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all jews are. the above. at least 44 people are killed in a stampede at a religious festival in israel emergency rescue services describe it as a national catastrophe. play watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully back to also coming up desperately needed foreign aid arrives in india as a country registers another record number of coronavirus cases u.s.
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president joe biden his to road to promote his ambitious plan to rebuild the economy as he marks 100 days in office. and trouble at the border between kyrgyzstan and to take a stand fighting leave several dead and injured. a stampede at dave religious festival in northern israel has killed at least 44 people the crash happened at a gathering of tens of thousands of altar author docs jews on mount meron. egypt's . emergency services rushed to the scene where tens of thousands of cultural jews had gathered for the largo ma annual pilgrimage we started off as an all night gathering of prayer and dance at the bonfire festival ended with these chaotic scenes. bodies of those killed in
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a stampede are lined up hundreds of people are injured. provided. those winds of. $200.00 ambulances another cycle of care units helicopters to the scene needs to transported back yes those were injured and killed so it's considered to be one of the holiest sites for jews to tomb of the 2nd century say drive by shimon by your choice what brings the faithful here. to say more than 650 buses it brought in people from across the country making it the largest public gathering in israel since a pandemic started suddenly paramedics from modern with over running by. bike need c.p.r. on a limb kids and then one after the other start coming on ambulances then we understood like something's going on here. private bonfires that mound their own would ban last year due to coronavirus restrictions the lockdown measures were easy siraj says rose roughly created 19 vaccination program has seen more than 50
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percent of the population fully vaccinated. police say they've arrested 2 people for disrupting offices efforts to keep order at the site and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has described the stampede as a heavy disaster. sort of hideouts al jazeera as you heard the festival is held at one of the holiest sites for jews tens of thousands of ultra orthodox jews normally make the pilgrimage to mount meron. bomber it was largely cancelled last year because of the pandemic on various the official said they were already overwhelmed by the huge crowds organizers have told local media the estimate between 802200000 people had arrived by thursday night with more due to turn up on friday al-jazeera as harry fawcett is at the scene in marathon. the prime minister's spokesman has been tweeting about it saying that it was the overcrowding
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that led to a stampede which in turn led to the partial collapse of a structure that people were standing on so that is the closest thing we've had to sort of an official proximate cause of what took place but of course there are much wider questions being asked about the nature of all this as well briefly just just let me tell you where i am we're on a road heading into the site itself and there have been buses after buses and police vehicles and emergency vehicles coming down here still parts of those that huge crowd are still struggling their way out of the of the event itself this is the road up here that that leads to the events of the to the tomb of the 2nd century rabbi which is being which is that the the center of this celebration the event every year and we're still seeing members of that more than a 100000 crowd being transported away that's what all these buses are here to do but as i say there are some very significant questions as to why so many people
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were again allowed into such a small space crowding together in this way there have been warnings in the past about the access points especially to get out once people are in there are questions as to whether the police were there in sufficient numbers whether too much. or agency or 30 was given over to the rabbinical sects who were organizing the event itself and so there are calls now for a commission of inquiry aside from obviously the investigation that is underway by the police. the 1st shipment of emergency supplies from the u.s. has arrived in india to help it fight spiralling coronavirus infections and best it landed in new delhi on friday and includes hundreds of oxygen cylinders and regulate says the u.s. pledge surprise worth more than $100000000.00 to meet what it calls the urgent
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health needs of the indian people the number of infections across the country reached another record high in the last 24 hours there is elizabeth ranum has this update from new delhi where patients who can't find a hospital bed a killing for hours to buy medical oxygen. we are outside an oxygen supply in new delhi where people whose relatives are sick have been lining up for hours in the hopes of buying the life saving gas one man has been waiting here for more than 12 hours another for more than 7 hours they are here because all of the capital's hospitals are full and many have a critical shortage of oxygen people are still dying here because there aren't enough beds and there isn't enough oxygen and that is why the international aid that serai is so very important the 1st or the $100000000.00 worth of aid from the u.s. touchdown in new delhi on friday the military plane was carrying everything from
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oxygen cylinders the hospital equipment a 1000000 doses of breath it tests 40 countries have been sending hundreds of oxygen generation plants thousands of oxygen concentration as the u.s. is also sending hundreds of thousands of dozens of vaccines and the roma tiriel needed to manufacture vaccines that says many states in india including the capital delhi including the worst affected maharashtra say they don't have enough doses to expand the vaccination program that's due to happen on saturday where all adults will be eligible to get a vaccine but there aren't enough in the country. health care experts in nepal are warning the capital could see seen similar to india infections are rising in hospital beds are filling up. reports from katmandu. empty streets in nepal's capital as a 2 week lockdown is imposed to limit the spread of corona virus it's the 2nd wave to hit the country infections have surged and more than half are in the capital.
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but i'd sort of hospitals are seeing more cases in a shorter span of time the 2nd wave is more potent with more young people and children infected as health workers struggle to contain the growing number of patients experts fear that thousands may have caught the mutant variant strains emerging out of neighboring india thousands of workers from nepal have left their jobs in indian cities with over 1000 is spiraling out of control and they're arriving here in the police towns by the border and that's creating a major health crisis. that it's like a mini india the situation was similar in the capital which has a dense population would be difficult to cope with the existing health infrastructure more than 300000 people in nepal have got covert 1990 percent have recovered over $3000.00 people have died as daily cases surgery experts warn that the epidemic could overwhelm nepal's fragile health system if the country is unable
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to break the chain of transmission in time and hold health authorities have repeatedly appeals to the public to wear masks avoid crowds and to maintain social distance but recent political rallies and religious festivals have helped fuel the spread of the disease thousands rush to leave the capital after the lockdown was announced i am not sure i'm waiting at the bus stop for a seat out of cotman do it's crowded the situation is difficult i'd rather be back in my village where i can make ends meet health authorities fear the 6 could spread the virus in villages across nepal. the situation has. spreading and gates of life thing. took on being. launched about the nation campaign in january giving doses from india and china to nearly 2000000 people but with a population of 20000000 and limited access to that seems nepal would have to seek support from the international community to prevent the epidemic from spiraling out
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of control. from me at the lib. funded brazil is marking another bleak milestone in the coronavirus pandemic after the number of deaths past 100008 quarter of the fatalities were recorded this month brazil is only the 2nd country after the us to reach trafficker another 70000 infections were also registered meaning the country has reported 14500000 cases. turkey has entered its 1st full lockdown of the pandemic amid a surgeon infections and deaths people stocked up on groceries and left cities me for 3 weeks of restrictions took effect on thursday residents will have to stay at home except for essential needs the government had previously imposed martial law downs all weekend curfews to reduce economic impact. in other world news gunfire has been reported overnight on the southern border between kyrgyzstan into
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hours after a cease fire agreement. health authorities say 13 people have been killed in fighting since wednesday that jake authorities have not reported any casualties it's the heaviest fighting along the disputed border in years the violence began over a water reservoir that all central asian countries claim a sterile steve is a human rights lawyer and associate professor of human rights at the university of southern california explains what led to tension at the border. it is the worst escalation that we've seen in a long time and it seems to come down to both sides seem intent on marking their territory you have the security services into g. christan which are famously nontransparent e.g. could stand a very authoritarian state and then you have also the border guards in kyrgyzstan increasingly coming to blows received some video of of arms being distributed to
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the population so we have some really worrying signs that the negotiation process that's completely broken down there's a lot of hot rhetoric going going back and forth this is one of the last undefined frontiers in the post soviet region in central asia when you look at this part of the map this is the very gonna valley where it was back a stent a g. can stand in kyrgyzstan all sort of tangle around one another it's a very complicated ethnic patchwork so of course you know you can't place blame on the fact that there are no clear geographic markers between the borders between the securities and the tajik side so that that's just sort of geographic confusion you could say there's also tend to be upstream on the water on the rivers and have better access typically to water projects have downstream access to bet less or access to water and these are fundamental rights but you know in addition to those things you have to periphery southern kyrgyzstan and northern to stand there are just about as far as you can possibly get away from the capital cities of each of those countries and i think the residents of those areas those border communities
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are in economically depressed regions and they do not feel heard or respected very much by the central capitals. still ahead on al-jazeera thousands of people in myanmar are getting ready to flee to thailand as fighting between the military and separatists escalates and up again refugees on the greek island of lesbos are forced to leave the home they've known for most 2 years. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways he's going to be hard to call the spring shows someone's going to get very wet this weekend the cloud now apparently moving it from the southwest so it's actually a proper division this side of that frontal system is not going anywhere is cooler weather temperatures still the low teens if you're lucky been there leaves only 11
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in london 13 in the sas of it it's much warmer than is normal $25.00 or more for many places for that light itself is doesn't really want to move it's just waving and sending ripples of rain up it this isn't rough the division of temperatures the oranges and the reds tend to be the war basis down towards greece of athens in particular $22.00 c. average and $36.00 is the record from a yes we're just about to go into may and we're heading towards that record so certainly hot in greece and that extends beyond but the bit that divides the 2 is this one here and it's developing other ways down here in the northeast of spain and southern france it's going to be the south of france a very wet start of the weekend and probably last well into the weekend as that arc of snow for the alps the blue is rain yes i suggest flooding potential in north africa there is more rain to come in morocco and there as much in the street throughout syria but look at the want here benghazi up to 39 or even 40.
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2 sponsored poll qatar airways. killing the debate it's. evil step action and amplify your voice you're only human mr meredith the media will miss when true story no topic is off the table why in the world when we humanize an individual domestic terrorist this was an illegal occupation of a country what they're doing is they're removing or just historical truth and it's on the street where a global audience becomes a global community on al-jazeera. the end.
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there watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder our main stories said least 44 people have been killed and more than 150 injured in a stampede at a religious festival in northern israel it happened in mount meron where up 220-0000 ultra-orthodox jews had gathered and these are live pictures from the scene right now at mount maryland where security officials have been trying to clear the scene but members of the ultra orthodox jewish community have been out there venting their anger after what happened. in other news the 1st shipment of emergency supplies from the u.s. has arrived in india to help it battle spiraling coronavirus infections then deaths the number of infections reached another record high in the last 24 hours with more than 386000 cases and 3500 deaths. and there's been renewed gunfire on the southern border of kyrgyzstan and to jake istana hours after
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a cease fire the violence began over river infrastructure on the disputed boundary at least 13 people have been killed in the heaviest fighting since any is. now thousands of people on both sides of the thailand myanmar border are preparing to flee their homes as fighting between armed ethnic groups and the military escalates karenne state has recently seen some of the worst fighting since the military coup in myanmar in february hundreds have already left the region in recent days and thousands more want to join them and also reports of as strikes further north in the chain state scott hyder is monitoring developments from thailand's capital bangkok. those who are in the areas of the where these air attacks have taken place started to flee toward the border and now we know at least according to a korean organization in myanmar saying that about $9000.00 they say have gathered toward the thai border haven't crossed just yet because they're trying to get out
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of the these air attacks that have really stepped up since we saw that brazen early morning attack along a check added outpost of myanmar army outpost right along the border with thailand could even see this attack happening from the thai side of the border you know it's a very convoluted situation when you look at the armed ethnic groups inside myanmar kitchen is a different one from the korean held area that we were just talking about this is for the north that's on the korean is on the eastern side along the border with thailand up in the north kitchen similar situation they have been fighting for a very long time for more autonomy from the central government and office and now more recently from the joint and they have also like the current fighters have been pushing against any type of infringement on their territory as they see from the myanmar army they have been fighting back and they have also been facing airstrikes like the caribbean army has but what's interesting up there too a little bit more so than the current held areas up and the kid to the chin area
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they are still protesting they are still going out to the streets despite this uptick in violence against the military between the military they are still going out on the streets and protesting against the agenda. 4 prominent hong kong pro-democracy activists including joshua long have pleaded guilty to taking part in an illegal assembly to commemorate the $198910.00 and men's square massacre police banta the annual vigil for the 1st time in 3 decades last year citing coronavirus restrictions but tens of thousands still turned up in what was a largely peaceful event one is already behind bars for guys in other illegal rallies. u.s. president joe biden has held a drive in rally in the state of georgia to mark his 100th day in office reflecting on his address to congress on thursday biden touted what his administration as the
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chief so far and he also repeated his promises to invest trillions of dollars in jobs infrastructure and education. joe about 100 days left to tell you i've never been more optimistic about the future of america america is on the move again we're choosing hope over fear or truth over laos white over darkness or working for workers again we're dreaming again we're discovering again we're leading the world again i got rid of markers we could deliver for the people well after a series of mass shootings in the u.s. pressure is on biden to fulfill his campaign promise of strict gun controls the president has called gun violence an international embarrassment and has issued executive orders to address the issue but critics say they don't go far enough and he got to get reports from miami. the gun violence archive an independent organization that tracks gun crime defines
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a mass shooting as for all more shot or killed by that metric 2021 is already a deadly year with $147.00 my shooting across the nation in march alone 8 people were killed in atlanta less than a week later 10 died at a supermarket in colorado. yet the issue of gun control remains as ever deeply divisive. in the run up to his election joe biden promised tough action including buying back weapons banning imported guns and so-called commonsense steps to curtail a uniquely american problem who in god's name needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds or 40 rounds or 20 rounds is just wrong and i'm not going to give up till it's done as a memorial to the victims of gun violence was installed on the national mall the president announced 6 executive orders including tackling the growing problem of
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homemade untraceable firearms known as ghost guns and old a gun advocates say will do very little there's no way that you're going to stop this there's nothing you can do about it this is the reality of the world and 3 d. printers are real and i can just go press a button and i'm going to print one of these today i speak to a nation in grief i know there's not a parent in america. who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do time and again presidents a force to comfort a nation loses around 40000 people to guns every year oppressed by the powerful gun lobby members of congress have been unwilling to change gun laws something organizations for gun control hope will change there's evidence and data to back up . those rules will save lives we just need to get that passed in the senate and the american people will support and reward those at the ballot box who work
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to make their lives safer and to reduce the amount of gun deaths we see every year and they were is the people who stand in the way one of my shooting killed 14 students and 3 teachers here in parkland calls for gun reform group but little changed tackling this nation's right to bear arms isn't something a president can do without legislative support and that for now seems unlikely for many across the us thought some pres a simply not enough but meaningful change will be long and hard fought for for the 1st time since 2010 the supremes court will soon hear a major gun case based around the right to carry weapons in public most of the justices a conservative the decision could have major implications for gun control across the u.s. and will be watched closely and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. palestine's 1st bomb entry elections in 15 years have been postponed they were due to be house next
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month president mahmoud abbas decided to delay the vote because of a dispute with israel over voting in occupied east jerusalem the opposition hamas has rejected the palestinian authority's decision calling it a call. in colombia protesters and riot police have traded rocks and tear gas during demonstrations over planned tax reforms president has asked police to act against demonstrators breaking the law protesters accuse police of using force to detain individuals they promise to continue their demonstrations until the government withdraws a package that recalls reform would increase taxes on individuals and businesses and remove many exemption it's. a lawyer defending kremlin critic alexina vonnie has reportedly been detained on thursday nov on the last an appeal against a conviction for defaming a world war 2 veteran it was his 1st court appearance since ending a 3 week hunger strike is currently imprisoned over
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a separate case when it smith reports from moscow. on a poor quality video link from a prison hospital alexei navalny looked into he's lost 20 kilos since his return from germany in january telling his wife and the rest of the court he's eating a few spoonfuls of porridge after ending a 3 week hunger strike this hearing was an appeal against his conviction for defamation but vladimir putin's most prominent critic out of things to talk about to. this 20 years of incompetent government have led to the fall and the result there is a crown slipping from his years there elias on t.v. we have spent $3.00 and our country continues to slide into poverty opportunities to have his voice heard a rapidly shrinking civil taney sleep in another moscow court prosecutors opened a case to declare in the valleys and to corruption group the f b k and his regional offices as extremist making them equivalent to al qaeda.
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novell is a regional campaign offices do not exist anymore but there are dozens of cool and mighty regional politicizes there are thousands of there are always there powerful independent political organizations that will be doing investigations and money during elections bubbly campaigns and rallies. the case was adjourned but the court has already imposed an interim order stopping novell newsgroup from operating the number 2 us they'd rather powerful opponent is standing against us it is the whole state machine of a nuclear superpower state it can behave brutally as we could see ourselves during the events which are also related to the current case we are defending the truth we believe that our client if b.k. is a fair organization which does not violate any law you rarely hear of on his name mentioned on russian television any attempt to remind people who he is is quickly erased this mural incent petersburg was painted over hours after appearing overnight alexei navalny supporters several carry on with their kremlin activities but without the
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charismatic personality they might find it much harder to have an impact. burnitz with al-jazeera moscow. greece is shutting down what aid groups have hailed as an example or a refugee camp on the island of les paul's authorities are moving its residents to a new camp that can accommodate more than 3000 people but as john strapless reports it's already gaining a reputation for poor living conditions. the alleys a family from afghanistan is having to move along with another 1000 refugees they're being forced to leave the home they've known for almost 2 years at the community instead they're being put in a tent city down the road called mother of. their 17 year old daughter a niece is a gifted mathematician who beats local greek students for a place at the island's top high school now she doesn't know if she'll be able to sit university entrance exams next year then our tent that does not have
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a door does not make you feel safe in color to pay we have a container and you can close it when you go to bed at night they have covered 1000 cases which we don't have but current pay and i think that will make the greek parents writing about us travelling from the camp to go to school with their children this afghan family already lives that mother of the year they say there's no daycare or school for their daughters aged 6 and 9 doctors without borders say they've had patients raped at the new camp despite government assurances that it's safe in the nighttime. you feel too scared to go outside of yours and. certainly if you're a woman you will have to go to the dials every aspect of this damn for me is set up in a way to deter people who saw the human eyes them saw to pretend that they don't have basic human needs the government didn't allow us to film inside the camp apparently due to covert restrictions but an aid worker
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confirms talk of discomfort here there's no proper drainage that's no proper heating. the electricity is insufficient to keep it. tentacle. and every time it rains it floods. washed the philistines there inadequate and it's not clean these are the very problems that plague moria the largest camp in the east a german mother was set up as a temporary facility after moria burnt down in september police say due to us and now it feels like a lost civilization looted from manholes and wire fence got out that feels more like a village community than a refugee camp and that's why so many disabled and other vulnerable refugees were moved from moria the hastily landscaped artillery range that going to resembles morea in many respects aid groups say it's a great step backwards the european union has poured more than
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a $1000000000.00 into refugee care in greece in the past 5 years and is now spending more than $300000000000.00 to build better camps on the aegean islands many of these asylum seekers now displaced several times over wonder why europe with such resources cannot offer them a home jump several plus al-jazeera lesbos. where again i'm fully back with the headlines on al-jazeera at least 44 people have been killed and more than 150 injured in a stampede at a religious festival in northern israel it happened in mount meron where to 200000 ultra-orthodox jews had kept it fostered has more from mount merapi the prime minister's spokesman has been tweeting about it saying that it was the overcrowding that led to a stampede which into.


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