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what are world leaders or governments. talking it's like 2040 what 20. now. the u.s. restricts travelers from india citing a spike in infections there and the highly contagious variant of the virus. watching al-jazeera lie from a headquarters in doha and also coming up a deadly car bomb in afghanistan as peace talks between the government and taliban resume and foreign troops begin withdrawing. begins bringing the victims of a stampede at
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a religious festival the prime minister describes it as one of the country's worst disasters leading sports in the united kingdom begin a social media boycott in an effort to fight back against online discrimination. hello thanks for joining us the u.s. has become the latest country to impose restrictions on most travelers from india due to the spiraling number of cases there starting on tuesday only u.s. citizens on permanent residents will be allowed in. battling a 2nd wave of infections and continues to register the world's highest single day infections. running us from washington d.c. to tell us more about how those decision came about and who it will impact. yeah that's right the white house says that they gave very close consideration to this very important decision they say that they consulted with c.d.c. with other health officials and with national security officials as well but
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ultimately made the decision to ban all indian citizens from interim the united states we don't know how long this ban will be in place but it does go into effect as you mentioned next tuesday on may 4th now white house officials were quick to point out this that this does not affect any u.s. citizens at all there are about 4000000 indian americans in the united states these are u.s. passport holders u.s. citizens but they come that self identify as either being born in india or of indian descent they will not be affected by this nevertheless this is still a very strong move by the united states government here and it and they said that they are making this decision primarily for 2 reasons looking at the data coming out of india the high caseload there and also the multiple variants that are circulating as well now this move comes not is as other countries and places are doing the same the u.k. germany italy and singapore among others are already also issued similar bans on
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u.s. indian citizens in turning their borders as well and gabriel is there a sense that the u.s. is turning the corner now reports that there's a land has reopened and also crews seps are able to restart their services over the summer. without a doubt the white house announcing that now as of today more than 100000000 americans are fully vaccinated that's about 40 percent of all adults in the united states are vaccinated as you mentioned disneyland in on the west coast of the united states it opened up its doors after more than 13 months of being closed cruise ships that make port of calls here in the united states primarily in florida they say they're going to start sailing again this summer so clearly there's a sense here in the united states that they have really turned the corner on this covert pandemic but there is still a lot of back seen hesitancy here in the united states president joe biden says
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he's going to be working to try to convince every american to get vaccinated it's important u.s. health officials say because they claim that in order to get herd immunity here in the united states scene about 70 to 85 percent of the population totally vaccinated right now about 40 percent of all adults but clearly if you go to airports here in the united states you fly you travel at all you can really get a sense that americans feel that this pandemic they are turning a corner because a lot of people are now traveling again especially now that more than 100000000 americans are fully vaccinated ok thank you so much get these on though reporting from washington. well in just a few hours all adults in india will be eligible to get $1000.00 back scene but there is concern of some states saying they're run out running out of doses purana reports from the. money could goal sits by her husband's hospital bed just hours
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after she lost her mother to the 19 she's managed to find him oxygen but not the ventilator doctors say he needs for her return to the morning today because of an article written over incredibly productive right now if you need spending cuts of doctors or were these are right i don't know how things are for us in their lives but. india's underfunded health care system is collapsing as it's overwhelmed by the world's biggest surge in cases that there are long lines outside oxygen supply is around the country there's tension here as people wait in the hope of getting oxygen for the sick relatives some had been waiting for more than 12 hours but with hospitals out of beds and oxygen these supply is a many people's only hope. aid began arriving from other countries this week with the 1st cargo from the u.s.
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touching down in new delhi on friday the military plane was carrying more than 400 oxygen cylinders hospital equipment and nearly a 1000000 tests the u.s. will also send hundreds of thousands of vaccines and the rule materials needed to manufacture more that says many states say they don't have enough doses to start and knock it out to all adults from saturday as planned for the vaccination gambit . between those and so for. the doctors it's a drop. the nation but it is no votes in those health experts say the government failed to prepare for the 2nd way. i was lucky enough to have a 2nd the 2nd wave because delayed compared to many other countries out there and be hard to get along. to see what us up into the rest of the world in. the
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2nd debate was and unfortunately because researcher i sort of fail to see the kind of preparation that i was expecting that the government would be doing in the last one is money because her mother wasn't a victim of clothes at 19 but a lack of preparedness by the government and that she doesn't know what she'll tell her 8 year old son if she goes home without his father elizabeth piron an al-jazeera new delhi. a fire has swept through cope with 1000 ward in the indian city of brooch of least 12 people are dead and that figure is expected to rise emergency services are battling the fire which has already damaged large parts of the patel welfare hospital including the intensive care unit houses patients with coronavirus patients are being moved to another hospital a truck bomb in afghanistan has killed at least 21 people it happened and put a city in the capital of logar province south of kabul
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a crowd had gathered to break their ramadan fast the government has blamed the taliban for the explosion which is one of the deadliest in recent months failure contra for areas in kabul and explains why the timing of the attack is key. these are extremely tense kinds here in afghanistan just because foreign troops have actually began and there was joy from again was down a number that you mentioned is the official number that keeps rising almost by the hour because locals they do put this number and they have been putting this number much higher when they attack has happened and it is expected to rise further there is efforts underway with the being under the rubble for even more people who have been injured or died in the attack and we're talking about civilians students and even tick people who are the hospitals that it was the area of the attack according to the head of the guards the provincial council there was
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a minit truck that drove in that area where the dormitory in the hospital where the people on the truck said that they were coming to distribute food for it start looking much and that the holy month of ramadan and then the explosion happened buildings collapsed and again according to the head of provincial council in the dormitory. there were a lot of students who were there ready to take their university entrance exam and according to gain buckley's don't want floor there were 25 people there and he said that he believes that they are all dead the hospital has been badly damaged there have been a lot of people who have been transferred here at the emergency hospital and downtown kabul enough we speak there's dozens of people who are gathered outside the hospital trying to find out what's going on with their loved one the government in a statement openly blames the taliban for their such attack. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack amos talks resume to try and resolve the 20 year
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conflict representatives from the u.s. russia china and pakistan met with the taliban in doha and this is happening as the u.s. begins a gradual drawdown if it's remaining troops in afghanistan some of the generators here in doha with more on the talks. this is the biggest concern that all parties have who are engaged in these talks that the violence is going to increase in of going to stand in less than 48 hours when the deadline expires as per the agreement between the taliban and the united states that all foreign forces will leave the united states has indicated with its new administration that the u.s. forces are going to be withdrawing gradually that they would draw will begin from a the 1st but it will not be completed at that time which has been a longstanding demand of the taliban and to discuss that special representatives and on boys from russia china the united states as well as pakistan attended this meeting with the taliban where all of these issues were discussed the taliban
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insisting that they need to see their prisoners being released a few 100 of them still remain in prisons they need to be delisted from a terrorist organization status by the united nations and other demands by the taliban which they say have not been met by the parties and the other parties including the united states is concerned about the violence it's concerned about the spike in attacks that have happened in since last year when this deal was signed between the united states and the taliban all of these international players who are in afghanistan not just the nato forces and the united states but also neighboring countries including iran and pakistan have been trying to mediate in these talks as well trying to tell these parties to come to some sort of a conclusion because one of the understand cannot stand is another war and as the previous u.s. secretary of state put it that this is the graveyard of empires and the united states does not want to be there for an indefinite period of time let's bring in william laurance he's
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a professor of international relations at the american university is also a former u.s. diplomat joining us from washington d.c. thanks so much for your time with us what do you think is the message behind this attack on the. after u.s. troop withdrawal from the country. it's clear that there are going to be continued attacks all the way up the kill the u.s. to departure and this is probably the 1st of them there was some speculation that the taliban are not perpetrate attacks during withdrawal to accelerate the draw and make sure that the us he sits timetable and there's an argument that maybe that could lead to some reduction of attacks but i actually believe the opposite i believe that because the taliban are really not had in the game the sorts of concessions that there is no peace deal yet that this reinforces the taliban and other groups message that they forced the americans out and they're winning and so that is actually an incentive for more attacks so by the clearing an unconditional
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sort of withdrawal by the u.s. has the u.s. now lost considerable leverage over the taliban to thank. i think so i think that the u.s. should would have withdrawn but should have done it. in a different sort of way the way they're doing it now means that the primary purpose of the u.s. a jar is not peace there is no peace deal the primary purpose here is domestic u.s. hala ticks and the u.s. even says it's not doing it in order to keep to the february 29th 2020 year green it it's doing it because it no longer has sufficient interests in afghanistan to maintain the troop levels but think about this for a minute we not only have 252-3500 american troops leaving we have another 7000 nato troops probably the majority 16218000 private military contractors and a lot of the intelligence and on the ground activities as well as support for development
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activities support for human rights and women all sorts of other issues and the messaging is all wrong spacek is basically saying we're leaving leaving for our reasons and we're not really steamed submission in support of everything that was fought for during this 20 year college so what impact will that have on peace negotiations. i don't think it will help certainly there needs to be english i mean bush nations the government of afghanistan site needs to be negotiating position strength that's not what's happening for a variety of reasons including internal conflicts within the afghan government and so the u.s. is basically saying you know we are not the main catalyst for sponsors of these talks we're the ones that are are going to get out of the way and hope that the taliban will be better behaved because we're drawing and in our keeping us version of the promise we made in february 20 twentieth's that they're only keeping because
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they said everyone would be out by february but start by by may 1st and the taliban who are going to bellyache you increase their rhetorical levels and calls for violence or say well the u.s. didn't keep its promises but can't be trusted ok thank you so much william lawrence for joining us from washington d.c. a pleasure still ahead on al-jazeera. while many businesses big and small struggle with the economic impact of the pandemic one company has just posted record profits and 2 of the world's biggest refugee council bush next to europe are tension in the leaving thousands of people in limbo.
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there's been persistent rain in some of the states the us recently in missouri for example where the big river is even bigger than normal with trees running down it and significant sun storms on the same system for used not golf ball even tennis balls but hey we're the same side damaging weather down in texas and there's a system with a big thunderstorm shown by the flashes of lightning and here it is it lies at the moment but it's not going anywhere as if it is to get a sitter over texas if you're in texas expect flooding expect more hail expect quite a lot of sun reactivity and there's always in the northeast has been fairly cold recently toronto went down to 8 degrees or below 0 now slowly rising not cold cold is warming as you can see and the rain event she starts to go east from texas but that takes until probably late on sunday a significant rain has fallen in parts of mexico mexico city itself there was hail and flooding rain and that's the trend so extending from texas you have got this potential for some storms rolling the eastern side of mexico in size america yes
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there's the potential for some pretty big showers for ecuador dos what bit of a gap for most of brazil or down towards patagonia the sun is out in porto alegre. frank assessments. that you have. now taking for a situation like i'm not to believe he could ever get informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking military positioning in the middle east or is it just a simple act of generosity this is a message to the region the united states is very near to military posture in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story.
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hello again the top stories on which is there at this hour the u.s. has become the latest country to impose restrictions on most travelers from india due to the spiraling number of cases there starting on tuesday only u.s. citizens and permanent residents will be allowed in. and in just a few hours all adults in india will be eligible to get a covert $1000.00 vaccine but there is concern over shortages with some states saying they've run out of doses india is battling a 2nd wave of infection. at least 21 people have been killed in a truck bomb attack in afghanistan that happened that day on them city the capital of logar province where a crowd had gathered in the break there were ahmed on fast. funerals have been held
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for some of the 45 people killed in a stampede at an ultra orthodox jewish festival in israel on thursday families were anxious to burry loved ones before the sabbath but some bodies still haven't been identified calls are growing for a public inquiry into the disaster which unfolded at the country's largest gathering since the beginning of the coronavirus and demick from northern israel barry fawcett reports. it's israel's largest religious festival attracting half a 1000000 mainly ultra-orthodox participants each year this year they're celebrating a 2nd century rabbi and see each day used to be the largest gathering of any kind since the start of the pandemic mass exodus ation turned in minutes to panic injury and death. a narrow passageway became a compacted sea of stumbling swaying crowds trying to get out. close by people were pressing on metal sheeting
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a few overwhelmed police improvising an escape route while also trying to keep some back. it was clear by now that a mass tragedy was unfolding the crowding and confusion that led to it also hampering the rescue efforts in its aftermath sure were. i saw tens of people if you've lying here on the floor i saw tens of injured walking and bleeding i saw it children i saw adults very difficult sites. the next day brought a mass evacuation operation and the start of a major police investigation it also brought the israeli prime minister announcing and national day of mourning on sunday and defending the role of the emergency services. there was a rapid rescue operation by the police the rescue and security forces and we are grateful to them they prevented a much bigger disaster we will conduct a thorough serious and in-depth investigation to ensure that such a disaster does not reoccur. 6 some protested against the presence of the head of
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israel's secular government during an ongoing religious festival no matter netanyahu is close partnership with ultra-orthodox political parties there are pressing questions now for the ultra orthodox rabbis who are in charge of this event for the police who are meant to safeguard it for the political leaders who allowed it to take place with such apparent light intervention added to that is the fact that there have long been warnings about this precipitous pathway this bottleneck on the way out and the dangers lurking here. some of those making their way home accuse the police of blocking an exit others said an event like this had long been a risk i felt unsafe and this isn't just. about the 100 percent. but it was miracles every year but you could do it you could do the best out of it should be like. the human being should be at least safe to how much he could have.
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nonetheless some were determined to continue this year's festival even as others mourned their recalls now for a full independent public inquiry to accompany the police investigation ari force at al-jazeera on northern israel. the number of corona virus related deaths and turkey has surpassed 40000 after it reported its highest daily death toll of a pandemic it comes a day after the start of a day should wide lockdown people have been ordered to stay at home for 3 weeks except for essential reasons sort of course or who has more from. these 3 weeks are meant to be the strictest lockdown across turkey since the global pandemic hit the country last year this time they were all with a partial lockdown on weekends and in the evenings on 2 mornings but then why did the turkish government decide to head into full lockdown this time basically it's the surge in the number of the daily infections in the country in early april the
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number of daily infections were more than 65000 in mid april the number came down to 30000 however the figures are still worrying and these figures ranked turkey the 4th in the world and number one in europe in terms of the highest figures however there are challenges this by the government claims that they are planning to bring down the daily infections down below $5000.00 at the end of these 3 weeks 1st the inflation is in double digits 2nd the turkish lira is sinking and no need to mention craftsmen who suffered the lock downs and the measures the most are in a tight financial corner and no need to mention despite an early kick in early january turkey if full behind its planned intercalation schedule but the good news from the health ministry is that the shortfall in vaccination will be overcome in the next 2 months with the new vaccines arriving to turkey. colonel virus lock
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downs have left many business owners around the world struggling to stay afloat but online retailers are cashing in and the world's biggest amazon has just posted record profits revenue jumped 44 percent in the 1st quarter to more than $100000000000.00 the company expects to match or beat that figure in the 2nd quarter and its retail business isn't the only one thriving during the pandemic amazon's cloud computing service grew by a 3rd while sales and its advertising wing rose by 77 percent but the company faces growing activism within its workforce this week amazon committed to a pay rise for half a $1000000.00 employees after a failed bid to form a union at one u.s. warehouse robert scott is a senior international economist at the economic policy institute he says the u.s. government's failure to support small businesses has only encouraged amazon's rapid
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expansion. just gotten incredibly lucky but that's not an accident they have been planning something like this i think for a long time and their marketing strategy of it has been based on cannibalizing small businesses and main street shops everywhere and this is been going on a long time was one part helping out and together they have really changed the landscape of retail america it has not only done that it's destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs and small businesses my colleague shared former colleague gary bivins who's now with the council of economic advisors in the white house estimates that one in 6 mall businesses as closed as stores during the call that recession i estimate that's well over 500000 small businesses in the u.s. have gone under these are firms employ 20 people or fewer all added up and that adds up to millions of jobs that have been destroyed there's no work for those
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workers to go back to as a result of this and amazon cam cannibalism to refugee camps in kenya which host more than 400000 people are set to close by june next year the government says some of those living at the facilities and that will be given residency while others will be sent back to their home countries most of the refugees are from somalia and south sudan who fled war for years kenya has argued the camps are being used as a recruiting ground for the armed groups. catherine soy has more from nairobi. this issue has been longstanding and 26th in the government threatened to shut down dobra fiji champa of the border with somalia saying it is a threat to national security at the time there were many a toxin being carried out in kenya say to be carried out by al-shabaab to fight the armed groups fighting in somalia now that situation went away when the court ruled
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that it would be illegal to shut down the this same same result in march the minister. minister of interior read my. os that you wouldn't see are to come up with a report and a roadmap to ensure that the comps are closed as soon as possible saying again threats to national security the government rejected the proposal by the un it c.r. we basically said that it's impossible to do much this year because of the coronavirus been demick and then again just the complex mode just sticks of having through patridge or resettle hundreds of thousands of refugees from different countries now there's been a back and forth between the government and minutes here and i think that's why it was important for the head of unit c.r. philippe grounded to come to kenya speak directly with president hu who cannot talk the government says they want the consequence because of national security but then other people also say it could be because of the diplomatic route the ongoing
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diplomatic problems in somalia and kenya somalia has accused kenya of interfering in its political affairs in december somalia diplomatic ties with kenya is also an ongoing marri time dispute to before the international court of justice and the people who are caught in between are the thousands of hundreds and thousands of refugees who have been living in on saturday will continue living in uncertainty are spoken to many of them who are saying they don't feel welcome in kenya anymore but they're too afraid to go back to their homes because they feel it's still not safe. football club some players in the u.k. have started a 4 day boycott of social media in a campaign to end online abuse. racism discrimination heats on some of the year after football announced its plans last week other sports in the country including cricket rugby and tennis joined in as well football's european and world
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governing bodies are also backing the boycott players want social media companies to do more to stop discriminatory abuse being sent or even viewed or we've been speaking with at lean john of the english football association on the global support the campaign has received. it's not that we all say that social media has a mechanism in and of itself is bad what we all say is that there are not enough safety margin says not enough monitoring not enough in full steam and on social media platforms at the moment and that is why there is this horrible culture of the b.s. that is taking place day in day out without any consequences for many individuals all over the world you know the abuse isn't coming you know just from fans will by stealing them what you will be abuse is coming from across the globe for individuals some of him how much he no involvement or passion or following behind the school and that's because you can stay at home in a completely different part of the wild type whatever you want online and delete
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your account and face the consequences and go about your day and for all individuals who are receiving abuse in the victim's day that a female cry is be that racist semitism homophobia or indeed any other type of discriminate. that stays with you beyond that moment and impacts you found many friends and eyes around and we cannot sit back and allow this to continue to happen and that's why for us as the english governing body and indeed as a collective of sport more widely we really need its use of voices today and call on others to support us so we are holding on to other organizations to get behind us to join us in this call and some make your voices heard because this online discriminate tribute must stop. covering the headlines on how to say rather sour for us.


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