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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wild so no matter what we're up to the news and current affairs that matter to you. this is al jazeera. out there on the blog this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes 40 countries pledged to supply india with oxygen as the country faces an unrelenting surge in corona virus infections. as india's crisis grows so does anger on social media and the government's effort to contain it. back in court
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a russian opposition leader seen in public for the 1st time since ending his hunger strike. i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify 100 days in office we take a look at u.s. president joe biden's record so far and the promises that remain to be fulfilled. i'm joined again with the sport as south korea begins back from 1000 it's a little bit actually ahead of the 10 kids games. so then coronavirus cases and deaths across india have reached a new high as the country grapples with a devastating 2nd wave more than 3600 deaths and nearly 380000 cases were reported on thursday alone despite all this millions of people turned out to vote for regional elections in west bengal sparking fears the states may become the new
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at the center elizabeth per annum has more from new delhi. should the sun is inconsolable lot to hearing of her mother's death while waiting in line to get oxygen for her i want to go to my mother she cries repeatedly. she described just how difficult it is to get help in delhi there's a little bit we have an out of a house is 2 in the morning there's no oxygen. vailable in all of delhi and after a lot of running around we finally got here for initially there was a queue on the other side then we were told that we had to come to the fun side and queue here my mother is very ill and for the past 2 days we've been trying to get a bed in so many hospitals in delhi. make. sure these mother is just one of the 3645 people who died in india on wednesday delhi even maine's one of the worst affected states its leaders said despite trying their best every hospital in
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the capital is overburdened and treating people beyond their capacity. that's why the space in central new delhi where political rallies and religious festivals are usually held is being converted into a makeshift hospital this is where the government is constructing a 500 bed intensive care unit facility it hopes to have an extra 1200 i think that in the capital wouldn't it but that still nowhere near enough to meet the numbers needed right now. dellys cases ago and up by more than 20000 each day and health experts say around 15 percent of people with the virus need to be in hospital the u.s. state department tweeted saying access to medical care is severely limited due to co the 19 cases and u.s. citizens who wish to depart india should use the available commercial flights now but despite the country going through its worst crisis and its modern history the
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last phase of regional elections went ahead in the state of west bengal on thursday where 4 candidates have already died from the virus so in the context of a raging pandemic it's unconscionable that people should be called to vote today particularly in the. where. do the rate of. currently at 50 percent. health experts say the devastate. scenes witnessed in other states will be repeated in west bengal as a result of the launch of political gatherings elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. well as india struggles with this record surge in corona virus cases there's mounting anger against the government for its handling of the pandemic many have taken to social media to share their thoughts here's a look here brooke. many on twitter remain unconvinced by the official line with the government accused of trying to hide the truth one death a day a character in this political cartoon says despite the line up of bodies behind him
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and there are those who say they're witnessing the collapse not just of the health system but all layers of government led by prime minister narendra modi the hash tag resign modi has been trained across the country this week though on wednesday it was blocked by facebook for several hours anyone clicking on a post so this one instead facebook says it happened by mistake and not because of a request by the government but there's plenty of skepticism because the government has been ordering the removal of critical social media posts to stop what it calls the spirit of misinformation but censorship watchdogs say it's part of an effort to cover up the severity of the crisis this cartoon has no end to modi promising abel sensitive and visionary leadership surrounded by the bodies of victims with burning funeral pyres behind him all this one highlights major political gatherings as one calls for the surge in cases describing them as recharge points for the virus
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modi's party the b.j. pay and others have continued to hold huge rallies despite the pandemic because it's election season it's feared andy is covert $1000.00 crisis could spread across its borders nepal has announced a new lockdown while pakistan is using the military to enforce restrictions there's anger online in those countries too with warnings of a looming oxygen shortage full hospitals and a slow vaccine rollout. journalism political commentator and he explains why india's government is afraid of social media. we been saying for a while all this diabolical 'd strategy to label the cold as waltz news and label false news as a tool so whatever the government says falls new is also used so if somebody says my grandfather died i need oxygen and the government overflows you in the government says they put you in jail i mean this is absolutely sort of diabolical
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and but not the government or at least 21 is the means to lead to it under under the rug already an internet censorship law and what police believe the government said there were mistakes initially he was but if you look at the 2 either way how present most of its singapore officials have been ordinary people i don't many order to get it not speaking of fear of government. but even broadly their big member of parliament everyone's ready just tweeted saying the situation is terrible people are guy and the government says we didn't you know when the government is clearly more afraid about the political. than about people's health and saving lives i think at this present moment india absolutely maybe has been more important than ever before because over the last few years independent institutions and as the media have been co-opted by the government in such a scenario it is when the beatles speak up and for whom we are badly even the mainstream media is 1st to stop denying reality as truth all of people running out
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of the hospitals are stopping ambitions because they don't have oxygen because there are no beds if you know critically that one of the most important stories in india right now is the forging of that. bias sometimes several times unfortunately dad highlighting those kind of story of how you know hospital refused to give somebody a 2nd because that would be counter to the dad who's getting a story you can get closer and i think that's why the government is afraid of. alexina valmy has appeared in court for the 1st time since ending a 3 week hunger strike the kremlin critic attended hearing by video link to appeal against his conviction in february for defaming a world war 2 veteran in a separate court case proceedings on whether to label new boundaries opposition network extremists have been adjourned it's a move that could ban the group and lead to activists facing long prison sentences but it smith was at the hearing in moscow so prosecutors want to ban
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anticorruption organization they want the court to this declared an extremist organization that and his regional political groups as well this group put down to corruption organization on the same level as al qaida meaning people who financed his group or supporters of the group could face very very lengthy jail sentences and very very heavy prison essentially the court has already issued an interim injunction earlier on this week banning his organization from operating pending its final ruling the court has now adjourned the hearing for a few weeks novell these lawyers say they need more time to examine some 14 large files that the prosecution gave them only a couple of days ago so the court has given them more time to examine those files before it comes back in session again but essentially these regional political
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groups already closed down by the prosecutor's office so they stop operating is anti corruption organization suspended until the court makes its final ruling so really cracking down on all of these activities. lecturer in modern european history specializing in russia at queen's university in belfast and he says he expects russia will officially ban develop these activist network. i think they will continue with their what they started and will officially bennet's to make sure that they do not recreate it in any other shape or form there's also been reports from his supporters from a lead vocal that's a new personal case against the violent end to his close associate a vocal and done of being in being made which might see them giving a real sentences just the 3 of them so it looks like that there is also
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a civility that no one needs prison sentence will be extended beyond the 2 and a half years he's serving now i think there's a very kind of clear consistent and he would ing strategy by the kremlin to a ban to completely eliminate any kind of money presence in the regions in russia put him to jail with necessary and get started just because close associates of the don't even think of of returning to russia. i think so far it's been working quite well i have been listening to him and i need vocals a statement of closing down the original network and i still couldn't see exactly what they could do beyond it he says there is a group of people who already have a mature enough to operate on their own but if the authorities have so mind it's a steward to stop them at the rating even if they're not formally associated with the finally they will so i don't think they're really in big trouble no one is
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a strategy and i think it's really again calls into question what was their strategy when he came back i think they did not expect such a widespread and consistent crackdown as they are experiencing now. border clashes between kurdistan and tajikistan have left at least 5 people dead and dozens more injured. as fighting broke out over a water reservoir and pumping station which is claimed by both sides residents from rocks at each other before both sides started exchanging gunfire on thursday. but it was still ahead on the news hour including desperate journeys searching for her we followed the plight of refugees living on the greek island of. physical dia's variants may have crossed over the border to nepal is a country heads into a 2 week lock down. and it's for the all blacks on sale using directly griese to u.s. investors buying
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a state that's coming up with. now u.s. president joe biden has presented his blueprint to build america in an address to congress on the eve of his 100th day in office in a wide ranging speech biden said he's turning peril into possibility after the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic its pledge trillions of dollars in investments in jobs infrastructure and education. 100 days since i took the oath of office and left in my hand off our family bible and heard a nation we all did that was in crisis the worst pandemic in a century the worst economic crisis since the great depression the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. now after just 100 days i can report to the nation america is on the move again.
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when a white house correspondent can be halakha takes a look at those promises and the progress he's made in making them a reality. he took office during a global pandemic and made battling covert 19 his top priority promising 100000000 vaccines would be administered by april we met their goal last week by day 5042 days ahead of schedule not a damn set is 2nd goal and that is we will by my 100 day in office have administered 200000000 shots of people's arms that goal was exceeded this week now more than 230000000 vaccines have been given out with more than half of all americans receiving at least one dose what we're seeing is a president who continues to be disciplined continues to stay on message and also a president who continues to focus on the issues and i think that's what many
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americans white to hear from their politicians but i don't promise to ease economic pain from the pandemic as well delivering on a campaign promise to get direct payments to millions of people who are out of work and not only addresses the immediate crisis room it's better for the long term economic health of our nation and our competitiveness by the end of march millions of americans had received at least $1400.00 or more to help pay expenses like rent and food. in his 1st $100.00 days biden also kept another campaign pledge rejoining the paris agreement on climate change that limits greenhouse gas emissions his predecessor donald trump had pulled the u.s. out by to rejoin us on day one. on the bridge. to voters of color biden also delivered on addressing systemic racism in policing after the conviction
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of derrick show when the police officer who murdered george floyd biden's justice department announced a federal investigation into the minneapolis police department or showed it wasn't . and will biden did follow through on his pledge to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour for federal contractors his plan to push for a federal minimum wage for everyone has faltered. his next call to fix america's infrastructure and create jobs could be one of his most ambitious tasks that being of this 1st 100 days can be characterized by terms such as bowl daring. and adventurous biden repeatedly promises to meet the moment building back better from the code crisis channeling a spirit not seen since president roosevelt's new deal in the 1930 s. building schools roads and parks and lifting millions of americans wages and
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quality of life following the great depression. but police say we can spring to complete life right now outside the white house and can try to say is no the on the whole this 1st milestone is moment and ambitious 1st 100 days. yeah there's no question about it the u.s. president used his historic speech before congress to tout what he believes are some of the significant successes of the 1st 100 days in office including the ability to get more than half of all americans at least one dose of a covert vaccine and he's still pressing forward with these major initiatives it's one of the largest expansions of the social safety net in the united states in decades not only has he had the american rescue plan but he's also putting forward the american infrastructure plan or jobs plan to rebuild america's crumbling infrastructure and bring jobs back to a suffering economy but now he's also president of the american families plan that
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would allow for direct payments to individuals and see an expansion of universal early childhood education and post-secondary education he's also promising immigration reform gun control and police reform as well what joe biden really has outlined in that he thinks he's demonstrated is that democracy works and that he's achieved it in the 1st 100 days but i have to tell you there are some critics in the united states that accuse joe biden of being on a massive spending spree that is using the pandemic as a washington power grab critics calling it a washington scheme at a socialist dream they accuse him of essentially sort of a bracing his inner robin hood taking from the highest income earners and corporate taxes in order to pay for this $6.00 trillion dollar string of packages so joe
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biden is getting a little push back that's why he is in the u.s. state of georgia thursday he's going to be holding a rally where he's trying to sell some of these ideas even as he's being accused of creating a bigger government that will be in people's lives from cradle to come. all age joe biden says that there's a role for government to bring about the solutions that are people are looking for and it's time to show americans who have been so distrustful of their government that a nation truly can't serve its people could be things that can be helped the white house. well last year on the campaign trail joe biden made many promises about what he would deliver in his early days in the white house and while he has delivered on some of those have been compromised or abandoned i don't fish or reports on biden's broken promises. the other things people remember of campaigns i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify the promises the pledges the
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things to make a difference 100 days in joe biden has failed to deliver in a few key areas i think he's kept his word as much as he can't i think people forget that there's not a lot of legislating that can happen from the presidential seat covered relief was always his top priority he promised $2000.00 checks to eligible americans that became $1400.00 under biden adding to the $600.00 delivered by trump the death of journalist jamal khashoggi provoked anger in then candidate biden he promised to hold so dear be responsible regard them as a pariah state fast forward to one month in office saudi arabia was once again a valuable ally all presidents in these days talk about doing a whole list of priorities on day one but the idea that a president could accomplish the types of promises they put forth on the trail
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on day one is rather naive and i would argue in some ways just part of the marketing of campaign the promise to immediately rejoin the iran nuclear deal is also gathering dust instead talks continue in vienna between all the parties about the best way forward realpolitik instead of rhetoric joe biden also promised to be a unifying president pulling the country together after what he felt were the divisive trump years despite his early successes washington is as divided as ever found now that. this deal here trump is and is very much the politics of the day on the republican side and i think at least on the democratic that there is no way that they can see how provide us with those kinds of elements there and so i think it's going to be a very difficult road if he's going to pursue bipartisanship at every step the good news for joe biden presidencies and judge surely on the 1st 100 days he gets the
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fool 4 years but the next election is never far away for biden it's the midterms next year it will be a referendum on the job he's done till then what he said he will deliver next and the promises he's kept alan fischer al-jazeera washington well let's take this on we can speak now to matt lewis is a senior columnist at the daily beast he joins us via skype from charleston in west virginia welcome to the program so whatever your puppy here is joe biden certainly is a man on a mission then he's got some big things done already and some big things in the pipeline but incredibly expensive plans to. that's right look i think that you know joe biden thought he was going to be president presiding over a republican controlled senate and if that happened then biden's agenda would have basically been i think to change the tone of washington to be a decent nice compassionate guy another words to not be troubling i think that was
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the mandate but then what happened is surprisingly democrats took control of the u.s. senate and i think joe biden kind of seized on this opportunity to go very big and now he's being compared to franklin roosevelt and lyndon johnson he's still talking like a centrist but his agenda is pretty progressive in there say even radical right it is early days isn't it but you have written what if equates what if biden who is often seen as tolerable to get rid of donald trump turns out to be a truly transformational president who brings about a new political consensus so what if he does how different will america be. well look i do think that that's entirely possible that joe biden right now is changing the size and scope of government he's making big changes i mean if you start spending 5 or 6 trillion dollars not only is that going to you know
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create a debt obligation that probably my children and grandchildren will inherit but it's going to change the types of services and really just the expectation that americans have from their government since ronald reagan and the 1980 s. there has been a sense that you know the era as bill clinton said later the era of big government is over well i think joe biden is saying the era of big government is back which is fine except i would say mike my concern about this is nobody is really having this debate i think we're still all in shock after donald trump i mean donald trump we kind of have a case of p.t.s.d. you know post-traumatic stress disorder we're still getting over donald trump joe biden comes and he's talking like a pretty calm reasonable guy and he's very quietly and very partisan using
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budget reconciliation to pass this really on a party line vote ok dramatically changing bangs we're not really having a big national conversation about it is just sort of happening yeah talking all the partisanship you've also said that joe biden once bipartisan support but not bipartisan compromise what i mean by the. well that's right no joe biden and again seems like a nice guy much more calm than donald trump i'm sleeping better these days but joe biden has done some something that i really dislike and that is redefine what words mean he's done this on city several occasions with several different words but one of the terms he's redefining is the word bipartisanship now we've always understood bipartisanship to mean you have to get if you're a democrat you have to get some republican politicians to agree with you joe biden
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has said no that's that's not what bipartisanship means it just means that my policies are popular right now with the majority of americans and so i think that joe biden would love for republicans to support his policies but he has no interest in working with them to compromise to get them to buy in on it we saw that with the $1.00 trillion dollar code relief stimulus package republicans met with him 10 of them and offered a counteroffer i think it was $600000000000.00 instead of $1.00 trillion dollars he could have spent the time to work with them maybe meet in the middle and said instead he said damn the torpedoes full speed ahead pushed it through a plow down didn't they just right just very quickly and this is just running out of time but the way he's going there is almost certainly going to be some point probably come the midterms how deadly could that be for him. yeah look i think
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the problem that joe biden has is that even if there is not a backlash the midterms will probably be bad for him and historically speaking democrats have a very narrow majority in the house and the senate and the incumbent president's party usually loses that's probably why biden says go big now let's put points on the board while we can because the midterms are you know if history repeats itself he will lose control of at least one branch of congress great to talk about thanks very much matt lewis there from the daily beast thank you thank you i said ahead here on al-jazeera and today's it says any group because the violence in west will be considered a terrorist organization after such and such just attacks. that killed in a police crackdown from the struggle to come to terms with the human cost of child in a school crisis. and if the biggest surprise for me actually is to reach the 1st n.b.a.
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playoffs and then let it be it is the middle east. hello there we're dealing with an unusual disturbance over the middle east i'll talk about why it's unusual in a sec but 1st let's look at the impact that it's had this is toward mecca after severe thunderstorms rolled through on tuesday some hail here and flooding just because of all that rain it had to go somewhere and it did and it's unusual here is why it's unusual because we've got the rain for yemen not just in the mountains but this is also falling over lower ground as well so that rain will continue for yemen as we head toward saturday spells of what weather for areas of iran particularly toward the south and also unsettled for northern afghanistan still getting some
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pulses of moisture as we head toward tanzania some pretty good downpours to throw at the democratic republic of congo i want to take you further south because watch this push of moisture for the eastern cape we're really going to have to check for the potential of flooding over the next few days this system is also going to drop the 1st snow of the season for the suit to a vengefully making its way to johannesburg so i show you the 3 day forecast there is where it becomes unsettled we've got some thunderstorms into the picture but by sunday conditions will begin to dry out. well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control french polish time would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows 100 years ago britain and france made
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a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east 1st century to come i'm so. narrow we can durum a. cyclist become lines in the sand on al-jazeera and. young women with a passion for the space i used to dream about working and if they are school company like nasa and i find that a small step to science a giant leap for womankind encouraged to start new but only place it inside and at the scheduled time the south life could be sent into space women make science cuda stance space school on al-jazeera. oh.
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i'm going to watch out his or her mind about top stories this and 40 countries have pledged to supply india with oxygen as it reports another record day in corona virus cases this elections are going ahead in 2 big states despite warnings that one of them could become a unix. alexina valmy has appeared in court for the 1st time since entering a 3 week congress trying to cram in a critic attended a hearing by video link to appeal against his conviction for the fabian and world war 2 veteran. u.s. president joe biden has presented what he calls his new printer to build america he addressed congress on the eve of his 100th day in office he's promising trillions of dollars in investments in jobs infrastructure and education. a graveyard dedicated to corona virus victims in bangladesh's capital could suit run out of space because of
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a recent spike in deaths local media reports say the number of burials jumped from 27 in january more than 100 during the 1st half of april graveyard keepers say they're digging out more plot synopsis patient of more bodies bangladesh reported 78 deaths and more than 30000 cases in the past day taking its tally to 754000 american and get that up to hundreds of coronavirus victims are buried here and we've prepared many graves and so many people are dying now every day 15 or 20 bodies come into this graveyard for burial and thousands of people are dying. well health care experts in nepal are warning the capital do could see seen similar to neighboring india infections are rising in hospital beds are filling up with new restrictions being imposed officials say the situation is under control but many residents aren't taking any chances from this report. empty streets in nepal's capital as a 2 week lockdown is imposed to limit the spread of corona virus it's the 2nd wave
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to hit the country infections have surged and more than half are in the capital cotman do but i'd heard of her hospital are seeing more cases in a shorter span of time the 2nd wave is more potent with more young people and children infected as health workers struggle to contain the growing number of patients experts fear that thousands may have caught the mutant variant strains emerging out of neighboring india thousands of workers from nepal have left their jobs in indian cities with 1000 is spiraling out of control they're arriving here in nepalese towns by the border and that's creating a major health crisis. that it's like a mini india the situation was similar in the capital which has a dense population would be difficult to cope with the existing health infrastructure more than 300000 people in nepal have got covered 1990 percent have recovered over $3000.00 people have died as daily cases surgery experts warn that
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the epidemic could overwhelm nepal's fragile health system if the country is unable to break the chain of transmission in time and hold health authorities have repeatedly appeals to the public to wear masks avoid crowds and to maintain social distance but recent political rallies and religious festivals have helped fuel the spread of the disease thousands rush to leave the capital after the lockdown was announced i am not sure i'm waiting at the bus stop for a seat out of cotman do it's crowded the situation is difficult i'd rather be back in my village where i can make ends meet health authorities fear the 6. could spread the virus in villages across nepal. the situation. spreading and i think. our efforts to contain them identify. launched a vaccination campaign in january giving doses from india and china to nearly 2000000 people but with a population of 20000000 and limited access to that seems the power would have to
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seek support from the international community to prevent the epidemic from spiraling out of control. from italy. katmandu. and turkey is preparing for its strictest yet with people ordered to stay at home for 3 weeks from thursday evening turkish president. attempt to stop the spread of covert 19 all into city travel will require official approval schools will be shut in only urgent medical treatment is allowed the growth of new cases dropped this week compared to mid april but turkey still has the world's 5th highest number of infections aid groups are warning that oxygen supplies are running dangerously low in some hospitals in syria the international rescue committee says clinics in the rebel controlled northeast also don't have enough covered 900 testing kits more than 15000 cases have been detected in the region. coming back positive. a warning in south america that countries could see a surge in covered 900 cases much worse than last year the pan american health
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organization says that brazil peru and chile are reporting the highest number of infections and approve invariants may be contributing to the rise on latin america to do so newman has more now from santiago. neither nationwide confinements and nighttime curfew is nor an impressive vaccination campaign has been able to significantly rein in the pandemic in chile and a new variant of covert 19 maybe the reason. it's been labeled c $37.00 1st seen at the end of december in lima peru where it now accounts for 40 percent of cases there the death rate has been rising sharply professor pablo sugiyama says that such a rapid spread could indicate it is stronger than other variants seem so far although mutations appear in sustained way over time and some exceptional cases in some parts of the world variants with new properties may appear and it seems that this is what we're observing in this case the only thing that we know is that
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spreads rapidly in peru and then today suggests that it's more contagious scientists are rushing to determine if the c $37.00 variant is not only more contagious but also more powerful than previous ones after israel chile is the country with the highest percentage of its population that has been inoculated against cold with 19 i've already had my 2 jobs for example like millions of others in this country but the real question now is how effective will they be against this new variant it will take weeks if not longer before we have any idea i mean that's not the only bad news a recent survey indicates that in brazil and chile 13 percent more people are seeking relief from the stress of the pandemic at their local liquor shop. in june last year chile's interior ministry carried out its own. whole minutes until the survey was a big success more than 34000 people took part versus 10000 in europe and the
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results are quite counter-intuitive that the showed that while 21 percent of chileans were drinking more 41 percent reported they were drinking less because it was socializing much less but 11 months later the result of a new ministry survey may be very different we're going to get this if you look at the fact that people are forced to stay at home means they are drinking a bit more for various reasons anxiety stress boredom. after more than a year of very long confinement and prohibitions the frustration level is running high and the possibility of a new variant setting the clock back yet again is adding yet another ingredient to the complex cocktail you see in human al-jazeera 7 pm. aest rights against ethnic armed groups have continued in miramar 2 days after a military outpost was overrun near the border with thailand.
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there is monitoring groups say the gender has launched at least 6 air attacks since tuesday and hundreds of people have fled into thailand strikes came after the current national liberation army captured and burnt the army camp was caught heiler is monitoring developments from bangkok. some groups inside that korean held territory in myanmar they have been reporting at least 6 possibly as many as 9 airstrikes have been carried out since that attack on that outpost now once they they overran that that territory around the outpost pushing the m.-r. army out the canyons and you soldiers have occupied that area and even today there were some footage of them actually marching along the banks patrolling along the banks there know what this means is that this is kind of a continuation of what we've seen over the last month back in march 27th there were some airstrikes and some people in the current held territory came across the river here into thailand because they're worried about more airstrikes in retaliation and
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increased fighting and this is kind of been going on since then but what we saw on tuesday were the kind of launched us into a new round of airstrikes and there's concern what that might prompt going down the line we know that they came in you has a lot of soldiers in that area there is even thought that they might try to move on to another outpost for the myanmar army but right now we know for certain that one area they they they focused on tuesday they control the whole stretch along that river that serves as the border between me and mark in thailand so when you see these kind of ethnic. armed good organization like we saw in the current healthcare or enough in the north in the kitchen area so they are kind of stepping up so it's a concern that you know what's going to happen there you know it's kind of you're seeing the the uprising if you will on the streets across me and we're but also now in these territories along the border areas on the east side and up in the north. indonesia's government says any group found guilty of causing violence in the west
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proper region will now be considered a terrorist organization it says the moves in line with current counter-terrorism laws and is an effort to security in the area has been an increase in fighting between the military and separatist groups the top general killed on sunday. indeed easier to control a popular after a disputed referendum in $969.00 which many pop and say was rigged the region's poverty rate stands at 27 percent compared to the national rate of 9 percent say local people have not benefited from the wealth generated by the region's mineral trade and tensions be made worse by accusations of racism and allegations of rights abuses by security forces well as men have made it is the director of amnesty international indonesia and he says the move will only antagonize patterns even further. the deposit to level the free pepper movement as a terrorist organization is an unimpressive move it's a terrible policy because if pa friends were angry about being stigmatized as had
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her tits what if they are now being labeled as terrorists and is now the end to terrorism terrorism loads being applied in top what it will just means more arrests and flimsier evidence arrests on flimsy evidence more fear in purple and more anger toward the states i do condemn all the violence committed by non-state actors as well as committed by state actors and what the government should do instead of leveling armed groups or leveling the free pop an organization as terrorists the government should enforce the law in accordance with the human rights principle the government should infest the gates should prosecute those perpetrators responsible for the killings and thereby state a purpose or non-state actors and i think imposing the terrorism low means that any
6:43 pm
suspicious persons can be held longer without charge for example for that can be held for 7 days for $21.00 days while our criminal process or a flow only allowed police for arresting people or held the people for one day so this is for me a direct in the in policy. greece is shutting down what aid groups have hailed as an exemplary refugee camp on the on in the bloods boss authorities are moving its residents to a new camp that can accommodate more than 3000 people but as john psaropoulos reports it's already gaining a reputation for poor living conditions in. the alleys a family from afghanistan is having to move along with another 1000 refugees they're being forced to leave the home they've known for almost 2 years at the kind of the community instead they're being put in a tent city down the road called mother of. their 17 year old daughter a niece is a gifted mathematician who beats local greek students for
6:44 pm
a place at the island's top high school now she doesn't know if she'll be able to sit university entrance exams next year then their tent that does not have a door does not make you feel safe in cairo to pay we have a container and you can close it when you go to bed at night they have covered 1000 cases which we don't have at current to pay and i think that will make the greek parents writing about us travelling from the camp to go to school with their children this afghan family already lives at mother of the year they say there's no daycare or school for their daughters aged 6 and 9 doctors without borders say they've had patients raped at the new camp despite government assurances that it's safe in the nighttime. you feel too scared to go outside of yours and. so if you're a woman you will go to the dials every aspect of this damned for me is set up in a way so don't deter people who saw the human eyes and
6:45 pm
saw to pretend that they don't have basic human needs the government didn't allow us to film inside the camp apparently due to covert restrictions but an aid worker confirms talk of discomfort here there's no proper drainage that's no proper heating. the electricity is insufficient to keep your tents going. every time it rains. washed the philistines there inadequate and it's not clean these are the very problems that plague morea the largest camp in the east to jian. was set up as a temporary facility after moria burnt down in september police say due to us and now it feels like a lost civilization looted from manholes and why a fence got out that feels more like a village community than a refugee camp and that's why so many disabled and other vulnerable refugees will move that from moria the hastily landscaped artillery range that going to resembles
6:46 pm
moria in many respects aid groups say it's a great step backwards the european union has poured more than a $1000000000.00 into refugee care in greece in the past 5 years and is now spending more than $300000000.00 to build better camps on the aegean islands many of these asylum seekers now displaced several times over wonder why europe with such resources cannot offer them a home jumps at all plus al-jazeera lesbos. it is day 2 of the south african president's testimony and a corruption inquiry involving his predecessor several run opposed to his questions about his role in a so-called state capture scandal he was jacob zuma his deputy during the peak of the corruption as humor is alleged to have allowed a business family close to him to secure government contracts and influence policy proposal has admitted the governing party could have done more to prevent graft he is the highest ranking official to testify before the commission. civil society
6:47 pm
groups in chad a coalition for more demonstrations against military takeover at least 5 people were killed during fighting between protesters and the army on tuesday unrest began after the military appointed a prime minister following the sudden death of president interest every week amid interest reports now from the capital and demanding. emotional scene said the good ending from of the. 17 year old singer is one of 5 people killed during an to government protest in charge on tuesday his family says he was only a spectator watching a confrontation between demonstrators and security forces in the capital in germany . shots rang out a bullet broke his arm and then it went through his stomach as he fell gas canisters were also fired into the crowds he was rushed to hospital and that's where he died they killed my brother and they may as well have just killed me 2
6:48 pm
dozens were arrested during the protests many from say they were just bystanders. pulled the newbie i was waiting for a motorbike suddenly 2 soldiers appeared in arrested me they searched me and took my phone and a bottle of water they said the bottle of water was a sign it was a protest of the beat me up and dumping and then i was beaten up again after questioning i was handed to another group where i had even more severe beatings. but the crackdown on demonstrators this prompted international condemnation and calls for investigations of all the protest organizers say they will keep up the demonstrations just as crackdown by the military has forced protests of the street the city appears to be calm for now with most shops and markets open but the excessive use of force us growing criticism from allies including from. chad is now facing an uncertain future its long time president idriss deby was killed last week during fighting with rebels in the north according to the manager
6:49 pm
the same rebels who are threatened to march on the capital. immediately after his death his son general mohammad was announced as a successor the constitution was suspended and the military council is set up a move strongly rejected by the opposition. but the violence that followed the elections in early april and the protests that came after the military take over a father divided the country charts new military leader has promised to start a national dialogue to unite child and. but it's not clear if his promise is enough to end the latest cycle of violence in a country with a history of rebellion tribal conflicts and military interventions that idris al-jazeera jump into some head aired on syria facing a false quite literally we'll have more it's all coming up.
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6:51 pm
i let's go just for the history nic thank you south korea has started vaccinating its elim picked team ahead of the take your games on day one of the program about 100 athletes coaches and support staff who were lucky to attend the games receive their 1st dose of the covert vaccine at a hospital and saw the korean m.p. committee says more than 900 people will be given either pfizer or astra zeneca vaccines are 150 athletes and coaches hoping to attend the tokyo paralympics will get their virus shots next week 50000 doses of china's center back vaccine have
6:52 pm
arrived in europe i speak even to south american football as they were donated to protect players taking part of the copa america which begins in june and other tournaments organized by continental governing body come of all although there are no details yet about who will get the vaccines and when over in europe manchester united pairing to play roma in the europa league semifinals and their manager oleg on a soul scare is adamant he didn't mean any disrespect with recent comments about their opponents the remarks came moments after hundreds of qualified for the semi's and so here was asked about playing the italian side next norwegian said he didn't know roma and i hadn't seen them play. i was. just relieved that we gone through and of course i've watched them but i haven't analyzed and i hadn't seen them in depth to give him enough respect probably with enough analysis i could have said which i truly mean you know it's a fantastic club with
6:53 pm
a great history in the other semifinal arsenal face former manager emery who is now in charge of spanish side villareal the gunners current boss mccalla teta has heaped plenty of praise on his countryman despite emery being sacked from also after just 18 months in the job. well it didn't work for him. he did a lot of good things and the club you know he had it he had here if you read european final he did seem to be doing with the champions league. and that's it and the globe decided to take a different route but. i think if you there are good things as well new zealand rugby is on the verge of selling a 12 and a half percent stake in their commercial rights to u.s. investors after winning unanimous support from the provincial stakeholders a california based private equity fund has offered $291000000.00 which would be the 1st time a private company is owned a share of the all blacks in the team's 115 year history but
6:54 pm
a number of high profile players including all blacks captain sam kane have raised fears about commercialization of symbols like the haka and increased demands to play exhibition games researches have discovered a groundbreaking saliva tests could rapidly diagnose concussion in athletes a 3 year project involving more than a 1000 professional rugby players has unearthed a simple and accurate way of detecting concussion by tapping into the alarm bell sent by the body in the minutes after an injury. the body knows something is up and dubstep has so every part of the body begins to adapt and respond to that injury including including saliva so what we can do is to read the messages that cells center charge that to say that there's been an injury somewhere in the brain and we need the body needs to deal with where this is going next is we have very hopeful that in the 1st instance we can develop a test that could be available the morning after again so a sample taken post-game and the results of bailable the next morning to confirm
6:55 pm
whether you got concussion or not so infection very what's happening over the past is that people have been working very hard to make the logical advances as we've seen for corona virus on my car on a signal happens very quickly so it's possible with the right technology to develop an even game test but that requires a little bit more development from a testing perspective in the n.b.a. phoenix have risen from the ashes to reach their 1st playoffs in an 11 years the sun's beat the l.a. tech is 10921111 wednesday crisply score 28 points 15 of which came in the 4th quarter when he saw an end to the 2nd one this active playoff drought in the n.b.a. some 6 seconds in the western conference. we're going to the players no. more to do more to come you know we we're not so we're not certainly. we just scratching the surface or we want to play where we can play this is
6:56 pm
a huge moment for our organization. the l.a. lakers continue to struggle without the injured le bron james a 9 point loss to washington was the lake his 4th defeat in the past 5 down takes the brawn has been sidelined with a sprained ankle for more than a month washington's bradley beal top school with $27.00. there are now 7 teams confirmed for the n.h.l. playoffs with toronto you the latest to seal a spot the maple leafs were too strong for fellow canadian side montreal a 41 victory for toronto their 5th in 7 meetings this season against montreal and the teams are poised to make it in the playoffs for the 1st time in 42. that was a painful life but luckily philadelphia's bryce harper avoided serious injury after being struck in the face by a fost traveling at 150000 so it was awful was smashed in the left cheek
6:57 pm
pitcher genesys rarer the all star batter was taken off the field with blood dripping from a cup to the side of his nose was taken to hospital standards rather than his and not the player on his next pitch. everything feels good everything about good. or kind of stuff so. they still there. were all good and there was a scary moment for the home plate umpire in the met some red sox game the ball and stop the bats and a veteran umpire jerry lane flushing his mosque is suffering the impact on his head that the umpire was left on his feet and was quickly aided by the catcher and bats . lane was unable to continue and recovered in the dugout. it's a good thing we don't play baseball throw it right the foreign line there it'll be a little cloudy all right thanks a lot thank you that's it this news are we back to recover but for the days to see the.
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port moresby the capital of poppy new guinea is ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the world one no one east investigate the violent gangs if killing fields on the streets on al-jazeera. biz lights made you look like a city from the sky but they're fishing vessels just outside of argentina as exclusive economic zone the united states launched operation southern cross to combat illegal and regulated fishing in the southern atlantic argentina's coast
6:59 pm
guard say their main task is to control their movements so they do not cross into arjan time territory from this 4 margin time forty's and money for what's happening in its economic exclusive zones but what authorities here are saying is that what's important is to regulate what is happening in international waters. from inside the walls of a west african prison comes home. a chance to create to express emotion and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. a renowned choreographer his passion for dogs inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of the present the dance of the use a witness documentary on al-jazeera we understand the differences in the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what we do to the news and
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current affairs does that matter to you. 40 countries pledged to supply india with all its agendas the country faces an unrelenting surge in corona virus infections as india's cave crisis grows so does anger on social media and the government's effort to contain. i don't think this is al-jazeera life and also coming up just on says it's reached a cease fire just on after 5 people were killed in fighting at a dispute.


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