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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Kyaw Moe Tun  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2021 5:30am-6:01am +03

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transmission of the virus but also around how people move and react within different venues what the airflow in the ventilation looks like within different venues and how you need to organize events to be coped safe in the future other events of included football in front of actual fans the $8000.00 who were allowed to attend last weekend's carroll cup final at wembley hoping the days of canned crowd applause are numbered various test events will culminate at london's wembley stadium again when a quarter capacity crowd of 21000 fans will gather for football's f.a. cup final on may the 15th that'll be just 2 days before england reopens further with the planned resumption of international travel heading into a summer in which the government hopes all pandemic restrictions may be lifted by late june jonah how al-jazeera london.
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this is al-jazeera these are top stories after india recorded its deadliest day of the pandemic so far the number of daily deaths has dropped slightly on monday more than 3300 people died in the last 24 hours prime minister narendra modi had tried to keep the country open as he campaigned in regional elections but is policy performed poorly in a key state that's in america struggling with high demand to cover 19 vaccines there aren't enough doses to go around in argentina only a small number of people have received the job the country is now recorded a total of 3000000 cases president albert of the nanda as has extended a nighttime curfew in the capital 53 weeks. colombia's president even decay has withdrawn proposed tax hikes after nationwide protests at least 6 people killed and hundreds injured the bill is going to be revised to remove tax increases on food
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sales utilities and income is the issue no main to date on this this is a moment of greatness and of protecting the most vulnerable of inviting the shock he talks of not hatred and destruction it is a moment for all of us to work together with us the path of a consensus clear perceptions and allow us to say clearly there will not be i mean creasy goods and services law will be existing rules be changed. kurdistan says a ceasefire with neighboring tajik stan is holding after a week of intense border fighting authorities in kurdistan say they found 25 bodies from the latest attack accusing its neighbor of war crimes u.s. president joe biden has paid tribute to the servicemen who carried out the raid on osama bin laden's compound 10 years ago sunday marks the anniversary of bin laden's death after a team of u.s. navy seals stormed the al qaeda leader's base in pakistan they see headlines news
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continues after talks al-jazeera. on counting the cost of china's navy and its maritime militia dominate the south china sea has the u.s. lost control could the pandemic usher in the 4 day work week and environmental racism opposition grows to a u.s. pipeline. counting the cost on al-jazeera. workers. it's been nearly $100.00 days since myanmar's military took power in a coup and arrested civilian leaders including and the son suchi. but the people of myanmar seem determined to hold on to the democratically elected government they gained in 2015 they've refused to go back to the military rule they lived under for hof a century. the coup triggered civil disobedience and mass protests.
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manama security forces have responded with violence hundreds of people have been killed in the crackdown thousands more injured and others have been arrested without charge for many in myanmar the only hope they have to avoid any further escalation is the international community's intervention shortly after the coup in february the end was u.n. ambassador spoke out against the military we move on our strongest possible action the international community to immediately and a military coup to stop oppressing that unless the people do it down the state power to the people and to stroll that democracy but now me and miles neighbors and members of the association of southeast asian nations don't appear to be standing up to the military in fact the head of the giunta gentlemen online attended assy
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end summit in jakarta on the 24th of april by james bays at the united nations in. it was here in the u.n. general assembly got me on mars ambassador to the united nations. contrary to many people's expectations stood against the military to enter the army leaders try to fire the ambassador but the un still recognizes him many countries welcomed his brave statement including the u.s. let me be clear from the outset the united states continues to strongly condemn the military coup in miramar and we condemn the security forces brutal killing of unarmed people others like china have refused to condemn the military coup good use of please. take you to humor don't. go from. here you wouldn't. be. the shoes you should keep.
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as the conflict continues to escalate will it turn into a civil war will the international community reach a consensus or remain polarized myanmar's ambassador to the u.n. your more tone talks to al-jazeera. and buster of myanmar to the united nations thank you for talking to. in your country there was a coup on the 1st of february ever since the death toll has mounted do you now believe that not only was the will the democratic will of your people suppressed but those same people have now been abandoned by the international community not really agree with that because you look at the support from the international community is growing but at the same time of course we need to have you know stronger and stronger and the support from the indonesian and security
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international community because you know within the country. the democratic forces we are fighting against the military regime we have fighting against the military coupe because we want to end this military coup as soon as possible because we want to see if life were in those and civilians because as you rightly pointed out there it's more than you know 700 people being already killed and the many many people being arrested in the many many people being. beaten torture bind the military so that we need help from the international community so but even though the people you know providing support from the international community but we stayed in the far the stronger you know action from the international community but we'll examine the issue of international support in more detail a little later on but let me take you back elections took place in your country in
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november and reelected was a government led by the national league for democracy party of one son suchi you were here in new york and in just in the end of january when did you start to suspect something was up because the day before the coup the u.n. secretary general antonio terrorist put out a statement expressing great concern about the situation when did you know something was up but surely you know the sense that i got i mean the high sense that it's in the last week of january of course before that there were in the spokesperson from the military make the statement here and they're talking about you know the election fraud and then also you know they were doing it according to the in the the constitution of options are open that sort of statement that they make but personally i didn't think that they would do it but in the last we got
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january you know the negotiations taking place between the government and the military and the political party and the military but on the especially on 2728 of january land that you know that negotiation did it go away and when you heard that the coup had taken place you were then put in a difficult position i assume you have to decide whether you now we're going to take your orders from the generals or whether you are going to reject those orders how long did it take you to make up your mind you know. the on the 2nd off as you know the and their security council the closed door meeting so on that day. i had the chance to speak with the in the dead then the president of the u.n. security council and. barbara so in that. year was the president of the schools are going to hear some of the origin story yes or no you know i express you
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know i disappointment with the new of the military coup because since then i make it clear that i wear it not disappoint the people i think the 1st time you spoke publicly was a few weeks later on the 26 of february that's when you spoke in the u.n. general assembly now some of your fellow ambassadors tell me they didn't know what you were going to say and whether you're going to support speak in support of the generals i was watching your speech we were carrying it live on al-jazeera we heard you condemn the coup condemn what is what was happening in the country and we heard your voice cracking with emotion what was going through your mind as you address the general assembly of cause you know this big this is the you know quite difficult i should say difficult time because you know i have to think of myself my future and that as we're in the future my family members and every everything you
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know on that time that deliver you know because i feel so. sorry about those people inside the country being stuff and then they've been killed they've been you know beaten so that it's a one i'm delivering a statement it's called those kind of you know events in myanmar so it's a mix me you know quite you know my wife's cracking and you know even i actually i'm trying to control myself. not dobbing and tears from my eyes and the whole world. recognized the speech the power and the bravery of that speech and so did the generals in myanmar they sent the u.n. a letter saying that you've been sacked and your deputy was taking over but then your deputy resigned his job tell us what was going on behind the scenes here here in the in the myanmar mission to the u.n. after deliver the statement i went back. to the mission in during the afternoon
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also michael eat the d.p. . he your deputy ambassador yet deputy ambassador he told me that. he support me but it would be difficult to continue here so that he wanted to return back to me a man so that he sent a letter. to the ministry of foreign affairs for recalling him back to me. then instead of no record recall him back the they dismissed me and the appointed in the shoddy affairs of the mission then he in there on the mendi the march the maid the beauty. he again he consulted me and he said he would submit the letter resign issue into the ministry of foreign affairs and how are you know still running this
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mission this embassy to the us yes because you are detached from your country who for example is paying the salaries of the diplomats who are working here how you funding this operation lucky that you know in our can't in the of the missions we. sent fan so that i can rely on the on the money that we have in the mission to come as you said defiantly you are still holding the un system seat here in new york but when the un human rights council met in geneva in march addressing it virtually it was a foreign ministry official from need to do or giving the side of the generals so the generals represented in geneva you represented the democratically elected politicians in new york are you still fighting do you think for the recognition to keep hold of the fact that you are. the recognised ambassador of course this thing
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i have to do continuously because. in the beginning i make it clear that i was appointed by the civil and governmental i remain as a permanent representative of myanmar hear of called the credential issue will be you know coming on and off so i have to be vigilant of course because i went to support the people as much as i can i want to be with the people near ma as long as i can so that you know whatever way that i can. whatever that we can make it clear that you know whoever sitting here in the new york are representing their people often m.r. your counterpart in london the myanmar ambassador to the u.k. took a similar stand to you and then he found himself locked out of his embassy for the 1st day he had to sleep in his car outside are you disappointed that the u.k.
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went along with his sacking i mean the u.k. that perhaps has some historical responsibility here they may be one of the reasons why the military is so powerful in your country as the formal colonial power source story for my colleague in lend he slept in the car or the whole night and then you know he's us now he's you know confined in his his residence we need to you know review this kind of you know situation we need to review the know that decision made by in the the the government of united to keep them of course respecting their their policy their the their position but at the same time that is this unusual stuff you know that they need to look at that issue from that innovative point of view that this was what we like to you know requests. the no that the government or united team then to look at it whatever decision that they make
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please consider the desire of the people especially you know the people inside the country who are facing the beautiful and inhumane acts committed by in their military saw we need help from the intonation a community in the speech in the general assembly you called for all the strongest possible measures to stop the violence and brutal acts committed by the security forces but you haven't received that have you there been 3 statements by the un security council and yes they say the detained democratically elected politicians should be released they condemn the violence but the key thing missing is they're not threatening any sort of action the statement issued by in the security council now is 3 statement to press statement and one presidential statement. whatever the provisions are the elements contained in the press statements of the
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presidential statement. we appreciate it of course this is the this this kind of language have to be adopted by consensus so that i thank the members of the u.n. security council for their unifying bice's but at the same time again we need really need stronger you know the decisive action from the international community. in particular the u.n. security council which you know you know ambassador the countries that are opposing tougher action they are china and they are russia china is one of your neighbors russia even sent its deputy defense minister to attend the armed forces day on march the 26th the day that saw the highest number of protesters killed at any point what do you make of china and russia and we cannot ignore the role of china because the are the. china is in neighboring countries and they have
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a lot of investment in myanmar so at the same time we cannot ignore the perception of the people or. visa viz china because you know the the people near ma one of our you talk about china people there mark think that china supporting the military but china saying that you know they were the no country in a stable and prosperous. nation of myanmar that is what we really appreciate it but at the same time they should respect the desire of the people this is the best . the best opportunity for china to make it clear that they are. the people of myanmar the are not the military we've got to russia you rightly point out that the beauty different minister was there of course many are asked. disappointed with the you know the presence of the you know high level
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delegation from the russia during the. and the enforcer in myanmar what about the other countries that are in myanmar's neighborhood what do you make of the response of the members of the regional grouping the 10 members of asio so far to what has happened we want them to listen to the vices of the people emma because on the boys this coming from the people myanmar are desperate now we are facing the you know the humanitarian crisis best way because we need the human interior assistance from long from international community but the difficult point is that humanitarian passage that is what we really need because it the human intelligence is that now cannot come directly. from the you know young or mentally or you know big port but what we see is that you know the human. system can be provided through the
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neighboring countries so we need help from the neighboring countries for the human interior assistance also we need help from the neighboring countries to give shelter to the people who are future in the know the neighboring country especially in thailand and india athey in the issue this statement is you know encouraging this and that and those but we still need action from the r.c.n. the national unity government has been declared it's by the committee representing the detained politicians this is not a government it's an idea for a government we know who is running things in myanmar we know who holds the leavers a power and perhaps more importantly the guns so is this a realistic khant concept this national unity government you know because for us the democratic forces we have to bring back the state power or whatever with that
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we can what we see is that that is the government. supported by the people of myanmar that is the government it is the legitimacy from the people because it is the men they did find the people we need to walk continue walking on having you know the strong support from the international community we cannot think bet i know let the you know military do whatever they want but we have to fight back whatever we that we we can the national unity government has been declared it what is important i think is that has various ethnic groups in it who were not represented in the previous government now some of those ethnic groups have effective control of their territory and some have arms should they now take up their arms now and now we are aiming to have their federal army comports of the.
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actors from the different different organization but you know you look at it you go to a place the generals who are there in power at the moment from now do you think those that have arms who are on your side should start fighting i think moment you seem peaceful protest but is it time to start fighting the military i think already started. at the organization they already make it clear that the not supporting the you know the military this supporting the national unity government and the are keep asking the military not to butte really to be in line with the you know international humanitarian law and international human rights law so this sort of things are already happening let me ask you about one ethnic group which i don't think is represented in the national unity government and that is the road. before the coup the former government of she had widespread criticism of the treatment of the road. and let me just read you
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something you said in the 3rd committee of the. united nations that's the committee that deals with human rights a speech you made 6 months ago you said myanmar firmly opposes any politicization of human rights and humanitarian issues my delegation strongly rejects the resolution in that speech were you not defending the army who were attacking and now they're attacking everyone in myanmar do you regret words like that you know. thanks for the questions and of the thank god given this opportunity you know we people are. to the know that with the government by the dance and the deal with this issue you know the issue in your kind state is very complex very complicated. that is whenever we address the issue in your kind state we need to look at it from the marty dimension
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a point of view not only from the one point of view because it can bring the you know the huge problem inside the country so that is why the government of. the led government they always pointed out that you know we respect their human rights we respect the you know the rights of the. nation the lety and minorities religious group you know that you know the respect that we always given to saw this in the way that the. statement that i made in the you know the no wimber what i see is you know a very right with that i make because because you know the the what the government is doing is that they need to look at the issue from the multiple time mentioned not we also not always pointed out that to the accountability we we have the you know the report came out from the north the ice you worry that report also clearly
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state that atrocity took place in the in the your kind state in 20162013 so what we're trying to do pointed out that is that we respect the accountability we concerned you know all the you know the atrocity. took place 2016 and 20 sente but what we stress is that should fast exhaust the domestic legal mckenna's in fuss when you look at me and man's recent history i mean for example on sun suchi she's now under arrest but she was under arrest or house arrest or had her movements structured for most of the time between 989 and 2010 do you have fears that this could go on for a very long time. definitely you know because that is why we don't want this. crisis. longer and longer we don't want it that is what we fear it's there
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any involvement from the inn or anyone in the region or organization any international organization make the pain longer that is what we don't want we need to make that we need to make it clear that the pain that we are we are we are facing should be shortened and shorten but ambassador let me just put you perhaps it's probably hard for you but put you in the mind of the military rulers in myanmar even if you have overwhelming international support tough sanctions against them why would they give up power now after all the bloodshed they know that they'll go on trial if they give up power so why would they give up. a country cannot stand by themselves is very difficult and saw that you know with the for us
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in the in myanmar people already you know enjoying the. freedom enjoying the freedom of expression you know sort of to some extent the you know these strong the human rights that we already enjoyed for like the last 10 years or so that is why especially our young people they don't want to you know bet to their you know their system they don't want to go back to the situation that we have. before 2010 let me read you a quote from the un high commissioner for human rights michelle paschal a recently i fear the situation in myanmar is heading towards a full blown conflict states must not allow the deadly mistakes of the past in syria and elsewhere to be repeated is that comparison with syria realistic are you worried about a civil war of course you know we worry about the civil war of course is that we
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were be difficult to compare with what happen in syria and what happened in myanmar that is the there are the differences now because in here what we are having is that a group of of of people who with the lead that we punt the people of myanmar who do not have any would point this to group confronting so this is the you know the different that we have so that you know we need to do to get the support from the international community to the people near mark because we always you know talking about you know the government know it. all over the war so because we like to see the government the government is of the people by the people for the people that is what we want so the military coup. feels democracy must prevail in myanmar our fight where when you double. your more
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torn beyond martyr the united nations thank you for talking about his or thank you so much thank you for much of me i. a weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines the news media have been left to sort through mixed messages on a quite complex story from mainstream to street journalism any objective is to get bt to send it to the wall keep changing what's going on exposing real world threats to objectivity often of on the part sounds from moscow 11000 people who were arrested the listening post covers louis blues discovered on a jersey. in 1905 for young anti-apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces if you gone solve the problem by the moving the guy then you could
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keep that he 6 years on a family's quest for justice reveals systemic resistance to prosecution in musselburgh conflict for taking my father away from me and exposes the influence the former apartheid establishment still wielded in the new south africa my father died for this the people in power investigation on al-jazeera. india's deadliest week yet criticism mounds of a prime minister moody's handling of the covert 19 catastrophe that's spreading across the country. hello i'm adrian forgot this is al jazeera live from though also coming.


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