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for womankind in kurdistan you don't place it inside and at the scheduled time the satellite the be sent into space women make science kurdistan space school on al-jazeera. you're. this is al jazeera. hello the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes back in court russian opposition leader alexina valure seen in public for the 1st time since ending his hunger strike. also india says 40 countries have pledged to supply oxygen as elections go ahead into large states hit by the coronavirus also americans always get out.
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today that it would do in america's rising do u.s. president joe biden economic and social planted his 1st address to both houses of congress and indonesia says any group causing violence in west papua will be considered a terrorist organization after a surge in separatist attacked us and joining us there with the sports man just sitting fightback to be the paris engine man in the 1st leg of their champions league semifinal round. welcome to the program alexina valley has appeared in court for the 1st time since ending a 3 week hunger strike the kremlin critic attended a hearing by video link to appeal against his conviction in february for defaming a world war 2 veteran in a separate court case proceedings on whether to label the valleys opposition
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network extremist have been adjourned it's a move that could ban the group and lead to activists facing long sentences in prison but a smith has the very latest for us from moscow bernard you're outside the court just tell us what happened there a short time ago and what's at stake. so prosecutors that want to buy these anti corruption organization they want the court to this because an extremist organization that does regional political groups as well this would put corruption organization on the same level. meaning people who finances groups or supporters of the group could face very very lengthy jail sentences and very very heavy prison terms essentially the court has already issued an interim injunction earlier on this week banning his organization from operating pending its final ruling. just less than an hour ago though the court has now
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adjourned the hearing for a few weeks now and these lawyers say they need more time to examine some 14 large files that the prosecution gave them only a couple of days ago so the court has given them more time to examine those files before it comes back in session again but essentially is regional political groups already closed down by the prosecutor's office or they stop operating is anticorruption organization suspended until the court makes its final ruling so really cracking down on all of these activities indeed meanwhile novelli did actually appear in court in a 2nd case that's also very what happened. well this slander case essentially is a minor compared to all the other problems that in a volley faces this was a case it is an appeal against
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a conviction for slander and some $100000.00 fine when a video was published by by the government showing people voicing their support for putin's proposed constitutional reforms in a valley called the people taking part in this video traitors and lickspittle and for that he was convicted of defaming a world war 2 veteran who appeared in the video the valley has been using the opportunity to address the court about his conditions about the condition of russia the court has not allowed cameras in to see that the judge in fact interrupted in the valley from speaking saying what he was saying wasn't relevant to the case the judge is now going away to consider his ruling in the appeal of the case but all of this showing how the authorities are chipping away. on these organization when all of this is concluded it will just mean that in the valley is pretty much did
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very diminished as any sort of serious political opposition to putin and that powerful personality of the so aggravated the president will be serving a. jail sentence and will be out of sight but it's with in moscow thank you well let's join alex tito he's a lecturer in modern european history specializing in russian at queen's university . queen's university in belfast northern ireland joins us now from an institute of good to have you with us on the program so alexey and eventually supporters preempt the courts actually by disbanding the organization how does this now affect sort of the legal case brought against him and the organization considering the case has just been adjourned. i think that will continue with their what they started and will officially burn it to make sure they do not recreate it in any other shape or form there's also been reports from his supporters who are more than involved of
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the. personal case against neverland to his close associate of and none of our being. being made which might see them giving a real sentences just the 3 of them so it looks like that there is also possibility that another nice prison sentence will be extended beyond the 2 and a half years he's serving now what does the move now mean for the valley in terms of the court cases specifically because the court cases don't go away and as you say there's knots of speculation about those sentences being increased. well i think there is a thing there's a very kind of clear consistent and he would ing strategy by the kremlin to ban to completely eliminate any one a presence in the regions in russia put him to jail if necessary and give sentences to his close associates so they don't even think of of returning to russia and i
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think so far it's been working quite well i have been listening to many vocals statement of closing down the original network and i still couldn't see exactly what they could do beyond it he says there is a group of people who are already a mature enough to operate on their own but if the authorities have no mind it's a steward to stop them operating even if they're not formally associated with not only they were so i don't think they are really in big trouble now and there's a strategy and i think it's really again calls into question what was there a strategy when he came back i think they did not expect such a widespread and consistent crackdown as they are experiencing now or what we have seen then certainly in the weeks when the valley has been incarcerated is public pressure public moves you might see the equivalent of a flash mob when when people are called to protest the public come out how do you
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think the russian public are going to react to this. well i think the protests been extremely important to keep the pressure on authorities and what are the same time it's also give a 3rd just extra determination to dismantle the infrastructure for calling those daughters then and if you see they or they've been changing tactics instead of mass arrests during the protests what they've been doing is using all their face recognition technology in moscow specially to india and into fi key people in those brought us out of thousands of people and actually arrest them after the demonstrations again happened here you can see that the brush of pressure building up on people who participate in the demonstrations. there will be fired from work will be expelled from universities and so forth and i think this repression he still have to remember those protests although they're large they nords they still are tiny minor people in action places like malls go so unless they grow into
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commensurately into millions of people on the streets of most who are alone authorities will be able to handle it for repression and intimidation and i think there is no kind of clear answer what the committee done in response to that yes indeed have to watch and see an extent of that from queens university in belfast thanks for joining us on al-jazeera. coronavirus cases and deaths across india have reached a new high as the country grapples with a devastating 2nd wave more than 3600 deaths a nearly 380000 cases were reported on thursday many people in new delhi are queuing outside factories to fill up oxygen tanks and hospitals are running out of beds and medical supplies the foreign secretary says 40 countries have pledged to send up to 550 oxygen generating plants but many patients can't afford to wait then
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. we have an out of a house is 2 in the morning there is no oxygen available in all of delhi and after a lot of running around we finally got here by around 4 initially there was a queue on the other side then we were told that we had to come to the fun site in kew here my mother is very ill and for the past 2 days we've been trying to get a bed in stone money hospitals in delhi. and west bengal states elections have gone ahead despite recording the highest growth rates in cases experts warn it could become india's next epicenter as millions turned up to vote following weeks of major rallies where polls are also taking place in villages in the most populous states of which are pradesh a 5 day lockdowns being imposed from friday nights and on saturday india is preparing to vaccinate all adults over the age of 18 but the website for registration crashed the day it was launched it's unclear how the government can inoculate an additional 600000000 people when there's already a shortage of champs well elizabeth parag has the latest from new delhi where
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hospitals have reached full capacity. we are in one of delhi's largest grounds the ram-leela made on where the government is constructing a 500 bed intensive care unit 19 facility to deal with a number of patients in delhi delis hospitals are full and they're having to turn away sick patients and their desperate family members delis leaders said that despite trying their best every single hospital as operating beyond its capacity people in 5 hospitals are sharing beds some lying on the corridor or floors now as well as the school around there's another $500.00 bed facility being created and delis leaders said they hope to have $1200.00 extra intensive care unit beds by the 10th of may but to put that number into perspective that is around just 5 percent of the number of daily infections that delhi is reporting every single day and
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health experts say around 15 percent of the people who are contracting the virus need hospitalization now the central government gave the delhi government $500.00 beds in one of the defense hospitals that filled up in just 3 hours the shortage of hospital beds and of oxygen in the country is so bad that the u.s. government is the latest to tell them that if they want to leave the country they should do so now while there are still commercial flights. jane of n.e.a. is a professor of political science at a university in india and he joins me now from the capital new delhi good to have you with us on the program sir is it the responsibility of the election commission to hold any vote in a safe controlled and fair environment whether it's an auteur pradesh or in west bengal. yes indeed defers responsibility of the election commission is to ensure that free and fair elections can take place in
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a secure environment and in that context in the context of a raging bend it makes it's unconscionable that people should be called to vote today particularly in the city of calcutta where the positive positivity rate of our g.p. he asked if he is currently at 50 percent now of course there are. no people between postponing election please continue with the election nobody needed 2 weeks ago to clean up the last 3 phases of it was being an election which it didn't i was in west bengal during the last general election and the election commission didn't hesitate to cancel electioneering on the last legitimate day of canvassing when rival political groups were fighting in calcutta so one does wonder why they're not acting in this particular case are they under pressure. they're under doubly under pressure but there has been a fairly consistent pattern over the past few years that the election commission is
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unable to take any decision that goes against the interest of the party in power parties in ways being or started scaling down again brain activities before the e.c.a. order came that order that limited rallies at the next to 500 people matched the prior decision of the b.g.p. to reduce its own rallies to 500 people a decision i made that immediately but only with little or no consequence so why can't they just perspire own a vote like this whether it's on or for state assemblies or for the union what but chairs for the local village council elections are there any legal reasons for them not to do so. so there are some constitutional obstacles that you have to hold elections within a particular you know timing before and the formal end of the term and the last phases would have been. 3 weeks ago or they would have been postponed by a few weeks but they say to do that as far as doing it that british elections are
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concerned these are local elections so the election commission is not involved but a state election commission but these election takes place in a state where the government denies the very existence of the vendée makes denies the existence of shortages while still imposing a strict lockdown which if you abuse the is completely contradictory so for institutions like the election commission of india including the state election commission it's very hard to resist to. the pressure of that state exert directly and indirectly imposing in effect the election of the electoral calendar mr vanier just very briefly you surprise that none of the political party leaders but that ban a genie or no and remoting and others have stepped up to the mark and said you know what enough is enough too much is happening across the country potentially west
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bengal could be a problem we're going to we're going to stop electioneering or we're asking people not to vote not right now something on those lines are you surprised they just kept silent. in in fairness. opposition party did scale down their campaign activities but it was too late to end in too late let's not forget that a month ago india as a whole was living in in a state of denial about the coming of a 2nd of a 2nd phase of a 2nd wave of corbett of course it was already a surge of cases in mash but it was deemed to be a market for a problem and not an india problem and then beings if collated very fast in the number of new infection has literally exploded with it being now practically vertical and so all parties including the party in power but also the party's position were caught and aware and prepared. of this. depend in
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weeks or see how they cope in the coming weeks and explain themselves accordingly to the public of any age thanks so much for joining us from a shocking university in new delhi thank you if you. know what we've done as being imposed in the polls cup and do valley on thursday him at a sudden rise in new covert 1000 cases the ball's been reporting up to 4000 daily cases in the past week its highest surge since the start of the pandemic health care workers fear many have caught more infectious variants being seen in india and hospitals in the capital an awful with patients and some are having to wait in ambulances for a bed over in turkey it's preparing for its strictest lockdown yet with people ordered to stay at home for at least 3 weeks starting on thursday evening turkish president reza to have only one made the announcement on monday in a bid to stop the spread of the virus or into city travel which require official approval schools will be shut and only urgent medical treatment is allowed the
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growth of new cases dropped this week compared to mid april but turkey still has the world's 5th highest number of infections. balls to the health still ahead here on the news hour why the u.k. prime minister is a big part of a scandal involving expensive renovations at number 10 downing street plus. the miles military carries out as crimes against ethnic corrent fighters along the border with thailand. and facing a fastball quite literally joe we'll have more in sports coming up. u.s. president joe biden has presented what he calls his blueprint to build america in a wide ranging speech to congress on the eve of his 100th day in office biden promised trillions of dollars in investment in jobs infrastructure and education but in response the republican party attacked him for what it says are empty words
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and broken promises were also in jordan reports when the us president speaks to congress legislators jostle for position hoping to shake his hand as he makes his way to the podium this year that forced everyone to fist bump or use elbows where sit 2 metres apart it's also given joe biden the most important challenge of his presidency and a significant moment in his 1st address 100 days ago america's house was on fire we had to act after i promised we'd get 100000000 covert 19 vaccine shots into people's arms in 100 days. we will have provided over 220000000 covert shots in those undergoing. biden spent his 1st 99 days in office trying to break a pandemic that has killed nearly 575000 americans while there is more work to do
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a lee 30 percent of americans are fully vaccinated biden called on congress to help him tackle other critical issues spend $2.00 trillion dollars on infrastructure and job creation spend another $1.00 trillion dollars on childcare education and health care and improve the standard of living for hundreds of millions of people not just the very wealthiest who also would pay more taxes to cover these projects these are good paying jobs that can't be outsourced nearly 90 percent of the infrastructure jobs created in american jobs plan do not require a college degree 75 percent don't require an associates degree in american jobs plan is a blue collar blueprint build america that's what it is wall street didn't do in
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this country the middle class built the country and unions built the middle class. bitin also called on congress to tackle systemic racism something highlighted by police officers murder of george floyd in minneapolis last year my fellow americans we have to come together. to rebuild trust between law enforcement of the people they serve to root out systemic racism in our criminal justice system we need to work together to find a consensus but let's get it done next month by the 1st anniversary of george george dance in the traditional opposition party response republican senator temp scott called biden's claims of success delusional a president biden promised you a specific kind of leadership you promised united nation to lower the temperature to govern for all americans no matter how we voted this was the pitch you just
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heard it again but our nation is storage for more than empty platitudes we need policies in progress that brings us closer together but 3 months in the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart biden brought up other major goals overhaul immigration policy reversing global warming but he said his 1st job as president is making sure the pandemic fades into history not just for the us but for the world roslyn jordan al-jazeera. that's been 100 days since try biden took office as president of the united states though he promised to build back better after the devastation of the pandemic and the economic hardship that followed a white house correspondent kimberly houk it takes a look at those promises and the progress he's made in making them a reality. he took office during a global pandemic and made battling cope with 19 his top priority promising
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100000000 vaccines would be administered by april we met that goal last week by day 5842 days ahead of schedule. not a damn cent is 2nd goal and that is we will by my 100 day in office have administered 200000000 shots of people's arms that goal was exceeded this week now more than 230000000 vaccines have been given out with more than half of all americans receiving at least one dose what we're seeing is a president who continues to be disciplined continues to stay on message and also a president who continues to focus on the issues and i think that's what many americans like to hear from their politicians but i don't promise to ease economic pain from the pandemic as well delivering on a campaign promise to get direct payments to millions of people who are out of work and not only addresses the immediate crisis room it's better for the long term
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economic health of our nation and our competitiveness by the end of march millions of americans had received at least $1400.00 or more to help pay expenses like rent and food. in his 1st $100.00 days biden also kept another campaign pledge rejoining the paris agreement on climate change that limits greenhouse gas emissions his predecessor donald trump had pulled the us out by to rejoin the u.s. on day one of the bridge. to voters of color biden also delivered on addressing systemic racism in policing after the conviction of derrick chauvelin the police officer who murdered george floyd biden's justice department announced a federal investigation into the minneapolis police department or showed it was. and will biden did follow through on his pledge to raise the minimum wage to $15.00
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an hour for federal contractors his plan to push for a federal minimum wage for everyone has faltered. his next call to fix america's infrastructure and create jobs could be one of his most ambitious tasks that being of this 1st 100 days can be characterized by terms such as bowl daring. and adventurous biden repeatedly promises to meet the moment building back better from the code crisis channeling a spirit not seen since president roosevelt's new deal in the 1930 s. building schools roads and parks and lifting millions of americans wages and quality of life following the great depression in that spirit president biden has already expanded america's social safety net and he's promising more bidons betting that americans are looking for solutions to problems like race and income
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inequality that he believes only government can deliver can really help at al-jazeera washington. well last year on the campaign trail joe biden made many promises about was he would deliver it is early days the white house. he's delivered on some others which are compromised or have been abandoned reports now on biden's broken promises. the other things people remember of campaigns i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify the promises the pledges the things to make a difference 100 days in joe biden has failed to deliver in a few key areas i think he's kept his word as much as he can i think people forget that there's not a lot of legislating that can happen from the presidential seat covered relief was always his top priority he promised $2000.00 checks to eligible americans that became $1400.00 under biden i ding to the $600.00 delivered by trump the death of
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journalist jamal khashoggi provoked anger in then candidate biden he promised to hold so dear abby responsible regard them as a pariah state fast forward to one month in office so to reveal it was once again a valuable ally all presidents in these days talk about doing a whole list of priorities on day one but the idea that a president could accomplish the types of promises they put forth on the trail on day one is rather naive and i would argue in some ways just part of the marketing of campaign the promise to immediately rejoin the iran nuclear deal is also gathering dust instead talks continue in vienna between all the parties about the best way forward realpolitik instead of rhetoric joe biden also promised to be a unifying president pulling the country together after what he felt were the divisive
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trump years despite his early successes washington is as divided as ever found now that trump is still here trump is and is very much the politics of the day on the republican side and i think at least on the democratic side. that there is no way they can see how provide us with those kinds of elements there and so i think it's going to be a very difficult road if he's going to pursue bipartisanship in every step the good news for joe biden presidencies aren't judge surely on the 1st $100.00 days he gets the fool 4 years for the next election is never far away for biden it's the midterms next year it will be a referendum on the job he's done till then what he said he will deliver next and the promises he's kept alan fischer al-jazeera washington well still ahead on al-jazeera killed in a police crackdown family struggle to come to terms with the human cost of chance
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political crisis. and the all blacks on sale in new zealand rugby agrees to us investors buying a stake that story coming up in sports with joe. hello there nice to see you depending on where you are in europe you either need the rain jackets or the sunglasses 1st let's go over that precipitation story we'll come back to this area for saturday but right now let's talk about northern spain into the south of france into italy we've got somewhat weather on deck for friday also an outbreak of rain towards ukraine belarus and russia but returning to that saturday picture because we do run the real risk of seeing some severe storms pop up in this area and we've also got a helping of snow for the alps over the weekend temperature is the other big story
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of one itzhak about so athens 28 degrees on saturday had away from the agency into the eastern med and you had. were up to 37 degrees on monday well above average also dialing up the heat for egypt as 140 degrees that's a temperature that you would typically see in june now this temperature 38 in tripoli remember that for a cycle come back to it but in the meantime we have a sandstorm running through the western sahara so timbuktu you will get into this sandstorm and look at that temperature in tripoli $33.00 degrees that's because we introduce some clouds and rain into the picture. a weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines the news media have been left to sort through mixed messages on a quite complex story from mainstream to street journalism being made to get it is
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to get me to meet you send it to the wall to shoot down what's going on exposing real world threats to objective it's often a bomb neighbor turned to moscow earth $11000.00 people were arrested the listening post covers the way the news is covered on a jersey about. a small boy and his brother rescued from war in gaza by the red cross so i held his tongue when we were 1st placed on a red cross truck now a world leader in crisis management and a highly regarded doctor in chicago who still misses her homeland just one day is possibly thinking of returning to jordan al-jazeera world meets 2 successful arab doctors in north america arabs abroad the humanitarian and the healer on al-jazeera .
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welcome back you're watching up there is news hour with me several wrong a reminder of our top stories alexina valley has appeared in court for the 1st time since ending a 3 week hunger strike the kremlin critic attended a hearing by video link to his appeal this his appeal in february for conviction of defaming a world war 2 veteran a separate court has adjourned proceedings on whether to label the valleys opposition network extremist. 40 countries have pledged to supply india with oxygen as the reports another recalled spike in coronavirus cases and deaths elections are going ahead and 2 big states despite warnings that one of them could become a new epi center. u.s. president joe biden has presented what he calls his blueprint to build america he addressed the congress on the eve of his 100th day in office he's promising
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trillions of dollars in investment in jobs infrastructure and education. indonesia's government says any group found guilty of causing violence in the west papua region will now be considered a terrorist organization it says the moves in line with current counter-terrorism laws is an effort to boost curity in the area has been growing fighting between the military and separatist groups the top general was killed in violence on sunday. no indonesia took control of power 4 after a disputed referendum in 1969 which many purple and say was bricked the regions of poverty rate stands at 27 percent compared to the national rate of 9 percent activists say local people have benefited from the wealth generated by the region's mineral trade and tensions have been made worse by accusations of racism and allegations of rights abuses by security forces or small harm it is the director of
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amnesty international indonesia joins me now live from jakarta good to have you with us mr habit on the program these groups who are to be classified as terrorist organizations would say that they're fighting back not all of them with arms and ammunition but after years of abuse and accusations of extra judicial killings by the authorities here. to policy to level the movement of a terrorist organization is an unimpressive move. it's a terrible policy because if part ones were angry about being stigmatized as separatists what if they are now being labeled as terrorists and if now the terrorists there is a law is being applied in papua it would just means more arrests and flimsier evidence arrests on flimsier evidence more fear in a way and more anger to word this state so why would people on the whole than be
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concerned that the designation when the indonesian government. or having to look after and support people who in this particular example from april the 8 the school was attacked schoolteachers in purple and west poor were attacked they're saying they're protect they would say they're protecting the local community from armed groups. i do condemn all the violence committed by non-state actors as well as committed by state actors and what the government should do instead of leveling armed groups or leveling the free popcorn organization as terrorists the government should and force the law in accordance with the human rights principle the government should infest the gates should prosecute those perpetrators responsible for the killings and thereby state a purpose or non-state actors and i think imposing the terrorism lol means that any
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suspicious person can be held longer without charge for example for that can be help for 7 days for $21.00 days while our criminal procedure of law only allowed to police for arresting people or held the people for one day so this is for me it's a direct canadian policy and and and and and to terrorism approach or leveling them leveling for a couple of movement as a terrorist organization is just a reflection that will show the failure of the government in addressing the root cause this off of prolonging conflict in pub was the root causes of pop were rebellion regarding it's the regarding exploitation of natural resources and so many forms of injustice you know i'm a red am of red that imposing terrorist libel could further. put under
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a repressive. a base policy approach in the years to come ok well all these all the groups all talking about fighting for independence they have been ever since that vote failed according to jakarta back in the 1960 s. to unify the island how serious is this recent surge in violence in the terms of how to try and defuse the situation is that any possibility or any avenue or route where you think this can be defused. i think there is and many other ways to to you know to calm down the conflict to deescalate the conflict by for example exploring then show peaceful dialogue having a 3rd party in the involved just like what the government has done with jay we have had more than 30 years of on conflict with a very high level of insurgency pop one free of freedom fighters or insurgents in public this is relatively low scale insurgency and
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therefore there is much bigger a poor student the for both parties including for government to start a dialogue as proposed by many observers including recommended by a government owned a research institution leap so again there are many other ways than just to increase or intensify security approached in pop by a for example imposing end to terrorism and to terrorism approach because the current load of indonesian answers and low will allow indonesia to deploy more troops in in papa for many years the military has been very active in in papua with the end to terrorism low the government can deploy its special units within the army that would worsening the situation of human rights in
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pup was ok we'll leave it there for now see what happens i think each of us might have a thanks very much from amnesty international and you have to thank you for having me. state to the south african president's testimony in a corruption inquiry involving his predecessor so rob opposer has been answering questions about his role in the so-called state capture scandal he was to consume a step or 2 during the peak of the corruption so he was accused of illegally allowing a business family close to him to secure government contracts and intrudes policy from a fota admitted the governing party could have done more to prevent craft 3 develop this following events for us there at the commission building in johannesburg let's go to her now what's being said on day 2 hearing. well so far what we've heard from a presidential run of course and was important to remember is that he's testifying as the president of the african national congress and not in his capacity as he of
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head of state and so much of the questioning is around what the african national congress could have done if it was one aware of corruption and what it could have done to stop that the president has said that the a.n.c. was slow in acknowledging corruption but it does know that it's been happening they could have taken more action here. to in in bits of time that the amber lights were flashing and more could have been done at the time but if you look at some of what the president has said so far it goes back to when former president jacob zuma was . the president at the time he's deputy was from a post and it would appear for some that roma porter could be laying the blame at zuma speech or that administration specifically to some extent extricating himself from the blame at this time calling it a a.n.c. problem one that he as an individual as deputy at the time was responsible for so
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there is to some extent some explanations going on but i don't know south africans would necessarily be satisfied with with what the president has said so far because he's also appears to be approaching everything as a politician very tactfully and it wouldn't be easy i imagine for anybody to lay blame at his feet as this commission continues its inquiry freedom of and transport for us thanks very much we'll keep an eye on the commission hearing as the days rest thank you. vest occasionally has been launched into how the british prime minister boris johnson funded renovations into his apartment in downing street the u.k.'s political spending watchdog says it has reasonable grounds to suspect an offense may have been committed paul brennan reports now from london. downing street the very heart of boris johnson's government is in turmoil among the stream of damaging leaks and revelations in recent days the question of exactly how
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the renovations of johnson's downing street apartment were paid for have been front page news it's been alleged that johnson 1st tried to get wealthy supporters to pay for the work then that his political party loaned him the money if so that should have been made public prime minister the electoral commission is now involved and at the weekly session of prime minister's questions the opposition labor party smelled blood who initially of prime minister initially is the keyword here who initially paid for the redecoration of his downing street. mr and mrs peacocke i think i hope i answered this question several times and the answer the answer is that i have covered the costs i have met the requirements that i've been obliged to meet in full what do we get from this prime minister of this conservative government don't you contracts jobs for their mates and cash for access and who's at the heart of it the prime minister major sleaze sitting than. again and again
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johnson wouldn't clarify who had paid the initial invoice repeating only that he personally had covered the costs of regional and local elections are just a week away and opinion polling suggests the controversies are starting to affect voter sentiment again you're getting a pass and we're some points is credibility as prime minister will evaporate and you people go to last year we want somebody of that kind of abject moral character . as prime minister. at the core of this crisis is a bitter dispute between forrest johnson and this man his former closest advisor dominic comics downing street accused cummings of being the source of many of the recent damaging leaks coming strongly rebutted that publishing an explosive blog which concluded his former boss fell far below the required standards of competence and integrity. boris johnson owes much of his political success to
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a remarkable teflon like quality the ability to survive control overseas which would have brought down other less contemporary politicians it's almost as if different rules apply to this prime minister but that doesn't mean that the rules don't exist and in this electoral commission there is a watchdog prepared to apply them paul brennan al-jazeera westminster. u.s. federal investigators have raided and seized electronic devices from the manhattan apartment and office of doll transform a lawyer rudy giuliani prosecutors have been looking into giuliani's dealings in ukraine which included an investigation into the vendetta with credit contender joe biden and his son hunter jr on his lawyer says the investigation is politically motivated and calls the raids illegal fiery. strikes against ethnic groups have continued in me in march 2 days after a military outpost was overrun near the border with thailand.
1:45 pm
monitoring groups say their gender has launched at least 6 air attacks since tuesday and hundreds of people have fled into thailand the strikes came after the karen national army captured and burnt the army camp scott hyder is monitoring events for us in bangkok in neighboring thailand. some groups inside that korean held territory in myanmar they have been reporting at least 6 possibly as many as 9 airstrikes have been carried out since that attack on that outpost now once they they overran that that territory around the outpost pushing the m.-r. army out the canyons and you soldiers have occupied that area and even today there was some footage of them actually marching along the banks patrolling along the banks there know what this means is that this is kind of a continuation of what we've seen over the last month back on march 27th there were some airstrikes and some people in the current held territory came across the river
1:46 pm
here into thailand because they're worried about more airstrikes in retaliation and increased fighting and this is kind of been going on since then but what we saw on tuesday were the kind of launched us into a new round of airstrikes and there's concern what that might prompt going down the line we know that they came in you has a lot of soldiers in that area there is even thought that they might try to move on to another outpost for the myanmar army but right now we know for certain that one area they they they focused on tuesday they control the whole stretch along that river that serves as the border between me and mark in thailand so when you see these kind of ethnic. armed good organization like we saw in the current healthcare or enough in the north in the kitchen area so they are kind of stepping up so it's a concern that you know what's going to happen there you know it's kind of you're seeing the the uprising if you will on the streets across me and we're but also now in these territories along the border areas on the east side and up in the north. civil society groups in chad are calling for more demonstrations against the
1:47 pm
military takeover at least 5 people were killed during fighting between protesters and the army on choose day unrest began after the military appointed a prime minister following the sudden death of president idriss deby a week ago it has images reports now from the capital and. emotional scenes of the gandhi family who. their son 17 year old sinner is one of 5 people killed during an to government protest in charge on tuesday his family says he was only a spectator watching a confrontation between demonstrators and security forces in the capital in germany . shots rang out a bullet broke his arm and then it went through his stomach as he fell gas canisters were also fired into the crowds he was rushed to hospital and that's where he died they killed my brother and they may as well have just killed me 2 dozens were arrested during the protests many from say they were just bystanders.
1:48 pm
pulled the newbie i was waiting for a motorbike suddenly 2 soldiers appeared in arrested me they searched me and took my phone and a bottle of water they said the bottle of water was a sign it was a protest of the beat me up and dumping and then i was beaten up again after questioning i was handed to another group where i had even more severe beatings. but the crackdown on demonstrators has prompted international condemnation and calls for investigations of all the protest organizers say they will keep up the demonstrations just as crackdown by the military has forced protests of the street the city appears to be calm for now with most shops and markets open but the excessive use of force us growing criticism from allies including from. chad is now facing an uncertain future its long term president idriss deby was killed last week during fighting with rebels in the north according to the manager the same rebels who are threatened to march on the capital. immediately after his
1:49 pm
death his son general mohammad was announced as his successor the constitution was suspended and the military council must set up a move strongly rejected by the opposition. but the violence that followed the elections in early april and the protests that came after the military take over a father divided the country charts new military leader has promised to start a national dialogue to unite china and. but it's not clear if you promise is enough to end the latest cycle of violence in a country with a history of rebellion tribal conflict and military interventions. germany. libya's coast guard says it's rescued $108.00 migrants coast to west of tripoli but there are concerns more migrants and refugees will attempt the dangerous crossing when weather and sea conditions improves the international organization for migration says at least $300.00 people have drowned or gone missing in the mediterranean this year and in spain the bodies of at least 17
1:50 pm
myron's have been taken to a port in terrorist after they were found in the atlantic ocean a military aircraft spotted the bodies and 3 survivors of the dingey off the canary islands these survivors were taken to a hospital for treatment. well still ahead here on out as a phoenix rise from the ashes to reach that 1st n.b.a. player accident and yes a sports story coming up with joe straight after the break. we'll
1:51 pm
. talk about china has always been
1:52 pm
a rocket carrying the coal module of its plan space station into orbit. blotted out about. the long march 5 b. rocket took off from the chinese space center of the island off the module will provide electricity and propulsion to the space station and can accommodate 3 astronauts for up to 6 months. well it's for now with chad thank you very much pep guardiola has won his manchester city side they can't afford to be shy in the 2nd leg of their champions league semifinal against paris such a man city or in the box a tough to fighting back from a goal down away from home p.s.g. open the scoring code see of their captain mark keane yes but 2 mistakes in the space of 8 minutes gave city the upper hand kevin deploying as ball into the box found the nets and then a free kick from algeria in story of maurice went straight through the bull run since he have now won 18 straight away matches in all competitions and after with
1:53 pm
a ball with passion we found the goals we could to score more saw just the half part for the job so the question is simple so if we play the shy not who we are everything can happen imprecision has the quality to turn you know it's a painful night because i think in the way that we can see the goal it is very painful but we need to look for and to try to be optimistic and we need to be positive so it seems the europa league semifinals and manchester united manager only gonna sell is adamant he didn't mean any disrespect with his recent comments about their opponents roma the remarks came moments after united qualified for the semi's and saskia was asked about playing the italian side next the norwegian said he didn't know roma and i hadn't seen them play. i was.
1:54 pm
just relieved that we gone through and of course i've watched them but i haven't analyzed and hadn't seen them in depth to give him enough respect probably within an analysis i could have said which i truly mean you know it's a fantastic club with a great history. in the other semifinal also face former manager and i am marie who is now in charge of spanish side villareal the gunners current boss ted turner has heaped plenty of praise on his countryman despite emery being sacked after just 18 months in the job well it didn't work for him. he did a lot of good things and the club you know he had he had here if you reach the european final he would it seem to be doing with the champions league and. and that's it and the club this year decided to take a different route but. i think either of those things as well he's even rugby is on the verge of selling a 12 and
1:55 pm
a half percent stake in their commercial rights to u.s. investors of to winning unanimous support from their provincial stakeholders a california based private equity fund has offered $281000000.00 which was the 1st time a private companies owned a share of the all blacks in the team's 115 year history but a number of high profile players including captain sam kane have raised fears about commercialization of symbols like the haka and increased demand to play exhibition games in the n.b.a. phoenix have risen from the ashes to reach their 1st playoffs in 11 years the suns beat the l.a. clippers 10921111 wednesday chris crow scored 28 points 15 of which came in the 4th quarter and will soon end the longest 2nd longest active playoff drought to me n.b.a. the sunset 2nd in the western conference. we're going to clear this no. more to do more to come we. certainly.
1:56 pm
feel like we do scratching the surface or we want to. when we can play this is a huge moment for our organization. the l.a. lakers continues to struggle about the injured le bron james a 9 point to washington as the lakers fall to defeat in their past 5 outings le bron has been sidelined for more than a month of a sprained right ankle washington's budget deal top schools with $27.00 continues the n.b.a.'s leading scorer of the season well the n.h.l. now and 7 teams have confirmed for the playoffs so far with toronto the latest to seal a spots the maple leafs were too strong for fellow canadian side montreal a 41 victory for toronto their 5th in 7 c 7 meetings this season against montreal and the 2 teams of poised to meet in the playoffs the 1st time in 42 years. it was a painful night in the about bay but luckily philadelphia's bryce harper avoided
1:57 pm
serious injury after being struck in the face by a false ball traveling 150 miles per hour mashed in the left. pitcher genesis can broker a battle was taken off the field with blood dripping from a cup to the side of his nose hopper was taken to hospital for scans compare and then hit another player on his next pitch. everything feels good everything about good. stuff so. they still there. were all good. and there was a scary moment for the home plate umpire in the mets and red sox game the bowl and stuff the baton hit veteran umpire jerry laden flush on his last fish suffer from the impact on his head and the pile was left on his face and was quickly aided by the catcher. lane was unable to continue and the coverage and looked up kept well i love but in our control room right that is all the sport for now i'll be back later
1:58 pm
to address sports thanks very much with more news on the other side of the break with foley going to let joe be on the news team they will the news and i thank you for your time and your company. for dram eaters and leave the families to pain is unbearable for of their relatives were killed last week during a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat. and neighbors and family members insist they were innocent taken from their homes and executed under
1:59 pm
pressure of business well as the defense minister vladimir by breena said the armed forces were open lige to defend their country from the regular groups but added that human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. frank assessments that. the government needs to watch what exactly how and why taking such a situation might not be you could ever get informed opinion is the u.s. with thinking military positioning in the middle east or is it just a simple act of reorganizing ministry assets this is a message to the region. the united states is rethinking its military posture in-depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story. one 3rd of all the food produced is wasted with tens of thousands of food outlets tower in south korea has been transformed from west of founder into global leader
2:00 pm
in food recycling i have a reporting on how new technology is making this possible. in kenya i mean the pharmacy and scientists would have believed it in the soil the livelihoods depend on it was a new place a phrase just you. know on the way. back in court russian opposition leader alexina bonnie's seen in public for the 1st time since ending his hunger strike. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to boy also ahead india says 40 countries have pledged to supply oxygen as elections go ahead in 2 large states hate taught by the coronavirus. americans always get out.


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