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be the hero the world needs right. washington. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes hospitals in delhi overflow with coronavirus patients struggling to breathe as concerns grow that the infections could spread across india's borders. to them for a long period. of. indian social media platforms filled with urgent
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pleas for lifesaving oxygen. a president in unprecedented times taking stock of joe biden's 1st $100.00 days in office and reaching for the stars china's 1st giant step in its mission to become an international space power. i'm german ash with sports manchester united be remembered aust or lose to a very alinea rightly semifinal 1st leg. slip up in the race for the spanish title they remain after losing to want to quit aba. we begin the news in india with the smoke from around the clock cremations shrouding the country cities is a constant reminder of the coronavirus tragedy there and the real statistics tell
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the same grim story the country is now reporting more than $18000000.00 confirmed the cases there have been 8 straight days of 300000 plus infections more than 200000 people have died but it's feared that the true number could be 5 times higher or even 10 times higher than the official figure and as the caseload climbs and the death toll. grose the vaccination rollout cannot keep pace nearly 148000000 doses have been administered but because of the size of the population fewer than 10 percent of people have actually received them elizabeth purana begins our coverage in new delhi. sure the sun is inconsolable lotta hearing of her mother's death while waiting in line to get oxygen for her i want to go to my mother she cries repeatedly earlier she described
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just how difficult it is to get help in delhi was it a little bit when we have an out of the house is 2 in the morning there is no oxygen available and all of delhi and after a lot of running around we finally got here for initially there was a queue on the other side then we were told that we had to come to the fun side and queue here my mother is very ill and for the past 2 days we've been trying to get a bed in so many hospitals in delhi. sure these mother is just one of the 3645 people who died in india on wednesday delhi even maine's one of the worst affected states its leaders said despite trying their best every hospital in the capital is overburdened and treating people beyond their capacity. that's why this base in central new delhi where political rallies and religious festivals are usually held is being converted into a makeshift hospital this is where the government is constructing
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a 500 bed intensive care unit facility it hopes to have an extra 1200 i think your beds in the capital within 28 but that still nowhere near enough to meet the numbers needed right now. dellys cases ago and up by more than 20000 each day and health experts say around 15 percent of people with the virus need to be in hospital the u.s. state department tweeted saying access to medical care is severely limited due to co the 19 cases and u.s. citizens who wish to depart india should use the available commercial flights now but despite the country going through its worst crisis and its modern history the last phase of regional elections went ahead in the state of west bank. on thursday where 4 candidates have already died from the virus so in the context of a raging pandemic it's unconscionable that people should be called to vote today particularly in the city of. the rate of. currently at
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50 percent. health experts say the devastating scenes witnessed in other states will be repeated in west bengal as a result of the launch of political gatherings and is about brandon al-jazeera new delhi. well as india struggles with a record surge in corona virus cases there is mounting anger against the government for its handling of the pandemic many of us social media to share their thoughts here's alexie o'brian take a look online for posts about the coronavirus crisis and india and your time line will be flooded with pleas for help for oxygen and other medical equipment or a place to lay the dead to rest and this too is a video a man's outside a clinic desperate for oxygen which is eventually delivered after countless phone calls by family and supporters many medical workers have signed up to online platforms to big for assistance all share their stories talk to go to him saying
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heads up a hospital in new delhi. to sustain our vision for the next 2 hours. you don't want to do us. for obvious reasons not worth. this videos also gone viral it said to show a distraught man who's big policeman not to take away the oxygen cylinder he did arrange for his mother who was in a critical condition the police later said the cylinder was empty and the man was pleading for another one many on twitter remain unconvinced by the official line with the government accused of trying to hide the truth one day the day a character in this political cartoon says despite the line up of bodies behind him and there are those who say that witnessing the collapse not just of the health system but all layers of government led by prime minister narendra modi the hash tag resign modi has been trained across the country this week that on wednesday it was blocked by facebook for several hours anyone clicking on
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a post so this one instead facebook says it happened by mistake and not because of a request by the government but there's plenty of skepticism because the government has been ordering the removal of critical social media posts to stop what it calls the spirit of misinformation but censorship watchdogs say it's part of an effort to cover up the severity of the crisis this cartoon has no end to modi promising able sensitive and visionary leadership surrounded by the bodies of victims with burning funeral pyres behind him all this one highlights major political gatherings as one calls for the surge in cases describing them as recharge points for the virus modi's party the b.j. pay and others have continued to hold huge rallies despite the pandemic because it's election season it's feared andy is covert $1000.00 crisis could spread across its borders nepal has announced a new lockdown while pakistan is using the military to enforce restrictions there's
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anger online in those countries too with warnings of a looming oxygen shortage full hospitals and a slow vaccine rollout. the increasingly dire situation in india has forced people to source their own drugs and on the black market and the bootlegs supplies come at a hefty price $1.00 man reportedly paid about 1350 dollars for the drug. that's more than 30 times its usual price and $3.00 times the average monthly white collar worker salary while people are paying 9 times the usual price for oxygen tanks the crisis in latin america source similar desperation with people in brazil mexico and peru scouring the black market for oxygen this in turn led to cvs stealing oxygen cylinders from hospitals the cell back to patients well the w.h.o. says about one in 5 covert 1000 patients needs oxygen in severe cases it's 3 in 5
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in india now has more than $18000000.00 cases robert material is the rector of programs that unit tate which is a global health agency is also co-leading the otu task force for act the accelerator which supports the development and equitable distribution of tests treatments and vaccines for 1000 joins us from geneva sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera obviously the lack of oxygen is affecting many parts of the world could end up affecting many more i just like to start with india with you because it does seem that india does produce enough oxygen so why are we seeing the shortages that we obviously are seeing if social media and the people that we have been speaking to in india are anything to go by. if you are speaking about india i think there is 2 major factors here india does have the capacity to produce sufficient quantities of oxygen but 2 things are very challenging one is the degree
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of planning. that is needed clearly in this case the plans that have been put in place did not anticipate rate and scale of qubits as has been seen in india unfortunately and secondly where the surge is happening means that it can really just a few challenging to get oxygen for where it might exist in quantity for example industrial production facilities on convert that to medical grade oxygen and then get it transport it simply to the states that facing the highest surges so effective planning for oxygen is so huge it is so crucial that didn't appear to have happened in this case i don't listen logistics us with the challenging ones that is happening in such a large country on such a large scale some things are being done now so for example industries have been ordered by the government not to use oxygen so that can be liquid oxygen that can be diverse said there's also now an input from the international community when it
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comes to liquid oxygen at tankers concentrators ventilator as how difficult is it to get the stuff for needs to go through. again it depends on. the country india is a vast country over asked you rascal side so you see you know all. the need to transport both quit oxygen in ice a container as has been in trucks on trains because trains appear to be the fastest way to get this book from one side of the country together. travelling in trucks on a long road sometimes in disrepair can be really challenging what talking about oxygen shipping in. via. other means for example transporting cylinders again these are the result be transported carefully that hypatia containers of oxygen hundreds or thousands of them can be transported but you need to try to transport systems whether it's trains or even more slowly trucks that's a challenge especially for boston the countries we can see how people obviously
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gripped by desperation are going online you know trying to get oxygen and are obviously paying a much more than oxygen or the drugs would normally cost what are some of the side effects of the black market that seems to be emerging. well the major obvious side effect is it's pushing people in poverty even further into poverty already low income families pay exorbitant amounts of money to attain a small snippet of oxygen for their loved ones who are struggling in severe critical kool aid so that's a major side effect sure if this oxygen is unregulated it may not be of the concentration or purity it needs to be medical grade oxygen has to be 82 percent or more we don't know if the tanks that are being sold on the black market have that concentration but that probably shifted whether they have the right accessories
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it's can be unsafe as long so that's another side effect it's unsafe. and lastly it is you know very challenging for countries already and not just talk in india countries that you know low income even low on the development skill facing this type of level of search is going to be putting the whole family's livelihoods. you know very precarious position because of this situation i was going to ask you about that because i think you know india could be accused i guess of a lack of forward planning and of maybe supporting the health infrastructure before and then make as well but it does generally speaking have the infrastructure there but what of that about the countries that don't especially because we are seeing this you know this wave already potentially worry countries like pakistan will be talking about nepal in a few minutes bangladesh we see more waves in latin america well could the impact be in countries that don't have india's infrastructure. the impact could be even
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one devastating i mean the size and scale of the crisis in india is what is so alarming and tragic. but if these type of surges what to be seen in neighboring pakistan or the parts that it border in india in nepal in bangladesh further south as you go into south asia and in the philippines or thailand it could be could be really devastating and therefore it's really critical that governments in these countries but also international partners come together now out to put in effective capacity planning for oxygen that requires a modeling and estimates based on the current modeling of the epidemiology in these countries but also then assessing what sources of oxygen could be most readily made available in these countries whether it's piped oxygen in the facilities that can take up to oxygen from the quick buck storage whether it's you know rapidly standing up and maintaining. smaller plants but still that can bring high push it
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up to do in the core p.s.a.p. that will ship in oxygen concentrator maybe should get deployed to the parts of the country where it's anticipated the sages might be high on that so crucial now in the coming days and weeks for these countries the same would apply by the way in countries surrounding brazil or peru and there abouts and that's america if it didn't it couldn't so just recently in the past few months i guess this year a lot of the focus has been on vaccinations do you think that what we're seeing happen in india might shift some of that focus to an issue like like oxygen and just tell a necessary will be for the thousands of people that are contracting covered now. it's really important that these things are not seen as mutually exclusive but all encompassing we need to vaccination ramp up dramatically but at the same time it can't be at the expense of other interventions oxygen has been neglected it's been rejected globally it's been depicted in terms of financing as an intervention measure in countries in low income women in them up in income countries it's also
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that the party has officially at least in terms of planning a capacity so it's really key as is then the typical basic measures that you need for infection prevention like personal protective equipment for your frontline health care workers and masking is good is to sing and the like so it's an all encompassing multifaceted approach to take a tragedy like india this kilty shake up the world into recognizing the critical need for oxygen as a metaphor putin i hope it does this time around and we need to start moving quickly for the countries we have that ringback such a tragedy robert material director of programs that unit a global health agency sir thank you for sharing your expertise with us thank you very much. well as i was mentioning there many of india's millions of workers are from nepal and every turning home as a result of the pandemic and that's leading to fears of a similar covert crisis in india's northern neighbor with infections in the poor
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rising and hospital beds quickly filling up the government has ordered a lockdown ramey at the limbo of reports now from the capital cap until. empty streets in nepal's capital as a 2 week lockdown is imposed to limit the spread of corona virus it's the 2nd wave to hit the country infections have surged and more than half are in the capital scotland do but are. hospitals are seeing more cases in a shorter span of time the 2nd wave is more potent with more young people and children infected as health workers struggle to contain the growing number of patients experts fear that thousands may have caught the mutant variant strains emerging out of neighboring india thousands of workers from nepal have left their jobs in indian cities where covered 1000 is spiraling out of control and they're arriving here in nepalese towns by the border and that's creating a major health crisis. it's like a mini india the situation was similar in the capital which has
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a dense population would be difficult to cope with the existing health infrastructure more than 300000 people in nepal have got covered 1990 percent have recovered over $3000.00 people have died as daily cases surgery experts warn that the epidemic could overwhelm nepal's fragile health system if the country is unable to break the chain of transmission in time and hold health authorities have repeatedly appeals to the public to wear masks avoid crowds and to maintain social distance but recent political rallies and religious festivals have helped fuel the spread of the disease thousands rush to leave the capital after the lockdown was announced i am not sure i'm waiting at the bus stop for a seat out of cotman do it's crowded the situation is difficult i'd rather be back in my village where i can make ends meet health authorities fear the 6 could spread the virus in villages across nepal. the situation is not out of control but
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spreading and cases of life thing. launched a back nation campaign in january giving doses from india and china to nearly 2000000 people but with a population of 20000000 and limited access to that scenes nepal would have to seek support from the international community to prevent the epidemic from spiraling out of control. coming up on al jazeera this news hour twin court challenges for kremlin critic alexina valley and his anti corruption organization but his supporters say they will fight on. fighting over water at least 3 people are killed as rival countries claim a disputed reservoir and then sport could concussion in athletes be quickly diagnosed with a groundbreaking saliva test. joe
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biden is marking 100 days in office says president of the united states biden celebrated by picking a flower for his wife jill as they cross the white house lawn to catch is official helicopter the bidens were heading to georgia where he's about to address a drive in a rally of supporters earlier they met with the oldest living former president jimmy carter on wednesday biden addressed congress with what he called his blueprint to build america promising $1.00 trillion dollars in investment in jobs infrastructure and education 100 days since i took the oath of office live to my hand all for family bible and her nation we all did it was in crisis the worst period. the worst economic crisis since the great depression
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the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. now after just 100 days i can report to the nation america is on the move again. for one of biden's biggest challenges so far has been managing the crisis at the southern border with mexico more than 170000 migrants were taken into u.s. custody the highest level in nearly 2 decades al-jazeera has hired the castro of reports from texas. biden's opponents say he should have seen this coming record setting numbers of migrants arriving at the u.s. southern border over his 1st 100 days in office the poor the across the border but i mean people are crossing all day long i mean how is it really and across the border officer oscar but our own of the pin need is police department took us to see the so-called crisis up close it didn't take long to find the 1st signs
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a mother and her child more than 100000 migrants traveling in family groups have arrived at the border since march while some were immediately expelled the majority have been released into the u.s. with more families at their heels. then there are the children and teens arriving at the border alone their numbers doubled this spring and remain on pace to reach 17000 in april some of these kids the youngest 6 years old i mean they're they're crossing over or where out of the family member throughout the parents without anybody else. the children after surviving harrowing journeys from central america are 1st processed within jail like conditions then they're moved to more child friendly shelters where they wait weeks or months to be united with family i hear it saddens me but unfortunately i can't do much about it makes me
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wonder like. what happens to them after the fact maybe they. find their parents i mean i think about this but also on the rise the number of single adults hoping to get north of the wall and evade detection that is the end of the border wall built by former president donald trump his ambition of building it across the entire southern border far from fulfilled biden took office and in need it lee ordered construction to end these materials now useless and left sitting in the sun the people believe that there's an open border the biden administration insists there isn't but efforts to convince migrants not to come have shown little success legal advocates say there will always be a flow of people seeking escape from poverty and violence in a new country they should how do we manage that and i think the underlying message has to be
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a humanitarian approach to immigration make sure that we're treating families individuals children are arriving on the border humanely compassionately and in an orderly way. squeezed between demands from liberals to be more compassionate and outrage from conservatives at the growing number of migrants biden is in a difficult spot managing the border an early test to his presidency. well you can speak to hide the show castro alive she is the u.s. border wall near macallan in texas heidi good to see you i mean obviously. the whole immigration question and the wall and the border was one of the most controversial parts of the trump presidency but it does seem that the crisis at the border continues to be a major challenge even provided i have to say that the pictures that have shocked the world of children being kept in those kinds of conditions obviously continue.
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that's right and it's difficult for biden to really see a way forward through this you can see that difficulty reflected in his poor poor a numbers when it comes to managing the border only 29 percent of americans in the latest quinnipiac poll approve of how he's doing this there is a slight drop off in the current preliminary figures for april where the number of people crossing when it comes to families and when it comes to children who have traveled here alone but overall the number is this is expected to still reach more than 150000 in just the month of april alone and we're seeing criticism of that coming from some democrats even like senator mark kelly of arizona who responded to biden's speech yesterday by saying that it lacked a plan on how to address this border issue so with those numbers still very high certainly the border is something that biden has to consider when he is eyeing reelection in the future and of course democrats who want to retain their very slim
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majority in congress in the upcoming election which is just a year away. castro speaking to us from helen in texas heidi for the moment thank you well john holeman is live for us in de why though in the mexican side of the border with us i mean i'm guessing a lot of people in mexico felt the change in paul. see perhaps when president biden took off they said and most of them might be hoping to get into the u.s. but how realistic is that. yeah exactly actually we're right next to a camp of people that are basically here because of the change of president now to president biden now what president trump said is if you want asylum in the united states you have to weigh in mexico what we process that request and that meant that people would weigh in mexico for up the year while he did that now president biden
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said no i'm going to change the rule now when you ask for asylum in the united states you can wait stateside if you've already opened the asylum request so now there's a lot of people in this camp 40 opened their asylum requests and they're just waiting to be let across into the united states for that processing to take place so that's given people a lot of hope on the other hand there's about 1500 people here i think you are just seeing a family as i speak on the other hand there's no hope for a lot of other people and that's because of something called title 42 sounds quite one case but that's basically a 70 movement 70 year old public health measure that says when there is something going on like a pandemic like coded it means that the u.s. can shut the door to people and can just throw them out without even considering their assigned requests from through that measure into action he activated it and president joe biden hasn't yet shot that measure back off in the u.s.
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obviously there is still a pandemic going on as with the rest of the world so i think what a lot of advocates are saying is that even though president biden has done some things which measure does more compassionate perhaps towards people seeking asylum because he still has not measured high to 42 is still means that everyone apart from unaccompanied minors can still be for an hour of the u.s. without they were asylum request being considered. child. homan live for us in 2 kwan on the mexico side of the border with the u.s. john as always thank you. still to come in this news hour south africa's president acknowledges a state capture under his predecessor the can he stop corruption in his governing party and why refugees on less force are angry with being forced from their account to a new home on the island. and the t 20 cricket world cup may be moved to the u.s. because of india's covert 1000 crisis details coming up in sport.
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hello there nice to see you depending on where you are in europe you either need the rain jackets or the sunglasses 1st let's go over that precipitation story we'll come back to this area for saturday but right now let's talk about northern spain into the south of france into italy we've got somewhat weather on deck for friday also an outbreak of rain towards ukraine belarus and russia but returning to that saturday picture because we do run the real risk of seeing some severe storms pop up in this area and we've also got a helping of snow for the alps over the weekend temperature is the other big one it's talk about so athens 28 degrees on saturday had away from the agency into the eastern med and you had. were up to 37 degrees on monday well above average
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also dialing up the heat for egypt as 140 degrees that's a temperature that you would typically see in june now this temperature 38 in tripoli remember that for a cycle come back to it but in the meantime we have a sandstorm running through the western sahara so timbuktu you will get into this sandstorm and look at that temperature in tripoli $33.00 degrees that's because we introduce some clouds and rain into the picture. from the al-jazeera london broadcast center to special guests in conversation when society is divided when women are divided the only thing that benefits from god this project itself unprompted uninterrupted says the 1st words are good are those who work or don't work for him or in his satisfaction means well easily and cackle
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like to think that their nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's nationalists in part 2 of studio b. unscripted. when the news breaks here in windsor west of sydney this is the main bridge completely underwater when people need to be heard 1000 people staying in the stands just a stone's throw from the us mexico border and the story needs to be told i felt like the whole sky is full of them with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports out is iraq has teams on the ground the house of abraham to bring you more award winning documentaries and life news.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera more than 3600 coronavirus deaths and nearly 380000 cases were reported in india on thursday at least 40 countries have pledged to supply india with much needed oxygen despite this elections are going ahead in 2 big states where many of india's millions of workers from neighboring nepal are returning home as a result of the pandemic leading to fears of a similar covert crisis there with infections in katmandu rising in hospital beds filling up the government has ordered a lockdown. joe biden is marking 100 days in office as president of the united states he will soon address the drive in rally of supporters with his wife jill earlier the bidens met with the oldest living former president jimmy carter.
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one of the main reasons that joe biden won the presidency is the huge numbers of african-americans who voted for him he promised to make racial equality a big part of his focus but it's not stopped more notable incidence of black people being killed by the police. biden's record so far on policing and race. be afraid. paul weinstock explain what it's like when an african-american sees a police officer in the united states but this former convict now works with the washington d.c. police department to try and change that if we get more of the officers to engage in the community and provide resources and things of that nature it can be better than it is going to be perfect was nothing is never perfect but it's always a try then go into these neighborhoods in here would they have this thing. but many activists believe it will take more than that. george floyd briana taylor
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dante wright and the latest andrew brown now household names and symbols of police using deadly force president joe biden has promised racial justice will be a centerpiece of his administration and he took the unusual step of commenting on the murder trial of derek chauvin for the murder of george floyd before the verdict printing the verdict is the right turning. to overwhelming in my view and after no one should be above the law and today's verdict sends that message but it's not enough we can't stop here but civil rights groups are pushing him to go further the federal government gives hundreds of millions of dollars to local police departments they want to tie the money to departments 1st proving they don't discriminate they have to collect data and was happened is police departments have been refusing to even collect the data for example showing how racially skewed fare
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traffic stops our data on their use of force not just that of them going to date on all the people that they kill. the justice department will get those records in minneapolis and louisville to police departments they're now investigating. it will determine. as well as whether the department lawfully execute search warrants this is black lives matter permanent fixture just outside of the white house the president did promise that in his 1st 100 days he would establish a police commission but they scrapped that in part because activists say they would rather he focus on passing the george boyd justice in policing act that would dramatically change the way police operate in the united states it's passed the house now these activists say they want to see the president push it through the senate in his next 100 days. al-jazeera washington.
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alexina valley has appeared in court for the 1st time since and 3 week hunger strike the kremlin critic attended a hearing by video to appeal against his conviction in february for defaming a world war 2 veteran in a separate court case proceedings on whether to label the opposition network extremists have been adjourned for and smith has more from moscow. on a poor quality video link from a prison hospital alexei navalny look thinner he's lost 20 kilos since his return from germany in january telling his wife and the rest of the court he's eating a few spoonfuls of porridge after ending a 3 week hunger strike this hearing was an appeal against his conviction for defamation but vladimir putin's most prominent critic had other things to talk about 2. 20 years of incompetent government have led to the fall and the result there is a crown slipping from his years there elias on t.v.
12:37 am
we have spent $3.00 and our country continues to slide into poverty opportunities to have his voice heard a rapidly shrinking civil tamia sleep in another moscow court prosecutors opened a case to declare novell news and to corruption group b f b k and these regional offices as extremist making them equivalent to al qaeda. is a regional campaign offices the not exist anymore but there are dozens of cool and mighty regional politicians there are thousands of their their powerful independent political organizations that will be doing investigations and money during elections bubbly complains and rallies. the case was adjourned but the court has already imposed an interim order stopping the vile newsgroup from operating the number of us they'd rather powerful opponent is standing against us it is the whole state machine of a nuclear superpower state it can behave brutally as we could see ourselves during the events which are also related to the current case we are defending the truth we
12:38 am
believe that our client b.k. is a fair organization which does not violate any law you rarely hear his name mentioned on russian television and he attempt to remind people who he is is quickly erased this mural incent petersburg was painted over hours after appearing over night. alexei navalny supporters so they'll carry on with the kremlin activities but without charismatic personality and i found it much harder to have an impact. al-jazeera moscow. police in kurdistan are reporting the renewal of gunfire on the southern border with the g q stan just hours after a cease fire was agreed in the region the care to stand government says at least 3 people including a child have been killed the border is disputed and the violence broke out at a water reservoir that both kurdistan and g.q. stan claim as their own both nations accuse the other of shooting 1st
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airstrikes against ethnic armed groups have continued in myanmar 2 days after a military outpost was captured near the border with thailand monitoring groups say the gentile has launched at least 6 air attacks since tuesday scott highclere has more. some groups inside that korean held territory in myanmar they have been reporting at least 6 possibly as many as 9 airstrikes have been carried out since that attack on that outpost now once they they overran that that territory around the outpost pushing the myanmar army out they can use and use soldiers have occupied that area and even today there were some footage of them actually marching along the banks patrolling along the banks there know what this means is that this is kind of a continuation of what we've seen over the last month back in march 27th there were some airstrikes and some people in the current held territory came across the river here into thailand because they're worried about more airstrikes in retaliation and
12:40 am
increased fighting and this is kind of been going on since then but what we saw on tuesday were the kind of launched us into a new round of airstrikes and there's concern what that might prompt going down the line we know that the k. and you has a lot of soldiers in that area there is even thought that they might try to move on to another outpost for the myanmar army but right now we know for certain that one area they they they focused on tuesday they control the whole stretch along that river that serves as the border between me and mark in thailand so when you see these kind of ethnic. armed go organizations like we saw in the current health territory and up in the north in the kitchen area so they are kind of stepping up so it's a concern that you know what's going to happen there you know it's kind of you're seeing the the uprising if you will on the streets across me and my but also now in these territories along the border areas on the east side and up in the north the 2nd day of the south african president's testimony and the corruption and quietly involving his predecessor has concluded sort of oppose that answered questions
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about his role in a so-called state capture scandal for me to middle of reports from johannesburg. presidents the ramapo says the highest ranking official to testify at an ongoing inquiry into corruption in south africa many blame or process on party the african national congress for much of the graft which according to reports runs into billions of dollars over several years much of the looting is alleged to have taken place when rome opposes pre-disaster jacob zuma was president zuma resigned in 2018 has been recognition of. malise of corruption in the. powers of state. realty to monitor resources and spends our true nature in all that and we've
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accepted in admitted in the past that that has resulted in a number of review and type behaviors so you must refuse to return to testify at inquiry saying he's being vilified it's alleged that zuma is relationship with the business family led to the abuse of state owned enterprises and influence the appointment of officials to serve their business interests and that corruption filtered through the ranks of the a.n.c. . seeing the price that is being paid by the people as a whole if they're deprived of group service delivery because the resource is being vetted laundered the a.n.c. is lost support in recent years and many had hoped that remark who was deputy president at the time would explain what he did to try to stop corruption but some argue he was not questioned hard enough and instead responded strategically they in
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c. is going to have some gains as a plant from this exercise. there are no further losses that jacob zuma could suffer. and also i think that if the commission does its work well. it was simon spotlight on those drug issues in the agency that will show that a leopard cannot change its spots as promised to fight corruption in south africa but it is success is it is hinged on the party he leads rooting out corruption within its own ranks. 0 janice. alison's 1st election in 15 years as being the late president of the past blamed israel for uncertainty about whether it would allow elections to proceed in occupied east jerusalem as
12:44 am
well as in the occupied west bank and gaza in a televised announcement about us said the elections would be delayed until the participation of the palestinian people in jerusalem could be guaranteed the parliamentary elections were shared told from may the 22nd while a presidential vote was due in july. greece is shutting down what aid groups have hailed as an exemplary refugee camp on the island of less boss authorities are moving residents to a new camp that can accommodate more than 3000 people also opus reports. the family from afghanistan is having to move along with another 1000 refugees they're being forced to leave the home they've known for almost 2 years at the community instead they're being put in a tent city down the road called mother of. the 17 year old daughter a niece is a gifted mathematician who beats local greek students for a place at the island's top high school now she doesn't know if she'll be able to
12:45 am
sit university entrance exams next year then i attend that does not have a door does not make you feel safe in color temp a we have a container and you can close it when you go to bed at night they have covert 1000 cases which we don't have it current and i think that will make parents writing about us travelling from the camp to go to school with their children this afghan family already lives that mother. they say there's no daycare or school for their daughters aged 6 and 9 doctors without borders say they've had patients raped at the new camp despite government assurances that it's safe in the nighttime. you feel too scared to go outside of here and. so if you're a woman you will have to go to the dialogues every aspect of this damn for me is set up in a way so. people who don't do human eyes and saw to pretend that they don't have basic human needs the government didn't allow
12:46 am
us to film inside the camp apparently due to covert restrictions but an aid worker confirms talk of discomfort here there's no proper drainage that's no proper heating though. the electricity is insufficient to keep their tents going. and every time it rains and floods. wash the felicities are inadequate and it's not clean these are the very problems that plague morea the largest camp in the east a g.m. . was set up as a temporary facility after moria burnt down in september police say due to us and now it feels like a lost civilization looted from manholes and why a fence got out that feels more like a village community than a refugee camp and that's why so many disabled and other vulnerable refugees were moved from moria the hastily landscaped artillery range that going to resembles morea in many respects aid groups say it's
12:47 am
a great step backwards the european union has poured more than a $1000000000.00 into refugee camp in greece in the past 5 years and is now spending more than $300000000.00 to build better camps on the aegean islands many of these asylum seekers now displaced several times over one day why europe with such resources cannot offer them a home jumps at all plus al-jazeera lesbos. still to come on al-jazeera this news hour facing a fastball quite literally that's coming up in sport. the
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main body of china's 1st ever space station is on its way into orbit the launch of the core module is the 1st step in an 18 month construction program it's designed to accommodate 3 astronauts for up to 6 months at a time to train a you've reports from beijing. the launch of a new era in china's space exploration the core module of china's 1st 10 minutes space station tenterhooks or heavenly harmony launched from the southern island of high madam thursday morning 10 minutes after liftoff it successfully separated from its long march 5 rocket it's the 1st of 11 missions needed to complete the space station next year the 17 meet along module contains the station's controls and power supply and living quarters for 3 astronauts water on board will be fully recycled it will be followed by 2 other modules designed to house
12:50 am
a range of scientific experiments including in quantum physics biotechnology and microgravity 12 astronauts are training to live on board chan her own 6 month. the 1st are expected to arrive in june china began plans to build the station in the 1990 s. but they were almost sidelined by the corona virus outbreak. the construction of our space station was affected by the pandemic stage but we were hard to minimize the impact china has made no secret of its ambition to become an international space power to rival the u.s. it's been collaborating closely with russia to the stand washington has banned from working with nasa because of security concerns in 2003 china became the 3rd country after the u.s. and russia to put a man in space has since launched a number of space walks and cruellest missions including the retrieval of lunar rocks in december it's expected to land
12:51 am
a perv on mars later this year and there are plans to eventually work but the russian space agency to build a research station on the moon. in the coming years will carry out a 4th phase of china's lunar exploration program explore asteroids and the space as well as develop her live car iraqis all those are included in our plan china's space station is a fraction of the size of the international space station that's the only one currently in orbit china is excluded from using it. several western governments are concerned to use its space technology to expand china's military but its leaders say its progress and space exploration will only be used for peaceful means katrina al-jazeera teaching. ok now here is gemma with the sports thank you barbara manchester united have taken a huge step towards the final of the they fought from 21 down to thrash italian side right about 62 in the semifinal 1st leg when i found as
12:52 am
a medicine scored 2 and set up this goal for mason greenwood pool poker got there over united then with a 4 goal advantage of heading into the 2nd leg the other semifinal is a lot closer. to one in their 1st leg and they were led by head coach you know emery it was satisfy arsenal a year and a half ago but the premier league side will have home advantage in the 2nd leg and they have that away go. bosler and i have suffered a blow in the race for the spanish la liga title they would have gone top with a win over kanada but they threw away a one no lead and ended up losing to want to hire him and to make it worse their coach came and was also sent off also remain 2 points behind leaders athletic a major it's. and his selection from the asian champions league iranian team persepolis have made it into the last 16 with a 42 win ever cattles out of ryann the same economy that celebrating in style.
12:53 am
and european football's governing bodies at fifa and you wait for or join a sporting a social media boycott over the next 4 days to protest against racism racism and other forms of online abuse the english f.a. and the premier league are also a pos of it the clubs organizations and broadcasters taking part won't be posting any content on their twitter facebook or instagram pages a number of high profile footballers have suffered a ration of peace in recent months prompting calls of a tough action from social media companies you've got to try and of affect change and broadly continue are you sending a message of hopefully affecting things in terms of maybe the finances of these platforms and companies and. people then forced to do some something different the powers that be the the bodies that you know run these companies eventually they've got to make decisions of doing but if people can bring awareness to that and of
12:54 am
course if that helps tidy up some of these things then that's going to be a good thing it will not make a difference just do it once and just do it for a few days it will only make a difference if this is the start of something that's going to grow and get bigger and bigger. the social media boycott also has the backing of formula one world champion lewis hamilton he's preparing for the portugal grand prix. social media platforms do need to do more in order to combat this and so i'm fully supportive of the initiative. and. if me help with me also doing it helps. put pressure on on those platforms in order to help fight against the sure opposition this is a world at sea 20 cricket's one of it may have to be staged outside india if the countries cave in 1000 prices is not brought under control is set to start in october but in the past week they have been at least 300000 new infections
12:55 am
a day the u.a.e. has been lined up as a stand in host but india's cricket board still hopes they can hold it at home right now the indian premier league is continuing with the final set for may 30th india's cricket harry such intend ok is doing his bit to try and help his country he's donated around $135000.00 to a fund raising campaign which is providing hospitals with oxygen concentrator has to treat patients tendo himself was admitted to hospital in mumbai last month off to contract the virus researchers have discovered a groundbreaking saliva test could rapidly diagnose concussion in athletes a 3 year project involving more than a 1000 professional rugby players has enough to a simple and accurate way of detecting concussion by tapping into the alarm bells sent by the body in the minutes after an injury. but the body knows something is up and up status so every part of the body begins to adapt and respond to that injury including including saliva so what we can do is read the messages that cells saying
12:56 am
to each other to say that there's been an injury somewhere in the brain and we need the body needs to be in it needs to deal with age where this is going next is we have very hopeful that in the 1st instance we can develop a test that could be available for morning after again so a sample taken post-game and the results available the next morning to confirm whether you got compression or not so infection is very what's happening over the last is that people have been working very hard to make the diagnosis a coronavirus as fast as possible and as beautiful as possible so. solution infection will benefit exactly from the same technological advances as we've seen for corona virus might koren a signal happens very quickly so it's possible with the right technology to develop an even game test but that requires a little bit more development from a testing perspective. it was a painful night in the am i would be but luckily of philadelphia's bryce hopper avoided serious injury after being struck in the face by
12:57 am
a fost ball traveling at 155 kilometers per hour it was smashed in the left cheek by senators pitcher and this is cabrera we all saw about it was taken off the field with blood dripping from a copper to the side of his nose and he was then taken to the skies and then get another play on his next pitch. and there was a scary moment for the high in place on high in the mets and red sox the ball edged off the bats and hit veteran unplugged jerry laying a flush on his mosque which softened the impact on his head and unsurprisingly he was left on his feet and he was quickly aided by the catcher and. lane was unable to continue and recovered in the dugout. while that looks pretty painful that doesn't it good to have that house on salute gemma thank you so much and that is it for this news hour do stay with us still going to be back in just a few minutes with more of the things thanks for watching see you say goodbye.
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it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture creasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do with the solution 'd we get organized what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking
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about targets like 2040 we're trying to talk of but now up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of how the lives. of the stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's well. we want god to be spread nice to believe you fight the good. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. i am the voice we are the voice witnesses on al-jazeera. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with the eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised
1:00 am
researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country under spread of coronavirus appears far wider than anyone thought. hospitals in delhi overflow with coronavirus patients struggling to breathe as concerns grow that the infections could spread across india's borders. watching al-jazeera live from london also coming out palestine announces its delaying its 1st election in 15 years a president in one.


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