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in the street and the message to travis is that we have a lot of time listening. to sit there thank you. applauding in new hope president joe biden says the u.s. is on the move again after the worst pandemic in a century. 100 days ago. america's house was on fire. we had to act. more about this in this is a doozy of a live from doha also coming up there's little comforts makeshift medical facilities as india tries to overcome oxygen and vaccine shortages in
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a coronavirus crisis. trying to turn the tide on tax reform colombia's government faces public rebellion over controversial proposals. and a core part of china's space station plans as launched into orbit. blueprint to build america that's what u.s. president joe biden has presented to congress on the eve of his 100th day in office and a wide ranging speech biden says he's turning peril into possibility after the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic saying america is back on the rise he's laid out plans to fix a shoes including trillions of dollars in investment in jobs infrastructure an education. 100 days since i took the oath of office and left in my hand off our
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family bible and heritage nation we all did it was in crisis the worst pandemic of the century the worst economic crisis since the great depression the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war now after just 100 days i can report to the nation america is on the move again. well straight after the president spoke republican senator tim scott gave his party's rebuttal lead dress attacking biden for empty words and broken promises president biden promised you a specific kind of leadership you promised to unite in nation to lower the temperature to govern for all americans no matter how we voted this was the pitch you just heard it again but our nation is storage for more than empty platitudes we
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need policies in progress that brings us closer together for 3 months in the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart and let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly hall good who's live for us in washington d.c. biden's speech was as we were talking about wide ranging covered a lot of ground sets a lot of goals as well what were the highlights that you picked. well it really comes down to 3 different plans one that's already been put in place in 2 that the president is proposing it's the american rescue plan that he passed shortly after with the help of congress to give direct payments to americans to help them deal with the suffering of the pandemic but there's also the american jobs plan as the announcement of the american families plan now the american jobs plan will essentially if put forward allowed for americans to rebuild crumbling
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infrastructure in the united states and this will create jobs that is the proposal of joe biden and with respect to the american families plan this is something that would be an expansion of the social safety net not seen in decades in the united states that will allow for not only early childhood education on the universal scale but also universal post secondary education those 2 years of community college after secondary school so this is a really big proposal but where things get so a little bit sticky is in how to pay for it what joe biden is proposing is that this will be a big hike in taxes with respect to high income earners in the united states and also corporations the belief of joe biden is that the way to accomplish this is to really get everyone to pay what he calls america or rather people's fair share in
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other words that right now a lot of them are getting off and that they need to pay for some of the programs he's proposing on a lot of this of course is going to need bipartisan support he needs the support all republicans on the even some members of his democratic party in order to to get this through and that's been fairly thin in the ground has none. yeah absolutely right this is a pretty what we call the united states progressive message that the president's put forward you know joe biden has been in congress for a long time really seen as sort of a moderate centrist kind of on the political spectrum this is much further left in terms of the ideas he's proposing sabbats not going to win over some of members of his own democratic party and also rather republicans really criticizing a lot of this speech because what they believe is that what joe biden is proposing is a big role in government from cradle to college essentially and
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what republicans are saying is that america works when you give people opportunities and take government out of their lives so there's a real philosophical difference here and also one of the big dividing issues that we heard from senator tim scott the republican who gave the republican response after joe biden's. speech is that essentially he made a pretty loaded charge of socially he said that what's happening right now is that race is being weaponized to divide the country when joe biden promised to unite it so a lot of rum wounds being exposed with this speech and the rebuttal that came after a committee thanks very much indeed that's kimberly hall to the white house correspondent. they bill in india are rushing to register for a mass vaccination drive set to begin this weekend as corona virus infections spiral out of control the official death toll has surged past 200000 but the real figure is believed to be much higher elizabeth put on
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a reports from new delhi. after failing to find help at medical facilities family members of covert 19 patients bring them to attend to outside the sikh temple on the outskirts of daddy. volunteers here providing oxygen for free often driving long distances to find stockists soldiering of all over india all over britain. turn to god. how do you do our job or and all over the nearby cities 10100 members of our. family members of patients to have traveled for hours to bring them here because they can write we want to have less money to commute from my place and come here for this oxygen so i can not take my car without an oxygen so i have to give it one 0 my god how much time it takes away to. india seeing shortages not only of oxygen but of hospital beds diagnostic tests and vaccines that the nation centers in the worst affected states ran out of doses again on
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wednesday. they're telling us that injections aren't available here as vaccines haven't arrived i registered to come here 3 days ago all the way from chamber to bhangra i only found out after coming here there's no proper information they tell us to call the helpline number and come back in the morning the world health organization says the low rate of vaccinations is one of the reasons for india's surge in cases the u.s. is sending rule materials so india can manufacture more of its own vaccines and many countries are sending oxygen and other medical supplies. well kramatorsk work day and night to keep up with demand math cremations have become the norm the creditor i am behind me has been working from 6 and the morning until midnight but because it doesn't have enough pires to cremate the bodies which are being brought every day and had to build 20 in the park next to it and now these 50 in this open
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space those who lost family members say they went through the same struggle to cremate their loved ones as they did find the hospital bed when they were alive elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi. china has launched a rocket carrying the core module of its planned space station into war but. the long large 5 the rocket took off from the wenchang the space launch center on the southern island of the core module provides electricity propulsion and it can kill a comedy 3 astronauts for up to 6 months or more on this let's go to katrina you who's live for us in beijing some amazing pictures coming out of the launch just talk us through how important this core module is what kind of role it plays. well this is the 1st called module of china's 1st space station 10 which means
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heavenly common a nice you said it has some really important functions it will have the control center it will provide resources for up to 3 astronauts and of course the living quarters as well it's about 17 metres long and 4 metres in diameter and it's not as big as the international space station that's out there at the moment but this is quite significant for china it's been planning this for some time and it currently has 12 astronauts who are training to live aboard the t.n. her but there will be 3 at one time living on a 6 month work cation now the 1st astronauts are planning to be sent out around june and initially they will just stay there for the 3 month stint now this school module will be followed by 2 other modules which are designed specifically to house scientific experiments and this will be really significant for the international scientific community there will be a variety of areas studied including in quantum physics microgravity and
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biotechnology and overall there is space station will be completed in orbit by 2022 so we have at least 10 more missions after this to see it completed this is only the latest in a series of very significant events that john has been carrying out either as part of its space exploration program but there of course there is a lot of speculation about what it's. like in space actually are. that's right well china 1st plan for the space station in the 1990 s. and it became the 3rd country after the u.s. and russia to launch from that into space in 2003 and it since then it's conducted a number of space walks as well as cruelest missions in december it sent a river to the moon and collected luna salvos and that was the 1st time that had happened since the one $970.00 s. and it's also planning to send a rover to mas later this year now china and chinese president xi jinping has made no secret of the fact that it intends to become a space power to rival the u.s.
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and to that end china has been working more closely with russia to develop develop it stays technology and it may also collaborate with other european countries such as italy interestingly though nasa is barred from working with china because of security concerns on the part of the u.s. and there have been a number of western governments who have raised concerns about china's space ambitions because they say this will certainly have some implications for its military capacity on earth and potentially its geo political ambitions as well katrina thank you very much indeed continue talking to us from beijing i stored michael collins who is one of 3 crew on the apollo 11 lunar mission has died at age 90 collins orbits of the moon on his crewmates neil armstrong and buzz aldrin took the historic 1st steps on the surface and $969.00 died after a battle with cancer his family says you always faced life's challenges with grace and humility. still ahead on al-jazeera scientists
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a lot in america rushed to assess the potential threat posed by a new coronavirus variant. killed in a police crackdown families struggle to come to terms with the human cost of child's political crisis. for the. sponsored plan qatar airways oh there were dolly not the temperature across the middle east let me show you exactly where this heat this high heat is starting to build and it's toward turkey cyprus and the levant let me put on the temperatures now honey this will really tell the story 34 degrees for aleppo we're also getting into the thirty's on cyprus we have some unusual showers popping up into yemen unusual and that is so far north and east also
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starting to spill into the huge as mountains in saudi arabia so that is the picture on friday looking good in doha $36.00 degrees and plenty of sun to go around take you to africa and still bouts of what weather remains unsettled for tanzania this is been really the trend for the last several days also what weather for the democratic republic of the congo central african republic and rate through into cameroon that will continue on friday and take you to south africa right now and we do have the eastern cape quite a push of moisture coming onshore this is cool rain to some snow the 1st of the season for the suit to and show the 3 day forecast for zanzibar that unsettled and wet trend will really continue right through into the weekend saturday 32 degrees. to put support qatar airways. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun
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lobby i've been in when it was made and you got to really kind of. reveal secrets do you want to put messaging out there i mean people outraged getting mad and connections some don't want to expose many in like you see media. mass shooting. documents like my al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. they were judges it a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president joe biden's told congress he is turning peril into possibility after the devastation of the coronavirus and it was speaking on the eve of his 100th day in
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office. after the president spoke republican senator tim scott gave his party's rebuttal address accusing biden of empty words and broken promises he says his government has divided the country more than ever. people in india are rushing to register for mass vaccination drive set to begin this weekend as corona virus infections spiral out of control and set another world record for the highest number of daily infections. ok let's go back to our top story joe biden's address to congress i want to bring in steve clemons is the host of his weekly show the bottom line he's joining us by skype from washington d.c. good to have you with us steve as always there were a lot of aspirations in job biden's speech but realistically how likely is it that he's actually going to be able to make many of these work given the amount of pushback there is not only from the republican party but also from elements of his own party specially around how it's going to be paid for. well i think he's going
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to run into resistance but it was a remarkable speech i almost hesitate to call it a speech because it felt more like a chat from the president talking to a few people in a coffee shop and i give him better chances than i would have before i heard this speech because he's talking to america about what's possible about how tough cold it was about some of the strain and stress in american society and republicans are going to have to come up with an answer to that so while you know there there are certain moderate democrats who have a problem with the cost of things and there certainly divides between liberals and conservatives you know he's taken a less confronted style and that may just work and that may help you know put him in the you know the group of great leaders that got big things done by finally getting some seducing really some of his opposition to join him let's let's talk
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about the opposition response we have here from south carolina senator said tim scott who gave the republican response to it he criticized the president saying his actions of the president and his party are pulling us apart he's heading talked about being critical of the by the ministration to continue to close schools under covert he told the talked about the biggest job killing tax hikes in a generation i think he said very much essentially what the republican party line actually is he didn't seem to deviate from that what did what did you think about it. well i thought tim scott was pretty effective if you were a republican but it's a little bit odd in the sense that he said 2 things that really stood out one he blamed the by the administration for not opening you know school staff. they actually inherited a situation which the trumpet ministration was not opening schools you know as quickly they were about you know 30 percent of the schools you know that were
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functioning around the time biden came in now about 65 percent so you know he's got a point but it certainly is shared between administrations but the bigger thing that people are zeroing in on is that senator tim scott is probably the most important person right now working on police reform and looking at police tactics and particularly with regards to to race right now and he's working across the aisle but then he made the comment he said america is not a racist nation even though he said he has been subjected to racism in the past so there were some odd moments where it was very clear that he has a slightly different brand than many of the general republicans out there but he wanted to paint a line and you know basically paint joe biden as a conventional liberal democrat with a roster of big government solutions to things i'm not sure it was effective but i think if you were listening i actually thought tim scott did a very good job for his party and joe biden did a very good job there is they were both humane and they felt authentic for the
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whole so this is a very different usually a much more critical of both sides in these kinds of speeches i want to just talk briefly about the international and that to this joe biden said he'd been talking to foreign leaders over the last in the last 100 days and he had been saying you know america is back but they have been responding with yes america is back but for how long what's going to take for america to be able to persuade the rest of the world that the by the ministration is going to live up to its promises and think. we're going to have to see some joint efforts in the world merican his you know can't just talk about being back it's going to have to demonstrate that it is there with results helping other nations solve their problems this can't just be about the united states drawing on the world to solve its needs and i think right now there's doubt and there's understandable doubt when there's a kind of whiplash that's happened you know from donald trump's america 1st policy which is you know many people felt it was sort of an america alone policy to now we
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have. 40 leader is this last week join joe joe biden by sume to talk about climate change objectives and to kind of go further but i think we have a lot of problems in the world environment you know terrorism migration refugee issues so many big issues out there and they're going to require you know joint actions and right now as you heard him speak tonight about planning for putin about teaching ping of china other great countries in the world we're not all aligned and i think they're going to want to see where is america willing to put its resources you know on the table to tell you know solve some of these problems with other nations and we just haven't had enough time for that to happen steve as always it's great to get your thoughts on this we appreciate it thank you very much indeed thank you up rights activists inside have called for an investigation after 5 people were killed in anti-government protests that in status have been demanding a return to civilian rule the militant took power following the death of president
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president idriss deby a week ago amid the address reports from the capital and so many. emotional scenes of the gotten from a viewer. their son 17 year old cinna is one of 5 people killed during an to government protests in charge on tuesday his family says he was only a spectator watching a confrontation between demonstrators and security forces in the capital in germany . shots rang out a bullet broke his arm and then it went through his stomach as he fell gas canisters were also fired into the crowds he was rushed to hospital and that's where he died they killed my brother and they may as well have just killed me 2 dozens were arrested during the protests many from say there were just bystanders. be i was waiting for a motorbike suddenly 2 soldiers appeared in arrested me they searched me and took my phone and a bottle of water they said the bottle of water was a sign it was
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a protest of the beat me up and dumping and then i was beaten up again after questioning i was handed to another group where i had even more severe beatings. but the crackdown on demonstrators this prompted international condemnation and calls for investigations of all the protest organizers say that with the demonstrations just crackdown by the military has forced protests of the streets the city appears to be calm for now with most shops and markets open but the excessive use of force us growing criticism from allies including friends. chad is now facing an uncertain future its long term president idriss deby was killed last week during fighting with rebels in the north according to the manager the same rebels who are threatening to march on the capital. immediately after his death his son general mohammad was announced as his successor the constitution was suspended and the military council is set up
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a move strongly rejected by the opposition here but the violence that followed the elections in early april and the protests that came after the military take over how father divided the country charts new military leader has promised to start a national dialogue to unite child and. but it's not clear if your promise is enough to end the latest cycle of violence in a country with a history of rebellion tribal conflicts and military interventions. have effected thousands of people squatting in the hillside of the capital but he's fired tear gas canisters and squatters set cars on fire and threw rocks the number of illegal settlements outside the capital has grown because of the lack of affordable housing and to government protesters and police have fought in colombia's capital thousands defied covert $1000.00 restrictions to rally against tax increases proposed by president evo. reports from.
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protesters and the police face off in as demonstrations against government proposed tax reforms through violent rocks were hurled at the police who responded with flash backs in tear gas. the protests here and in a dozen other cities drew some of the biggest crowd since the start of the pandemic . that's the spite attempts by the government to dissuade the protesters in a court order to postpone the demonstrations due to a rise in 1000 infections but. i think the tribunals decision further and get people to come out we're dealing with the worst government proposals in decades people are hungry and desperate for help not more taxes than the reform proposed by president his government would raise taxes paid by people and businesses including the tax some basic food items that were so for example it would tax middle class
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pensions utility bills and even funerary services. the government is hoping to raise the country's gross domestic product by 2 percent it says it would otherwise have to cut public spending and could lose its international debt rating . but the proposal is triggered an angry response with people already facing economic hardships due to dip and then make their way. there in the middle of a pandemic good majority of colombians unable to stay home because they live hand to mouth eggs with rice and now they want to tax the eggs this tax reform is miserable. anger at the social and economic policies of president has been simmering to the pandemic there were major protests in 2000 against think creasing killings of community leaders and the delay in the implementation of the 2016 peace deal with rebels. on wednesday things also turned violent in colombia's 3rd city carli where some protesters burned buses in stores members of an indigenous tribe
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tore down the statue of a spanish colonial computes the door. clashes showed just how exasperated people or after more than a year into a pandemic that have deeply affected the economy here the turnout was way higher than any of the organizers have expected and many people are now wondering if this will be the beginning of a new season of social upheaval in the country. there's a warning that countries in south america could see a worse cover $1000.00 surge than last year that's according to the pan american health organization which says brazil and chile are reporting the highest number of infections in the region there are fears a new variant is contributing to the spike in america added to the scene human reports from santiago. neither nationwide confinements and nighttime crew shoes
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nor an impressive vaccination campaign has been able to significantly rein in the pandemic in chile and a new variant of cold with 19 maybe do. it's been labeled c 37 1st seen at the end of december in lima peru. room where it now accounts for 40 percent of cases there the death rate has been rising sharply professor pablo sugiyama says that such a rapid spread could indicate it is stronger than other variants seen so far although mutations appear in sustained way over time and some exceptional cases in some parts of the world variants with new properties may appear and it seems that this is what we're observing in this case the only thing that we know is that spreads rapidly in peru and then today suggests that it's more contagious scientists are rushing to determine if the c $37.00 variant is not only more contagious but also more powerful than previous ones after israel chile is the country with the highest percentage of its population that has been inoculated
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against colvin 19 i've already had my 2 jabs for example like millions of others in this country but the real question now is how effective will they be against this new variant it will take weeks if not longer before we have any idea i mean that's not the only bad news a recent survey indicates that in brazil and chile 13 percent more people are seeking relief from the stress of the pandemic at their local liquor shop. in june last year chiles from 2 your ministry carried out its own poll minutes ago the survey was a big success more than 34000 people took part versus 10000 in europe and the results are quite content of the 3 showed that while 21 percent of chileans who drinking more 41 percent reported they were drinking less because it was socializing much less but 11 months later the result of a new ministry survey may be very different begin to look after the fact that
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people are forced to stay at home means they are drinking a bit more for various reasons anxiety stress boredom. after more than a year of very long confinement and prohibition. and the frustration level is running high and the possibility of a new variant setting the clock back yet again is adding yet another ingredient to the complex cocktail you see in human al-jazeera said. this is a disease of these at the top stories u.s. president joe biden has told congress is turning peril into possibility after the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic it was speaking on the eve of his 100th day in office saying america is back on the rise he laid out plans to fix challenges in .


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