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tree on al-jazeera. we know what's happening in our region we know happen get the playfield that others can off the fires are still ongoing on the way they held the story is what can make a difference. more than 200 people injured in violence between palestinian worshippers this ready police in occupied east jerusalem. hello everyone forget this is al jazeera live from also coming up under-prepared and on the resorts doctors in the poor warn of a major crisis as they face a surge in corona virus infections. anger in
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brazil over a police raid which killed $28.00 people the united nations joins calls for an investigation. and china dismisses concerns the day before one of its rockets could crash on to populated areas of. over $200.00 people mostly palestinians have been injured in clashes with israeli police in occupied east jerusalem violence broke out at the al aqsa mosque and elsewhere in the city thousands of muslims packed the site for last for the last friday prayers of ramadan and they stayed on to demonstrate in support of palestinians facing eviction from their homes by jewish settlers the jury again reports. confrontation inside the compound as israeli police stun grenades to disperse
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muslim worshipping. at their own 20 people all of a huge force the police attacked nothing more secular to. it one of the book one more chipotle i think you because i know you are you know not one. of them. here. was one of them police also use stun grenades inside a clinic treating in japan astin ians was. fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters police say they responded to stones bottles and fireworks with right at that was. was i could stay to say now it is jerusalem day goes on the last friday of the
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fasting month of ramadan the annual event is a protest against israel's rule of jerusalem not know how well they suffer cuts there is an attempt not only to apply time division at al aqsa mosque but also to divide a looks most physically should not be done we must work to prevent it and the vigilantes are defending the mosque on behalf of the arab nation and the islamic nation. earlier on friday thousands of muslim was shipper's it answered the call from the islamic black the trust they don't pray to the compound under the authority of jordan to pray in and around. the compound is a constant point of contention in the palestinian israeli conflict but tensions in occupied east jerusalem have increased in recent weeks as palestinians have protested against israeli restrictions on access to parts of the city during ramadan and there's been a rest over an israeli court order to evict palestinian families in the shaikh
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ciaran neighborhood demonstrators tried to enter the neighborhood on friday the soldiers you sam bombs against the crowd and closed all entrances to the area the united nations has warned the post evictions could amount to war crimes this is a particularly sensitive moment and it was it was predictable and especially when israeli forces are using such violent tactics. that you know that are disproportionate firey. russian grenades and rubber bullets at unarmed protesters don't want to blow off the u.s. says it's deeply concerned about the heightened tensions and called on all sides to what to deescalate them regional countries such as turkey capital have condemned friday's actions by israeli security forces as an attack on human rights victoria
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gate and be out there. bryan cartoonist's is a senior fellow at the center for american progress he says there's a serious risk of further escalation on both sides that's the problem that's been in demick for a long time which is extremist voices actually not listening to those who are in the in the middle who if you look at what was happening some peaceful protests about addictions and shift your are and other parts of easter islam people using peaceful means to try to lift their voice up and then lift their voice up through social media and the the problem there is that those voices are then drowned out by more extremist voices that seek to use violence and other confrontational means that then lead to a spiraling to the situation that ends does no good for the common good for everybody who wants peace and security interests if there was more condemnation
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coming from both israeli and palestinian leaders of of those groups those extremist voices that seek to gain advantage and in political advantage to lift their voice out if you had kind of nation from the israeli leadership and palestinian authority leaders. rather than those who seek to stoke the flames that would be a good thing but i really worry about what will happen in the next 36 to 48 hours and you respond. other covert 19 vaccine will soon be widely available to help in the fight against the virus the world health organization has approved a chinese made side of jab for emergency use it's the 6th vaccine to get the agency's stamp of approval it can now be out it's the u.n. backed kovacs scheme which distributes coronavirus vaccines to poorer nations an expert panel has a record recommended 2 doses for people who are 18 years old and above this afternoon the blue jewel gave emergency use listing to sign off on
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beijing's 19 vaccine making need this 6 vaccine to receive deadly to validation for safety if you can see and quality these expand their least of vaccines that kovach come by and gives countries confidence to expedite their own regulatory approval on and to import and. a vaccine. the poorest one of the countries receiving vaccines from the kovacs came but only around one percent of its population has been inoculated it has $57.00 times more cases than it did a month ago and it's reporting around 28 new infections a day for every 1100000 people that's roughly the situation was in india 2 weeks ago a lockdown has been extended in the capital cup on the across the border in india
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prime minister and remote is under growing pressure to impose a nationwide lockdown some states of already announced lockdowns another 414000 cases were recorded on thursday of nearly 4000 deaths or serious elizabeth purana reports now from new delhi. a doctor lies a car that 19 patient on her stomach so she can breathe more easily and helps her clear her chest others try to come push a man who's in pain the patients in this hospital and might be suffering but in a state with only 125 beds for every 100000 people they're fortunate to be there less than 100 kilometers away from india's capital new delhi residents of one village in uttar pradesh tell our dizzier 40 people have died in the past 3 weeks that includes the village pharmacist who has refused admission to the nearest hospital minutes drive away his son explains what happened.
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there were no beds available for him at that hospital we tried other hospitals in the city but they refused to we took him to a nearby hospital in the district as his condition became worse but they would norway until it was available and the doctor said that he had died my father was a fit and strong person he was just 45 years old if he had treatment on oxygen then perhaps he would have been alive. all those who the father couldn't find medical care he was tested at 19 a test opposite the village haven't been able to get. you know people are getting a feel for a few days and suddenly they're dying almost every home has a member who's here over testing is happening people are aware of the disease but don't have the means to get themselves tested to do a test they need to travel far and that isn't happening when people are dying
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without a test there's not best certificate. and i'm a short saying who also lives in a village says that's how his 80 year old mother he died. she had fever 2 days earlier and when she heard that my brother had passed away in an accident she fell further the fever became worse we couldn't take her to the city hospital we didn't have time to even try and give her some treatment. this is the health care center in child travel but it's closed 65 percent of india's population lives in rural areas villages like where there are a few a public hospitals that in the cities but india is facing a shortage not just of hospital beds and medical supplies but health care workers to. work. in. with the food over there. medical personnel.
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there is only one doctor for every 20000 people in. hospitals in india's but just cities including here in the capital new delhi have been completely overwhelmed by the surge in cases but it's widely believed that the situation is even worse in rural areas where most cases and deaths are under reported the possible contesting elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. families in peru are being forced to consider burying their loved ones at home with some of his overrun by a surgeon coronavirus staff. april has been the country's deadliest month since the beginning of the pandemic with one person dying every 4 minutes experts believe the true death toll between march and april may be more than $60000.00 hospitals are overwhelmed and less than 2 percent of the population has been vaccinated the
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number of recorded infections in brazil since the start of the pandemic has topped 15000000 last month was the worst so far pushing deaths to well over 400000 the daily number of fatalities is slowing but remains high with more than 2100 reported on friday june is it is going it alone in the next 24 hours it's the latest measure to deal with the corona virus which the prime minister has described as the was tell crisis in its history its from a hit she says that the health care system could collapse mosques markets non-essential businesses will be closed for a week just as muslims mark the end of the fasting month of ramadan at england has unveiled a green list of countries where residents can visit without having to go into quarantine when they return the new rules come into effect on may 17th that will mean international travel is no longer illegal the list of countries will be reviewed every 3 weeks scotland wales and baldwin island didn't say when they might
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ease travel restrictions. we're going to weather update next here on out as there are then allegations of genocide against ethiopia's military in the to grow region in a video message smuggled out of the country. pakistan's largest city is parched residents struggle to afford a very basic necessity also. it's time for the perfect gentleman the weather sponsored point qatar airways a few days ago yemen was hit by unusual rain quite a long way eastwards and this is a result in a place where historic buildings cannot stand it these were mud bricks dried in the sun and easily affected by heavy right now the good news is no more there are thunderstorms in the mountains of yemen and probably some in amman otherwise the
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trend is for a fairly high temperature including in the levant they'll be a change of type with that wind coming up into northern egypt bringing a dust storm and eventually dropping temperatures but not in the immediate future your notice jerusalem briefly rises to $36.00 ahead of it you won't be alone it's true of most cities down the coastline there is the thing swings in temps will drop a bit and the sound has dispersed that could be a boob will not from the end has jumped south more significant weather this in the southernmost point of africa in a caper go has been a significant dropping of rain here by significant i mean 6 times the average normally recorded for may in this time which is just to the east of cape argo haase and it's still raining so there'll be more flooding as a result in the western cape all part of a system that it does expand east was this low eventually will move east was so it's got the same potential as it moves to the eastern cape eventually beyond that even to mozambique. sponsored by
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a qatar airways. talked to al-jazeera we are skipping along with who were attacking rigging ago and now they're attacking everyone in myanmar do you regret words like that we listen absolutely nigeria with a woman president it would be great we meets with global news makers i'm told about the stories that matter on al-jazeera really understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what we've heard the news and current affairs that matter to you. well again this is al-jazeera the main news this hour more than 200 people mostly
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palestinians have been injured in clashes with israeli police in occupied east jerusalem violence broke out of the al aqsa mosque and elsewhere in the city many muslims gathered for friday prayers stayed on to demonstrate in support of palestinians facing eviction of their homes by jewish settlers. china has signed off on a coronavirus vaccine has become the latest to get approval for a version seen use from the world health organization that means it can now be added to the un backed kovacs scheme which aims to ensure fairer distribution of vaccines. coronavirus numbers in the pool of shot up as the crisis spills over from neighboring india nearly half of all tests are coming back positive doctors say that hospitals are running out of beds and oxygen. the head of ethiopia's orthodox church says that ethiopia's actions in te gripe province amount to genocide since november fighting between the central government and to dr levy people's liberation
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front is believed to have killed thousands of people the comments by a board of a tyrus were filmed on a mobile phone the been smuggled out of the country the ethnic to cry and says that his previous attempts to speak out of the blocks. to get out his i'm not sure what the great people did wrong what they crimes are not clear why they want to declare genocide on the people of the great i do not know why they want to white people to go from the surface of the earth the whole world should know actually they do not this is just to remind them. a supreme court justice in brazil is calling on the country's top prosecutor to investigate a police raid in rio de janeiro that left 28 people dead. anger is growing over tactics used by police during the bust or suspected drug traffickers at a slum on thursday it's the deadliest raid in the city of more than a decade activists at the bottom to know why the suspects were killed rather than
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arrested at least on high carrying out executions saying they only fired in self-defense or just that much more. today we had dying in brazil for 3 reasons lack of vaccines then cave it and also from hunger on top of that we see our black people dying in math because under the police the united nations has joined calls for an independent investigation into the operation so it appears as you say that collectively. you know they're not succeeding in stopping these kind of really disturbing over the top lethal operations so something clearly is wrong now. as i mentioned the federal supreme court has been involved in him in the issue and i have to his shooters specifically ruling back in 2020 restricted police operations so you're right some things are working more
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a lot of things are not working and i think that probably needs to be a collective review as he suggested. you know really a broad broad review of what is going wrong and how to fix it so it is a city america's researcher at human rights watch he says there's already evidence of a police cover up it's key that we have a thorough brumpton independent investigation into what happened. but there really sounds pretty bad actually i have to say we human rights watch have received credible evidence that bodies of victims were moved from the crime scene that the people were dragged actually and the crime scene was not preserved and that's very important because you can lose. key evidence of what happened there the 1st you know our son on the 1st day of the investigation he says that most crucial moment you know when when you have the evidence there you know you have the
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neighbors there you can interview them and you know i have to say police is not doing a good job and and that you know the this is something we have seen in many investigations in rio janeiro 98 percent of all of these killings in rio and without any start of this and you know. i hope that we don't say the same about this one because he's been you know he's obviously. are shocking number of people being killed. and you know the force that this investigating the killings is the same force that committed the killings is a civil police. the u.s. job is a rising again to levels not seen since the heights of the coronavirus pandemic last year that's raising criticism of president joe biden's recovery plan with some employers saying it's making the job market was a white house correspondent reports from washington. at this busy miami restaurant
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the biggest problem isn't finding customers but finding staff we would like to give a lot more. attention to the clients the column our service and we can do that because we don't have enough personnel hoarding to ferret cheli many people simply don't want to work lots of people are so on employment and they're not coming back that could be one of the reasons the latest u.s. employment numbers show jobs rose by just 266000 in april that's a fraction of the 1000000 plus jobs expected i don't plummet is up in the united states now 6 point one percent numbers not seen since early april of last year when cope with 19 lockdowns wiped out millions of jobs and took the jobless rate to a peak of more than 14 percent we knew this wouldn't be a sprint it be
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a marathon on friday the biden administration tried to put a positive spin on the disappointing numbers today's report just underscores in my view of vital the actions we're taking our checks to people who are hurting support for small businesses for child care and. support families put food on the table but some employers blame president biden's $1.00 trillion dollars american rescue plan for making the job market worse it pays unemployed workers $300.00 a week removing the incentive they say for workers to apply for jobs as the covert economy opens back up. some restaurants like individually owned mcdonald's are even paying people to interview for their jobs the largest business lobbying group in the united states the chamber of commerce is also calling for an end to covert unemployment benefits. but the biden ministration says it's rescue plan was just
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the beginning and what's needed now it's 2 trillion dollar american jobs plan to rebuild the infrastructure and create work i believe who will reach full employment next year some analysts also dispute criticism that government benefits are affecting hiring trends and discouraging a recovery in many parts of the country the virus does not is still not under control and there are lots of people who remain appropriate as it turned out i mean back in the group settings like restaurants and bars but president biden's republican critics have seized on the disappointing jobs numbers as proof they say that his american rescue plan is not working can really help it al-jazeera the white house the u.s. homeland secretary says the biotin ministrations mexican border plan is getting
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results but the more work still needs to be done but i have a male chris was speaking on a visit to one of the main processing facilities in the texas border city of doma he says the number of unaccompanied children has dropped to less than a 10th of its peak in march children spent on average a day at the facility before being moved on a droughts affecting pakistan's largest city it means the qur'an she is only getting hauffe the water it needs to say the climate change is partly to blame for the problems infrastructure is unreliable and much of the water is being stolen madly reports. this chime brings relief water hasn't arrived people stream from their homes canister in hand in karachi is around the town 2000000 people live in this network of concrete. but they've long given up expecting water to flow from the taps is no limit i don't
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understand i have never seen drinking water supplied by the government flowing from this tap this is the water we ever buy from a tanker or a good from charity karate is pakistan's largest city and needs about 1200000000 gallons of water a day but only gets half. of what we have 50 percent of our water available we can see the shortage everywhere there are certain areas suffering acute shortages like district west this is because of the rapid population growth there. although some analysts point to climate change as a factor many of blaming what they call a water maffia local authorities say there are more than 100 illegal hydrants in the city and some people are siphoning off water and selling it to others some blame government mismanagement and poor infrastructure.
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we have a number of factors causing scarcity of water one of these is the growing population the other reasons are leakages mismanagement and climate change the indus river and the hub dam supply. but in the hot summer months water levels. and the plan to build a major network of supply lines from kandahar lake has been delayed until 2023. iran gets more than also by water from private companies the use legal and illegal hydrants across the city. this will to last hardly 3 or 4 days then we have to buy from a water tank at times we don't have the money to buy it my son in law only doesn't broidery work so it becomes really difficult to survive. a daily necessity it's becoming impossible to have food. to think. the eldest son of south africa's late king has been named amid
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a turbulent succession he was named as mother the queen's will which was read out after the morial queen. died last week aged $65.00 just a month after she was named interim successor to husband various factions of the world family have been trying to claim the throne and turning made his case for a 2nd term as u.n. secretary general the pressure is mounting to open the selection process to more candidates particularly women kristen salumi reports from the un. on the international political stage it's the equivalent of hitting the campaign trail thank you. antonio good terrorists answering questions from member states and civil society groups submitted ahead of time on video he's making his case for a 2nd term as u.n. secretary general what's happening in the general assembly hall is what the united nations refers to as an informal interactive dialogue the idea was to make the
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secretary general selection process more open but given antonio good terror's is the only candidate for the job the outcome seems to be a foregone conclusion a handful of applicants are challenging that assumption however 7 have declared their own candidacy to reach the un's top floor in 2022. why do you think you are qualified there's already among them rosalia are tejada the 1st woman vice president and for a brief period president of ecuador i don't see him fighting because i strongly believe me. feeling. as me at least and united nations but her backers say she lacks a process to be heard forward is a london based advocacy group claiming thousands of supporters who demand change we . were curious to to be present our statement and be part of the process we wanted
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to do was send shock waves to the un the process and the lack of democracy hasn't evolved since its creation which is a huge problem in itself and an additional problem is that i that we've had 76 years of male secretary generals the security council has an outsized role in the process its permanent members must agree on a candidate before referring him or her to the general assembly for approval if the 2 presidents so the general assembly and the security council doesn't write a joint letter even if a country presents somebody as a candidate not necessarily because it becomes a kind. so important thing is the joint letter to. the general assembly president concedes the process is not spelled out in the u.n. charter to terrorise has pointed out that more than half of his executive team are
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women for now it appears that's as close as any will get to leading this organization kristen salumi al jazeera the united nations china says the day brief from its latest rocket launch is unlikely to cause harm even though no one knows where or when it will come back to earth remains of the long march 5 p. rocket have been cited above the united states u.s. space command is calling it an uncontrolled re-entry the rocket was launched just over a week ago carrying the 1st part of china's new space station it's expected to reenter the earth's atmosphere sometime over the weekend. it's every bit as hollow adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines allows us there are more than 200 people mostly palestinians have been injured in clashes with israeli police in occupied east jerusalem many muslims that gathered for friday prayers and stayed on to demonstrate in some.


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