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tv   101 East The Gangs Of Papua New Guinea  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm +03

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planned to commercialize space travel to be nominal space x. . a looking to go straight to mars without without stopping elsewhere in the middle nasa. looking at using the moon as a test that in some ways this is baby steps on the ground grant program that idea of expanding human space flight once again but i think it's still a significant step making their way while the astronauts recover the capsule will be taken back to the launch site at cape canaveral florida and refurbished for another trip to space. al-jazeera. half past the hour these are the top stories india has recorded the highest number of daily deaths from covert 19 health ministry says nearly 3700 people died in the
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past 24 hours medical supplies including oxygen are starting to come in from other countries the same time the party of indian prime minister narendra modi has been handed a defeat in regional elections in the state of west bengal and criticised for allowing large gatherings while hospital struggle with the major surge in corona cases malaysia's detected the 1st case of the highly infectious variant identified in india hilda fishel say was found during airport screening in a person who travelled from india didn't exactly say when the case was detected but malaysia banned flights to and from india on wednesday latin america struggling with a high demand for covert vaccines but there aren't enough to go around that includes argentina were not time curfew has been extended for 3 weeks more of that from input of sars. less than 2 percent of the 42000000 inhabitants of argentina have
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had their 2nd around 1112 percent have had their 1st vaccination but it is proving difficult just to get enough vaccines some of being coming in from russia the sputnik is coming from russia we've had some of the astra zeneca made in india kyrgyzstan says a ceasefire with neighboring towns you can stand is holding after a week of intense border fighting but characters authorities say they found 25 bodies from the latest attack and is accusing its neighbor of war crimes there's been violence in iraq's capital baghdad between protesters and security forces former members of the iran backed popular mobilisation forces stormed the ministry of finance they fought the war against between 2014 and 19 and are now into mounting to be rehired and at least 8 protesters have reportedly been killed by security forces in me and mine it happened during some of the biggest demonstrations against military rule that have been seen in day. there you go up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera want to waste the gangs of papa new guinea
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starts right now. looking pup wouldn't believe police a waging a war against ruthless gangs pushed into the south for a job well done a lot of. drug buries carjackings murders 8 strokes all. old and night in st louis there the capital port moresby is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the wolves. voice coming.
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before going to use the big. one a one east investigates popping the geese criminal underbelly. a land of volcanoes mountains and vast forests as far as the eye can see. but papa new guinea is also home to violent political gangs. is the police of finding the most in this campaign against the rest is hardened criminals from the slums. we're in the capital port moresby with the local police when a cool comes out. oh.
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well i'll cut this old up in a way in a right dollar. we have to be quick the stations reporting to grover's him going into hiding in the area the police a familiar with the neighborhood are. looking to get the building because of the way we look but it would seem the same of its meaning less interesting to see it all. those respectable. because he says if the police stop they stood watch. quite a street. and if tenant david chick's a building's one by one. look at all. after a few minutes his fellow officer finds a suspect there's no indication he's involved in the robbery yet the police arrest him of the trial you just prefer going to was. when we were near. there
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appears to be no basic rights for the suspect. the policeman hose him on the ground where he was. most writings are. they use a dog leash as hancock's 30. owners make him of course and then it will show us the worst of the worst. they say probably know. all of them because they're closer than. you know where they live and where they're taking their money . a lot even in front of all cameras the police don't hesitate to hit the suspect tell you army was always here sometimes in most cases for yourselves listen to a few people. if if you was continuously running i would associate. who simply shall find out the gun lobby will let every sub finally got their medicine that's
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a good thing and so on to be. based on business tomorrow if you're about to. tell the police one to take the suspect to the victims to see if they can identify him. but when they arrive at the grocery store many juries on god attacks on businesses by corrupt police offices are common here but they're probably because they were from then on out they would absolutely still want to and i did for a one month actually yeah you. know eventually they persuade an employee to come out and see the suspect. initial up or you would get if i don't believe. a witness to the cloying his testimony is crucial but there is a heat indices channel channel on here. the employee certain the suspect is not the men who rob the store. the defendant.
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to be sure the police asked to see the video surveillance footage. also me chuckle i don't know anybody but also tonight show but also got. says bob doubtfully that we. want you to. tell him that i let you go just that you got rid of the wife of such a 1000000 a lot of us are pressure cookers the system of. the video confirms the employee's testimony. is for the man is released. it's for a bus ticket to syria. there's no apology or compensation. drops with your promoter there for.
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just a bottle of water to rinse out he's bloody mouth. us with a robe is this still it launch. in this neighborhood on the sea we're given the rare opportunity to meet some other new unarmed drug is. hunted will balto was once a small fishing village but with more people migrating from the countryside to the city in recent years it's grown to around $15000.00 inhabitants crime and violence and soon just it's a lawless zone the police haven't been able to patrol since 2015. this is jack spice he's won a popular guinea's most important crime boss it was after several weeks of repeated contact he's finally agreed to meet his. is just
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a job lunesta sighing colon vehicle to execute. ok he will tell it a while. yes ok you fellows. try in a jet and then bring the inside which is safe and then would change the plate number. pool all the results together like albums and all that and have a plan from here and go out execute and come back here. the way they were jack seems open and friendly but he has a record as a hardened career criminals. his 1st robbery was at the age of 16 and his crimes multiplied from there. across the neighborhood stolen cars that jack and his men using robberies a left to rust. today the gang leader has a job to attain to. one of the special teams
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stealing a luxury cars in china. steal a. clear 1000 cars are fighting. it well known to the love club. he was up to the ship while you watch and shoot them. when you come. in and while they were. jacks already had a spare key made mistake you only need snell offals papers it's over the he is the gang leader has developed an efficient network of accomplices. you're going to see a man this once one of the front. of their. oh. boy. i want to wish. with a couple. of this is to buy
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a script to read government. people with an. orange. that is for washing. and then turning on the report. in the city. at. this mall. at this 0. jacobin takes us to the poor district of gary on the outskirts of. my house. my mom. that's. just my sister. but it is my.
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sister are you proud of her also i'm proud of myself. right why because i'm getting more in the skin rowsell sahil the cost on the. head of a criminal gang jack is the primary breadwinner for his family and says everything he does is for them didn't want to give up when you were kids what we're doing i dream to be a lawyer the course my own my eyes a criminal i focus on to go to school and get to live with us and become a lawyer and fight for justice give justice to. my people where. justice. is not for myself but. jack found would look on the other side a little inclined to set up his operations the gang leader needs weapons and
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these he has an in-house supply. governess by. these gunsmith who called joan has been working exclusively for jack's gang for 28 years. this is the 1st time the gangs allowed him to be filmed. the. boys come in. brewery and john makes one gun a month on average his tools and techniques may be rudimentary but the finished products are effective. yeah.
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there was he. trying to bully. people. and i said hey give me a place to be for me and. how i don't need to make one maybe. that's to me is. evidence in request. so. i mean his only bloody country local to request he will do. it's a risky business if jones arrested he could face in prison. and how much goes. this one for. one doesn't connect. and just
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like that another wish an is ready for p. and g.'s gang lands. we travel to the heart of the countries mountains here the forests cover nearly 3 quarters of the territory and is home to unique wildlife and plant species found nowhere else in the world. the famous mug on the outskirts of these breathtaking landscape. or in the village of. james the leader of this community of a few 100 people. these days the mud masks are not so much a feature of a daily attala but a more mature as. you can search atlantic and is that the responsible research will be picked up peak. and taken me when very little
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fantasy is a tourist going to get money it doesn't to them tourists the mad men and you get money if you do that. then you don't get home and you have no money i'm only. but the pandemic has put tourism here on hold to supplement these meager income the mud men work the land into villages we all respond sweet potatoes because one beer is 15 ok or santa can use it as a stick to see to keep. the. vegetables a profitable but not enough to allow parents to send their children to school. to make ends meet the villages turn to an illegal industry making.
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out with a home brew is made there's been enough already getting ready. for change. in charge of manufacturing it eric explains his method something. that all of us know what one. can retrieve done of. erik's home brew is extremely potent between 60 and 79 percent alcohol sometimes people become of violence because of these years they can fight or want to fight you or you can go crazy if you would like to kill those wife we. can. do.
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so what about the strong. eric charges listen $5.00. to supplement his income he's developed an even risky business growing cannabis. and. and. but live. and act and then tourists hike. and go. 5 to 10 years from fox. but communities across the highlands are prepared to take the risk to try to earn extra income. inequality between the nations rich and poor has been the source of many scandals in the poverty stricken country. such as the 2018 apec summit a meeting from leaders from across the asia pacific region to transports $21.00
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heads of state during the summit the government board dozens of luxury meza rotty cars with public funds the cost to the taxpayer nearly $4000000.00 but what happened to them since. after investigation they stored in these nearby sheds when we arrived the guard confirms the cars are behind these gates where. people see. gathering dust inside we find 40 brand new meza rashi's imported from each with a $100000.00 each. the finance minister said the cars would be sold to the highest bidder after the summer and that he expected them to still like hotcakes. while critics called the cars a symbol of government waste in other places public spending is hard to see.
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among the penitentiary the largest prison in the country lies just outside the capital where only one writer for groceries. withdrawal or other members out of work remember a grocer. inside these rusty metal barracks break this murderous and robbers. live together. here the administration only separates those awaiting trial like this man who's been behind bars for more than a year read a matter it's better. in the prison for unarmed gods are responsible for more than $600.00 inmates we believe they will be on them and we will move. into you know talk to learn to stop bless them don't touch my lashes february's or shower them with dish out on their well now we can continue
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. the group we used to want to get their support members were together i meant it was common reinforcement of governments of what that's in our duty. but these gods are really cool for reinforcements once the most dangerous prison in the country it's improved in the last 5 years in order to ensure painless the new management asked the prisoners to take control of their own security in exchange they're given more freedom within the grounds to believe. he's one of. each barracks has its own head of security in this 145 year old job is the boss i booked in prison get this i was told i can use a prison. he served different sentences for different crimes.
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pay theft even murda so in 25 years in prison joe will remain here until 2025 he spends his days in his dormitory hot dish was british. but i said if you're my sleep one sleeps with me i don't have plugins i want to use caught quite many short and this one too will be what we claim it change comes to the night between if you ready what i come down that you don't listen. prisoners here have no mattresses to sleep on no television and no phone but some like joe many to get one of. your 5 on all yeah i have my michael mom i was presenting yeah it's. looking. sounds consequence. of them here behind this on barea is
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solitary confinement in this very small space prisons can be held anywhere between a few weeks and a few months so i thought you. know what the who are that. these men are all here for the same reason they broke prison rules. i entered into a. final cause of that drinking alcohol in the cycle well it is a real world you now call how you managed to get out. all grease. that's a good question. because for that sort of. cook you know what i'm saying is . the prisoner is cautious as a god stands right behind us. after years of confinement the prison allows some inmates to work outside.
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this morning where port moresby central market under heavy surveillance prisoners will clean the area around the pocket. book yet feel it to the future let's go to the full body behind it and then closer to the. only prisoners who meet certain conditions and are approaching the end of a sentence eligible. to get. there from killing them much less so they have to come off but usually fold if they want to escape if they were to get omar or something more cheerful i get pierced free so i don't get to escape. this community service provides an opportunity for surprising where unions. can see them people of us we can see them and talk to this detainees has not seen his
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daughter has been i need is is a way to get people who need to be honest if you hit him and think they were small and i lived in. fear he'd be made to live my life and take my wife leaving him but. that's. life and i will give you the. plumbing he not let me finish he can. move his family they've been trying times experienced people to listen to the fish groups who could listen i'm trying to do good it's interesting because i knew. we were turned to the cities. to find jack the head of the gang. he's meeting up with his associates from prying eyes sexual or plays a safe place where we can come and talk and discuss to india the body of jack's
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longtime friend and partner in crime is marked by use of violent confrontations short 9 times different times. i think that's what i saw them all but at the. yeah nationally and 2nd them 16 when just seemed simplest again. i still make a joke so my friend linton interrupted the rear by. a policeman shot me. and i shot 3 policeman jacks also being shot in short here. and i just tell him you never want to remove it risky in the open and they might cut and there was something and i'll probably lies or something so you can look at it. jack says he's working more and more with his former rivals to
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evade the police. telling me. he looks for gun or several guns middle of a come to a good place on ice and then one of time comes we will have come what are we get 50020000 or $30000.00 with somewhere as we split. between them these gang leaders have spent nearly 20 years behind bars for what i do know i see a small ones. coming out i tell them. you do this and. if y. if we do an operation shop just for. and i was that into. the polish investigation and they appear and want to watch. you'll have to be silent if you open your mouth and give information and when you go up to present
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you have a bust up. when you get these government came to power promising to fight systemic corruption but facing the country's leaders is lower. crime remains rampant and the country's gangs were stronger and believed them. they traveled thousands of columbus destroyed to pick berries. to tie workers with exploitation in the forests of suede and when i went east investigates one al-jazeera.
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welcome to the past fake johnny do you feel your holiday has already become a weather training schedule. those with a taste for the finest things night. for the film office the relaxing. some. days connected it's the details that make a johnny come factor but warmth and hospitality make it feel like qatar airways going places together. india's deadliest day of the pandemic nearly 3700 people killed by coke at 19 was all schools face shortages of oxygen and even medical stuff and the political pressure mounts on prime minister modi cherry he came under fire for election campaigning despite the spiralling is now his b j p party loses an important state election.
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