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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2021 6:00am-6:31am +03

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actually bents is being planned to mark 100 years since the creation of northern ireland but gregg's it has renewed old tensions and put irish reunification back on the agenda al-jazeera will be reporting from both sides of the border in this milestone moment for irish politics. dozens of people were killed and many more injured in a stampede at a religious festival in northern israel. i wrote about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up it's being called a coup protest against a decision to postpone palestine's 1st parliamentary elections in 15 years. poverty is partly to blame for more children and babies dying as brazil's
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coronavirus told process $400000.00. a rush to get out as the poles capital goes into lockdown fears it's heading for a covert 19th crisis similar to neighboring india. a stampede at a religious festival in northern israel has killed at least $38.00 people the crash happened at a gathering for tens of thousands of ultra-orthodox jews on mount med on israel's prime minister has called it a heavy disaster so hot as the latest. emergency services rushed to the scene with tens of thousands of cultural orthodox jews had gathered for the like boma annual pilgrimage with started off as an all night gathering of prayer and dance at the bonfire festival ended with these chaotic scenes. bodies of those killed in a stampede are lined up. and so if people are injured for vite it
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a those were injured and we send teams $200.00 ambulances and then a cycle of care units helicopters to the scene needs to transport evacuees those were injured and killed so it's considered to be one of the holiest sites for jews the tomb of the 2nd century say drive by shimon by your choice what brings the faithful here around $30000.00 pilgrims were gathered on mount meron 3 times the capacity of what was allowed by the authorities to say more than $650.00 buses that brought in people from across the country making it the largest public gathering in israel since a pandemic started of a sudden we saw paramedics from our them with every running by. like need c.p.r. on a kids and then one after the other start coming on ambulances and then we understand like something's going on here. private bonfires that mound their own were banned last year due to coronavirus restrictions the lockdown measures were easy cme
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office israel's rocky caves of 19 vaccination program has seen more than 50 percent of the population fully vaccinated. police say they've arrested 2 people for disrupting offices efforts to keep order at the site and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has described the stampede as a heavy disaster. sort of hideouts al jazeera. sorry falls it has this update from israel where it's still unclear what caused the disaster. well still the reports are relatively unclear there is no question though that there was an enormous number of people at this very significant religious event last year it was severely curtailed because of coded 1000 restriction so this time there were more than 100000 people there by most estimates some suggesting it was even a greatly higher number than that and certainly the videos bear that out you see people gathered at this new site close to the tomb of a 2nd century rabbi
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a religious figure revered figure whose death is marked every year in this large bowmore festival and so these crowds were swaying together dancing together jumping up and down there were images of people falling into each other as they were channeled through very narrow areas so the precise cause is still to some extent on the question there were early reports of a structure collapsing but most reports now suggest in fact it may have been to do with an exit being barred and a stampede and crushing happened happening as a result of that certainly this is a major disaster that one that the prime minister has called a terrible disaster the other senior israeli politicians saying similar things so this is a major national event during the course of the most highly attended religious
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festival every year. palestine's 1st parliamentary elections in 15 years have been postponed they were urged to take place next month but president mahmoud abbas has delayed the pole because of a dispute with israel over voting in occupied east jerusalem in the abraham reports . a day before the electoral campaign with to start president mahmoud abbas put the palestinian elections on hold he's blaming israel for uncertainty whether people in occupied east jerusalem will be able to participate in the vote. once they say yes we will hold elections tomorrow as long as we are free to go to the polls will campaign and whoever wins wins this is a democracy we believe in a. rival palestinian factions fattah hand hamas had agreed in january to hold the 1st parliamentary and presidential elections in 15 years but differences soon emerged. how matters rejected the election today saying it will harm palestinian
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interests in previous elections is really allowed a few 1000 palestinians to vote in israeli controlled post offices in east jerusalem this time israeli officials say they don't have a government to approve the palestinian request you have a tentative instead of israeli post office locations that means as well and will move on the ground and try to prevent them by force which is not a bad thing but this internet and particular means that we have to be ready for some kind of a political confrontation with islam which my mother doesn't want palestinians haven't been to the polls in 15 years and are eager to have elections that could restore national unity and fight corruption if we wanted to hold elections we would have found a way even if we smuggle palestinians from jerusalem to ramallah it's easy to find excuses he doesn't serve us and become a real under occupation what can we do if it were up to us we would love to have
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elections. it's really bad as a young 21 year old palestinian i've never felt that i had freedom to voice my opinion or be involved in the political system. a record number of 36 electoral lists have signed up for the elections well some say it shows how eager tolleson ians are 1st change others say it threatens a bass's authority senior leaders have split from fatah means slate and planned to run separately. some of the candidates who reject the delay have taken to the streets of ramallah to protest the bass's decision polls suggest that the majority of palestinians think it's important to have elections and people here think that the president is using jerusalem as an excuse to delay holding them up both as the factions would work towards forming a national unity government but that might not be enough. to quell the anger in the
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streets. the occupied west bank. brazil is marking another big milestone in the coronavirus pandemic after the number of deaths passed 400008 quarter of the fatalities were recorded this month brazil is the only the 2nd country after the us to reach that figure and there's also been an alarming increase in deaths of babies and children under the age of 10 on a can you not hear reports from rio de janeiro. behind a store a haven for children there's no school and a huge patio with new when unusual toys this abandoned factory at the entrance of real's old islam has become their playground during the pandemic its walls shield them from the traffic and violence outside but offer little protection from covert 19 or you know since the pandemic began in march of 2020 until last february 47000
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babies and children under the age of 10 have been hospitalized with the virus and 2100 have died vital strategies and in joe specialized in public health has released data showing an explosion of deaths among children and babies in brazil. as against the near brazilian variant is partly responsible because it has a larger viral load than the original one and has more capacity to affect the young but poverty and inequality also play a big part in this strategy and almost all babies who died are poor am black. brazil also accounts for half of the world's maternal deaths by couvade 19. runs a workshop for pregnant women and single mothers in the proceedings. and apollo was part of her group last december she gave birth to a healthy boy but shortly after turning 2 months old her back to stopped eating
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because he had difficulty breathing his mother told us she took him to the hospital twice but was sent back home the 3rd time he was hospitalized but died soon afterwards of acute respiratory syndrome in throw in the iran crisis in children is common and can develop into pneumonia but it's usually cured if you get medical attention in time now this is the 1st case i've seen for it to evolve so broccoli and result in death. doctors say the number of covert 1000 deaths in children is still small compared to those among the elderly and people with preexisting conditions but he can no longer be ignored specially in brazil where the pandemic is still out of control with health congress has launched an inquiry to investigate the government's handling of the pandemic and its responsibility in the deaths of 400000 people for the 1st time a pretty good will be paid to the children many have thought would be spared from
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the virus a group of mothers moved this carpet a reminder that at least 2000 of brazil's victims were younger than 9 years old monica all just sirrah rio de janeiro. coronavirus cases and deaths across india have reached a new high as it grapples with a 2nd wave of infections more than 3600 fatalities and nearly 380000 new cases were recorded on thursday despite the surge millions of people of voted in west bengal the regional elections sparking fears the states may become the new epicenter. at this point. you have to go beyond capacity if you have to be put in there and between. the insulators you're using and if he or she to get a little bit young patients come here. to fight of their government it does.
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get patients on the ward who are very sick ideally for you but you have a basement. healthcare experts in nepal are warning the capital cup on do could see scenes similar to india infections are rising and hospital beds are filling up reports. empty streets in nepal's capital as a 2 week lockdown is imposed to limit the spread of corona virus it's the 2nd wave to hit the country infections have surged and more than half are in the capital. but i'd. hospitals are seeing more cases in a shorter span of time the 2nd wave is more potent with more young people and children infected as health workers struggle to contain the growing number of patients experts fear that thousands may have caught the mutant variant strains emerging out of neighboring india thousands of workers from nepal have left their jobs in indian cities with 1000 is spiraling out of control they're arriving here in nepalese towns by the border and that's creating
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a major health crisis. because it's like a mini india the situation was similar in the capital which has a dense population would be difficult to cope with the existing health infrastructure more than 300000 people in nepal have got covered 1990 percent have recovered over $3000.00 people have died as daily cases surgery experts warn that the epidemic could overwhelm nepal's fragile health system if the country is unable to break the chain of transmission in time and hold health authorities have repeatedly appeals to the public to wear masks avoid crowds and to maintain social distance but recent political rallies and religious festivals have helped fuel the spread of the disease thousands rush to leave the capital after the lockdown was announced i am not sure i'm waiting at the bus stop for a seat out of common do it's crowded the situation is difficult i'd rather be back in my village where i can make ends meet health authorities. could spread the virus
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in villages across nepal. the situation has. out of control but spreading and gates of life thing. launched a vaccination campaign in january giving doses from india and china to nearly 2000000 people but with a population of 20000000 and limited access to that seems nepal would have to seek support from the international community to prevent the epidemic from spiraling out of control. from italy book argentina. still had an al-jazeera. what's causing conflict at the border between kurdistan and his icky stuff. and he has gun control in his sights but as joe biden marks 100 days in office is already facing an uphill struggle.
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hello there once again severe weather toward the u.s. the south of the u.s. i want to show you the set look at the lightning strikes that were seen as a result of these storms severe thunderstorms producing just a rental rain and flooding this is through missouri and these conditions will persist friday even into saturday as we see this system retrograde see the yellow those are heavier pockets of rain that we can expect the head of this system is dragging down cooler air so only 8 degrees for toronto it should really say cold air for this time of year and there's that system as it richard grates further west into texas that will be the picture on saturday take you to central america right now in about 85 percent of mexico is dealing with drought conditions and we continue just to see dry weather across most areas of mexico but hopefully
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a surge of what weather is starting to pop up for puerto rico we're seeing some showers that will spread into his spaniel as we head to friday and into saturday the heaviest rains across south america have been toward the south of the continent and also toward the north flooding rains have been a concern and we will continue to see heavy rain for colombia and venezuela. but. a tale of 2 presidents. that is wailin military defectus. american must. just attempt. at regime change in the bolivarian republic that is where a lot. of people in power the bay of pigs let's is there
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a. don't you know it is here to remind of our top stories this hour at least 44 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in a stampede at a religious festival in northern israel it happened in mount madam where people have gathered all of the. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has postponed parliamentary elections scheduled for next month of i cited a dispute with israel over voting in occupied east jerusalem hamas has rejected the decision calling it a coup. brazil has become the 2nd country to surpass 400000 deaths
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related to cope with 19 after the us health officials warned the daily told could remain high due to slow vaccinations and loose social restrictions. placed in kurdistan the reporting a renewal of gunfire on their southern border with just hours after a cease fire agreement. at least 6 people have been killed in clashes since wednesday the heaviest fighting between the nations in years there's a dispute about the border the violence broke out at a water reservoir that both countries claim as their own steve swallow is a human rights lawyer and associate professor of human rights at the university of southern california and early he talked to al-jazeera about what led to tension on the border and just how concerning the recent clashes on. it is the worst escalation that we've seen in a long time and it seems to come down to both sides seem intent on marking their
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territory you have the security services in to stand which are famously nontransparent a-g. can stand a very authoritarian state and then you have also the border guards in kyrgyzstan increasingly coming to blows received some video of of arms being distributed to the population so we have some really worrying signs that the negotiation process that's completely broken down there's a lot of hot rhetoric going going back and forth this is one of the last undefined frontiers in the post soviet region in central asia when you look at this part of the map this is the they're gonna valley where it was back at stanford you can stand in kyrgyzstan also detail around one another it's a very complicated ethnic patchwork of course you know you can't place blame on the fact that there are no clear geographic markers between the borders between the securities and the tajik side so that that's just sort of geographic confusion you could say there's also tend to be upstream on the water on the rivers and have better access typically to water have downstream access of bet lesser access to
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water and these are fundamental rights but you know in addition to those things you have to periphery southern kyrgyzstan and northern to stand there just about as far as you can possibly get away from the capital cities of each of those countries and i think the residents of those areas those border communities are in economically depressed regions and they do not feel heard or respected very much by the central capitals the commons most high profile critic alexina vali has lost an appeal against a conviction for defaming a world war 2 veteran it was his 1st court appearance since ending a 3 week hunger strike and he took his chance to lash out again the president of the putin but it's with reports from moscow. on a poor quality video link from a prison hospital alexei navalny look he's lost 20 kilos since his return from germany in january telling his wife and the rest of the court he's eating a few spoonfuls of porridge after ending a 3 week hunger strike this hearing was an appeal against his conviction for
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defamation but vladimir putin's most prominent critic had other things to talk about to. this 20 years of incompetent government have led to the fall and the result there is a crown slipping from his years there elias on t.v. we have spent $3.00 and our country continues to slide into poverty opportunities to have his voice heard a rapidly shrinking civil taney sleep in another moscow court prosecutors opened a case to declare in the valleys and to corruption group the f b k and his regional offices as extremists making them equivalent to al qaeda. just above their values original campaign offices do not exist anymore but there are dozens of cool and mighty regional politicizes there are thousands of their their powerful independent political organizations that will be doing investigations and money during elections public campaigns and rallies. the case was adjourned but the court has already imposed an interim order stopping the group from operating the
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number 2 as they'd rather powerful opponent is standing against us it is the whole state machine of a nuclear superpower state it can behave brutally as we could see ourselves during the events which are also related to the current case we are defending the truth we believe that our clients if b.-k. is a fair organization which does not violate any law you rarely hear his name mentioned on russian television any attempt to remind people who he is is quickly erased this mural incent petersburg was painted over hours after appearing overnight alexei navalny supporters carry on with their activities but without the charismatic personality they might find it much harder to have an impact. burnitz with al-jazeera moscow. indonesia has designated separatist groups in west papua as terrorist organizations it comes after the reasons chief intelligence officer was killed on sunday activists say the designation gives more powers to security forces
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which will accuse the violence and rights abuses against papuans groups in the resource rich region have fought for independence from indonesia since to carter took control in 1969 following a disputed referendum south africa's president says there was nothing sinister about his funding or his $27000.00 political campaign said obama poser testified in an inquiry investigating corruption in government and state owned companies it was jacob zuma as deputy during the peak of the graft and admitted more that could have been done to prevent it from lot of other reports from johannesburg president still ramapo says the highest ranking official to testify at an ongoing inquiry into corruption in south africa many blame or process own party the african national congress for much of the graft which according to reports runs into billions of dollars over several years much of the looting is alleged to have taken place when
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rome opposes preterists is a jacob zuma was president zuma resigned in 2018 there's been recognition of the malise of corruption in the. powers of state. military to my military sources dispense utterly and all that and we've accepted in admitted in the past that. that has resulted in a number of review and type behaviors so you must refuse to return to testify at the inquiry saying he's being vilified it's alleged that zuma is relationship with the business family led to the abuse of state owned enterprises and influence the appointment of officials to serve their business interests and that corruption filtered through the ranks of the a.n.c.
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. we've seen the price that is being paid by the people as a whole as they are deprived of group service delivery because the resource is being diverted laundered the ain sees lost support in recent years and many had hope that remark who was deputy president at the time would explain what he did to try to stop corruption but some argue he was not questioned hard enough and instead responded strategically the n.c.a.a. is going to all have some gains as a planet from this exercise. there are no further losses that jacob zuma could suffer. and also i think that if the commission does its work well it was sadness spotlight on those structural issues in the a.n.c.
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that will show that a leopard cannot change its spots from up north as promised to fight corruption in south africa but his success is hinged on the party he leads rooting out corruption within its own ranks for me to malaya al-jazeera jana's but. u.s. president joe biden is in the state of georgia where he's held a drivin rally to mark his 100th day in office reflecting in his address to congress the day before he tested what his administration has achieved so far he also echoed his promises to invest trillions in jobs infrastructure and education. it's only been 100 days but i have to tell you i've never been more optimistic about the future of america and america is on the move again we're choosing hope over fair truth over lies light over darkness paperwork or work
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again we're dreaming again we're discovering again we're leading the world again and you're proving the markers he can deliver for the people. he's a mass shootings in the u.s. pressure is on biden to fulfill his campaign promise of stricter gun controls the president who calls gun violence an international embarrassment as issued executive orders but critics say they don't go far enough and the galaxy reports. the gun violence archive an independent organization that tracks gun crime defines a mass shooting as for almost shot or killed by that metric 2021 is already a deadly year with $147.00 my shooting across the nation in march alone 8 people were killed in atlanta less than a week later 10 died at a supermarket in colorado. yet the issue of gun control remains as ever deeply divisive. in the run up to his election joe biden promised tough
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action including buying back weapons banning imported guns and so-called commonsense steps to curtail a uniquely american problem who in god's name needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds or 40 rounds or 20 rounds is just wrong and i'm not going to give up till it's done as a memorial to the victims of gun violence was installed on the national mall the president announced 6 executive orders including tackling the growing problem of homemade untraceable firearms known as ghost guns and old a gun advocates say will do very little there's no way that you're going to stop this there's nothing you can do about it this is the reality of the world and 3 d. printers are real and i can just go press a button and i'm going to print one of these today i speak to a nation in grief i know there's not a parent in america. who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do time
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and again presidents a force to comfort a nation loses around 40000 people to guns every year oppressed by the powerful gun lobby members of congress have been unwilling to change gun laws something organizations for gun control hope will change there's evidence and data to back up . those rules will save lives we just need to get that passed in the senate and the american people will support and reward those at the ballot box who work to make their lives safer and to reduce the amount of gun deaths we see every year and they were poorest people who stand in the way when a mass shooting killed 14 students and 3 teachers here in parkland calls for gun reform group but little changed tackling this nation's right to bear arms isn't something a president can do without legislative support and that for now seems unlikely 7
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for many across the us thought some pres a simply not enough but meaningful change will be long and hard fought for for the 1st time since 2010 the supremes court will soon hear a major gun case based around the right to carry weapons and public most of the justices a conservative the decision could have major implications for gun control across the u.s. and will be watched closely and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. this is all just here are these at the top stories at least 44 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in a stampede at a religious festival in northern israel that happened and man battle for thousands have gathered for the holiday have a faucet has this update from israel. is no question though that there was an enormous number of people at this very significant religious event last year it was
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severely curtailed because of coded 1000 restriction so this time there.


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