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put one of the the right wing party leaders in the caller to try and keep him within the right wing block essentially what looks likely to happen is that it will go back to the president riven rivlin who will then have to decide whether to give it to the centrist opposition leader yeah he'd or a right wing leader with only 7 seats in the knesset naftali bennett the indications being reported are that he will give it a lot here and then we see if he can form a coalition. and now the top stories on al jazeera more than 350000 coronavirus cases and almost 3500 deaths have been reported in india the government says cases are beginning to go down but testing has also dropped the opposition is calling on president that in their modi to impose a national lockdown the government is also facing backlash for pushing on with infrastructure projects the spite the health crisis continuing. international
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experts are being called to mexico city to investigate the collapse of an overpass which caused the metro train to plunge onto the road below killing at least 24 people cranes have been lowering the carriages after monday night's accident the crash has raised safety questions about one of the world's busiest metro systems mexico's president and this went away lopez obrador has promised a swift investigation and that nothing should be hidden from the public it's been 6 months since ethiopia's government began an offensive in the northern tier a region more than $60000.00 refugees have now fled to neighboring so that there were other us at the farah is one of thousands displaced by ethnic violence since the beginning of the conflict he says the violence particularly against women is escalating. it's getting more worse in the beginning it was the shelling and most
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of the killing that subsequently the torch us we're getting more grapes there are women who've been raped some of them have come and some of them were brave enough to come in the pot so this accounts of rapes are very very huge particularly in a place that we were in the same in or to gray the killing is continuing the united nations in european union are calling for calm left the days of deadly protests in colombia the demonstrations began on wednesday over proposed tax reforms since then more than 20 people have died and hundreds have been injured in violent protests across the country colombia's finance minister resigned on monday and the reforms have been withdrawn. those are the headlines the stream is next the asking of the philippines could see a covert surge similar to india thanks for watching i'll see you soon but i.
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i am very ok i don't need to tell you how many countries around the world are struggling with the coronavirus today on the street we focus on the philippines have a look here on my laptop covered 90 mortality rate by country in south east asia this is the philippines look at where that ball is that line in the. making the philippines the 2nd highest in terms of covert 19 infections and casualties in south east asia that is the core of this is what the search looks like in reality
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we are going to be talking about the philippines and the situation there earlier we spoke to your gay ngo pret from the international crisis group and this is what he told us so who is not a stranger to disasters the community through human made hazards with kuhlmann teams different who. the virus does not only attack the fridge irises to the can the economy will see this rule should the ritz the poor $100.00 of the food prices of experience in the history prospects for economic recovery from the presumed she elections coming next year and the people's fools who cast of the government's performance in some communities remain strong and whole long list and new years and uncertain future. that was one analyst's perspective but what is your last you can join our conversation by jumping into the comment section and asking i guess your questions so let's talk to the guests let's
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say hello to pulling call the call hello dr nice to see you hello ambassador emeline as well welcome to the stream not to convert introduce yourself to international audience tell everybody who you are and what you do good in every wine thank you thank you for that you dutch and also i am dr believe in god you are in the immediate past president of the believe in college. and i am an active same grady going on judaeus an emergency physician in many hospitals here in the metro and to other hospitals and. thanks for joining us hello ambassador welcome please introduce yourself to our global audience yes or similar mando some that would have been better to watch you could be. welcome and i am in nice to have you tell us what you think you are what you do very important for today's conversation and thank you perry name is. rector of
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amnesty international and i'm also a filipino lawyer welcome. dr i am looking at some pictures that you sent us from iran you were working earlier on today and i'm just looking at these 2 pictures what are we seeing here. how do we know this is a church. ok so it is already been the declared that there's a search that their release is the spikes in the numbers you're seeing increased transfer in the past 3 and went even in what you're seeing here i did then it's. for patients that are we in the insight or mother are just departments it is for the expansion of the capacity of our hospital the patients and their waiting in line to begin beds in say the hospital you are very kind because you've overseen protecting the the identity of many of these people who are really suffering this
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doesn't even look like a hospital this is like a temporary setup they are now field hospitals temporary hospitals in minot because both are oh ok so since you've been seeing surges and increasing trans obviously we can't beat them on it so we just have to be do we whatever it is that we have so we have to put up dents increase our capacity by expanding space. adding more beds even if this will be only in makeshift beds so even in wheelchairs so that you see be able to get them to the speeches on site or for money or just the department's i mean i'm really curious because we've all been in this global pandemic for over a year now but when when we use the phrase so much that means something because defense different eminent a you seeing something ticking in times your family your friends over relatives
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back. earlier i will be more lawyer working as a. lawyer for years but i am still very much hopeful looking for a lawyer and i have my family and my friends are for. and for the last few weeks. 6. the way. because of. and this is you really bear that's not even. family members friends so this is this is serious a concern for me because again this is a bad people who cannot or help there. but it's really now it's about people cannot access help care most of it because there is not enough to go around . i bet i want to bring you into the conversation but 1st i would like to play
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a little clip this is reza at the cat she's a hospital director and we just got this comment from her a little bit earlier so we can understand what is going on in hospitals particularly in manila have a listen have a look at past every hospital there and she are specially the government hospitals they are knowledge troubling we know dad an increase in the number of cases just as we know that increase in the number of health workers being battered beav. specially in the past. since march. who is running the covert 19. i would say the fight for covert 19 in the philippines who is in charge of that who is doing that practically down on the ground. well the task force is out and should be headed by a secretary carnitas god this is the one in charge and he's the one that i've been in touch with on a regular basis basically to help and procuring of the vaccines coming from the
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united states i totally understand the situation that's going to be inside of that it's really very critical and our health care system as it is is really and that's a very critical stage right now and to me i can really see that all do see the only solution or the light at the end of the tunnel but we've always been hearing that the vaccines and this is exactly what we're trying to do as far as we're concerned here in washington d.c. talking to the pharmaceutical companies we've been in touch with them for more than a year now well all bushed the year actually and it's unfortunate that the supplies for for the vaccines especially coming from here is been very very tight and it's only recently the president by them approved. vaccines to be made available for the world us but and specifically the pfizer to be exported from the united states so this is really the work that they're doing here as far as the covert thing response
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is concerned i would he has wants to speak to you ambassador and oh no says dr so i'm going to put this new chief comment to you this is from not to want to for us thank you for being part of the show doc for eyes for i says my main concern is that for how long are we going to live like this is there any light at the end of the tunnel why isn't it w h overspending appropriately let me start with you dr and then go to the ambassador for a response dr light at the end of the tunnel what are you seeing are you seeing any light. i have to agree with them bassett or that indeed the vaccines as a whole and the light at the end of the tunnel but we have to do something right now since we have a problem right now we have 90000 lead them urgency the arguments in. it may be a green make sure of the current situation of the eans and that vaccine serves as hope for all of us in the care workers in the general public that amy eat me less
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out from the situation but currently the demand d.d. and crisis of the people he is that must a what must be done right now so all of those congestion on the increase in the feet so they are really asking for help on when and where to seek help for access for the hospitals and go ahead jump in very quickly because indeed they agree with them faster and go. back seams are very important but i think it's it's only just one part of addressing this crisis this what's happening in the particular action explosives the frailty of our health care system and how make that our health care system has been for many many years and our sense always is that it has never been the framework by because of the government and
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even with previous administrations it has never been. the healthcare system has never been seen by one lens as a human rights as the rights of health so as you see facilities you see healthcare workers who are underpaid and who would rather go to seek a better life to get paid that are so vaccines as just one point but an emily let let let me over also let let me let me bring this to to you because this is really important this is something that a conversation is a was happening on the chiefs i want to bounce it off if he so sleeping panda says i'm concerned about the lack of adequate action by the government how filipino nurses a flocking to other developed countries because i'm not getting adequately compensated in the philippines does that count as a human right definitely can you explain. so. well you are but if you know some of them are actually many of them are my friends they're
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watching for friends who are in the united were going as nurses so i asked them to watch this show and many of them actually me are go through the united states are here in london because they don't get. adequate they don't get adequately paid for their services or their skills in the philippines so in order to have a cohort of both in order to be able to they were in the assess if they had to go somewhere else and that was different that a lot of human rights rolled in who want if there is not only me an impact on the health care system in the philippines but it also goes to the human rights of the people who are not paid well so that they have to go to other countries in order to. i must say i have seen reports of the military you talk about the tough force the covetous force in the philippines the military being accused of
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overstepping their power of a stepping what they should be doing jewing a global pandemic how do you see those stories steve you feel that there's any. credibility to those stories in those complaints about the military. well i'm not quite sure what are they doing but i don't know that the the government is at least initially when they put on the lockdowns they needed to have obviously the persons in authority to be able to implement that and the military was passed through to be one of those on the front lines to be able to implement the law poems i think for a while it was successful but in the end obviously the economy is issue this is starting to show signs of becoming again critical a critical situation especially for the for the for those who work every day and they they are regular of the day wager so soon so to speak just to just
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to. mention some of the things that they haven't said i agree that yes the health care situation that it seems quite critical but of course no one can ever for sure upon them make of this type that will ever happen during our time in this century and so the health care is now obvious to see suffering from that. i mean i remember my brother who was the health secretary chairing the climate of former president joseph estrada was one of those that pushed for universal care but as one of the cornerstones of that's the ministration and i think it's has been recently passed and at the same time he was also one of those that pushed for generic medicine to be sold in the philippines you know medicines in the philippines are one of the most expensive ever and for a while the major pharmaceutical companies that we are now having to deal with right now especially coming from the united states have
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a very strong i would say that they were they had that quite a lot of power in the philippines that they could not get this pos true but again that the spouse the recent the or at least not too long ago for generic medicines to be available and to make it much cheaper for the majority of our people. it's that i want to play this clip and this is this is a tragic story just one of many tragic stories coming out of manila of the last few weeks this is from anglo pereira who lost one if he's parents to cover it 19 he was searching for a hospital bed and he couldn't find one having listened to me and my family we have moved on or are trying to move on so we don't really entertain these thoughts anymore but you know maybe if we had a clear clear plan of action maybe we if we knew that hospitals were a bust. you know we could have just relied on ourselves more evidence and all
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that time 5 hours you know looking for a hospital to no avail really. daughter the way that i put say is i if i if we don't in our hospitals were abbas to say what was the point of spending 5 hours ferrying apparent around to mina what's the situation like that how do we address that because vaccines are not the immediate or the solution for them. if they may just quickly. just say something since the universal health care was mentioned very sure of that and ambassador in that indeed universal health care is very much eating meat a great now but i believe that there can be being literally universal health care without emergency care so all of these things just very exposed are highlighted by so i agree that we were not prepared nobody was prepared for corby is just it just exposed so maybe not because he's the health care system we've never seen but this that much. so. in recent years an integral part of universal health care
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and what was just many vetted by one of those one of the. the the one who lost the barrett is that in an ideal state the it should not be the beach and the patients and it is it should be easy for hospitals to be that mean so the system should have looked for at least 3 of them or we need to do is just dial a number on the 80 as it being and as easy as just a 3 digit number can get advice or it will create the it's not here in the loop it's not we don't have a system yet we're getting there but there's just so many numbers to remember it's and they're elect and they're all in the. in there and we looking through the sneeze of the metro and even in their own private cars because we don't have emergency medical services as competent. emergency medical services that so there's a long long way to go for the philippines. so even before they go who say the elite
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should there should be already be a plan where and when you stop and the silly or any of the look. so. there isn't really hardly. everything go ahead there are just a build. off her police car so yes. implementation of universal health care and also in the generic medicines act well said it was a step or steps forward. including the health care system in the beams but those are not enough and i completely agree dr quinn carr that emergency care is a component. of universal health care also in the philippines right now including people i know including family members of mine. and this would still mean see the year financial hardship so this cannot be denied and this we cannot
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this is something that i'm still seeing and they're now in the. i remembering what you said right at the beginning of our conversation which is the solution is going to be vaccines and it's not going to be a meeting because i'm not sure where the bed to going to going to come from. to come to cause showed us just from a shift early on today how people just sleep back together in makeshift temporary hospitals so i'm just looking at i don't want to share with our audience a picture of president deter today getting a vaccine which i believe was over a week ago i am wondering it was yesterday excuse me was even sooner than i thought even more recent than i feel i'm wondering i'm bastow what impact does that have seen the president getting a vaccine what's that value. well i suppose most leaders all over the world that's one of the things that they do is to show that
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vaccines are supposed to be safe and i would like to assure them that that is what the president of the director was trying to show you know here in the united states we all know the success of their vaccine rollout or b.c. because of the resources that they have we are now seeing the numbers for me to go down dramatically and i understand from many states are good beginning to open their economy because of the vaccine so i'm one of those that really truly believes that this is the only way out of this now it's very unfortunate that many countries all over the world including the philippines have a little access to these supplies because all of the. countries the rich countries are the ones that are getting it and you mentioned something about the w.h.o. we've been working with them through the kovacs facility that they set up and even then we still can't get him out of the supplies to be read to me that it's coming in in trickles likely instance of plays or that we have been working on for more
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than 7 months now even before they were given the your 8 it's only now that we were able to finish off the and them that the agreement that they required us to do so all of this we're all under the gun and do you think i'm all right i know what i'm going to make any of this thing you have a lot to think that you think the problem is because the philippines has a reputation for corruption and lack of transparency so do you think that is part of the problem about now when you're in a crisis when he do need international help it might be a little bit on the slow side because of that reputation do you think those 2 things are connected. not not well i'm not trying to i don't think that that's the case because in our case for instance the w.h.o. i'm sorry the world bank and the a.b.b. are those that are ready to in fact they have a standby of credit for not only for the philippines report many countries in asia including indonesia and they would keeps and they're the ones that directly pay the
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pharmaceutical companies are they have representatives here in washington d.c. with a couple of meetings with them they said we have the money for you but there are no vaccine supplies so it's really that that is really the problem and we're not the only ones that are suffering and that's what we have depend on to patients coming from other countries like china and also from. from what i understand all of israel is coming up and they're ready to help us another cause smaller country said have offered to help could it be i'm going to put one more thought into our conversation this homes cars and christine sabina has a health and science reporter who is looking at now when we go from here in the philippines how do you make sure fewer people die from kovac 19 this is what you told us so with the philippines using 1000000 people he made he says the medical society he's an expert say intervene on commanded basic epidemic response well
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she's saying expanded best thing answer isolation and that will meet implementation are the gaps in health infrastructure another challenge is the whole government units are not use the niner slums some of the national mom makes the guy game there are bright spots and some city smart meager existence is as simple as having a scene on the chasing after and a center last year i'm dashed martin. which you still on how either to the ranking of science at school because fines or weeks for everyone to get. my weight in attention fall out and limited bathrooms a night that will likely be. it's a thought to come back i'm also seeing questions on a chief weapon for asking about vaccine has to insane in the philippines so vaccinations are the onset to how do you reduce the number of deaths and adults vaccine has a sensing what do you do as the medical profession to help people like. me
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make them understand the genie the vaccine is one way out of this and to me unfortunately. exceeds are not they're not coming in fast enough to for all of these spot for most of our population to be vaccinated so with regards the vaccine has it in c. i think the president having been vaccinated is a big. it's a it's a good nature of you know that the public may trust the vaccine and that. most of the. health care workers are. are already back to me and they can speak for themselves as well and the trust for that exceeds but indeed it is really part of the problem. that's in the shine that exene has it is that we need to understand that we need to meet the public understand. i'm just looking here on my laptop to see how vaccinations are doing in southeast asia
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covered 19 vaccination race in asia at the top singapore this is this is doses administered per $100.00 of the population in selected asian countries singapore there is right at the top china a little bit behind them and we have to go all the way down here to the philippines and then thailand is even lower so this is going to be an ongoing problem it's an ongoing challenge for people in the philippines dealing with the search right now dot to conver car thank you so much ambassador appreciate you and elaine so much to talk about really thank you very much for helping us shine a light on this surge of coverage 19 cases that the casualties there and really what you need which are vaccinations a lot of them thank you so much for joining us on the stream and thank you you too for being part of our conversation always appreciate it i was seen eckstein take a. frank
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assessment of poison but become a midwife one exactly how and what made america treating for this situation might not be you've ever again and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al jazeera. welcome sir. it will be about rising food prices or is this entirely down to the fact that we bring you the stories and developments
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that are rapidly changing the world we live in a prime minister designate a meeting of a buff as the tosca of fixing a war torn economy counting the cost on al-jazeera. halfway between tokyo and she's a little girl who was then relatively sleepy place not a lot of violent crime and so when 4 people get killed on one occasion in as bloody a massacre as this was in the trucks a lot of reporting. a task force of each police officers was created to find out what happened. police counted more than 40 stab wounds all together in the victim's.
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form. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera coronavirus cases in india are continuing to rise even as the government says there are signs that infections are slowing on wednesday 350000 new cases were confirmed the opposition says the only way out of the crisis is a national lockdown and while hospitals face severe shortages of oxygen and ventilators the government is facing a backlash over its decision to push ahead with a controversial infrastructure.


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