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witness documentary on al-jazeera we need to start on the differences on the same cultures across the world so no matter what. the news and calendar for that matter . 40 countries pledged to supply india with all its agenda as the country faces an unrelenting surge in corona virus infections as india's covert crisis grows so does anger on social media and the government's effort to contain. i don't think this is al-jazeera life also coming up to stand says it's reached a ceasefire touchy to stand after 5 people were killed in fighting at a disputed border. back in court russian opposition need to elect you never seen by
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video link for the 1st time since ending his hunger strike. i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify 100 days in office we take a look at u.s. president joe biden's record so far and the promises that remain to be fulfilled. quote of ours cases and deaths across india have reached a new high as the country grapples with the devastating 2nd wave more than 3600 deaths and nearly 380000 cases were reported on thursday despite all of this millions of people turned out to vote for regional elections in west bengal sparking fears the state may become the new epicenter elizabeth cronon has more now from new delhi. sure the sun is inconsolable lotta hearing of her mother's death while waiting in line to get oxygen for her i want to
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go to my mother she cries repeatedly earlier she described just how difficult it is to get help and daddy visited me when we have an out of a house is 2 in the morning there's no oxygen available in all of delhi and after a lot of running around we finally got here by 4 initially there was a queue on the other side then we were told that we had to come to the fun side and queue here my mother is very ill and for the past 2 days we've been trying to get a bed in so many hospitals in delhi. but sure these mother is just one of the 3645 people who died in india on wednesday delhi even maine's one of the worst affected states its leaders said despite trying their best every hospital in the capital is overburdened and treating people beyond their capacity. that's why this base in central new delhi where political rallies and religious festivals
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are usually held is being converted into a makeshift hospital this is where the government is constructing a 500 bed intensive care unit facility it hopes to have an extra 1200 i think in the capital within 2 weeks but that's still nowhere near enough to meet the numbers needed right now. delis case is a go and up by more than 20000 each day and health experts say around 15 percent of people with the virus need to be in hospital the u.s. state department tweeted saying access to medical care is severely limited due to co the 19 cases and u.s. citizens who wish to depart india should use the available commercial flights now but despite the country going through its worst crisis and its modern history the last phase of regional elections went ahead in the state of west bengal on thursday where 4 candidates have already died from the virus so in the context of
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a raging pandemic it's unconscionable that people should be called to vote today particularly in the. rate of are currently at 50 percent. health experts said the devastating scenes witnessed in other states will be repeated in west bengal as a result of the launch of political gatherings elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi where there is a younger against the indian government for its handling of the pandemic many people have taken to social media to share their thoughts has a look at your broad. take a look online for posts about the coronavirus crisis and india and your time line will be flooded with plays for help for oxygen and other medical equipment or a place to lay the dead to rest and this was a video a man's outside a clinic desperate for oxygen which is eventually delivered after countless phone calls by family and supporters many medical workers have signed up to online platforms to beg for assistance all share their stories talk to go to him saying
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heads up a hospital in new delhi. to sustain our vision for the next 2 hours. you don't want to do our. part of. this videos also gone viral it said to show a distraught man who's big policeman not to take away the oxygen cylinder he did arrange for his mother who was in a critical condition the police later said the cylinder was empty and the man was pleading for another one many on twitter remain unconvinced by the official line with the government accused of trying to hide the truth one death a day a character in this political cartoon says despite the line up of bodies behind him and there are those who say they're witnessing the collapse not just of the health system but all layers of government led by prime minister narendra modi the hashtag resigned modi has been trained across the country this week that on wednesday it
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was blocked by facebook for several hours anyone clicking on a post so this one instead facebook says it happened by mistake and not because of a request by the government but there's plenty of skepticism because the government has been ordering the removal of critical social media posts to stop what it calls the spirit of misinformation but censorship watchdogs say it's part of an effort to cover up the severity of the crisis this cartoon has no end to modi promising able sensitive and visionary leadership surrounded by the bodies of victims with burning funeral pyres behind him well this one highlights major political gatherings as one calls for the surge in cases describing them as recharge points for the virus modi's party the b.j. pay and others have continued to hold huge rallies despite the pandemic because it's election season it's feared india's covert 1000 crisis could spread across its borders nepal has announced a new lockdown while pakistan is using the military to enforce restrictions is
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anger online in those countries too with warnings of a looming oxygen shortage full hospitals and a slow vaccine rollout. villages journalist and political commentator and he explains why india's government is afraid of social media. we've been saying for a while now all of this diabolical strategy to label the cold as waltz news and label false news as a tool so whatever the government says falls new is also used right so if somebody says my grandfather died i need oxygen and the government overflows you in the government says they put you in jail i mean this is ringback absolutely sort of diabolical and but not the government or at least 21 of the leads to lead to it under under the rug already an internet censorship law and what police believe the government said there were mistakes initial. but if you look at that to weave their way how present there are some ways of a singapore officials i mean ordinary people and many order to get not speaking of
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fear of government. but even broadly their big member of parliament 3 was ready just created saying the situation is terrible people have guy and the government says we deleted everything government is clearly more afraid about the political. than about people's health and saving lives i think at this present moment india are something we have been more important than ever before because over the last few years independent institutions it is the media have been co-opted by the government in such a scenario it is when the beatles speak up on social media badly even the mainstream media is 1st to stop denying reality just for the storm of people running out of what the hospitals are stopping ambitions because they don't have oxygen because there are no beds you know critically the one of the most important stories in india right now is the flooding of gaps. by sometimes several times and
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for some video highlighting those kind of story is how you know hospital refused to give somebody a 2nd because that would be counter to the dad who's kind of story. and i think that's why the government is afraid of. well the united states has dispatched its 1st but show overcovered 19 relief materials to india a white house correspondent can be how could joins us now live can you tell us more about the shipment you know what we've heard from this administration particularly when it dealt with the covert crisis here in the united states the help is on the way well now that applies internationally as well with those 1st aid flights to india taking off on thursday from the united states and what we know will be on board is the oxygen that is so desperately needed as well as generators and other related equipment that will help in the administering of oxygen we also know that
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there will be therapeutics like rem desa vir and also rapid tests and then much needed p.p. events the personal protective equipment that's needed for the 10s of thousands of front line workers that are dealing with this crisis inside india now this will all be coming from the u.s. government but we also know that supplies will be coming from state and local as well as n.g.o.s and also private corporations so this is something that the united states wants to do because india helped the united states early on in the early days of the penn demick here in the u.s. when areas such as new york city were so hard hit and both governments are highlighting that this is a partnership that has been in place for decades some 70 years and the point that the united states government is now trying to underscore is that this is something that will continue in fact there is a commitment a renewed commitment by both the indian and u.s. governments to ensure health security moving forward to make sure that these type
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of crises don't happen in the future. thanks for that so it can be how could the at the white house. well turkey's street just locked on yet has just come into effect with people ordered to stay at home for 3 weeks here live pictures of the city of istanbul 20 people still mainly run could be last minute supplies president made the announcement on monday in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus on intercity travel requires official approval schools will be shut to nearly urgent medical treatment is allowed the growth of new cases dropped this week compared to mid april but turkey still has the world's 5th highest number of infections. kickstand says it's reached a cease fire with just on the heaviest fighting along the disputed border in is at least 5 people have been killed and dozens more have been injured. yes fighting broke out over a water reservoir and pumping station which is claimed by both sides president
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threw rocks at each other before security forces exchanged gunfire and let's hear from that scene in cos you knew in istanbul and soon it was a current situation. well they've actually is since 14 g.m.t. 8 pm local entire tickets than inconsistent a ceasefire temporary ceasefire has been in place according to foreign ministry statements from both sides but as you also said everything started with it with an allegation that tajik authorities installed a surveillance camera on a water station. that is claimed by both sides of the border and the 2 sides local started to throw rocks at each other than it turned out to be fire exchanged between the 2 sides and then the military is from 2 sides got involved in the situation and have it have a gun machines were were involved in the is to dense and. one person died dozens
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injured according to the reports but some reports suggest that a war a war of words actually was triggered between the 2 sides in late march when the head of crewe kruger state committee for national security proposed that tajikistan should yield. a target in clay within the cougar's territorial borders. in exchange for a parcel of territory from the buckskin region so that was actually the start of the war of words between the 2 sides according to some reports but nic the border issue is always there in these kinds of former soviet countries especially even though almost 30 years have passed through 2 sides gained in independence the say agreement on the borders which is a very long one remains because the target is down has an enclave within cricket this town and from time to time especially on the fine border in that
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a long frontiere is a matter of question but this time it was the heaviest clash between the 2 sides but apparently it's halted because of this temporary ceasefire. president thanks for the cynical sort of the. 3rd ahead here on al-jazeera fears that india's ferentz may have crossed over the border to nepal the country heads into a 2 week looked at. what china is calling a heavenly harmony in the solar system build tool for planet space station as opposed to when. it's time for the perfect gentlemen. sponsored point at ways hello those rains that have been plaguing areas of japan are now starting to slide
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off to the pacific but we've got another bout of moisture coming so let me break down those details 1st for that 1st system is out toward the pacific but still some heavy rains for northern areas of japan in the forecast on friday so let me take you to saturday now we see this disturbance in the sea of japan it's going to fling moisture on to honshu so tokyo your forecast over the next few days once again becoming unsettled and while it well as we go to southeast asia we've really seen those heavy spells of what weather for indochina rate through into somalia and across borneo that continues friday and into the weekend for india we're seen severe storms at times bubble up towards southern portions of the country strong storms for sri lanka as well still hanging on to that high heat for northern areas including new delhi some unusual weather we've been dealing with for areas of the middle east look what it has done into mecca i'm saying it's unusual because it's
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dropping re not just in the mountains in yemen but also over low ground as well and that will continue for saturday. sponsored paul qatar airways it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy in fact all of our patients you're putting more money into the hands of someone taking money out of the hands of other workers everyone goes to their camp it becomes us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is there. if you want to help save the world. sneeze and hero.
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but again you're watching out 0 are mind about top stories this hour and 40 countries have pledged to supply india with oxygen that's it reports another record day in corona virus cases and death elections are going ahead in 2 big states despite warnings that one of them could become the new epicenter. turkey has just gone back into lockdown with people ordered to stay at home for 3 weeks president obama made the announcement on monday in a bid to stop the spread of growing our us all into city travel now requires official approval in schools shocked. dan says it's reached a cease fire with it to start after the heaviest fighting along the disputed 40 years at least 5 people have been killed fighting broke out over water reservoir pumping station which is claimed by prince. election of around these appeared in court for the 1st time since ending a 3 week hunger strike the kremlin critic attended
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a hearing by video link to appeal against his conviction for defaming a world war 2 veteran in a separate court case proceedings on whether to label novell needs opposition network as extremist have been adjourned but as with reports now from moscow. on a poor quality video link from a prison hospital alexei navalny looks he's lost 20 kilos since his return from germany in january telling his wife and the rest of the court he's eating a few spoonfuls of porridge after ending a 3 week hunger strike this hearing was an appeal against his conviction for defamation but vladimir putin's most prominent critic had other things to talk about to. this 20 years of incompetent government have led to the fall and the result there is a crown slipping from his years there elias on t.v. we have spent $3.00 and our country continues to slide into poverty opportunities to have his voice heard a rapidly shrinking similar sleep in another moscow court prosecutors opened
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a case to declare in the valleys and to corruption group the f b k and his regional offices as extremist making them equivalent to al qaeda. novell is a regional campaign offices do not exist anymore but there are dozens of cool and mighty regional politicizes there are thousands of there they're powerful independent political organizations that will be doing investigations and money during elections balik campaigns and rallies. the case was adjourned but the court has already imposed an interim order stopping the group from operating the number 2 as they'd rather powerful opponent is standing against us it is the whole state machine of a nuclear superpower state it can behave brutally as we could see ourselves during the events which are also related to the current case we are defending the truth we believe that our clients if b.-k. is a fair organization which does not violate any law you rarely hear his name mentioned on russian television any attempt to remind people who he is is quickly erased this
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mural incent petersburg was painted over hours after appearing overnight alexei navalny supporters say they'll carry on with their activities but without the charismatic personality they might find it much harder to have an impact. but it's with al jazeera. u.s. president joe biden has presented his blueprint to build america address to congress on the eve of his 100th day in office in a wide ranging speech biden said he's turning peril into possibility after the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic has pledged trillions of dollars in investment jobs infrastructure and education but as we evaluate the 1st $100.00 days of the biden harris administration in the u.s. we've been taking stock of his accomplishments and setbacks so far one of the main reasons biden became president is because african-americans turned out in huge
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numbers to vote for him he promised to make racial equality a big part of his future plans but has he done enough political hay in a sad story. be afraid. paul weinstock explaining what it's like when an african-american sees a police officer in the united states but this former convict now works with the washington d.c. police department to try and change that if we get more of the officers to engage in the community and provide resources and things than that nature it can be better and that's and it's going to be perfect as nothing is never perfect but it's always a try and then go into these neighborhoods and hear what they have to say but many activists believe it will take more than that. georgia floyd brianna taylor dante right and the latest andrew brown. now household names and symbols of police using deadly force president joe biden has promised racial
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justice will be a centerpiece of his administration and he took the unusual step of commenting on the murder trial of derek chauvin for the murder of george floyd before the verdict printing the verdict is the right turning. to overwhelm in my view and after no one should be above the law and today's verdict sends that message but it's not enough we can't stop here but civil rights groups are pushing him to go further the federal government gives hundreds of millions of dollars to local police departments they want to tie the money to departments 1st proving they don't discriminate they have to collect data and was happened is police departments have been refusing to even collect the data for example showing how racially skewed fare traffic stops our data on their use of force not just lot of them don't even key data on all the people that they kill. the justice department will get those
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records in minneapolis and louisville to police departments they are now investigating it will determine whether l m p d n gauges in unconstitutional stops searches and seizures as well as whether the department unlawfully execute search warrants this is black lives matter now permanent fixture just outside of the white house the president did promise that in his 1st $100.00 days he would establish a police commission but they scrapped that in part because activists say they would rather he focus on passing the george lloyd justice in policing act that would dramatically change the way police operate in the united states it's passed the house now these activists say they want to see the president push it through the senate in his next 100 days. al-jazeera washington. the producers of russia sputnik. you know suing brazil's health regulator for defamation of the vaccines developed is the brazilian regulator knowingly spread
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false information about the brazil recently denied a request by several states to import the vaccine saying experts had flagged uncertainties about it a sport nick says the comments were made without any proper tests being carried out but health care experts in nepal are warning that the capital katmandu could see scenes similar to neighboring india infections are rising in hospital beds a filling up with new restrictions being imposed officials say the situation is under control but many residents are not taking any chances. as this. empty streets in nepal's capital as a 2 week lockdown is imposed to limit the spread of corona virus it's the 2nd wave to hit the country infections have surged and more than half are in the captain's do but are told both are hospitals are seeing more cases in a shorter span of time the 2nd wave is more potent with more young people and children infected as health workers struggle to contain the growing number of
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patients experts fear that thousands may have caught the mutant variant strains emerging out of neighboring india thousands of workers from nepal have left their jobs in indian cities with 1000 is spiraling out of control and they're arriving here in nepalese towns by the border and that's creating a major health crisis. it's like a mini india the situation was similar in the capital which has a dense population would be difficult to cope with the existing health infrastructure more than 300000 people in nepal have got covert 1990 percent have recovered over $3000.00 people have died as daily cases surgery experts warn that the epidemic could overwhelm nepal's fragile health system if the country is unable to break the chain of transmission in time and hold health authorities have repeatedly appeals to the public to wear masks avoid crowds and to maintain social distance but recent political rallies and religious festivals have helped fuel the
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spread of the disease thousands rush to leave the capital after the lockdown was announced i am not sure i'm waiting at the bus stop for a seat out of cotman do it's crowded the situation is difficult i'd rather be back in my village where i can make ends meet health authorities. could spread the virus in villages across nepal dumb. the situation out of control or spreading and life thing. launched a vaccination campaign in jan. giving doses from india and china to nearly 2000000 people but with a population of 20000000 and limited access to that seems now part would have to seek support from the international community to prevent the epidemic from spiraling out of control. from italy book argentina do. airstrikes against ethnic armed groups have continued in man mark 2 days after a military outpost was overrun near the border with thailand.
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monitoring groups say the gender has launched at least 6 attacks since tuesday and hundreds of people have fled into thailand the strikes came after the current national liberation army captured and burned the army camp it is is government says any group from guilty of causing violence in the west proper region will now be considered a terrorist organization it says the move is in line with current counter-terrorism laws and is an effort to do security in the area has been increased in fighting between the military and separatist groups the top general killed on sunday. china has launched a rocket carrying the core module of its planned space station into orbit along march 5 b. rockets took off from the wind china's space lot center on the southern island module will provide electricity and propulsion to the space station become a kind of comedy 3 astronauts for up to 6 months to try to you reports now from beijing. the launch of
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a new era in china's space exploration the call of china's 1st permanent space station chant her or heavenly harmony launched from the southern island of high nabhan thursday morning 10 minutes after liftoff it successfully separated from its long march 5 rocket it's the 1st of 11 missions needed to complete the space station next year the 17 metre long module contains the station's controls and power supply and living quarters for 3 astronauts water on board will be fully recycled it will be followed by 2 other modules designed to house a range of scientific experiments including in quantum physics biotechnology and microgravity 12 astronauts are training to live on board chan her own 6 month the 1st are expected to arrive in june china began plans to build the station in the 1990 s. but they were almost sidelined by the corona virus outbreak. the construction of our space station was affected by the predominate stage but we were hard to
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minimize the impact china has made no secret of its ambition to become an international space that was to rival the u.s. it's been collaborating closely with russia to the stand washington has banned from working with nasa because of security concerns in 2003 china became the 3rd country after the u.s. and russia to put a man in space they drink has since launched a number of space walks and cruellest missions including the retrieval of lunar rocks in december it's expected to land a perv on mars later this year and there are plans to eventually work but the russian space agency to build a research station on the moon. in the coming years will carry out the force phase of china's lunar exploration program explorer asteroids and the space as well as develop her live car iraqis all those are included in our plan china's space station is a fraction of the size of the international space station that's the only one
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currently in orbit china is excluded from using it. several western governments consent to beijing will use its space technology to expand china's military but its leaders say its progress and space exploration will only be used to peaceful needs between e.u. al-jazeera beijing. so this is out there these are the top stories under 40 countries have pledged to supply india without agendas it reports another record day in corona virus cases and deaths elections are going to head into big states despite warnings that one of them could become a you at the center. turkey has just gone back into lockdown with people ordered to stay at home for 3 weeks president made the announcement on monday in a bid to stop the spread of corona virus all into city travel now requires official approval and schools will be shots co-exist.


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