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henri's hitting the headlines in the news media have been left to sort through mixed messages on a quite complex story from mainstream to street journalism the listening post covers the way the news is covered on a jersey. calls for calm after more than 200 people injured in violence between palestinian worshippers and israeli police of the al aqsa mosque. lives around you watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. from creating a virus in india several states go into lockdown. also pakistan take steps to
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prevent the virus spreading during the muslim holiday. and wreckage from a border conflict between kyrgyzstan and when we look at russia's influence. welcome to the program the un and the u.s. are heading calls for restraint after a night of explosive violence outside the compound in occupied east jerusalem more than $200.00 people were injured in clashes between palestinian worshippers and israeli police into again the reports. confrontation inside the compound as israeli police stun grenades to disperse muslim worshipping. their own 20 people all of
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you for the police. for more support of what. if you want to. know what you're part of i think you do because you know what you are you know not one. of them. least all say you stun grenades inside a clinic treating in japan. i was. fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters police say they responded up to stones bottles and fireworks with thrown at them was. was out could stay the same now it is jerusalem day goes on the last friday of the fasting month of ramadan the annual event is a protest against israel's rule of jerusalem not the how well are they so it's there is an attempt not only to apply time division it alex
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a mosque but also to divide a looks most physically should not be done we must work to prevent it and the vigilantes are defending the mosque on behalf of the arab nation and the islamic nation. and here on friday thousands of muslim was schippers it answered the call from the islamic black the trust they don't break the compound under the authority of jordan to pray in and around. the compound is a constant point of contention in the palestinian israeli conflict but tensions in occupied east jerusalem have increased in recent weeks as palestinians have protested against israeli restrictions on access to parts of the city joining ramadan and there's been a rest over an israeli court order to evict palestinian families in the shaikh ciaran neighborhood demonstrators tried to enter the neighborhood on friday the soldiers you sam bombs against the crowd and closed all entrances to the area the
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united nations has warned the post evictions could amount to war crimes this is a particularly sensitive moment and it was it was predictable and especially when israeli forces are using such violent tactics. that you know that are disproportionate firey. russian grenades and rubber bullets at unarmed protesters want. the u.s. says it's deeply concerned about the heightened tensions and called on all sides to what to deescalate them regional countries such as turkey and capital have condemned friday's actions by israeli security forces as an attack on human rights victoria gate and be al jazeera. trying to list is a senior fellow at the center for american progress he says there's a serious risk of further escalation on both sides. that's the problem that's been
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in demick for a long time which is extremist voices actually not listening to those who are in the in the middle who if you look at what was happening some peaceful protests about evictions and shift your are and other parts of easter islam people using peaceful means to try to lift their voice up and then lift their voice up through social media and the problem that is that those voices are then drowned out by more extremist voices that seek to use violence and other confrontational means that then lead to a spiral into a situation that ends does no good for the common good for everybody who wants peace and security in jerusalem if there was more condemnation coming from both israeli and palestinian leaders of those groups those extremists voices that seek to 'd gain advantage in game political advantage and lift their voice up if you had
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kind of nation from the israeli leadership and palestinian authority leaders. rather than those who seek to stoke the flames that would be a good thing but i really worry about what will happen in the next 36 to 48 hours and you respond. several states in india are going into lockdown as officials desperately trying to bring the coronavirus break under control india is the 3rd country to the u.s. and presumed to record more than 4000 deaths in a single day and it's just recorded another 4000 sorry 400000 infections experts say the true numbers are much higher let's get more on this from our correspondent bob in new delhi above me of course despite the vaccine rollout the numbers really aren't looking very good. no not at all it was a record setting day for india once again crossed the 400000 lost in fresh cases
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for the straight day friday was also the deadliest day in the pandemic for india nearly 4200 people lost their lives to the virus so with this as you said and as a such country to cross the 4000 death toll in one single day also the u.s. and brazil is amid calls for a national loss downstairs have been imposing their own season lockdowns to arrest the spread the latest being the southern states also some a lot of this morning the chief minister announced a 2 week lockdown saucing may 10th when only essential services when be allowed time allowed to is one of the hardest hit states and over the last 24 hours we have seen 2 other states that iscar not announce a similar strict lockdown starting weekend says much about whether rural think it is all being reported in the same way as the areas that you've just mentioned
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because news is filtering through periodic clee on the news from the countryside is not good either. not at all and if you look at what's happening in your comparing what's happening in this wave what happened in september you're seeing the numbers for the caseload as well as the death toll at this time is 4 times higher than it was last time i remember i mean what we're seeing it is a medical system bush to the brink so you can only imagine in india where you know you have a primary has kept the cities and several tests to come by and badly and eventually so that is really really why overall the. less than 20 percent overall caseload. thanks very much from new delhi.
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19 continues to send your across the region pakistan has now imposed a complete countrywide lockdown for the next 10 days as an attempt to stem cases from spreading during the holiday. as our correspondent joins you now the line from islamabad the lockdown itself again in the country with a skeptical public who didn't really take the virus very seriously in the 1st wave despite the government's warnings. got. to. fight sick guy with the tax. being gone and they've begun stations that people. are going to like despite the fact that government supported all sounds i've always hated in certain area even today restarts some demonstrators come out. against it all down. down.
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most of the markets and it's all about it being down to care or getting groceries. recurrence if you're good or bad old but the difference going to be to. control now why it is not the same budgets on beside each picture and that. i like knowledge 10 minutes of and that country cannot afford any more it's on to. lockdown and do not get cooperation from the people are getting 8 days on maybe 10 days great is he a situation. created thing right now fulton thanks for his come on hodges our correspondent for senate from the bob the number of recorded infections in brazil since the start of the pandemics not 16000000 with the 2nd highest death toll in the world almost 79000 cases of concerned in the past 24 ounce brazil full bloods
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a criminal investigation last weekend to present dr olsen always responds to the pundit make the inquiry into his much criticize hundley of the crisis could lead to his impeachment. families in peru are being forced to consider burying their loved ones at home with cemeteries overrun by a surge in coronavirus deaths april has been the country's deadliest month since the beginning of the pandemic with one person dying every 4 minutes experts believe the true death toll between march and april may be more than $60000.00 hospitals are overwhelmed and less than 2 percent of the population's been vaccinated kyrgyzstan entergy can stand have agreed to use soviet era maps in an effort to end a decades long border dispute at least 50 people were killed during fighting last month a ceasefire brokered by russia is now in place but moscow's role as chief mediator
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is being questioned charles traffic reports now from bishkek in the aftermath of the worst fighting between kyrgyzstan and as you can stand since the border dispute started 30 years ago one question is being asked louder than others how did as you could stand launch what analysts say was a well planned military operation while on the same day this was happening in the town capital john but a russian defense minister sergei sure go meeting his tactic and killed his counterparts at a meeting of the collective security organization that's led by russia that seems to say something either about the complicity of russia or relative remove of russia from what's going on in central asia or maybe some other sinister interests being played out in moscow and that's the $1000000.00 question a statue of lenin in the cutest capital bishkek. the soviet union is no more but
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russia remains both kyrgyzstan and tajikistan's number one ally and rewards them if they do what moscow wants kyrgyzstan's relationship with russia has suffered in recent years analysts say the moscow is unhappy with a decade and a half of political instability including 3 revolutions and some say the kremlin is concerned about the new president leaning too much towards its rival china president so there is a part of has for many cuties finch who conciliator it towards to stand after at least 34 of the estimated 50 people killed in the fighting were courteous but he needs russia's support to deescalate the situation and help find a lasting solution russia has called for calm and negotiations but some analysts say it's relatively weak response maybe because of what's happening in another of tajikistan's neighbors afghanistan but outside looking at all of them show. nato
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pulling out of afghanistan means the importance of his stand for russia is growing because you can stand as russia's 1st line of defense both kyrgyzstan to stand hosting russian military bases at one until you can stand as well important because russia understands that have to stand explodes because of spillover from afghanistan then the whole region could follow but this doesn't mean that as you can stand has the right to conduct what was a planned military operation on the characters borders and russia will not outright condemning the curious flag flies over bishkek but many are wondering how kyrgyzstan until you can stand it can reach a lasting solution to their border dispute and whether their mutual ally can or indeed wants to help chance trafford al-jazeera bishkek. still ahead here on out is there allegations of genocide against ethiopia's military in the gray region in a video message smuggled out of the country also. we're still digging out of an
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economic collapse that cost us $22000000.00 jobs and indication the u.s. recovery from trend of virus may be faltering those stories after the break. that spring remains an illusion for many countries europe particularly in the north the cloud still piling in from the atlantic and that's taking rain with it and that's quite a spearhead a way that we're run through most countries eastern europe that's point one and then there's this thing does that look like spring to you that was more like an autumn storm to make and that's on its way through the british isles it's the 2nd weekend where this is happening strong as bad as it is last week anybody as windy or as went but it will be both now ahead of it's quite warm in france borders up to
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about 30 and i think spain and portugal if they are nice but it won't but the rain will eventually get in here as well that lock temperatures back of the same for france at the same time much of central eastern europe certainly appears underneath this warm blooming spring sunshine and that'll have an effect that will warm things up quite considerably by 10 degrees or more for example in berkeley in europe but 25 even 27 by the end the weekend by monday the average is $99.00 and it's been going up and down which is this is the right side to be and that warmth does go across the cold towards the sun baltic stockholm reaches about 18 degrees by monday then 22 by tuesday your obvious is 14 and the last few days you'll be well below average for a pleasant change. frank assessments there are a lot of poison but the government needs to watch what exactly happened and what
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measures are now taking for a situation like i'm not to believe you could ever get informed opinions is the us with thinking the military positioning of the middle east wasn't just a simple act of reorganizing ministry assets this is a massive through the region the united states is rethinking its military posture in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story. looking back you want yours there with me so run the reminder of our top stories the un and us are calling for calm and restraint after more than 200 people mostly palestinians were injured in clashes with israeli police at the al aqsa mosque
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muslims and to the side for the last friday prayers of the holy month of ramadan. several states in india are going into lockdown as officials desperately try to bring the surging krone virus outbreak under control india has become the 3rd country after the u.s. and brazil to record more than $4000.00 deaths in a single day. and covert 19 continues to surge across the region pakistan has imposed a complete countrywide lockdown for the next 10 days is an attempt to stem cases from spreading further during the gulf if that holiday. we had to ethiopia's all the docs church has accused ethiopia of carrying out genocide in tikrit province since november fighting between the central government of the to great people's liberation front is believed to have killed thousands of people the comments fire the name of tires her film was filmed on a mobile phone and smuggled out of the country the i think to grand says his previous attempts to speak out of being blocked and. to grow his i'm
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not sure what the 2 great people did wrong and what their crimes are i'm not clear why they want to declare genocide on the people have to agree i do not know why they want to wipe the people that agree from the surface of the earth the whole world should know actually they do not this is just to remind them that their hunger but a crystal says the former ethiopian foreign minister is also a member of the 2 great people's liberation front he says the bishop has long spoken out against injustice and his words hold huge weight. he has 4 completely. and years at the same time. pieces and move international. we don't have to not only call them but take. and i'm sure they can assist. showing how skilled to a huge wave in ethiopia and in group definition this is this good.
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orthodox church and the house. or in order or that experience or of course is exposed because our ability has been silenced as he stated in the video leaked out. by the same certain ones who try to ascend with us who in media are going broke like that and has been thinking they have they've been saying that. he will be the winner beaten down if you succeed. despite his say he would not mind. the prices like. that and do all of them and good or are only the russian military who know and are and are today not more
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because this is get inside us to. build a son of south africa's late designer king has been named as a succession battle begins his mother the queen named him in her will which was read out after her memorial month the form being to let many zoon died aged $65.00 last week a month after she became interim successor to a husband various factions of the royal family have been trying to claim the throne . a muslim armed group has occupied a market in mindanao in the southern philippines which led to a standoff with the army the bangsamoro islamic freedom fighters opened fire on civilians according to witnesses local say they were only able to flee with the help of the military the rebel group broke off from the larger moro islamic liberation front after they entered peace talks with the government ethnic current fighters in me amar say they've captured and burned down a military outpost they say they seized the outpost in the move troll district
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after the garrison fled fighting between the current ethnic group and the army has increased since the military topple the government in a coup 3 months ago the kremlin a liberation army opposes the coup and the sheltered opposition figures evading arrest. but because the prime minister is on a 3 day visit to saudi arabia the aim is to mend relations with its longtime partner saudi crown prince mohammed bin sylmar unwelcome to run cars in the city of jeddah the 2 countries are expected to sign new agreements to bolster trade and economic links divisions around india and yemen have for a diplomatic ties in recent years bolivia and chile have entered a broad agreement to normalize their long strained relations covers a range of mutual interests like border policing transit and tourism but it doesn't address the biggest thaw in bilateral relations bolivia's demand for access to the pacific ocean the country's surrendered its coastline to chile in
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a postwar treaty more than 100 years ago and has lobbied for access ever since. scuffles have broken out in mexico city at a vigil for the $26.00 victims of monday's metro collapse. ah demonstrators fault riot police as they tried to move forward towards the accident area earlier people laid flowers and candles next to the collapsed rail line the president has announced an investigation into the incident more than 30 people remain in hospital. as a dream court justice in brazil is calling for an investigation into a probe that the raid that killed 28 people in rio de janeiro. there's growing anger over tactics used by police during thursday's operation targeting drug traffickers in the slum activists are demanding to know why the suspects were killed rather than the arrested place tonight carry out executions and say they fired in self-defense or just that much more head on about as you know
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today we are dying in brazil for 3 reasons lack of vaccines then cave it and also from hunger on top of that we see our black people dying in massacres but the 100 the police. the united nations as join calls for an independent investigation into the operation so it appears as you say that collectively. you know they're not succeeding in stopping these kind of really disturbing over the top lethal operations so something clearly is wrong now. as i mentioned the federal supreme court has been involved in him in the issue and i have to his shooters specifically ruling back in 2020 restricted police operations so you're right some things are working or a lot of things are not working and i think there probably needs to be a collective review as he suggested. you know really
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a broad broader view of what is going wrong and how to fix it says no is a senior america's research or a human rights watch he says there's evidence of a police cover up is key that we have a thorough and that the investigation into what happened. but there really sounds pretty bad actually i have to say we human rights watch have received credible evidence that bodies of victims were moved from the crime scene and that the people were dragged actually and the crime scene was not preserved and that's very important because you can lose. key evidence of what happened there the 1st you know our son on the 1st day of the investigation he says that most crucial moment you know when when you have the evidence there you know you have the neighbors there you can interview them and you know i have to say police is not doing their
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job and and that you know the this is something we have seen in many investigations in rio janeiro 98 percent of all of these killings in rio and without any charges and you know. i hope that we don't say the same about this one because he's been you know he's obviously. are a shocking number of people being killed. and you know the force that this investigating the killings is the same force that committed the killings is a civil police. u.s. jobless figures are rising again to levels not seen since the height of the current virus pandemic that's raising criticism of president joe biden's recovery plan with some employers saying it's made the job market was a white house correspondent can get reports now from washington d.c. . at this busy miami restaurant the biggest problem isn't finding customers but
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finding staff we would like to give a lot more. attention to the to the clients the column our service and we can't do that because we don't have enough personnel hoarding to ferret cheli many people simply don't want to work lots of people are so on employment and they're not coming back that could be one of the reasons the latest u.s. employment numbers show jobs rose by just 266000 in april that's a fraction of the 1000000 plus jobs expected unemployment is up in the united states now 6 point one percent numbers not seen since early april of last year when cope with 19 lockdowns wiped out millions of jobs and took the jobless rate to a peak of more than 14 percent we knew this wouldn't be a sprint it be a marathon on friday the biden administration tried to put a positive spin on the disappointing numbers today's report just underscores in my
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view how vital the actions we're taking our checks to people who are hurting support for small businesses for childcare and school reopen support to help families put food on the table but some employers blame president biden's $1.00 trillion dollars american rescue plan for making the job market worse it pays unemployed workers $300.00 a week removing the incentive they say for workers to apply for jobs as the covert economy opens back up. some restaurants like individually owned mcdonald's are even paying people to interview for their jobs the largest business lobbying group in the united states the chamber of commerce is also calling for an end to covert unemployment benefits. but the biden ministration says it's rescue plan was just the beginning and what's needed now it's 2 trillion dollar american jobs plan to
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rebuild infrastructure and create work i believe we will reach full employment next year some analysts also just you criticism that government benefits are affecting hiring trends and discouraging a recovery in many parts of the country the virus does not is still not under control and there are lots of people who remain appropriate as it turned out i mean back in the group settings like restaurants and bars but president biden's republican critics have seen as to on the disappointing jobs numbers as proof they say that his american rescue plan is not working can't really help it al-jazeera the white house there's uncertainty as to where a large amount of control section of a chinese rocket will end up most of the 23 ton based a section of the longmont 5 b. rocket is expected to burn up when it ran into the atmosphere sometime later on
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saturday but any remaining pieces could fall anywhere on earth china says that a prius unlikely to cause harm. case in point yet. this type of rock is specially designed so most of its components will disappear and be destroyed during the pre-entry process the probability of causing harm the activities in the air and on the ground is extremely low because many departments covering this will promptly report a situation of public. watch al-jazeera with me celeron the reminder of our top stories the un and the us are calling for calm after more than 200 people mostly palestinians were injured in violence with israeli police at the al aqsa mosque muslims and to the sign for the last friday prayers of the holy month of ramadan several states in india are going into lockdown as officials try to bring the surging crowd of brake.


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