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hated several electronic devices from giuliani's home and we're also finding out late on wednesday now that there are raids of more people as well associates of rudy giuliani outside of new york 2 in particular 2 lawyers that are associates of him have confirmed that their offices were raided wednesday afternoon as well so clearly this is closing in on rudy giuliani this investigation by federal officials that we believe is traced back to giuliani's ties to ukraine. hello again i'm fully back with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president joe biden has presented what he calls his blueprint to build america he address congress on the eve of his 100th day in office biden's promising trillions of dollars in investment in jobs infrastructure and education 100 days since i took
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the oath of office live to my hand all for family bible and heard the nation we all did it was in crisis the worst pandemic of the century the worst economic crisis since the great depression the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. if you just 100 days i can report to the nation or merker. movie again. india is preparing to vaccinate all adults above the age of 18 as it's called in $1000.00 crisis worsens experts warn west bengal could become the next step essent in millions are voting there in the final phase of state elections and one week long town is being imposed in the past katmandu valley amid a sudden rise in new called the 1000 cases of osman reporting up to 4000 daily cases in the past week its highest search since the start of the pandemic
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healthcare workers here many have caught more infectious ferry and speaking seen in india as strikes against ethnic groups have continued in myanmar 2 days after a military outpost was overrun near the thai border local aid groups say the june to has launched at least 6 air attacks and hundreds of villages have fled into thailand libya's coast guard says it's rescued 108 migrants of zawiyah coast west of tripoli but there are concerns more migrants and refugees will attempt a dangerous crossing when weather and sea conditions improve and china has launched a rocket carrying a module of its space station into orbit along march 5 the rocket took off from the wenchang space launch center on the southern island of hainan the module will provide electricity and propulsion to the space station and can accommodate 3 astronauts those are the headlines next on al-jazeera its inside story stay with us . how concerned should we be about raising food prices or is
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this entirely down to the pandemic we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in a new prime minister designate a deal had made today by the telescope fixing a war torn economy counting the cost on al-jazeera. india's covert 19 emergency reaches critical levels hospitals are out of beds and oxygen and crematoriums don't have space for the dead what's the fallout for the rest of the world if the crisis isn't contained this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm having jim jim patients gasping for air in the street pleas for oxygen and hospital beds on social media and funeral pyres burning
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around the clock this is the reality of india's covert 1902nd wave the worst in the world this chart from johns hopkins university shows the number of infections going up more and more rapidly india recorded more than 360000 cases and 3300 deaths on tuesday. experts are blaming political gatherings and religious festivals for the surge the government has ordered twitter facebook and instagram to remove posts criticizing its handling of the crisis overwhelmed hospitals are turning away the critically ill. go to me will get the health work up but if someone dies in my family i won't even be able to say final good byes even those in big leaks the rich and powerful people are not getting to see their loved ones for the last time the hospitals are only showing bodies completely packed in p.p. kits what can they do it because they can get it going to have less money to come you from i believe and come here for this health again so i can not take the matter
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without an oxygen so i have to give it to her no my god how much time it takes i have to leave really sort of generation or over to india all over dimly who'll turn they're going to go behind how to do our job and all over to nearby cities from 10100 limited but we're getting. all over very well on the tour who are 13 dosia elizabeth purana reports from one of the crematorium set up in new delhi. we are at a makeshift kramatorsk m. that's being set up here in new delhi because the actual kramatorsk behind it. all of the bodies which are being brought there every day it is a similar situation and every crime atory i'm here in delhi and many of the other badly affected states tancred atory and has been working from 6 o'clock in the morning until midnight it still had to put up 50 funeral pyres in the park next to
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it and it's now putting up another 50 in this open space here the situation is such here and delhi that after going from hospital to hospital to have this sick family members admitted people have to go from crime of torreon to crime a tory and to have them promoted in a country where funerals should be taking place do take place as soon as possible because of custom because of the hot temperatures because of a shortage of mortuaries with freezing facilities and all of this is why the international aid that's arriving is seoul south korea is the latest country to say that it's going to be sending oxygen sending everything from medicines to diagnostic tests to protective care that south korea is also arranging flights to bring its citizens back from india because it sees that as poorly funded public health care system cannot deal with the world's biggest surge in cases and there
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are no hospital beds or oxygen and many hospitals and and states still elizabeth purana for inside story the world health organization says the situation is beyond heartbreaking the united states the e.u. russia and china are among countries sending oxygen and medical supplies and india the world's biggest vaccine maker is now forced to import jobs the white house says chief medical adviser anthony told an australian newspaper that wealthy nations have failed to prevent a tragedy. all right let's bring in our guests in new delhi hardeep singh bhatti is a medical doctor and national president of the progressive medicos and scientists form in southampton michael head senior research fellow in global health at the university of southampton and in doha patrick tang division chief of microbiology at syndrome medicine a warm welcome to you all let me start with you today we are seeing these horrific
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reports out of india hospitals across the country are reporting a shortage of medical oxygen and a shortage of beds crematoriums are running out of space funerals are being held in parking lots bodies are being burned in car parks how dire is the situation and how much worse could it get. the situation is already very low us and the scene have not seen this type of situation evident in my lifetime that people who are struggling full speed and i have i have not seen that people are standing on their old sense showing their oxygen saturation that sea docked at a little casinos educationists old will be is provided us back then the hospital a lot of these are a way that some help but the u.s. will help less that all to help get infrastructure is all about and all the bad stuff will leo obeid even inside the hospital when i am inside my blog i have to meet life and deaths to see done within seconds because so many bishops saw it on
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oxygen so we have to decide who to put on vent whom to keep on oxygen so it is a very very difficult situation and as we are seeing that now more and more patients are getting infected so i am i am thinking that if not active intervention was done then that the coming days will be very very difficult michael in the past 24 hours there have been more than 360000 new coronavirus cases in india there have been over 3300 deaths in india in the past 24 hours. and the positivity rate is somewhere between 18 to 20 percent as i understand that means that the country is not able to test enough people and that the real number of cases and deaths could be much higher than reported correct. yes that's correct to think we can rather sadly dissipate that the the official numbers are probably massively undercounting
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the true situational ground so we can expect the number of new cases to be multiple times higher than what we're seeing and if we can expect those discounts to go up on a daily basis for the foreseeable future i think that's going to mention descent we probably will get worse before it gets better so it's a use of a grim situation in india right now patrick i want to talk about the fact that while what's happening in india right now is certainly catastrophic for india but the fact is india is also the world's largest vaccine maker it's considered the pharmacy of the world and many developing countries are counting on india to provide them with kovan $1000.00 vaccines so what's happening in india beyond just being catastrophic for india is also catastrophic for the rest of the world isn't it. yes that's absolutely true this 1st of all is an absolute tragedy for india it's the kind of situation that all of us wanted to avoid the all
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of the measures that we're trying to do with public health and with vaccinations so so i think the devastation that we're seeing in india is going to affect their vaccine supply for the world almost half the world is getting back scenes from india especially to a lot of the lower income and middle income countries including some of the. western countries as well too so so i think at this stage in the pandemic it's absolutely crucial that we vaccinate our population in the vaccinate them and fast as we can so that these variants can spread in different parts of the world so so having any reduction in the back seems supply around that well it's going to have very bad effects for the rest of our g. 8 how concerned are you about the effects of the new code variant that was 1st identified in india. yes this this new radiant is actually causing the c.v.r.
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infection and the 2nd thing is that it is it causing see that infection in the younger adults also like those rules or what mark having an equal number of illnesses or otherwise healthy individuals but they are getting seated infection previously. in come usually it is infecting only 2 elderly people are today middle compromise individuals infested reality is more in this little but this time this this is causing more severe infection and are those faults also it is definitely mutated away at us and the having a much more severe to be michael how much do we know at this stage about how many cases might be attributed to the variant that was identified in india i mean do we know if it's driving infection rates right now because as i understand there's still quite a bit to learn about it right. yeah there is very limited sequencing capacity in
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india so we don't know too much about this new variant of interest all we don't have a proper count in terms of the prevalence of the different variants across these coded $1000.00 cases that we're seeing each day from india so there is a lot to learn about it i think it's fair to say that we would speciate a massive increase in cases per date anyway if you have susceptible populations mixing then this is what happens all of the variance of having 19 a pretty good it transmits that any question really is again as a colleague said as to whether it's more severe than other variants and is causing more severe illness and whether it is more transmissible than other variants but either way your is in a pretty bad place right now patrick all of this is really putting into stark relief what gaping and growing divide there is between developed and developing countries and their access to medicines and vaccines is it not yes
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any anything that stops our efforts to to control the spread of the virus and the thing that impedes or related to distribute vaccines and medications through the world is going to hamper our response to the pandemic so this is very devastating not just for india but for the rest of the world hardeep countries like the u.s. the u.k. and germany have all pledged to send aid to india as i understand it aid has started to arrive but many health experts say that this is really just a drop in the bucket what is happening thus far with the aid and from your perspective do you think it's going to be enough to make an impact and start turning things around. all those countries who are supporting in the end this situation is all basically very good and a lot of even a government also welcomed all the steps done by other countries to support him yet but the thing is that the main active support or the act of intervention can only
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be done by indian government if more and more health care infrastructure is dead loved in a short period of time if oxygen supply is out adequately for a way to bat so that all the industrial use of oxygen can be halted for some time and all will be used for medical or clocks eden and isolation and others then more and more of x. emissions and us can be developed in a short period of time so all these things that like then need a very strong commitment from the bolasie makers and if this can be done at government level then any support from other countries middle of mislead will be helpful and this i want to say that any support by anyone will be life saving in india michael countries like india and south africa made a proposal some months ago to the w t o asking that intellectual property rights of pharmaceutical companies be waived
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and that would allow developing countries to produce covert $1000.00 vaccines of course the u.s. and other countries blocked negotiations at the w t o of that proposal it seems that perhaps that stance might be softening right now as a result of what's going on in india are you seeing indications that that stance might change because there is supposed to be a meeting about this issue later this month at the w 2 you. hear for sure there will be more discussions or not it has been a little bit disheartening to think we should be sharing knowledge as much as we possibly can during this pandemic but it's not just about the sharing of intellectual property rights. manufacturing that seems easy tricky process so scaling up new sites quickly he's very hot can be done we said he can and should increase capacity across the world to do that right now and intellectual property rights is part of that but i think certainly if you can do that right now the good but also that's an important question full in between kind of explore the next kind
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of it is to work out where we can scale up manufacturing build new sites have them ready for the next public health emergency whenever that be. patrick you heard michael there talk about the fact that you know country need to be scaling up and preparing before the next public health crisis but our country is learning the lesson from this right now i mean are countries being more transparent about the challenges they face with health care do you think that this is going to change said that by the time there is another huge public health emergency or pandemic the world will respond in a much more rapid fashion then be able to help other countries more quickly. that is a very good question and it's a tough one to answer. i think we all hope that the lessons from this endemic are is that all countries are going to be better prepared next time and that we strengthen our public health system and we have
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a system in place to produce vaccines and do research for medications and. that that's what we all hope will come out of this and on it but that remains to be seen so so i think it's important that as this pandemic winds down over the next year or so that we maintain this pressure on the governments and everyone in health care and public health maintain pressure so that we don't forget all of these things that we've learned and all of the suffering that that would go on through during this and. you spoke a little while ago about just how imaginable all this was what's going on in india i want to ask you a bit of a more personal question how difficult is it for you and other members of the medical profession in india that hospitals are having to turn away patients and the fact that people are dying who could otherwise be saved. you know very difficult
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and like when it is very difficult to counsel them to go for another hospital or somewhere else and up even not only that they are setting for hospital beds they have a testing for oxygen and they are managing their patients at home and then even i am supervising or treating many of the patients what at home i have and also calls for them and manage them at home and tell them what to do and not to do so all these things we are doing as a health care worker and it is very exhaustive and dramatic also to maintain all these things that this moment of time because whether we are on duty or the out of duty we are continuously working for the patients we have continuously i that attending college or in wards we have attending patient so it is very exhaustive and it will become very difficult when we have some patients. please find out from another another place to get your patient admitted michael if there is uncontrolled
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spread of the virus in parts of the world doesn't that mean that at some point there's a greater chance that new mutations and that new variants will develop that might escape the protection of the vaccines that have already been developed. so you said in the more cave in 19 you have obviously great ability of disease but also you are more likely to have new variants of interest and variants of concern emerging and that might have an impact upon vaccine effectiveness i think it is very likely that we will in the relatively near future in the next year if you need to develop boost of doses. to counter new variants that is fairly likely i think so the battle against $98.00 is going to be a long one even here in the u.k. where our current vaccine role is fairly advanced cases are relatively low we do still need to be cautious about coding knowing seeing and plan and prepare ahead of any possible new outbreaks so yeah it's a long battle ahead yet patrick what do you say are boosters going to be needed and
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are they already being developed. well researchers are being developed and there's a lot of talk of. new versions of the vaccines but i think you know the evidence is not out that that's absolutely required and if you've looked at you know where we've had a lot of. different variants develop and we look at the most successful strains that have spread around the world they have shown some degree of convergent evolution where where they share many of the common most successful mutations so so we're seeing that in many different places where these variants arise and they share the most successful mutation so so it looks like the virus is running out of success when mutations develop so so and what the other thing that's very reassuring is that in countries that are starting to look at that africa's use of the vaccines in the real not in the lab looking at where the antibodies binder not
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that they're seeing that there is protection from the vaccines against these new variants against severe disease against out they might not protected gates mild infections 100 percent but but that's going to be ok if enough people get x. need it so so i think i'm reassured that you know the virus is running out of mutations and that the vaccines are very good and we shouldn't be casting doubt on africa's use of the vaccines if we get enough people vaccinated we can eventually reach that post endemic days hard it was just last month that india's health minister said that the country was in the endgame of the cove in 1910 demick i mean there was a sense that in india the government believe that had really gotten past the worst part of the pandemic now it's a situation where everything is in short supply and there's just a staggering amount of new cases every day why wasn't the government stockpiling
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supplies why weren't they doing more to prepare for this eventuality. because the 1st thing they have and they're taught there because they have been of the vaccine and all vaccine was promoted as after the event but other than being a preventive measure and and 2nd thing that the patient inaudible is old for because he is that something like in the somebody and density patient laura was also a big nice will be a top that means you know what await us and all weekend and continue with their daily lives that even patients that we have and the people have relaxed the bed are good and stood up over it after opiate behavior at our best dog to beating their mosques they have started mosque gatherings so everything was gone so long that within few months we came to this situation so does that's why i just want to also add i am now seeing people who have suffered had acquired infection lost yet also have fooled or says the vaccine but still got infected by this white house sold the
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thing is we have to keep in mind that this white house is mutating very fast it is fine let me knew him knew what he is doing didn't leak and wants a human system and causing infection so we all should follow colin afrobeat behavior as much as possible and i wired must get things this must be a learning lesson to all of all of the wanted michael the serum institute of india is a major contributor to the kovacs initiative which is providing vaccines to low and middle income countries it has said it will not be able to meet its international commitments to deliver vaccines due to domestic shortages what's the knock on effect of this. something that shows that it is tricky to rely on just one manufacturer to supply vaccines 1st thank you for the world right now so india will retain much of the vaccine supply coming out of the servants to cheat and who can blame them but also you will have a knock on effect full kovacs other lower middle income settings and also high
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income countries like the u.k. who get a vaccine from astra zeneca from the start is to as well so that mean that there codex rollout is slow so there will be a great burden of disease and more unprotected people in those populations so again there will be consequences in terms of a lack of supplies from the few manufacturers sites we have around the world of which a key one is in india patrick if that kovacs rollout is now slower because of what's going on in india what does that mean for the overall situation and from your perspective are there other countries that are going to be able to pick up the slack. this is a difficult one because india a lot of countries do depend on india for their vaccines so. when there's a slowdown in the distribution of vaccines around the world it's going to allow more cases of this disease to develop in and this is and as i said before this is the end game and this is where 'd we need to back need as many people as possible as fast as possible so that we can reduce the number of people that died from and
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that reduce the number of people that get severe disease from covert so it's it's absolutely crucial and i don't know it's very complicated to set up vaccine manufacturing because it requires a global supply chain acquires a lot of quality assurance so it's not easy to be able to cut the slack from from manufacturing in india. from your point of view the fact that the serum institute is not able to meet its commitments when it comes to the kovacs initiative the fact that so many developing countries are counting on these vaccines from india how concerned are you about you know what the situation is in india and how that will affect the rest of the world. ready much concerned as i help get a little because i want everyone should be vaccinated as at me as possible because if even if infection a few get infected after vaccination by section is very mild and it has it has
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a protection so that everyone should have seen it and i am much more concerned about fluster and foremost well they'd be at people that everyone in india should get vaccinated as empty as possible and after that the whole made the whole world line or that everyone is dependent as you already said that it is a pharmacy of the world so everyone should get vaccinated and because every life i have seen people dying on the roads and it is very difficult to see them die because of this infection so they all must get vaccinated this is a must yes all right we have run out of time so we're going to have to leave the conversation there thank you so much to all of our guests our gz saying michael head and patrick tang and thank you too for watching you can see this and all of our previous programs again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j.
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inside story for me my mage i'm doing the whole team here bye for now. a tale of 2 presidents. venezuelan military defectors. american must. and a bizarre yet old dangerous attempt. at regime change in the bolivarian republic of venezuela. people in power the bay of pigs limits on al-jazeera. one 3rd of all the food produced is wasted with tens of thousands of put out that tower in south korea has been transformed from what's the founder if a global leader in for recycling i have
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a reporting on how new technology is making this possible. in kenya i mean the farmers and sundays what he had lit it in the soil the livelihoods depend on was a new place a phrase just. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to school supplies and training to help the world's most found people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatment and of that. working with scientists and health workers to learn all we can about the virus keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the land advocating for everyone to have access to essential health services now more than ever the world needs w.h.o.
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making a healthier world. for everyone. americans always get out. today that's what we're doing america's rising. u.s. president joe biden unveils an ambitious economic and social plan in his 1st address to both houses of congress. this is al jazeera live from doha i'm fully back t. ball also ahead india gears out for a cold 1000 vaccine rollout for all adults but faces a major shortage of.


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