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last thousands of our programs award winning documentary and definitions are full. subscribed to you cheap forward slash al-jazeera english. 0. this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up predatorial is at breaking point as india's engulfed by its 2nd wave of. brazil's senate begins an inquiry into the government's handling of the corona virus pandemic which could damage president bush for an hour. and it is 5 people dead in charge of contraband
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protests against the late president's son and minute tree taking power. in ash with the sports ramadan chelsea have drawn the 1st leg of their champions league semifinal and after australia's prime minister tells cricketers from the country to find the right way back from the indian premier league india's cricket board promises to return all foreign players i am safely. is staggering a spike in corona virus infections and deaths across india shows no sign of abating when half the world's new cases each day were recorded in india or tuesday it reported more than 323000 new cases and another 2700 deaths that list the total number of people killed by cope with the almost 198000 weather experts believe the real figure is much higher according to reuters news agency one person is dying every 4 minutes in the capital new delhi the world health
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organization says the situation is being exacerbated by people going to hospital unnecessarily is also blaming low vaccination rates will contagious variants and mass gatherings despite that tens of thousands of people marked the end of a hindu festival by bathing in the river ganges and event prime minister narendra modi refused to call off what is about purana reports from new delhi a. mask. sins and burials have become the norm in a country where the bodies of coronavirus are victims are piling up credit organs and burial grounds are working day and night and even burning bodies in parks and car parks the families of the dead to mourn for their loved ones who succumbed not just to the virus but to the shortages of beds and oxygen the country i'm feeling really bad i have money i have everything but i can't give my sister. got me no big nothing nothing like that not that it's not forget no very good we can do good we
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can do. international aid has started arriving but family members of the sick a still lining up to find wherever they can they say the government should have been better prepared they were going up and they are going to have you know if you will you would be bored and they were completely. out of school so it's heartbreaking we're. going there you go but the world health organization said no way is the situation worse than in india india is really heartbreaking as the director general has said in the in the exponential growth that we've seen in case numbers is really truly astonishing we have seen similar trajectories of increases in transmission in a number of countries has not been at the same scale and it has not had the same level of impact in burden on the health care system that we've seen in india. the
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world health organization also said math gatherings contributed to india's surge in cases but despite the rapid spread of the virus hindu pilgrims gathered again in the northern town of for the cool mailer festival the government has been criticized for allowing large religious and political gatherings to go ahead and both the central and daddy governments have been accused of intended to vittie to people suffering add to blatant inequality and setting their priorities as people. continue to die because of a lack of hospital beds and oxygen delhi's government is planning to convert $100.00 rooms in this 5 star hotel to set up a covert mine health facility for staff at the delhi high court and their families a controversial move that was forced to scrap one criticism from the public and the high court itself elizabeth piron an al-jazeera you daddy awaiting in the indian state of monday a profession has been allowed to go ahead despite the groom testing positive for
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corona virus the couple and all attendees at a swap their wedding outfits for full personal protection equipment before she's had initially cancelled the event but after repeated requests it was given the go ahead as long as appropriate precautions were taken. for zilzal senate has begun its inquiry into the person our government's handling of the pandemic more people have died of covert nineteen's it's a start of this year and died in all of last year in brazil the senate is investigating whether federal or state governments committed criminal negligence or corruption in their response to the virus i.q. accusations surround president diable sonars downplaying of the pandemic is government's delay in buying vaccines and his opposition to mosque use and coronavirus restrictions. want to unite here fiz live from rio de janeiro want to terms about the scope of the senate inquiry. well the
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scope is to investigate everything that went wrong and there are many things since the beginning of the pandemic present tables on otto has been accused of setting a bad example to say the least like he didn't wear a mask he didn't. he didn't tell people to stay home as a matter of fact he went down on the streets and self he also criticised the vaccines for political reasons chinese vaccine corona vaccine because it came from china there's also the question of why brazil took so long to order vaccines pfizer had proposed. giving brazil i mean selling vaccines to brazil last year and it took them a long time there was no national plan and president did fight all the governors and mayors that tried to impose lock downs and curfews he says this will only impoverish brazil and that the only solution are the vaccines that they were late
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in starting as well so there are many many. things that are being looked at right now and brazil's regulator has rejected requests by several states to import russia's. why is that. well that is for technical reasons they say that the russian vaccine is not safe they say that they tried they were not allowed to visit the plant in russia and they were not given all of the documentation which which and the state regulatory agency requires to approve the vaccines it has a pro-vaccine in the past like on the pfizer is approved the corona back is approved and the astra zeneca of course but in this case they said that they did not have enough documentation and they say that they don't have a guarantee that the virus that's implanted doesn't install itself in the body
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and reproduce so they don't know what the side effects could be going to and i can't thank you very much indeed people in the u.s. can now say she lies outside without a mosque if they've been fully vaccinated that's the nation's surprise from the centers for disease control and prevention president joe biden says it's not a reason for people to get the job the bottom line is clear if you're vaccinated you could do more things more safely both outdoors as well as indoors for so for those who haven't got their vaccinations especially if you're younger or think you don't need it this is another great reason to go get backs unaided now now yes the vaccines are savy your life but also the lives of the people around you. and white house correspondent kimberly how could explain that this is an incentive based approach to easing restrictions just prior
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to joe biden making that address to the nation there or here at the white house he didn't fact our have his team of public health officials speaking to reporters and they said this is exactly what they hope the effects will be of this lifting of the mass guidelines for those fully vaccinated the public health campaign has really been successful so far new numbers show us that more than half of all americans have now received at least one dose of the pfizer mcgurn or johnson and johnson vaccine and the hope is is that this trajectory will continue but what we're seeing in the united states is that now it seems to be a case of more supply than there is demand because of that vaccine hesitancy in some communities that's why the public health officials and the president are hoping this lifting of the mask mandate for outdoor small gatherings will be the incentive that people need to go and get the vaccination themselves coming up on
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this news hour from london a 60000000 dollar a week plan to reunite child migrants in the u.s. with their families. shot 5 times as he was driving away white another black u.s. family wants the police investigated. and by new nickname the new coach champ will have details of sports. and his 5 people being killed in china and dozens wounded during protests against a new military transition council the opposition coalition has called for a handover to civilians the army announced president idriss deby song as the country's need and asked week after his father was killed during fighting with rebels from the capital and german. a middle east reports. charts knew. this was a distraught. one week after this a. young child lives on the streets.
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and blocking. the head of this protest is an opposition to military takeover must go on and on if. we had tired of monarchy in chad i just want france to free us from this problem and. the response of the security forces was swift and harsh. i was later military ruler general my how much it recently appeared on national television to deliver what seemed to be a speech prepared to calm local and international concerns about in the trees to pension in chad. a lot of these values so dear to our late president will be demonstrated and in shrine and in the framework of an inclusive national dialogue that will be organized during this transition period i will be the guarantor of this dialogue which will not shy away from any subject of national interest
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according to a precise timetable that the government will be called upon to reveal also say a child needs international support to defeat groups tried to destabilize the country. the protests came a week after the military takeover was given some support by the charge allies that it has now for france in an awkward position after the crackdown on demonstrators by security forces the french president manuel mccall who's attending said late president idriss deby funeral is criticizing those meant of the military's takeover condemned the use of force on demonstrators. let me be very clear i gave my support to the integrity and the stability of chad very clearly and to men and i support peaceful democratic inclusive transition i do not support a plan of succession and france will never be on the side of those who formed this plan. for now the streets of german are calm weather refuse it would remain that way with the opposition vowing to keep up its cabrini against the military's year
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with the trees. jeppe. at least 3 people have died and 4 missing in booking a fast so after an armed group attacked a convoy in the country's east 2 spanish journalists and an irish national were killed in the ambush on an anti poaching patrol in eastern region the government confirmed that of the 4 people missing 3 a furnace and one is a book could now be national photos of bodies have been circulating online for she said they haven't been formally identified so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. the u.s. navy says it fired warning shots at boats from the iranian revolutionary guard on patrol in the gulf on monday more their split 2nd to mike hanna who's in washington d.c. might want to know about it. but the u.s. navy has released a statement saying that 3 iranian assault craft continually but essentially buys to
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the 2 u.s. vessels in international waters repeatedly crossing across the bow of the 2 vessels the whole incident lasted about 3 hours warning shots were fired by the u.s. vessels loud hailer as were used and the u.s. navy says this incident actually endangered all the craft in the particular area so this is the 1st time that this is happened in about a year last such incident was a year ago and it comes as a time as well when the u.s. is attempting to get into rick talks going with the iranian government on its nuclear program so certainly this type of incident could have a major diplomatic impact as well and giving us an israeli officials also be meeting to discuss the threat iran poses what's come out of that. well no clear statement coming from that particular meeting the u.s. and israeli officials who were meeting to discuss essentially focusing on the
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iranian nuclear program and the threat that israel believes that this poses to israel itself and the rest of the region but also coming under discussion was the arraign use of drones and what is described as its aggressive stance in the region the incident that is being reported on in the course of the day with valving the naval vessels would be seen within this particular category but it sensually it's the u.s. is attempting to stay on the same page as the israelis at the same time as it is destroying to initiate those in direct talks with a view to restoring the 2015 nuclear peace deal mike hanna thank you very much. you know his states is ordering its nonessential embassy staff out of afghanistan as the military steps up the withdrawal of its troops only personnel who have to be physically in couple for their jobs will remain meanwhile the u.s. special representative for afghanistan reconciliation sound
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a whole is out and has been testifying before a senate committee about the pullout let's cross to an official in washington d.c. and ellen presumably a number of senators are concerned about the withdrawal. some are concerned others think it is a very bad idea you remember there was just april the 14th when joe biden unknowns that all u.s. troops would be out of afghanistan by september that will mark 20 years since they moved in after the attacks on 911 here in the united states in new york and washington though the trumpet ministration had already said it was intending to pull all the troops out by me that timeline has been pushed back by joe biden talks continue brokered by the khatami's with the taliban and other representatives of the afghan government certainly we had from bob menendez who is the chairman a democrat on the foreign relations committee he said that he was worried that there was still some form of antiterrorism operation available to the united states
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in the area people have been talking about possibly setting up some sort of forward base in india he also said it was important that they didn't take their eyes off afghanistan after the withdrawal of course many people believe that after the russians left the u.s. stopped funding the fighters there they didn't want to pay any attention and certainly no put any more money into afghanistan and that red led to the rise of the taliban and subsequently the rise of a some of bin laden from james ray should is the republican leader on the committee he said that this was simply a mistake that he thought in a few months time the taliban would be strong militarily and they would move into kabul overthrowing the government there and the u.s. would have another problem right in the middle of the place that caused them so much difficulty 20 years ago but from ambassador khalilzad he said look the deal is done and this is the best possible deal the u.s. could get and after 20 years it was time to leave afghanistan the world has changed
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since 2001 that terrorist threat including from outside is now geographically dispersed and africa the middle east and asia. we now face new urgent challenges as the president has said we must fight the battles for the next 20 years not the last 20 democratic senator jeanne shaheen from new hampshire got emotional when she highlighted the 7 women she said had been killed by the taliban said it was a very important over the next 4 months that the u.s. do all it can to make sure that women and minorities are represented in any future government and the taliban do not go back to killing women and restricting their rights as far as the ambassador while he said he believes that there will be no sweeping into kabul by the taliban he said they have looked at the options they realize it is either a negotiated settlement or a long unwinnable war and he believes for future generations the taliban have
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agreed that it would probably be better to have a negotiated settlement many senators on the committee are hoping he's right and fisher thank you very much indeed. and biden ministrations hope opening new shelters for unaccompanied children who've crossed the us mexico border and spending about $60000000.00 a week on that cat is to reunite the children that parents were grenell supports on one new shelter in southern california that's now receiving child migrants. in the city of long beach just south of los angeles a sprawling convention center has been transformed into a shelter for up to 1000 migrant children seeking asylum in the united states inside there are toys games recreation facilities and school classes all meant to provide humane care and lessen the trauma children feel after making the long dangerous journey to the u.s.
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border the mission of this center here in long beach is quick family reunification the reifications should be done as fast as possible and we also know that the space that we are in is temporary is incredibly important that in this moment we treat every single child with compassion with kindness and with love the bike did ministration has been under intense political pressure to deal effectively with the large numbers of unaccompanied children mostly from central america crossing the border the numbers have leveled off from a peak of around 20000 miners in custody in march but officials are pushing hard for the children to be released to their parents or other family quickly immigrant rights advocates were allowed to examine the facilities what we saw with this center is that number one when they will walk in at all have
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a sense of welcome to reunite with their child parents must show documentation and give a d.n.a. sample after release the child will have a hearing scheduled on their application. for asylum most of those parents are also on documented but the budget ministration pledges it will drop target them for deportation if they come forward to claim their children that's in sharp contrast with the previous administration's attitude toward migrant families during the trumpet ministration the policy of that administration was if parents came forward and they were undocumented maybe a week or 2 weeks later immigration authorities would be at their doorstep so that created a great level of anxiety and then babble and at the kids say ultimately developmental aid to impoverished central american countries and an overhaul of u.s. immigration laws are the keys to stabilizing the situation so that in the future no
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child should have to cross the border or alone robert oulds long beach california. joins us now by skype from phoenix arizona is gladys money out she's a child advocate program director at the young center for immigrant children's rights and was an undocumented child migrant herself thanks very much for being with us i want if you can describe how you see the situation at the border now for children. thanks laura the situation of the border that the numbers are numbers that i haven't seen before 'd i've been working with unaccompanied children for the past 15 years and the numbers this year are i'm president. and that there were reports of children originally being kept in border facilities just similar to jails for far longer than the 72 hour limit is it your understanding that that kind of thing has now stopped on. the goal of the administration have been to reduce that length of stay in the border patrol stations by opening up the emergency
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intake sites such as the one in long beach california so that kids can be moved border patrol stations into these emergency intake state overseen by us healthy military bases what about the progress on reuniting children with families what's your understanding of how that's going. on that we think of administration has made great exploring in terms of changing certain requirements that used to be in place before that there to a longer process for beautification so what we're seeing on the ground now are changes that are being implemented to release kids to their families in the united states out of pace and that has been something that in the advocate and the advocate side of the of the fence act has been celebrated and talked to as we were saying and see what we talked to a few pictures of kids who arrived at the border what ages are they generally that the children coming across. the ages tend to be the the majority of them tend to be
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like 151617 year old but in the most recent years we've seen kids come to see you you'll see kids as young as toddlers 23 year olds come in as well into the in the care of the office a refugee resettlement what about the fact is that a driving people to leave what countries are they coming from and what are the main reasons they give for setting off. the main countries that they tend to control remain the northern time concentra america or what amala on board us and the sending doctors the push factors as we call them tend to be the same in security instability the. desire to have basic human necessities available to them that are not available to them in country. i mean i just want to go back to the fact that you were a child a migrant yourself when you see the the situation there the moment it is it too old
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to see it can almost exacerbate in the last year or so what it was your feeling about it it is because. of salvador. during the eighty's i'd be parents by the war and during the eighty's and then they brought me to the united states in 1900 are a couple years before that the peace treaty was signed in south door and we thought at that time that was the worst circumstances that we could be free so it is surprising to see that the islands escalated with the ya that instability insecurity and gains in all salvador it's a price it's to see that the violence is higher than it was during the eighty's when there was a civil war cohen i cut his some money now thank you very much indeed for talking to us who are staying in the u.s. the f.b.i. in north carolina says it has opened a civil rights investigation into the killing of a black man by police last week andrew brown jr was shot 5 times as he tried to
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drive away according to an independent autopsy lawyers for his family in north carolina say the fatal bullet struck him in the head they described it as a kill shot officers were trying to arrest brown on drug related charges but his family says he represented no threat to them as he tried to get away yesterday i say he was executed it is up to us before so many doubles corette those dreams got south of the arbella enough. that was not. you it's obvious he was trying to get away. and i go see them in the back of the head that may not work that's not right all. right. stuff got to change so they really got to change for really. more still to come this hour including getting out when they can an escalating political crisis in somalia says he sees
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people flee their homes. fighting a conflict his country hasn't joined why this georgian and dozens more are voluntary on the front line in ukraine. and a major league soccer team gets an unwelcome visitor to training coming up chemerinsky. hello there a frosty start for parts of central and northern europe and it's all because of a disturbance dragging down some cool air in particular for the baltic states temperatures in the single digits and we're still dealing with that wet weather across the iberian peninsula but now it's starting to impact a bigger area of france also wet weather for the balkans as well on wednesday we're going to see some instability for the united kingdom but i do think that london is
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going to stay dry we'll call it about $5050.00 shot on wednesday 14 degrees so temperatures here are also below average for this time of the year and there is the rain starting to now move into areas of germany and poland and single digits for stockholm on your wednesday across north africa weather for djibouti and also the ethiopian highlands we've got some pretty good spells of rain across the gulf of guinea in particular heavier rain for the ivory coast and cameroon but those showers will start to peter out as we head toward thursday and we'll just be dealing with most mostly cloudy skies for example in cameroon on your thursday. a tale of 2 presidents. venezuelan military defectors.
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american muslim reese. and a bizarre yet or dangerous attempt. at regime change in the bolivarian republic of venezuela. people in power the bay of piglets on al-jazeera. we tout the untold stories. we speak when others don't. because of all sides. no matter where it takes us i prefer your fearless ear got on my arse and paris i and pasha will tell your stories we are your voice your news your net al-jazeera.
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eleanor one of the top stories here. more than half the world's new coronavirus cases in the past day have been recorded in india from a turin's aren't breaking point as the country grapples with its worst health crisis in modern history. here's president joe biden says people can now socialize outside without a mask if they've been fully vaccinated but face coverings are still be urged for crowded outdoor events. and at least 5 people have been killed in china during protests against the new military transition council demonstrations want to return to civilian rule to the army took charge in the wake of president idriss deby death . somalia's prime minister has signaled he does not support
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a proposed 2 year extension of the president's term the heads of 2 regional states who have been staunch allies of the president also rejected the move certainty has led to clashes in the somali capital mogadishu prompting some to flee as conference or reports. this is a neighborhood in mogadishu where people are leaving their homes trouble started on sunday when paul government and opposition security forces clashed during protests against the extension of president mohammed up to life for my just amin office by another 2 year as it had expired in february but talks to hold a new election have failed so mali's who are getting out say they're wary and want these problems too and. we are feeling because of the war we are living behind our houses have not slept for 2 days because of the clashes to stop fighting so we can return home. opposition forces including some soldiers who left frontline positions
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in house in the south of the country have taken control of several neighborhoods erecting barricades and stones and mounds of soil as well as digging trenches the government says it's fighting armed groups brought to the city by opposition political leaders to cause chaos or go have those organizing. dices may hide among their force we have information that armed men are going into people's also used to harass them we do not want to use force and cause confrontation the government will take their responsibility of protecting citizens diplomats and clan elders a sage to be trying to broker talks between the warring groups to deescalate tensions some analysts say the president is running out of options best options are . for him to go back to the negotiating table within the framework. agreement that's look every member of the international community is. most mommas are.
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certainly does not do that alternative. confrontation which will certainly lead to conflict and further bloodshed and no one can win and earn warfare in militias experience 3 major urban warfare is these are dangerous times in a fragile country somalia is dealing with threats from the armed group al-shabaab drought and a struggling economy and people are now even more worried about what they see as the politicize ation of the military and police force which appears to be increasingly fragmented along political lines cathy zoi al jazeera. as to news and views held their 1st elections in 15 years next month but al jazeera has learned that president mahmoud abbas will delay the long awaited vote citing israeli restrictions in occupied east jerusalem as despite israel saying it's not interfering with the ballot and sorry force it reports candidates have been
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struggling to counter skepticism from voters. in occupied east jerusalem this is defined as palestinian political activity the kind that can result in a rest and in recent days has put on this day there are no israeli security forces to be seen no crowd either just 10 prospective candidates for the palestinian legislative council trying to infuse a population that hasn't voted for 15 years and doesn't expect to now it's all or ought to convince them and to be with him to bring him. to a new hole for a new is that this. has always been. a hopes yes i hope so. but if residents of occupied east jerusalem have a shared such hope it's been fast evaporating what elections sorry i'm asking what elections are you talking about when you are excited about the prospect of taking. because i know there is that there isn't
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a now yeah i can expect that is. to tell you the truth. between going to elections as opposed to show that i'm not. with the state or with my people to go to the election of that i believe that it's a it's a mess it's a game for the on the political level that they might cancel it in 2006 elections did take place in occupied east jerusalem as in gaza and the west bank is right allowing the voting on the last minute u.s. pressure now the palestinian authority has reportedly given israel a deadline of thursday to answer its demand for a similar guarantee and israeli official told us that so far israel has given no response and now. without drucilla and without the participation of our people in the city of jerusalem without the ability to campaign as in other areas in the occupied palestinian territories there will be no elections al-jazeera understands that the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has already decided to postpone the
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polls with the official announcement to come at a factional meeting on thursday one thing we heard again and again on the streets of east jerusalem was that if the palestinian authority wanted to hold an election it shouldn't allow an israeli know let alone the sheer lack of an israeli response be the reason not to do so the suspicion being expressed is that the real reason is internal and political the palestinian are could have newspaper reports of the decision to postpone followed intense pressure from the united states and arab countries concerned about the consequences of a strong result for the armed group hamas which controls gaza rather than a democratic renewal most now a betting on another round of behind the scenes horsetrading between palestinian factions a chance to vote put off once more indefinitely are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem as an eon it is a well under report accusing israel of crimes against humanity human rights watch says israel is practicing policies of apartheid and persecution against
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palestinians the report says restrictions on palestinian movement and the seizure of land for jewish settlements are examples of this israel has dismissed the report is biased and baseless it comes weeks after the international criminal court announced it will investigate war crimes in the occupied west bank and gaza strip. we welcomed this report which has proven one more time that israel is going ducting a system of apartheid the worst form of apartheid ever against the palestinian people it's a very useful report and we will use it to fight the system of apartheid and military israeli occupation and to demand international pressure on israel to end this system racism and apartheid one of many rebel groups has attacked a military outpost in some of the heaviest fighting since february clashes are broken out in the east near the border with thailand between armed forces and
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ethnic minority karren fighters this is pro-democracy protests continue across the country it's got hardly has more from bangkok. early morning gunfire echoes across a stretch of the sol when river along the border between me and mar in thailand this video from the thai side appears to show korean national union fighters taking over a army outpost then burning it to the ground it's some of the most intense fighting between ethnic armies and myanmar's military since the coup nearly 3 months ago. the current fighters are one of about 2 dozen ethnic minority forces that have been fighting the myanmar military for decades seeking greater autonomy like the korean rebels many of them have thrown their support behind the antic to protest movement that has swept across me and mar since the takeover there's been talk about forming a federal army at the top and some feel the attack on the outpost was a signal from the current national union to me and mars' army locally known as the
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tatmadaw and this shows that we have a plan in our area to diminish your territory take over more of what we say is accurate or. but also do it at a moment that discredits the power of the capital which gives a symbolic boost i think to a broader nationwide. resistance against against the military so it's it's a lot of different things all wrapped up together he went on to say that a strong retaliate is expected airstrikes from the military on current held territory have increased over the last few weeks and one point sending hundreds across the border into thailand seeking refuge and medical attention 24000 people have been displaced since late last month according to korean groups. also on tuesday the military justice said it will consider suggestions on how to end the crisis in myanmar made by the southeast asia regional bloc in the saturday meeting the announcement could be viewed as a setback since leaders said a consensus was already reached with the joint on steps to end the violence. some
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protesters are taking their battle against the jointer from the streets to the jungle this footage appears to show a training camp run by ethnic armies preparing those who want to transition from protester to fighter. while there are still protesters dedicated to taking their call for the judge at this step down to the streets but in smaller numbers because of the intensified crackdown by security forces making sure their voices are heard scott either al-jazeera bangkok. ukrainian president putin is a landscape has edged his troops on the eastern border to stay alert despite russia's ongoing troop withdrawal russia began pulling back its troops on friday after weeks of military buildup in the region despite the deescalation russia has warned it will do whatever is necessary to ensure security don't borders fighting between the ukrainian army and russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine has escalated this year this is a conflict on the ukrainian border began 7 years ago for volunteers have traveled
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to the region to fight on both sides many georgians a supporting the ukrainian corps saying parallels with russia's actions against them or than a decade ago stratford reports from the ukrainian frontline village of chirac in a way he met a veteran fighter from georgia go is a georgian war veteran in eastern ukraine the conflict is something he recognizes because russia has also supported separatists in 2 breakaway regions of georgia. in 2008 the russian army invaded to support their independence bid. the sound of shells exploding reverberates across the fields. got just says russian bank separatists fire at ukrainian army positions near here almost every day. you do hear that he says they're firing 120 millimeter caliber weapons he takes us
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to the front line village of. every building was either damaged or completely destroyed during fighting in 2015. russia did many bad things to us in georgia they occupied our territory as they have done here in ukraine i'm not against the russian nation or people but their politics is a very dirty game. georgian volunteers like god just started coming to you crave to russian back separatists at the start of the conflict in 20142 years later the self-styled georgian national legion was incorporated into the ukrainian army analysts say russia has encouraged and supported territorial disputes in ukraine as it did in georgia to hinder the 2 countries from joining nato me at the border with your preference we georgians know what it means when your dignity and liberty is
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taken the ukrainians helped us and now it's our turn to help them they told us during our war that if we didn't start russia and georgia then we would eventually have to stop them in ukraine they predicted this would happen and they were right. the sound of gunshots could be heard every few minutes. the morning started with shelling and now snipers they are trying to provoke us to shoot back and find out our positions the she craney and soldier tells us there are around 50 georgians that are working with the ukrainian army right the way along the front line the army here the smalling very nervous they want to allow us to progress any further up this road because in the last half an hour or so we've heard what they describe as a fire targeting a position very close to here. both sides accuse each other of violating a 2015 cease fire agreement and most every day go to cleans his weapon before
12:44 am
going back to his checkpoint he says defending ukraine he's juicy and he won't be returning to georgia any time soon charles strafford al-jazeera shirakawa eastern ukraine. a russian court has imposed a number of restrictions on the anti corruption group founded by jailed kremlin critic and ex and around 8 this is judges consider a request to ban the foundation for fighting corruption as an extremist organization it's no longer allowed to share content online organize rallies among several other restrictions iran is been imprisons its january his supporters say he's in poor health and at risk of dying. and each year there are an estimated $23000000.00 miscarriages worldwide that's about $44.00 every minute but the impact and consequences are often misunderstood in a series of papers published in the medical journal the lancet researchers are calling for a global overhaul of medical care and advice for women who suffer them 15 percent
12:45 am
of pregnancies end in miscarriage about 2 percent of women have had 2 miscarriages and was one percent have had 3 or more analysis of pregnancies in 7 countries on the risk among black women is 43 percent greater than white women other significant risk factors include age previous miscarriages weight stress night shifts smoking and alcohol. well sean quinby is the deputy director of tommies national center for miscarriage research and a professor of obstetrics at the university of work she joins us by skype thanks very much indeed for being with us i want to start with the finding on the risk being so much more increased for black women what are the factors that might put black women black women more risk. well that's a really interesting question but that was the finding that there was an increased risk of miscarriage in black women was actually a surprise to the group or researchers so at the moment we've only got some ideas but we do need further research to really understand why so one of the things that
12:46 am
we think might contribute to the miscarriages is it's black women are more susceptible to things like diabetes and hypertension and so if these diseases are poorly controlled that's a put you increased risk of miscarriage that also increased risk of fibroids and that may increase the risk of miscarriage but there may also be social factors it may be that in some black communities are less willing or seek medical help which which is maybe a situation in the u.k. but it really is something we really need to get to the bottom of and what you think there is such as of reclaimed live data on miscarriages general well that was one of the surprising findings we did when we created all this data for our research was scandinavian countries and north american counted do keep good records of miscarriage most other countries don't so even the u.k. where most of the authors of base just not record miscarriages so you can imagine if you don't record them i can't compare the miscarriage rates in the u.k.
12:47 am
when black women or white were in the u.k. to scandinavia and a lot of countries in the world has absolutely no data so one of our major suggestions from all this work we've done is that we it's really important that countries and cities are aware of their miscarriage rate because things like pollution increase a miscarriage rate is a really important figure of national public health team is there still a degree of to boo in in women talking about miscarriages and that perhaps contributes to the lack of understanding or lack of research into them. yes absolutely. a lot of women feel very guilty when they miscarry and then my colleagues from developing countries said in lots of countries a lot of stigma and shame associated with miscarriage and that's a really terrible thing because not only do you have the grief of losing a baby you stigmatize feel shame feeling guilt guilt dick it's important that people realize that miscarriage is common it is out there there are things you can do to prevent and there is something you should talk about what did the research
12:48 am
suggest about the effects on mental health for women who suffer miscarriages so just one miscarriage can have severe fex on people's mental health so we found that 20 percent of women and actually suffer p.t.s.d. after miscarriage 9 months after miscarriage also people who miscarry sadly an increased risk of suicide as well as anxiety and depression so it isn't a nothing a vent and having a miscarriage is a serious event that requires support from family and friends and the medical profession and some of the spin off in this this idea in the health system i was reading from your wrist research there that this is the just try again idea that seems to be pretty pervasive if that's the case how how do you shift that and get health care system to to take them more seriously well that's exactly the point of our series we're trying to say that each miscarriage matters and after each miscarriage the woman deserves some care so they at least deserve advice as to how
12:49 am
to get their body in the best shape possible for trying for a future pregnancy and also some support i mean because there's so many miscarriages obviously it's very difficult the health care systems to support everybody but you know to seek support from family and friends to talk to family and friends you know to have social support support from patient led support groups and charities and also from the medical to medical system if you have particularly severe mental health problems and it is something to take seriously professor on quimby thank you very much indeed for joining us thank you thank you. still ahead this news out the door for the 1st ever arab cup football tournament genoa we had to tell you who's playing who.
12:50 am
12:51 am
has gemma with the sport thank you lauren india's cricket board is promising to return all overseas players home safely following the end of the indian premier league which continues despite a huge surge in 1000 cases in the country as you've been hearing it comes off as prime minister scott morrison is suspended flights from india and total strait. to find their own way home he says then not on an official tour with the national team and travel privately say they can use that own resources to get back 3 australians have withdrawn but several have stayed including david warner this was him and sunrisers hyderabad team mate kane williamson is suited up in p.p. on their way from chennai to delhi i fail players ever in
12:52 am
a bubble but outside it they've been they have been nearly a 1000000 and ukraine of us cases in 3 days india is that ravi ashwin that pays for the delhi capitals but is steps away to be with his family as they battle a cave at 19 his coach is former australia captain ricky ponting the travel sort of it for us and certainly the foreigners that are here is only a very small part of what we're talking about what we're thinking about i mean we on a daily basis thinking about what's happening outside and we understand how blessed we are to be able to turn up and do we did so on you know it's hopefully there are a number of people around india that got some enjoyment out of out of watching a great dam of all people crickets and there are calls for the i.p.l. to be cancelled with one indian newspaper refusing to cover the events at it we spoke to cricket commentator so have chandhok who told us is not easy for players organizers to put out. i think it's a tough question i'm not someone that likes to sit on the fence and i know the age old saying is the show must go on 'd but i guess in the midst of a global pandemic you must ask yourself at what cost and what stage does that show
12:53 am
not go on i think this 2 sides to that point in a country like india you know everyone across the years looks forward to the 2 month extravaganza that is the i.p.l. i think standards are lifted and especially during depressing times like this people will look forward to it and that is that one side of the coin says a lot of jobs that are at stake there are thousands of jobs beyond just the luxuries and the millions of the players that make it and i think that's why it's a hard one to just cut the rope but i i do think there will be a few personal calls made of each other that actually made a bold statement when we stepped out of the seat the personal reasons they're going to die summed it up quite quite simply said we actually feel safe in the bubble but morally i just can't put the situation together because there's a philosophical question that he must address which is how are we justifying the government culprits and to be spending so much money when people are lining up to not get a hospital bed i think that's the big question that people and a conundrum that players are facing as well ramit. drew one hole in the 1st leg of
12:54 am
that champion's league semifinal it was chelsea that took the lead in spain christian appear to stick with the crucial away goal route for half time with you carron benson i want to go it was it was his 13th in 14 games and sees him join up for morale star raul as the foals highest scorer in the tournament is history with 71 goals they have a semifinals on wednesday between paris and manchester city have never won the competition reached the final last of saif upbeat and boss elena and by munich. there is. goodness you know but it's the last year we managed to reach the final for the 1st time and now we're amongst the best 4 teams again we're getting better and better despite all that happened this year with the change of coach we have all it takes to be champions. by me to come announce that union noddles men will take over as coach from july on
12:55 am
a 5 year contracts the 33 year old german will replace the flip he's leaving at the end of the season he's currently in charge of abi leipsic he was 2nd in the bundesliga 7 points behind by and nicknamed baby marino novels minutes at leipsic to the semifinals of the champions league last year. for me to the tigers to play but i'm happy that the transfer is happening but i'd like to speak about by munich when i'm employed by them i'm still at leipsic and i look forward to the next 4 weeks in achieving our goals including winning the cup there were inquiries by other clubs but i didn't want to terminate my contract for any team other than boy in teams are going to be allowed a big a squad so you're right 2020 each country will be able to select $26.00 players instead of the usual $23.00 the changes being brought in to lessen the load on players after a club season compressed because of the coronavirus pandemic it also helped managers adapt if outbreaks occur during the tournament decision is expected to be
12:56 am
ratified by the way for later this week. the draw has been made of for the inaugural a fee for arab cup qatar will stage the event in december using it as the main run through for the world cup which they're hosting a year later in november and december 20 2223 countries from across the arab world will compete for the trophy in 6 of the world cup stadiums in group a hosts and asian champions qatar will face in iraq and then 2 qualifiers yet to be decided either amount of somalia and bahrain or kuwait group be it sees a china sea at the u.a.e. and syria against mauritania or yemen saudi arabia or great sea with morocco jordan and south sudan will fight for a place in that great as well palestine and connery's and find a great day algeria and egypt are already qualified and they will be joined by other lebanon or djibouti libya or sudan. the force. which will be played. towards the end of this year. as an event to.
12:57 am
the war as an event to unite the world 450000000 people will. surely. find out which of these 20 cities is actually the best teams competing and are unlikely to experience this in training this is in florida where f.c.s. footless were given a bit of a scare that was because a big alligator to end up at that training session which allowed some of the players to walk on their sprinting that is one way to get the prize motivated isn't it rather thanks very much indeed jim thank you. and just a quick monday can catch up any time with your sport and the news on our web site the address of his al-jazeera dot com you can watch us by clicking on the live
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michael. that's it for me and our intent if that's news up in a minute with another full roundup by fire. from inside the walls of a west african prison comes home. a chance to create to express emotion and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. a renowned choreographer shares his passion for dogs inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds
12:59 am
of the past and the confines of their present the dance of the use a witness documentary on al-jazeera i was going to have a song working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be choosing editing my own stories in a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and come from lives because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why al jazeera is so important we make those connections. a century ago they were called colonialists. 50 years ago and they were known as immigrants today they are citizens. in the light of france's 2021 contentious so-called separatism law as we look back at the history of muslim immigration in
1:00 am
france in a 3 part series. muslims affronts episode one on al-jazeera. we understand the differences in the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what we are using the calendar for that matter to you. primitive oremus at breaking point as india is engulfed by its 2nd wave of curb it . and your intelligence is our 0 live from london also coming up people in the us who've been vaccinated are told they no longer have to wear masks outdoors. at least 5 people dead in chad after protests against the military and the late president's son taking power.


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