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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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the numbers could be much higher than advertised researchers say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. this is al-jazeera. but there are new klug this is the news our live from coming up in the next 60 minutes federal investigators raid the new york home of rudy giuliani donald trump's lawyer and the city's former mayor. running out of wood india's capital struggles to cremate its dead there's a number of cope with 19 fatalities just past 200000.
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and find out why the case political watchdog has launched an investigation concerning the prime minister. and is joe biden approaches an important milestone he's preparing for his 1st major address to the u.s. congress. and have an outreach sports picks organizers press on with plans to stage the games and make the pandemic and we just take the 3 months ago they've released a new candidate 900 safety measures for athletes but there's still no decision on whether japanese fans will be allowed to attend. so we start with that breaking news out of the united states where federal investigators have raided the manhattan apartment of donald trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani the f.b.i. is looking into. giuliani's foreign dealings in ukraine also facing ethics charges
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over his efforts to overturn trump's loss in last year's u.s. presidential election let's get more now from gabriel is on the is live for us in new york what more do we know at this point. well this raid by federal investigators of giuliani's apartment here in new york city came unexpected there was no warning of this there was going to be taking place and there is no activity outside of giuliani's apartment at this very moment there are journalists outside we've seen no no signs of giuliani himself or any of his associates coming or going from his apartment. so that is what the scene is that there are right now but that is not unexpected usually federal agents would do these raids very quietly and according to sources within. federal agents see departments that have been speaking to the associated press and the new york times that this was
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a raid that was conducted at some point earlier on wednesday giuliani's home it's unclear at this point what if anything was taken from his apartment but this is certainly an extra ordinary development it's very rare for federal agents to conduct a search warrant such as this especially for such a high profile person such as really rudy giuliani and they would have to do so with the authorization of a federal judge so clearly they got that and in order to get that authorization to perform such a search warrant they would need to convince a federal judge that they have anough evidence of possible ike key word possible criminal activity for rudy against rudy giuliani so clearly a major escalation by the investigators that have been investigating possible wrongdoing by rudy giuliani for nearly 2 years now deborah give us some context to
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this remind us what giuliana she did on his go to this point what sort of legal challenges he could possibly be facing. it's important to point out that giuliani has not been charged with any crime at this very juncture and federal officials are not speaking about this raid at all or specifically why they conducted it however this all stems back from giuliani's dealings with the ukraine officials. potentially illegally a lobbying on the behalf of ukraine officials while also working for president donald trump while also pressuring for the ouster of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine all of this combined could lead to a whole host of potential criminal activity of course rudy giuliani a long time personal friend of donald trump dating back decades former mayor of new
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york city a very flamboyant character and still very much involved with donald trump in his post presidency not only as his personal lawyer but trump also assigned giuliani to play a lead role in what he called this fraudulent election incorrectly calling it a fraudulent election in november and giuliani was very much out front and center pushing that false claim so what possible charges giuliani could be facing it's really anybody's guess right now until we hear from the justice department or federal investigators we simply don't know i will conclude by saying though the last time that top trump official had his apartment raided dated back to 2018 and that was michael cohen who's apartment was raided by federal investigators here in new york as well cohen just like giuliani was a long time political adviser and at one time a personal lawyer to donald trump as well 2 separate cases but it's important to
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point out that cohen and up pleading guilty to more than 8 federal counts of tax evasion and other crimes as well so 2 different cases here but it gives you an idea of how serious this is for rudy giuliani all right we'll keep a close eye on how things progress for the time being thank you. corona virus infections in india have spiraled to more than 360000 new cases in the past day that's a global record and has led to more than 3300 recorded deaths takes india's death toll past 200 and well there are many critics say the official numbers for both deaths and infections are far below the reality india correspondent elizabeth purana has this report now from new delhi. after failing to find help at medical facilities family members of covert 19 patients bring them to attend to outside the sikh temple on the outskirts of delhi. volunteers here providing oxygen for free
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often driving long distances to find stockists. all over india all over britain. turn to god. how do you do our job or and all over the nearby cities 10100 members of our. family members of patients to have traveled for hours to bring them here because they can they want to have less money to commute from my place and come here for this oxygen so i can not take it out in oxygen so i have to give it one no matter how much time it takes away to. india seeing shortages not only of oxygen but of hospital beds diagnostic test and vaccines vaccination centers in the worst affected state ran out of doses again on wednesday. they're telling us that injections aren't available here as vaccines haven't arrived i registered to come here 3 days ago all the way from chamber to
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bunker i only found out after coming here there's no proper information they tell us to call the helpline number and come back in the morning the world health organization says the low rate of vaccinations is one of the reasons for india's surge in cases. the u.s. is sending war materials so india can manufacture more of its own vaccines and many countries are sending oxygen and other medical supplies. work day and night to keep up with demand mass cremations have become the norm the predatory and behind me has been working from 6 in the morning until midnight but because it doesn't have enough pires to cremate the body. every day it had to build 20 in the park next to it and now these 50 in this open space. have lost family members say they went through the same struggle to cremate their loved ones as they did find their hospital bed when they were alive elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi.
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works in an intensive care unit in a hospital in a couple of west bengal and he says the government should have called off the election to avoid large crowds and. the reason is just because lack of scientific temperament i must say too but to counteract this kind of nasty national disaster which and. we are unfortunate that our country has declared this a national disaster which it should be yesterday only one day of just so i could declare said that we should be declared as a national emergency and this is just a lack of vision lack of facets of the government we are married couple things going on around in the middle of these 4 on the epidemic they are all milla used to having little more than a lack of what they are every day prime minister are all central minister a chief minister there holding big figure and as you can see on the screen he was
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gathering well when weather wise can spread like anything and will last for one month continuously is going on there were protests from all all segments of the intelligent people but coming they were like doing what they are to listen to them hear them and the situation is like what you are facing today what you have what interest exultant cases today actually get all you can find opportunity in it this is the guts to what is 2000 like now which is which is absolutely for the data and must see that all is a minimum pain to point to tanks what is given by the government statistics which is absolutely fine and this death toll is going to rise after the election is over i don't know why the government action the start of the election right now was it so necessary to go ahead with the election is life or people of way important than election i and really were disappointed very frustrated. pakistan has reported
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a new daily record of 201 coronavirus deaths in there have been more than 5000 new infections health officials say hospitals are being overwhelmed less than one percent of the country's 220000000 people have been vaccinated soldiers have been deployed to cities with high inflation rates to enforce restrictions. the u.k. prime minister is under investigation by political spending watchdog over the funding of renovations at his apartment in downing street the electoral commission has announced it has reasonable grounds to suspect an offense may have been committed while brennan reports now from westminster. downing street the very heart of boris johnson's government is in turmoil among the stream of damaging leaks and revelations in recent days the question of exactly how the renovations of johnson's downing street apartment were paid for have been front page news it's been alleged that johnson 1st tried to get wealthy supporters to pay for the work then that his
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political party loaned him the money if so that should have been made public prime minister the electoral commission is now involved and at the weekly session of prime minister's questions the opposition labor party smelled blood who initially of prime minister initially is the key word here who initially paid for the redecoration of his downing street. minister misspeak i think i answered this question several times and the answer the answer is that i have covered the costs i have met the requirements that i've been obliged to meet in full what we get from this prime minister of this conservative government don't you contracts jobs for their mates and cash for access and who's at the heart of it the prime minister major sleaze sitting than. again and again johnson wouldn't clarify who had paid the initial invoice repeating only that he personally had covered the
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costs of regional and local elections are just a week away and opinion polling suggests the controversies are starting to affect voter sentiment again you're getting a pass and worse some points is credibility as prime minister will evaporate and you people go to last year we want somebody of that kind of abject moral character as prime minister. at the core of this crisis is a bitter dispute between forrest johnson and this man his former closest adviser dominic comics downing street accused cummings of being the source of many of the recent damaging leaks coming strongly. rebutted das publishing an explosive blog which concluded that his former boss fell far below the required standards of competence and integrity. boris johnson owes much of his political success to a remarkable teflon like quality the ability to survive control overseas which would have brought down other less contemporary politicians it's almost as if
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different rules apply to this prime minister but that doesn't mean that the rules don't exist and in this electoral commission there is a watchdog prepared to apply them paul brennan al-jazeera westminster south africa's president has told a corruption inquiry involving his predecessor that he will not defend the indefensible cyril ramaphosa says the a.n.c. governing party could have done more to prevent corruption during jacob zuma tenure opposer is the highest ranking official to testify at the inquiry into the so-called state capture scandal so human faces allegations of allowing a business family close to him to secure government contracts and influence policy for me to miller has more now from johannesburg. as the sitting president is the highest ranking official to appear and testify at the zonder commission of inquiry into state capture or corruption but many didn't expect explosive evidence
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today they had our waiver expected some clarity on the role the african national congress might have played in corruption specifically the appointment of political officials in roles that could have been affected individuals and the a.n.c. at large. has admitted that the african national congress has allowed looting and that factions within the political party created a fertile ground for corruption minutes of africans want accountability and it's not certain if they'll get that from the president's testimony at the commission we know that in recent months former president jacob zuma refused to return to the commission saying that it was a witch hunt that he was being vilified and the a.n.c. was being targeted and they are many a.n.c. members and supporters who feel the same way there is another day of testimony from muscle reports are expected and many will be watching to see if there is greater
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understanding of exactly how south africa got to this point or with or not this will just be a p.r. exercise for the president in a year when south africans are going to local elections and the african national congress is looking for votes. plenty well still ahead on the news including a look at the ministrations relationship with russia part of a deeper dive into the u.s. president's 1st 100 days in office. economy starting to lift off but we look at what could still put the region's recovery a risk. we have spoken up to find out the unusual reason why this real madrid player could miss their champions league game against chelsea. so on the eve of his 100th day in office u.s. president joe biden is jus to give his 1st speech to
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a joint session of congress it's an opportunity for biden to update americans on where his election promise is currently stand the pandemic and his $1.00 trillion dollars american families plan and likely to feature prominently displayed now to an official correspondent and joins us live from the white house so i'm plenty to talk about from covert to american families what's in store. well it's going to be split into 2 parts he's just been having a meeting with some of the television news anchors for the u.s. networks here and he's been telling them that he didn't realize just how bad the situation was when he walked into the white house when it came to dealing with corporates is going to talk up exactly what he did that of course that was the covert relief bill which meant $1400.00 checks to every eligible american plus he also said that he wanted $100000000.00 vaccinations in $100.00 aren't $100000000.00 arms but in the 1st $100.00 days he's actually exceeded that total but that was because many people thought he was not enough certainly the whole vaccination
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program is going well the economy is turning round so he'll sing praises over that but he's also going to talk about the american family bill he wants to take $1.00 trillion dollars and essentially give it to families that are struggling so you're going to look at free preschool for 3 and 4 year olds 2 year community college paid for by the state he wants to increase access to health care across the united states he wants paid leave for workers paid family leave and paid sick leave for workers all of these things he's going to lay out each hoping that that will get a warm reception in the room remember there's only going to be $200.00 people there because of covert restrictions so a lot of biden supporters won't be there many republicans also won't be there they're already citing conflicts 1.8 trillion dollars is a lot of money in a year of spending a lot of money so where's the money going to come from. well taxing the rich that's what he sees is the idea to get a lot of money n.
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$1.00 trillion dollars by increasing that top level tax rate from 36 percent to 39.6 percent essentially trump era tax cuts he's also going to increase capital gains tax he's going to look at corporate taxes as well but he believes it can rake in $700000000000.00 just from tightening up the tax code and getting rid of tax loopholes every elected politician believes that they can do that it's much harder to do then to see but he thinks with all this money he will be able to fund the american family bill he might need republican support that becomes much more increasingly difficult when you start talking about reversing tax cuts they're very much in favor of that what joe biden wants to do is address the american people he thinks and the polls back him up that there's big support for taxing the rich getting them to pay more of paying their fair share into the common port and helping everyone lifting everyone up and as i say the polls that back that up so he's hoping that this message to the american people will get republican support
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maybe not on capitol hill but out in the country i don't thinks that telling fischer that the white house well buttons administration has distanced itself from the isolationists foreign policy of his predecessor donald trump the white house is keen to signal a firm stance against russia and president vladimir putin and leader that trump was offering cues to being too cozy with his burden smith reports now from moscow how soon after becoming president joe biden made clear his approach to russia and vladimir putin in particular was going to be very different from bot of his predecessor the kremlin tags are democracies and weaponize is corruption to try to undermine our system of governance putin seeks to weaken european the european project and our nato alliance. he wants to undermine the trans-atlantic unity in our resolve and the us president would later go further agreeing with a journalist who asked him if he thought putin was
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a killer sanctions followed as biden accused russia's president of persecuting opposition politician alexina valmy of cyber hacking interfering in presidential elections and bullying ukraine with a build up of more than 100000 troops on its border. with. the ukraine case is very telling he creates a threat then he must get some benefits for canceling this threat for example lifting sanctions by the next day biden in post most ancients put his bluff was called the troops withdrew by the north of the pram and understands action not words biden has had 2 phone calls with putin and even with frosty relations there are areas of mutual interest for them to cooperate. biden was blunt he said this man has been a killer but we have common interests like green technology the climate corp on organist on biden does what he says and put in get this he doesn't want to be are
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not cast he is not that bothered about the environment but he needs to preserve communications channels the 2 men last met 10 years ago they could have their 1st summit as heads of state in june according to a kremlin aide biden's our mission to his relationship with putin he says he just wants it to be stable and predictable furnace met al-jazeera moscow. let's talk us jack kingston who joins us live on skype from savannah in georgia he's a former republican congressman from georgia and was a senior advisor to donald trump's 2016 presidential campaign and jack kingston for a warm welcome to good to see that from a republican standpoint how do you deal with the president like joe biden is report card looks pretty good at this 1st post and some of billing him not just his transitional but transformational well i think it certainly transformational he has
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put the government charge of everybody's life cradle to grave and i think frankly is philosophies are out with mainstream america he has done what most democrats do take advantage of a crisis and then blow it up to make it bigger than it is some would say on his policy it's just been everything to the left i'm like barack obama or bill clinton for example he is not included any republicans in his cabinet he's not reached out to republicans on any level in terror including state government governors i think that's going to harden the long run his spending is absolutely out of control in his mathematics it's ridiculous when he says you can just pass these tax increases the corporations are to the rich the man does not work and when a corporation gets a tax increase all they do is pass that on to the consumer so as somebody who has a degree in economics i would argue that corporations really do not pay taxes as much as they know that there was a couple of things we can pick up on the corporation tax and he's talking about
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raising corporation taxes but he would raise him to a point that is actually lower than they were a couple of years ago under donald trump. you know it doesn't matter the math won't pay for all of his spending that he's doing and the spending that he's doing is money on top of money keep in mind that one of the last that donald trump and the previous congress was a $900000000000.00 kind of a package and so then biden came along with $1.00 trillion dollars package and that was talking about an infrastructure bill of $2.00 trillion the money just isn't there yet if if you double the taxes on corporations it still would not cover the debt that he has incur and so when we see these new programs we should go out and thank our grandchildren because i don't want to be so with the debt but as we heard from our correspondent he was just saying the polls do back up joe biden's view on
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taxing the rich is it unreasonable to tax those who commit to for the biden himself says that this went actually affect anybody using any under $400000.00 a year. you know we'll have to see how it goes of course the rich now are generally aligned with big government when you talk about talk about the entertainers the athletes the people those are all big time democrats and most of them have set up foundations as a way to skirt around their fair share so i don't think they're going to be able to come to the republican party and say bail us out he's about to tax us because we're going to say look you got what you pay for and you pay for this guy with all your earnings and you should be very happy to pay more taxes they can do that now that's what they want to but i'm just saying that the mess still doesn't work it still is deficit spending and america's day of reckoning and unfortunately is going to companies he's got his foot on the gas in terms of the spending but you know what i would like to say and somebody who served with president clinton and president
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obama is a little bit more arts and ship some many of these packages are going to be able to get rid of. congress carry it but you still it's in the best the public policy to listen and sit down to the other side because that's interesting that's interesting is that is that the cable recovery package that proved very popular with republicans outside of government mean nobody within government of good name republicans with i don't think they are too late to do you think do you think that this american family bill will get the support it needs with will enough republicans go with him on this. probably not i think it's just big left wing spending and you know all these programs sound good as long as somebody else is paying inform i mean you know this is there any 18 year old out there who's going to protest free college education of course not but if you're receiving versus paying for it it's a different matter you go out 3 and say look i got free health care for you i get free education for you i get free childcare people are going to say oh you horrible
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man but the truth of the matter is part of governing is that at least i don't want to on the fiscal picture and make sure that you're not getting out of control but the legacy of joe biden is going to be massive debt and i'm going to say it's republican felt like the previous administration spent too much money so you know i like to think that i'm consistent on that whether you're spending it on on wars or national defense or social programs it is still dead in this you can't print your way out of this situation you've got to get people back to work what about another who really was finally mr kingston a very good figures on vaccinations he said he lived up to that promise in the. you know it took a program that was up and running as you know he tried to do. president trump was the leader on operation works to produce the vaccine one of the 1st thing he said he couldn't even get the vaccine and yet he actually himself and added in december
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when president from was in charge so you know here was an opportunity to be bipartisan and said you know the administration set this ball in motion there were there was a plan not only to create the vaccine but to make sure it was distributed i don't want to mess that up i want to think the best ideas that the previous minute strike any is overblown that there's no scientific reason right now for somebody who is at that saying to be wearing a mask for example outside but that's part of the nanny state terror that he wants to discourage people's confidence about that you know if i had a back saying in that scene where it's i can't give it and i can't give it there's no reason for me to want down the street wearing a mask but that's joe biden's america because he wants people's spirit to be crushed down and depend on government and i think that's another horrible thing about us legacy it's a big government of our rights with little minor medical debates behind about the whole mosque wearing thing but anyway jack kingston it's great to have you on board
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appreciate your perspective thanks so much for joining us here thank you apollo 11 pilot michael collins who was on the 1st manned moon mission has died aged 90 unlike his crewmates collins never set foot on the moon he stayed behind and flew the module is it open to the buff he died on wednesday off for a battle with cancer his family said michael ways face the challenges of life with grace and with humility and face this his final challenge in the same way. still ahead here on al-jazeera colombia's biggest trade unions take to the streets to rally against president event to qasem social and economic policies. somalia's president decides not to extend his term by 2 years after protests and he calls for elections to use tension. and sport manager gives his views on a potential takeover by the city of spotify.
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hello there were dolly not the temperature across the middle east let me show you exactly where this heat this high heat is starting to build and it's toward turkey cyprus and the levant let me put on the temperatures now honey this will really tell the story 34 degrees for aleppo we're also getting into the thirty's on cyprus we have some unusual showers popping up into yemen unusual and that is so far north and east also starting to spill into the huge as mountains and saudi arabia so that is the picture on friday looking good in doha $36.00 degrees and plenty of sun to go around take you to africa and still about some of what weather remains unsettled for tanzania this is been really the trend for the last several days also what weather for the democratic republic of the congo central african republic and right
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through into cameroon that will continue on friday and take you to south africa right now and we do have the eastern cape quite a push of moisture coming onshore this is cool rain to some snow the 1st of the season for the suit to and show the 3 day forecast for zanzibar that unsettled and trend will really continue right through into the weekend saturday 32 degrees. the tale of 2 presidents. venezuelan military defectus. american must. just attempt. at regime change in the bolivarian republic that is why a lot. of people in power the bay of pigs let's go to sierra.
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when the news breaks here and we know that with defeat me this is the 9th breach completely underwater when. people who need to be heard a 1000 people staying in the stands just a stone's throw from the us mexico border and the story needs to be told i felt like the whole sky is full of them with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground the house of abraham to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. again you watch al-jazeera remind of our top stories this year as federal
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investigators have raided the manhattan apartment of donald trump slaughter rudy giuliani the f.b.i. is looking into giuliani's foreign dealings in ukraine examining if he broke foreign law. india has seen its worst day so far from corona virus with nearly 3300 more fatalities taking the official told past 200000 the actual number sought to be much harder. on the eve of his 100th day in office u.s. president joe biden is due to give his 1st speech to congress the pandemic and its $1.00 trillion dollars spending plan likely to be a priority. a pretty study shows that a single dose of covert 9000 vaccine can cut the risk of household transmission by half the report by public health england included more than 57000 vaccinated people from 24000 homes from those who got the 1st dose of pfizer or astra zeneca jabs with 38 to 49 percent less likely to pass on the virus research as a protection against 1000 kicks in about 2 weeks after vaccination the british
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health secretary has welcomed the report and is urging those eligible to get the job as soon as possible for us to start there is a variety just to kill university and she says vaccines are crucial to keep those infected with covert 19 out of hospitals. this is really encouraging news on 2 fronts firstly that a single jab is able to reduce transmission because that was who we had not been certain japie able to reduce transmission at all and so the fact that it's now seems working with just a single dose of either the pfizer or the extras and vaccine is really good news and just helps with thinking about how back to the nation is going to help reduce the number of cases the vaccines are very effective at preventing against severe disease so coronavirus or there are a lot of people get really mild disease and having a coronavirus vaccine against coronaviruses it's a very is it's going to be really key at preventing people ending up in hospital
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and sadly preventing some of the pathology is that we're seeing so this news that it actually also prevents transmission is probably really key in helping people understand that by getting the vaccine they're also protecting those people who they care about and so that even if unfortunately they get infected after getting the vaccine they're much less likely to transmit it to anybody and unfortunately it's just too soon yet we just haven't got the length of time to have that data. i mean we have about 9 months worth of data from the people who best buy's the. scene in the clinical trial way back in july but we really are looking at you know another year before we understand the longevity of the immunity 'd but certainly the effectiveness now in driving down cases is very promising coronavirus restrictions being relaxed in the netherlands it's happening just as the country faces its worst wave of infections since the start of the pandemic severson reports
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now from the truck. for many this was a moment to savor at exactly midday people all over the netherlands flocked to outdoor terraces to toast the easing of frustrations they are now allowed to open in the afternoon until 6 pm although social distancing measures remain in place. we were just telling each other it now looks like it does not exist everything seems normal again of course we know about the hospital admissions but if you look around you might forget about it i guess have to book in advance and are only us to wear a face mask when they go inside to use the restroom or the business owners are happy they have mixed feelings. we hear reports from the hospitals so i'm aware of what's going on we are not the ones who have made his decision but i think this is better than people who are sitting and standing close to each other in the streets. thousands of people violated covert restrictions on tuesday when the nat'l and
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celebrated the birthday of king willem alexander dozens were arrested for all ages and medical workers have called easing restrictions dangerous and irresponsible but many here in the netherlands couldn't wait to go back to some kind of normalcy their excitement is a strong contrast with the diet situation in dutch hospitals. with infections as high as during the 1st wave doctors are warning i.c.u. capacity is reaching its limit of $3950.00 beds if that happens a so-called code block may be issued and hospitals would have to choose who gets treated maybe i know in cold blood already because. the b. keep patients home be sent patients home too early i think the quality of care is diminishing former head inspector of health whims halleck and sas the government has been playing with fire trying to control the spread of the virus and taking a risk hospitals will no longer cope we have to diminish diminish the affectionally
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that is that is obligatory and what is the government doing. easing restrictions and that's contradictory let's go to victory i can't understand it he predicts that the easing of restrictions will only prolong the covert crisis and will possibly force the government to impose a much stricter lockdown after all in the next few months not a message these people enjoying a drink in the sun want to hear that fast and al-jazeera. millions of people in chile will soon be able to withdraw another 10 percent of their pensions early to help ride out the economic crisis made worse by the pandemic president sebastian pinera is expected to sign a bill allowing a 3rd withdrawal of pension funds he had opposed the latest legislation but his bid to have it thrown out was rejected by the constitutional court there were long queues outside pension offices after early withdrawals were approved last year unions in colombia's capital are protesting against president even do case economic
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policies despite a ban on gatherings due to coronavirus agree about fiscal reforms including tax hikes colombia saw widespread anti-government protests in 2019 but they died down during the pandemic. somalia's president has agreed not to extend his term and is promising to hold elections mohamad up live here for marjoe has faced a growing unrest on the streets of the capital mogadishu catherine as more. president mohammad up to life as address to the nation was tough but the same time provided in the political statement he accused the opposition leaders of politicizing the security forces trying to cause. and grab power and some foreign countries of meddling in somalia in tunnel affairs but he also pedaled back on the controversial law passed by the lower house of parliament to extend his term in
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office by 2 yes' and have the electoral commission organize a popular vote within that time. the federal government of somalia has always believed and still sees their local compromise. on their return to the discussion of the only way of. marrying the september 17th 2020 agreement on that accommodations or the right door technical committee. you know trees of this have. to come together a military for our good discussions on the unconditional implementation of the above mentioned agreement. the september greenman says the country will hold and in direct election. as members of parliament who in time vote in a crisis. talks between the government leaders from the federal state and others have stalled with the different sides accusing each other of derailing the process some analysts say the president's reversal of the decision to extend doesn't change
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the political contest over management of the election and the mistrust between politicians. between the different groups and. has failed to do that and so unless the african union. i don't think they will come to agree on a path forward. on the rest of the country from the crisis. tensions have been building for a while and the crisis has drawn in the military and police force which you say to be divided along political lines government and opposition forces fought on sunday in mogadishu and there are reports that opposition forces hold positions in several parts of the city people have been fleeing their homes fearing more conflict but some are hopeful that the president's message will deescalate tensions and politicians will find
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a middle ground to hold an election soon catherine sign. the u.n. says a worsening conflict enough because the whole region is leading to what it calls an unparalleled humanitarian crisis a record 29000000 people are in need of aid that's 5000000 more than last year 6 countries cameroon chad mali nigeria they all require $3700000000.00 to tackle the issue attacks by armed groups military operations and kidnappings of 40 millions to flee this is also led to the closure of thousands of schools 1600000 children and the risk of severe acute malnutrition the region plunged into conflict in 2012 after all groups took over in northern mali and violence spread to neighboring countries will georgia from yemen is the regional spokesman for the u.n. world food program in west africa he says the conflict is driving up hunger and insecurity . the biggest threat to people's ability to have food the biggest concern the
9:43 pm
biggest thing that the biggest factor that causes accurate hunger as we have seen in this region is actually conflict it's insecurity we have now as you just mentioned millions of millions of people at cross the central region that is book you know fossil knees and money as well as the live chat bees an area in northern parts of nigeria and cameroon as well as parts of me where we find millions of people who are desperately in need of food assistance but clearly in the northern parts of niger where we have about 800 pounds and people who are even imagine sea levels of food insecurity where they need immediate assistance without which they cannot survive and that is mainly due to the conflict and insecurity that has been gaining ground there hong kong admin is a member i should say hong kong immigration officials will soon be able to stop
9:44 pm
residents and visitors from leaving the territory without a court warrant the local legislator which is now devoid of opposition has approved the changes the so-called exit bans have been used in mainland china to prevent foreigners from leaving the country for years in some cases the hong kong government says the rules are necessary to tackle illegal immigration and a backlog of asylum claims or progress on the vaccines is helping the global economies recovery asia pacific countries are forecast to rebound stronger than previously thought but their development bank says new outbreaks could still put their recovery at risk for us larry reports now from quantum when the pandemic hit and countries close to the borders businesses that rely mainly on terrorists were badly affected. hot air balloon pilot hired in and has run a company that organizes ballooning events tend to their other passion baking cookies to supplement their income.
9:45 pm
says. domestic lockdowns closed international borders a global recession these factors drag down output in most economies but economic recovery has begun in many asian countries according to a forecast by the asian development bank growth which strengthened in the latter part of last year has been driven mostly by exports of electronics and personal protective equipment developing asia which groups 45 countries in asia pacific is forecast to grow 7.3 percent this year rapid economic recovery. stronger. economies. one of the top. traits. and therefore likely provided. but the outlook for asia pacific countries will depend mainly on how the
9:46 pm
pandemic unfolds many countries have started vaccination programs but any delay in rollout could prolong the crisis new outbreaks and subsequent curbs on movement will disrupt mobility and economic activity even as economies recover countries will be counting the cost of the pandemic for years to come school closures disrupted education and students in developing asia last nearly a 3rd of a year's learning on average that to substantially reduce future earnings and productivity. the asian development bank says getting back on the path to growth will require a vast amount of government and private funds lawrence lee. still ahead here on al-jazeera i'm simona fall in iraq the desert close to the border with saudi arabia where nomadic tribes a struggling to cope with the facts of climate change. as diving for cover how this
9:47 pm
boy go to himself out of harm's way and major league baseball game that's coming up it's cool.
9:48 pm
cool. but again let's get straight on to this board has just. thanks nic despite being in a state of emergency organizers of the olympics are pressing on with their plans to stage the games in just over 3 months as the torch relay continues a new set of coronavirus measures has been released after least during the olympics we tested daily and banned from visiting tourist areas shops restaurants bars or
9:49 pm
gyms and they must wear masks at all times except when eating drinking sleeping training or competing there are more specific details in rules and guidelines to ensure this health and safety and they can give confidence and they show how diligently. japan is protecting its population and is protecting also the participants of video games the more precised and district are the better. for one reason so used the 1st 4 japanese people and for all participants responsibility is really the key to our success and for those that will choose deliberately not to respect the rules could be. impact on their participation to the games there's still no decision on fans
9:50 pm
the overseas supporters have already been banned but we won't know until june how many local fans can attend if any at all it's ok 2020 president admits the games could be held behind closed doors i think you do this ng in the motto that we've decided that the games could be held without spectators with the state of emergency we cannot decide until the very last minute but if the situation allows we want as many spectators as possible to see the games. so still lots of uncertainty surrounding the games but athletes around the world and across all sports continue to prepare this is spain's men's hambo team training in malaga the current european champions are aiming for their false olympic medal in tokyo after 3 provinces in atlanta sydney and beijing but not surprisingly 1000 has hampered their build up. because not under 9 year old perhaps the greatest difficulty is the injuries there are players who stopped playing for their clubs with and suddenly had to play lots
9:51 pm
of competitions and we've lost 2 of our top players which is a challenge. manchester city a 2 games away from their 1st champions league final with paris standing in their way the 1st leg of the semifinal kicks off in the next few minutes in paris will be the 19th time pep guardiola city and i have faced each other as managers katina got the better of the city boss in 2019 when his tottenham side beat city in the quarter finals but here is urging his players to enjoy the whole experience. been privileged to be one of the best 4 teams in europe this season in any month been enjoyed today the training and everything in this is what i would love to to see my players in the back from a 7 everyone because we know how tough our struggle how difficult is to be here i think one just to see these ones do the steam on do the war one thing for me when
9:52 pm
we. go church on. an of course. is going to be done. we'll see we don't know. ramit read defend the maslow kid missed the 2nd leg of besame final against chelsea next week as he's been called up to work at a polling station there is alien who's a spanish national has been selected to monitor elections to the madrid assembly on tuesday unless his excuse from his duties will be unable to travel with the team to england at of wednesday's match at stamford bridge spotify is a c.e.o. daniel x. says he secured the funds and is very serious about buying off still the swedish billionaire hypes the current owners of the crankcase have him out but if their kids insist they have no intention of selling the club and remain 100 percent committed despite the backlash from fans over their failed attempt to join the european super league arsenal's manager remains behind the crown case. what i like
9:53 pm
to know and so is about the reality is that we have owners that are really really committed and they want a successful zoom on the pitch and they're going to do everything they can to that's and and that is what we have 'd supported with them. formula one's canadian grand prix has been cancelled for the 2nd year in a row she took over $1000.00 travel restrictions it'll be replaced with a race at turkey's istanbul it's on circuit on june 13th but there was some good news of organizers of the canadian g.p. f one's extended its contract with the montreal race by 2 years to take into account the cancellations securing it until 2031 their time of boxing legend floyd mayweather has been scheduled for june 6th in miami beach and of 5 white world champion will come out of retirement to fight internet celebrity logan pool mayweather hung up his gloves in august 27th team in the n.b.a.
9:54 pm
the brooklyn nets are the 1st team from the eastern conference to focus fox in the playoffs for a clinic were too strong for the toronto raptors a winning by 13 and the news gets better for the nets with their main man kevin durant's scoring 17 points and grabbing 10 rebounds in his 2nd game back from a lengthy injury lay off and as the saying goes is better to be safe than sorry and a quick thinking boy in major league baseball very much took that advice on board he was jumping into the stands to evade a bullet coming his way a fast moving drive from the cincinnati reds almost took him out while he was sitting down with us anthony's dodgers who was cool was also close to the firing line. that is all yours for for me for now i'll be back with more a little bit later. thanks very much we'll move on to see a little bit later ok we're going to news hour with a visit to the better in iraq affected by climate change increasingly hot summers and erratic rain parties but of forcing many of them to burn the traditional way of
9:55 pm
life soon to fall to report from the remote deserts of iraq which on a pretty. spring has arrived in the deserts of iraq southernmost on the province april is a time when the sandy soil should turn into grazing land to allow life stock to gain weight ahead of the scorching summer heat instead camels must make do with scattered patches of scruffy grass. climate change is a road in the sustenance of these animals spelling and existential crisis for a nomadic tribes who depend on them. and the land has dried the grasses down and we have to sell some animals to buy food for the rest this is what life has become. during our visit clouds gathered in what some hoped would be the 1st proper downpour this year but only a few drops trickled from the sky barely enough to wet the ground there has been
9:56 pm
very little precipitation this year and when it does rain it's only for a few minutes which is not enough to transform this into pastures for life stuck to feed on the wells that once sustained animals and humans alike have long run dry rather than migrating in sync with mother nature the bedouins buy water and truck it from a nearby village but how much longer can they keep going before they're forced to abandon this increasingly difficult way of life but i cannot imagine doing anything else he has no education no other source of income. i never thought about leaving this life and i never will until my animals leave me step by step the animals will disappear. his friend said on that he left the desert a long time ago today he has come back to visit from a nearby town. there's no future here they only know how to herd animals there's no
9:57 pm
education there's no future for the better ones maybe in the end there won't be any left. out of 9 siblings only one still lives in the magic life the rest have swapped tents for brick and mortar dwellings in the desert hamlet of. here set on found work in the local water department and. i prefer the desert but the kids have gotten used to the town air conditioners and phones they go to school. sonce 5 children only know bedouin traditions from stories passed down from their grandfather tales about humans living in harmony with nature about large animal herds moving freely across borders and feeding on seemingly endless green pastures it's a way of life that could soon be just a memory seem want to fulton al-jazeera in iraq smith on the province. plenty more
9:58 pm
right there on our website al jazeera dot com is the address all the news we covered lots of comments and analysis and that's it for me for this news i will be right with you in a couple of minutes but enough. from inside the walls of a west african prison comes home. a chance to create to express emotion and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. or a noun choreography is his passion for dogs inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of their present the dance
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of the witness documentary on al-jazeera it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture decreasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between is tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution or get organized what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about targets like 2040 or 20 he went. up front with me. on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines where does your fight go from here the people of myanmar to do the. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion every time i talk about raises them i will get a twist on them be called a racist programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the while today we
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are about to feed townsend's and thousands of hungry magots see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. news in your own. fear stalks india with the official death toll from covert 19 has now passed 200000 pakistan calls in the military to enforce restrictions in cities with high infection rates. lower barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up u.s. investigators raided a new york apartment before.


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