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tv   Al Jazeera World Arabs Abroad The Humanitarian and The Healer  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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from the favelas of caracas to the battlefields around mosul our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. i do honor and turn around in the top stories around jazeera more than half the world's new coronavirus cases in the past day have been recorded in india crime and trims are at breaking point as the country grapples with its worst health crisis in modern history elizabeth purana reports from new delhi. mass cremations and burials have become the norm in a country where the bodies of corona virus are victims are piling up credit organs and burial grounds are working day and night and even burning bodies in parks and car parks the families of the dead to mourn for their loved ones who succumbed not just to the virus but to the shortages of beds and oxygen the country i'm feeling
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really bad i have money i have everything but i can't get my sister. got me no big nothing nothing baghdad no stats not forgetting no very good we can do good we can do. international aid has started arriving but family members of the sick a still lining up to find wherever they can they say the government should have been better prepared they were going up when they. were being bored and they were going to completely. smooth thirds heartbreaking were we going to go up but the world health organization said no way is the situation worse than in india india is really heartbreaking as the director general has said in the in the exponential growth that we've seen in case numbers is really truly astonishing we have seen similar trajectories of increases in transmission in a number of countries has not been at the same scale and it has not had the same
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level of impact in burden on the health care system that we've seen in india. the world health organization also said math gatherings contributed to india's surge in cases but despite the rapid spread of the virus in the pilgrims. at it again in the northern town of for the cool mailer festival the government has been criticized for allowing large religious and political gatherings to go ahead and both the central and daddy governments have been accused of and tentative a-t. to people suffering add to blatant inequality and setting their priorities as people continue to die because of a lack of hospital beds and oxygen delis government is planning to convert 100 rooms in this 5 star hotel to set up a covert mine health facility for staff at the delhi high court and their families a controversial move that was forced to scrap one criticism from the public and the
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high court itself elizabeth purana al-jazeera you daddy people in the u.s. can now socialize outside without a mask if they've been fully vaccinated that's the latest advice from the centers for disease control and prevention president biden says it's another reason for people to get the job starting today if you're fully vaccinated you're outdoors you need and not a big crowd you no longer need to wear a mask i want to be absolutely clear if you're in a crowd like a stadium murder conference or a concert you still need to wear a mask at least 5 people have been killed in chad and dozens wounded during protests against the new military transition council demonstrations are demanding a return to civilian rule after the military took charge last week following the sudden death of president idriss deby people burnt tires in the streets and were dispersed by security forces using tear gas province an ally of chad has strongly
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condemned the violence against protesters and called for elections within 18 months . somalia's prime minister has signaled that he does not support a proposed extension of the presidential term when in the capital mogadishu thousands of people are calling for elections many are fleeing as unrest grows against the government mogadishu residents fear more violence as armed opposition fighters take up positions around the city have been violent confrontations in the past couple of nights after parliament voted to extend the president's term in office those are the top stories out of their world is up next i'll be back with more news for you after that i've got an interview with catch up with our website after dot com i found out.
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there are stories about the arab immigration in many countries in the world people leave their homelands for many reasons some of conflict and prosecution others follow educational opportunities while others seek a different life in another country. dr hassan sure carries a story is about a small palestinian boy rescued from danger who later became a rescuer himself a doctor and a humanitarian he's now
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a leading international figure in the red cross and red crescent. on the work for the quit about 16. men yeah for a minute as a. kind of the facade a not welcome added the last if you can either few months or common but i didn't get a lot of thought of a fee because of that feel like a bust up come to hustle so feeble hosts set up on one i'll come so now what sort of i had done most of it on lot of them frequently at the feet of jam at albert duffy medina at a mitten in la the can in no nor should i lashed upon and was set up on high and. oh norman in a do we are
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a little rough if in mind i meant i was like when i. learned some 30 feet from the promise of my laminate and sonny felt i had off in a special foster in the can you do your all in that hot flustered the fact that id kind of can go into father. will buy them shorty my son even with. men a lot of the many a camilla cowley night who are not for lost leni why the fact that i was a cockney 30 it's going to leave a pin can men see blood than mouth as you will but i know it's a puck of a full. on many thoughts and i was kind of early about the in the i love mini quit i was an exotic you deal with it if you can i should feel as sort of part of a subpar city or a world korea. in india but it's a couple 100 feet high i think up a fairly. here. minister live in the heart of delhi and i know
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a lot of minicon santa the judge this alum the last. o'keefe and has said the full on of the tenets and what an allusion to miss all our whole kilometers and there was to get either learn arlo ishihara truck about him by a yard or that. fer sure it is richard in the can in can and will harden she started it in. the water the camel and in the must all evil. bad is the earth you are mighty he was there for philistine hell by the whole jury in our many full battle the be feel better which it's all there in the. fi microscope power they were how a year short in the ad beside the nurse for the car and all the shock that for 8 in the dory in can see higher duty i'm going to call in. in the.
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alarm bell in sunny stuck ultimate nominee in german i feel bertha stuck it when he laughed mirthlessly would jump all of us liam what a little mini in equal measure because you know it's assess it all one marked a little lot more for less than a bit sweater or muzzled. a cult in which watermelon there are still being been harvested for boston 1000000 dollars the fish elyssa have with other people but i'm just so her feel if a car is overdue and can really really answer me here in the media colossal for harvard for what had seen. me going to just a walk unless the job or sorry are the. minutes shabaka it only. will sleep a lot because are to say inside a minute cause of or. any. of the be us thought hello cause of all
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shock nothing most any mild so they block all our money when that we can of heard the old thought. some air palestine is sure got that mill for it the beautiful are . often follows the nia. now to say no. fein was into father. that. heartless leni. little while there early on that minority below medical must look at lama yet you need to not film a lot. in east asia about one loss of what looked even adama was so numb into it and the finale. we did a a frame were dumb tallow as if she made her for us the new interview with. canned according to the muslims should have. been.
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a boo who should have canned their own walk to submit. or not if dormant the 2 buffs can worry about what you definitely. can use from c.s.a. you were just. some other than the father left out of the wheel been loosely fane been lost to say not all at 15 it did it started to feel under. their eyes they jam out city the dr ah but that is set up to say in who are committed the fraud sent athena wad there also were solid. rock as a tyler daughter in sun alarmingly thin measureless a one with whom the order to money. that. in.
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its own feel there from then on in and in models in the side in that are in league with truckers island house them are being housed along with a measure of. the horizontal loathing of the larder. a lot but it. was loony. mud only fit the house was. going to the man are there enough. to feed the world that for. a laugh or for that idea. is a little bit on going there for. me danny.
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was the model are much less had those feel himself to a judge on our last law than the well ordered fee was. yarded haykel it with a key surely may only in them stuff for me danny how well aware that the hold steady are made any i. can shovel in my most article for that i have heard about as to many of solace oliva how to not. do would my singer. she is just one and has another love as bad a brain center of c. unemotional darla who do the heart of the infinitesimal him look and feel i'm in some of our city and. when i was about of the day after my stomach for gun. shoulder. shoulder pheno who had
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bush told him no. i am really doing something and. a d.c. do it in sunny i'm giving back about the shape that that he will in sunny. with a so if he. says . that i can always look. my son even a moderate candidate. when i started in my position as the head of the canadian red cross we were more and more solicited to help on the medical side and the norwegian red cross had one of the best programs in the world of mobile field hospitals and soon we found out that
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it was led by a canadian canadian of palestinian origin i said well you know we want we want to have the best we want to bring him home so do whatever you can to get this canadian back make him an offer to come back here so we were fortunate to bring him back to . the south of denver cross with the biological project that we have with the guy then we're close we're able to do quite a lot. of supporting. local unities on the part of the affected as it is an ongoing crisis a conflict in south sudan. very important and all that he has really played together with colleagues within the kind of the across in supporting us going sure that we have to be it the suffering of the one i will.
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within this part of the country very honored to be a new unit which will even call fifi margin over sudan ali moore him and the dalai lama. the model of how to fuck little would go if i let my. you. vomit it's a little hard going to the muscle a lot more of the gentleness of the film assure. the result. in and also in mia or so when i do a lot for a when i see. simian also when she. was.
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only a kid shock on what i just said the. n.f.c. . were looking human she evidence no side a lot of pheno i could be cleared or not be in a minute saddam out of the neocon a shot in the middle and sonny almost had us that i didn't sonny. despite receiving many international words that are sure he is modest about his own and chief mints. in the minds of. many you know we measure to me. his whole world home fuck that the whole to syria physical world is savage done. phenomena of be
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well are minute the bill me danny. the american. also in her mark and one can also get her for corner fear either the queen and either take it in was to share the made any or now that the. another couldn't contort or there are that the queen would take her to come into the skeeters for uk jumma the conclusion in the end i met as gina were that the rebirth in that the gina gershon is. rapid deployment emergency hospital hardly standards fee measure to the theater many do work a lot. of the work that the the what a severe measure you. have a small bird to leap in watching her for the. from a shout out this is. for the world a ticket to the rebill need only learn the soluble samina feel squishy.
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to feel. he's very committed to highly professional highly passionate highly competent individuals encourages us to work to that level every day and all the commitments and responsibilities we take on and i think that's really where his times leadership is focused is making sure that we bring our best game every day so that we were able to respond to the needs of those who are working with i'm a 1st generation immigrant to canada it is powerful for me to see another 1st generation immigrant be in such a position of power and to to be able to make such a big change on the global scale and that's also something that's very important for people that are growing up in canada that have connections to other places in the world. flarm
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allow other processes. are there are. a deed be am unfit research whether it had been enough it had but that was for the legitimate art of actually kind of for british columbia to u.b.c. to mcgill from ontario for mcmaster for her for is about a 3rd fisheries deeds. yeah. for 3 but a bit hijacked. but a bit of cumin amalie when gertie. we don't and for when nasa decided to only. an hour i did a shazam for you my it diamond jubilee even america elizabeth the 2nd of britannia . sol nala the cream man at the gym a year saliba. when i was waiting for the world. and no
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door and crema be. on bob but. whether it will work and how the machine more him bringing him or him in the will of clear what the cream and a has for hire in lamaze a insanity in korea or look for. her them as well as short for the. familia. as i'm sure carries family life shows differences between the 2 generations while he and his wife are both palestinian their children are kids but they are nevertheless proud of their palestinian heritage. most of them go and i'm in
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jamila national you bron family are measured by the new you know solomon josie and the money. will be until october thought of jade so i thought she santa domingo to measure live within a year. or so to them they are shooting so now would be almost a measure to suffer to see a. lot of. the world the kind of the father would. see nothing measured lama in sunny here. in y.m.c.a. and. modern false leni it was said it not going to sort of. that ahmed in sunny. would you was not at the free world the minute he had to be highly usual could not the man i thought. were looking. in also you know
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we didn't. know it. was so. tired after all and i will. try to finally i have to know. number one 0 well. why should be kids always reckon our thin. blue big tears start to mean. ringback a democrat no mo and no one with a dick to allow mark and i both up 50 or 2 in your high low figure and he sat down macand a lot i had him or her vocal don't. and a little bit and i can them i'm going to let a be. the mic and of me i mean in the end just a few. moves into my. i'm extremely proud of everything he does i think growing up we kind of got to see different things he would bring
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home pictures and explain things to us so we got a better insight into what was going on in the world and it definitely made me appreciate the life that we had. and i think i'm just so proud because he does so much for other people and i hope that one day i can do half as much as he does for other people. are there lama too you know in a lot of corn fields a. few home. one woman who. are you and they'll be. and said emma who followed bush on the national. and i figured that i had to kind of them in my thing out of the when my door. had gone when the hit she lived hollywood issue for them and me is that she was old home so how does a little one when i don't know. your philosophy not
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a bit. but we definitely always made aware of our cultural roots and our heritage was never anything like just brazing us as canadians we are mark mom always told us about things i was going on back home with her family and just generally politically and culturally and it's really an honor to be a part of that still. your . view on that. all. right. michelle monica just you know i'm with you.
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you know i like my own. family because a son a mechanic and no one is oh no. who can in the world you know who are in the minute the money ought to be the most. well kind of the key it is iata to me that and know what i thought on. my homework i need to commit any and could then shot a shot i would. be very clinical that is similar to a lawyer and i'm sure that would. varied morelock for centers that one had the. most to them up with and or nor one sure for. them that the saying out there it sure. was that while of the quality. today dr schuchat he continues his a humanitarian work which has so far taken him to 35 countries.
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coming up a jordanian woman who is one of america's most highly regarded physicians a leading authority on a serious inflammatory disease. may own al-jazeera. from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout the latest developments as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world al-jazeera is emmy award winning
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investigative program is back exploring the folk lines in the u.s. . 16 years since last elected a new leaders palestinians go to the polls but will the elections be freed from foreign interference from hostile to hostile more hotels explores geo political conflicts from the perspective of iconic hotels on the frontlines and former south african president jacob zuma goes on trial for corruption. may on al-jazeera. port moresby the capital of poppy new guinea is ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the world 101 east you missed again the violent gains easterling feel on the streets an l.g. 0. young women with a passion for space i used to dream about working and if they are school company like nasa and i'm a small step to science a giant leap for womankind in kaga start me but don't place it inside and at the
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scheduled time the south like of the sent into space women make science cut a stunt space school on al-jazeera. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving tools supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that. keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the wooed and in the land now more than ever the world needs w.-h. on making the healthy a world for you. to everyone. and
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i wonder in tehran on the top stories on our jazeera woman half of the world's new coronavirus cases in the past day have been recorded in india predatory m z r a breaking point as a country grapples with its worst health crisis in modern history on tuesday more than 323000 new infections were reported with another 2700 deaths people in the u.s. can now say sure as outside without a mosque if they've been fully vaccinated for they should advice from the centers for disease control and prevention president joe biden says it's another reason for people to get that job starting today if you're fully vaccinated and you're
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outdoors you need and not a big crowd you no longer need to wear a mask i want to be absolutely clear if you're in a crowd like a stadium or to conference or a concert you still need to wear a mask. and he's 5 people have been killed in chad and dozens wounded during protests against the new military transition council demonstrations are demanding a return to civilian rule after the military took charge last week or under sudden death of president idriss deby people burnt tires in the streets and were dispersed by security forces using tear gas france an ally of chad has strongly condemned the violence against protesters and called for elections within 18 months. somalia's prime minister has signaled that he does not support a proposed extension of the presidential term while in the capital mogadishu thousands of people are calling for elections many are fleeing as unrest grows
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against the government mogadishu residents fear more violence as armed opposition fighters take up positions around the city and they've been violent confrontations for the past couple of nights after parliament voted to extend the president's term in office planned elections in february were canceled because of concerns over security and covert 90. palestinian leaders have welcomed a report accusing israel of crimes against humanity human rights watch says israel is practicing apartheid and persecution against palestinians report lists crimes including restriction of movement and seizure of land israel's foreign ministry has dismissed the report as biased and baseless. those are the top stories out there world continues next hour back with news hour after that. the state of amman sits at the mouth of their arabian gulf at the eastern end of the arab peninsula if you look at the arabian peninsula was up the road ascension to ancient
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cultures to the east. to the west. it's sometimes known as the switzerland of the gulf because of the important regional role it plays in the gulf cooperation council the g.c.c. . but oman's long history is not well known outside the gulf region before oil was discovered in 1062 and fishing and pro diving words main sources of income. in this film we go back over the last 500 years of all 90 history of tribes wars rebellion and colonization and explore how and why oman still plays an important regional role today.
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and to grading successfully into a new country can be challenging under any circumstances but across the world many arabs do succeed in building a new and you know warding lives elsewhere. professor nadia ressa way says jordanian and today she's a specialist in your maternity at the university of illinois in the united states.
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at chicago. chicago. chicago. you can help the window and. see if they'll be below a side than us but the. a lay out how more only a little longer can and. they meant a lot more. going to be about it because i. have. little. to do any. of that. can we demonstrate how we believe that the truth of the extent of it will have a slow rate and not. under my feet have done. but a nominal sort of on can only check the shift while i'm out of
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a start up on them at the lobby bathroom and. home. i get. them at. will that the some what a beautiful. bally in law model that all matters them but them full of them look for. a demand amreeka tome. a comedy jam at chicago. for many sent to some news about the same kind of. jam at chicago fantastic. mass and. when i join him and be a path down or so back to the local. cushy
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comedy. should do it. for you both of you. to. work with. can almost it binney. evolution a comma economy for the content the psni and bad suntan i'm going and to hand over . to the media. and with the. corroboration before the senate. sent in but then to listen to what. that was all it's a minimal it's command center is that mclean been estimates that. she did or felt her period 2002000 to shoe came with a lot of experience from the 1st days and clinic for clinical presentations or
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work on the orders outstanding she had understanding patient care she was empathetic treatment plans were outstanding issues clearly going to progress to become an outstanding rheumatologist. they can't really there are so many. mclean in the home. above been absent and bustle but belated enough that with her 5 bit of stuff must be sent to a fan. then the tough get to be among. america's early had. doses. to dharma. say yeah that says. that the. path though says we collaborate a lot disease called sarcoidosis and she came up with
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a lot of regional faults thank you know outside the box in terms of how we could treat these people. and this is maintained. because it has both my kids and my favorite teacher you can see that i still have the same time. yes. she's like a daughter i never had a. daughter this with great pride that i watched to develop and become a star. fer nortel out there at the water show for so. rushed out there what it can sort of need in thailand. in one door had been a fossil a panic at the high tech that she could bring. little bit howell who would operate for billets venture out in a market share as a noble billet the sod sent after the 70th or latter to say.
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for slip in me out or how i love. illinois. chicago. and i'll to have to be. a cargo. of fin. cannot. shattuck can to model doesn't know how. many liquid that are behind which i'm a chick i'll go home if you're my alice i'm at illinois. john that illinois my can feel how america's. of the sarcoidosis the solid to be bernie mac. foundation byron. methyl bettany mack.
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netty geurts more of the sucker doses the solid b. . the xhosa toe the left mn home inordinate our one assists one homicide dooney mad d.n. a path can to model da or will offend gutteral in home my mom must already know and assess america's sarcoidosis. then. is terrified. of but. couldn't a one to do nia. to bear the mccann academy feel really at breaking. the law but that just. about there is
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a clean. botany. she's a great teacher she really takes time for us she makes sure we understand and i can't wait to follow in her footsteps and leave as an example that she set for me she is one of the most excellent academician i've ever met she's an excellent clinician and and also an outstanding mentor and they feel like this was a golden opportunity for need to be able to train under her. well it's our farm. with the d.s. but accusations of an allopath ill a pattern metallic up in marble sarcoidosis well a path in a metallic are in one of the rheumatism rheumatoid arthritis with a path in metallic object to sleazily it then i will re not phenomena in this bill i'm out of the sarcoidosis who were mara be a fair are local and had just some milk in ethanol and demand holiday you and i
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larry are all huddle and muffy at a ledge at most betty and me and had to spill mara there cortizone mom and mark the mother who is cortisone and have been a so how about a home with off the air that's less than a watt in madea and the charlotte i did a path fear as that is dida. sarcoidosis little fadi is that my. alyea men cortizone out of prednisone. she's dealing with difficult diseases she's dealing with the auto noon system that they cannot be cured immediately such important for the patients in this case to develop a strong relationship with a physician relationship that is almost as careful and is compassionate and that's exactly what she does in those way help patients laughter. and i know that late in the evening she will take a course she will take
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a patient that she needs for the almost thing that she is a saint. in this. our motto is arthritis. men i'm out of that rheumatism mabus that shibu. in with her were very highly and. when my dad took torah she. is the illinois did minutes. of the rheumatism. it was. her move but i think it was very significant to our division she is one of the most compassionate rheumatologists i know she connected us to pharmaceutical company and we got funding for a face for trial we recently received another funding through doctors twice from pfizer looking at other potential drugs i think she had
11:45 pm
a significant impact in my career i can tell you that. prior to doctors twice walking into my room i had hit rock bottom there were no known medical treatments remaining for me to try there appeared to be little hope but i trusted god's plan and remember approximately 20 years ago i was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and i almost died many times after probably about 5 years of going through multiple treatments and everything failing just nothing was working i found myself giving up hope courtly after that i found myself in the hospital again i was in excruciating pain and next thing you know in walks instructor and that doctor was doctor so i and she brought treatments to me that no other doctor had brought and gave me in my life. and so i need to sort of. men the man a beloved child who will. know what the
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what. if he is she now. sandra. kind of marches this. less than 100. well professor so as has a clearly progressed to the top of her chosen field she has not forgotten her roots today she passes on her experience to the next generation of doctors medical students. hoping to practice in the united states. and then hire an engine. in just the. engine. to see its mother our kids in this. time he and i may never be diets. and recurve be. is that of the
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male was as a man. has she. not in love been or don't believe be sure bama lucia her be amreeka minute don't minnesota pakistan who are meant for the way. home along with the child her face are told. to be. in have. another minute. to feel anonymous feel a model of the sarcoidosis. turkey is the power who are a large a lot of the total clay the top leave the. battle. for national have half i did to mention lots of me here. and now here time here
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on my victoria offer to share fan was addicted to david mckenzie beloved of our even samir doses discovery love. have made. him one that feared hard. and the shuttle now i'll grab 3 more tomorrow tyler media watch have now the many national institutes of health the one how mad did. a very real 1000000 lead us that. we're at the beginning of understanding what it might be an even better how we may predict or interrupt or alternately treat and i think this is an amazing time in science and caring for patients and understanding how important discovery is i think is one of the unique characteristics that really enhances media is not only capability but
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her luster and reputation as a physician of extreme high caliber. didn't know how you would still america's elite who america's very mackley. but sure enough a thorough member man off balance about my dark is. the. sarcoidosis i place the program here is the top one to 2 percent in the world actually and the reason for that is number one the number of patients that we're seeing number 2 is the clinical trials that dr swartz is involved in a number 3 years the use of biologics which are new agents in the treatment of patients with sarcoid and so dr suess is trying to do is personalized the treatment of sarcoidosis for an individual patient. i said she as so says the ad there is the naiad this the fusion a dan friend had not a large 11 but said an advantage. because it was
11:50 pm
a do we are from ny lee best last i did there and not i don't know but did a. 11 or done and i'm in need and control how in. these arrests in america i've been in machete and sally me a lot has been cut by tally mill alley bill or don we can see photos well not so black they may be sort of most of the them because it's all some feedback sort of how my day has g.d. over yet the logica i'm sad they've been. tackling the number of highly motivated look the saudi below done it's such an emotional and there's a lot to medical coverage in a world of manassas that includes the shot in business video in size 15 as well as . folks that vision and high center and no seem a sure been left behind i think you know it is one discovery partners institute is that a little sort of song old stuff but it's miles funny when john as you know you told
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us not overdone but in. some way let me just so my. job market was it a tally militarily when charla nash newbies of the hope there is this off the top one and me the mini ballads and shot a lot omission i found him a solo done because that's the michelle closest. we went to jordan with professor swipes and it was one of the most wonderful international visits that i think i've ever made we met with many university presidents we met with the ministries of health and of education science we met with prince assume i am we had a fantastic visit with her and we accomplish more in 2 days than i think i've usually accomplish in a month of any other visit. when they don't win a lot as a leader has i'll tell you there are many. foundation of sarcoidosis research. of the. past that you connelly off the lot of but
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a lot as. well as i did not could how could how best any shall i cannot tell you what is not about us it's not our how i feel the object is of the dominican tallish money it will not be a test and we the electorate will say it. perhaps professor so race is a greatest challenge an achievement has been to adopt a clear work life balance between the needs of herself and of her demanding job.
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and so widgets and i had to say in. my be mistrustful university of illinois and they were a day in the mirror one had to send their ballots. i'm a well michael ignatieff and i have the softness about. an old i can i'm about mrs fanshawe mother dunia about a mini who can in the center and going to show forbidden was the shape of this the end of an aisle i'm a half about diplomatic couple on a buoy a thought in oil as i'm at a quid so it's a given i'm a sufferer i'll america but a dish asked me how is the dish to my hike it looked good my digital clock newman and i really love knew by then how the was that a boy bad shot in manhattan and so was filled with the relationship quesada it's a wash now with the nate how ali about holmes the scenes the man and had the men
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suffer from our bob. and you can as a diversion. so he'll lead them home to matter more than half the term. baby but we have to show in a command where they'll kill. the one south of really when i was a theater. little one of them being a beta shove on a mission will do a star about i'm hostile i'm a coon in the biba all because i'm in a path to a tad distant and be missed to share kylie me yeah it had the adélie bitwise to her that i hope if you turn your business a rock can be a lot of the how the alamo now daughter be. half a ballad that with
11:55 pm
a highly marketed almost howard diamond a could look i'm a celebrity you model if i'm allowed you as old she has been as the rock would be a corner a legged dismissed leo a data ballet on a mother by another there or make out just a click there's been for many inside who must have touched their content in the babysitter oh damn and here charlotte when i git clear on. my patience and then i shifted my hear she cares about her patients her care i've never seen anyone before and she's been my role model that i even have her back on my phone so every day whatever struggles i'm going through it's because of her that i'm able to push through it. here when she met a lot of math and other. a lot of me and how to make him a home with a lot of the daemon with him to help him and i'm not mature for them i love them let me 2nd monitor them. min phantom america
11:56 pm
latella could offer in. son in law and order. mom. mom. my fish in a perfect good job. done. at home or in a child or to. muck about it with the new i know one. better but one last. condition. in sound grew up not. to have been near the mill or don't know the mahtani. i want to block. the medical achievement of jordanian doctor nodded also as have improved the lives of thousands of her patients. while dr her sense of how he's international humanitarian work has also had
11:57 pm
a major impact. in quite different ways they both change countless lives for the better. hello there some of that what weather that's been hanging around northern territory of australia tropical queensland is well look at that those showers are now
11:58 pm
starting to push away so we'll get back into the sunshine certainly some good news but you know an area that has been dry in australia it's western australia let's now put this into thursday or watch a band of precipitation some rain start to pivot into the western portion of perth your temperatures are coming down but your forecast will also be increasingly unsettled as we head toward the next few days certainly has been unsettled for parts of southern china with some of these heavier downpours of rain moving through it's impacted hong kong and we'll start to see this band of precipitation move toward taiwan heavier rain to be expected here but i now want to take it out to thursday because we have increasingly heavy rains moving up into japan so when you start to see some of these yellows as a big concern and because those are heavy pockets of rain setting up over top of japan wringing out all of that moisture. thursday 18 degrees and it's also day
11:59 pm
for tokyo on thursday with a high of 20. 1 3rd of all the food produced is wasted with tens of thousands of food outlets in south korea has been transformed from what's the founder if the global leader in food recycling i have a reporting on how new technology is making this possible. in kenya i mean the farm us and. the livelihoods depend on was. a phrase or. teaching you can watch al-jazeera english streaming live on i.q. channel. plus thousands of our programs will be tweeting documentaries and dead news reports. subscribe to you cheap forward slash al-jazeera english.
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this is al-jazeera. and you are intended this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up predatory and is at breaking point as india's engulfed by its 2nd wave of kobe. brazil's senate begins an inquiry into the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic which could damage president bush for an hour. and at least 5 people are dead in china contraband protests.


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