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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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to think that there's nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's nationalism. unscripted understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the board . take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. this is al-jazeera. over there on the clock it is $800.00 g.m.t. and you're watching al-jazeera welcome to a special hour of coverage marking u.s. president joe biden's 1st $100.00 days in office americans always get out. today that's what we're doing america's right. but as biden celebrated his achievements on wednesday night in his 1st formal address to congress many challenges still
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remain something we'll explore over the next 60 minutes. in 93 at the depths of the great depression franklin roosevelt used his 1st months as u.s. president to push sweeping legislation through congress it stabilized the nation in economic freefall and reshaped americans' relationship with their government for decades to come and this set a political benchmark against which every subsequent president has been judged now when joe biden marked his 1st $100.00 days with a speech to congress and the country he set similarly ambitious goals promising trillions of dollars in investment in jobs in infrastructure and in education republican party hit back and attacked biden for empty words and broken promises let's look back now at biden's 1st $100.00 days with this report from grossman george. when the us president speaks to congress legislators jostle for position
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hoping to shake his hand as he makes his way to the podium this year kovac forced everyone to fist bump or use elbows or sit 2 metres apart it's also given joe biden the most important challenge of his presidency and a significant moment in his 1st address 100 days ago america's house was on fire we had to act after i promised we'd get 100000000 covert 19 vaccines shots into people's arms in 100 days we will have provided over 220000000 covert shots in those undergoing. biden spent his 1st 99 days in office trying to break a pandemic that has killed nearly 575000 americans while there is more work to do a lee 30 percent of americans are fully vaccinated biden called on congress to help
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him tackle other critical issues spend $2.00 trillion dollars on infrastructure and job creation spend another $1.00 trillion dollars on childcare education and health care and improve the standard of living for hundreds of millions of people not just the very wealthiest who also would pay more taxes to cover these projects these are good paying jobs that can't be outsourced nearly 90 percent of the infrastructure jobs created in american jobs plan do not require a college degree 75 percent don't require an associate's degree. the american jobs plan is a blue collar and blueprint to build america that's what it is the wall street didn't do in this country the middle class built the country and unions built the middle class. bitin also called on congress to tackle systemic racism
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something highlighted by police officers murder of george floyd in minneapolis last year my fellow americans we have to come together to rebuild trust between law enforcement the people they serve to root out systemic racism in our criminal justice system we need to work together to find a consensus but let's get it done next month by the 1st anniversary of george george day and the traditional opposition party response republican senator temp scott called biden's claims of success delusional a president biden promised you a specific kind of leadership you promised united nation to lower the temperature to govern for all americans no matter how we voted this was the pitch you just heard it again but our nation is starving for more than empty platitudes we need policies in progress that brings us closer together but 3 months in the actions of
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the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart biden brought up other major goals overhaul immigration policy reversing global warming but he said his 1st job as president is making sure the pandemic fades into history not just for the us before the world roslyn jordan al-jazeera. well millions of americans spread lost their jobs health care and the small businesses they started biden has vowed to build back better and says that climate action and job creation a one in the same white house correspondent can help it takes a look at those promises in the progress he's made in making them a reality. he took office during a global pandemic and made battling covert 19 his top priority promising 100000000 vaccines would be ministered by april we met their goal last week by day 5842 days ahead of schedule. not
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a damn sight is 2nd goal and that is we will by my 100 day in office have administered 200000000 shots of people's arms that goal was exceeded this week now more than 230000000 vaccines have been given out with more than half of all americans receiving at least one dose what we're seeing is a president who continues to be disciplined continues to stay on message and also a president who continues to focus on the issues and i think that's what many americans white to hear from their politicians but i don't promise to ease economic pain from the pandemic as well delivering on a campaign promise to get direct payments to millions of people who are out of work and not only addresses the immediate crisis room it's better for the long term economic health of our nation and our competitiveness by the end of march millions of americans had received at least $1400.00 or more to help pay expenses like rent
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and food. in his 1st $100.00 days biden also kept another campaign pledge rejoining the paris agreement on climate change that limits greenhouse gas emissions his predecessor donald trump had pulled the us out by to rejoin the u.s. on day one of the bridge. to voters of color biden also delivered on addressing systemic racism in policing after the conviction of derrick chauvin the police officer who murdered george floyd biden's justice department announced a federal investigation into the minneapolis police department or showed it was. at will biden did follow through on his pledge to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour for federal contractors his plan to push for a federal minimum wage for everyone has faltered. his next call. to fix
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america's infrastructure and create jobs could be one of his most ambitious tasks that they being of this 1st $100.00 days can be characterized by terms such as bowl daring and and adventurous by repeatedly promises to meet the moment building back better from the covert crisis channeling a spirit not seen since president roosevelt's new deal in the 1930 s. building schools roads and parks and lifting millions of americans wages and quality of life following the great depression well we can speak calmly right now and she's live for us from the white house and can really no question the president has a an ambitious agenda and he's trying to get it done. and he's trying to use the momentum of his speech in front of congress that historic speech should joint session he's taken to the road to sell some of the ideas that he has proposed not
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only immigration reform gun control police reform but getting americans behind those 6 trillion dollar packages that he's put forward not just the american rescue plan that a majority of americans have benefited from through direct payments that allows them to kind of recover from the economic pain of the pandemic but also he's selling his jobs plan and also his family's plan the jobs to create employment to recover some of those jobs lost and rebuild the crumbling infrastructure here in the united states but also this is a big one the families plan that he talked about is really something that has not been seen in more than a generation in the united states an enormous expansion of the social safety net and what's significant about this is the fact that this will allow for universal child care it will also allow for free education in the post-secondary of 2
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years so this is really something that joe biden is committed to he's selling that information and he's also showing what he believes is also important here and that is that democracy works he says his 1st 100 days proof that they will not be plain sailing by any means that one of the potential roadblocks ahead. well the roadblocks are republicans in congress and even some of the more moderate democrats in the democratic party because here's the thing joe biden has been accused of being a little bit of a further left democrat and his speech has been labeled as progressive and so this is the challenge already republicans are saying you're channeling your inner robin hood taxing the rich in order to help the poor and the taxation is going to be a job killer so this is the challenge that joe biden is having to face and that's why he's out on the campaign trail or rather the he's out maybe with americans as
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the important thing to don't know all of this is that he's in the u.s. state of georgia that helped him win the white house not only to thank them but also to sell these ideas for a complete thing so that can we hope that the white house now last year on the campaign trail joe biden made many promises about what he would deliver in his early days in the white house while he has delivered on some he's had to compromise or abandon all those other official reports now on biden's unfulfilled promises. the other things people remember of campaigns i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify the promises the pledges the things to make a difference 100 days in joe biden has failed to deliver in a few key areas i think he's kept his word as much as he can't i think people forget that there's not a lot of legislating that can happen from the presidential seat covered relief was
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always his top priority he promised $2000.00 checks to eligible americans that became $1400.00 under biden i ding to the $600.00 delivered by trump the death of journalist jamal khashoggi provoked anger in then candidate biden he promised to hold so dear abby responsible regard them as a pariah state fast forward to one month in office so to reveal it was once again a valuable ally all presidents in these days talk about doing a whole list of priorities on day one but the idea that a president could accomplish the types of promises they put forth on the trail on day one is rather naive and i would argue in some ways just part of the marketing of campaign the promise to immediately rejoin the iran nuclear deal is also gathering dust instead talks continue in vienna between all the parties about the best way forward real politics instead of rhetoric joe biden also
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promised to be a unifying president pulling the country together after what he felt were the divisive trump years despite his early successes washington is as divided as ever found now that trump is still here trump is and is very much the politics of the day on the republican side and i think at least on the democratic sat there is no way that they can see how provide us with those kinds of elements there and so i thank you. it's going to be a very difficult road if he's going to pursue bipartisanship at every step the good news for joe biden presidencies and judge surely on the 1st 100 days he gets the fool 4 years but the next election is never far away for biden it's the midterms next year it will be a referendum on the job he's done till then what he said he will deliver next and the promises he's kept alan fischer al jazeera washington. well one area of success
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has undoubtedly been the vaccine rollout let's speak now to dr eric feigele doing a who's an epidemiologist at the federation of american scientists joins us by skype from washington d.c. dr biden pleasure to have administered 100000000 vaccine doses within 100 days in office he doubled that perhaps it was one of the easier pledges that he succeeded in achieving but nevertheless he did well you know he went from 100 to then increasing it to 200 gold around 60 and on day 100 he's basically 220. and that's often see an enormous case u.s. has vaccinated 43 percent i was so are you wishing we could at least one of those 29 percent. vaccinated so there is good news on that front and i think. production will also from the ramp up. nevertheless we've seen infection
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rates rising in the united states and what about the efforts to counter that. well rates are rising in michigan but they've actually fallen recently and u.s. cases are actually on the decline and gone up that's good i think for most part most countries that. percent vaccinated are not seeing the surges that many other countries are seeing so that is really helping but now we have to turn into america help and other countries and help them quickly come to that in just a 2nd but just a just on the the vaccine rollout has been successful no doubt but there are many who are hesitant about taking it has the administration done enough to try and encourage them to take up the. vaccine hesitancy hands are hitting some headwinds although we or once or a 1000000 doses a day that average just actually drop below 3. 22nd we're on 7
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consecutive days in which the average rx nation has fallen below 3000000 doses and discontinue is partly due to johnson and johnson in july has been seen but as we also know the tromso corners a lot of conservative transporters also do not want to take the vaccine and now we're running out of those eager immediately willing to take it so the headwinds before us for the next 40 percent of people to get vaccinated against our present her will be a lot more difficult than the 1st 40 percent that pulls in the johnson jones who rollout was that an error and you think it certainly as you say is added to this to the hesitancy that there is. you can debate you can through different ways certain ways if we didn't cause and then it was live coverage of this risk and we knew about it that could actually cause a bigger back which yes it did cause some hesitancy in slow down in the rollout but
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i think in the long run in the long run it is the better half now obviously the case in johnson doesn't stream a rare something that's very rare very very rare and not established versus the benefits are very very large and very important in the ongoing and demick clearly i think vaccinations are going to win the day but the rollout has again although it hurts for a while it will actually be better in the long run then as we never thought that you mention the global stage in the united states role in that in the back to roll out around the world what more needs to be done on that front do you think. yeah i think the u.s. will definitely need to ramp up more vaccines and the good news is the u.s. does actually production those books pfizer turn off which are announced doubling of its capacity 2021 another one $121.00 and johnson and johnson hopefully we're
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the ramp up in the u.s. will be even larger as well but up until now the u.s. actually could not share its nazi because of trump administration's old contracts that any of these are russian works trunk got scenes from being shared outside and used outside the united states but the new batch order in early february those do not have the restrictions so starting in may once those biden ordered vaccines are being delivered by i will know for sure that he will be able to distribute the vaccines with more countries around the world so starting in may look for a huge ramp up in sharing u.s. vaccines and an obligation to the rest of the world right is certainly something that. we appreciate the time thanks very much indeed thank you.
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not one of the reasons joe biden is in office is because african-americans turned out in huge numbers to vote for him even thanked black voters in his victory speech and promised to make racial equality top of his agenda but there is mounting pressure on biden following the recent killings of unarmed black men by police pedicle hey has more. be afraid. paul weinstock explaining what it's like when an african-american sees a police officer in the united states but this former convict now works with the washington d.c. police department to try and change that if we get more of the officers to engage in the community and provide resources and things of that nature it can be better and that's and it's going to be perfect as nothing is never perfect but it's always a try and then go into these neighborhoods and hear what they have to say but many
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activists believe it will take more than that. george floyd brianna taylor dante wright and the latest andrew brown now household names and symbols of police using deadly force president joe biden has promised racial justice will be a centerpiece of his administration and he took the unusual step of commenting on the murder trial of derek chauvin for the murder of george floyd before the verdict printing the verdict is the right of her. to momentum argue and after no one should be above the law and today's verdict sends that message but it's not enough we can't stop here. but civil rights groups are pushing him to go further the federal government gives hundreds of millions of dollars to local police departments they want to tie the money to departments 1st proving they don't discriminate they have to collect data and was happened is police departments have
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been refusing to even collect the data for example showing how racially skewed fare traffic stops our data on their use of force not just lot of them don't even date on all the people that they kill the justice department will get those records in minneapolis and louisville to police departments they're now investigating. it will determine whether l m p d engages in unconstitutional stops searches and seizures as well as whether the department of lawfully execute search warrants this is black lives matter and now permanent fixture just outside of the white house the president did promise that in his 1st $100.00 days he would establish a police commission but they scrapped that in part because activists say they would rather he focus on passing the george lloyd justice in policing act that would dramatically change the way police operate in the united states it's passed the house now these activists say they want to see the president push it through the
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senate in his next 100 days. al-jazeera washington let's focus on that we can speak to very frances berry who's a professor of american thought and history at the university of pennsylvania joins us from washington d.c. mary berry welcome to the program so biden's 1st 100 days as president has coincided with this this seminal moment that was the shave in a guilty verdict do you believe that the men men some of that that gives the racist you can enable the president to begin making the changes in the issue of racial inequality that people want and voted for. well i think so i think biden means well he always says mitt well i have watched him while he was a senator and for years and he has a great staff and he gave a great speech and all the rest of it and he hit all the right bases but there's an underlying problem the main strategy that the administration has is that if they do
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all of these economic things the money that will be spent for the various programs once childcare of the child tax credit education et cetera jobs climate change jobs infrastructure that all of that will help the and systemic racism that is not just about families or about anything else but that and we know from the history of these things that unless you have a push to try to end the race discrimination. and do it overtly even if you have an increase in jobs so even if you have an increase in education there discriminate there is discrimination in all of these aspects of our lives but this is a strategy that the administration has decided to take at love the programs i think it's wonderful to have all these programs that we should have had a long time ago but i worry that even if we pass the george floyd bill the jobless
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bill even if we get the kind of economic change that is wanted they've got to focus on what do we do about the race discrimination that exists and every area of our economy even as we expand or if we retract or what do we do and also also looking at things like the virus and vaccinations a lot of black people do not want to especially elderly ones that i know do not want to take be vaccinated because they think the government is somehow discriminating and they we have a history of abuse and all the rest of it and i don't think the president has attacked that strongly enough and i wish he would say so what do we do would he do to regain that trust if you're in that position move or you could advise him what would be your advice how would you draw the 2 sides together. well civil rights leaders ask him in a meeting which was leaked to the press when he 1st got in office to name an attorney general who would be somebody from the black community who had experience
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in dealing with all the scrim anation matters as head eric holder who worked for obama when the president was vice president and in doing that he has named some good people to the jobs lower down in the department but they have the history of not being very effective in trying to solve these problems i think what he should do is listen more to the people who are the leadership of the organizations and have them come and talk to them and the like and have someone do a listening tour in the country he's going to do what about immigration and have camel hairs do it to find out exactly what people think we ought to do and he ought to sit down with police and with people from the civil rights groups together to talk about what should be done about these issues it is early days is that we're a 100 days in is a 4 year term up through a bit but from what you said about people listening to what he's been saying apart from a poll conducted by washington post and a.b.c.
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42 percent of americans say he is doing too little to reform for example police practices. right that is so obvious because even after the shock of a new trial we have had more like man in black than being killed and it seems like every day you wake up or you still hearing about it over and over again it's quite evident that something more and something different needs to be done and i think listening and talking to people who are expert on these matters and the civil rights leaders and the like and brainy and the police together because the police have a stake in this too most of them are afraid when they're out patrolling and the like f.l. that out when i had the civil rights commission which i had it subpoenaed a bunch of them and they told me that told us said in public that they're mostly scared on the town and that they react in
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a hostile ways just because they are afraid so i think bringing people together to talk about this issue he should have at the police commission that he promised during the campaign that he would do in the 1st 100 days although i don't like the 100 days metaphor you know it came out from franklin roosevelt during the depression when he said i'll do x. in a 100 days and so now everybody thinks in a 100 days right away or are we should do all these things where his guilt is that of anybody but it's a good. benchmark the record is now after all these years of racial injustice how much hope do you have right now how much optimism you have. well 2 you always have to have hope and optimism and you also have to have hope that when you say how you feel and when we still have people who are oppressing that something be done on these issues that people will listen and i think the president he's got a lot of experience with these matters and has evolved over time as we like to say
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about such things and i think he can do it and i think you would want to do it so i think he should get on with the business of doing it mary frances berry is discreet to have you on the program to appreciate that thanks very much for the thank you or i thank you so much and thank you. now the u.s. has seen 142 mass shootings since biden took office and on wednesday he had congress to pass gun safety laws the president who calls gun violence and international embarrassment has issued executive orders but critics say they just think go far enough under gallica as this report. the gun violence archive an independent organization that tracks gun crime defines a mass shooting as for almost shot or killed by that metric 2021 is already a deadly year with $147.00 my shooting across the nation in march alone 8 people were killed in atlanta less than a week later 10 died at a supermarket in colorado. yet the issue of gun control remains as ever deeply
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divisive. in the run up to his election joe biden promised tough action including buying back weapons banning imported guns and so-called commonsense steps to curtail a uniquely american problem who in god's name needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds or 40 rounds or 20 rounds is just wrong and i'm not going to give up till it's done as a memorial to the victims of gun violence was installed on the national mall the president announced 6 executive orders including tackling the growing problem of homemade untraceable firearms known as ghost guns and old a gun advocates say will do very little there's no way that you're going to stop this there's nothing you can do about it this is the reality of the world and 3 d. printers are real and i can just go press a button and i'm going to print one of these today i speak to
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a nation. in grief i know there's not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do time and again presidents a force to comfort a nation loses around 40000 people to guns every year oppressed by the powerful gun lobby members of congress have been unwilling to change gun laws something organizations for gun control hope will change there's evidence and data to back up those rules will save lives we just need to get that passed in the senate and the american people will support and reward those at the ballot box who work to make their lives safer and to reduce the amount of gun deaths we see every year and they were poorest the people who stand in the way when i'm a shooting killed 14 students and 3 teachers here in parkland calls for gun reform group but little changed tackling this nation's right to bear arms isn't something
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a president can do without legislative support and that for now seems unlikely for many across the us thought some pres a simply not enough but meaningful change will be long and hard fought for for the 1st time since 2010 the supremes court will soon hear a major gun case based around the right to carry weapons in public most of the justices a conservative the decision could have major implications for gun control across the u.s. and will be watched closely and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. all right after the break we turn to foreign policy joe biden has worked hard to set a different tone from his predecessor but is changing foreign policy as easy as changing the rhetoric.
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hello there we're dealing with an unusual disturbance over the middle east i'll talk about why it's unusual in a sec but 1st let's look at the impact that it's had this is toward mecca after severe thunderstorms rolled through on tuesday some hail here and flooding just because of all that rain it had to go somewhere and it did and it's unusual here is why it's unusual because we've got the rain for yemen not just in the mountains but this is also falling over lower ground as well so that rain will continue for yemen as we head toward saturday spells of what weather for areas of iran particularly toward the south and also unsettled for northern afghanistan still getting some pulses of moisture as we head toward tanzania some pretty good downpours to throw at the democratic republic of congo i want to take you further south because watch this push of moisture for the eastern cape we're really going to have to check for the potential of flooding over the next few days this system is also going to drop
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the 1st snow of the season for the suit to a vengefully making its way to johannesburg so i show you the 3 day forecast there is where it becomes unsettled we've got some thunderstorms into the picture but by sunday conditions will begin to dry out. port moresby the capital of poppy new guinea is ranked 20 the most dangerous city in the world one no one needs to investigate the fine and dandy easterling feel on the streets on al-jazeera. a weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines the news media have been left to sort through mixed messages on a quite complex story from mainstream to street journalism to listening post covers the way the news has come for on a jersey's. vaccines a promising path out of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in
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history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap as the match between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation and the latest developments what's going on here is very different for a start the faxing comes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the corona virus pandemic on a. cool. but again welcome back to our special coverage of president joe biden's 1st 100 days in the white house we spend the 1st part of the show talking about domestic affairs and his turn to foreign policy a 3rd round of talks on the iran nuclear deal took place earlier this week in
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vienna it was abandoned in 2018 by the former u.s. president donald trump reviving it was a key biden election promise but tehran continues to drive a hard line on sanctions relief is a month. 100 days into u.s. president joe biden's 1st term and he has no nearer a key policy goal that of bringing iran back to the j.c. a known as the iran nuclear deal his predecessor pulled the u.s. out the deal in 2018 despite iran sticking according to the other signatories of the deal to its end of the bargain and while former president donald trump may have thought ripping up the deal would be the best way to get iran back to negotiations it hasn't one way iran has proceeded cautiously and is suspicious of the u.s. and whether this time under a new leader it will stick to its word out about it will lead to jedi the army called. the new u.s.
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administration has not done anything serious so far the new administration speaks of diplomacy in words but in practice the same sanctions and pressure of the previous administration still continues the lifting of sanctions and return of the u.s. to the j.c. feel way requires only a serious will but does that statement signal an intent from the iranians that the u.s. needs to do more to convince them president biden made a lot of promises during his election campaign but he has not kept those promises he called sanctions counterproductive he he admitted that trumpeting the station's maximum pressure campaign had failed but he continues to to follow dissenting policies in practice iran has already announced it is enriching uranium up to 60 percent its highest level ever at its natanz plant that the iranians say was attacked by israel earlier this month 90 percent is weapons
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grade we do not support do not think it's and are hopeful that iran is soon as can move ridge to 60 percent it is contrary to agreement we are no nonetheless. please around as we continue to agree to engage in discussions during a 3rd round of talks in vienna this week with the remaining signatories of the nuclear agreement iran will want to see meaningful movement on the issue of sanctions relief well others will want to see concrete steps by iran to limit its nuclear ambitions getting to an agreement however will not come overnight but whether it comes within the next 100 days of biden's presidency is seemingly not assured either iran card charges or let us take this on let's speak tomorrow bashar al jazeera senior political analyst joins us live from here in doha to talk about u.s. foreign policy so biden very much focused on transforming the domestic agenda as
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we've been learning what short take on the overall early days approach to u.s. foreign policy under biden. what you would wish that he is. all done. bullish on foreign affairs as he is on the domestic agenda i mean he's proving to be already quite transformative in his approach to the domestic affairs of a socially cannot make and racial programs and problems within the country but when it comes to foreign policy he he's keeping his cards close to his chest and that's usually not the traditional way for a superpower to be. getting with its strategy a superpower is transparent it is obvious and it is bullish on grand strategy of a sort of grand strategy mr biden has been talking the talk he's been talking in
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fact big game he's been grumbling about issues regarding russia china as well as various issues in the middle east including iran and so on so forth and so he's basically been putting beijing moscow on notice he's been putting on riyadh as well even as that a diva noticed at without showing how exactly he's going to achieve those who lost see aims that he set forward on the one hand he says he wants to establish a foreign policy for the middle class which mean is cost and benefit which means pragmatism but of the centime he's talking about global governance is talking about a return to the so-called liberal internationalism of the united states where democracy human rights cease to be a respect about around the world and so on so forth how is he going to be able to reagan's judical inside
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a lot of that remains ambiguous nick right i suppose you could argue that he wouldn't say would he he would play to keep his colleagues places just to to give him some kind of superiority in the claims in the case ations and so forth. you would think so but when it comes to a superpower like the united states the world superpower allies would be quite nervous not knowing where the heck is the american president where american policy is heading with a country with almost a 1000 military bases around the world you are know how they deployed when they are deployed why did the point what is this subject tonight or what is the calculus descent thing when it comes to diversity is on edge like those in beijing or russia and iran did but you know why this country is heading because you don't want an in intended consequences you don't want reckless behavior on the part of a certain adversity of course you could argue that this is
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a bit early for that by than a station would only on the 100 days mark but this is a president that is seasoned experienced has 50 years of that kind of history in foreign policy so you would have expected him to be a bit more transparent a bit more bold and certainly a bit more clear to both friends and fall foes when it comes to what's next for his administration mullen thanks for that its members are a senior political analyst very interesting thank you. next let's move on to the economy president joe biden has reviewed decades of u.s. economic thinking ronald reagan started the trickle down effect theory that as corporations in the rich get richer everyone would be better off that didn't work the trumps favorite measure of economic success was the stock market and last year despite the pandemic the dow jones and nasdaq both hit record highs and the richest
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one percent of american households they saw their wealth rise by 4 trillion dollars and more but $22000000.00 people lost their jobs plunging many into poverty and were forced to rely on charity to survive so what is biden done to help the recovery he's pushed through a $1.00 trillion dollars rescue plan with $1200.00 payments to most households there's also a $2.00 trillion dollar infrastructure plan but that may take time to get through the senate says it will mean a rise in corporation touch tax and now biden plans to increase taxes on the wealthiest americans to pay for child care and education possibly raising $1.00 trillion dollars in the process let's take this on we can speak to that he's got a loon who is a washington correspondent at the economist joins us from washington via skype it is great to have you with us this is big spending stratospherically big spending isn't it how much for risk is it can he pull off. you know there is
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a risk right now biden has already spent $1.00 trillion dollars and he's proposed spending in the infrastructure packages 4 trillion more now the risk that economists supported to use that this overheats economy and results in an increase in inflation possibly requires intervention from the federal reserve which would question his economic stewardship and a clear transformation that he aims to ensure in america right now so at what point would we know that that isn't going to happen or is beginning to happen how quickly might inflation take effect. well we're going to be looking at the data to see that already you've seen a bit of inflation in part because the last year looks so poor in comparison but you know it will matter a lot how do you know biden plans to balance the spending as you said he plans to raise all for trillion dollars off of increased taxes on the wealthy and on
9:44 pm
corporations how much of that he actually manages to get through congress they might deficit finance a lot of it which might lead to an even hotter economy going forward you know when when covert 1st struck in america as you said 20000000 jobs dropped most of those about 14000000 that returned by the time biden took office and that recovery has continued and additional 1300000 jobs have been added in his 100 days as he said in his address to congress yesterday and the fed is expecting that there will be 6.5 percent economic growth this year now biden is for 2 of us and that he can ride this wave for a bit but getting the policy exactly right is going to be tough and it's going to determine also is presidential. tricky indeed the downside is rampant inflation what's the upside if this it always works this massive investment where could the united states be. well there obviously is upside right but i didn't mention
9:45 pm
that. public investment in education k. through 12 which we douse think of as ubiquitous was once a full policy his idea of funding pre-k. of community college could could be seen in that realm you know the trillion dollars that he proposes to spend on climate change he proposes rapid departments nation of america and even poses a trillion dollars basically in green jobs as a way of getting the country there obviously if you're able to do that that will be a huge accomplishment of his administration what we think of you know people in 100 days they draw comparisons directly roosevelt l.b.j. you know franklin roosevelt created source curity l.b.j. for in the war on poverty medicare medicaid what will biden's signature policy be i think at the moment it's not going to be the covert 1000 relief package that you asked is big it was i think it will probably be something like climate change if
9:46 pm
you manages to congress right yet and that's a key thing isn't it is it climate change is the cornerstone of it of his domestic policy and how hard would it be for the u.s. to make the big green transition that he wants and he's promising. well you know it depends on what setter mansion will think because a lot of that is going to be the the lynchpin on what is able to get through the senate you know for all of bod's overtures for bipartisanship there wasn't very much of a come in 1000 relief bill and i don't imagine that there will be any in the future at least if you look at what tim scott the republican senator who offered his rebuttal to biden said yesterday it doesn't look like there's a real change in tone and so biden will have to marshal again very thin to could be thinner majorities that he has in the senate if you want to get anything right for showing dollars through and that means that he's going to have to find a policy and a plan that people as different as bernie sanders and joe manchin will agree on. all right fantastic to have you with us it is kowloon washington correspondent the
9:47 pm
economist thank you so much thank you if there was a single image that defined the trump presidency for many americans it was children held in cages after crossing the us mexico border immigration immigration is an emotionally charged issue in the united states and it fueled trump's rise but a reaction to trump's policies did help elect biden and the problems on the border they haven't got away with the new administration more than 170000 migrants were taken into u.s. custody at the nation's southern border in march that's the highest level in nearly 2 decades we have reporters live on both sides of 'd the us mexico border in a moment we'll check in with john holdren who's into and in mexico but 1st let's go to hide your castor who's live for us on the texas border town in the texas border town of mcmullen and heidi the way you will what's the feeling on the ground right now. well nic this is where critics of the biden
9:48 pm
ministration say is ground 0 for this so-called crisis happening at the border those numbers you cited indeed what's been officially reported by the government but being here for the last few days it's been relatively quiet this is core of course the border wall we've seen a lot of presence of border patrol agents of national guard soldiers and police officers but very few migrants crossing from the naked eye of course the numbers are telling a different story and this being the rio grande valley of texas a hot spot where the number of crossers jumped up it appears as soon as biden became president. biden's opponents say he should have seen this coming record setting numbers of migrants arriving at the u.s. southern border over his 1st 100 days in office the across the border but i mean people are crossing all day long. is every day and across the border officer oscar
9:49 pm
borrow of the police department took us to see the so-called crisis up close it didn't take long to find the 1st signs a mother and her child more than 100000 migrants traveling in family groups have arrived at the border since march while some were immediately expelled the majority have been released into the u.s. with more families at their heels. of a book on you and then there are the children and teens arriving at the border alone their numbers doubled the spring and remain on pace to reach 17000 in april some of these kids i mean youngest 6 years old i mean they're they're crossing over or where out of the family member throughout the parents without anybody else. the children after surviving harrowing journeys from central america are 1st processed within jail like conditions and then they're moved to more child friendly shelters where they wait weeks or months to be united with family again saddens me but
9:50 pm
unfortunately i can't do much about it makes me wonder. what happens to them after the fact maybe they. find their parents i mean i think about this but also on the rise the number of single adults hoping to get north of the wall and evade detection that is the end of the border wall built by former president donald trump his ambition of building it across the entire southern border far from fulfilled biden took office and in need only ordered construction to end these materials now . useless and left sitting in the sun the people believe that there's an open border the biden administration insists there isn't but efforts to convince migrants not to come have shown little success legal advocates say there will always be a flow of people seeking escape from poverty and violence in a new country they should how do we manage that and i think the underlying message
9:51 pm
has to be a humanitarian approach to immigration make sure that we're creating families individuals children are arriving on the border humanely compassionately and in an orderly way. squeezed between demands from liberals to be more compassionate and outrage from conservatives at the growing number of migrants biden is in a difficult spot managing the border an early test to his presidency it seems like there is little doubt that the board is going to be a massive problem for joe biden and easy target for opponents to attack. that's right spot especially if you look at the polls now where managing the border is biden's weakest topic among americans with just 29 percent of those poll by quinnipiac saying that he's doing a good job in handling the border and we're seeing some criticism also coming from democrats biden's own party was under mark kelly of arizona saying that the
9:52 pm
president's speech last night really lacks specifics in a plan on how to address the number of people coming across the border so indeed come next year's midterm elections biden may be fearful and democrats are certainly at risk of holding on to their slimmest of majorities or i don't think so that's a straight the texas forest service let's flip over to the other side of the border john holliman his life was in tijuana in mexico so john tell us a little bit more about what's happening where you are there. yeah it's pretty much an example actually of what you were just talking to heidi about we're outside of a camp of about 1500 people here and this camp actually formed in mid february and it almost in response to president joe biden actually changing a president trump policy and that policy from president trump was basically when you're trying to claim asylum in the united states you can't wait in the united
9:53 pm
states for that process wherever you were from they were going to put you back across the border into mexico that meant a lot of people away in mexico for a year or more even they were from honduras el salvador other countries president joe biden's change that policy he said that now if you already opened an asylum case in the united states you can't wait for him and he started to produce says all of those people that already had a case open and now eligible to wait in the united states so these people are here and have been since february a lot of them because they're waiting for that turn to go into the united states retake that process there in the u.s. now in one that's contributed something that's being called the biden effect by some of the locals here who say that basically having a president who's perceived as more compassionate and more empathetic to people migrating than president trump has meant that a lot more people turning up to it now where are they coming from and why there's a lot of people in this camp from honduras from central america they've just been
9:54 pm
buffeted by 2 big storms late last year the economic effect of the pandemic and the violence that's been really rampaging across those countries in central america for some time gang related violence is also a lot of people here for me too it can stay in southwest mexico we just spent 3 weeks there reporting on the situation there's basically a small war there between rival criminal organizations that are trying to take on we've heard some absolutely horrific stories and that's why those people are here for. being they're trying to get across the border to where they think that they're going to be safe so a real mixture of people here but fleeing for similar reasons little boy keeps popping in and out of shot behind you there's more kids in the distance how many children are there in this camp. there's quite a few families that we can actually see around and behind us that here in this camp
9:55 pm
we actually just saw. a father who was with his small son they've been associate here into one which is not a very peaceful border city there's a lot of violence and there's a lot of criminal activity there he fled all the way from michu account because of the situation that i just mentioned there so there are a lot of families as heidi mentioned as well in her piece and in her life there has also been this increase in unaccompanied minors unaccompanied children being crossing over the border into the united states now seems to be the president biden has said that he's not going to expel unaccompanied minors just like that without processing the families he's trying to i don't see yes but no unaccompanied minors which means they're on this seems to have happened is that a lot of parents are saying well maybe we're not going to get through as a group but maybe you as a minor maybe you as a child are going to get be able to get through and be able to hook up with relatives on the other side and obviously to see that happening is distress for
9:56 pm
people on all sides of this debate. john thanks very much indeed gratian promising to be one of the major problems and challenges for joe biden ahead in the rest of his 4 year term off to his 1st 100 days in office well that wraps up joe biden's 1st 100 days 3 is 265 days and so to go my colleague barbara starr will be back in just a moment with more of the day's news but 1st let's just leave you with some of the most memorable moments of president biden's 1st 100 days in the oval office. the president elect of the united states joseph robinette biden jr and dr jill biden congratulations mr president. was. doing more to groom part very few miles to world lives lost this virus and any
9:57 pm
other nation on earth. this time and the story. that. america has a long history of samak races. going violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international. america is back. this is a moment for all of us to build a better economy sure our children our grandchildren because scientists tell us this is the decisive action. we did that. day $200.00 shots the president and imagine. how after just $100.00 days. i can report to the nation.
9:58 pm
blue faced mosques a common sight in city centers around britain but as lockdowns allusive people will still be wearing mosques for months or even years to come and i'm going for the environment this video shows stauffer to wildlife hospital helping a bird that's been caught up in discarded litter it's a face moscow made to plastic now a recent survey found 70 percent of people using disposable boss didn't realize they were using single use frosted. researchers at university college london say if every person in the u.k. used one disposable mosque every day for a year it would create $124000.00 tons of waste half of which would be on we saw a clip of this factory there trying to provide an alternative for 90 viral coaching like other such mosques can be washed and reduced the design that we've come up with is ethical sustainable and entirely made in the u.k.
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it looks like face was to the cause of many people's lives at least in the short term whatever calling they where they're being urged to consider where it comes from and where it'll end up. a small boy and his brother rescued from war in gaza by the red cross i hold was and we were 1st placed on a red cross truck now a world leader in crisis management and a highly regarded doctor in chicago who still misses her homeland just one day pass without me thinking of returning to jordan al jazeera world meets 2 successful arab doctors in north america arabs approach the humanitarian and the healer on al-jazeera well if we cannot have palestinian my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control the french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows just 100 years ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for centuries to
10:00 pm
come and so. now we can durham a. psych speak of lines in the sand on al-jazeera. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al-jazeera. gulu. hospitals in delhi overflow with coronavirus patients struggling to breathe as concerns grow that the infections could spread across india's borders. follow up our prosperity you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up a president president in unprecedented times taking stock of joe biden's 1st 100 days in office.


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