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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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argin tine of forty's can monitor what's happening in its economic exclusive zones but what of boys here are saying is that what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters. one. of the on. al-jazeera. however i'm out of my head c.n.n. this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes carparks turned into a christmas story and the w.h.o. says 3 new variants and large gatherings may have contributed to india's latest surge of covert 19 infections the us government announces you guidance that could lead to less mask wearing for vaccinated americans across the country on the front
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line of a conflict in eastern ukraine we meet foreign volunteers helping to fights russian backed separatists. and at least 2 people are killed in chants capital german protests against the recent military takeover world leaders have condemned the violence. i'm german ash with this fall to india's cricket board processor it's an old foreign players high him safely at the end of the indian premier league after australia's prime minister tells cricketers from his country to find the right way after flights to and from india was suspended. the world health organization is warning 3 new covert 19 variants in india may have contributed to the coronavirus surge sweeping the country it also says large public
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gatherings may be to blame for the devastating 2nd wave that's overwhelming hospitals and scrimmages orleans was 830-0000 cases have been reported for the 6th day as elizabeth. reports from new delhi. mass cremations and burials have become the norm in a country where the bodies of corona virus are victims are piling up credit organs and burial grounds are working day and night and even burning bodies in parks and car parks families of the dead to mourn for their loved ones who succumbed not just to the virus but to the shortages of beds and oxygen the country i'm feeling really bad i have money i have everything but i can't get my stuff. got me no big nothing nothing like that not that it's not forget no very good we can do good we can go. international aid has started arriving but family members of the sick still lining
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up to find wherever they can they say the government should have been better prepared if you got up when they were having you will you would be bored and they were completely. out of school so it's hard breaking we're. going there you go but the world health organization said no way is the situation worse than in india india is really heartbreaking as the director general has said in the in the exponential growth that we've seen in case numbers is really truly astonishing we have seen similar trajectories of increases in transmission in a number of countries has not been at the same scale and it has not had the same level of impact on burden on the health care system that we've seen in india. the world health organization also said math gatherings contributed to india's surge in cases but despite the rapid spread of the virus hindu pilgrims gathered again in the northern town of for the cool mailer festival the government has been
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criticized for allowing large religious and political gatherings to go ahead and both the central and daddy governments have been accused of intended to teach people suffering. and blatant inequality in setting their priorities as people continue to die because of a lack of hospital beds and oxygen delis government is planning to convert 100 rooms in this 5 star hotel to set up a covert mine health facility for staff at the delhi high court and their families a controversial move that was forced to scrap one criticism from the public and the high court itself elizabeth brannon al-jazeera new delhi. although it's a symmetry is head of critical care at holy family hospital in new delhi he says the health care system in the indian capital has been completely overwhelmed. this whole situation seems so who develop a. bed the full ice you bed the ventilator all that glitters at all there are no
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beds in the in the wards are what d.m. against the room is full of patients they have nowhere to go you know even if you don't have fit the bites you on the ward to be if you want to send them somewhere else there is no organized way of sending them away and all these patients are what they're in the are all busy those who need high amounts of often or actually would need a ventilator bed overnight to bed if they could get one. so so that is the situation using patients we could we could save because there is no x. i mean the numbers are or felt the patients lining up you know about imogen heap room broadhead because they have been running from the hospital in an ambulance or in their cars with oxygen cylinders trying to get a bed and they either run all the boxes in or are or that option was not enough for them and are there cases where so safety or so it's
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a disaster being situation absolutely in that sense our young resident doctors all nurses that are totally traumatized by it they're fighting hard they're doing as much as they can they can they're doing way more than they can actually they are working really hard but they are elastic it emotionally because of what is seen but they cannot save a lot of patients because we are running out of resources into beds and ventilators and ice cube beds particularly. well the u.s. government says it's working nonstop since a liver urgent supplies to india president joe biden spoke in seeing indian prime minister narendra modi and washington will will ease up to 60000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine after being accused of hoarding the well for more we can cross live to our white house correspondent kimberly kimberly have we heard any more from the administration about its potential aid shipments to india after all
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a lot of these vaccines are being used in the united states right now and they're clearly needs it's over in india. yes you got to be a little bit quicker you could have seen joe biden walking there right behind me i just walked in the front door of the white house there after talking to americans about what is going to be good news for india but potentially other countries as well what we've just heard from the president is something that we had been expecting and that is that there is going to be this shipment of the astra zeneca vaccine there's also going to be shipment of the raw materials to make over shield that is the astra zeneca vaccine rather in india but what's really important to know about all of this is that this is something that's just been sort of sitting around in the united states not even being given to americans because americans are getting the pfizer the modern of the johnson and johnson vaccines and the president just reporting just now that. there's
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a no need really teevan be wearing these masks anymore because more than half of all americans have now at least received one dose so the president talking about that but also talking about what's really important for india and that is that they're going to be getting help as a result of the fact that there's this extra vaccine supply here in the u.s. and although it hasn't been approved for use here it's been approved elsewhere around the world is perfectly safe and the f.d.a. is going to give its final stamp of approval so that. those that are receiving it india know that they're getting the top quality product at a time when they really need it what the president also said is that they may be in a position to give to other countries that are in need as well and they're exploring that right now very good to hear meanwhile before the u.s. president's behind you there kimberly he was speaking just moments ago with an important announcement for vaccinated americans would he have to see.
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yeah he gave us a bit more detail on what we 1st heard 2 from the top public health officials basically if you've been vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask any more take a listen to what he had to say and because of the extraordinary progress we made fighting this virus and the progress our scientists have made in learning about how it gets transmitted earlier today the c.d.c. made an important announcement starting today if you're fully vaccinated you're outdoors you need and not a big crowd you no longer need to wear a mask but when you are in larger crowds you are still required to wear a mask and so joe biden making this announcement is his 100 day benchmark it's coming up in a matter of days but the next big benchmark he says will be july 4th he said this a while ago he wanted to make sure that big barbecues with their families and
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friends and he said that to as a result of the fact that things are moving along as he had hoped in fact better than he had hoped in terms of vaccination that there may be that prospect july 4th that people can gather in the large crowds even for sporting events things like that that they haven't been able to do for so long so this is the plan just announced here behind me at the white house. live from the white house thank you kimberly russia says brazil's decision not to impose its covert 1000 bank scene is politically motivated the brazilian health regulator rejects its requests from several states to approve russia's sputniks the jobs so i think a lack of data on its safety and efficacy and i in fact sure points the blame at the u.s. governments for persuades in brazil against its. the n.c. corruption group founded by kremlin critic alexina vol may says it will continue its work despite its new court imposed restrictions georgie's are considering
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whether to ban the foundation for fighting corruption as an extremist organization among other curbs it's no longer allowed to share content online or organize rallies the family has been imprisoned since january supporters say he's and per house and is at risk of dying russia's warning it will do whatever is necessary to ensure security of its borders as follows weeks of escalating tension between moscow and ukraine and russia amassing thousands of troops along their shared front here when ordered their withdrawal on thursday russia's actions by the u.s. and nato are behind an increasing military threats. ukrainian president vladimir selenski says he expects to meet its russia's vladimir putin soon in a bid to end the conflicts in the east since it began 7 years ago foreign volunteers have traveled to the region to fight on both sites stratford reports from the front line village of chirac in or where he met
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a fighter from georgia. is a georgian war veteran in eastern ukraine the conflict here is something he recognizes because russia has also supported separatists in 2 breakaway regions of georgia. in 2008 the russian army invaded to support their independence bid. the sound of shells exploding reverberates across the fields. says russian back separatists fire at ukrainian army positions near here almost every day. you do hear that he says they're foreign $120.00 millimeter caliber weapons he takes us to the frontline village of. every building was either damaged or completely destroyed during fighting in 2015. russia did many bad things to us in georgia they occupied our territory as they
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have done here in ukraine i'm not against the russian nation or people but that politics is a very dirty game that. georgian volunteers like god just started coming to ukraine to thank russian bank separatists at the start of the conflict in 20142 years later the self-styled georgian national legion was incorporated into the ukrainian army. analysts say russia has encouraged and supported territorial disputes in ukraine as it did in georgia to hinder the 2 countries from joining nato me at the bull and we georgians know what it means when your dignity and liberty is taken the ukrainians helped us and now it's our turn to help them they told us during our war that if we didn't start russia and georgia then we would eventually have to stop them in ukraine they predicted this would happen and they were right. the sound of gunshots could be heard every few minutes. the morning started with shelling and
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now snipers they are trying to provoke us to shoot back and find out our positions this ukrainian soldier tells us there are around 50 georgians that are working with the ukrainian army right the way along the front line the army here the smalling very nervous they want to allow us to progress any further up this road because in the last half an hour or so we've heard what they describe as a fire targeting a position very close to here. both sides accuse each other of violating a 2015 cease fire agreement most every day gotcha cleans his weapon before going back to his checkpoint he says defending ukraine he's juicy and he won't be returning to georgia any time soon charles trafford al-jazeera shirakawa eastern ukraine. plans are still ahead on this new star including the u.s.
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navy says one of its ships a tense and counter with an iranian vessel earlier this month the tension over to iran's nuclear plans a growing standoff between saudi arabia and lebanon we'll talk to the farmers court's in the middle and by munich then their new coach we'll have all the details for you in sports. somalia's prime minister has signaled that he does not support a proposed extension of the president's term thousands of people in the somali capital mogadishu are calling for elections there calls the recent decision by parliament so extends president mohammed of the law he's far marshall's term in office for 2 years catherine saw a ports. this is a neighborhood in mogadishu where people are leaving their homes trouble started on sunday when paul government and opposition security forces clashed during protests
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against the extension of president mohamed apply for my just amin office by another 2 yes it had expired in february but talks to hold a new election have failed. so mali's who are getting out say they're wary and want these problems too and. we're feeling because of the war we're leaving behind our houses have not slept for 2 days because of the clashes to stop fighting so we can return home opposition forces including some soldiers who left frontline positions in house in the south of the country have taken control of several neighborhoods erecting barricades stones and mounds of soil as well as digging trenches the government says it's fighting armed groups brought to the city by opposition political leaders to cause chaos or go about those organizing. dices may hide among their force we have information. but armed men are going into people's also is to harass them who do not want to use force and cause confrontation the government
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will take that responsibility of protecting for to them. diplomats and clan elders a say to be trying to broker talks between the warring groups to deescalate tensions some analysts say the president is running out of options best far. for him to go back to the negotiating table within the framework. agreement that's look every member of the international community is right most mommas are. certainly does not do that alternative continue with a confrontation which will certainly lead to conflict and further bloodshed and no one can win an urban warfare when militias experienced 3 major urban workers these are dangerous times in a fragile country somalia is dealing with threats from the armed group al-shabaab drought and a struggling economy and people are now even more worried about what they see as
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the politicize ation of the military and police force which appears to be increasingly fragmented along political lines cathy zoi al jazeera. spanish citizens have been killed in an ambush and he's from brooklyn afonso journalist betty i mean the and roberto frail this convoy was attacked by gunmen in the eastern turn of the time the a bomb the they were working on a documentary on how the government is tackling poaching and al-qaeda linked armed groups is believed to be behind the attack. at least 2 people have been killed in chads during protests against the new military transition council demonstrators want to return to civilian rule after the military it's in charge following president idriss deby is death last week the opposition is against the military's appointments of a new prime minister france's strongly condemned the violence against protesters military council says it will hold elections within 18 months. luis community.
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we want to express our worry over the development of the situation 1st of all by strongly condemning the repression of protests and the violence that took place this morning and to mina we are calling for the respect of the commitments that were taken by the transitional military council that of a peaceful and politically inclusive transition let me be very clear i gave my support to the integrity and the stability of chad very clearly in an engine manner i support peaceful democratic inclusive transition i do not support a plan of succession and france will never be on the side of those who formed this plan armitage's has more from the campus on jermyn or. play situation on the streets of the gemini and other towns were riots or demonstrations broke out earlier this morning is calm whether this is a calm before a major storm or a calm but it's finally told the confrontation between the protesters and the
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transitional military council here in charge now the protests have been called by the opposition to push the military father to relinquish power trusted really in transitional government ahead of elections earlier the military council when it was formed last week announced that it will be there for only 18 months today the head of state general mohamad it raised to be addressed that concern saying that yes they are going to leave in 18 months but they need the support and cooperation of everybody to ensure that such siege is calling for international support and cooperation to ensure that this transition was conducted peacefully now the opposition on its part is saying that no the military is not in a position to conduct a free and fair elections and they shouldn't be in the 1st place be in power for 18 months the constitution according to them stated that the president or the president of the national assembly is supposed to take over power in the case of the death of the sitting president which of course is one of the reasons behind the
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protests today. is sections state says mourns african countries to be cautious of china's growing influence in the region and city blinken held virtual talks with the presidents of nigeria and kenya you raise concerns that a number of african states are faced with unsustainable dents from chinese loans and president's muhammadu buhari urged washington to consider moving its mujahid course is overseeing africa from germany to the continent's. the 1st palestinian elections since 2006 the except for a delay the votes a shuttle for may 22nd but i'll just syria has learned president mahmoud abbas has decided to perspire its are a force that reports from occupied east jerusalem the candidates have been struggling to counter the skepticism of prospective voters. in occupied east jerusalem this is defined as palestinian political activity the kind that can result in a rest and in recent days has put on this day there are no israeli security forces
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to be seen no crowd either just 10 prospective candidates for the palestinian legislative council trying to infuse a population that hasn't voted for 15 years and doesn't expect to now it's all or ought to convince them and to be with them to bring them. to a new hope for a new is that this. is always very certain a hopes yes i hope so. but if residents of occupied east jerusalem have a shared such hope it's been fast evaporating what elections sorry i'm asking what elections are you talking about when you are excited about prospect to take more because i know there is that there is a now. yeah i can expect that. to tell you the truth. between going to elections as opposed to show that i'm not. i'm with a policy in the state with my people to go to the election of that i believe that
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it's a it's a mess it's a game for the on the political level that they may cancel it in 2006 elections did take place in occupied east jerusalem as in gaza and the west bank israel allowing the voting under last minute u.s. pressure now the palestinian authority has reportedly given israel a deadline of thursday to answer its demand for a similar guarantee an israeli official told us that so far israel has given no response and. without drucilla and without the participation of our people in the city of jerusalem without the ability to campaign as in other areas in the occupied palestinian territories there will be no elections al-jazeera understands that the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has already decided to postpone the polls with the official announcement to come at a factional meeting on thursday one thing we heard again and again on the streets of east jerusalem was that if the palestinian authority wanted to hold an election it shouldn't allow an israeli know let alone the sheer lack of an israeli response
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be the reason not to do so the suspicion being expressed is that the real reason is internal and political the palestinian are could a newspaper reports of the decision to postpone followed intense pressure from the united states and arab countries concerned about the consequences of a strong result for the armed group hamas which controls gaza rather than a democratic renewal most now a betting on another round of behind the scenes horsetrading between palestinian factions a chance to vote put off once more indefinitely are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. saudi arabia has suspended the imports of fruits and vegetables from lebanon and says shipments are being used to smuggle drugs after millions of pills were phones in boxes of pomegranates lebanon is already facing its worst economic crisis in decades and the bands expected to head farmers hearts santa harder reports. these farmers in lebanon are harvesting
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lettuce meant for households in saudi arabia but after the saudi government imposed a ban on lebanese produce they fear the agricultural sector will face a disaster saudi officials say the shipments are being used to smuggle drugs. yeah here there are thousands of it's an arbitrary decision and so we ask the saudis to reverse the ban we're not all drug dealers and smugglers you can't punish everyone . lebannon exports $400000.00 tons of agricultural produce every year one forced to saudi arabia and the wider gulf region it's millions of dollars for a country facing a deep economic and financial crisis. we don't export pomegranates investigations show the truck came from syria but yes you can argue the lebanese government is not doing its job there are no scanners at the borders with syria or at the ports corruption in governance has plagued this country for years there is little control along its borders whether with neighboring syria or at ports where
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smuggling is rampant and evasion of custom tax costs the state billions of dollars in revenues levanon has a long history of drug called the patient have trafficking the because bally is the source of opium and hashish production factories producing captagon pills have been discovered as well western drug agencies say the amphetamine is also widely manufactured in syria. the discovery of 5300000 captagon pills in saudi arabia was the latest drug bust coming from lebanon on the timing of the ban has raised the question if politics is at play this disengagement strategy that saudi arabia as well as the broader gulf has adopted views of 11 on is slowly turning into a more us engagement than a negative engagement strategy in that case the pressure on the lebanese government in saudi arabia whose influence in lebanon has waned in recent years is angered by
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what many see as the iranian backed hezbollah lost control and influence in the country lebanon's leaders ordered the security services to crack down on drug smuggling and those behind it. decisions are not in the hands of the lebanese government but in the hands of hezbollah the smuggling routes are under its control it's always the port on the pole there is no state in lebanon there's a lot of uncertainty saudi arabia wants guarantees that what it calls a systematic smuggling operations and few here believe it will be easy to control the drug trade center whether beirut. still to come on al-jazeera the mission of this center here in long beach these quick family reunification. temporary solutions for unaccompanied minors arriving at the us mexico border. heavy fighting in myanmar as for apples in a border area attack a military town. and a major league soccer team gets sent unwelcome visitor to training shanna we'll
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have more in the sports. hello there we're dolling up temperatures across the middle east in particular this heat will be centered across areas of central turkey on the island of cyprus where we will get into that 30 degree threshold $26.00 for you on wednesday. temperatures have come down a bit sink kuwait for example at 38 and for us here in doha 37 degrees will be the high on wednesday and by thursday will get a bit cooler with the winds coming in off the gulf want to show you some of the moisture that we're dealing with into parts of africa so particularly heavy rains toward areas of the ethiopian high lands but also djibouti getting into some of
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these heavy spells of showers and we still have those showers hanging around areas of tens in the into northern mozambique and we can follow these showers right through the heart of africa into the gulf of guinea and in particular we'll get into some heavier pockets of rain as we head toward cameroon wednesday and thursday did also want to put this on your radar we'll watch to see just parts of south africa get clipped with some showers as we head toward the tail end of the week capetown a high of 1000 for you on thursday. one or the foot prejudiced is a wasted with tens of thousands that's incest korea has been transformed from was the founder if the global leader in for recycling a reporting on how new technology is making this possible. in kenya i mean the
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uncertainties. that depend on the wall. a phrase. most people will never know what's beyond this story. deafening silence this $100.00 informs how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath expression. with fear is not an option looming but when know most people. the. the all.
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this is al jazeera quick reminder of the top stories this hour the world health organization says 3000000 covert mines invariants that are present in india may have contributed to its latest surge when 300 fires in new cases have been reported there for the 6th consecutive day vaccinators americans no longer need to wear masks outside except in crites was the latest guidance from the top u.s. public health agency and 200000000 short supply ministers in chile by his 1st 100 days and chad's new military transition council has sent in troops as protesters demand civilian rule at least 2 people have been killed in the unrest france has condemned the violence against the protesters. let's return to the u.s. for the new guidelines have been announced for vaccinated americans for more on
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this we're joined by dr marty her davis she joins us from st louis in missouri where she's an infectious disease physician at the john cochrane v.a. medical center and a member of the st louis board of health it's great to have you with us on the news are relative using all the guidance that with that we're getting to the length of this pandemic one minute you're told masks are it's a fact of then we're told they work then you have to double mask now you're being told be vaccinated you don't need them why are the rules so confusing here are we are we learning more or just the science ferry from country to country. thank you so much for asking that question because i do think people have been frustrated with this that it's so important to understand that science evolves and a pandemic reflects something we have never seen before that we are learning time to time and we responded have responded accordingly i have to give credit to the
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scientists and public health experts who have really been working tirelessly to give us data that allows us to respond but just like you alluded to what's happening in one region is not the same as it as another region and what's happening at one time frame is not the same as another so right now in the united states where vaccine efforts have been so strong thanks to the bad inherence administration's leadership here we have gotten to the point where just under 30 percent of americans are fully vaccinated which is a strong push towards herd immunity and for that reason having this guidance does make sense but with restrictions this is not unmasking completely this is i'm asking within reasonable restrictions outdoors and with small groups you alluded to the science of valving here but you are talking to us from the united states where mosques are very much political they're politically divisive where you're joining
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us from so much of this decision which you say is political after all there appears to be a big incentive for people who don't like these masks to sort of nuts them into getting vaccinated do you think that's a political aspect to this. i do not i think that the biting hairs administration has been very clear in the fact that they want to bring science to the fore that they are taking guidance from people that as an infectious disease and a specialist i consider to be the leaders in our field the likes of dr felt cheated dr richelle lenski who is the head of the c.d.c. this is data driven you know we have seen that masking works i'll give you another example influenza which has plagued us year by year by year in february after masking mandates were widely available in the u.s. we saw only one death by february months into the flu season where previously in the year before those numbers were close to $100.00 so mass do work
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and this is data driven and is it a good idea though because we're still learning more about this virus but still learning more about these vaccines and how effective they are the vaccines seem to protect the person who's been vaccinated but not necessarily people in their percentage see if they're not vaccinated and so it is possible for a vaccinated person to still transmit this fire as do you think this move is a good idea at this time given the uncertainty that surrounds the what we know or but the virus on the vaccines. it's an excellent question you know one thing i've always said is that the vaccine is not a cure there is no 100 percent effective vaccine just like masking is not 100 percent percent effective and these are tools that we have in our tool box and when we employ all of our tools we are at our safest safe as we are most safe and so i
9:36 pm
will say that while there is a risk that risk is short and that has been a calculated risk considering what we know about this vaccine we know that in ventilated spaces the risk of transmission is low we know that people who have been vaccinated and much lower risk and we know that they are 100 percent safe from death and almost completely safe from having severe disease so while we cannot account for every single human if done properly and that's the key point here these guidelines are completely appropriate now with my public health had i am concerned about human behavior right the fact that it was already difficult to get people to mask and if there's guidance that is different from one segment of the population then another you know how difficult is it going to be but at the end of the day the new normal requires society to be responsible and be thoughtful about their individual risk and where they are along that spectrum and so we're by no means at
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the end of this pandemic care thank you so much indeed dr marty davis for joining us on the news hour and for sharing your expertise with us we appreciate it so great to be back stop the same. they're faced with large numbers of miners my grazing to the u.s. border the biden administration has opened about a dozen shelters and spending more than $60000000.00 a week for their care it's all part of the effort to get kids i'd say jail like border patrol stations well reynolds reports on one new shelter now receiving child migrants. in the city of long beach just south of los angeles a sprawling convention center has been transformed into a shelter for up to 1000 migrant children seeking asylum in the united states inside there are toys games recreation facilities and school classes all meant to
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provide humane care and lessen the trauma children feel after making the long dangerous journey to the u.s. border the mission of this center here in long beach is quick family reunification the reifications should be done as fast as possible and we also know that the space that we are in is temporary is incredibly important that in this moment we treat every single child with compassion with kindness and with love the bike did ministration has been under intense political pressure to deal effectively with the large numbers of unaccompanied children mostly from central america crossing the border the numbers have leveled off from a peak of around 20000 miners in custody in march but officials are pushing hard for the children to be released to their parents or other family quickly immigrant
9:39 pm
rights advocates were allowed to examine the facilities what we saw with this center is that number one when they will walk in it will have a sense of welcome to reunite with their child parents must show documentation and give a d.n.a. sample. after release the child will have a hearing scheduled on their application for asylum most of those parents are also on documented but the budget ministration pledges it will drop target them for deportation if they come forward to claim their children that's in sharp contrast with the previous administration's attitude toward migrant families on during the trumpet ministration the policy of that administration was if parents came forward and they were undocumented maybe a week quite 2 weeks later immigration authorities would be at their doorstep so that created a great level of anxiety and then babyland advocates say ultimately developmental
9:40 pm
aid to impoverished central american countries and an overhaul of u.s. immigration laws are the keys to stabilizing the situation so that in the future no child should have to cross the border alone rob reynolds 0 at long beach california . the u.s. navy says an iranian warship aggressively approached american vessels and gulf waters earlier this month footage shows an iranian ship cut in front of a u.s. fassel which had to move out of its way to avoid a collision in direct talks are happening in vienna at the moment with the possibility of the u.s. returning to the 2015 iran nuclear deal where hillary mann leverett is a former state department and white house national security official she says this incident seems to show a major change in the u.s. strategy for the middle east this incident reported they happened april 2nd so it's been a few weeks it seems to have been on the eve of the announcement that the united
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states and iran might essentially hold these indirect talks in vienna about rejoining for the united states to rejoin the iran nuclear deal it also comes very very interesting the. other recent announcement by cent com the cent com. andor u.s. income commander general mckenzie he said last week there for the 1st time in nearly 70 years for the 1st time since the korean war the united states does not have air superiority in a military theater where it's active so we 1st have this comment that the united states does not have air superiority and now the military is releasing a video that clearly shows the united states is not have naval superiority so it's a very interesting question what is the u.s. department of defense doing is it doing it in conjunction with a coherent ordinated by the ministration policy to show that the united states perhaps is not does not have and is not seeking to continue its overwhelming.
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essentially had germany in the middle east it's overwhelming control and influence in the middle east. one of myanmar is rebel groups attacked a military i posting at the time border and some of the heaviest fighting since the coup on february 1st this is happening as the protest movement continues across the country scott heide lawyer has the details from bangkok. early morning gunfire echoes across a stretch of the sol when river along the border between me and maher in thailand this video from the thai side appears to show korean national union fighters taking over a me and army outpost then burning it to the ground it's some of the most intense fighting between ethnic armies and myanmar's military since the coup nearly 3 months ago. the current fighters are one of about 2 dozen ethnic minority forces that have been fighting the myanmar military for decades seeking greater autonomy
9:43 pm
like the korean rebels many of them have thrown their support behind the antic to protest movement that has swept across myanmar since the takeover there's been talk about forming a federal army. some feel the attack on the outpost was a signal from the current national union to me and mars' army locally known as the tatmadaw and this shows that we have a plan in our area to diminish your territory if they go to war what we say is accurate or. also do it at a moment just credits the power of the capital which gives a symbolic. broader nationwide. resistance against against the military so it's it's a lot of different things all wrapped up together he went on to say that a strong retaliate is expected airstrikes from the military on korean held territory have increased over the last few weeks at one point sending hundreds across the border into thailand seeking refuge and medical attention 24000 people have been displaced since late last month according to korean groups also on
9:44 pm
tuesday the military justice said it will consider suggestions on how to end the crisis in myanmar made by the southeast asia regional bloc in the saturday meeting the announcement could be viewed as a setback since leaders said a consensus was already reached with the joint on steps to end the violence. but some protesters are taking their battle against the jointer from the streets to the jungle this footage appears to show a training camp run by ethnic armies preparing those who want to transition from protester to fighter. while there are still protesters dedicated to taking their call for the don't have to step down to the streets but in smaller numbers because of the intensified crackdown by security forces making sure their voices are heard scott hyder al-jazeera bangkok. the global economic devastation that has a company called 19 has been especially severe in argentina its already struggling economy shrank by nearly 10 percent and 2020 the 3rd straight year over recession
9:45 pm
to those aboard travel to greater borna sirees to find that hope people are coping with both health and economic crises. the soup kitchen in moreno integrated one aside is is trying to me they increase in demand in recent weeks. of their lease he says every day and you family comes in for food and already we have twice as much work because demand has doubled with new restrictions and children out of schools we've had 9 new families in just a few weeks argentina is struggling to control a rice and it's called 1000 infections the pandemic and years of economic troubles have left millions of people here in need poverty rates have soared in argentina in the past year 62 percent of children in this country are now poor the pandemic have had an enormous impact in neighborhoods like this one where most of the people work in the informal sector medium or just moved to what they are because she says she
9:46 pm
couldn't afford to pay rent anywhere else more often of you got caught up on them or log and i'm coming here today because i have $5.00 children to feed they're not going to school so i have to take care of them and we can't afford to pay for everything elastica is an ngo working in the area its staff assist the neighborhood of more than 40000 people with food and activities for children. the government has suspended in person to last is by children here have little access to internet to continue with their studies at home. madeline tested positive for colvin 1000 and was forced to stay home with her 2 kids. for days we only had some pastor to eat and rice that was a we had i knew i had to stay home to prevent contagion i realized i had to start asking for help and we didn't have anything else in the fridge. the level of poverty and loss of jobs remind many of another crises in 2001 when this country
9:47 pm
defaulted on its sovereign debt even though the government is now assisting millions with food and cash handouts elastic ask and consoli says much more is needed in a society. we need to have a series of policies that will help the whole country recover the needs to be investment to bring back jobs and improve people's lives in places like the us we have only one school and one can to garden and we need at least 3 the pandemic has depleted argentina's economy it's now negotiating billions of dollars in foreign aid with the international monetary fund was struggling to fight this bread of covert $1000.00 a fight that's worsened economic troubles that began long before the pandemic. families here are stuck in the middle trying to survive any way they can. he said will. still ahead sonal dizzier as coronavirus case a surge in india cricket is playing in the premier league to take extra precautions
9:48 pm
that's coming up after the break with gemma in sports.
9:49 pm
or. a cyber attack on the sports heroes gemma. thanks india's cricket board is promising to return old foreign players home safely following the end of the indian premier league which continues despite a huge surge in cave it 19 cases in the country it comes off to australia's prime minister scott morrison is suspended flights from india and total straight in place
9:50 pm
to find their own way home he says that they're not so on an official tour with a national save and travel privately so they can use their own resources to get back 3 australians have withdrawn but several have stayed including david warner misses him in sunrisers hyderabad team mate kane williamson is suited up in p.p. on their way from chennai to delhi i.p.l. players are in a bubble but outside it be nearly a 1000000 a new cave in 1000 cases in 3 days. it's not noice to be honest watching from afar certainly considering how lucky we are to be in a bubble and not be affected by it very much and we'll see lend their support and heartfelt gratitude to everybody who is feel for going through tough times there cools of for the i.p.l. to be killed off with one indian newspaper refusing to cover the event which it
9:51 pm
describes as commercialism gone crass at it we spoke to cricket commentators say how chandhok who told us it's not easy for players organizers to pull outs. i think it's a tough question i'm not someone that likes to sit on the fence and i know the age old saying is the show must go on 'd but i guess in the midst of a global pandemic you must ask yourself at what cost and what stage does that show not go on i think this 2 sides to that point in a country like india you know everyone across the year looks forward to the 2 month extravaganza that is the i.p.l. i think students are lifted and especially during depressing times like this people will look forward to it and that is that one side of the coin says a lot of jobs that are at stake there are thousands of jobs beyond just the luxuries and the millions of the players that make it and i think that's why it's a hard one to just cut the rope but i do think there will be a few personal calls made of each other that actually made a bold statement when we stepped out on the sea the personal reasons they're going to die summed it up quite simply said we actually feel safe in the bubble but
9:52 pm
morally i just can't put the situation together because there's a philosophical question that he must address which is how are we justifying the government culprits and to be spending so much money when people are lining up to not get a hospital bed i think that's the big question that people and the conundrum that players are facing as well on the environment have announced that union nobbles men will take a risk age from july on a 5 year contract the 33 year old john or play sounds a flake is leaving at the end of the season he's coming in. second in the bundesliga 7 points behind by cups for me to titus to piano but i'm happy that the transfer is happening but i'd like to speak about by munich when i'm employed by them i'm still at leipzig and i look forward to the next few weeks in achieving our goals including winning the cuts on the club there were inquiries by other clubs but i didn't want to terminate my contract for any team other the boy in. chelsea kick off their champions league semifinal 1st leg against brown madrid in the next
9:53 pm
few minutes they've played the spanish side at 3 times in the past and have never lost the rail are on a 17 game unbeaten run in all competitions while chelsea have the most clean sheets across europe's top 5 leagues this season the other semifinal is on wednesday between a paris manchester city 2 sides who have never won the competition p.s.g. reached the final last year and if so far beaten barcelona and by me nick and they have neymar of course they won the trophy with back in 2015. that is. the last year we managed to reach the final for the 1st time and now we're amongst the best for teams again we're getting better and better despite all that happened this year with the change of coach we have all it takes to be champions. teams are going to be allowed a bigger squad so your a 2020 each country will be able to select $26.00 players instead of the usual $23.00 the change has been brought in to lessen the load on players after
9:54 pm
a club season compressed because of the coronavirus and i think it'll also how managers adapt if outbreaks occur during the tournament the decision is expected to be ratified by u.a. later this week the general for the inaugural fee for our cup has just been made in the last few minutes let's quickly run through the $4.00 groups in group a hosts and asian champions a cattle face iraq and then 2 qualifiers yet to be decided either somalia and bahrain or q 8 group b c's the u.a.e. and syria against the winner of the qualifier between it and yemen saudi arabia a group c. with morocco jordan and south sudan will fight for a place in that group as well palestine and comb arrays and finally group d. algeria and egypt are already qualified and they'll be joined by other lebanon or djibouti and libya or sudan now a japanese stars so high autonomy has achieved something not seen in major league baseball for almost $100.00 is for the 1st time since the legendary babe ruth in
9:55 pm
1921 of the home run lead it was also a starting pitcher for a game of tar it was on the mound for the. angels against the texas rangers he struck out you not batters and also managed to score 3 runs the game also saw every capture from texas pitcher john young he somehow managed to grab this line drive very impressive indeed it was a good day for sporting teams in los angeles with the lakers breaking their run of 3 straight losses dennis shrewder had 21 points and 10 assists out in the lake is beautiful and though by 11 anthony davis had his best performance since returning from a long injury layoff grabbing 18 points and 8 rebounds the magic of now lost 6 in a row and. not to far away from that game in florida. given a scattering that training sex session a big advocate said that practice which allowed some of the plaza to walk on their
9:56 pm
sprinting while they made a snappy escape added my that is o.l. support from a finale back with more later. thank you well the worst thing dies in mexico is reaching critical levels from mental republic in mexico city. on the outskirts of mexico's capital extreme drought conditions have forced locals to travel long distances in search of clean water. here nick at the back it's mostly donkeys who haul water up the steep hillsides at a lever that we use it to wash dishes and to drink right now it's difficult to bring water up here and when i brought right now is for the whole day tomorrow i'll take another trip. it's the 3rd year in a row that a long dry spell has caused water shortages in central mexico few places are scaping the impact even the ancient wetlands of sochi mean rich in culture history and biodiversity are under threat from the extreme drought which scientists say is
9:57 pm
affecting 85 percent of the country. scientists say climate change is altering rain patterns in the region the federal government says the drought conditions in at least 7 states are considered extreme. a drier climate has also meant more forest fires mexico's national disaster management agency says the 2021 fire season has been the most destructive in recent years. with supplies strained authorities in mexico city are urging all residents to do more to conserve. those as east fundamental call is to meet what's a consumption in the face of these drought that practically impacts the entire north central part of the country take extra precautions against forest fires. and as a drier hotter future looms experts predict natural water availability in the capital to fall by almost a 5th by 2051 went up a low al-jazeera mexico city. and that's it for me on the scene here in doha or
9:58 pm
codings of london are standing by and lauren taylor will be with you on the other side of the break stay with us on out to sierra. soon as the sun goes down to shutting down russia is a very challenging place to work as you join the live even though the authorities here say you can't do it it's not allowed we'll build pushing we're always pushing . product this time of most always on the low dollar people are being detained for peacefully march here to the city of sanford we are the while traveling the extra
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mile we oughta media don't go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. killing the debate. and 5 your voice your only. narrative the media will miss when true story no topic is off the table why in the world humanize an individual domestic terrorist this was an illegal occupation of a country what they're doing is they're removing or just a store in the street where a global audience becomes a global community on al-jazeera from inside the walls of a west african prison comes home. a chance to create to express emotion and take the 1st steps towards rehabilitation. a renowned choreographer shares his passion for darkness inspiring prisoners to perform and to reach beyond the ill deeds of the past and the confines of their present to the dance of the eyewitness
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documentary on al-jazeera. investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al-jazeera 'd. predatory and is at breaking point as india is engulfed by a 2nd wave of coded. on in the u.s. people have been vaccinated or told they no longer have to wear masks outdoors. i mean our intake of this is our live from london also coming up at least 5 people dead in chat after a band protest against the late president's son and military taking power. and why
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the 1st palestinian elections in.


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