozambique. but. frank assessments. the government wants what exactly happened and what measure now taking for a situation like i'm not to believe he could ever get informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking military positioning in the middle east or is it just a simple act of we're going isaac military assets this is a message to the region the united states is a rethinking of its military posture in-depth analysis of the day school ople
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headlines inside story. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera dozens of people have been killed in multiple blasts in afghanistan it happened near a school in western topple president ashraf ghani says the taliban were behind the attack but the armed group says i saw is to blame. palestinian groups are calling for protests after israeli forces stormed the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem more than 200 palestinian worshippers were injured thousands of muslims had gathered there for the last friday prayers of ramadan. leaders are urging the
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u.s. to lift restrictions on covert $1000.00 vaccine exports the global vaccine shortage was one of the main items on the agenda during their 1st in person summit of the year you council president charles michel says the white house proposal to suspend patents on vaccines would not be a magic bullet. more than a 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine have now arrived in pakistan it's been supplied for free through the un backed kovacs scheme pakistan's trying to curb the spread of covert 19 by imposing a countrywide lockdown for 10 days it's concerned about a surge in cases during the muslim or either unfettered holiday or has more from islamabad the national. there with dealing with a cold wave 19 pandemic here in pakistan has announced a strict lockdown across. from all business to cross the country will be closed shops will be closed people will not be allowed to go into the markets to do
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their shopping for because the last time the government decided to restrict fall. in the number of 19 in fiction is the fear that. they're not if the situation should be. like rich india is confronting and therefore the authorities are wired warning the people that they're much take that seriously although there is a template when it comes to the people at large who are not for laying the. not wearing their mark and also congregating a large number linda market. 3rd wave a dangerous and a government off guard and what it regardless of the situation escalates it really not be able to deal with this problem thousands of people in ethiopia a region aren't getting much needed aid the u.n.
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says that's because convoys of supplies are being blocked leaving many suffering from malnourishment and now after 6 months of conflicts one of the country's top religious leaders has spoken out against what he describes as genocide is a master of the house or. the ethiopian government has been fighting the tigre a people's liberation front since november the conflict in the north and to greater region has killed thousands of people and displaced more than a 1000000. and now rare public criticism from inside the capital against if you look as prime minister of. the guy who i am not sure what the to great people did wrong what's their crimes i am not clear why they wanted to clear genocide on the people of to great i do not know why they want to wipe the people of to great from the surface of the earth the whole world should know this. is the video of a beauty mathias a tigre a native and patriarch of ethiopia was orthodox church was filmed last month and
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smuggled out of other. he accuses the government of creating carnage wanting to destroy the northern to great region and censoring his earlier attempts to speak out. and my other message to the people of to great who live in the country and out of the country is this may god give you strength may he give you his strength and power everything passes and this might pass away this might pass away don't be demoralized don't be fearful or anxious the government has condemned atrocities in the conflict but has denied claims of ethnic cleansing and the targeting of civilians members of parliament choose the country senior leaders and as 40 percent of its estimated 110000000 people are orthodox christian mathias his message is likely to resonate with voters ahead of parliamentary elections in june prime minister ahmed efforts to achieve peace in the region earned him the
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nobel prize in 2019 but he's faced multiple crises since. the humanitarian fall out of the tigre a conflict is likely to overshadow upcoming elections which could erode his hold on power and on wednesday the government appointed head of tikrit interim government resigned giving no reasons as to why. police in china have fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of people protesting against the transitional military council's rule they ignored a ban on demonstrations and gathered in the capital the military has named a new government and has promised elections within 18 months but leading opposition figures reject the appointment saying most are ministers under the late president idriss deby he was killed last month while fighting against rebels 6 a muster as a child and member of the opposition and president of the transformers political party he says repression is on the rise. our county has been the most subjected to
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a dinner stick kind of military coup that the confiscated power and we did people of we are marching because we don't want this a kind of deny stick transmission of power from father to son and without the willing of the people and last week and this week we are organized peaceful protests unfortunately more than 700. people were arrested and more than 10 people killed and even today our headquarters our blog about a part of the army and my passport is confiscated and you know they are you know. shooting people so it's means that we are not moving in the right direction and this is the what the people of judge don't want this is a charge for a king it's not a charge for democracy because we don't only the the leader of this military council is supposed to appoint people from the parliament people from the judiciary
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power people from the executive power which means that we are no longer a democracy so if you look at this chart then you'll understand that we are not moving on to underwrite that action and what we did people of just how to question is 1st to have a civil president and since the question of security is very important we can appoint a vice president in charge of the security so the people from the c.m.t. which is the military kind of council they can work with the disability presidency and more than at the security of the of the country. the scottish national party has won a majority in the country's parliament they party leader nicolas sturgeon wants to seek a 2nd referendum on scottish independence if it gets the seats u.k. prime minister boris johnson says a 2nd vote would be irresponsible and reckless scots rejected independence by a 10 point margin in 2014 jonah halas in edinburgh he says the s.n.p.
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looks set to press for a referendum it is still just about possible for the s.n.p. the scottish national party to secure an outright majority even if by only one seat it is more likely that they will but this election would have returned a majority for independence with the s.n.p. bolstered by the pro independence greens 1st minister s.n.p. leader nicolas sturgeon made comments in the last 24 hours making it abundantly clear what she intends to do with that majority she will govern this country she said through the pandemic in 2 economic recovery and then at some point after that offer the country she said the choice of a brighter future in other words independence from the u.k. the plan seems to be that at some point in the next 2 or 3 years she will use that majority to legislate in the scottish parliament here for a 2nd referendum to take place it would then be for the government of westminster boris johnson to respond either to agree to it which seems highly unlikely or negotiate some sort of settlement short of independence or as he has suggested he
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might take scoffing to the supreme court on the basis that this parliament doesn't have the power to legislate for constitutional change which seems clear in all of this is that the drive for independence is very much back on track as a result of this election and set to dominate the politics both sides of the border for years to come. bolivia and chile have agreed to normalize their strained relations it covers a range of mutual interests like border policing transit and terrorism but it doesn't address their biggest challenge shots bolivia's demand for access to the pacific ocean the country surrendered its coastline to chile in a postwar treaty more than 100 years ago and has been lobbying for access and mexico marijuana legalization has opened the doors for what could be the world's largest markets one community is placing its bets on that says it's ticket out of poverty but critics say the reform favors multinational corporations and not small
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time farmers my new opera reports from mexico city. is a small village in central mexico it's a poor community lacking running water and electricity. villagers have relied on the sale of traditional medicines and more recently honey for their survival but amid drowned in environmental degradation neither industry is viable anymore which is why they are looking to grow marijuana now legal under federal law is one up i mean it's a madison ill plan the treats many things so why not we would accept working with associations to use our food to our lands that are free of agro chemicals for cultivation of kind of banal which is medicine. many of you marijuana legalization as a potential boom for mexico's struggling economy a green gold rush to create jobs in poor areas and a new source of tax revenue for the government. policy experts however say the new reforms are not designed to benefit small communities like last. season so.
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unfortunately the side of social justice to benefit rural communities who have been among the worst affected by the drug war seems more like fiction these communities will supposedly be given priority to obtain certain licenses for growing but the entry costs are too high for them to afford. critics of the new law see the mexican government has not only falsely promoted the legal marijuana initiative as an economic relief for poor communities but also a benefit to patients who depend on marijuana for medical use. the mother's bed is has been treating her 8 year old son with medicinal cannabis oil for the last 6 years she says it's the only thing that's helped against his chronic epileptic seizures but the reform still makes it illegal to give minors products derived from cannabis but also on the hand the foot and the law leaves us out so we are left with no choice but to make this medical treatment for him and for many other
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children in mexico illegally and also cultivate illegally in order to obtain the oil extracts at home. the legal cannabis in mexico means recreational use will be decriminalized not everyone is pleased with the final outcome of the reform law in law hopes are still high the growing legal marijuana could lift the town out of poverty. unfortunately the law itself may not be entirely on their side moderate upolu al-jazeera mexico city. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera dozens of people have been killed in multiple blasts in afghanistan according to the interior ministry it happened near a school in western kabul presidents are afghani says the taliban were behind the attack but the armed group says eisel is to blame failure contre for her.


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