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unprompted uninterrupted says the 1st light skinned girls are those who are who don't work for him in fact. if you like to think that there's nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's nationalist one of. great date. uploading new hope president joe biden says the u.s. is on the move again now after the worst pandemic in a century. 100 days ago. america's house was on fire. we had to act. normal about this and this is all it is in a live from doha also coming up. trying to turn the tide on tax
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reform colombia's government faces public rebellion over controversial proposals. and there's little comfort to makeshift medical facilities as india tries to overcome oxygen and vaccine shortages in a coronavirus crisis. the rhythm of life's returning to new york streets but it isn't so upbeat of the united nations what's causing a diplomatic dispute. a blueprint to build america that's what u.s. president joe biden has just presented to congress on the eve of his 100th day in office and a wide ranging speech biden says he's turning parul into possibility after the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic saying america is back on the rise is laid out plans to fix a shoes including trillions of dollars in investment in jobs infrastructure and
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education. 100 days since i took the oath of office and left in my hand off our family bible and inherited a nation we all did that was in crisis the worst pandemic of the century the worst economic crisis since the great depression the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war now after just 100 days i can report to the nation america is on the move again. straight out of the president spoke republican senator tim scott gave his party's rebuttal address attacking biden for empty words and broken promises president by them promised you a specific kind of leadership you promised united nation to lower the temperature to govern for all americans no matter how we voted this was the pitch you just
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heard it again but our nation is storage for more than empty platitudes we need policies in progress that brings us closer together for 3 months then the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart. ok let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly hall could she is joining us from capitol hill where biden and tim scott have been speaking. one gets the impression overall with both these speeches that the essentially underpins the beliefs of the democrats and the republicans big government involvement from the democrats and joe biden but individual american from the republicans. there's no question that when we heard from joe biden and then from senator tim scott that there are very different visions in terms of how to deal with many of america's problems overall it seems that this message was well received from joe biden with respect to some of the plaza that he's laid out for rebuilding the
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country but he also issued a call for congress to act as well and to that end i want to bring in a member of congress who was listening to the president's speech i want to introduce you to brenda laurent she's a democratic congresswoman from michigan 1st i want to get your reaction to the speech but but also i want to hear from you as a woman who has been called upon by the president as a member of congress to solve some of these issues whether it's race whether is dealing with guns or whether it's dealing with immigration is this the congress that's going to be able to take this on for the president. the song tonight was a leader you know the electricity that's usually in a room or the joint session of congress it wasn't there as it was only $200.00 of us there but what we saw was a conversation a conversation with the elected by the of our government saying you know we need to fix immigration no one will tell you we don't have a problem. for
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a player if you don't like it bring another but what you saw in the in the issue of guns like we don't want to take away your constitutional right but we have women that are killed 50 women who are killed in domestic violence with guns we have a problem and he said let's get it done he even sent let's fight about it let's argue about how to gather so to me that was a respectable. invitation and it's not discounting where you are but we have to be unified that we have these issues and i'm so proud of the discussion about education because think about it 100 years ago we had the 4 thought it we want to be leaders global leaders then we're going to have to educate our workforce we're going to have to educate the next generation so that we can be compared here we are 100 years later country after country are exceeding and some
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excelling over us and we need to say those 2 years that when a child is in those formative years that we invest in the educational system the tools and skills play that platform then give them we know how to educate kindergarten through 12th grade and then given 2 additional years this will bring about the global competitiveness is that this has a lot you know that we keep saying by american just kept the things we can't even buy that are american made look at us all into the bin. we couldn't even get gloves in swabs and this is simple things that we could have made in america but it's been taken away because we're not leaving in that we're not leaving in the innovation and then some of the countries are taking advantage of loopholes leaving their look yes cuba 2 questions i have come to my mind and there seems to be
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a real difference of opinion not on what needs to be done but how to pay for it there seems to be a real pushback from republicans when it comes to taxation on the corporations and the wealthy to pay for this that this will lead to a decrease in jobs so we have a free economy. but i would ask anyone do you think a. sydney 600 times more than the person this make in the world with them do you think that the person making the well with them should be taxed at a higher level than you are and you making millions and millions of dollars this person isn't even being paid $15.00 an hour which by the way i support so where are we gonna find in this free economy some form of balance and so i would say it's not taxation give me a plain idle or is he really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us here at al-jazeera thank you so much for your insights thank you so much right and we will
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continue to take a look at this speech because it is something that will be analyzed in the coming days but joe biden himself he's already hitting the road in fact now that he has left the halls of congress if you will on thursday he will be heading to the u.s. state of georgia where he will continue to sell some of the policies that he has presented in his 1st joint address to congress committee thanks very much indeed that's kimberly hauck of our white house correspondent talking to us from capitol hill let's bring in john nichols he's national affairs correspondent at the nation magazine is also author of the fight for the soul of the democratic party is joining us by skype from madison a swim in wisconsin he's been with us for the last few hours as this speeches have been made good have you back on all jazeera bungalow as they were just telling telling kimberly halakhah that what she heard as a congresswoman from michigan when she was listening was a respectful invitation by joe biden to republicans and democrats who still need to
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to be convinced do you think there's going to be the response that he's hoping for . you know i don't. i think if the lines are very clearly drawn in this congress and well president biden will definitely reach out to republicans and while there are some republicans who will meet with him remember there was a group of republicans that met with him back when they were doing the american rescue act the relief plan hope it or early this year so they'll be meetings and they'll be discussions but there's a pretty clear divide that is developed now on almost every major both that comes down there are you if any republicans will vote with the democrats and i doubt that that's one change the president gave a good speech tonight there's no question that it was very nuanced very thoughtful and he did do some outreach to republicans in it but at the end of the day i think
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you heard the response from senator tim scott who also gave a very powerful speech and tim scott speech suggested that republicans believe that most of that progress most of what's gone well in america at this point was really created by president trump report he left office and put in place and also that they believe it joe biden is dividing america is he and the democrats are on the wrong track i think that that's basically where things are stand at this point so the president gave a major address tonight and had a lot of power and it may well rally is own base and not sure how well it will be in iran and republicans lot given that divide that you're talking about in the house so therefore there are a lot of oscar a sions in that speech but how much realism was there. well that's a very good question i think there is realism in some areas i remember they did
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pass the american rescue act which was its huge initiative to respond to cope with 99 to respond to the economic challenges related to it now the president has 2 more major acts that are in play in american jobs act and that is infrastructure plan now the american family act and change the polls that cd. those are massive programs and they are unlike each you get a lot of republicans the notion that there would be a compromise but they meet a little i think at this point is is probably beyond where this congress is however there are any indications that there are cracks they try to go forward if the infrastructure plan is absent and look the american families plan simply with a narrow majority you remember the democrats do control the house of representatives they also control the senate and
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a 5050 split but it vice president harris votes with them they can advance spending . and now even though there's a filibuster in our senate aren't you a lot of things spending bills they can it against the process of reconciliation and so i suspect that that's where it president's aspirations will end up a net is near 0 votes perhaps narrow wins it very deep are missing by john nichols is national fence correspondent at the nation we appreciate you having being with us through the speech and giving us your analysis and john thank you very much anti-government protesters and riot police have clashed in colombia's capital bosnians to 5 covert 19 restrictions to rally against president even decays proposed tax increases on the sounds of the m.p.'s he reports from bogota. protesters in the police face off in as demonstrations against government proposed
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tax reforms turned violent rocks were hurled at the police who responded with flashbacks and tear gas. the protests here and in a dozen other cities drew some of the biggest crowd since the start of the pandemic . that's the spite attempts by the government to dissuade the protesters in a court order to postpone the demonstrations due to arise and could be $1000.00 infections but. i think the tribunals decision further angered people to come out we're dealing with the worst government proposals in decades people hungry and desperate for help not more taxes than the reform proposed by president because government would raise taxes paid by people and businesses including the tax some basic food items that were so for example that with tax middle class pensions utility bills and even funerary services. the government is hoping to raise
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the country's gross domestic product by 2 percent it says it would otherwise have to cut public spending and could lose its international debt rating. but the proposal has triggered an angry response with people already facing economic hardships due to dip and then make. sure in the middle of a pandemic good majority of colombians unable to stay home because they live hand to mouth exit rice and now they want to tax the eggs this tax reform is miserable. anger at the social and economic policies of president has been simmering to defend them week there were major protests in 2000 against increasing killings of community leaders and the delay in the implementation of the 2016 peace deal with gravel. on wednesday things also turned violent in colombia stirred city where some protesters burned buses in looted stores and members of an indigenous tribe tore down the statue of
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a spanish colonial computes the door. clashes showed just how exasperated people or after more than a year into a pandemic that have deeply affected the economy here the turnout was way higher than any of the organizers have expected and many people are now wondering if this will be the beginning of a new season of social upheaval in the country. still ahead on the 0 scientists in latin america rushed to assess the potential threat posed by a new coronavirus very. killed in a police crackdown family struggle to come to terms with human cost of chance political crisis.
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it's time for the perfect janet. sponsored play qatar airways. hello the severe weather for the u.s. continues to be a factor today we've seen tornadoes in texas and it is all because of this frontal system this cold front moving across so it's helping to break near record heat these are very serious storms from michigan rate through to texas you're pretty well in the line of fire you run the risk of seen some hail winds will whip up and just severe thunderstorms so we have to be on the lookout for that as this system continues to migrate further east and drop down temperatures for just a few days ago washington 30 degrees so we can just see how powerful this cold front is for central america we're dealing with some heavy bouts of showers in particular toward puerto rico and that will move to his spangler so let me give you a closer look now at exactly what is going on there is that heavy rain for puerto
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rico impacting both the dominican republic and haiti take you a bit further south right now we're both the southern portion and the northern portion of the continent of south america dealing with some heavy spells of what weather the very real risk of some flooding here especially as we head toward french guyana just because of how much moisture we've seen over the last few days. qatar airways. one 3rd of all the food produced is wasted with tens of thousands of put out that tower in south korea has been transformed from west to founder if the global leader in food recycling i have a reporting on how new technology is making this possible. in kenya i mean the farm must and sundays what he had believed in the soil the livelihoods depend on it was a new place a phrase. you
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want to go to see a reminder about top stories this hour u.s. president joe biden is told congress is turning peril into possibility after the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic he was speaking on the eve of his 100th day in office. after the president spoke republican senator tim scott gave his party's rebuttal address accusing biden of empty words and broken promises and says the biden ministration has divided the country more than ever. antigovernment protesters and riot police have clashed in colombia's capital thousands of demonstrators defied a covert 19 restrictions marched through bogota to protest against president even
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took days proposed tax hikes. people in india are rushing to register for a mass vaccination drive set to begin this weekend as the coronavirus infection spiral out of control the official death toll has surged past 200000 but the real figure is believed to be much higher hospitals are overwhelmed oxygen is running out and come a tory arms are operating around the clock elizabeth random reports from new delhi . after failing to find help at medical facilities family members of covert 19 patients bring them to attend to outside the sikh temple on the outskirts of daddy . volunteers here providing oxygen for free often driving long distances to find stockists soldiering of all over india all over billy. turned
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to god. how do you do our job and all over the nearby cities 10100 lovibond. family members of patients to have travelled for hours to bring them here because they can tell you when i have less money to commute from my place and come here for the south again so i can not take my time without an oxygen so i have to give it to her no matter how much time it takes away to. india seeing shortages not only of oxygen but of hospital beds diagnostic tests and vaccines that the nation centers in the worst affected state ran out of doses again on wednesday. they're telling us that injections aren't available here as vaccines haven't arrived i registered to come here 3 days ago all the way from chamber to bhangra i only found out after coming here there's no proper information they tell us to call the helpline number and come back in the morning the world health organization says the low rate of vaccinations is one of the reasons for india's
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surge in cases. the u.s. is sending real materials to india can manufacture more of its own vaccines and many countries are sending oxygen and other medical supplies while kramatorsk work day and night to keep up with demand mass cremations have become the norm the creditor i am behind me has been working from 6 and the morning until midnight but because it doesn't have enough pires to cremate the bodies which are being brought every day and had to build 20 in the park next to it and now these 50 in this open space those who've lost family members say they went through the same struggle to cremate their loved ones as they did find a hospital bed when they were alive elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi. brazil is also struggling to control the pandemic in the past 24 hours the health ministry has reported nearly 3200 deaths it's got the highest 2nd highest number of
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fatalities after the us with almost 400000 deaths a highly contagious variant inconsistent restrictions on the president's repeated denial of the risks of being blamed for the crisis mexico started vaccinating teachers amid a decline in infections and deaths the country's administered more than 16000000 doses so far with priority given to public health workers and the elderly authorities say that sensations of 4 people age 50 to 59 will begin next week the government says the number of cases and deaths has gone down consistently for the last 14 weeks. ok i'm going to take you to some live pictures now from the southern chinese island of high none and this is the planned launch of the tiana or heavenly harmony module it's going to be launched into space aboard a long march 5 b. rockets from the one shining launch center on high end and these are pictures live from there china's plan is to launch the core module for its 1st permanent space
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station this is the latest big step forward for the country's space exploration program we're just watching the countdown you can see it 40 seconds to go from there they're going to be another 10 launches which are going to send up 2 more modules for cargo supply shipments and for missions with crews at least 12 astronauts are trained to fly and live in the station including veterans of previous flights newcomers and women what it 23 seconds and counting now it's completed by a late 2022 santa is expected to weigh about 66 tons that's a function of the size of the international space station which launched its 1st module in 1998 cantons it 8 seconds let's see if we can hear what's going on.
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that is the launch of heavenly harmony it's a module on board a long march 5 b. rocket at the wind and launch center it's carrying the core module for china's 1st patent space station it's a big step forward for the country's space exploration program. police in peru have evicted thousands of people squatting in the hillside of the capital lima police fired tear gas canisters when squatters objected to the evictions by setting cars on fire and throwing rocks the number of illegal settlements outside the capital are growing over the decades due to lack of affordable housing the problem has been made worse by the coronavirus pandemic. rights activists and shot of cold front investigation after 5 people were killed in
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anti-government protests that in stages have been demanding a return to civilian rule the military took power following the death of president idriss deby a week ago on a day just reports from the capital and. emotional scene said that god and family. their son 17 year old sinner is one of 5 people killed during an to government protest in charge on tuesday his family says he was only a spectator watching a confrontation between demonstrators and security forces in the capital in germany . shots rang out a bullet broke his arm and then it went through his stomach as he fell gas canisters were also fired into the crowds he was rushed to hospital and that's where he died they killed my brother and they may as well have just killed me 2 dozens were arrested during the protests many from say they were just bystanders.
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pulled the newbie i was waiting for a motorbike suddenly 2 soldiers appeared in arrested me they searched me and took my phone and a bottle of water they said the bottle of water was a sign it was a protest of the beat me up and dumping and then i was beaten up again after questioning i was handed to another group where i had even more severe beatings. but the crackdown on demonstrators has prompted international condemnation and calls for investigations of all the protest organizers say they will keep up the demonstrations just crackdown by the military has forced protest of the streets the city appears to be calm for now with most shops and markets open but the excessive use of force us growing criticism from chart allies including from. chad is now facing an uncertain future its long term president idriss deby was killed last week during fighting with rebels in the north according to the manager the same rebels who are threatening to march on the capital. immediately after his
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death his son general mohammad was announced as a successor the constitution was suspended and the military council is set up a move strongly rejected by the opposition here. but the violence that followed the elections in early april and the protests that came after the military take over a father divided the country charts new military leader has promised to start a national dialogue to unite child and. but it's not clear if use promise is enough to end the latest cycle of violence in a country with a history of rebellion tribal conflicts and military interventions comedy al-jazeera german. and the libyan coast guard says it's rescued $108.00 migrants off as a way of coast west of tripoli there are concerns that more migrants and refugees will attend the dangerous crossing when weather and sea conditions improve the international organization for migration says at least $300.00 people have drowned or gone missing in the central mediterranean this year. with more people getting
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vaccinated in the u.s. and cover 1000 infections declining restrictions are easing in many areas including new york home to the united nations headquarters but as kristen salumi reports in person diplomacy has been slow to return. new signs of life on new york streets. as wax anation rates increase covert infections drop and workers begin heading back to the office in 2 weeks allowed building capacity will increase from 50 to 75 percent here united nations headquarters though it is far from diplomacy as usual fewer than $600.00 staff members are coming to work each day that's less than a 10th of those who did prior to the pandemic and all public tours remain cancer. u.n. officials say building capacity will increase as more staff get vaccinated we expect as that happens more people will be able to come to the building there's no
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official change of phase 2 announced that's what the general assembly has resumed in person meetings in a spacious and iconic hall but the security council which sets its own agenda and rules hasn't convened in its regular chamber for months save for a handful of meetings under the russian presidency last october as the council held another virtual meeting on wednesday russia's ambassador said it's time for diplomats to get back in the room was wasted on the blog at the new this covered 1000 situation in new york today is a lot better than it was then being overly cautious on the part of our colleagues can cast an unfavorable light on the security council but other countries accuse russia of being inflexible and resisting a compromise solution of holding in person meetings in a larger room still with technical problems a fairly regular occurrence at online meetings yes you know rosmer.
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recommend moving to the next baker no one is publicly defending virtual diplomacy ambassadors need to get together inside rooms have conversations and they're not really able to do that. i'm so there is definitely a sense that a lot of difficult issues in the council are being made just a bit more difficult by it being online for the moment it looks like much work will continue remotely with diplomats literally remaining buildings if not worlds apart kristen salumi al jazeera the united nations. this is al jazeera these are the top stories u.s. president joe biden has told congress he was turning powell into possibility after the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic it was speaking on the eve of his one.


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