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to. subscribe to the would slash al-jazeera english. the in. the us. at least 21 people have been killed in a truck bomb explosion in afghanistan then one of the deadliest attacks there in recent months. and i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program growing anger and calls for a public inquiry after dozens of ultra-orthodox jews are killed during a stampede in northern israel india's plan to inoculate all adults over the age of 18 against a coronavirus but there just aren't enough vaccines to meet demand and that body bags signify brazil's growing death toll from the coronavirus thousands of the dead
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are babies and children. to the program afghanistan's interior ministry has said 21 people were killed and over 90 wounded in a truck bombing in the east of the country it comes just a day before the u.s. and nato start withdrawing their remaining troops from afghanistan the explosion happened in city the capital of logan province which lies just south of the capital kabul but no claims of responsibility for the attack which could be one of the deadliest in recent months video contre ferry is in the capital kabul and says the timing is significant. these are extremely tense kinds here in afghanistan just because foreign troops have actually began there was joel from again the stand and amber that you mentioned is the official number that keeps rising almost by the
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hour because locals they do put this number and they have been putting this number much higher since they attack has happened and it is expected to rise further there is efforts underway with the being under the rubble for even more people who have been injured died in the attack and we're talking about civilian students and even take people who are the hospitals that it was the area of the attack according to the head of the guards the provincial council there was a minit truck that drove in that area where the dormitory in the hospital where the people on the truck said that they were coming to distribute food for it start looking much and it's the holy month of ramadan and then the explosion happened buildings collapsed and again according to the head of provincial council in the dormitory. there were a lot of students who were there ready to take their university entrance exams and according to game on please don't want floor they were 25 people there and he said
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that he believes that they are all dead the hospital has been badly damaged there have been a lot of people have been transferred here out of the emergency hospital and downtown kabul and as we speak there's dozens of people who are gathered outside the hospital trying to find out what's going on with their loved ones the government in a statement openly blames the taliban for their such attack. so far no one has claimed responsibility. well securing peace in afghanistan is at the center of talks taking place in doha the united states russia china and pakistan a meeting with taliban representatives as the u.s. begins a gradual drawdown of its remaining troops in the country so a binge of aid is in doha. this is the biggest concern that all parties have who are engaged in these talks that the violence is going to increase in of going to stand in less than 48 hours when the deadline expires as per the agreement between
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the taliban and the united states that all foreign forces will leave the united states has indicated with its new administration that the u.s. forces are going to be withdrawing gradually that they would draw will begin from a the 1st but it will not be completed at that time which has been a longstanding demand of the taliban and to discuss that special representatives and envoys from russia china the united states as well as pakistan attended this meeting with the taliban where all of these issues were discussed the taliban insisting that they need to see their prisoners being released a few 100 of them still remain in prisons they need to be delisted from a terrorist organization status by the united nations and other demands by the taliban which they say have not been met by the parties and the other parties including the united states is concerned about the violence it's concerned about the spike in attacks that have happened in since last year when this deal was signed between the united states and the taliban all of these international players
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who are in afghanistan not just the nato forces and the united states but also neighboring countries including iran and pakistan have been trying to mediate in these talks as well trying to tell these parties to come to some sort of a conclusion because one of the understand cannot stand is another war and as the previous u.s. secretary of state put it that this is the graveyard of empires and the united states does not want to be there for an indefinite period of time now and all the top story this hour calls are growing for a public inquiry in israel after the country's largest gathering since the pandemic and did in tragedy at least $45.00 people killed in a stampede a religious festival at mount maryland where tens of thousands of ultra-orthodox jews gathered on thursday night are false reports now from the scene in northern israel. it's israel's largest religious festival attracting half a 1000000 mainly ultra-orthodox participants each year this year like bomber celebrating a 2nd century rabbi and sage to his tomb was also the largest gathering of any kind
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since the start of the pandemic mass exile taishan turned in minutes to panic injury and death. a narrow passageway became a compacted sea of stumbling swaying crowds trying to get out of the. close by people were pressing on metal sheeting a few overwhelmed police improvising an escape route while also trying to keep some back. it was clear by now that a mass tragedy was unfolding the crowding and confusion that led to it also hampering the rescue efforts in its aftermath sure were. i saw tens of people if you've lying here on the floor i saw it tens of injured walking and bleeding i saw it children i saw adults very difficult sites. the next day brought a mass evacuation operation and the start of a major police investigation it also brought the israeli prime minister announcing
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and national day of mourning on sunday and defending the role of the emergency services. there was a rapid rescue operation by the police the rescue and security forces and we are grateful to them they prevented a much bigger disaster we will conduct a thorough serious and in-depth investigation to ensure that such a disaster does not reoccur. 6 some protested against the presence of the head of israel's secular government during an ongoing religious festival no matter netanyahu is close partnership with ultra-orthodox political parties there are pressing questions now for the ultra orthodox rabbis who are in charge of this event for the police who are meant to safeguard it for the political leaders who allowed it to take place with such apparent light intervention added to that is the fact that there have long been warnings about this precipitous pathway this bottleneck on the way out and the dangers lurking here some of those making their way home accuse the police of blocking an exit others said an event like this had
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long been a risk i felt unsafe and this isn't just. about the 100 percent. but it was miracles every year but you could do or you could do the best out of it should be like. the human being should be at least safe to how much you could. nonetheless some were determined to continue this year's festival even as others mourned their recalls now for a full independent public inquiry to accompany the police investigation r e 4 set out 0 measure on northern israel. for the 1st shipment of medical supplies from the us has arrived in india but it's unlikely to slow the country's deepening crisis more global infection records were broken there in the past day with more than 386000 new cases and 3500 deaths
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vaccinations are being opened up now to all adults but several states say they've run out of doses elizabeth problem reports to us from new delhi. money could goal sits by her husband's hospital bed just hours after she lost her mother to car the 19 she's managed to find him oxygen but not the ventilator doctors say he needs her mother to turn to the marketing director predicted that we're going to try to protect that right now if you need something to support the rest of our bodies right i don't know how the numbers are busting their limit. and he is under funded health care system is collapsing as it's overwhelmed by the world's biggest surge in cases that there are long lines outside oxygen supply is around the country this tension here as people wait in the hope of getting oxygen for the sick relatives some has been waiting for more than 12 hours but with hospitals out of
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beds and oxygen the supply is a many people's only hope. aid began arriving from other countries this week with the 1st cargo from the u.s. touching down in new delhi on friday the military plane was carrying more than 400 oxygen cylinders hospital the quick mentor and nearly a 1000000 rapid test the u.s. will also send hundreds of thousands of vaccines and the vol materials needed to manufacture more that says many states say they don't have enough doses to start and knock it out to all adults from saturday as planned they're preparing for the vaccination can be restarted megabuck ambience will be rainbows and so for now our health care about the doctors in. these records nation but there is no votes in with those health experts say the government failed to prepare for the 2nd wave and was lucky enough to have
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a 2nd the 2nd wave which was delayed compared to many other countries out there and be hard to get along. to see what us up and to the rest of the world in. the 2nd day was and unfortunately health researcher i sort of see the kind of preparation that i was expecting that the government would be doing in the last one monica says her mother wasn't a victim of covert 19 but a lack of preparedness by the government and that she doesn't know what she'll tell her 8 year old son if she goes home without his father elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi there's been more news from india a fire swept through a covert ward in the western city of barak at least 15 people are dead and that figure is expected to rise emergency services of battling the fire which is already damaged large areas of the patel well fell spittal including the intensive care unit that houses kovan 1000 patients they are now being moved to another hospital.
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well in another of the world's worst outbreaks brazil has recorded 400000 coronavirus deaths activists have protested on the copacabana beach in rio de janeiro bearing flags and mock body bags despite the spike in deaths president diable scenarios consistently downplayed the effects of the virus a quarter of those fatalities have been recorded this month alone brazil has the 2nd highest number of deaths in the world after the united states monica yant is on the copacabana beach in rio. it has been filled with these body bags 400 body bags and they represent the 400000 brazilians that have died just so you can imagine how fast this is spreading one 4th of the of these people 100000 died in the past 36 days only and this person that standing there his name is phil b.p.
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he's a lawyer and he's a voluntary with the sentry oh that is staging this awareness campaign he has been digging a grave every hour a symbolic grave and as you can see the body bags instead of tags they have flags of brazil and basically this is just an awareness campaign they are asking who is responsible for this and who are the accomplices and the people that have staged this protest they blame the government for for brazil being in the situation because they say president not only downplayed the virus he was very slow at starting the vaccine rollout and now there are many people that are supposed to have their 2nd dose and have not had it for a lack of vaccines so basically yes this is a very grim. milestone yet again. with al jazeera live from london
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still has the nuclear option but why are environmentalist concerned about turning a new york state power station off. i join all of the poor to dover where it's a busy day for rescuers at sea by the u.k.'s border force people breaking the dangerous crossing by a small boat from the french coast. the temperature in perth has dropped recently as this cloud went through the cold front it's not extreme we haven't dropped a temperature huge the un to up with a forecast of around about the 22 mark and then that front falls apart rather than bring something rather more active through adelaide and melbourne it doesn't get more or less disappears big rigs the rain into victoria maybe tasmania the more significant rains is on this persistent shore or long shore when the queensland new
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south wales has enough moisture to give you outbreaks of light rain all showers all the way up through the queensland coast and in new south wales right has been a subject in japan has subject worthy of warning because it could produce landslides but those brief. more raw if so again potential for warnings here and that rain extends back into the korean peninsula as northern edge is colder a 3rd a star in north korea and that's it 3rd china it's a largely dry picture whereas a seasonal rainy would ask yeah but it's not really there yet it's trying to form again in chengdu it's working its way slowly northwards and this was weather wise you got a couple of dry days in china and india increasingly hot and humid we'll see some pretty big thunderstorms in bangladesh in particular and they are dangerous. but. on counting the cost of china's navy and its maritime militia dominate the
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south china sea as the u.s. lost control could the pandemic usher in the 4 day work week and environmental racism opposition grows to a u.s. pipeline. counting the cost on al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound so no matter when you call home we'll bring you news and current affairs that matter to you. the old. form. come back a look at main stories this hour afghanistan's interior ministry says 21 people
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were killed and over 90 people injured in a truck bomb attack it comes ahead of the u.s. and nato troop withdrawal and as talks continue with taliban representatives in doha calls are growing for a public inquiry in israel after the country's largest gathering since the pandemic began ended in tragedy at least $45.00 people were killed in a stampede a religious festival at mt iran. the 1st shipment of medical supplies from the u.s. has arrived in india or global infection records were broken there in the past day with more than 386000 new cases and 1st to 500 deaths. in other news at least a dozen people have been killed after a cease fire between tajikistan and karega stand fell apart within a matter of hours several more people were injured as officials from both countries meet to try and end the border skirmish the fighting is centered on the remote mountain region of but can the dispute over water supplies fueling fears of a wider conflict alexey o'brien has our report.
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this is what a ceasefire sounds like on the border between tajikistan and. the video was shared by local media on friday morning hours after both sides had agreed to stop fighting . the violence broke out at a water reservoir that both countries claim as their own each side accusing the other of firing 1st. there is skirmishes here every few months as communities argue over access to land a national resources. but majoring gages by government troops are rare this is the worst fighting in me is this is one of the last undefined frontiers in the post soviet region in central asia when you look at this part of the map this is the very got a valley where it was back to stand to stand in kyrgyzstan all sort of tangle around one another it's a very complicated ethnic catchwords of course you know you can't place blame on
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the fact that there are no clear geographic markers between the borders between the securities and the tajik side so that that's just sort of geographic confusion you could say militias and border checkpoints on the koga side as said to have been seized on fire thousands of people have fled the fighting and and now sheltering in schools. through milk the kiddies the good in a to launch a hit out of the bullets at the moment the shooting has stopped. the ceasefire was brokered on thursday night by the prime ministers have to take a stand and kurdistan the un welcomed the move and urged both sides to continue talking and resolve outstanding issues peacefully. to stand as a closed strongly or thora tarion state and updates from inside and are common. but on the kurgan's side of the border they've been released calling for more weapons and soldiers to defend their land from what they say is aggression. your
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president. we have supported you we voted for you and we put our trust in you so please show an equal commitment and respect us. from the border area is a long way from the 2 nations capitals of bush cake and duchesne bay analysts say people living there often feel isolated and ignored by their leaders. fuelling the frequent and sometimes fierce territorial disputes. brian al-jazeera. authorities in russia targeting a lawyer for the jailed opposition politician alexina valley it was briefly detained after being charged with treason he is a well known attorney defending the valley's anticorruption foundation and accused of which is it to accused of disclosing classified information is the latest setback for the persian critics political campaign which was also added to a list of extremist organizations in the country of them even
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a significant i have just been searched documents representing lawyers secrets have been confiscated practically all the documents on the suffering of case have been confiscated i was against it. there is ban it smith has more now from moscow. so even power law for 20 years has defended people involved in some the most sensitive cases in russia involving accusations of treason and espionage and it's extremely unusual for a lawyer even involved in such sensitive cases to be detained in any way now that he's been detained under a rarely used law and he's accused of disclosing this classified information in relation to an investigation into one of his clients journalists called. sovereign off meanwhile yet more bad news for an avowal in the andes organization of like a further setback really russia's financial monitoring agency has added an avowal
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these regional offices to its list of groups as are involved in terrorism and extremism we know already there's a court case going on against those groups they've already on thursday close themselves down because they sort of knew this was coming but it is yet another example of the pressure being piled on to the valley and his supporters making it extremely difficult for them to continue operating and it means that really the most sort of loudest critic of president vladimir putin he's avenues of speaking out against putin are very very slowly or quickly now and surely being closed down u.s. president joe biden has said he was left a mess at the southern u.s. border by his predecessor donald trump claims he's gotten control of the records and migrant crossings but he admits he struggled to find many migrant children
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separated from their parents castro has more now from one in texas. this is a daily occurrence here on the texas mexico border hundreds of people have crossed the rio grande a river over night on rafts under the cover of darkness their short paddles across the water secured by payments of at least $2000.00 a head to the mexican cartels seeking to profit off of their desperation they've now turned themselves into u.s. border patrol agents so many have come that the agents have run out of buses to take them to the stations where they'll be processed they're tired they're frightened and they're wondering what will come next. we cross the river then walk for 2 hours because all of the agents and also. we crossed on a raft it all went bad i was in mud up to my waist and i lost all the documents. the men and women who traveled without children will be expelled back to mexico
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under pandemic procedures some of the families will to whoever the mexican government is willing to take back and the children who traveled alone will be taken into u.s. detention necessary for their own safety the government argues. well elsewhere in the u.s. it's the prospect of a life without nuclear power that's causing concern in the state of new york about half of the country's aging nuclear facilities a juice a close by the end of the decade and there's concern that whatever is used instead to keep the lights on could deal a blow to climate goals kristen salumi reports. it's the end of an era in new york's hudson valley the indian point nuclear power plant is coming off line at one time it employed $1000.00 people here and provided about half of the tax revenue for the village of buchanan not to mention a quarter of the electricity used by new york city i lived here all my life you can
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america resubmit believes the plant has been a good neighbor you are right. now it's to me. it's something that didn't have to happen it's really a sad day for us because indian point has been a huge part of our history indian point isn't safe you can't just say well let's keep it on the line when you've had a number of mishaps the number of structural issues when you're looking at a 60 year old design solar battery environmentalists like paul de lay disagree with his nonprofit organization riverkeeper fought long and hard for the plants closure which was announced by the state's governor in 2017 by 2025 we will have 3 times as much clean energy and energy efficiency combined as indian point used to generate. increasingly though questions are being raised about how the state will replace its output and claims the loss of the plant will be offset by renewable
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energy sources given to new natural gas burning facilities are being built in the state. a new generation of environmentalists is challenging the assumption that nuclear power is too dangerous and they're making their views known all over new york pointing out that nuclear power is carbon free at a time when climate scientists say we need to dramatically cut carbon emissions. activists say it's a national concern we have 3 more plants in upstate new york and we have many plants all over the country that are in danger of being shut down this area is not contaminated where knickerbocker can vouch for the benefits of living in a nuclear neighborhood to replace this nuclear power plant was 0 carbon emissions for gas fired plants by that doesn't make any sense to me that really just boggles my mind how is that helping the environment. she wishes others had spoken up sooner
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kristen salumi al-jazeera buchanan new york. it seem a volunteers is pushing itself on the cliffs of the english coast in an effort to fight the mistreatment of refugees while many people making the channel crossing from france are looking for a better life the u.k. government says it still needs to protect the border it's been made into a key political issue and has even resulted in threats against the volunteers trying to ensure the safety of the refugees jonah how join members on a dawn watch of the dangerous crossing. it's an early start for the channel rescue volunteers scanning the horizon from the cliff tops and see for signs of life in small boats. where we've got people getting into. and crossing a channel which is one of their busy shipping lanes and it's incredibly dangerous and we are concerned about loss of life. as day breaks mobile software shows u.k.
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ball of vessels responding to a distress call 10 nautical miles from shore a rescue he's on the way channel rescues mission is to monitor and document as much as they can seeing the proper procedures are followed that human rights are upheld . this is just one of a number of rescues taking place today among those on board women and very young children or u.k. border forces doesn't want its obliged to do under international law that brought these people to safety here to the fort of dover i counted 30 maybe 40 people crammed onto them for the force vessel to dinghies that they used to make their journey attached to it they'll be processed here and then taken to a variety of forms of accommodation at the start of what could be a very lengthy asylum application process and while they are treated with care they aren't welcomed with open arms by a conservative government intent on tightening its immigration rules and
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discouraging asylum seekers to direct chills is an immigration lawyer who gives much of his time to channel rescue him said she perceives how sad it is she wants to fix a broken immigration system well she was the one that's broken end here idea is. you know militarization and such totally changed people's visual perception of poor people in military barracks that's militarize the border let's get trains it's talk about warships. that that's that's frightening and that's what you know why the organization started this very very awful rhetoric is something that we don't want to subscribe to and we want to you. shows people. there are human rights laws that exists the numbers over $8000.00 arriving by sea last year and said to be rising are still relatively small for a country the size of the u.k.
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but the fact that they come here where there is refused all rizzi cannot make migrants has a political dimension far larger than that joho al-jazeera on the channel coast well al jazeera dot com has more all of our top stories including of course that recent attack in eastern afghanistan. one bring you more details on that explosion in afghanistan because the interior ministry has confirmed 21 people were killed over 90 wounded in what was a truck bombing it happened in poor city the capital of la garde province which lies south of the capital kabul that the no claims of responsibility so far but it is one of the deadliest attacks in the country in recent months.


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