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tv   101 East The Return Of East Timors Children  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2021 2:30am-3:00am +03

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most now a betting on another round of behind the scenes horse trading between palestinian factions a chance to vote put off once more indefinitely are useful sit al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem byron munich have a new coach julian will take over from july on a 5 year contract the 33 year old german were plays hansie flick who's leaving at the end of the season he's currently in charge of rb let's say who are 2nd in the bundesliga 7 points behind byron. hello the headlines on al-jazeera much needed medical supplies have begun arriving in india which is struggling to stem the spread of care with 19 it accounts for half of the world's new infections one person is dying every 4 minutes and crematoriums are at a breaking point the u.s. is easing cover $1000.00 restrictions for people who are vaccinated they can now
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socialize outside without a face mask president joe biden says the country has made stunning progress but there's still a long way to go the bottom line is clear if you're vaccinated you could do more things more safely both outdoors as well as indoors for show for those who haven't got their vaccinations especially if you're younger or think you don't need it this is another great reason to go get back sedated oh wow. yes vaccines are about saving your life but also in the lives of the people around you brazil senate has launched an inquiry into the government's handling of the current virus pandemic nearly 400000 brazilians have died from covert 19 the world's 2nd highest death toll the probe will determine whether federal or state governments committed criminal negligence or corruption
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a u.s. military ship has fired warning shots at iranian naval vessels in a 2nd close encounter between the countries militaries washington says they rain in ships move too close to its ships twice this month to spite multiple warnings so my us president. has agreed not to extend his term i'm a domestic and international pressure he made the announcement off to the prime minister said he was against the proposed 2 year extension the f.b.i. has opened a federal civil rights investigation into the killing of another unarmed black man by police in the us state of north carolina the announcement comes after an independent autopsy revealed andrew brown jr was shot 5 times lawyers for brown's families say the fatal bullet struck him in the back of the head they described it as they kill shaw. those are the headlines on al-jazeera we'll have more news at the top of the hour right after the one east. president joe biden into the white
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house facing multiple crises including the coronavirus pandemic and a divided america 3 months on has he managed to follow through on campaign promises to fix the country stay with this bespectacled coverage of biden's 1st 100 days in office on al jazeera. the. these people barely know each other. separated a lifetime ago they don't speak the same language but their families together at last. thousands of children were removed from east timor during the indonesian military occupation. raised as indonesians or abandoned far from harlem and their east timor was lost generation. some way to
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break a family break a person and break a society by taking their most beloved members. decades later reconciliation begins. the children are coming home. 2 1 o one east investigates a favorite union can heal the wounds of a generation. will . history. without total. silence. there. this. lisi me
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a putra has lived in wisc java for most of his life but the seas in his homeland. fee was taken from war torn east timor as a child 977 by an indonesian soldier. i write. a. lot i'm.
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going to get you know. always. or either. or both. one of the soldiers at my job he took a lease hung with him to quit his job and adopted him into his family. he got in and out of the law and i had to leave my. house when i get there.
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this soldier changed our leases name to sue me a putra meaning son of sunia and educated him in the indonesian school system. in time ali says native language faded along with the memory of his family. then in 2019 after 42 years ago jolt of memory returned with the death of his adoptive father and a visit from a stranger. so. i don't have a loss for. us now. or that. i am not to tell you. that. long in the sound of the lies this far as i am.
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to learn a lot of a lot of anything less the commentary a lot of americans may learn that it down the ulema some by this new lens need and it can get. lung and blood. like ali's nina pinta says she was abducted from east timor as a child she too had her name changed and was raised in the family of the indonesian soldier who took her. unlike alys nina says she was treated poorly by you know my decided it. was more. that she buys you a bunch of masks some new ones. don't go up on. yeah that one is longer most unusual base. in your life that she'll go.
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in filing we said in lang is here and he said among the over you really knew the out of there. maybe i escaped at age 17 and they aren't blown up to have to be on time as i. was their only. son siah would be killed. playing on the monkey and so i get what i want to add. we are commanded to. finally in 2009 i mean his family found her her mother had prayed for their union for 30 years and i am us but again because you could feel it was my might be long i want to call with this i had been. really pumped wanted of.
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those at the sea air yes i get better at that and then when you man up and yell a nannie. nina is married with 2 sons she works with an ngo called asia justice and writes to find other abducted children and take them home to meet their families. she will accompany al east as he returns to east timor. today begins his journey. his indonesian family is anxious his wife tika has barely spent a night apart from ali since they were married. elise is anxious to he's only recently learned from a phone call with his brother that his parents died some years ago. passable. so i thought i would offer how. fast they will force you.
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to look at the moments that they are or thought out that i want to. all. silo after. all right when i got back. by that thing i was a law partner up at the marble. here. before returning to east timor alice is taking part in a workshop at a jobs learning center in bali. the night it was on the not sound.
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that comes out of the under current law. says. at least joins a group of 14 who like him would take in his children from east timor during the indonesian occupation. indonesia seized east timor after the withdrawal of the portuguese in 975 and held its crew through the 24 years. they were massacred is rape and persecution. thousands starved in camps. and children which taken opportunistically at 1st and later as part of a state sponsored mission to educate and civilise. i know yeah. maybe in the beginning there was
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a feeling of trying to save children who were perhaps separated from their families there were many of them who were taken to become operation assistance by guides and porters by the military i'm sure there were also people who took them to benefit themselves. about supervising the workshop is director of jobs indonesia programs galu one detests a minute in there and that it is that the man the money idea and that out and. buy it and then when you got. that idea that i'm going to. own the newly. in somewhat until i'm beggin that it's not a new loan but i. do that to my right to buy our. dollars out of silver.
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but we do want to go where to. go. but he said you can't actually. do the sort of thing to. go to. market by it so this would. be to the wealthy. that's raising the interest on our own worse someone problem with women who does a little. better than. it looks. as if he. is somebody doesn't work because. somebody has been served. fewer than 100 people have been reunited with their families in previous years is
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a widely accepted estimate of children taken is 4000 a job believes the true number could be much higher but. the people that we've been able to find there the survivors they're the ones who managed to find a way need to be loved or to be fair and to find some kind of education or to find some kind of more so that they can survive i think thousands didn't survive meaning as the workshop concludes the group walks down to the beach for some sit. you know it's been for some of that is a realisation. that they were gonna sock it to the. u.s. but this everybody cyber support of our own.
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side of our economy you know. a 100 up from i guess everybody. people don't want the money. there he said coming out of something there loss of muscle because i you know i don't. see this because. the following morning elise and the others stop the journey home to east timor. they're now just hours away from seeing their families on the particular. drug i'm in the money or the money. but. there's a buzz of excitement and nerves in the group. none of them know is good. quite what to expect.
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that. they touch down on timorese soil. up to decades in a foreign land they hug at last. solemn like manual a minute by family waiting inside the vehicle to. find out a way that they would like really out. there on their cars what matters is still. a.
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little bit. ali says siblings couldn't make the journey here to maintain their biting in the village to welcome him home and he is eager to get going let it.
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day's drive to the mountain region of a novel that last saw as an 80 year old. the most welcome. for the fun. and saving up for. it up for our last. time with us on.
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the. mind of the mother i had i thought the wind up other than. i was eating at some level. it's off to do as we arrive in the dry heat of a no or. the. order to pass. obvious is met by his cousin and younger brother. this has been my permanent owner was new to me and tony i was just a baby when i was taken. thank you all for the body ok. but. right now.
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in the village there is a welcome ceremony. for me. to go now tobin venus so i'm a dot on my own. in the sun yes my model. i'm now won't be outside and i don't unless i'm one. of. the most of. his sisters we will raise a hand we're going to back into the family. and the government says you know the message was if you do you need to be. working on the b.m.i.
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of course right here nobody. knows our viewers but i'm not going to say. if he's 9 siblings for a hero to have died. or was he. going to be a. good example for him i found his eldest sister speaks for the family over the. last time here but for all i know he's not passed out there has a backlash are now i feel like and. then either you know how how i. am highly different sad because i don't make enough. alice alice alice. yeah yeah.
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you don't need. to see how much higher gold i had as i know i have a few more food. how do i make up there this. all into all my talk back i mean. i'm. 6 6 6 reconciled with the living now alice must make peace with the did. he not a lovable francisco that. but a fence is there any. then any. next where. that any lack of a michael. i'm
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not sure about back here but if you want to stay. but if you compare again by comparing my body. i'm not born then. the war or not. the air. in the shadow of the church where he was taken 43 years ago that tries to take it all the. janet jackson sound in your house he does everything are going to do. serious harm but how you are. the same and actually even from behind you. know. all there be good on ya mcguinn so massive. happy. babayaro to hear iraq. pasties happy the uk
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i'm out of the room. oh yeah some of the valleys got mandia needham grew out of the i am nice that mongolia. got now the good news must i am some idea. that feeble exams i might make us and some of the half. hour cialis you need to go sad that i'm sayin you are i and. look on are not by a mile in me. in the. healing in the. nina lives ali's with his family and travels east to see her mother.
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was. it's been more than 10 years since they were reunited. for a long time visiting harm was a big deal now it's almost normal. the day i don't have time for india dead at. once a bad idea. and then sitting on the same lee and i must say as long as i am.
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just. to the north in largo is the beach where nina saw her father for the last time. in 979 her parents were forced at gunpoint to give her away. the more. i say. so what.
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it was so. there's. somebody is in the. letters and that is the set up a good. memories like all that remain of their parents and the childhood they were forced to leave. for others is still a chance to reunite with their loved ones but time is running out lost generation.
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port moresby the capital of puffy new guinea is ranked one of the most dangerous cities in your one a one east team vista gate the violent against each killing field on the streets on al-jazeera. a weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines the news media have been left to sort through the mixed messages on a quite complex story from mainstream district journalism listening post covers the way the news is covered on the jerseys. holding the
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powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al-jazeera. the war. india is running out of space to cremate its dead as the battles asserts in the number of covert 19 deaths sounds and functions. you're watching else is there a lie from headquarters and. also coming up.


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