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tv   Al Jazeera World Arabs Abroad The Humanitarian and The Healer  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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al jazeera is news now the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox last analysis and opinions of the world. subscribe of the conversation ready. we want you all to serve me so raman here in doha a reminder of our top news stories india has seen its worst days so far grown a virus with nearly 3300 more fatalities taking the official toll past 200000 more than 360000 new cases of global record has been confirmed in the past 24 hours in new delhi the neighboring states hospitals are running out of beds medical supplies and oxygen many people have been flocking to makeshift clinics like this sikh temple hoping to access some of its limited oxygen supply anyone above the age of
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18 can register for vaccinations from wednesday but it's not clear if the government can provide enough of them and it's withdrawn and has more from new delhi. we are at a makeshift kramatorsk that's been created here and dia's capital new delhi because the actual crime atory i'm behind does has run out of space to cremate the number of bodies which are piling up every single day that is the situation and every crime atory and every burial ground not just here in delhi but many of the worst affected states these. predatory and has been working from 6 o'clock in the morning until midnight it 1st says 20 funeral pyres 20 extra extra funeral pyres in this part next door but it's realized that it has to set off another 50 here the situation is such here in delhi and beyond that family members of the sick after going from hospital to hospital to try and get their loved ones admitted then
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having to go from crime a tory m to crime atory and from burial ground to burial ground to try and have funerals funerals in the country where they're held as soon as possible not just because of custom but because a very hot temperatures because of a shortage of mortuaries with freezing facilities and that is why the international aid that has began arriving in india over the past few days in the form of oxygen could not be more welcomed with hospitals it's still short of beds and oxygen in many places. well it is never back as far as reporters knew daily record of 201 grow the virus. more than 5000 new infections now health officials say hospitals are being overwhelmed soldiers have now been deployed to cities with higher section rates to enforce the restrictions the united kingdom's prime minister boris johnson has denied any wrongdoing in the downing street flat make over scandal he says he covered the cost of the research bushman to the property himself although he did
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not initially paid for it the u.k. political watchdog investigation into johnson over a possible violation of financial rules. a former advisor alleges that he tried to get conservative party donors to secretly pay for the renovations i have how bad the cost and i think most people will find it absolutely bizarre and of course there's an electoral commission. gave me this now i can tell you that i conformed in full with the code of conduct with. ministers. officials who have been kept. been advised me throughout this whole thing but i think people will think it absolutely bizarre that it is focusing on these issues south africa's president saurabh opposer has been testifying in a corruption inquiry involving his predecessor the commission is investigating the so-called state capture scandal during jacob zuma tenure zuma faces allegations of allowing a business family close to him to secure government contracts and influence policy
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several run opposer was soon as deputy until zuma was forced to step down and 2018 the former president has refused to testify somalia's president has agreed not to extend his term and is promising to hold elections mohamed lucky for marjoe has faced a growing unrest on the streets of the capital mogadishu many people have been fleeing the city and residents fear more violence as armed opposition members take a positions there's been another night of protests in elizabeth city in the u.s. state of north carolina demonstrators are calling for justice after the police killing of a black man an independent autopsy show that andrew brown jr was shot in the back of his head his family say that he was no threat to police or was trying to flee the f.b.i. has opened a federal civil rights investigation well those were the headlines on the back of more news in half an hour here i was there we continue with al jazeera world do stay with us.
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there are stories about the arab immigration in many countries in the world people leave their homelands for many reasons some of conflict and persecution others follow educational opportunities while others seek a different life in another country. dr hassan shared carries a story is about
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a small palestinian boy rescued from danger who later became a rescuer himself a doctor and a humanitarian he's now a leading international figure in the red cross and red crescent. and they work for liquid about 16. men yeah for a minute as. kind of the facade rainout walkman a drastic another freemont a common a bit of them can open up a quarter of our feet we cannot feel like a. compass hostle so feeble horse set up on one will come so now i feel the sort of i've done most of the not them but feel about taffy the unit of mental
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illness or the can in no no. i latched on and was sort of. oh norman in a do we are a little tough in my now. learn some 33 for the promise of my laminate and sunny for the car had off in a special foster in the can you do your all in that hot flustered the fact that id kind of a were into father all. over them surely mark sullivan will. mean a lot of the many a camilla homily might have are not philosophy any wider fact that as a correctly 30 it's going to leave tin can men see blood than mouth as you will but i know it's a pocketful. on many thoughts and i was kind of early about in the aisle or mentally quit i love has 0 to do with it if you can i should feel as sort of part
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of a sausage or a world korea. in india but it's a couple 100 feet high i think of it here i'm only at this minister live in the heart of delhi and i know a lot of minicon santa the judge this alum the last. o'keefe and has said the full on of that lets you know what an allusion to the infamous all on the whole kilometers and there was to get either a line arlo ishihara talk about live by yacht of that ilk or hurt them further it is. no current in can and will harden she started it in. the waterboard camel and was shot in the arm i must legal the law must bear dizzier few ahmadi he was there for fall asleep in his car while we buy the whole jury in our many fullbacks of the big feel better which had its all but in the. fi microscope power to ya. well how
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a year short in the ad beside the nurse for the car and or the shock that for 8 in the door am confused. i'm going to call in. any. alarm and insanity stuck ultimate nominee in german i feel bertha stuck it out for less than your job all of us liam worth all of them in need in equal measure because you know it's assess it all one marked of little more for less than even a sweater or. okamoto mishawaka 1000000 that are still being been harvested for boston a 1000000 dollars the finish alice i have with other people but i'm just so her feel if a car is overdue and in lehigh you have some me here in the mia colossal for harvard from what i've seen. going to just i'm in a walk unless the job or sorry our fee. minutes shabaka it only.
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sonny bill because our to say inside a minute cause of all our flaws the any. of the be us thought hello cause of all shock nothing was done any miles so they block all our money and that we can with her the old. fellas the nia summer air palestine is sure to get them all for if the . offense follows the nia. now to say no. fein was into father. that. heartlessly neat. little wall there early on that minority below medical must offer climate a year. you need to not film a lot. in east asia about we're not certain but looked at him in adama there was a woman to him and to from one. another we did a frame who were dumb tallow as the feet made her for us the new interview with.
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canned according to the muslims should have. been. a boo hoo she can grow more to submit. or not if dormant for a bus can what about what you definitely. can use some c.s.s. you were. some other than the father left out of the wheel bin loosely fane been lost to say not all at 15 it did it started to feel under. their eyes they jam out city the dr ah but that is set up the sane who are committed the santa thing a wad there also were a solid. rock as
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a tyler daughter in sun alarm in the measureless a one with whom the order to money. in the dark. it. is the who doesn't annoy me in models in the side and it out of our milk are in league with truckers aila has the money it has it along with the measureless a. fee how it isn't a loathing of the earth or. a law but it. was loony. don't fit the hostiles corps are man are the inner. core of feed the world good
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for. 11 for that idea. is a little bit on going. for me danny boston legal and i don't know where your study of law medicine learned was the model law much less had those feel himself to a journal last law than the rich well ordered fee was. yarded haykel it with a key surely mayor and in them stuff for me danny how well know. that the whole made any. good show the most out of it for that i have heard about as to many of solace oliva hard or not i really do would call it a cold hello. she just hung on has been out all of us are by a brain center of sea animals would i learn who the heart of the infinitesimal him look amfi home in our city and. when i was
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about of the day after my stomach for gun. shoulder. shoulder pheno who had bush told him no. i am really doing something and. a d.c. doing it in sunny i'm giving back about the shape that he will in sunny. with a so if he. says . that i can although. a lot a lot. of kennedy. when i started in my position as the head of the canadian red cross we were more and
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more solicited to help on the medical side and the norwegian red cross had one of the best programs in the world of mobile field hospitals and soon we found out that it was led by a canadian canadian of palestinian origin i said well you know we want we want to have the best we want to bring him home so do whatever you can to get this canadian back make him an offer to come back here so we were fortunate to bring him back. to south of denver cross with the biological project that we have with the guy that we're close we're able to do quite a lot. of supporting. local unities on the part of the affected as it is an ongoing crisis a conflict in south sudan. very important and all that
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he has really played together with colleagues within the kind of the across in supporting us going sure that we had of it the suffering of the one i will. within this part of the country very honored to be a new unit and even called fifi marple genova so done all i know him and the dalai lama. the model of how to fuck little would go if i let my. sin in. you. vomit it's a little hard going to the muscle a lot more of the gentleness of the film assure her that often monopolize the bazaar. and then also in mia or so how do we la toya when i say. also when she. was.
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only a kid shock from what i've just said the. n.f.c. . were looking human she evidence no side a lot of pheno could be cleared or not be in a minute saddam out of the neocon a shot in the middle and sonny almost had us that i didn't sonny. despite receiving many international words that are sure he is modest about his own and she meant. the mounds of hell and the hierarchy lama you know we measure to me. is the whole world home. to the whole to
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syria philco arias sobbed on one photo. phenomena of the well are minute the bill me danny. the american. also in her mark and monk and also into the corner fear are that the queen and i the take it in was to share the mid ennia. of the holy city oh and i couldn't contort our there are that the queen would take her to come into the dock jumma the camillo jacques and i met as gina were the rebirth in that the gina gershon. rapid deployment emergency hospital hardly standards fee measure to the theater many do work a look. at the year to measure a year. of the salzburg the league been watching her for the.
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from a shutout this is under siege for the world a ticket to rebuild me dhoni learn the slowly build some in the field squad. to. do a lot of. he's very committed to highly professional highly passionate highly competent individuals encourages us to work to that level every day and all the commitments and responsibilities we take on and i think that's really where his time's leadership is focused is making sure that we bring our best game every day so that we were able to respond to the needs of those who are working with i'm a 1st generation immigrant to canada it is powerful for me to see another 1st generation immigrant be in such a position of power and to to be able to make such a big change on the global scale and that's also something that's very important
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for people that are growing up in canada that have connections to other places in the world. a little bit kalama the. flarm allow other houses. are there or hold a deed be ermine fit research whether it had been enough it had but there was filler jam at that actually kind of for british columbia to u.b.c. to mcgill from ontario from mcmaster for her is about the how a 3rd fish is deeds. yeah. for 3 ha but a bit hijacked. but a bit of cumin ahmadiyya when gertie. we don't and for you when nasa decided to only. an hour i did a shazam for you my it diamond jubilee mean america elizabeth the 2nd the britannia
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. the soul knowledge the cream man at the gym a year saliba. when i was reading for the world. an hour door and a crema at the darby. but. whether it will work and how the machine more him bringing him or him in the will a clear. the cream in a has for hire in lamaze a insanity in korea until it will look shook her head. her them as well as shore for the. familia. as i'm sure how his family life shows differences between the 2 generations while
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he and his wife are both palestinian their children are kids but they are nevertheless proud of their palestinian heritage. most of them go and i mean jemima national you were ron. by the new you know solomon josie and the money. will be until october thought of jade so i thought she santa domingo to measure their home within a year. or so to them they are shooting so now we'll be able to measure the sofa to see i. don't know shit off. the wall the kind of the father would. see nothing measured limited in sunny here. in y.m.c.a. and. modern false leni it was said it not going to sort of. that ahmed in sunny had been about would you was not at the free world the minute he had to be highly usual
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could not the man i thought. were looking. in also you know we didn't. know it. was so. tired after all and i will. try to finally i have to know. number one 0 well. why should be kids always reckon our thin. blue big tears start to mean. ringback a democrat no ma and no one with a dick to allow mark and i both up 50 or 2 in or i don't know. any so i don't reckon a lot i had them all have a clip they don't. and a little better job than i can them i'm going to lay be. a monk and jews are sure of me i mean in the end just
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a few. moves into my. i'm extremely proud of everything he does i think growing up we kind of got to see different things he would bring home pictures and explain things to us so we got a better insight into what was going on in the world and it definitely made me appreciate the life that we had. and i think i'm just so proud because he does so much for other people and i hope that one day i can do happens like as he does for other people. who call him the kudos nino could only sort of deal with a llama you know in the loud at school and see hope or fear home says about his one woman who is a soul upon bush we know this. and said ema. the national. figure at the vatican of them in my show the last thing out of the one my door. that had gone
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when the hit she lived hollywood issue for them and me is that she was old home so how did the hell you know when when i don't know. your philosophy in a lot of it. but we definitely always made aware of our cultural roots and our heritage was never anything like i just praising us as canadians we are mark mom always told us about things i was going on back home with her family and just generally politically and culturally and it's really an honor to be a part of that still. your . view on that. all. right. michelle monica just you know i'm with you.
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you know i like my own. family because a son a mechanic in the world the well it is oh no. who can that in the world you know who are in the minute the money ought to be the most. well kind of the key it is iata to me that and know what i thought on. my homework i need so common any can can then shot a shot i would. clean the shoe that is similar to a line i'm sure lane like that would. varied morelock for centers that one had the . most to them up with and or nor one sure for. them that the saying out there it sure. was that while of the quality.
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today dr schuchat he continuously has a humanitarian work which has so far taken him to 35 countries. coming up a georgia woman who is one of america's most highly regarded physicians a leading authority on a serious inflammatory disease. from inside the walls of
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a west african prison comes. a chance to create to express emotion and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. or a noun choreographer shares his passion for darts inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of their present the dance of the witness documentary on al-jazeera. made on and which is there. from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout the latest developments as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world al-jazeera is emmy award winning investigative program is back exploring the folk lines in the u.s. . 16 years since last electing a new leaders palestinians go to the polls but will the elections be free from foreign interference from hostile to hostile more hotels explodes geopolitical
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conflicts from the perspective of iconic hotels on the frontlines and former south african president jacob zuma goes on trial for corruption. may on al-jazeera. plane. land. that was 1st fully affectionate at flight is a clear demonstration of all the measures that other ed away as has put in place to ensure the highest standards of safety and hiking on bald p.p. if a stop. touch in-flight entertainment system you recap in cleaning systems disinfectant troubles. today is an important day for the airline industry and a message for travelers. is that we have one timeless in every measure to safeguard
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their health thank you. for. your child is there with me as a whole robin in doha a reminder of our top news stories india has seen its worst day so far from corona virus with nearly 3300 more fatalities taking the official told passed 200000 in new delhi had neighboring states hospitals are running out of beds medical supplies and oxygen many people have been flocking to makeshift clinics like this temple hoping to access some of its limited oxygen supply anyone above the age of 18 can register for vaccinations which begin on wednesday but it's not clear if the
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government can provide enough of them everybody to start it's reported a new daily record of 201 krone virus deaths and there were more than 5000 new infections health officials say hospitals are being overwhelmed soldiers have not been deployed to cities with high infection rates to enforce restrictions the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson has denied any wrongdoing in the downing street flap to make over a scandal he says he covered the cost of the refurbishment of the property himself although he did not clarify who initially paid for it the u.k. political watchdog launched a full investigation into johnson over a possible violation of finance rules a former advisor alleges that he tried to get conservative party donors to secretly pay for the renovations while the leader of the opposition party accused johnson of lying. i have how bad the costs and by that most people will find it absolutely bizarre and of course as an electoral commission investigating this now i can tell
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you that i conformed in full with the code of conduct with. ministers listeria with our code and i. have been kept a little bit advising me throughout this whole thing but i think people will think it absolutely bizarre that he is focusing on this issue south africa's president zuma rob opposer has been testifying in a corruption inquiry involving his predecessor the zonda commission is investigating the so-called state capture scandal during jacob zuma is tenure and zuma faces allegations of allowing a business family close to him just like your government contracts and influence policy so around oppose it was it was deputy insoles evil was foals to step down in 28 the former president has refused to testify and of course you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com was updated throughout the day i'll be back with the news hour and a half but we continue with al-jazeera world to stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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and disease account 50 percent of all the deaths of children. of. the. child. due to. this new love you used to believe. since.
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and to grading successfully into a new country can be challenging under any circumstances but across the world many arabs do succeed in building a new and you know warding lifes elsewhere. professor nadia ressa way says jordanian and today she's a specialist in your maternal at the university of illinois in the united states.
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consulate chicago and with this army of about the same you can help women know and a bit overdone can add at chicago that my fee is the target of the new yards. at chicago or commando at the hospitals at chicago. you can help the window and. continuously or they'll be below a side than us but the. a layout how more will me a little long but i can and tom. they meant a lot more. going to be there but i. have. little. to do any. of them. can we demonstrate how we believe that the truth of what they stand to be . isolated not.
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under my feet has done damage but it. can only know when the model will start up on them at the lobby bathroom and. i get. them at. will that the some but beautiful do me. out of that i might as them. look for. a demand amreeka tome or. a clue but not much of a comedy jam at chicago. for many a cent and for the same use about the same kind of. jam at chicago fantastic.
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mass and. when i tell you mandy a path down or so back to local. cushy comedy. i get. to. work with. can almost it binney. evolution a comma economy for the content the psni and bad suntan i'm going to hand. comes to be media. and with the. before you sign in the. sentence but that the listener what. that was all it's in minimal its command center is that they mean be nuff said miss that. she did or felt 2002000
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to shoot came with a lot of experience from the 1st days and clinic for clinical presentations or work on the orders outstanding she had understanding patient care she was empathetic treatment plans were outstanding issues clearly going to progress to become an outstanding rheumatologist. can't really get us to any. mclean home. above been absent and bustle but belated enough that with her 5 bit of stuff must be sent to a fan. then the kid to be among. america's early had. doses. to dharma. so yeah that inside those says well he laughs at the.
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deal but a path though says we collaborated a lot disease called sarcoidosis and she came up with a lot of regional thoughts thank you know outside the box in terms of how we could treat these people. and this is maintained. because it has both my kids and my favorite teacher you can see that i still have the same time. yes. she's like a daughter i never had a. daughter this with great pride that i watched to become a star. fer nortel out there. a show for so. rushed out of what it can sort of need in thailand. in one door could be more facile afghani capital. that she could have been. little bit
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mean who would operate for billets freshet in a market share as a noble build up the sod sent after the 70th or latter to say. product for a split in ne outdoor highly. illinois. chicago . and i'll to have to be. a cargo. and fan know what i can i. can to model the and know how. many liquids that are the humvees i'm at chicago home is where my eyelids are at illinois. john
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that illinois my can't feel how america is. out of the sarcoidosis the solid to be bernie mac. foundation. phil bethany mack. matija of the sucker doses the solid b. so she does oh shit oh love to know him inordinate our one assists one homie saadoun e mad d n a path going to model da will offend gutteral in home my mom must already know assists america's sarcoidosis. thin. is terrified. of but for. a while or dounia. to bear the mccann academy if it
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really at breaking. the law but that a lot of that is simply mean if it was rather botany. she's a great teacher she really takes time for us she makes sure we understand and i can't wait to follow in her footsteps and leave it as an example that she set for me she is one of the most excellent academician i've ever met she an excellent clinician and and also an outstanding mentor and they feel like this was a golden opportunity for need to be able to train under her. well if our farm. with the d.s. . has been walked allopath ill a path a metallic up a marble sarcoidosis well a path in a metallic are in one of the rheumatism rheumatoid arthritis with a path in metallic our bitter sleazily then i will re not phenomena in this bill
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i'm out of the sucker doses who were mara be affair are local and had just some milk in ethanol and demand holiday you and i larry are all huddle and mafia a ledge at most betty and me and had to spill mara. cortizone mom him out of the mother who ill cortizone not been a so how about the home of the half a tick there that's less than a what in madea and a charlotte i did a path fear as that is dida. sarcoidosis little fadi is that my. alyea men cortizone out of prednisone. she's dealing with difficult diseases she's dealing with 0 to noon system that they cannot be cured immediately so it's important for the patients in this case to develop a strong relationship with a physician relationship that is almost as careful and is compassionate and that's
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exactly what it does in those way help patients laughter. and i know that late in the evening she will take a course she will take a patient that she needs the almost thing that she is a saint. in this. our motto is arthritis. men i'm out of that rheumatism mabus that shibu. in with her were very highly and. when my dad took torah she the shahadah. is alan o. as did many. of the martyrs them. her move i think was very significant to our division she is one of the most compassionate rheumatologists i don't know she connected us to pharmaceutical company and we got funding for
3:45 pm
a phase for trial we recently received another funding through doctors twice from pfizer looking at other potential drugs i think she had a significant impact in my career i can tell you that. prior to doctors weiss walking into my room i had hit rock bottom there were no known medical treatments remaining for me to try there appeared to be little hope but i trusted god's plan and remember approximately 20 years ago i was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and i almost died many times after probably about 5 years of going through multiple treatments and everything failing just nothing was working i found myself giving up hope courtly after that i found myself in the hospital again i was in excruciating pain and next thing you know in walks instructor and that doctor was doctor so i and she brought treatments to me that no other doctor had brought and gave me in my life. and so i need to sort of.
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men the man a beloved child who will. know what the what. if he is she now. sandra. kind of marches this sob. well professor summers has it clearly progressed to the top of her chosen field she has not forgotten her roots today she passes on her experience to the next generation of doctors medical students. hoping to practice in the united states. and higher and just enjoy. and just. enjoy. seeing our kids in this. time the
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men never be diet. and leak of the man. is that of the male was as a man. with not in love been or don't believe bama lucia her be america minute of dawn minnesota and pakistan who are meant for the way. home with the childhood they say i told feel. to be. in have. another minute. to feel anonymous see a model of the sarcoidosis. turkey is the power who are a large a lot of the total clay tuckey the. fullness of the path i
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did eventually lots of me here. and in no time here on my victoria offer to share fan was addicted to david predications beloved of our live in some merely sarcoidosis discovery love the thought it. had made. him one that feared hard. and the shuttle now i'll grant you more time at our trial of media. have now the many national institutes of health the one how mad. about bill miller you really did us that's how you. were at the beginning of understanding what it might be an even better how we may predict or interrupt or alternately treat and i think this is an amazing time in science and media is caring for patients and understanding how important discovery
3:49 pm
is i think is one of the unique characteristics that really enhances the dearest not only capability but her luster and reputation as a physician of extreme high caliber. didn't know how you would still america's and the who america's the better me mackley and that should have been me a 1st though remember man off the bat my doc is. the. sarcoidosis i place the program here is the top one to 2 percent in the world actually and the reason for that is number one the number of patients that we're seeing number 2 is the clinical trials that dr swartz is involved in a number 3 years the use of biologics which are new agents in the treatment of patients with sarcoid and so dr suess is trying to do is personalized the treatment of sarcoidosis for an individual patient. i thought she assisted. there is the
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man i had the fusion dan. a little better and about. what are we do we're. there and i don't know but there are. a level of gun and i'm in a sneer in control how a. vigilante melich us us i've been a machete at alinea has an alley bill or done the nuts for blood they many for america it's all some for you dick sort of how my bill has jury. i live a stab in the. big business grew highly motivated like the start people or done it . all out of manassas that includes. been a very low when when sides we've been. sucked high senate and no fema shrew are
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at it you know it's not discovery partners institute it's the little. suffered it. done. some. job market was italian. the. me. and child law. we went to jordan with professor swipes and it was one of the most wonderful international visits that i think i've ever made we met with many university presidents we met with the ministries of health and of education science we met with prince assume i am we had a fantastic visit with her and we accomplish more in 2 days than i think i've usually accomplish in a month of any other visit. when they don't win a lot as a leader has i'll tell you there are many. foundation of sarcoidosis research.
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of the. past that you connelly off the lot of but a lot as. well as i did not could how could how best any shall i cannot tell you what is not about us it's not how i feel awful jack is off the top of the dominica tallish money will not be tested we do elect would say that.
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perhaps professor so race is a greatest challenge an achievement has been to adopt a clear work life balance between the needs of her certainly and of her demanding job. and so widgets and some you had to say in. my be mistrustful university of illinois and they were they in the media had to send their mom or my kind of my son i have this office about. and i could no more bob with the shells on my lower dounia about a mini who can the center and going to show for them is the shape of the the. limo half a bulb diplomatic couple on a boy or a father in law allows them a quid so if they give him a faucet i love medica but dish asked me how would you get my hug it looked good my digital clock newman and i really loved new york by then hop up now was that
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a boy bad shot in my own top 100 so was hot about the relationship clay said it's a wash now was the net how wildly about him sustains the man and had the man suffered more bob. you can assume that was. so yellow to them home to metro more than half the time. but we have to show in the commonwealth. the one south really when i was a theater. little one of them being in the bay to show her a mission will do us a whole lot about i'm hostile i'm a coon in the biba all because tamil a path to the tat distant bemis to share calamy year it had the ad lib it was
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a her and i will be if you turn your business a rock can deliver the 3 how the alamo law daughter be. a half a ballad that with a highly magnetic almost a holy and the howard diamond a good look i'm a celebrity a modeless i'm allowed you as orgy as minister rock a corner alig a domestic leo at the rebellion a mother by another they are all make up just like there's a been for many inside who must have touched their concern and the babysitter oh damn and here charlotte when i git clear on a list of my patients and then a shift at my here she cares about her patients her care i've never seen anyone before and she's been my role model that i even have her back on my phone so every day whatever struggles i'm going through it's because of her that i'm able to push through it. here when she met a lot of math and other. a lot of how to film a home with
3:56 pm
a lot of the them and well them to have him and mature. the 2nd month of them. men sent machine allah america had to la quinta set in a coffin in the law and order had a dish of a show family itar a flu loudhailer their mom home while home alabama mom. i'm officium in the perfect cafe at the fishermen the behind natural and most bonnie i will at home all in a child or adult market is the no and. better than commission and. better. condition. to hand in sand grew up on. the had been near them in order to know how the mahtani. want to block. the magical achievement of jordanian doctor nodded also as have improved the lives
3:57 pm
of thousands of her patients. while dr qais international humanitarian work has also had a major impact. in quite different ways they both changed conflicts lives for the better. it's time for the perfect journey. with
3:58 pm
a sponsored plan qatar airways hello there the bulk of the activity in south america can be found toward the north and south of the continent and some intense rainfall over the last few days so about 500 kilometers northeast of lima 80 millimeters of rain in 24 hours that's about half a month's worth of rain in 24 hours the rain continues on wednesday the heaviest toward colombia venezuela and french guy on as well so we do run the very real risk of seen some flooding just because of how much moisture we have seen got to disturb . i mean into the southern portion of south america so deteriorating conditions there for central america things remain dry for mexico bites some drenching rains rolling in as we look into puerto rico tornadoes severe thunderstorms all because of a cold front digging across areas of the u.s.
3:59 pm
and really that severe weather threat will continue pretty well anywhere from illinois rates through to texas as this cold front moves across lysine down temperatures and just a matter of 2 days chicago went from the thirty's to the 11 to 11 degrees on thursday but will bounce back on saturday. at ways from the al-jazeera london broke out center to special guests in conversation when societies declines and when women are to tighten the only thing that benefits from this contract itself unprompted uninterrupted for the 1st months good girls are those who don't work for him or in fact me as well easily and cackle like to think that there's nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's nationalists in part one of studio b. unscripted. president joe biden into the white house facing multiple crises including the coronavirus pandemic and it divided america 3 months on has he
4:00 pm
managed to follow through on campaign promises to fix the country stay with this but special coverage of biden's 1st $100.00 days in a. just. this is al jazeera. the robin you're watching the al-jazeera news headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes running out of wood india's capital struggles to cremate its dead as the number of. surges past 200000 also a single dose of the pfizer astra zeneca vaccine can try.


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