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watch al-jazeera english streaming live all night you channel. plus thousands of our programs award winning documentary and dead loser folds. subscribe to you choose would slosh al-jazeera english. this is al jazeera. news our live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes high school students are among the dead as a truck bomb explodes in eastern afghanistan. the 1st burials are held in israel after a stampede at a religious festival kills at least 45 people. even when he had to deploy to said the vaccine for not available on that. several indian states say they've run out of
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covert 19 vaccines even as the government plans to start vaccinating everyone over 18 from saturday. the pandemic boosts amazon's bottom line we ask what that means for the economy as a world recovers from pandemic. how much now have all the sport eating sports in the united kingdom had begun a 4 day social media boycott in an effort to fight back against online discrimination. so we start in afghanistan where at least $25.00 people have been killed in a truck bomb attack the blasts happened and pull city the capital of logo province south of kabul a crowd has gathered to break their ramadan fast the government says blame the taliban for one of the deadliest explosions in recent months and i speak to fully
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a contraflow already who joins us on the line now from kabul tell us what you know . well you know they can tell conflicting reports the actual number of dead and injured has happened just a few hours ago and it's still developing we did speak to the minister of interior a little while ago and the number that they gave us is at least 30 dead and injured a little later in the tweet they said that there was at least 14 dead and 90 injured so the number is still conflicting but either way from what we're hearing there was clearly a very well planned attack from one locals say it happened just as people were preparing for a star and according to the head of little guards provincial council who spoke to local media there was a maybe a truck that drove to the area where there was a dormitory in the hospital they said that they were carrying food to distribute to
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people and that's when the explosion happened buildings collapsed and again according to the head of the provincial council on that dormitory he said that at least in one floor there were 25 people there and the fear is that all of them are dead there is still efforts under way to see how many are there people are trapped the hospital has been badly damaged it has no electricity and that's why a lot of people are being transferred to hospitals here in kabul which is about an hour away like you said the government has openly in a statement blame the taliban no one has claimed responsibility as of now and we have to remember that these are very tense time i hear not against them of the foreign troop withdrawal has already begun make. speeches from kabul. well securing peace in afghanistan is the center of talks right here in doha the united states russia china and pakistan are all meaty with taliban
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representatives and that is as the united states begins that gradual drawdown of its remaining troops in afghanistan as some a binge of aid is here in doha and has more on the talks underway. this is the biggest concern that all parties have who are engaged in these talks that the violence is going to increase in of going to stand in less than 48 hours when the deadline expires asked for the agreement between the taliban and the united states that all foreign forces will leave the united states has indicated with its new administration that the u.s. forces are going to be withdrawing gradually that they would draw will begin from a the 1st but it will not be completed at that time which has been a longstanding demand of the taliban and to discuss that special representatives and on boys from russia china the united states as well as pakistan attended this meeting with the taliban where all of these issues were discussed the taliban insisting that they need to see their prisoners being released a few 100 of them still remain in prisons they need to be delisted from
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a terrorist organization status by the united nations and other demands by the taliban which they say have not been met by the parties and the other parties including the united states is concerned about the violence it's concerned about the spike in attacks that have happened in since last year when this deal was signed between the united states and the taliban all of these international players who are in afghanistan not just in nato forces and the united states but also neighboring countries including iran and pakistan have been trying to mediate in these talks as well trying to tell these parties to come to some sort of a conclusion because what of the understand cannot stand is another war and as the previous u.s. secretary of state put it that this is the graveyard of empires and the united states does not want to be there for an indefinite period of time. or calls are growing for a public inquiry and its role after the country's largest gathering since the pandemic began and ended in tragedy at least $45.00 people were killed in
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a stampede at a religious festival of mount meron where tens of thousands of ultra-orthodox jews gathered on thursday night the prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that sunday will be a national day of mourning reports from maryland in north. israel it's israel's largest religious festival attracting half a 1000000 mainly ultra-orthodox participants each year this year like bomber celebrating a 2nd century rabbi and sage to his tomb was also the largest gathering of any kind since the start of the pandemic mass exile taishan turned in minutes to panic injury and death. a narrow passageway became a compacted sea of stumbling swaying crowds trying to get out of the. close by people were pressing on metal sheeting a few overwhelmed police improvising an escape route while also trying to keep some back. it was clear by now that a mass tragedy was unfolding the crowding and confusion that led to it also
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hampering the rescue efforts in its aftermath sure were. i saw tens of people if you've lying here on the floor i saw tens of injured walking and bleeding i saw at children i saw adults very difficult sites. the next day brought a mass evacuation operation and the start of a major police investigation it also brought the israeli prime minister announcing and national day of mourning on sunday and defending the role of the emergency services. there was a rapid rescue operation by the police the rescue and security forces and we are grateful to them they prevented a much bigger disaster we will conduct a thorough serious and in-depth investigation to ensure that such a disaster does not reoccur. 6 some protested against the presence of the head of israel's secular government during an ongoing religious festival no matter netanyahu is close partnership with ultra-orthodox political parties there are
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pressing questions now for the ultra orthodox rabbis who are in charge of this event for the police who are meant to safeguard it for the political leaders who allowed it to take place with such apparent light intervention added to that is the fact that there have long been warnings about this precipitous pathway this bottleneck on the way out and the dangers lurking here some of those making their way home accuse the police of blocking an exit others said an event like this had long been a risk i felt unsafe and this isn't just. about the 100 percent. but it was miracles every year but you could do it you could do the best out of it should be like. the human being should be at least safe to how much she could have . nonetheless some were determined to continue this year's festival even as others mourned their recalls now for a full independent public inquiry to accompany the police investigation ari force
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at al-jazeera meron northern israel or go hoffman is the chief political correspondent at the jerusalem post and he says we can force what measures contributed to the disaster. every year people said that the crowding was overwhelming and that it was a miracle that a disaster didn't happen this year it was more complicated because it posed with restrictions that were in course terms and ascetic lee said that so of course they put up barriers to keep people somewhat separate of those barriers but it's harder for people simply it's just the cave even more helpless that there is no doubt that the owner of the dogs have been that independent minded throughout this crisis and when they have listened to them on 4th authority they've been hit by the press that makes this report so that. they are providing the balance of power and it's no government without. the only good normal without the 1st 2 years i mean trying to
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get rid of the government baskets possible. now we have a minority government being formed in the process and they want to replace this. and they could be a majority government and philip morris about will join and now there are those who also plays they don't like the whole of minister of public security which mandate is a silly idea he came to mt and although he saw the overflow crowd and he left for the disaster happened. very close to that to be. needing help to help so he actually had i think it will. corona virus infections across india have reached another record high with more than 386000 new cases and nearly 3500 deaths reported vaccinations are being opened up to all adults above 18 starting on saturday but health ministers in several hard
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hit states say they've run out of their uses casting doubt on the government's ability to vaccinate 600000000 newly eligible people elizabeth raanan reports now from new delhi. money could go sits by her husband's hospital bed just hours after she lost her mother to car the 19 and she's managed to find him oxygen but not the ventilator doctors say he needs for her return to the party for. the better part of the debate that will bring her but i can't right now but if you need something to support the president or it would be right i don't know how the number of births in there. but. india's underfunded health care system is collapsing as it's overwhelmed by the world's biggest surge in cases that have long lines outside oxygen supply is around the country this tension here as people wait in the hope of getting oxygen for the sick relatives some has been waiting for more than 12 hours
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but with hospitals out of beds and oxygen these supply is a many people's only hope. aid began arriving from other countries this week with the 1st cargo from the u.s. touching down in new delhi on friday the military plane was carrying more than 400 oxygen cylinders hospital equipment and needy a 1000000 rapid tests. the u.s. will also send hundreds of thousands of vaccines and the vol materials needed to manufacture more that says many states say they don't have enough doses to start and knock it out to all adults from saturday as planned event but voting for the vaccination campaign restarted medicare between the house and so for now i would it help get about careers and doctors into. these methods nation but that is not votes in the us health experts say the government failed to prepare for the 2nd wave and was lucky enough to have
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a 2nd the 2nd wave which was delayed compared to many other countries out there and let it go along. to see what us up and to the rest of the world in terms of how the 2nd day was and unfortunately in our. research or i sort of failed to see the kind of preparation that i was i was expecting that the government would be doing in the last one is money says her mother wasn't a victim of clothes at 19 but a lack of preparedness by the government and that she doesn't know what she'll tell her 8 year old son if she goes home without his father elizabeth piron an al-jazeera new delhi. and we're just hearing now that the united states is the latest country to ban most trouble from india from a the 4th only u.s. citizens and permanent residents will be able to enter the country from india the ban is similar to the one the u.s. already has in place for travelers from the european union and a number of other countries and the u.s. joins china brazil iran south africa and most of europe in banning travel from
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india. read join is health economists and junk fessor at the college of social sciences he says india had time to prepare for the 2nd wave but failed. i don't know it's actually among one of the states which is well ahead in terms of what's in it it does offer been able to wax it about 70 percent of all export relations and the countries operate use less than 10 percent but damn modern hope a later stage that you cripple to predation be higher but you still have max it only less than 5 percent of all mission with a single unfortunately you know in india that the daily doses that there's been a mystery has been on a decline for the last t.v. it's it's daily i don't do wind up $4000000.00 to sorry but you just showed on a daily basis sites now. it sort of fell from of our 2700000 couple of weeks back so it's also the pace east slowing down for the vaccination and model the country
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is opening up to watson and all the 800 s. and p. and the debt is such severe shortage and the demand is slight exceeding soulfire india has about 6. $150000000.00 has been a commune starts off far from fortunately that does only cover 2.62.7 percent of the article pollution fully matured austin or india was lucky enough to have a 2nd in the 2nd wave because the late compared to many other countries out there will be hard to get along i mean to see what us up into the rest of the world income so how are the 2nd rate was and unfortunately. a recession or i sort of failed to see the kind of preparation that i was i was expecting that the government would be doing in the last one year whereas in this troubles with its covered $1000.00 crisis it's been forced to hold to its global vaccine exports china is now taking on responsibility and is using it to push for regional
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influence over its rival brown reports from hong kong. overwhelmed by the covert pandemic it's easy to forget that india's also one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of vaccines that have been protecting people from the virus elsewhere but as the covert crisis worsens those exports are being curbed creating a void that experts say is now being filled by china india's arch rival at a video conference this week china's foreign minister wang ye told his south asian counterparts that beijing was ready to help in any way it could a spokesman making clear this was a long term commitment. and this includes opening our door for the participation of south asian countries including india we will also make positive efforts to help the relevant regional countries in their fight against the for the region india though was not represented at the virtual conference
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a reflection of recent violent border skirmishes between chinese and indian troops john burns wrote a case study for a new book called coronavirus politics and says china's only acting out of self interest it can dressed up everyone but making the world safe for a dictatorship that's what it's all that's ok that's the absolute china's playing it well. the danger now is the virus spreads rapidly to nearby countries it is clear from state controlled media that china's leaders are watching developments in india very closely because china shares a border not just with india but also with 3 other countries where infection rates are rising pakistan afghanistan and nepal and there was a wake up call here in hong kong just a few weeks ago when a flight arrived from new delhi with more than 50 passengers on board who tested positive for covert 90 china unlike russia the united states and india has been
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selling or donating its vaccines to countries around the world giving rise to the term vaccine diplomacy in pakistan china's already taken a leading role in supplying millions of its jobs with more expected this week one of more than 50 countries says china's government who've received their vaccines for free adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong or brazil is marking another bleak milestone in the corona virus pandemic after the number of deaths passed 400008 quarter of those fatalities were recorded just this month there's also been an alarming increase in the deaths of babies and children under the age of 10 monica young arche have has more now from copacabana copacabana beach in rio de janeiro where a coronavirus awareness campaign is underway. it has been filled with these body bags 400 body * bags and they represent the 400000
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brazilians that have died just so you can imagine how fast this is spreading one 4th of the of these people 100000 died in the past 36 days only and this person that standing there his name is for b.p. he's a lawyer and he's a voluntary with the send geo that is staging this awareness campaign he has been digging a grave every hour a symbolic grave and as you can see there in the body tags the body bags instead of tags they have flags of brazil and anyway so basically this is just an awareness campaign they are asking who is responsible for this and who are the accomplices and the people that have staged this this protest they are saying that they were they blame the government for for
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brazil being in the situation because they say president not only downplayed the virus he was very slow at starting the vaccine rollout and now there are many people that are supposed to have their 2nd dose and have not had it for a lack of vaccines so basically yes this is a very grim. milestone yet again. a political still ahead of news are included in the u.n. warns of the famine in madagascar with children starving often in storms destroyed homeless. refugee rights to a safe passage for the english chumming it's become dangerous minds in the news for taking. cover up to new details about what the funds will be allowed to return to take you in the picture details coming up later.
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so that coronavirus lot to answer left shop owners all over the world struggling to stay afloat but online retail is cashing in and amazon in particular has just posted record profits amazon's revenue jumped 44 percent in the 1st quarter to more than $108000000000.00 it expects to maintain that level and even increase it by the 2nd quarter but its online shopping business isn't the only one benefiting from the pandemic amazon's cloud computing service that grew 32 percent while sales in its advertising business rose by 77 percent and the growth comes as amazon faces activism from within its workforce employees that one warehouse recently failed in an attempt to use unionized amazon announced this week it would give 500000 workers pay rights as states on let's speak to robert scott who says senior international commerce at the economic policy institute joins us via skype from north to 10 back in maryland in the usa robert welcome to the program talk about doing the right
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thing at the right time was just made for global lockdown was no. absolutely was just incredibly lucky but there's not an accident they have been planning something like this i think for a long time. their marketing strategy has been based on cannibalizing small businesses and main street shops everywhere and this is been going on a long time was wal-mart helping out together it really changed the landscape to retail america leaves a bit of a taste in the mouth doesn't it because it's all very convenient for us all but it just destroyed the high street isn't it. it has not only done that is destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs and small businesses my colleague shared a former colleague gary bivins who's now with the council of economic advisors in the white house estimates that one in 6 mall businesses as closed as stores during to cope with recession i asked i mean that's well over 500000 small businesses in
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the u.s. that have gone under these are firms employing 20 people or fewer but ended up and that adds up to millions of jobs that have been destroyed there's no work for those workers to go back to as a result of this and amazon cam cannibalism right as you know well economies pick up and things start to restore i know those businesses have gone out of business but can you businesses take their place can the highstreet come back in any way. it's going to take a while and i think this is one way in which the american model has failed as compared to those used in other countries in canada in the united kingdom throughout much of europe governments paid firms to keep workers employed they paid businesses to stay open and so when the economy recovers those as you call on the high street firms will still be there their doors will be reopened again whereas in
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the united states it's much harder much more expensive to build a new business from the ground up that requires accumulating capital both human and and and financial in order to create a new business system be a much more difficult process as a result unemployment is predicted to last much longer be much higher in the u.s. than some of the rest of the developed world ok so big profits at the cost of millions all of the 10s of thousands of small businesses and that the cost perhaps of a workforce that puts upon there's a lot of activism with the out as and work force you see that continuing. i think it will continue but i think it's going to depend critically on decisions that are made about how we go about regulating labor markets in particular and firms like amazon more generally are we going to succeed in taxing some of the wealth these companies that we cumulated the richest $660.00 billionaires in the united states
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and their wealth grow by over $1.00 trillion dollars in the last year whereas workers at the bottom 20 some 25000000 have been devastated by this recession it suffered more deaths and infection and they certainly suffered much more loss of jobs and wages so it's been great for those at the top terrible for those at the bottom even more so than a typical recession in the u.s. yeah you could have regulations thanks this right he got a lot of money to make money what perhaps i thought was what was interesting in those figures that we were talking about at the beginning of this piece was that the less unknown element of amazon is the cloud computing business and is in web services and that's done well to. absolutely it can amazon has used this wealth and market power to expand its influence throughout the economy both in the u.s. and global and you know it's in that way it's very similar to the country which is
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also captured world markets and used the resulting wealth to gain enormous amounts of political power so i think you know this is a sort of the new rise of the global monolith yes and we have to decide whether we as a society are willing to tolerate this or whether it's time to prune it back in some way and i think there are measures proposed like the pro act in the u.s. that would make it easier to organize unions to raise the way jack that would establish a much higher minimum wage slower and h.r. one the voting rights act which would increase the power and ease of the ability for consumers to vote and establish you know more equal balance of power between the wealthy and working with voters i disgrace that you know analysis that robert scott did appreciate that have roots go from the economic policy institute
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thank you thank you. now there are warnings famine is living in southern madagascar after years of drought and sandstorms the world food program says some people have been forced to eat no costs and leave the organizations i mentality has described seeing her if images of starving all malnourished families turned her face and he says the scale of the catastrophe is beyond belief. well the un's food agency says about 750000 people don't know where their next meal is coming from last year and one of the worst hit areas it found 3 out of 4 children were missing school mostly to help their parents forage for food it wants $75000000.00 to cover the emergency in the next few months or surely a fact is the spokeswoman for the united nations world food program and says the coronavirus has worsened madagascar's hunger crisis. the situation in madagascar in has just been declining since last year when the alarm bell rang what we call
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bullying season which is that window between planting and harvesting and we've started to sort of build the awareness and to to really get the world to take notice operationally even even getting cargo to madagascar is it's. it's a small island off of southern africa and at the moment the countries in the middle of a lockdown so there are very few flights as one flight in one into madagascar and it's very tough to even get humanitarian workers into the country so we need resources we need resources yesterday we need to return resources into food the world is absolutely suffering from post it 100 percent you know we we know that but i think the domino effect in madagascar is that because of consecutive drought where sandstorms have completely blanketed harvests they've never had you know they
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haven't had a decent rain all in years and this will have a massive effect in 2021 on children on mothers and on families and was still ahead here al-jazeera as a un marks 40 years since the 1st aids cases were identified we ask what lesson is that epidemic holds for world battling with 90. and we look at why the survival of thousands of elephants is being threatened by an afrikaner fall. and the fund what champion is looking good ahead of the portuguese grand prix details coming up it's. but. there is some to talk about in the arabian peninsula weather wise 1st of all
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we have got rain but it's significant rain in yemen in the southwest of saudi there's rather more normal rain in the eastern side of turkey running across to the western side of the caspian and in between lot of sunshine it's quite warm still event temps are above the average of course $41.00 in baghdad and in down in q 8 but it's probably down in yemen particular some of the you notice things completely different the temperatures well below where it should be largely because of the persistent thunderstorms in the higher ground and the significant rain even on low drag i think we'll see some flooding down here and it's lasting for a couple of days as well we go to sunday now in the still rain showing up well inland in yemen now everywhere else remains quite the thames come down a bit in baghdad and there's a spreading of light show struck the iranian mountains otherwise things just gradually return to what you might call seasonal normal we are watching the monsoon winds turn they always turn around the coast of africa voice just take the rain up towards india and when the 1st science is what's happening in tanzania at the moment the onshore breeze which is very humid her most ship produces rain in
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tanzania doing that it's still a huge amount of it but it's doing it all the same more significant than just south of that is in the eastern cape and in southern mozambique. on counting the cost of china's navy and its maritime militia dominated the south china sea as the u.s. lost control could the pandemic usher in the 4 day work week and environmental racism opposition grows to a u.s. pipeline. counting the calls on al-jazeera. a century ago they were called colonialists. 50 years ago and they were known as immigrants today they are citizens. in the light of france's 2021 contentious so-called separatism law as we look back at the history of muslim immigration in
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france in a 3 part series. muslims affronts episode one on al-jazeera. we need to stand the differences on the semantics of cultures across the world so no matter what you see we need to leave the news and kind of for that matter. who's. there again you're watching al-jazeera her mind of our top stories this hour and a truck bomb in afghanistan has killed at least 25 people the blast happened and pull in city becoming of logo provinces south of the couple a crowd had gathered to break their ramadan fast the government has blamed the taliban. israel's prime minister has promised an investigation after at least 45
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people were killed in a stampede at a religious festival that happened in mount meron well up 220-0000 also all supposed jews gathered. several indian states say they've already run out of coronavirus jabs a day before the country starts vaccination drivable adults about 18 new infections across india reached new high with 386000 cases reported in the past 24 hours. now 40 years after the 1st aids cases were reported the u.n. is warning that a child be epidemics are getting worse in many developing countries it says there were 1700000 new hiv infections in 2019 and that is 3 times higher than the 2020 global target of less than half a 1000000 unifications. united nations secretary general and tony good terrorists that covert 900 is not an excuse for missing aides targets but it's certainly been
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a setback he's also blames gender inequality and lack of care services for the agrees the united nations is hopeful that ending aids as a public health threat by 2030 that's still within reach they say he's calling for $29000000000.00 of extra investment in low and middle income countries to help close the gap in resources fellas out there is director of i kept a global public health provider and she says the cave in 1000 pandemic has drain resources away from the fight against hiv. i think we are facing a very difficult moment in history we are now facing that chastity and the consequences of going with 1001 at the same time we have unfinished business we have not been able as of yet to end the aids epidemic so the timing of the kobe death endemic is really been. it's been catastrophic insurance. jeopardizing or potentially jeopardizing some of the gains that have been achieved
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in tackling the. ridiculous so i think what needs to happen is there needs to be every effort needs to be needed in order to maintain the gains that have been achieved in the response against the epidemic and they have been substantial while at the same time continuing the momentum moving forward so we can bring down the numbers of new cases and also bring down the numbers of deaths. as well there are many lessons to be learned and i would say some of them include that we've learned the hard way the importance of having a leadership both at a national level as well as community level in terms of mobilizing that response against corbett that's very very important we've also learned the importance of engaging communities and we learned that from the each of you respond that's been one of the major lessons learned from the each of the response that russia has jailed kremen critical election of all news organizations onto
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a list that involved terrorism and extremism the answer corruption from beijing has been banned in the country. his lawyer was detained for supposedly disclosing classified information but a smith has more now from moscow. even power law for 20 years has defended people involved in some the most sensitive cases in russia involving accusations of treason and espionage and it's extremely unusual for a lawyer even involved in such sensitive cases to be detained in any way now that he's been detained under a rarely used law and he's accused of disclosing this classified information in relation to an investigation into one of his clients a journalist called. sovereign off so powerful or is still being questioned as we understand this afternoon he's been questioned now for about 4 hours meanwhile yet more bad news for an avowal in the andes organization of like
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a further setback really russia's financial monitoring agency has added of on these regional offices to its list of groups as are involved in terrorism and extremism we know already there's a court case going on against those groups they've already on thursday close themselves down because they sort of knew this was coming but it is yet another example of the pressure being piled on to the valley and his supporters making it extremely difficult for them to continue operating and it means that really the most sort of the loudest critic of president vladimir putin he's avenues of speaking out against putin are very very slowly or quickly now and surely being closed down. kenya is planning to close to refugee camps by june of next year that one of the world's largest refugee camps and kakuma has more than 400000 people
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mostly from somalia and south sudan some will be given residency all the others will be repatriated for years kenya has argued the camps have been used as a recruiting ground for the armed group al-shabaab catherine so it has more now from nairobi. this issue has been longstanding and 26th in the government threatened to shut down refugee camp on the border with somalia saying it is a threats to national security at the time there were many a toxin being carried out in kenya say to be carried out by al-shabaab to fight the armed groups fighting in somalia now that situation went away when the court ruled that it would be illegal to shut down that this same same result in march the minister. minister of interior fred my. os that you wouldn't see are to come up with a report and a roadmap to ensure that the comps are closed as soon as possible saying again threats to national security the government rejected the proposal by the un it's
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the are we basically said that it's impossible to do much this year because of the coronavirus been demick and then again just the complex will just sticks of having through patridge or resettle hundreds of thousands of refugees from different countries now there's been a back and forth between the government and minutes here and i think that's why it was important for the head of units grounded to come to kenya speak directly with the president who cannot talk the government says they want the consequence because of national security but then other people also saying it could be because of the diplomatic route the ongoing diplomatic probably to in somalia and kenya somalia has accused kenya of interfering in its political affairs in december somalia diplomatic ties with kenya is also an ongoing marri time dispute to before the international court of justice and the people who are caught in between are the
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thousands of hundreds and thousands of refugees who have been living in the will continue living in one site and just spoken to many of them who are saying they don't feel welcome in kenya anymore but they're too afraid to go back to their home . because if we're still not safe. majority of female journalists experience harassment threats and abuse while doing their jobs it surveyed nearly a 1000 female journalists from $125.00 countries and from nearly 3 quarters of them had experienced online abuse 25 percent said they had been physically threatened you know excuses black indigenous jewish and arab female journalists experience both the highest rates and most severe impact of online violence our correspondent hit morgan is in sudan's couple of culture human she says she regularly experiences online abuse and threats as a result of her reporting when i covered the south sudan conflict in 20152016 as well as covering the great conflict by talking to refugees basically in both
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context sexual violence has been used as a weapon of war and because i am not in those areas when reporting on the report comes out i'm usually out of the areas which is affected by conflict the people who are basically attacking me online they don't have the capacity to attack me in person so i see an increase of of sexual violence threats of threats of some comments such as you know being a female you should know you would not know better if this was somebody else reporting and sometimes even. a certain type of i would say racial comments online racially charged comments online saying that because you're an african you would not know how to report this probably english person or a westerner would know how to do better so there's these kinds of comments that you get that shakes your confidence and when you go back home you tend to reflect on the stories wondering if you could have done better if there was something different that you could have done to a story that would make ultimately reduce the amount of online abuse that we get
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and at the end of the day the stories out there and it's people's stories that we tell and not everybody will be happy but still it does affect your self-confidence and self-esteem. volunteers have been on the cliffs of the english coast in an effort to fight the mistreatment of refugees biggest channel has once again become a rallying point for the u.k. government and the far right says refugees cross from france the group has been facing threats because of its efforts to ensure refugees have safe passage al-jazeera has joined a whole joined members on a dawn watch of the dangerous crossing it's an early start for the channel rescue volunteers scanning the horizon from the cliff tops and see for signs of life in small boats. people getting into. and crossing at which is one of their busiest. is incredibly dangerous and we are concerned about safety. as day breaks mobile software shows u.k.
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ball of vessels responding to a distress call 10 nautical miles from shore a rescue is on the way channel rescues mission is to monitor and document as much as they can seeing the proper procedures are followed that human rights are upheld . this is just one of a number of rescues taking place today among those on board women and very young children but the u.k. border force has done what it's obliged to do under international law that brought these people to safety here to the fort of dover i counted 30 maybe 40 people crammed onto that border for special 2 dinghies that they used to make their journey attached to it they'll be processed here and then taken to a variety of forms of accommodation at the start of what could be a very lengthy asylum application process and while they are treated with care they aren't welcomed with open arms by
9:44 pm
a conservative government intent on tightening its immigration rules and discouraging asylum seekers. chills is an immigration lawyer who gives much of his time to channel rescue their homes actually because he was how they said that if she wants to fix a broken immigration system well she was the one that's broken end here id is. you know militarization and such totally changed people's visual perception of poor people in military barracks that's militarize the border let's get trains it's talk about warships. that that's that's frightening. and that's what you know why the organization started this very very awful rhetoric is something that we don't want to subscribe to and we want to you. shows people. there are human rights laws that exists the numbers over $8000.00 arriving by sea last year and said to be rising are still relatively small for a country the size of the u.k.
9:45 pm
but the fact that they come here whether as refugees all rizzi economic migrants has a political dimension far larger than that joho al-jazeera on the channel coast for prominent to hong kong pro-democracy activists including joshua one who pleaded guilty to taking part in an illegal assembly to commemorate the $991.00 square massacre please in the annual vigil for the 1st time in 3 decades last year citing coronavirus restrictions but tens of thousands still turned up in what was a largely peaceful event one is already behind bars for organizing other illegal rallies during the 2019 mass and government protests a south korean activists is sent giant balloons carrying half a 1000000 propaganda leaflets across the border to north korea the flyers condemn the government headed by kim jong un. critics up to 3 years in prison for the move which is considered a criminal offense critics accuse sold of sacrificing freedom of expression in an
9:46 pm
effort to improve ties with pyongyang or robert reich has more now from seoul. the group responsible for this launch say they released a total of 10 large balloons from 2 locations close to the d.m.z. separating north and south korea carrying they say up to hearth a 1000000 leaflets condemning north korea and describing the leader kim jong un as a nuclear lunatic now these launches always enraged north korea who described the defectors who released these leaflets as human scum and holding the south korean government responsible for their actions in fact it was a similar releases last summer which led to north korea cutting off communications with the south going as far as destroying a liaison office that had been set up to try to establish better relations the south korean government conscious of how north korea responds has taken measures to try to prevent these actions by these defectors going as far as passing
9:47 pm
a law last december that now makes it illegal act to release these leaflets punishable by up to 3 years in prison that in turn has been criticized by defectors who say it infringes on their rights of free speech here in south korea the south korean government says after this latest launch it will be taking appropriate action a community of mass murders in kenya is fighting to protect its grazing land and livelihoods from an agricultural company conservationists fear plans to build a potentially lucrative avocado farm will be disastrous for elephants and for wildlife tourism now where reports from near the town of command. for thousands of years people have been herding livestock on the plains around mount kilimanjaro. and they've been teaming with wildlife for even longer. tourists come here to see it. the shan can any guide them when he's not with his cows his community of messiah herders agreed with the government that this area should be
9:48 pm
reserved for open grazing and wildlife and so he's alarmed that some of it's been fenced off for farming crops you know we moved from place to a not so that this land now each one. with forest in the muscle. we see very long defined thing stopping just long. the land available for nomadic grazing here in kenya has been shrinking ever since colonialism the farmers are fenced off just under a square kilometer of land conservationists say it's followed a series of irregular decisions by the relevant or thorough and they say many more investors are waiting to see if this farm will be allowed to continue and if it is they say many more tracks of land will be fenced off and that will be devastating for the herders and for the wildlife within the fence a company called killie are very fresh plans to grow for cargoes for export and other crops it belongs to some agricultural investors from the capital nairobi 200
9:49 pm
kilometers away so he's not out of the farm manager jeremiah who's from this area also owns some shares. which is very bright as you can see which was a sinus agricultural land now these are not like you have a system that long with the activity of other. people how to transform themselves from their traditional way of life to modern life with danielle if somebody says the land here isn't idle we work for conservation groups he says thousands of tourism jobs depend on the wildlife and the survival of about 2000 allophones here depends on a corridor or the green area connecting to wildlife preserves the blue lines show their tracks and the farmer sits in the middle of them it's not the 1st farm here but he says he. in the flood gates to many more is interfering with the whole system because you know the community. might collapse their families in the wrong
9:50 pm
place because they are disadvantaged areas where you can do fine without interfering with their land use and environmental tribunals killing of a to stop the farm. says it's papers are in order and it's appealing the decision many of kenya's 13000000 herders a poorer than those living in farming communities towns and cities. says if they lose the last record they'll lose everything. malcolm webb al-jazeera kenya. still to come we don't suppose we'll find out what sickness premier league football is doing to fight back against online discrimination.
9:51 pm
teaching you can watch al-jazeera english streaming live on i.q. channel. plus thousands of our programs the winning documentaries and
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in-depth news reports. subscribe to eugene ford's last al-jazeera english. the in. let's get on to the sport hassan thank you very much and nic will football clubs and players in the u.k. have started a 4 day boycott of social media as part of an effort to fight back against online abuse off to football and now says plans last week other sports in the country including cricket rugby and tennis have joined in football's european and world governing bodies are also backing the boycott players on social media companies to do more to stop discriminatory abuse being sent or seen while many of those
9:53 pm
involved have posted this message english football is coming together with other organizations and sports to boycott social media and demand change it we are asking for significant action to bring to an end the via discriminatory abuse plays and many others have to endure well we've been speaking to dawn of the english football association about the global support so the campaign has received. it's not that we all say that social media as a mechanism in and of itself is bad what we are sighing is that there are not enough safety margin says not enough monitoring not enough in force men on social media platforms at the moment and that is why there is this horrible culture of abuse that is taking place day in day out without any consequences for many individuals all over the world you know the abuse isn't coming you know just from fans who are based in england what you will be
9:54 pm
a piece is coming from across the globe for individuals some of him how much he no involvement or passion or following behind the school i'm not because you can sit at home in a completely different part of the wild type whatever you want online and actually delete your account and face the consequences and go about your day and for all individuals who are receiving that piece in the victim's day that a female play is be that racist the beast and semitism homophobia or indeed any other type of discriminate. that stays with you beyond that moment and impacts you 5 many friends and nice around you and we cannot sit back and allow this to continue to happen and that's why for us as the english governing body and indeed as a collective of the sport more widely we really need its use of voices today and call on others to support us so we are calling on fans other organizations to get behind us to join us in this hall and to make your voices heard because this online discriminate tributes must stop. on the head of world athletics seb coe says the
9:55 pm
doubts remain as to whether fans will be able to attend the tokyo olympics international fans have already been banned from going to the games which are due to start in july the public isn't being allowed to watch the next 2 legs of the torch relay due to the risk of call the 900 spreading well close says to have now adapted to the 2 competing in empty venues. given that there is still a question about whether there will be crowds in the tokyo. stadium but at least they have now got used to the concept of competing and competing at an incredibly high level because there's been no diminution in the quality of the performances but that they have now got psychologically used to competing with out crowds have fun while champion lewis hamilton was quickest in the 2nd practice ahead of the portuguese gone play the mostly this driver currently eased the
9:56 pm
drivers' championship standings after 2 races his one points ahead of red was max the stop and he was 2nd quickest in the afternoon session when hamilton will be looking to follow up his display at the circuit from last season with britain winning from pole in october. i think it's very close run i think we look like we're close and. i don't know how max's that was with my wasn't perfect so we different got some time to come from the car and some progress to make but i'm sure they have to put it as close as it has been the last couple races so it's exciting. and it's a ride to start very tricky out here with the time when you get to super slippery. i know it's the same for everyone but it's not really enjoyable to to drive. pakistan are in total control of the 1st test against zimbabwe in her the tourist
9:57 pm
closed 13744618 day to the 1st innings lead of $998.00 guns. starred with the bat he's on 108 not out this is the 1st match of the 2 tests. tennis and nami osaka has advanced to the 2nd round of the madrid open the 2nd see the one an all japanese encounter with misaki drawn on friday sucker who has yet to reach any further than the quarter finals in madrid sealed straight sets win 756 to face curling now what's about next. and that's always full from we'll have more for you later on but for now it's back to nick sort of thank you very much indeed for that thank you that is almost if this news let me just point you in the direction of our web site al jazeera dot com is the address you can see the top story there the suicide bomb attack which killed at least 21 people in local police in afghanistan murmur
9:58 pm
mozzies coming right up from london but for me in a car 1st team it's like no. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture decreasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do with the solution we get organized what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about
9:59 pm
targets like 2040 or 2015 when we need targets we're now up front with me welcome on here on al-jazeera. young women with a passion for space i used to dream about working and if they are school company like nasa and a small stuff the science that giant leap forward. unkind in kurdistan. and at the scheduled time the south like the be sent into space women make science kurdistan space school on al-jazeera. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with the eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised
10:00 pm
researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of coronavirus appears far wider than anyone thought. at least $21.00 killed in a truck bomb explosion in eastern afghanistan and one of the deadliest attacks in recent months. i'm marianne m i z in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program growing anger and calls for a public inquiry after dozens of ultra-orthodox jews killed during a stampede in northern israel.


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