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tv   101 East The Gangs Of Papua New Guinea  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2021 1:30am-2:01am +03

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that's the only one currently you know that china is excluded from using it several western governments are concerned to pay to use its space technology to expand china's military but its leaders say its progress and space exploration will only be used to peaceful needs. al-jazeera beijing. and now the top stories on al-jazeera coronavirus cases and deaths across india have reached new global record highs as the country grapples with a devastating 2nd wave more than 3600 deaths and nearly 380000 cases were reported on thursday but millions of people turned out to vote for regional elections and western goal sparking fears that the state may turn into a new epicenter. meanwhile brazil has passed 400000 coronavirus thefts and its
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health ministry confirmed another 3001 deaths on thursday brazil is only the 2nd country after the us to reach that figure another 70000 infections were registered meaning the country has reported 14 and a half 1000000 cases. palestine's 1st election in 15 years has been delayed president for that bass blamed israel for creating uncertainty around voting he said elections will not go ahead until the participation of all palestinians in jerusalem could be guaranteed made even him has more from ramallah. he also blamed the europeans he said that the europeans have pressured them to issue a presidential decree in january to hold these elections and of course we know that this came after the hand hamas agreed to hold these elections and they were going to be the 1st in 15 years but then he said the europeans couldn't make good on their promise and convince the israelis to allow the palestinians to have these
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elections and said no matter the time israel decides to have the palestinians hold these elections they will be taking place. in a valley has appeared in court for the 1st time since ending a 3 week hunger strike the kremlin critic attended a hearing by video link to appeal against his conviction for defaming a war veteran a separate court cases the siding with or his opposition network should be labeled extremist and joe biden is marking 100 days in office as president of the united states he is currently addressing a drive in rally of supporters with his wife jail in atlanta georgia earlier the bidens met with the oldest living former president jimmy carter that's the name is one of what he says next with an episode called the gangs of new guinea more news in half an hour i'll see you on monday thanks for watching but why.
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is this entirely down to. the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world. to. come to on al-jazeera. looking pup wouldn't believe police are waging a war against ruthless gangs pushed into the south for a job with a gun lottery. draw berries carjackings murders a assault all. old and night in the street believe them the capital port moresby is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the wool . voice coming. through for guns i do think it's. one of one east investigates popping iggy's criminal underbelly.
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a land of volcanoes mountains and vast forests as far as the eye can see. but papa new guinea is also home to violent political gangs. give the police a fighting the most in this campaign against the resco hardened criminals from the slums. were in the capital port moresby with the local police when a cool comes out. of it all. but the tone of it is all up in a way into it all and. we have to be quick
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the stations reporting to the rovers have gone into hiding in the area the police of familiar with the neighborhood are. looking to get the building because of the way we look but it would seem to the same of its meaning less interesting to see it all. no it's respectable. because usually the police stop they search. quite streets. and if tenet david checks the buildings one by one. look at rob. and when after a few minutes his fellow officer finds a suspect there's no indication he's involved in the robbery yet the police arrest him of the trial you just whisper going to was. when we were near. there appears to be no basic rights for the suspect. the policeman holds him on the
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ground where he was a. most readings are. they use a dog leash as handcuffs 30 generally are for man only if they came across and they were it were a choice there are still a worse. there are probably no. all of them because they're across so that. you know where they live and where they're taking their money. a lot even in front of all cameras the police don't hesitate to hit the suspect tell you or anyone have a hole is he sometimes in most cases for yourselves listen to a few people. if if you was continuously running i would have shot just like. to simply self raise out the gun lobby will let every subtle finally got their medicine oh that's a good thing and so on to be. based
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on business tomorrow if you're about to find out who the police want to take the suspect to the victims to see if they can identify him. but when they arrive at the grocery store many juries on god attacks on businesses by corrupt police offices are common where many of our medical are divorced but they all know that they would actually live. one less than i did for a one month next year yet you. know eventually they persuade an employee to come out and see the suspect. invasion of lia but given that belief. a witness to the cloying his testimony is crucial but there is a heat indices channel channel as to. the employee certain the suspect is not the men who go up to the store. to defend it. to be sure the police asked to see the video surveillance footage most any time of
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the gullible and anybody else and i said but also god. says about doubtful exactly . why he. never let on. well you get used that you get rid of that white such a 1000000 along the coast guard pressure cooker circuit. the video confirms the employee's testimony. is for the man is released. is for the way the rest against syria. there's no apology or compensation. props for which your promoter there. are. just a bottle of water to rinse out he's bloody mouth. us with
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a robe is this still it launch. in this neighborhood on the sea we're given the rare opportunity to meet some other no unarmed drop is. hunted will balto was once a small fishing village but with more people migrating from the countryside to the city in recent years it's grown to around $15000.00 inhabitants crime and violence and synergistic it's a lawless zone the police haven't been able to patrol since 2015. this is jack's bice he's won a popular guineas most important crime boss it was after several weeks of repeated contact he's finally agreed to meet us. if there's a job lunesta sighing colin vehicle to execute. ok he will
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tell it. to me yes. try fine. and then bring the inside which is safe and then would change the plate number. pool all the results together like and all that and have a plan from here and go out execute and come back you. know what jack seems open and friendly but he has a record as a career criminal. his 1st robbery was at the age of 16 and he's crimes multiplied from there. across the neighborhood stolen cars that jackie's menus in robberies a left to rust and. today the gang leader has a job to attain to. one of the specialty stealing a luxury cars in china. still. clearly
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because our foreign little. well known. club. he was out with a ship while you watch and shoot. when you come in and while the. jacks already had a spare key my only needs now are false papers it's over the he is the gang leader has developed an efficient network of accomplices. you're going to see a man. of their. hour to get. the. point 30. i want to fish. used to. within a couple of the base or by a bush but this is the place prepared to lead government but change all the paperwork and all that we have the network inside the vehicle the trench sure there
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was a fuss if it all cost. and then on the report. in the city. that there's a there's 150050000 of them. there's a mall safe on the risks of been shot this 0. jacobin takes us to the poor district of gary on the outskirts of. founding the. that's my house and. this is my mom. one more what about a little bit of one more call carol that's her daughter my sister this is my sister . my aunt but this is my. sister are you proud of your so i'm proud of my son. why you get why because i'm getting more when you.
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say here look last time we. had a criminal gang jack is the primary breadwinner for his family and says everything he does is for the day. when you were chiefs what we're doing i dream to be a lawyer because my own my father is a criminal i focus on to go to school and get the wedding present and become a lawyer and fight for justice give justice to. my people where there's so much injustice. what i'm doing now is not for myself but how much you and future . jack found would look only of the side a little inclined to set up these operations the gang leader needs weapons and these he has an in-house supply. is we.
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need to be small governors by. these gunsmith who. has been working exclusively for jackson for 28 e's. this is the 1st time the gangs allowed him to be filmed. coming. to the. brewery. john makes one a month on average his tools and techniques may be rudimentary but the finished products are effective. but. we. were lucky. to be.
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sure. how you'd find. people these are like when i was here you've given me an idea of this place it is a for people. how long it took to make one maybe one. that to me is. every. request we will keep. so. i mean his only plan to. me. it's a risky business if jones arrested he could face 5 heeds in prison. and how much. this. one doesn't. and just like that another wishin is ready for the p. and g.'s gang lands. we travel to the
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heart of the country's mountains the forest cover nearly 3. the territory and his home to unique life and plants found nowhere else in the world. the famous mud on the outskirts of these breathtaking landscape. where in the village of. james the leader of this community of a few 100 people. these days the mud masks are not so much a feature of a day. but a more mature is. is that the responsible research will be peak. and taken me a little fantasy. it's a tourist and you get money it doesn't to the tourists the mad men and you get
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money if you do that. then you don't get home and you have no money. but the pandemic has put tourism here on hold to supplement these meager income the mad men work the land in the villages we all respond sweet potatoes because one beer is 15 ok or santa can can you see there's a speakeasy to heave. for at. the same attributes. a profitable but not enough to allow parents to send their children to school or by every day necessities. to make ends meet the villages turn to an illegal industry making alcohol. jim takes us to a small hot with a home brew is made there's been enough already getting ready. for change.
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in charge of manufacturing it eric explains his method sometimes a little bit ownership. of a player and that what he told us that was what. it was water supply and rich return of the game. and you know. what. eric's home brew is extremely potent between 60 and 79 percent alcohol sometimes people become of violence because of these years they can fight or want to fight you or you can go crazy if you really really like to kill those wife we. can. do what we. need to strong. so what about the strong. eric charges listen $5.00 later. to supplement his income he's developed an even
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risky business growing cannabis and stopped hype. and. but live. and act and then judas hike. and go. 5 to 10 years from fox. but communities across the highlands are prepared to take the risk to try to earn extra income. inequality between the nations rich and poor has been the source of many scandals in the poverty stricken country. such as the 2018 apec summit a meeting for leaders from across the asia pacific region to transports 21 heads of state during the summit the government board dozens of luxury meza rotty cars with
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public funds the cost to the taxpayer nearly $4000000.00 but what happened to them since. after investigation stored in these nearby sheds when we arrived the guard confirms the cars are behind these gates where. people see. gathering dust inside we find 40 brand new meza rashi's imported from each early with a $100000.00 each. the finance minister said the cars would be sold to the highest bidder after the sound and that he expected them to still like hotcakes. while critics called the cars a symbol of government waste in other places public spending is hard to see. them on a penitentiary the largest prison in the country lies just outside the capital where
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only one writer for procedures yorkers withdrawal or other members out of work remember a grocer gurgled has. been assigned these rusty metal barks break this murderous and robbers. together. here the administration only separates those awaiting trial like this man who's been behind bars for more than a year later i met a man. in the prison for unarmed gods are responsible for more than $600.00 inmates we believe they will be on them and we. will bring him to you know talk to learn to stop them don't touch my last disability or shallow dish out on their well now we can continue. the group we used to get the support members were to get out and then there was common reinforcement of governments of what that's in our future. but these gods are
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really cool for reinforcements once the most dangerous prison in the country it's improved in the last 5 years in order to ensure painless the new management asked the prisoners to take control of their own security in exchange they're given more freedom within the grounds of sleep. is one of. them each barracks has its own head of security in this 145 year old job is the boss i booked in prison. so i was told i can use it pretty. stellar he served different sentences for different crimes. to assist even murda serving 25 years in prison joe will remain here until 2025 he spends his days in his
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dormitory hot dishware british. i said if you mostly want to sleep with me i don't have procured what they. called pregnancy short and this one food because. with climate change comes in the might be sweet it's really what i come down that you don't listen. to prisoners here have no mattresses to sleep on no television and no phone but some like joe many to get one of. your hard on all yeah it's my michael mom i was presenting it's. look. science consequence. of their lives behind this on barea is solitary confinement in this very small space prisons can be held anywhere between a few weeks and
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a few months so i thought it evoked. flow of. what. these men are all here for the same reason they broke prison rules. incident was a particular course of wet dream change i'll call it the cycle whirling it's really all you know how you managed to get out of. all this. that's a good question. because for that sort of. you know what i'm saying is true and what the prisoner is cautious as a god stands right behind us always agreed. after years of confinement the prison allows some inmates to work outside. this morning where port moresby central market under heavy surveillance prisoners
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will clean the area around the market. yet i feel for the future level for the future of the likelihood of an inquest or if it was. only prisoners who. meet certain conditions and are approaching the end of a sentence eligible. pick a. day off from feeling pretty much let go they have to come off for you to follow if you want to escape then they will think you have a lot of something once you have to fly get pierced freak so i don't get to escape . this community service provides an opportunity for surprising where unions. come you can see them people across we can see them and talk to. these detainees has not seen he's told us tonight i need is a good way to get me he didn't begin to get it when you let him think it was more
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than i live to play here he'd be made to do it more if my wife leaving him but it's an interesting. life and how he didn't do very well and he not speak you. know his family had been trying times experience to be certain to surrender to the fish groups who could get an advantage to do good it's interesting because i knew my goodness we believe. we returned to the city center to find jack the head of the gang. he's meeting up with his associates from prying eyes sexual plays a save his days where we can come and talk and discuss into the body of jack's longtime friend and partner in crime is months by use of violent confrontations
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short legs arms different times. sent out of the soul recall and while but at the. yeah nationally and 2nd i'm 16 vintages same simplest again. but i still make a joke so my friend written it over. by. a policeman shot me. and i shot 3 policemen jack's also being shot in short here. and i just tell him you never want to remove it risky in the open and they might cut and there was something on the. record that. jack says he's working more and more with his former rivals to evade the police. telling me
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he looks for gun or several guns middle of the come to a good place on ice and then one of time comes we will have come what are we get 50020000 or 30000 with him with his will split. between them these gang leaders have spent nearly 20 years behind bars. so what i do know is i see the small ones. coming out i tell them. you do this and you can almost total silence. if wait if we do an operation successful and i was in the event of the polish investigation and they apprehend one of us you will have to be silent if we open our mouth and give information and when you go up to present. please when you get these government came to power promising to fight systemic
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corruption and put faith in the country's leaders is lower. crime remains rampant in the country's gangs grows stronger and bolder. a century ago they were called colonialists. 50 years ago and they were known as immigrants today they are citizens. in the light of france's 2021 contentious so-called separatism law as we look back at the history of muslim immigration in france in a 3 part series. muslims affronts episode one on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines where does your flight go from here the people of myanmar to do the. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion every time i talk about raises them i will get
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a twitter storm and be called a racist programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today we are about to feed and thousands of hungry markets see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. brazil becomes the 2nd country to surpass 400900 deaths and health officials are warning of more gruesome days ahead. you're watching al-jazeera live from the headquarters and. also coming up. on holds what would have been palestine's 1st elections in 15 years our own hamas describes the decision as a coup.


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