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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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now. the world needs w.h.y. make you feel world. everyone. al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters in doha into you know coming up in the next 60 minutes. condemnation and a call for protests after israeli forces stormed the mosque in occupied east jerusalem injuring dozens of palestinian worshippers. more indian states go into lockdown as
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the country struggles to contain the world's worst cope with 1000 surge hoping for a trade deal leaders meet with india's prime minister in a virtual summit overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic. spiralling out of control debris from a chinese rocket is heading back to earth beijing is downplaying fears of damage on the ground. smile have all the day's sport including 7 time world champion lewis hamilton has clinched a record extending 100 opposition at his formula one career. welcome to the program we begin with breaking news though out of afghanistan that's where there have been multiple blasts in the capital kabul at least 40 people have been killed that's according to an interior ministry official. the blast happened near
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a school in the area of desk and western kaberle children were leaving that compound at the time of the explosions we'll get an update from phil your country for joining us on the phone from kabul what can you tell us about these multiple explosions well daryn good to give you some of the later. than. 50 minutes ago the attack. i sold for it. and i quote here that the group operates under the auspices of the couple of ministration. to the afghan government . by thank you. phil you are you still with us. i apologize we are having audio connections with our reporter and kabul but just to remind you of that breaking news that at least 40 people killed according to the interior ministry in
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a series of blasts in the capital kabul more of that story a little later there's been widespread condemnation after israeli forces stormed the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem more than 200 palestinian worshippers were injured how to send in groups are calling for protests later on saturday and you are taking a look at the life pictures right now from the vicinity of jerusalem where protesters there are getting ready to march to the shift neighborhood that's where several palestinian families face eviction because their homes are on land claims by jewish settlers in the protesters in those live pictures are also protesting police who are preventing them from reaching occupied east jerusalem. has more in the storming of.
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chaos on confrontation inside the al aqsa mosque compound as israeli police fire stun grenades to disperse muslim worship his. own 20 people all of a day and you would. not be more supportive board if you want to book an i pad you know what you're part of i think you get a call and now you've got your for you know not one. of them. apparently here. is one of them police also use stun grenades inside a clinic treating in japan a skinny and sky. high to gas and rubber bullets at protesters police say they responded up to stones bottles and fireworks with right at that.
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aisle could stay the same it is jerusalem day who's on the last friday of the fasting month of ramadan the annual event is a protest against israel's rule of jerusalem the house they said there was an attempt not only to apply time division that al aqsa mosque but also to divide a looks most physically should not be done we must work to prevent it and the vigilantes are defending the mosque on behalf of the arab nation and the islamic nation. and he wrote friday thousands of his name was shipped as it answered the call from the islamic lacked the trust they don't break the compound under the authority of jordan to pray in and around. the compound is a constant point of contention in the palestinian israeli conflict but tensions in occupied east jerusalem have increased in recent weeks as palestinian. have protested against israeli restrictions on access to parts of the city joining
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ramadan and there's been a red stater an israeli call today to evict palestinian families in the shaikh ciaran neighborhood demonstrators tried to enter the neighborhood on friday but soldiers you sound bombs against the crowd and closed all entrances to the area the united nations has warned the forced evictions could amount to war crimes this is a particularly sensitive moment and it was it was predictable and especially when israeli forces are using such a violent tactic. that's being you know that are disproportionate firey. russian grenades and rubber bullets. on arm protesters want. the u.s. says it's deeply concerned about the heightened tensions and called on all sides to what to deescalate them regional countries such as turkey and capital have condemned friday's actions by israeli security forces as an attack on human rights
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victoria gate and be al-jazeera. and we'll go back to afghanistan now where there have been multiple blasts and we'll speak to our correspondent once again feel your country for a failure you were telling us a moment ago that the taliban has been quick to point the finger at i saw as a result of these explosions tell us what they're basing that on. well actually we don't know that at the moment but what we do know is that that's a lot of cheese presumably. in kabul that has seen many attacks in recent years and also in schools and i feel has actually claimed responsibility for most of those so far so in this very neutral stages this is an attack that there's a lot of the songs that and i still attack would take place in that area just that the attack happened in 30 pm cub time and that's the time when the students had
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just finished their classes and were heading home we're talking about hundreds of students leaving witnesses and the 3 explosions happened some say they were back to back there were dozens of panicked crying and calling for their mothers as others were trying to transfer them to hospitals up to this moment dozens have been transferred to larry's. couple hospitals and it's very very disturbing pictures and . going around showing chap charred body school books and notebooks gathered. the area as well as terrified young injured girls covered in blood from head to toe probably waiting in any spittle. figo what is the latest death toll you. excuse me can you read the question what are the late what are the casualty figures those who have been injured and those who have a disability that according to the ministry of interior as of now it's 25 and 52
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entries but i do have to say the little media there are some other numbers that are going around the ministry of public health give some of their numbers to the local and we're still talking about dozens during that have been both killed and injured in tonight's attack ok thank you so much for that update phil your country for you from a couple. now several states in india are going into lockdown as officials try to bring the current virus outbreak under control it's the 3rd country after the u.s. on brazil to record more than $4000.00 deaths in a single day. reports from new delhi many are desperate to get their hands on life saving medical supplies. rajkumar patiently waits for his next ride his passengers are family members of a covert patient admitted to
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a new delhi hospital and they were waiting to be taken home. is one of many drivers in india capital who are using the auto rickshaws as ambulances and ferrying patients and their families for free that the library obviously one is scared but it's everyone's children will stay inside their homes then who will go out and fight at the borders so all of us will have to come out of our homes and the common people by any possible means be that money we all will have to help each other. in the state of mind to put the job at con sold his wife's jewelry to buy medical equipment and personal protective equipment people for people in need. such as water and on news channels that people luck out in their loved ones to hospitals on their shoulders or on 100 parks and some i saw unfortunate. i
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thought that vine ought i come forward in the name of humanity and do something. and here in chennai patients waiting for a hospital bed are given head from this bus it's fitted with oxygen sit in does and concentrate by people who want to have the schools are all closed so we from the schools have taken. 6 cylinders in each bus and. make. 6 buses 6. consider what they. mean and later when it's of laying out say. because it's. a small step but with india accounting for nearly half the world's reported coronavirus infections last week and a quarter of the deaths anything anyone can do to help is now significant as people struggle in the face of the 2nd wave the hope ministry is now saying patients no
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longer need a positive test before being admitted to a covert care facility. here leaders are urging the u.s. to lift restrictions on covered $1000.00 vaccine exports the global vaccine shortage was one of the main items on the agenda during their 1st person summit of the year you council president charles michel says the white house proposal to suspend patents on vaccines would not be a magic bullet if you divil don't cover you a successful. we should work towards the vaccine becoming a global public product what does that mean firstly producing more that's why i'm calling directly on the united states to end the export ban on the vaccines but also on the components of these vaccines which is preventing production from the french president speaking earlier on the us from london he's keeping an eye on that summit so what more came out of an exam. well i think there was
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a dream and to disagree on the issue of waiving patents of course it follows the u.s. move supports the idea of waiving peyton's through the world trade organization well you heard from the french president saying that it's not the priority right now but it's a fool's argument that what we needs to be stepped up to be sped up is production and exports. many were michael was boasting about europe's record of exporting outside the block half of the 400000000 vaccine doses that have been produced in the e.u. calling on partners not just the u.s. but the u.k. to to do likewise and around the world for people to take a similar approach now we've heard skepticism from germany chancellor merkel was not there in porto she was taking part via video conference just like several other leaders we've heard from michelle michelle the head of the european council over
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the bloc would in fact be willing to discuss any concrete proposals on waiving pater's so not ruling it out entirely but the thrust of the argument really that's winning the day there in the european union is that it needs to be speeding up exports and helping poor relations to actually produce locally and so they've been giving some examples of where they've been looking into cooperation for example those who have on their law and the head of the european commission saying that the e.u. is now working closely with african nations to try to boost capacity locally and then they the indian prime minister narendra modi is joined in virtually how significant was that meeting. i think it was seen as a very big signal firstly of course because india is the country greatest crisis if you like from the covered 19 pandemic right now and e.u.
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leaders were were very quick to point out that many of their own member states are supplying things like ventilators and medicines now directly to india to the chino 100000000 euros in the next few days they say we're in the coming weeks but why didn't that they say that the big thing that's going to boost ties is going to be a free trade agreement no talks over that was suspended in 2038 over time ago over things like tariffs and over access for indian workers to e.u. job markets well pushed on the details of underlines that it's far too early to start getting into the specifics of what's going to be negotiated but that's seen as a very important thing for the e.u. to to get to hurry up and do not least because britain has now started talks on a free trade agreement with india as well after brics it so outlining the
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importance of trade to boost bilateral ties but they're also talking about things like cooperating on artificial intelligence and supercomputers a way of generating jobs on either side ok thank you so much and the other reporting from london. plenty more ahead on the news hour including allegations of genocide against ethiopia's military in the tikrit region in a video message smuggled out of the country. the green and gold rush why the legalization of marijuana will do little to help rural communities in mexico looking to cash. in sport english support groups call for the location of the champions league final to be moved far it will be here a little later with that story. but 1st more than a 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine have arrived in pakistan it's been
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supplied for free through the u.n. back over. the stands trying to curb the spread of covert 1000 by imposing a countrywide lockdown for 10 days it's concerned about a surge in cases during the muslim identity holiday or has more from islamabad the national command operation center which is dealing with a covert 19 pandemic here in pakistan has announced a strict lockdown across pakistan from today all business across the country will be closed shops will be closed people will not be allowed to go into the markets to do their shopping for because the last time the government decided to restrictions they saw a spike in the number of 19 in fiction the fear is there to. be able to go because of a lack of rain delay they're not if the situation should be. like india
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is confronting and therefore the authorities know what it is warning the people that they're much take that seriously although there is complacency when it comes to the people at large who are not for doing the. not wearing their marks and also congregating a large number and a marker. curd re very dangerous and the government of god said what it regardless of the situation escalates. the problem the un says aid convoys city grey region if you hope you are being blocked leaving thousands without humanitarian relief and hundreds malnourished and now after 6 months of conflicts one of the country's top religious leaders has spoken out against what he describes as genocide to grain he has more the government has been fighting the tigre a people's liberation front since november the conflict in the northern tier a region has killed thousands of people and displaced more than
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a 1000000. and now rare public criticism from inside the capital against if you'll be as prime minister of. the guy who i am not sure what the to great people did wrong what's their crimes i am not clear why they wanted to clear genocide on the people of to great i do not know why they want to wipe the people of to great from the surface of the earth the whole world should know this. is the video of a beauty mathias a tigre a native and patriarch of ethiopia was orthodox church was filmed last month and smuggled out of other suburb. he accuses the government of creating carnage wanting to destroy the northern to greater region and censoring his earlier attempts to speak out. and other message to the people of to gray who live in the country and out of the country is this may god give you strength may he give you his chance and power everything passes and this might pass away this might
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pass away don't be demoralized don't be fearful or anxious the government has condemned atrocities in the conflict but has denied claims of ethnic cleansing and the targeting of civilians members of parliament choose the country senior leaders and as 40 percent of its estimated 110000000 people are orthodox christian mathias his message is likely to resonate with voters ahead of parliamentary elections in june prime minister ahmed says efforts to achieve peace in the region earned him the nobel prize in 2019 but he's faced multiple crises since the humanitarian fallout of the tigre a conflict is likely to overshadow upcoming elections which could erode his hold on power and on wednesday the government appointed head of take risk interim government resigned giving no reasons as to why. al-jazeera. police
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in chad have fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of people protesting against the transitional military council's rule the demonstrations in the capital were held in defiance of a ban the military has named a new government and as promised elections within 18 months but leading opposition figures reject the appointments saying most were ministers under the late president idriss deby he was killed last month while fighting against rebels 6 a must arise a chaldean member of the opposition he's also the president of the transformers political party use joining us from chad's capital thanks for your time with us on al-jazeera welcome to the program just tell us what is your thoughts are on the situation in charge right now and where you think this could be heading. to has been the subject. of a military coup that. we do people of we are marching because we don't want this the kind of domestic transmission or power. to do really
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well that people. last a week this week we are organizing peaceful brought this unfortunately more than 700. people. and more than 10 people killed and even today. by the time i'm speaking to you i would have had a blog about a part of me and my passport is going. and you know they are. shooting people so it's means that we are not moving in and this is the what the people of judge don't want ok well when it comes to the protests the military is saying that without a permit then the people were likely to stir public order and that is why they have put a ban on protests yet the opposition is going out in defiance of this ban. this is this is curious because you see those 15 people didn't generals they came in power without the permission of the people they came in power avoiding what is supposed
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to be done trode our constitution this is not what is supposed to happen they came in power we are organizing a quit it up which means that they are not even a respect in the statutes of the african union and the rules of the african union and they are asking the people were saying you guys let's make sure we go back to the constitution we go back to what is normal many we need a civil war and i did transition and they are requesting from the people to us the democrat mission to organize peaceful protest this this is really very clear but the military is also saying that they are going to organize elections within 18 months do you not trust that these elections will be held within that time we want trust. we don't trust them when you look at this chart the chart today is giving this is a chart for a king it's not a chart for democracy because we don't we only the the leader of this military council is supposed to appoint people from the parliament people from the judiciary
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power people from the executive power which means that we are no longer a democracy so if you look at this chart then you'll understand that we are not moving on to underwrite that action but the outline suggestion is just in the right go ahead. yes the situation in charles is not worse that this doesn't in mali for example and what we do people of that are in question is 1st to have a civil president and since the question of security is very important we can appoint a vice president in charge of the security so the people from the c.m.t. which is the military kind of council they can disobey his presidency and order that the security of the of the country and then we go and we're going to use a dialogue and inclusive dialogue and from that dialogue we put in place the institutions requested for do for the what are you what is there are they are resolution partisanism iran trip are are us opposition and the country is united in your demands and what you want going forward. not only the opposition we are an
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hour that is for almost $1212.00 weeks. is united you have even. leaders or religious leaders are with us people lawyers are ready for us people from the dies that is what. it means that in the coming days but allow me allow me allow me to just contested i 2nd your your your colleague opposition leader sardar czar who has welcomed the appointment of the prime minister that the military council has put in place and he said we wish him a lot of success so it doesn't sound like the opposition has united this is a small part of that was asian but the jury to the vast majority of the opposition we do really represent the the words of the people. we are organized and we are we are even united in the coming days we will come up with something that really
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clearly showed that we don't recall this is a military kind of group of 15 people we will put in place something different from that to make sure that the constitution is but that what a session is are going to an inclusive dialogue what will you put forward what will you be putting forward and this is in the coming days we will put that in you know make it known by the people of chad and even by the partners of chad this is going to to show that clearly this is what the population of chad want and every county which is partner of our county is suppose now to help us through this new organization that we are going to put in place in the name of the people of chad so we are finalizing this and in the coming. hours and the days this is going to be very public so everybody will know ok thank you so much success for speaking to us
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from chant. now the scottish national party is hope of securing a majority in the country's parliament hangs in the balance several a teen seats are yet to be declared the party leader nicola sturgeon wants to seek a 2nd referendum on scottish independence if it gets the seats the u.k. prime minister boris johnson says a 2nd vote would be irresponsible and reckless scots rejected independence by a 10 point margin in 2014 jonah hall is an added he says the s.n.p. looks set to push for referendum. it is still just about possible for the s.n.p. the scottish national party to secure an outright majority even if by only one seat it is more likely that they will but this election would have returned a majority for independence with the s.n.p. bolstered by the probably depends greens 1st minister s.n.p. leader nicolas sturgeon made comments in the last 24 hours making it abundantly clear what she intends to do with that majority she will govern this country she
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said to the pandemic in 2 economic recovery and then at some point after that offer the country she said the choice of a brighter future in other words independence from the u.k. the plan seems to be that at some point in the next 2 or 3 years she will use that majority to legislate in the scottish parliament here for a 2nd referendum to take place it would then be for the government of westminster boris johnson to respond either to agree to it which seems highly unlikely or negotiate some sort of settlement short of independence or as he has suggested he might take scotland to the supreme court on the basis that this parliament doesn't have the power to legislate for constitutional change which seems clear in all of this is that the drive for independence is very much back on track as a result of this election and set to dominate the politics both sides of the border for years to come still ahead on al-jazeera we look at russia's influence in the border conflict between kurdistan and. why moscow's role as
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a mediator is being questioned. in sports and other picture enters baseball's history bouts of our have that story a little later in the world. of . the last few days a scene that if lighting flash flooding actually in a good part of a round of ticky the northeast there are more showers to come which i think it will head to afghanistan now they've left behind increasingly warm weather in iraq and back towards levant the temperature is touching 40 degrees around the dead sea where you'll notice the wind is changing and the sand with it is a possible haboobs certainly a lot more dust in the air will cool things down a little bit is not runs in through north and south in towards iraq such as that and things of cotton than there are no more potential floods inland in yemen just a few months in shout that's also true briefly i think in
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a month and there's the drop in temperatures not severe but we're down to about 30 in jerusalem not $38.00 dramatic weather in the western cape of south africa this wrapped around cloud which is slow moving for a day gave record breaking rain or showed this yesterday is again today 7 times the average now record and stressed by which is not quite but almost the southernmost tip of africa or the rains just about stopped now it is creeping along the south coast towards the eastern cape i think much of the heaviest stuff will go offshore now as you've got a miserable day rather wet and dangerous day but that rain does creep up the coast and eventually hits the south of mozambique. but. in 19054 young anti-apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces if you gone solve the problem by moving the guy then you could keep
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36 years on a family's quest for justice reveal systemic resistance to prosecution and i saw the conflict for taking my father away from and exposes the influence the former apartheid establishment still wielded in the new south africa my father died for this people in power investigation on al-jazeera vaccines a promising path out of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap as the merge between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation and the latest developments what's going on here is very different 1st start the faxing comes in the form of a nasal spray special coverage of the corona virus pandemic on a. hello
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again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour dozens of people have been killed in multiple blas in afghanistan that's according to the interior ministry it happened near a school in western kabul the taliban has condemned the attack and blames eisel. e.u. leaders are urging the u.s. to lift restrictions on covert $1000.00 vaccine exports the global vaccine shortage was one of the main items on the agenda during their 1st in person summit of the year they also had a virtual meeting with india's prime minister narendra modi. palestinian groups are calling for protests after israeli forces stormed the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem more than 200 palestinian worshippers were injured of thousands of muslims had gathered there for the last friday prayers of ramadan. well social
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media platforms have been criticized for its own leading post about what's happening in israel and other stories from around the world sarah hire us explains . anyone posting content this week on social media on what's been happening not quite is true some shift iraq neighborhood may have found some story highlights deleted and been replaced with this message this is what's been happening is the story is no longer available on instagram is accused of censoring pictures and videos of the hashtag save she $100.00 wrote in both english and arabic since may the 2nd and that's when israel ordered 6 palestinian families to leave their homes to make way for jewish settlers now this video here that you're about to see they go palace it was posted by a palestinian activist some are called who shared it widely on instagram facebook and twitter it shows 22 year old accord a palestinian confronting a jewish settler in her family home in iraq and this was taken down for many europe
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of you know this is not you would have yes if i could go over this one. but if you have to go with me. really my heard of if i don't feel sort of no no no. i don't dispute that. but the thing is it didn't stop there because another hashtag started being hidden from people seize on friday and that's al aqsa now some including journalists have their accounts they said disabled for posts on protests in or tried them on friday nights where more as you heard earlier more than $200.00 palestinians were injured after israeli police stormed the compound using tear gas and stun grenades to disperse muslim wash business starts of course protesting in support of sheer joy right now social media on other activism stories also disappeared on wednesday and thursday in fact colombian instagram users revealed instagram removed posts on protest they said against tax reforms and police repression but also on red dress day now that's what
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raises awareness on missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in canada they have also had their posts removed. the reason why this is such an issue is because there is a continued genocide against indigenous people but specifically in canada in 2019 a report found that over a 1000 indigenous women girls and 2 spirit folks had gone missing in canada but indigenous communities know that the number is much closer to 5000 a magic 5000 women girls and 2 spirit folks that just disappeared by instagram removing our post there doing the same thing silencing us and our race in the continued genocide against our people so i ask you why she also i will and scream has in the last few hours issued an apology saying it was a bug which to lead to posts and it wasn't deliberate now it's heads i. also wrote
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it so people around the world from colombia is jerusalem used to share what's happening he also went on to say we apologize to all those who felt they could not bring attention to these incredibly important causes and many of those around the world of us is trying to resolve a decades long dispute between if you and its neighbors over a major a dam this has built on the river and i'll egypt on sudan are opposed to the reservoir of the ground if european renaissance them being filled the latest round of african union brokered to go see asians in april fail to make any progress have a morgan has more from khartoum. the u.s. ambassador to the horn of africa ambassador jeffrey feltman met with sudanese officials to discuss the issue after visiting the city the capital of cairo and meeting with president. sisi to discuss the issue of the ground if you. along with other bilateral relations issues so down says that feeling that. more than 20000000
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of its 43000000 people population and will affect farming projects along the nile sudan says that as much as they understand to the fact that needs it to be able to elevate its people out of poverty and improve its economy its also worried about its population but it's something that egypt has repeated 3 countries say that is not impossible should they be able to come together but right now how do they come together and how they continue on with their talks is something that they are yet to agree on so while it seems like the 3 countries say that a deal is possible there is no new date set for rounds of talks lows nobody has come forward and said that they are going to set a time frame and date to start to resume negotiations between 3 countries and sudan has repeatedly stated that with egypt very determined to continue with saga the way it's been going on over the past few years it doesn't it is not eager sudan is not eager to continue talks in such in such a manner and that it will continue and it will try to pursue legal means
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international means if possible to prevent it from going on with winning an operating went down without an agreement between the 3 countries of sudan if you can egypt the eldest son of south africa's late zulu king has been named the heir to the throne the latest twist to a succession battle so he was named in his mother the queen's well which read out after her memorial which was read out after her memorial queen. died aged $65.00 last week a month after she was named interim successor to her husband's various factions of the royal family have been trying to claim the throw. don have agreed to use soviet era maps in an effort to end a decades long border dispute at least 50 people were killed during fighting last month a ceasefire brokered by russia is now in place but moscow's role as the chief mediator is being questioned charles stopford reports from bishkek in the aftermath of the
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worst fighting between kyrgyzstan and says you could stand since the border dispute started 30 years ago one question is being asked louder than others how did you could stand launch what analysts say was a well planned military operation while on the same day this was happening in the capital to john by a russian defense minister sergei sure go meeting his tactic and killed his counterparts at a meeting of the collective security organization that's led by russia that seems to say something either about the complicity of russia or relative remove of russia from what's going on in central asia or maybe some other sinister interests being played out in moscow and that's the $1000000.00 question a statue of lenin in the cutest capital bishkek the soviet union is no more but russia remains both kyrgyzstan and tajikistan's number one ally and rewards them if
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they do what moscow wants kyrgyzstan's relationship with russia has suffered in recent years analysts say the moscow is unhappy with a decade and a half of political instability including 3 revolutions and some say the kremlin is concerned about the new president leaving too much towards its rival china. president so they're just part of has for many killed gays who conciliator it towards to stand after at least $34.00 of the estimated 50 people killed in the fighting were courageous but he needs russia's support to deescalate the situation and help find a last thing solution russia has called for calm and negotiations but some analysts say it's relatively weak response maybe because of what's happening in another of tajikistan's neighbors afghanistan but also. nato pulling out of
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afghanistan means the importance of stand for russia is growing because you can stand as russia's 1st line of defense both kyrgyzstan to stand host russian military bases but one until you can stand is more important because russia understands that have to stand explodes because of spillover from afghanistan then the whole region could follow this doesn't mean that as you can stand has the right to conduct what was a planned military operation on the curator's borders and russia will not outright condemn it the curious flag flies over bishkek but many are wondering how kyrgyzstan until you can stand it can reach a lasting solution to their border dispute and whether their mutual ally or indeed wants to help chance trafford al jazeera bishkek pakistan's prime minister is on a 3 day visit to saudi arabia to mend relations the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman welcomed imran khan in the city of jeddah the 2 countries are expected to sign new agreements to bolster trade and economic links divisions over india and
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yemen have free diplomatic ties in recent years. antonio terrace has made his case for a 2nd term as u.n. secretary general but pressure is mounting to open the selection process to more candidates particularly women christian salumi has more from the u.n. . on the international political stage it's the equivalent of hitting the campaign trail thank you. tonio good terrorists answering questions from member states and civil society groups submitted ahead of time on video and he's making his case for a 2nd term as u.n. secretary general what's happening in the general assembly hall is what the united nations refers to as an informal interactive dialogue the idea was to make the secretary general selection process more open but given antonio good terrorise is the only candidate for the job the outcome seems to be a foregone conclusion
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a handful of applicants are challenging that assumption however 7 have declared their own candidacy to reach the un's top floor in 2022. why do you think you are qualified there's a reason 'd among them rosalia are tejada the 1st woman vice president and for a brief period president of ecuador i don't see him fighting because i strongly believe. as me at least and united nations but her backers say she lacks a process to be heard forward is a london based advocacy group claiming thousands of supporters who demand change we know work unity to be present our statement and be part of the process we wanted to do was send shock waves to the un and the process and the lack of democracy hasn't evolved since its creation which is a huge problem in itself and an additional product problem is that i that we've had
6:44 pm
76 years of mao secretary generals the security council has an outsized role in the process its permanent members must agree on a candidate before referring him or her to the general assembly for approval if the 2 presidents so the general assembly and the security council doesn't write a joint letter even if a country presents somebody as a candidate not necessarily because it becomes a kind. so important thing is the joint lit. general assembly president concedes the process is not spelled out in the u.n. charter to terrorise has pointed out that more than half of his executive team are women for now it appears that's as close as any will get to leading this organization kristen salumi al jazeera the united nations well bolivia and surely have agreed to normalize their strained relations covers a range of mutual interests like border policing transit and terrorism but it
6:45 pm
doesn't address their biggest challenge bolivia's demands for access to the pacific ocean the country surrendered its coastline to chile in a postwar treaty more than 100 years ago and has been lobbying for access. and out of control section of a chinese rocket as expected to crash into earth this weekend but space agencies don't know where it will land much of the 23 tons of remnants from the rocket is expected to burn up when it reenters the atmosphere but some pieces could fall anywhere on earth adrian brown reports from hong kong. china's space program has traveled a long way very quickly as it races to catch up with other nations but is the rockets and what they carry get bigger so to the debris they leave behind. more than a week ago a chinese long march 5 rocket was launched from hina an island carrying part of the
6:46 pm
country's 1st permanent space station. after its separation from the maggio the rocket began to orbit the earth in a lump land trajectory as it slowly lost altitude now a 30 meters section is hurtling towards earth a 29000 kilometers an hour the u.s. military is tracking its progress we don't have a plan to shoot the rocket there were hopeful that that will land then in a place where it. won't harm anyone. hopefully in the ocean or someplace like that under international guidelines rockets are supposed to return to earth in a controlled way but that's not happening this time i'm afraid of the remaining pods of the rocket is right now without control but it has its trajectory and it has its old process re entering into the atmosphere and hopefully it will
6:47 pm
lead laterally without causing any damage or injury china makes no secret about its space ambitions over the next 18 months at least 10 more launches a planned to support its space station program here on earth cold war. the fix means that china can cooperate with other countries in space that's because the united states continues to bar china from participating in the international space station also backed by other countries who have relations with beijing right now. china wants to become a major space power by 2030 and has demonstrated this in recent years with visits to the moon the launch of a long crude probe to mars and now the beginnings of its 1st fully operational space station adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. and mexico marijuana legalization has opened the door as for what could be the world's largest market one community is placing its bets on bats as it take it out of poverty critics say
6:48 pm
the reform favors small to national corporations and not small time farmers on a regular reports from mexico city. why is a small village in central mexico it's a poor community lacking running water and electricity. villagers have relied on the sale of traditional medicines and more recently honey for their survival but amid drown in environmental degradation neither industry is viable anymore which is why they are looking to grow marijuana now legal under federal law as well up on. its medicine will plan the treats many things so why not we would accept working with associations to use our fertile lands that are free of agro chemicals for cultivation of kind of banal which is medicine. many of you marijuana legalization as a potential boom for mexico's struggling economy a green gold rush to create jobs in poor areas and
6:49 pm
a new source of tax revenue for the government. policy experts however say the new reforms are not designed to benefit small communities like last. season so. unfortunately the side of social justice to benefit rural communities who have been among the worst affected by the drug war seems more like fiction these communities will supposedly be given priority to obtain certain licenses for growing but the entry costs are too high for them to afford. critics of the new law see the mexican government has not only falsely promoted the legal marijuana initiative as an economic relief for poor communities but also a benefit to patients who depend on marijuana for medical use. the bed is has been treating her 8 year old son with medicinal cannabis oil for the last 6 years she says it's the only thing that's helped against his chronic epileptic seizures but the reform still makes it illegal to give minors products derived from cannabis
6:50 pm
little sample in the hand the white and the law leaves us out so we're left with no choice but to make this medical treatment for him and for many other children in mexico illegally and also cultivate illegally in order to obtain the oil extracts at home. the legal cannabis in mexico means recreational use will be decriminalized not everyone is pleased with the final outcome of the reform law in hopes are still high the growing legal marijuana could lift the town out of poverty unfortunately the law itself may not be entirely on their side. up a low al-jazeera mexico city. sports news is up next and a senior alum thick official says nothing can stop the talk against going ahead about story coming up right after the break. hero and humanitarian. for traitor war criminal.
6:51 pm
also you know me to know who defended sorry eva against attack by serb forces. the real world looks back at the life of the late you'll find giving. me a timeline not. just. the world of high frequency shared trading exposed by this engine that was basically trading it kind of lost $30000000.00 it was a terrifying experience how artificial intelligence was raised the stakes and risks on the money markets is markets go faster and faster and we're opening up the possibility for instability for no. money bonds coming soon on al-jazeera.
6:52 pm
kind of again time for us what's known as his fair there ian thank you so much 7 time world champion lewis hamilton has clinched a record extending 100 pole position at his f one career at spanish grand prix receive his driver barely edged out red bull's maps 1st stop and he was just point 03 seconds behind or hamilton's teammate valtteri bottas will race from ferd adults and leads the championship standings by 8 points over stop and going into the 4th race of the season. i can't believe 100 and i and i really this is down to the men and women that are back at the factory and continuously raising the bar
6:53 pm
and i just never giving up the support that i have it's been a dream for me to work with these guys and the journey that we've been on been immense a senior olympic official says nothing can stop the tokyo games going ahead that's despite a state of emergency in the city being extended due to the coronavirus pandemic more than 200000 people in japan have signed a petition calling for the games to be cancelled i.o.c. vice president john cote says the right precautions are in place to ensure a safe and secure olympics the games are due to start on july the 23rd the moment the games we have ahead is no need for us to be hypothetical we. we spent the 1st half of last year i did a final the worst case scenarios and we sent the spent the next 6 months straight and now looking at the counter measures that are necessary we're implementing those counted as you've read the playbook you can you can see that as they have all been counted measures predicated on they being met no vaccine so that situations
6:54 pm
improved the games are going to hit these 3 european football clubs yet to withdraw from the ill fated super league say they are being unfairly targeted and a joint statement real madrid barcelona an event his claim european governing body you a fan made unacceptable threats after the plan was announced the other 9 teams pulled out of the breakaway competition to criticism from fans players and politicians. supporter groups are set to meet with you a for a in an effort to move the champions league final at of turkey chelsea and manchester city are due to play in if mbo at the end of the month but english fans have been told not to travel to the game due to new coronavirus restrictions a government has put turkey on a so-called red list of countries that shouldn't be visited except in the most extreme circumstances honestly i played wherever it's played i really should have played in istanbul last season so it was not in istanbul it was in part to go then
6:55 pm
and now again the situation is pretty heavy in turkey at the moment. i think anything can change quite rapidly these days so let's be open in the moment we prepare for for the travel to turkey. chelsea man city are about to face each other in the premier league a win for city will ensure they win the title for the 3rd time in 4 years on friday last or suffered a setback in their bid to qualify for next season's champions league they were beaten for 2 by newcastle leicester are 3rd in the table top or go through to europe's top competition. we have to fight for everything we shall close to work as we want to be. with a group position still tied to disappointment of course for everyone. but this is a stage of the season we're going to win games. and the world's most expensive player neymar has extended his contract with paris saying sure men brazilians new
6:56 pm
deal runs until 2025 a more join the club for $270000000.00 from barcelona 4 years ago. with le bron james back on the injured list the l.a. lakers have had more problems despite anthony davis' effort of 36 points the lakers were beaten by the portland trailblazers a loss that leaves the reigning and the champions 7 in the western conference if they stay in that position the lakers face having to play extra gains to reach the playoffs. $70000.00 fans are set to watch mexican superstars camillo alvarez defend his world titles in texas it will be the biggest ever crowded indoor boxing venue in the u.s. unbeaten british fighter billy joe saunders is alvarez's latest department saunders has a chance to become just the 2nd director floyd mayweather to defeat the 4 division champion wasn't coming to learn you don't come in some ways. you know i don't think
6:57 pm
you know griz's is going to demand as much and terminology when as me it's going to be a good point he's a great champion but to be honest with you. to try any of these. baseball now and wade miley is throwing the 4th and no we had are of the major league season the cincinnati reds pitcher enters the history books on friday with 9 no hit innings against cleveland indians the most no hitters thrown in the modern era is 7 with the season well on track to pass mark. and atlanta braves fans can get a little extra at the concession stand this weekend the braves are providing free 19 vaccinations at their stadium each person who gets vaccinated can pick up some free tickets to watch future games great fans may not be too keen to rush back after this 12 to 2 loss against the philadelphia phillies. i am mad as hell yes for now back to you daryn i think you so much thanks for watching the news hour on al
6:58 pm
jazeera we're back on the other side of the break we'll have much more of the day's news coming your way and all the latest headlines thanks for watching. frank assessments of poison but. what exactly how and what major taking what a situation might be if you ever get informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking military positioning in the middle east or is it just to simply reorganize the ministry this is a message to the region the united states is already think you're its military
6:59 pm
in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. being comfortable in one's own skin is a birthright or at least it should be a black filmmaker raised by white parents in east berlin in the 1960 s. embarks on a stunning journey of self discovery. a touching tale of family identity lifelong secrecy and reconciliation. the coming black eye witness documentary on al-jazeera. the protests started cheerfully in front of the x. museum in amsterdam hundreds of protesters gathered to demand the government is locked down with strict sions and lift a curfew the 1st in the country since world war 2 the threat is that we lose our freedoms to protesters who are not following social distancing rules or will be to be ordered to disperse by police but police are trying very hard to call friends
7:00 pm
a scenario that happened last week when thousands were rioting in cities across the night. after some protesters started throwing stones at letting off fireworks police on horseback moved in to clear the area. an attack at a girls' school in kabul leaves dozens that early reports say it happened students were leaving school for the day. the but the water now to 0 by from a headquarters in doha i'm tearing out a gate also heads the back. condemnation of the call for.


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