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tv   Women Make Science Robo Gal  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2021 2:30am-3:01am +03

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space as well as developed car iraq oldies are included in our plan china's space station is a fraction of the size of the international space station that's the only one currently in orbit china is excluded from using it several western governments are consent to use its space technology to expand china's military but its leaders say its progress and space exploration will only be used for peaceful needs. al-jazeera beijing. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera has become the 2nd country to surpass 400000 deaths related to cover 1000 after the us how the officials warn the daily toll could remain high due to slow vaccinations and loose social restrictions monica and i care has more from rio de janeiro the reason that this has been this
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has escalated so much the world there are many reasons one was the total there was a lack of a national plan to fight the pandemic from the beginning the president down played the virus from the start they were brazil was late in starting the vaccine rollout and well and of course there is the new variant coronavirus cases and that's across india have reached a new high as the country grapples with a devastating 2nd wave the spike the surge millions of people turned out to vote for regional elections in west bengal that sparked fears the state may become the new epicenter. how stony and president mahmoud abbas has specific own parliamentary elections scheduled for next month abbas cited a dispute with israel over voting in occupied east jerusalem hamas has rejected the decision calling it a coup. u.s. president joe biden is in the state of georgia promoting his economic plan as he marks 100 days in office he's attended
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a driving rally in duluth where he pitched his vision to help grow the economy including investing trillions in jobs infrastructure and education john about 100 days to tell you i've never been more optimistic about the future of america and america is on the move again we're choosing hope over fair truth over lives light over darkness never working for work again we're dreaming again we're discovering again we're doing the world again i got mockers you could deliver for the people police in kurdistan are reporting a renewal of gunfire on their southern border with just hours after a cease fire agreement at least 6 people have been killed in cautions since wednesday the border is this feud and the violence broke out at a water reservoir that both countries claim as their own.
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will have more news on al jazeera right at the top of the hour for now it's women make science thanks for watching. it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there of white supremacy in fact all of bodies if you're putting more money into the hands of someone 1st taking money out of the hands of other workers several goes to their camps it becomes us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line on the big questions on out is there a. real threat but. when i was your age i read about barry bonds and i think what they were the coolest thing you have ok and then you can have the things that really were around here that what you do and what you know but when i when i'm old i want to
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work with robots i want to build robots. but you are going out there be ready yet. and i don't want them for good so maybe. a little bit might not like it i think. you really. just really just let it. go yes and then if going right back to what i'm looking like right in the fucking. cells 19 at the time in my 2nd year you know best today and i saw in my classes and i see tauriel said there were very few shows like lost and my professor told me that this is a big problem not just in no been tried this trailer in the wild that i thought oh
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i could do something about it oh ok was angle it's very much or too little. too much. so once i decided that i was going to do this i recruited a few of my friends and so forth start designing these robotics workshops and so we had a 60 people sign up for robot als with bravely of us actually 1st meeting in the 1st 3 months way toward 124 go screw 5 schools around open. changed everything really do like it just gave us a. national platform to spread our message and. i was
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impacting hundreds of people way thousands of people alone with thomas you know or writing about us and thinking about how they were getting engaged and that just had a ripple effect in terms of cost getting out there and doing war crimes was coming in to go had no idea what engineering is on the back so they tell us things like. i thought it had to do with engine. has to do with metal i thought they would train driver and my personal favorite. i was wondering if you know you sheldon of the big bang theory. in my head with friends was just sort of busy in the end i did 140 speaking engagements in 8 months and so i was like everywhere and giving my 20 speeches along we need to be teaching
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our kids from it's only as primary school how to make stuff. i think of cutting through why you saw perry go and i was going to hear. it. if i get it wrong on the real thing then it's a lot of work to fix. these are telephones very well as they allow people to view multiple places simply a sleazy to be in cape town south africa and have these very bots in melbourne australia and really down into the very bob and have a meeting in melbourne and well have your meetings and going about your life in cape town south africa same time. it's so exciting with technology because if you see people a superpower of. being more than who they are you using technology to amplify your empower. so we've got florida sort of even. with good
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reports here the fleet builds and they just say any. final victory rigorous testing . make sure they cost everything and say during this in the back to be fixed. i always try to think of. my robots in terms of how they can be useful to people at the disability. and we decided that would put the ability to recognize objects on the fire so people with better vision would be able to recognize everyday objects just by pointing the for not a. hey guys you sure you are. going to be demonstrating a new app for the blind that point really enjoying it is called a i believe so we can detect an object you want your phone and object it will try to. love to do the so cool just as good had
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a blind school contact also in favor they were teaching it in their classrooms and the girls in particular really life to because it meant that when they went to the bathrooms they didn't have to feel around for the the same the toilet all been that way it made their whole experience. sensual you're through it all you have known thing one of the double of the next street. yeah. yeah. i mean. yes. our robots can see people going to civility we really have to come up with a variety of control and. different people have different levels of ability in terms of their ability to move ahead on their.
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own. so it's. serious just. so much. just. takes. shape. not being. hands just over 4 years now.
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i was syriac iraq. i look at the stand. he has he's research tells me how he wants to project on in simple terms he's human right about just perform the tasks he tells me to perform and to complete those projects airport for 46 roy. yes that's fine that's a good side to the other one yes. the robot is easy and i can show him what's happening and have the procedures progressing leave some extra yeah he gives me as your short messages any questions all asking all right i'll leave a little bit extra. so.
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it's 3 years. you should try to. share. 3 years. if both really heartwarming but thing is teleport and life is better for him in some way. people with lucid auckland mobility they want to just feel like a human here is a which to be independent and 3 things by themselves i think it's really important to listen and just get into that weldon be there for them. but leave that at that. but you say roar of the soldiery was.
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before i say anything i spoke to pay for over from the strolling quite a play association i reached out to friends and was introduced to friends he had played and they told me they're really excited about robotics being able to give them the ability to have independence and. that all shows around the house for themselves so i made the robot arm for peace with limited awful immobility in order . and all. given souls a very. great about shiva in terms of. its compactness its functionality if you said we want to we want to be able to live to lead as a mill. and so like the idea or around which chamber it was formed this is
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a hybrid of shiva and teleport. so in terms of being there for wood goods left and on like a crab and rotational that's 3 degrees of freedom when you're actually c.r. at another treat a breeze of freedom and then with. murder. lifting up over and the wrists. are at 7 degrees of freedom. then being able to rotate the hand that's out after freedom in this rope around. the mouth is quite complicated because a certain major is afraid on the same a different joints and also figuring out how to get from one place to an all ball and where all the joint stationary in order to forget about is as also quite
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challenging sorry. it's a very interesting problem. so once it has teleports head he'll be like a tele presence robot with an a to her freedom should for we do all that would actually have to get in and affect her off cheever and put on the hand that has a hand for things are. really important to understand and do your duty. and get into their well until you actually talk to them you never actually nor they have all the insights that you never thought of. the paperwork a strong quarter pledge to association either have a disability or work with people with a disability all the time and server to get their feedback was really important so
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we took this robot on and this robot and we can biosphere together all and we made this 8 degree or freedom robot on the can list 3 killer is. from 80 centimeters away so you're in a chair you know like control your robot walk in front of me or the door fear you have your own personal. but i guess he could like attach a you know him a portable back into the hands and how to just walk around from the concept specially opinion program that's thought to measure imagination how can you sit around the house all the sort of things. they're quite hard to put in the house we're born to use to explore more and more always toward still more problems chocolate so i can go out you know this can reach to that hard oh i'm going to chuckle something else well you see the broom and look at the end of country. he's another protestant save cup pre-prepared me was in the fridge i pin the fridge door
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take it out there tell you believe it to i've been to a touch of mark why go again drop it in the buttons it can and did and it got there independent you know dinner is ready for them as well it's a great seed for those clients who don't want that 24 seventh's we've got quite a few clients that just get sick of someone always having to baby that want to be a light in those days a call for them. we'll see. i didn't see that with my colleagues coming. and also i. would say one place of plato on. the list by the g.b. can get a trial on top of his wife in the way this plan flips the higher up journalist ability fought. side by the top of the weeds in my head.
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so that's what the troll this was really watching. has become a camp and eat. the same good how they might see you again as i get to see you here will be looking well. i think it's a decent rate song here as well it's set up sorry tell me. yeah if you had to provide a phone for would you want to do it that will cause a lot of news in the pay that it's possible. that the i've got what i got and what they were going. to come up i saw this good blow out like this yeah i was well up quick and he actually rather than blowing his yeah we're out getting a drink quote from a good character i hope my trip otto. feel a bit sorry for them that that was then there then one could try and calling himself would be. you all may have nothing else worry about any of the little
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things like i feel like it's the little things that really make a big difference who i am where you people. when up is meeting them. and i want to shake their hands. i want to shake my hand so. i don't feel so awkward with the. value of human like. claim with no concept of back. that's what i will usually go to marry you if. you go to express my warmest wants them. yet i never went to the pub where i caught the pirates i being it's. so quiet and spreadable about whether look there was a way to be a little bit to the moving out of. the other side the side why didn't touch my. team just punch my way yeah that's what i usually do when i when i
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meet someone yes but usually i just i just reach out and i just touch it and i like to solve. the issues that interaction it yeah yeah there's there's a connection. that has very hard to. hear from lots of people out from. that really good very smart ones ability to. someone's brain removed produced by kids that's mostly bad with their honestly. and that's why i want to think of it. when you go and meet with people and they give you feedback on a project you're watching on they really reiterate that parties and their priorities become your priorities for your project and what you're trying to achieve. something we take a hand off one of the old t.v. are able. put another murder control on. designing
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the new and we actually took. it apart and it wasn't. a which is what. now and figure out the right way to put it so that. if you can see how many different parts. and. good.
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i think one of the wisest came out. did some of it is. the us. this small loan west is the hotel room. she worked really hard so but my brother and i could this is a take in various extracurricular activities and we could get a good education and it made me think if i became an entrepreneur and you know if everything went badly i think she thought i could get
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a look at it and enjoy it and just provide for my family and so i gave me a lot of freedom and. i knew that even if i wanted everything with air it's a. great pleasure to kick off for seedings with a tree. please welcome. how i. am when i received the study mechanical engineering at imperial college in london when i 1st arrived i thought it would be so great to have our regulars here then we could be global. no one showed up to the 1st meeting in the u.k. and so when i realised it's not for about an hour i cried. that experience really taught me that it's ok to have things not work out as long as you learn from your mistakes. and keep going.
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here anthony's health. and just. the right not. let's be friends. for the 1st time ever going to get the ribbon on grabs. but it's a whole theory. is that. since all 6. have been lost. pets and by c. function back. i think something must the.
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robot was behaving erratically and we couldn't figure out why. well it's looking promising. when you prototype something is a lot of temporary ways of getting things even these wives go in the air they are also made using light temporary connect is. so obviously it's part of. great success with. a lot of patients. up rationed. be. functional when it's finished
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well anyway so pretty early in the process. yeah i just want to get it. get it out there. yeah. what makes sense for him all complicated and all those is that we have to have 9 murders compared to 3 and tell boy 6 in jail i'm sorry you've got to find a nation of things i can. just call the process it just makes us realize that what we need to make reliable before we can
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reform. is way to really. have just one. we need. to match well with the wife we. always have my doubts. but i also get so excited about what i'm creating i know that i learned a lot and i know that i'll be a better person at the end of a and. i just go ahead and do it anyway and say what the consequences obey. he. has so many exciting projects you can get involved in as an engineer it's important to teach our next generation how to think play how to think creatively i just want wall to align engineering so they can be part of the
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training interventions to help a lot. of that like i did about engineering in the right. they get to think probably. through the plate all day every day and get those problems on the floor and like make their lives that are pretty fun right. young women with a passion for space i used to dream about working in the castle company like not sound enough so that a small step for science a giant leap for womankind encouraged to start a new but only place it inside and at the scheduled time the south like would be sent into space women make science cuddliest on space school on al-jazeera.
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a tale of 2 presidents. venezuelan military defectors. american must know. and a bizarre yet old dangerous attempt. at regime change in the bolivarian republic of venezuela. people in power the bay of pigs let's al-jazeera. killing the debate you don't see this stuff and until 5 your voice you're only giving mr merrett the
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media well mr bin true story no topic is off the table why in the world would we humanize an individual domestic terrorist this was an illegal occupation of a country what they're doing is they're removing or just a store in this in the street where a global audience becomes a global community on al-jazeera. earth. at least 28 people are reportedly killed in a stampede at a religious festival in northern israel. watching others their ally from headquarters into heimdall you know brigade also heads on hold what would have been palestine's 1st elections of 15 years our press
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phoned hamas describes their decision as a coup. brazil becomes the 2nd country.


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