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president idriss deby was killed last week during fighting with rebels in the north according to the manager the same rebels who are threatening to march on the capital. immediately after his death his son general mohammad was announced as his successor the constitution was suspended and the military council a sudden move strongly rejected by the opposition. but the violence that followed the elections in early april and the protest that came after the military take over father divided the country charts new military leader has promised to start a national dialogue tonight child event but it's not clear if you promise it's enough to end the latest cycle of violence in a country with a history of rebellion tribal conflicts and military interventions. al-jazeera german. and again this is our desire these are the top stories and 40 countries have
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pledged to supply india with oxygen as it reports another record day in corona virus cases and deaths elections are going ahead in 2 big states despite warnings that one of them could become a new epicenter turkey has just gone back into lockdown with people ordered to stay at home for 3 weeks president made the announcement on monday in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus all into city travel now requires official approval schools will be shot. alexina valley has appeared in court for the 1st time since ending a 3 week hunger strike he's appealing his conviction for defaming a world war 2 veteran and now the court has adjourned proceedings on whether to label these opposition network as extremist but a smith was at that hearing in moscow. prosecutors want to. corruption organization they want the court to declare it an extremist organization that and these regional political groups as well this would put. an organization on
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the same level. meaning people who finances group or supporters of the group could face very very lengthy jail sentences and very very heavy prison. kurdistan says it's reached a cease fire with tajikistan after the heaviest fighting along the disputed border in years at least 5 people have been killed fighting broke out over a water reservoir and pumping station which is claimed by both sides. u.s. president joe biden has presented his blueprint to build america in an address to congress on the eve of his 100th day in office in a wide ranging speech biden said he's turning peril into possibility after the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic he's promising trillions of dollars in investment in job sin infrastructure and education. airstrikes against ethnic armed groups have continued in may in march 2 days after a military outpost was overrun near the border with thailand monitoring groups say
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the joint has launched at least 6 attacks since choose day and hundreds of people have fled into thailand yes they were headlines more news here in algeria right after inside story remember do join us in 25 minutes for a special look at president joe biden's 1st 100 days in office we'll see that by foot. somalia's president backed down from extending his term by 2 years but there's no clear path to elections and the political crisis is triggering unrest in the capital so could the turmoil spark a new conflict this is inside story. hello
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and welcome to the program. when the somali president's term expired in february he tried to extend it by 2 years but after facing opposition from within and outside the country how much of a far maggio is backing down he's called for preparations to hold the ladle lections but for auto and his opponents haven't been able to agree on how that vote should go ahead rival factions have been fighting in the capital mogadishu and the shabab is seizing the opportunity to extend its grip the armed groups said it was behind a car bomb that killed at least 3 people outside the national prisons authority headquarters it's feared the turmoil could lead to a new conflict as catherine sawyer reports. president mohammad up to life maja's address to the nation was tough but the same time provided an offer to
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unlock the political statement he accused the opposition leaders of politicizing the security forces trying to cause. and grab power and some foreign countries of meddling in somalia in tunnel affairs but he also pedaled back on the controversial law passed by the lower house of parliament to extend his time in office by 2 yes' and have the electoral commission organize a popular vote within that time i know could order the one bulk of the federal governments of somalia has always believed and still sees dialogue compromise negotiation and the return to the discussion table as the only viable options in the september 17th 2020 agreement and the recommendations on the electoral model call upon all of the signatories of the agreements or come together immediately for discussions. the september greenman says the country will hold an in direct election where. members of parliament who in town vote in
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a president talks between the government leaders from the federal state and others have a stalled with a different side accusing each other of derailing the process some analysts say the president of the decision to extend he doesn't change the political contest over management of the election and the mistrust between politicians. between the different groups and. the un has failed to do that and so unless the african union or somebody else. i don't think they will come to. forward. and the rest of the country from the crisis was tensions have been building for a while and the crisis. is drawn in the military and police force which you say to be to fight it along political lines government and pull opposition forces fought
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on sunday in mogadishu and there are reports the opposition forces hold positions in several parts of the city people have been fleeing looked at homes fearing more conflict but some a hopeful that the president's message will deescalate tensions and politicians will find a middle ground to hold an election soon catherine sign says iraq. the unrest is the 2nd bout of violence in mogadishu over 4 maggio's bid to stay in power and many fear the dispute will further divide somalia's armed forces that are drawn from different clans president for module belongs to one of the main clans the deride or the majority of the military in the capital and most opposition leaders belong to the how we there's growing concern there could be a return of clan based violence that followed the overthrow of mohamed bari in 1901 the nation hasn't had a stable central government since then a new internationally backed government was installed in 2012 but his struggle to assert control beyond mogadishu.
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all right this spring in our guests in mogadishu i'm going to be a member of parliament and former deputy prime minister in toronto with an alley a development and humanitarian expert and co-founder of lead now a somali women's political pressure group and also in mogadishu. housen a security analyst and former director general of somalia's defense ministry a warm welcome to you all i'm going to let me start with you today why did president for module finally give up on extending his term was it because of mounting pressure from both the international community and from domestic groups. so to speak to a few a computer much earlier in the submission with at least 2. well i'm a bit of only and say what i think is actually to be total so many people also welcome my 2 sisters why but i know very well one of them. my present actually my mother have provided no. actual nothing precious about it anybody but what i'm
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telling you is actually according to the rules and regulations of the country according to the constitution it's a it's actually when the present sees the situation of the country and this is actually the members of the federal stages and also the prime minister and the consult with the speaker of the parliament that's when he actually decided to come back to the parliament actually. ask the bottoming to come on saturday and he will actually promise the current situation of the country so it's not something that has been person i think by the way you know will it or the be able to rise well according to the course of the country you know that surely. one of our constitution face you know it better that. so much as if it in a so and so very and it democratic republic a pundit exclusive representation of the people what about system and social
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justice so according to that according to that actually article of the 1st constituent our amendment. is actually comparing it to come back to the betterment and exactly to tell us. what he made of it it's a means i'm trying to think of the kind of vision of the country that there will be able to focus on people so that's the kind of the president that supposed to have so many people john there been clashes in mogadishu the past few days between forces loyal to president for modern units loyal to the opposition how tense is the situation now and what's the level of concern that fighting might get worse going forward yes there has been clashes but now destruction is on left to the political does a political momentum right now has been shown by make clearly there has been meetings between now and again the president will imprison and that the and notify the extension and it was welcomed by both the president and the prime minister and now
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we see the prime used to going to meet. him in syria to be a session on saturday so that's total calm the tensions violence but unless there is a long term political agreement and the way forward is the level of uncertainty can create. a lot of challenges going forward or what you who have been jan was just talking about the potential for instability let me ask you how much has the political stalemate in somalia created uncertainty for the somali people and also for the security forces. i think when someone is in that state right now will never be. politically and also from security perspective. the current situation arising from the political state still made resulting in an illegal extension passed by parliament signed by the president. and i correct myself is not
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the parliament it's the lower house that signed it and passed it to the president signed has brought us to the brink of war and also we've same backlash between the 2 forces that mentions. that you know. at this point in 22 into one for somalia to be threatened and the ship to be under under fire it's quite saddening for most of us and to see hundreds hundreds of thousands of people meet the capital at this time and some of that has been also a horrifying scene to watch and i want to go back to the comment the question they asked earlier the pressure both international community and at home give rise to the president coming back in nullifying the extension absolutely and there's been mounting pressure both of those national committee internally obviously with the insecurity that has been going on but also within the government actions. the kind
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minister calling for a cease fire the state the federal state members also rejecting the extension so i think all of those added together has pushed the president to to attract more meaning that it's that he. had parliaments. as momentum the president has so that it been an extension to begin with was and we. all know i hope will the current political negotiations will yield fruits and move the country towards an election in a way from by. and i'm going to come on president for module as you mentioned in your previous answer has said that he is going to appear before parliament on saturday in order to gain their endorsement for the electoral process that was agreed upon he's talking about the september 17th agreement that had been cobbled together last year than later fell apart do you believe that that can actually get done will the lower house of parliament agree to this when he appears before the.
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yes definitely because in the 1st place that the solution has been actually you know met an unlighted by the city of concern of the council of ministers. and they actually submitted to the parliament. by the time they got to the parliament we translated it into a law and then the president actually signed it degree on that 17 of of it 17 of us a term that actually. a law which has been signed by the president is the actually the most important the one that everybody is supposed to actually accept it but what our understanding is and people they don't was very concerned that is why after almost all these people achieve the premium the country of the people wants to leave the country tomorrow actually creating all these kyra's and at same time calling the people not just into their homes i'm actually get away from that house
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but if the president comes on saturday and asks the parliament again immediately after the parliament will actually discuss i'm a low actually to reestablish and they bid on it and they establish actually the same row make it back we're back to that really so it's easy to sit there which actually was used to be a political agreement between the terms of the member states somalia one of them during actually the summit in 18 in the summer of 123 or 4 in with visual and that but it's going to be meant if you look actually kept in their own way they actually sent it to the parliament by the time they sent to the parliament and the baron actually made it low and the president signs that that into a degree with the actually giving alternative to the people to use that the grid or do you think actually it will actually go back to them again and
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again and again the mind of the present. is there yes to explain why i have to be going back on what the reason we're actually is actually b.j. we know a lot of us because our country you know is going to actually a situation that we suppose according to what my system has been said now we have to actually come to the people and the same time we up to actually. creating that. and replace that no into the previous vote so differently but it will mean that it will accept actually to go back because of tampa and condition of the john there are opposition forces who abandon positions in other parts of the country these are frontline positions in some instances against al shabaab in order to travel to mogadishu and take up positions there there are reports that has taken over at least one town as a result of this vacuum that has developed so how much concern is there that will
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further exploit any security vacuum and make more gains going forward. you know i i'd like to point out of position forces because at the end of the day this out so my security forces that i'm why. they have the they also want to keep its forces no matter which wing there are right now fighting against or the faction between them yes as you know so my security forces what will cheney in equates to fight the enemy that is. and the threat that al shabaab will pull is still there and it's going to be there before until they're the so my security forces united but again is that yes we know many forces have left the front of 32 bases and that is we have a lot of time in the short term impact not only with security and morning hours but also for the chance of the civilians that mean not the force of a key to it because always when you're fighting
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a good income to insurgency you need to win the hearts and minds of the c.b.s. that you want there to protect sort of occasion demene us wish and make this right now and future it will endure and shailene the fetal position that all security forces which right now look only arrow is the challenge back in shaba right now we can see a broken chain of command we can see are and as you know every security falls right now has we're going to much in a whole month was that is the child brings an issue yesterday we have seen a an excellent as to where the prime minister would also seem this to be chief of his and there was a meeting of and i yes i'm here in mogadishu so right now i think the main priority should be for the also my security forces to refocus and prioritize back in the chain that was then this is all fairly complicated i want to look for a moment at the september 17th agreement that had been cobbled together and then
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later fell apart when it came to the elections i mean this had called for the election the federal lawmakers through indirect elections. it had been agreed to but then it fell apart in the election was delayed because of disputes between the federal government and different states like puntland in juba land along with the opposition. what has to happen now for an agreement on how to conduct the elections going forward because even if the lower house of parliament agrees to to this agreement again. that doesn't really solve the problem doesn't it really doesn't the fundamental problem right now is the lack of trust between the state waters i mean that's due to you know clear violations that we've seen over the past 6 to 8 months so i think. obviously if we haven't was signed by the president. or the other stakeholders but there were several challenges with how to
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implement that and that's then to you know total collapse of the talks followed by. you know attacks that were. months in the follow up and this is further you know who are really the themes of the conditions so fundamentally right now it's not about the process let's say is to rebuild. the people it is in how does that whether that's rust looks like it who needs that part of. instructions obviously you know prevent mass 6 to 8 months been having just one president and the rest leader is having pox and then each time the next they're side we don't really know exactly what goes on especially as you know where the african union has announced an envoy to be dispatched to show how pursuing the state is the special
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envoy and that's in part and i think that probably is the saving please. right now that. has that someone impartial in there and actually me but. i'm going to manhood and it was just talking about the fact that the a u is going to be sending an envoy to try to facilitate dialogue let me ask you specifically about that i know that a president for marjoe has called for dialogue to happen are we going to see dialogue or are we going to see negotiations who from your perspective is going to be mediating in any potential negotiations that are going forward. i think if this is actually supposed to be it's really driven so many lead dialogue and this is actually traditionally and culturally we always used. we have been doing it for
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the. last couple years i mean. if you see the somali people mostly they don't they don't come out actually just stock they always talk fully and totally according to them it's history saying that actually is going to come we'll actually see the in between actually for the member states and underdone the visit of the for the republic. maybe he will consult separately each one you know an actual to consult and discuss with actually with the seminars and that he wants to talk but some analysts will sit down together we'll discuss about this issues but i would like to actually remind everybody one thing which is very important this political agreement which has been made in actually the some rep has been actually i mean a couple times you know actually when it was 1st actually stablished by the council of ministers. last year and it was brought to the parliament we translated it into
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a lot and you remember it was actually a signal consistency across list model of election which rejected it actually that actually it was proposed by the president himself by his council of ministers and then the present by the time he has in the parliament it is rejected it agreed with them. fully and he signed the degree by the time he did that which went back to what we can actually see in that election and that actually what they'll be working on it in the it was my meeting of the member member for the member states and the president and the prime minister that was after that time or sitting with them the a greet by the time they couldn't come back here they brought it to the present but it's to the parliament and we have stepped into it with them we made it a lot if you remember that now it's actually a what we call at the low number of pity used to be number 20 but by
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actually excellence the president has to share my mood but never actually made it the same route liberty the same thing action is happening the direction would be continuing it but it's still 17th temba agreement. i don't know how to work ok except it because some of them are too they might actually insist sitting seeing something which is ridiculous out. there which the bottom at either 100 of the breast and i'm sorry i'm sorry to interrupt you just we're starting to run out of time and i want to i want to go over to john and ask another question real quick john given the level of distrust among politicians in somalia now which you had referred to earlier what happens next i mean what has to happen for this political dispute to get resolved and what happens if it does not get resolved thank you 1st week for the president you need the full human rights that will that. as well and said and also owner of the it be indicated
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it has been always talks between the 4 so many dishes and they have the reserve red line between the 2 sides in and i know it's time to mediation eyes it's going to be a somalian mediation or it's going to be supported by. special envoy coming in to be attacked that's where i think be a real negotiations mediation and a dialogue and it's like it means if that doesn't happen in the in the short or the level of uncertainty it's very i think the whole there's a lot of hopes being lost it's a little until now people have known about the allegations and there you can imagine the level of load you know we have the progress made be upgrading from its meaning in terms of rebuilding our security forces if a national economic order reforms of the overall reform process of the john john
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i'm just to john i'm sorry to interrupt you we just have about a minute left but i do want to ask then one last question when you heard jim there at talk about people who have been fleeing their homes and you mentioned that earlier we only have about a minute left let me ask you how scared are civilians right now. i think there was a sigh of relief by civilians both in the the shop but the global somali there and we are very pleased that right now things have calmed and tensions are no but the potential for violence is very intense unless we find political appointments and i just want to make a. comment. what we need to do as someone is i mean this is has to be a some money on process of finding a political solution but however we need to understand that you know in this in this age. no longer interested in one man rule or where men show anything that has
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been clear in the mass particularly one week there isn't the mits to you know the silence in sort of. you know the gnat gnat gnat reacting what you see who to show it's citizens reacting against the inability to actually go to elections we have you know everyone's got a right to their views but we don't have the right to create alternative facts the facts are somebody must hold elections every 4 years and there isn't actually has to be consensus in and sort of everybody up meaning to the outcomes of that election and we cannot risk any. opportunities to go back to slide into the years of violence so i think it's good and i want to call on everyone to continue on the dialogue into make sure that the citizens not just the show all over somalia and outside of somalia feel that you know they can they can live in peace and
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compete in the global war that obviously with their many challenges their school with its meant in crisis in somalia you know you know 80 percent of the country is facing drought so there are serious challenges that we cannot afford to have this political conundrum continue all right we've run out of time so we're going to have to leave the conversation there thank you so much to all of our guests to be with an alley and you have. and thank you too for watching you can see this and all of our previous programs again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from emergency room in the whole team here bye for now.
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port moresby the capital of puffy new guinea is ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the world 101 east to investigate the violent games if killing fields on the streets on al-jazeera. the. us from the
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it is $800.00 g.m.t. and you're watching al-jazeera welcome to a special hour of coverage from u.s. president joe biden's 1st $100.00 days in office it's americans always get out. today that's what we're doing america's rising to do. but as biden celebrated his achievements on wednesday night in his 1st full.


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